Chapter one:

I take a last look around the district before the train leaves. I'm going to miss the beautiful golden color of the grain. My mom used to say that my hair matched the grain perfectly… Before she died, that is. She died from cancer, and I never knew my father, he left us before I was born. The train station is right near the city, where my home is. My home is just a little shack that I helped fix up in exchange for a year to live it.

I'll probably never see this place again so "Goodbye district 9, I'll miss you." I said as the train begins to move

"Emily? You must be hungry, let's go to the dining car." Said our last victor, Alish Sands.

She looks almost like she could be my sister, long wavy blonde hair, brown eyes and freckles, like me. She won about 10 years ago, when she was 12.

Emerald adjusts her bright green wig, that happens to match her skin, and says "Well, I know I'm hungry."

We go into the dining car and I sit down. I'm starving, I haven't eaten in almost a week. I don't have much money, but winning should change that… If I win… An avox brings out some food. I start eating an oddly red-ish colored soup. beets, I think.

"So, since the quell twist this year is that only girls are reaped and there's only 12 of you, it'll be harder to find allies," said Alish. "There's no training or anything this year, so it'll be harder to get sponsors. Tomorrow you'll get a 3 hour period to talk to the other tributes, you can make allies there.

No training? No interviews? I'm gonna die in the bloodbath… I think.

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