Harry Potter - The Sorcerer Supreme

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It had been a bit over a year since Harry and Hermione met Aphria, and almost-

"How does a basilisk grow that big!? It's like 30 feet long!"

Um… I'll just continue from where they are…

Harry and Hermione were running through a forest as fast as they could, while a 34 foot long basilisk was chasing them.

"I don't care! Portal! Open now!"

Harry opened a portal that looked like it went into the sky, he and Hermione jumped through it anyway. They started falling before Harry grabbed Hermione and started flying, watching the open portal. Watching the basilisk slither closer, and closer.

Hermione looked up at Harry, "Think she's ready?"

"She has said she's been bored for months now. She said that this would be good exercise for her."

The basilisk slid through the portal, straight at them. It opened its maw wide, about to swallow them with a single gulp… When Aphria slams down on it from above, forcing it down to Earth with a big crash!

"Oh, thank goodness we told Aphria about our plan," Hermione sighed in relief, "Can you put me down now, you know I don't enjoy flying as much as you."

Harry grinned as he set her down, watching Aphria savagely tore apart the basilisk. Aphria was too fast for it, especially in the air. The basilisk couldn't even use its stare, as Hermione had figured out a protection spell against it. They hadn't figured a way to protect against the bite, except for shields, or have a cure for its venom. They only knew about the venom thanks to Aphria… Who just ripped off the basilisk's head.

"Well… That was horrifying," Hermione stated, Harry just nodded. While they have decapitated some monsters, it was with their portals, so it was cauterized and there wasn't much gore. This… This was very bloody.

Aphria was eating the snake remains, Harry and Hermione let her, they could take care of the mess later.

"Does… Does she have to be so messy?"

"Probably not, but she enjoys it, so I just say, let her."

They both walked to the back of the sanctum and into the training area. Harry took in a deep breath, then let it out slowly as he got in a pose. He started moving around slowly. Hermione always said he looked like he was dancing.

He never learned the name of what form he was doing. He always forgot to ask whenever he showed up to practice.

Hermione pulled out her book and began shooting small projectiles of magic at Harry, which he was dodging… somewhat skillfully. They'd do this every other night, Hermione would shoot magical objects at Harry and he would try to dodge them. They would increase or decrease the speed at random to make them harder to dodge. They would switch who got shot at sometimes, but since Hermione didn't do the exercises Harry did, she would sometimes use a shield to help her. Harry didn't mind, he did it too, it helped determine how strong his shields could get.

They kept at it for a while, before Aphria came by, somehow clean despite making a huge mess.

"Thank you for the meal, you two, basilisks are quite good tasting. For me, it wouldn't taste too good for you without knowing how to cook it."

"Hello Aphria, I'm glad you enjoyed the meal. Though, next time, can you make it less… messy?"



"It's weird to hear you two speaking like that. It just sounds like hissing to me," Hermione stated, looking a bit annoyed.

"Sorry about that Hermione. Wanna get back to training?" Harry asked.

"As much as I want to, it's getting late, and I need to get home. Portal to me if it's an emergency, or an infinity stone," Hermione opened a portal to her room.

"Got it Hermione. Tell your parents I said hi!" Hermione nodded as she jumped through the portal and closed it behind her.

"Hey Aphria!" Harry turned towards the dragon who was waiting patiently.

"Yes, speaker?"

"My name is Harry."

"I know. Now, what is it, speaker?"

Harry sighed, before straightening and asking Aphria to help him train, mostly by dodging fire and her pouncing him. She agreed, to his surprise, saying that hatchlings are required to do the same so their scales get used to fire and so the leaders or parents can determine where the dragon would be more suitable in their pack. For instance, a dragon with harder to pierce scales, but slower reaction time, would be more likely to stay by the nests to defend it, while the faster but weaker scaled dragons, would be hunters or scouts.

"Of course, that practice has been losing its touch since my kind gets herded like sheep for wizards," Aphria sounded disappointed in her kind. She then shook her head, "But never mind that. What you'll be doing is dodging as many bursts of fire as you can. You may block the ones you don't think you can avoid, but I will be annoyed if you do. No flying either."

"I suppose that's fai-WOAH!" Harry quickly jumped out of the way of the stream of fire that was barreling towards him. He then rolled out of the way of the second stream of fire.


When Hermione arrived the next day, she noticed Aphria looking pretty smug and Harry was using magic to repair his soot and burned covered suit. His cloak was mysteriously clean and undamaged… and seemed to be giggling by the way it was moving.

"Um… What happened?" Hermione asked, confused.

"Oh, I asked Aphria to help me train dodging. She takes her job seriously. And since she said no flying, my cloak flew off after the third stream of fire. Bloody coward…" Said cloak seemed to giggle harder without making any noise.

"... I feel like I should be mad at you, but I also know that you wouldn't do something like this unless you knew you could protect yourself," Harry grinned happily, "But don't do it again without letting me know!"

Harry just nodded nervously.

Then, suddenly, the magic in the Sanctuary acted up and they both ran inside. They saw that the map was flashing a bit, showing that a mugging was going on. Harry quickly opened a portal and they jumped through.


A man with a sadistic grin, no hair, and in disheveled clothing, holding a bloody knife, was staring down at a scared 8 year old girl. On the ground was two adults. The little girl's mom and dad. They were unconscious, and bleeding from cut and stab wounds.

"Heh, your parents deserved that, kid," He started speaking, not noticing a small orange glow from his side, "But now, I feel bad… Maybe you should join them in pain!"

The man swiped down with the knife, aiming to hurt or even kill the kid, when an orange, swirling shield, held by a small hand, came out of nowhere and blocked the knife. The knife's blade bent backwards, as if made of foam.

The man stared in shock as the child in front of him was protected from another kid, a bit older maybe, and was doing magic, and he looked pissed!

'No, magic isn't real! It's just a stupid kid holding a toy or something. I'm going to gut him though!'

He raised his knife to try to strike again, when several orange bands wrapped around his arm. He looked to his right and saw a girl around the same age as the boy, holding a book that the bands were coming out of, she looked just as furious as the boy.

"What the-" The mugger never got to finish his sentence as he was thrown into a wall by the bands on his arm. There was an audible CRACK! when his arm hit the wall, and lighter sounding thump when his head smacked against it as well. His eyes were closed as he fell still.

Harry, as much as he hated the man, made sure he was still breathing. Which he was. Harry wrote what the man did on the paper, quickly, before opening a portal underneath the man, which dropped him off in a jail cell.

While Harry was doing that, Hermione was comforting the sobbing girl and asking her some questions about the man. She was trying her best to patch up the parents, but she nor Harry knew any healing spells.

"Harry! Are you done with that knob?"

"Language, Hermione. But yeah, he's in jail."

"Good, now fly into the air and try to find the hospital. I can't help these two."

Harry nodded as he flew into the sky, looking around, not noticing the people staring at him and taking pictures of him. He finally noticed the big, brownish-grey building with the words hospital on it. It barely took a minute for him and Hermione to open a portal there and get the parents to the emergency room. They got a lot of stares, they did open up a portal in the main entrance after all.

They looked after the little girl while they waited for news. Hermione lightly rubbed the girl's back and did her best to comfort her. Harry tried to make her laugh with some tricks and magic. They got her name, Sarah, and did their best to make her happy.

The doctor was back quicker than they thought, who then let them know that the parents would be fine after a night's rest. Well, not fine, but better than before. Sarah would be able to spend the night with her parents.

Sarah hugged them and thanked them both, promising that when she's older she'd love to learn magic. That gave Harry an idea, he pulled out a card and used a bit of magic on it.

"If you press on the star on this card, it'll let us know if you want to learn magic, ok?" Harry smiled softly.

"Thanks Harry, Hermione. I'll see you two later," and with that, she followed the doctor to her parent's room.

After she left, Harry started to open a portal back to the Sanctum, when Hermione stopped him.

"Harry, can we go to Diagon Alley? I want to get something."

"Sure Hermione."

As he changed the portal's destination, he and Hermione ignored the people videotaping them. After all, why should they care? They had no reason to hide. A few minutes after they left, multiple sounds of loud cracks happened as people in older fashioned clothing appeared, holding some wands. They wiped the minds of the people in the hospital room. The people with cameras were confused by the recording on their phones that they 'never' took.


A portal opened up in an alleyway, where, somehow, none of the wizards saw.

"Hey Harry, why do you always come out in an alleyway in the wizarding world, but you go out in public in the regular world?" Hermione asked.

"Easy, have you seen Diagon Alley? It's always crowded, but it's rarely crowded in the regular world, and when it is, I go in alleyways. Now, what did you want to get here?"

"Healing books. We don't have any healing spells, and only a few healing potions. Oh, we should get a cauldron as well."

"Actually, that's a good idea. While you do that, I'll just look around, maybe get something for Aphria."

"Alright, that's fair. Let's go then," Hermione said as they walked out of the alley.


As Harry was walking around, with a small sack of coins on his waist, he noticed a shop that was named Zonko's Joke Shop. He shrugged and went in. He looked around the shop, finding some things that were interesting, but nothing worth buying. There were some good looking candy however, which he got for pretty cheaply.


Hermione was holding several books on healing and potions. They were in a pretty big cauldron, along with some ingredients. Of course, several books meant around ten books, and some ingredients meant almost overflowing.

She met up with Harry on the way back to the alley, who looked at all of the things she collected.

"Think you got enough?"

"Not really, but it's all I could get with the money I had. We'll need more later, especially if we want to heal others or if we get any students."

Harry nodded, "Ok. You're probably right. Ready to go?"

"Yep. Let's go-" Hermione interrupted when she was bumped into by a boy around their age.

His hair was blond and slicked back. He had a pale, pointed face with a smirk plastered on. He had blond, slicked back hair. He looked her over once before scoffing and crossing his arms.

"Well?" He asked.

Hermione and Harry looked at each other confused. They looked back at him and Hermione asked back.

"Well, what?"

"Aren't you going to apologize?" He was starting to look angry.

"Apologize for what?"

"For bumping into me!" His voice was getting angrier.

Harry raised an eyebrow, "But you bumped into her. Shouldn't you apologize?"

"No! Don't you know who I am? I'm Malfoy! Draco Malfoy!"

Harry and Hermione both looked confused. Draco scoffed.

"Ugh. Muggleborn. My father is one of the most important purebloods. The Malfoys are an important pureblood family!"

Harry and Hermione were just silent for a minute before Harry said, "So, why should she apologize for you bumping into her?"

"Hmph! My father will hear about this," He angrily stomped off.

"... What a weird boy."

"We shouldn't talk, we're also weird after all."

"True... What a rude kid."

"That's better."

"Alright, ready to go?"

"Yep!" Harry opened up a portal home.


Hermione was reading the Advanced Book Of Healing Vol. 2 while Harry was making some simple potions to get used to making them.

After an hour, Hermione had finished 2 more books and had switched with Harry, who had made around 4 potions that all helped small ailments.

Harry was walking around the Sanctum while reading, he preferred to move rather than sit still for too long. It made him feel antsy and reminded him of his time in the cupboard, something he'd rather forget.

He quickly shook his head, "No thoughts like that. Forget the Dursleys, you don't have to see them, except for Dudley, again."

"Speaker," Harry jumped in surprise, he didn't notice he walked over to Aphria's cave, "What are you talking about? What are these Dursleys?"

"Oh! Aphria, sorry, I didn't know I walked over here."

"That was not my question, Speaker. Answer or I'll keep you here, under my tail," She lightly slams her tail against the ground, causing it to crack a little, making Harry gulp.

"Um… The Dursleys were my… blood relatives, but they hurt me and I left them. I created this place so I could have a safe place from them. I'm trying to forget them."

Aphria growled a bit at hearing that the Dursleys hurt Harry, "They should be glad they are not here right now. They would be ash in less than a minute."

Harry smiled softly at her protectiveness, "Thanks Aphria, but you don't need to, I doubt I'll ever see them again."

"You better not... Or I'll punish you. Now go play, or train, or whatever."

"Ok, thank you for that Aphria. It was nice talking to you. See you later!" He waved to her as he walked away. She snorted out a bit of smoke out of her nose.


Hermione was making a potion for curing boils when Harry came in.

"Hey Hermione, what are you making?"

"A Boil Curing potion. Funnily enough, if you mess up this potion it'll give you boils."

Harry and Hermione both giggled at that silly fact.

"Need some help?"

"Yeah, most potions are meant to be made by two people, it goes faster and if one person makes a mistake, the other can shield them or pull them out of the way. Only the more serious potions need a single person because of how specific the directions are."

"Ok, what do you need?"

"Can you hand me the flobberworm mucus? I only need a bit of it."



The American Minister was sweating as he read through the third report on his desk. There was around 15 packets in the unread box, all of them about some people doing magic in front of the no-majs. She slammed the packet into the read box.

"How are there this many magic accidents in front of the no-majes!? These last three were in the past week! How have you not found the wizards or witches doing these?" She asked her auror chief.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but there's no way to find them until they do it, and it seems that when they do it, it takes a while for our magic sensors to find their magic. There is good news though."

"What is the good news?"

"They're not dark wizards."

"And how do you know that?" The Minister seemed skeptical.

"They seem to be helping others. Every case we've had has been about two figures helping others out. The only real problem is that it's apparently making copycats."

"Copycats?" The minister looked confused, "What do you mean, copycats?"

"Well, from the reports we get from other ministries... This type of thing has been happening around the world. Russia and Germany are angry that someone is trying to expose their no-majs to magic. Japan is trying to play it off as really dedicated cosplayers, which is working for them, just a confundus charm to help them."


"Yeah, really. China asked if one of our own is doing this, which we denied and told was also happening to us. Canada isn't blaming anyone, but they're worried about their no-majes' reactions. There are a few more reactions from other countries, except from Britain."

"What do you mean? It's not happening in Britain?"

"It is happening there, but remember, the British Ministry doesn't like admitting faults or mistakes, so they wouldn't tell any other ministry about their problems. We're just lucky some of their first-gens had told our aurors about it."

"Why did the first-gens tell our aurors?" The minister sounded slightly confused.

"Well, in Britain, the first-gens are treated like second class citizens, most that go to Hogwarts don't get a job that revolves around magic and have to take online classes, or retake school, just to have a job. Some join the no-maj police force so they can still use magic, others do simple jobs where their magic isn't noticeable. Some of them come over here to get a job in our ministry that their ministry wouldn't let them. The purebloods are mostly in control there."

"Jeez…" The minister rubbed her temples, "Thank goodness we repealed Rappaport's Law years ago or we might've sided with Britain's actions and not allowed the first-gen here at all."

"Yeah, I'm very thankful for that."

The minister smiled softly, before going back to frowning, "We're getting off topic, what can we do to find whoever is doing magic in front of the no-majes?"

"We can't do much except hope they stay longer than they have before. Until we find a way to track them, we can't do anything except wait for them to make a mistake."

The minister sighed, "Alright. Thank you for letting me know about this, don't put too many people on this, we still need our auror force. Only enough that you'll think will satisfy the other ministries. Check in with the first-gens in Britain every so often. Maybe every 3 months."

"Got it ma'am. Thank you for looking all of this over," The auror chief walked out of the room.

"... Well… That was a nice distraction from my paperwork. Dang it…" The minister clicked a pen and started reading a small stack of papers.


A portal was open, leading to Hermione's home.

"Hey Harry, want to spend the night? It's been awhile since you did," Hermione asked Harry. She was holding some books and was standing in front of the portal.

"Sure. It'll be fun. Just let me get a bag and we'll go," It took 3 minutes for Harry to pack a bag and get back to Hermione, "Ok, let's go."

As they walked through the portal, Hermione noticed Harry's clothes changed from his normal robes to some casual clothes.

"How did you do that Harry?"

"Do what?"

"How did your robes change?" Hermione asked, confused.

"Oh, I watched Infinity War a couple nights ago and noticed how Doctor Strange's clothes, very subtly, changed from casual clothes to his robes, so I practiced it last night. It was pretty easy, and now I have more clothes than just my robes and oversized clothes."

"That's actually pretty smart."

"You say that like I'm not smart."

"You are. Just not too book smart, seeing as you can't pay for the next school year."

"Whatever I don't know, you can help teach me."

"Fair, I suppose. But you have to teach me the clothes thing."

"Ok," Harry nods in agreement and Hermione smiled as they went inside her house. They mostly watched movies for the rest of the night, passed out on the couch, and had to clean up a mess of popcorn they spilled in the morning.


Harry and Hermione were staring at the world map, the time stone floating in the middle of it.

"Are you sure this'll work, Harry?"

"No, but if the map can use the same energy as the time stone, then it might be able to find the other stones."

"That's a good idea, but how do you know it'll work?"

"I don't, but I-" The map glowed a brighter color before moving over to England, where it flashed a deep blue color, then a red color, before the map changed to Scotland, flashing yellow and purple, before the map shifted to Albania and flashed orange.

Harry and Hermione stared in shock.

"Well… I guess it works." Hermione

"Yes! Sadly, it doesn't seem to tell us exactly where they are, just the countries. But it helps at least!" Harry was excited. They could finally find the Stones!

The map flashed and moved to Russia. A dark wizard was holding some magicals and citizens hostage.

Harry looked at Hermione with a determined look on his face. She looked at him, just as determined as him. They both nodded, before Harry opened a portal and they jumped through.


A portal opened just under a ceiling, Harry and Hermione peeked into the room. Inside were people wearing blindfolds and gags. Their arms tied behind their backs, and they were all on their knees.

A man in a black robe with gold highlights, blonde hair, and green eyes, was glaring at the hostages. He was also pointing a crooked, but, for some reason, polished stick at them. He was shouting something they couldn't understand, but it sounded angry and filled with hatred.

Harry and Hermione looked at each other a bit nervously. They had to do this carefully, or the people would get hurt. They closed the portal slowly.

"What should we do Harry?"

"Hm… First, do you think we can make a translation spell?"

"Maybe," Hermione pulled out her book, "It'll take me a minute though. Tell me what else we'll do while I figure this out."

Harry walks back and forth, thinking, "Give me a second."

It took Hermione 3 minutes to make a translation spell, and it took Harry 4 minutes to come up with an idea.


"You will call me Dark Lord Zolota! All of Russia will be destroyed beneath my power! I will own all of the gold in this country. I am more powerful than anyone alive, I have no need for minions when all they do is slow me down! All will bow before me! And those who won't will feel my wrath!"

'Zolota' laughed maniacally, though, it sounded a bit silly as if he hadn't practiced it before. Then, he noticed something. His prisoners, they weren't reacting to his ramblings, I mean, his speech. And the world seemed weird, cracked? Or fractured? He walked towards the prisoners, his footsteps echoing around. He tried to push one, but she didn't budge, it was as if he was pushing against a stone wall!

"Grr! What spell have you put on yourself? Well!? Answer me!" He almost started growling before pointing his wand at the woman's face, "Fine! Avada Kedavra!"

The deadly green spell splashed harmlessly off of the sitting woman.

"What… But… That's…"

"Sorry, but you won't be hurting anyone. Actually, I'm not that sorry."

'Zolota' looked around before spotting a boy, maybe a third year for his school, they started at about 8 years old, flying! Without a broom!

"Who are you!? And what's with your accent?"

"Good, the translation spell worked," The boy smirked, "My name is Harry Potter, Sorcerer Apprentice."

"Sorcerer Apprentice?" He growled, "I don't care what you are, Harry Potter, I'll still kill you and get out of this illusion."

"Oh, this is no illusion. This is the Mirror Dimension! A world where you cannot touch the real world, where you can cause no more harm," Harry had a determined look as he glared at Zolota. Harry put both of his arms in front of him, his left arm over his right, his fists clenched. Then he moved his arms into a cross protecting his chest, sparks coming from his fists. Before finally spreading his arms into a fighting pose, his shields coming into being, shining brightly, "So even if I lose here, you will be stuck here forever."

" Avada Kedavra!" The green spell flew at Harry slower than you'd think. Which was easily dodged, "So you can move quickly, eh!? How about this!?"

The 'dark' lord sent out multiple spells at Harry, all of which took around 5 to 10 seconds to fire each spell, and the ones that took longer to cast, the slower they were. They were all either dodged with ease or deflected by the shields.

Zolota started sweating. Oh, not of being scared, of course not. Why would a 'dark' lord be scared of a preteen dodging and deflecting his most powerful spells? He was getting tired from producing all of these spells. That was definitely, positively, the only reason why he was sweating.

Harry dodged another spell and went on the offensive by throwing one of his shields. It hit the wall and slammed into Zolota's head, hard, and he landed on his back. It wasn't a natural bounce, of course, he used magic to make it bounce to look fancy.

"Ugh… You little brat! You made my nose bleed! I'll-" Another shield slammed into his head, "Grr! You think you'll stop me?! Even if you do manage to stop me, I'll just buy my way out of prison." He was lying of course, all of his gold was repossessed by the goblins and the gold he had stolen was barely enough to buy food.

"Then I'll just stop you again. No matter how many times you get out, if you're evil, I will stop you," Harry dispersed his shields, before doing three complicated hand symbols, "I'll use a spell my friend and I created. Corpus Ligatum!"

Chains erupted from the ground and wrapped tightly around Zolota, his wand fell to the ground.

"Hey! What is this!? This isn't the incarcerous spell! Let me-" A few small chains wrapped around his mouth, shutting him up.

Harry landed and walked over to him, picking up his wand off the ground. He frowned, it didn't feel too magical, more like two magical items were mashed together without any thought on how they connected. It lost most of the magic when it was combined.

The wand itself was taken from an old tree with barely any magic, then polished badly. The inside of the wand was from some kind of horse. He couldn't tell what kind, but it seemed weak. Harry shrugged and opened a small portal. He pulled out a small glass box and put the wand in it. Chains wrapped around the box.

A portal opened and Hermione looked inside.

"All done here, Harry?"

"Yep," Harry looked at Zolota, "I hope you stay in jail for a long time."

Harry opened a portal underneath Zolota and he fell down, back into the mansion. Harry turned to Hermione, "Be right back, I'm gonna free the hostages."

"I'll help, I'm not going to sit here waiting for you to finish that."

Both Harry and Hermione jumped into the portal Harry made and started helping free the hostages before leaving through another portal. After they finished, they left. The hostages only saw their backs, and a strange building before they regained their composure, but Harry and Hermione were already gone.


In the Russian Magic Ministry, RMM, (translated for your convenience and for the fact that TrueYamiMew doesn't speak russian or any other language other than english, and a tiny bit of spanish.) the minister was listening to his DMLE chief debrief him.

"And this Zolota is in a secure cell. The muggles have had their memories of magic erased."

"I see…" The minister was lightly grinding his teeth together, "And has Zolota told us who beat him?"

"Not entirely, even with veritaserum, he seems to avoid the question, just calling the one who beat him was a sorcerer apprentice. He says he knows his name, but when asked, he just grins and says he's a sorcerer apprentice," the DMLE chief sighed, "I don't think we'll get anything else from him, sir."

"Very well, take him to the court so they can decide what to do with him. Did we get any information on the 'sorcerer' Zolota fought?" A sorcerer to this minister was a laugh. Hell, it was a laugh for any witch or wizard. There hasn't been a sorcerer for centuries.

"Nothing sir. Anything the muggles saw was obliviated, and any witches or wizards were too disoriented to see anything."

The minister nodded, "Very well. Tell the reporters that our DMLE was able to capture the dark lord Zolota without any harm to anyone. Let's keep this sorcerer under wraps. We don't need another panic like when Grindelwald or Voldemort came around."

The chief nodded, "Yes sir."

And with that, the chief left.

The minister got up and looked out the window that showed him the atrium, watching working wizards and witches walk by each other.

"What is that "sorcerer" doing now, I wonder…"


"What do you mean you've never seen Star Wars before?!"

"I've only seen 2 movies before. Infinity War, and Doctor Strange."

"But it's one of the, if not the, best movie series in existence!"

"I think I heard Vernon tell Dudley not to watch it because it had devil magic in it," Harry frowned, "He was also against the Avenger movies, until Dudley said I would be sad that I couldn't watch them."

"Those… Those jerks!" Hermione stomped her foot on the ground, "That's it! You're coming home with me so we could watch it! At least one movie!"

"Excuse me, what's this star wars you're talking about? I've been night gazing and the stars seem fine and not fighting."

Harry and Hermione turned and saw Aphria staring at them, confused.

"Um… Harry, what'd she say?"

"Aphria asked why you said the stars would be fighting when she's been night gazing, not seeing anything wrong with them."

Hermione sighed, "No, Aphria, the stars are fine. I'm talking about movies."

"What are movies? And what do these movies have to do with the stars?" Harry translated for her.

"Movies are moving pictures on a screen with sound coming from it," Hermione started thinking, "I have an idea! I'll be back!"

Hermione opened a portal, and walked through. Harry noticed it was her room before it closed.

"What is she doing?"

"No clue. She gets like this sometimes."

After a few minutes, Hermione came through, holding a long tube like thing, and her mom came through, holding a VCR/DVD player, a speaker and a projector.

"Hello Harry, hi… Big… Dragon… Oh my god!"

"Hi Mrs. Granger! This is Aphria. I can talk to her and understand her."

"O-oh… So this is… A-Aphria. I thought she was a… uh…"

"A human?" Harry asked, Aphria rolled her eyes.

"Ugh. Being a human seems overrated. At best, I could get into houses. I wouldn't be able to breathe fire, fly, have scales that reflect most spells. Humans seem boring," Mrs. Granger flinched lightly at the growls coming from the… You know, the giant freaking dragon!

"She says that humans seem boring."

"... Right. Hermione said you could speak a... Unique language," Mrs. Granger looked at Aphria, "Hello Aphria, I'm Ginger Granger, Hermione's mother. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Aphria smirked, "I'm Aphria, Guardian of the Speaker and his friends. It's a pleasure to meet a friend of the speaker. Speaker, if you mess up my words, I'll set your clothes ablaze."

Harry gulped, "She said her name is Aphria, Guardian of the speaker and his friends, which is me and Hermione. And it's a pleasure to meet a friend of the speaker. She refuses to call me Harry..." Harry pouted a bit.

"Enough introductions!" Everyone jumped, though Aphria would deny it, at Hermione's outburst, "I asked for your help to show these two the greatest saga ever! Well, except for the last 3. They kinda… Nevermind, you'll see for yourself. Mum, please set up the projector!"

Mrs. Ganger chuckled a bit, "Alright Hermione, calm down. I'll set it up."

Hermione's mom started to set up the projector and screen and Harry crossed his arms. Hermione looked nervous.

"Sorry Harry, just really excited for you to watch this series!"

"I can only promise at least one movie, Hermione. Maybe 2 movies before it's your bedtime," Harry looked over to Mrs. Granger, the projector already set up, and was now fixing the screen.

"Aw... But mum…"

"No buts Hermione."

"Ok…" Hermione pouted and Harry patted her back.

"Alright, everything is set up. Hermione, would you mind going back home and grabbing the popcorn? Harry, this would be a good time to go to the bathroom."

"Ok mum," Hermione opened a portal home and Harry went inside the sanctum. When they came back, Hermione was holding two bags of popcorn and Harry had brought out 3 foldable chairs. Mrs. Granger looked nervous at the two bags.

"Sorry Aphria, I made two bags of popcorn thinking you were human, not a dragon…"

Aphria shrugged, "I don't really care, never had human food. I prefer sheep."

Harry translated for her, before thinking a moment and taking one of the popcorn bags. He used his magic to make it levitate. Two archaic circles appeared above and below the bag. Harry started sweating a bit as the bag and popcorn inside began to grow. Soon it was dragon sized, if a tiny bit smaller, so Aphria could easily reach her claw in and grab a handful of popcorn if she wanted.

Harry panted a bit in exhaustion, "There you go… Whew… Making things bigger is a lot harder than making them smaller..."

Aphria grabbed a single piece of popcorn and tossed it into her maw. It only took a second before she stuck her entire claw in and grabbed a clawfull of popcorn and tossed it into her maw.

"Oh my goddess! This is amazing! Why have I never tried this before?! It's almost better than baskilisk meat!"

"She says she very much enjoys it. Aphria, you should wait until the movie starts before finishing the entire bag," Harry explained to the two Grangers before talking to Aphria.

Aphria almost had the decency to blush before getting settled to watch the movie.

"Alright! Let's watch this movie!"


Oh my gods! I'm so sorry for taking months to finish this chapter! It had to go through some rewrites. Some ideas were added or taken away.

For instance, I had Harry go into a toy shop and find a Yu-Gi-Oh deck and be able to create the monsters in real life before erasing that idea and having them meet Draco early. Figured he'd be too powerful with an ability like that and it wouldn't make too much sense story wise.

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