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~Hello~ Telepathy

"Hello" Regular Speech

It was a beautiful day that surrounded Altomare. Blue sky, white puffy clouds, and a soft, warm breeze made it such in Latias's eyes. She was in a good mood too-she just finished visiting her really good friend Bianca. Now in her human illusionary disguise, she made her way back to her garden.

However, going back brought back memories of her brother-how she missed him so. Yet, she knew that he would be proud of her. It's been five years since he sacrificed himself to recreate the soul dew, and every day since that day she has done all she can to train herself and protect him.

As she stepped foot into the garden, though, she realized something was off. Something wasn't right, and that put her on guard. As she slowly paced towards the fountain where her brother's soul remained, she noticed something black curled up at the base of the fountain.

She moved closer and instantly recognized it.

Or rather, him.


She ran up to him, as he was still; unmoving.

~Ash! Ash! Are you alright? What's wrong? Why are you here?~

"Hn…" was the only sound he made as he opened his bloodshot eyes. That worried her.

She helped him sit up so that he no longer curled up on the ground. Then she stared at his crumpled appearance. He definitely was five years older. However, his eyes were bloodshot, as if from crying too much. His clothes were in tatters, as if he had just come out of a fight. She did her best to help him, by getting him food and water. Then she sat beside him patiently. Waiting for him to speak.

"Latias," he spoke in a soft, broken whisper. "Thank you."

~You're welcome.~ she responded. ~Is there anything I can get for you?~

She began to move to get up, but Ash's hand caught her wrist.

"Don't go," he whispered, so she moved back beside him.

After a long set of time, neither moved; neither spoke. Then he began: "I...I don't know what to do anymore Latias. There...there was a new team. Not like team rocket, or any other organization I have fought against in the past. They…" he took a huge gulp of air, "they didn't go after legendary pokemon. They didn't go after pokemon at all, actually. Rather, they...they went after me. And my family. They went after me because I am a human that can manipulate aura. They killed my mom and pikachu in front of my eyes. They captured me and broke me. They even experimented on me time and time again. Once they realized that they couldn't replicate my powers in other humans, they decided to try to make me their weapon. They managed to put me under mind control, and still experimented on me to the point that I cannot consider myself human. They altered my DNA to the point where I could use any and all moves and move types of pokemon around the world. Then, they made me kill. So many people, so many pokemon, gone by my hand." His eyes were filled with tears. "Both Mew and Mewtwo worked together and broke the control they had over me. And with them, Arceus, and Celebi all working together, they managed to heal the land and right things, as if nothing ever happened. Except, they couldn't bring back my mother. They couldn't bring back Pikachu. They couldn't help me with my guilt. So...So I came here. I thought you'd be the closest, besides Mewtwo, who would understand. Considering what happened to your brother." Silence wrung throughout the garden. "Sorry, I still have no tact. I remember when I was here, though, it felt like my home away from home. So I came back to see you. Hoping you would be able to help me heal."

~I will definitely help you, and be there for you.~

Time Skip 1 year later

Ash was able to grow and recover over the past year. He still missed his mom and Pikachu, but now he knows that they are always with him. They are always in his heart.

He also got to know Latias a lot better too-to the point where they are officially dating (which is something Bianca and Lorenzo both found to be quite cute, and often teased the couple).

This day, Latias and Ash were just playing together in the garden, when they were suddenly transported straight into the Hall of Origin.

"Uh. What?" Asked Ash, as he re-oriented himself. Then he saw Arceus. "Oh hi Arceus! Um, why did you summon us here?"

"Ash, I managed to track down your father."

Ash froze, as he completely did not expect that. Latias' eyes widened.

"Apparently, he was caught in the crossfire of one of Palkia and Dialga's fights years ago, and managed to be sent into another world-another dimension. I finally managed to find out which one. If you would like, I can send you both into this other world so that you may come to know you father, Ash, and that you may go with him, Latias."

Latias knew Ash was still trying to process it all. That his father didn't die or didn't abandon him and his mom. That he can see his dad again, after all this time.

But she had a few questions of her own, ~Arceus, but what of Altomare? I am the guardian of my brother's soul, and the soul dew cannot leave.~

"I'll have Lugia and the other water types watch over the seas to prevent any harm on the land. You may take the soul dew with you, to keep your brother close to your heart."

~And how will we know Ash's father?~

"I will guide you straight to him. When he first fell into the world his name changed to Ozma. Since then, his soul has been reincarnating and blending with others throughout the centuries (as he was displaced into the past in another realm). You might wish to speak with him about his full story. I will be sending you both into the present time, where you will be able to meet his current form where he goes by the name of Ozpin. If you agree, I will also seal you into a human form, Latias, to make the adjustment easier for you."

~Thank you. I will go with whatever Ash decides then,~ spoke Latias.

Ash looked up then; looked straight into the eyes of Arceus. "I will go."