Gold Dust Woman

"Well did she make you cry

Make you break down

Shatter your illusions of love"

There had been so much anticipation leading up to the Seven Wonders that, when the day finally arrived, none of it seemed real. It didn't seem as if the girls were competing, but practicing, strengthening their powers. The night before, Misty had once again snuck into Cordelia's room, needing to be close with her once more. She had always brought a sense of comfort and strength to Misty, being in her presence eased her worries. For a moment, she was completely safe in her own world.

The day dragged on, the girls succeeding in each of the tests they were given. Cordelia attempted to remain unbiased, but hoped more than anything that Misty would be their new Supreme.


Cordelia knew it was inevitable, that it was part of the test all the girls must take, but even still, she couldn't help but fear losing Misty again. Misty had always been a powerful witch but was never able to fully reach her potential. She wasn't at the academy long enough to learn as the rest of the girls had, but her strength was more than the other three combined. There was a pure, natural aura with Misty that vibrated through her with every touch she had and every spell she cast.

As she lay on the floor, preparing to dive into hell, her life came to her in flashes. Images of Cordelia flooded through her mind, slowing as the memories drew closer to the present until stopping at their last night together.

The familiar sound of the creaky door prompted Cordelia to sit up in her bed, a streak of light from the hall revealing Misty tiptoeing in.

"I didn't mean to wake ya." Misty started.

Cordelia remained wordless, rolling back into bed and reaching behind her to open up the comforter for Misty. Shutting the door behind her, Misty made her way to the bed, pulling herself in behind Cordelia.

"I just can't be away from ya tonight." Misty said.

"You'll be fine tomorrow." Cordelia turned to face Misty, taking her face in her hands. "I promise."

"I ain't ready to be the Supreme."

"You aren't alone Misty. You will never be alone." Cordelia leaned forward, gently pressing a kiss onto Misty's forehead. "Whatever happens tomorrow, I love you."

"You have and you always will be the love of my life." Misty cried as the words fell out of her mouth, gripping onto Cordelia's hands that held her face as tightly as she could.

~ Then ~

Misty lay alone in her room, the sound of Stevie filling the room. The rest of the girls had gone to class but Misty had stayed behind, again. She was beginning to make a habit of it. Ever since Fiona had come to the school, things had changed.

Misty broke things off to Cordelia, without saying much aside from muttering Fiona's name. That was enough for Cordelia. She knew her mother and what she was capable of, so the two had tearfully gone their separate ways. After that, Misty was rarely seen about the school, and no one seemed to notice. Cordelia found it odd no one seemed to remember her. The mention of her name would only bring a raised eyebrow and a weird look from her fellow witches.

It wasn't until Cordelia spoke with Myrtle about it all did the pieces fall together. Myrtle had loved Misty as one of her own, but when Cordelia said her name, Myrtle had no idea who she was talking about.

Misty could hear the footsteps from down the hall, running in the direction of her room. She turned on her bed to face the wall, gripping onto herself and letting the tears freak down her face. Cordelia burst through the door and made her way over to the bed, sitting in front of Misty on the floor.

"Fiona did something else when she was here."

"Cordelia, you should go."

"Misty, no one remembers you, not even -" Cordelia couldn't even let the name come out, but Misty knew.

"Maybe it's better that way. I've been thinkin' 'bout leavin."


"I can't live like this, can you? I miss you too much to see ya everyday."

"You shouldn't have to leave because of this." Cordelia wiped away the tear that fell as she spoke.

"I don't even have a life here anymore. No one knows who the hell I am. I'm used to all this, moving around yknow? I'll be okay."

"It's not safe out there for witches Misty, you know that."

"It's not safe for me here either, not as long as Fiona's around. I promise, no matter what happens, I will always come back for you."

"Misty -"

"Delia, I love you, but this is something I think I gotta do."


The next morning Cordelia found Misty's spot cleared in her room. Her drawers and desk had been wiped of any trace of her. Cordelia lay on her bed and began to cry, feeling her skin hit something cool as she went to rest her arm under the pillow. Sitting up, she moved the pillow to reveal one of the frogs she had gotten for Misty, a small piece of paper coiled inside.

~ Cordelia,

One is you and one is me. As long as we are apart I will have you, it's only right that you have me. Whenever I look down and see my ring I will know you are with me, and when we are together again, so will the frogs. I will always love you.

~ Misty

Tears streamed down Cordelia's cheeks as she read the note, gripping onto the ring in her hand. She could feel Misty's energy still attached to it, vibrating off the silver band.

"One is you and one is me." She whispered to herself, taking in a deep breath before sliding the ring onto her finger.

~ Now ~

The sand in the hourglass slowly began to disperse, time beginning to run out. Most of the girls had returned from their trip to the underworld, successful in the journies. Misty still lay on the ground, eyes closed, still stuck in her eternal hell. Cordelia knelt down to the floor beside Misty, growing closer to her as the sand trickled down.

"Misty," Cordelia held Misty as close to her as she could, rocking the two of them back and forth. "Follow my voice. We are all here waiting for you."

Myrtle eyed the hourglass as the top emptied into the bottom. She could see Cordelia's pain, the tears that streamed down her cheek.

"Her time is up."

Cordelia felt Misty's body turn to ash in her arms, leaving her body empty and alone.

"No, no, no." Cordelia cried as she felt the ash before her, bury her head in her hands as she felt her world crash around her.

Cordelia was inconsolable, each of her cries filled with agony and pain; of heartbreak. Misty was gone, nothing had remained aside from the ash that covered the floor. She slowly crumbled to the floor, laying beside the pile of ash. Myrtle stood from her seat on the couch and made her way over to Cordelia, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Come with me dear." She said tenderly.

"I can't leave her." Cordelia sobbed.

She didn't press on, she simply helped Cordelia to her feet at her own pace, slowly and shakily. Myrtle guided Cordelia to her room, holding her as close as she could, but afraid to hold her too tightly as if she might break.

Cordelia sat at the edge of her bed, tears streaming down her face. She could hear Myrtle in the room with her, opening and closing drawers. Myrtle brought over a change of clothes, placing them on Cordelia's lap and taking her hand lightly.

"You freshen up, take a shower and take as much time as you need, my sweet girl." Myrtle spoke with a wavering voice, doing her best to hold in her own emotions. She placed a gloved hand gently on Cordelia's cheek, brushing away her tears. "I'm so sorry for your loss."

Myrtle left the room, returning to Misty's remains to collect them, placing them into a makeshift urn. She took them to Misty's room, knowing they would end up in Cordelia's room, but knowing it was too soon for her to be faced with it.

Cordelia sat with her arms hugging her knees, the hot water from the shower head above burning her back. Her breathing had come down but tears still fell from her eyes. It felt like they would never stop. Misty was really and truly gone. They had never had the time together they had waited and wanted, for so long.

She knew she had to get it together enough to finish the seven wonders, and once the day was done she could grieve properly. She stood from the tub and let the hot water wash over her body, giving herself another moment to compose herself. She stepped out of the tub and changed into a fresh set of clothes before returning to the girls.

Myrtle waited outside Cordelia's room, puffing on one of her colourful cigarettes. She heard the click of the door and made her presence to Cordelia known, not wanting to startle her. The two joined the girls who were anxiously awaiting downstairs.

The rest of the day seemed to pass as if it were a blur, Cordelia reigning Supreme by the end. It was both joyous and mournful, for Cordelia and the witches that remained. She seemed to breeze through each of the Seven Wonders, the title of Supreme was a natural fit for Cordelia.

By the end of the day, Cordelia longed to retreat back to the solace of her bedroom, stopping for a moment at Misty's door frame. She held onto the wood as she gazed into the room, the silence overwhelming. She gave herself a moment before stepping in, taking in as much of Misty as she could. Misty hadn't brought much to the academy, most of the drawers were half empty. Even the small pieces of Misty became too much for Cordelia to bear, closing the door as she left the room.

The months following her rise to the Supremacy, Cordelia had opted to go public about Miss Robichaux's Academy. A lot of it had to do with Misty, and how lost she had been before being thrown into the academy. She could only imagine how many other girls there were that felt hopeless and lost, confused about the gifts they possessed. Cordelia wanted to be the Supreme Fiona never was, and the one Misty always knew she was capable of becoming.

Queenie and Zoe were each given a position on the council, and Myrtle was burned at the stake once again, as per her own request. As the birth of a new era filled the walls of the academy, a haunting presence of the past still lingered in the air. Cordelia had always been able to sense her mother before she made herself known. As she walked towards her, she could feel how weak she had become.

She had never seen Fiona in such a state of weakness, the scent of death lingering off of her. Cordelia sat opposite Fiona, finally being given the answer she had craved throughout her life; the answer as to why she had always felt like Fiona had hated her, when in truth she had envied her, and the powers that she possessed. It made her wonder if Fiona had always known Cordelia would take her title of Supreme. She couldn't stop the tears as they began to slide down her cheeks, mournful of the mother she never had.

Even after all Fiona had done, Cordelia couldn't stop herself from feeling an overwhelming sense of sadness. As Fiona struggled to stand from her chair, making her way over to Cordelia begging for mercy. Cordelia brought Fiona close to her, taking the knife from Fiona's trembling hand. She pulled Fiona in and held her close, feeling the release as Fiona took her last breath before falling limp in Cordelia's arms.

Fiona had never been the mother Cordelia had so desperately needed throughout her life. It had always been that Fiona cared more about herself than those around her, forcing Cordelia to grow up before she had finished being a child. Fiona's death stirred years of bottled up emotions, Cordelia unable to do anything but cry from the pain that she felt. She had never felt more free or more alone than she did in that moment.

She sucked in a deep breath before releasing Fiona from her arms, Fiona's body turning into ash, hovering through the air as Cordelia guided them into an empty vase on the fireplace. She walked over to the vase, picking it up and placing it in front of her mother's mural that hung on the wall. She wiped her tears as she made her way upstairs in search of Queenie and Zoe.

As he reached the top of the stairs she couldn't help herself from looking at the closed door to Misty's room, a familiar wave of sadness washing over her. Misty had been there when they had thought Fiona had been killed by the axeman, and although Cordelia had felt slightly mournful then, there was always a piece of her that knew Fiona was still alive. Cordelia always knew that if Fiona were to ever die it would always be on her own terms, never by the terms of a man, it was one thing Fiona had always made very clear.

Zoe and Queenie were waiting where Cordelia had left them. They could tell something was off with Cordelia, but neither said a word, they knew how hard the past couple of months had been and figured she had just needed a moment to herself.

After a few months of press and preparation, Miss Robichaux's was once again ready to open it's doors. Cordelia had been able to keep herself busy with paperwork, having to file and sort through all of the applications that had been sent into the school. All the girls varied in age, some of them being as young as 10. Seeing all the potential, and a future for both the academy and witches, made Cordelia hopeful but more than anything, it helped to give her a sense of purpose.

The aging wood creaked as Cordelia opened the bedroom door that had been long since shut. There was a stillness that hung in the air, unchanged since her last visit. The smell of Misty still faintly clung to the clothing and sheets she had left behind. She made her way to the bed, the mattress sinking under her weight. Her fingertips delicately ran over the jewelry that was strewn about the nightstand, a surge of vibrations jolting through her body, as if Misty were there with her, if only for a moment. It was a moment she needed, a connection she refused to allow to ever burn out. She knew as long as she needed her, Misty would always be with her.

"Are you ready to open the doors?" Zoe's voice came softly from the door, poking her head in but not crossing the threshold.

"You and Queenie go ahead, I'll be right behind you."

Cordelia took a moment to prepare herself, as soon as she opened the doors everything would become real. It was now up to Cordelia to lead and guide the young witches who anxiously awaited outside the academy walls. As she stood from the bed, she straightened out her dress and sucked in a deep breath before leaving the room, enchanting the lock of the door so she knew it would remain undisturbed.

As she made her way downstairs, she spotted Zoe and Queenie waiting for her at the foot of the steps. They followed behind her as she made her way to the front door, Kyle opening it to allow the sea of girls to begin to flood in. She warmly greeted each of them as they entered, Zoe and Queenie guiding them into the front foyer. Once the last of the girls had found a spot, Cordelia made her way to the front of the group, standing on the staircase before them. As she started to explain the new world these young women were about to enter, a voice spoke up from the crowd in front of her.

"What's a Supreme?"

"You're looking at her." Queenie responded before Cordelia was given a chance to.

Cordelia smiled at Queenie's answer, letting the title really and truly set in. She had become accustomed to being the leader of the Coven, but had found herself struggling to adjust to her mother's former title. As she stood in front of the sea of girls, she thought of her and Misty, and their experience when they had attended the academy together. She wished more than anything she was there standing by her side, but she refused to give up hope that one day, she would see her again.

"And is it over now, do you know how

Pickup the pieces and go home."