Chapter 1 Return

He had done it. He had finally done it. Issei had finally defeated the God of Abomination. The God that threatens to extinct all of the supernatural race. Issei could only lie down exhausted as the girls surround him worried.

"Issei! Are you alright?" Asked Luce worried

"Issei-san! You can't die…" Said Julia crying

"Issei…" Said Karin

"Issei-kun." Said Yorihime

"Issei…" Said Luluna

"Girl girl… I'm not dying. I'm just tired that's all!" Said Issei tried to calm them down

The girls just kept on crying as they hugging Issei. Now all of you wonder, just how did Issei Hyoudou, the famous pervert, Boob freak is now in 5 girls' arm as he was just defeated a God? How exactly did he land himself in this situation?

(Flash Back)

Like always, Issei along with his two pervert friends are now at the Kendo club changing room and as always, his two 'friends' hook all the spot leave him to wait. Issei kept on trying to pry those two off to have a look and he managed to succeed… or he would be if a strange light hasn't eloped him and take Issei away.

The two 'friends' suddenly doesn't feel any force and turn around to see Issei is no longer there. The two then just shrugged and go back to peep. But unfortunately for them, the light had attracted the attention of the Kendo club as the member had already stood behind the two as they were concentrating on the hole. The shinai rises up and then the wailing sound of pain was heard.

Back to Issei as he was wrapped by the light. Once the light dims down he then found himself at an unfamiliar view.

It was then, a person wearing a shroud revealed from the bath of light. The person said:

"Issei Hyoudou. I'm the Goddess of Creation Milanos, and I welcome you to my world. The Moonlight world." Said Milanos

Issei could only look dumbfounded as he then faints on the spot.

(End Flashback)

Well… it was quite embarrassing that he fainted on the spot at that time. But now, thanks to the training, he had managed to defeat the God of Abomination. But still, he still had to give credit to his skill. It was thanks to his 'cheat' that he was managed to fight off the Evil God and his army so easily

Skill: Imagination Phantasm


A skill that allows you to use any power from any Anime, Manga, Game that you ever saw. Cautious: some skills only available if the user is at a certain level.

'I never thought I actually would have a cheat like the protagonists in the video game.' Though Issei chuckled

"Now then… I guess I should be high level enough in order to use the skill that could rip open the fabric of space." Said Issei but then another pop up had appeared

Your title had changed:

Hero → God-Slayer

"The hell? Wait… don't tell me it was because I killed him?" Asked Issei surprise

"What's wrong, Issei?" Asked Lucia

"Oh… it's nothing." Said Issei

"… method?" Asked Luluna

"Oh right." Said Issei as he pulls out many small machines as they flying around him.

"What are these, Issei-san?" Asked Yorihime

'These… are Dynamos. It's a weapon from a character in my world. It said that he uses these to travel through time and space." Said Issei

"… Coordinate?" Asked Luluna

"Don't worry. I have it all cover. Guess it's worth it to increase my Int and Wis stats after all…" Said Issei

"A-Are you going to be… gone?" Asked Karin with tear

"No need to worry. Thanks to this, I can travel back and forth. I promise I will visit you again." Said Issei smiling

"Promise?" Asked Karin

"Yes… I promise." Said Issei

"Why are you so worried? Don't forget, we have already connected to each other." Said Lucia holding up her hand to show ring in the index finger

"Oh boy. If mom and dad know that I married at this age, they will have a heart attack. And not to mention that I married 5 princesses." Though Issei sweatdrop

The girls look sad as they lower their heads to hide their tears and Issei then said: "Now now… it's not like I'll be gone forever. Who knows, I might take you all to my world."

"Really?!" Said Karin excited

"Yes… so don't worry, ok?" Said Issei rubbing Karin's head

Issei then walks away as he uses the Dynamos and opens a rift out. Issei then turns back to the girls and said: "Well… see you later then."

Issei walks inside the rift as it then closed.

(high school DxD)

Issei walks outside of the rift to find that the sky had turned yellow as he is to his world

"Let's see…" Said Issei checking his watch

"Perfect. Right on time. This should cover my disappearance and no one is the wiser." Said Issei as he then walks back home.


After he grabs a toast, Issei then goes to Kuoh. At the gate, he then mumbled: "Huh… can't believe that my goal to achieve a harem from this school had been fulfilled on my small 'trip'."

Issei then walks inside and then as soon as he did, a notice when up:

"Detection skill had discovered devils"

"Huh? Devil?' Issei confused as he then using his sense to find the source.

"Found them. One group is at the Student Council while the others are at the old building." Said Issei

"Appraisal." Said Issei as the information appeared.

"Hum… Rias Gremory and Sona Shitori? Weren't those are the devils from the 72 pillars?" Issei wonder

"Well… as long as they don't bother me then I'm okay with it." Said Issei walks to his classroom

(In the classroom)

Issei immediately dodged the two perverts as they crashed on the ground.

"You two quite lively after yesterday huh?" Asked Issei chuckling

"YOU BASTARD! You have any idea how hurt the shinai are?" Asked Motohama

"You reap what you sow. Since you two don't want to share then I just leave." Said Issei

"Anyway… check this out." Said Matsuda brings out a DVD

"Oh great… moron." Said Issei facepalming

"Haha… you jealous right?" Asked Matsuda

"Yeah… I'm so jealous of the fact that I'm being stared down by the girls in the class." Though Issei sweatdrops as he already heard the whispering

"Haiz… so what is it that you want to say?" Asked Issei

"How about we crash at my house tonight to have the AV marathon?" Asked Matsuda

"Hah…" Issei signed out as he said: "Sorry. You guy can do it yourself. I'm not interested."

Silenced travel through the classroom as the girls had just heard the 'Oppai Baka' is no longer interested in porn.

… … … "WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ISSEI?!" Said Motohama points at him

"Look… like I said, I'm not interested. I just happened to be bored with this." Said Issei

The class widens their eyes in shock. They never thought they would hear these words from the 'Oppai Baka' at all.

Issei looks around and deadpanned: "Oh come on… was that so hard to believe?"

"then… what about peeping?" Asked Matsuda

"Not interested." Issei answer immediately

"Okay… I have two conclusions. Either that his libido is gone, or… HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND." Said Motohama points at Issei

The girls immediately whispered at that as they wonder which girls that he tricked or pay. Oh, come on… I maybe was a pervert before, but there's no way I'll sink that low.

"Look, my… 'junior' is fine and I don't have a girlfriend. Except being a married man to 5 princesses of course but I would rather not tell them." Though Issei at the last part

"Then you must be an impostor!" Said Matsuda points at Issei

"This is getting stupid…" Said Issei facepalmed as he ignored the two perverts.

(After school)

Issei picks up his bag as he then prepares to go home. It seems that the news traveled fast as he now has most of the students tailing him back.

When Issei leaves the school gate and goes to the street he then spots a cosplay girl handing out leaflet. Even though the girl looks normal but his 'Detection' skill warn him immediately.

"Hoh… Rias Gremory's familiar huh?" Issei just walks past her but he then felt something enter his pocket as he then senses the familiar disappears.

Issei took out the leaflet and inspect: "Gremory summoning rune. Huh… why would she gives me this?"


"Okay… he had the leaflet." Said Rias

"I'm sure you know what you are doing…" Said Akeno as she heard the rumor of Issei's changing into a completely different person.


… … "I'm sorry… did you say something?" Asked Issei still being disbelief.

"Would you like to go out with me?" Asked 'Yuuma'

"This is way too suspicious. I mean, this girl's literary spilling out bloodlust. Forget it. I rather not stick to this nut job." Though Issei

"Er… sorry about that. I'm not looking for a relationship right now. Now if you excuse me, I rather go back home." Said Issei leaving not missing the hated look from the girl

(At home, Issei bed)

"That's weird. I haven't done anything to upset these peoples, why did they go after me?" Wonder Issei at that as he looks at the leaflet.

"Forget it. Tomorrow is the weekend. I think I will check how much I can do." Issei said that as he then falls asleep.


Issei then creates a boundary to separate the world as he then tries some spells.

"hmm… it seems that I still have my power. But still…" Said Issei as he looks at the destroyed field.

"I think I need to be careful at my power…" Mumbled Issei sweatdrop as he recalls the Boundary as he then walks back home.

It was dark already as he went back home. His 'Detection' then found a hostile intent right behind him.

"So… you are the kid that Raynare failed to seduce." Said the man

"He calls that seduce?" Thought Issei sweatdrops

"um… Who are you?" Asked Issei looks at the man

"I suppose I could tell you as a parting gift. My name is Doonaseek the Elite Fallen Angel." Said Doonaseek as he summons out his wing.

"Nothing personal, kid. You are just too dangerous for us so we have to kill you!" Said Doonaseek as he throws his spear

Issei then pretend to run as he then tripped 'accidentally' drop out the leaflet

"What's this? So you have caught the eye of the Princess Gremory already? HAHAHA! That's the fate of you human, always lower than us." Said Doonaseek laugh out

"W-Wait… what do you mean by that?" Asked Issei scrambling back 'afraid'

"That princess Gremory attempt to turn you into her slave after we kill you! Typical devil, it seems that you can't escape your fate… HAHAHAHA" Said Doonaseek

"I see…" Said Issei looks down

"So how about it? Throw away that and die for me like a good little human!" Said Doonaseek charges at Issei

Issei could only sigh out as Doonaseek had already near him.

Doonaseek then suddenly being sent flying with a smack. He then crashes to the street. He is confused. He was prepared to kill that little brat but he suddenly then send flying.

Doonaseek then turns to Issei who had a large mace with spikes on it. Issei then said: "Thank you for your info. Now I can beat the shit out of you."

"YOU THINK JUST BECAUSE YOU WEILD A BIG WEAPON THAT YOU CAN KILL ME?!" Roared out Doonaseek enraged as he charges at Issei again.

Issei then suddenly disappeared as Doonaseek then unable to register what happened as he was smacked on the ground hard making a crack.

"T-This is… impossible. Our info… doesn't say you can fight." Said Doonaseek disbelief

"Oho… so you gather info about me and then thinking that I'm weak that you can kill anytime?" Said Issei evilly as he presses the mace down harder

"GAHHHH! You bastard! Wait till they find out about this and come to save me!" Said Doonaseek

"Really? Haven't you check the surrounding?" Asked Issei chuckled

Doonaseek looks confused as he then spots the difference. The building that was supposed at the left had suddenly moved to the right.

"W-What have you done?!" Said Doonaseek shocked

"Oh, nothing. I just put us into my mirror world. In this world, no matter how loud nor how much you screamed, no one will find you at all." Said Issei

Doonaseek is shocked at that. Why is the info from the HQ about this… human is so different? To create another world, this kid must be a god.

"Now then… since you have nothing to tell me, I should just crack your skull open." Said Issei stepping on Doonaseek's head as he pins down harder

"W-Wait wait … please spare me! What do you want to know? Just spare me and I'll tell you." Said Doonaseek

"Hou? What is it that you have?" Asked Issei still had his foot on Doonaseek's

"Um… could you let me go?" Asked Doonaseek

The cracking sound was heard as Doonaseek screams out.

"Do you really think you have the right to negotiate?" Asked Issei menace

"Okay okay… please stop! I'll talk, I'll talk." Said Doonaseek

"Now then… why did you Fallen suddenly hunt me down? I remember that I haven't done anything to you at all." Said Issei

"W-We though you have a powerful Sacred Gear so the higher up decided to eliminate you before you become a threat." Said Doonaseek

"Huh?" Said Issei pressing harder making Doonaseek scream out in pain.

"It was the order from above!" Cried out Doonaseek

"You think I'm an idiot? It's obliviously that you didn't care about the order." Said Issei then release him.

Doonaseek thought this is a chance but Issei then changes into his Gunblade and then smack him down burning him.

"GAAHH! What is this flame? I thought you spare me!" Said Doonaseek

"Idiot. Do you think I fall for that? It's oblivious that you don't have any intention to give up. After all, I'm just a normal human. No one would care if I died." Said Issei mockingly

"You bastard! My Fallen comrade will kill you!" Said Doonaseek

"They can try." Said Issei walks out of the mirror world letting Doonaseek burn out.

"But still… Sacred Gear huh? I don't remember having it when I was still fighting." Said Issei as he then suddenly remembered something: "Oh shoot! I forgot to ask what is this 'Sacred Gear'."

… … "Oh well, I could just ask the devils. I still need some answers from them after all." Said Issei looks at the leaflet as he walks home


"… It's not responding." Said Rias

"Could it be…" Said Akeno

"I-I never thought this would happen." Said Rias

"Haiz… what done is done, Rias. It's getting late, we can visit his parents and announced his death tomorrow." Said Sona

"… I'm sorry. It was due to my selfishness." Said Rias lower her head down

"Haiz…" Sighed out Sona. Even though she feels… 'disturb' about Issei's hobby, but he is still just a normal teenager, he doesn't deserve to die like this.

(At the Monday morning)

At ORC, Rias is still thinking about her action cost an innocent student died. As she ponders what to say to his parents, Koneko barges in the room as she looks like she is being chased by an army of angels.

"What's wrong, Koneko?" Asked Rias

"It's Issei-sempai. I just saw Issei-sempai walk through the school gate." Said Koneko

Rias dropped her teacup in shocked as she said: "A-Are you sure it was him?"

"I'm sure." Said Koneko

It was then, Sona barges in and said: "Rias, why is my secretary told me that a student that supposed to be dead is walk in the school right now?"

"I-I don't know…" Said Rias still confuse

"It seems that Issei Hyoudou is not normal as we think." Said Sona

"Let's call him here." Said Rias

A knocking sound was heard. Sona then said: "Ah… just in time. He's here."

(a few minutes earlier)

Issei is about to sit in his seat as the speaker rang out: "Student Issei Hyoudou. I repeat, Issei Hyoudou. You are to report at ORC's old school building."

"Huh… I guess that's my call." Said Issei takes his bag as he goes outside


Issei then opens the door to find all 'players' are here. He then said: "So… what honor do I have to meeting face to face with the 'School Idols'?"

"Please sit down." Said Sona

Issei shrugged as he then sits down on the sofa. He then said: "So? What is the matter? Did I do something?"

"No. We just want to discuss a few things." Said Sona

"And… what is it?" Asked Issei

"Who are you?" Asked Sona direct to the point

"Oh? Why is the question?" Asked Issei curious

"I'll be frank… yesterday, did you meet up with a girl name 'Yuuma'?" Asked Sona

"Wait… are you a stalker?" Asked Issei jokingly

"Haiz… this is getting nowhere. We only want to ask that when you met 'Yuuma'. Did she do anything to you?" Asked Sona

"Well… she suddenly confessed to me, but I refuse." Said Issei surprise everyone

"Could you tell me why is that?" Asked Sona

"Since when the student Council can interfere with my love life?" Asked Issei

"We don't have time for game! Tell the President right now!" Said Saji points at Issei

"What if I… refuse?" Asked Issei mockingly

"YAH!" Said Saji charges at Issei but Issei then takes out his mace as he then Saji flying crashed at the wall

"Saji!" Said Sona

"Now then… it's time for me to ask questions." Said Issei as he smacks the mace down hard breaking it as well as nearly breaking the barrier around the room.

"Care to tell me why did you try to get me killed only for turning me into a slave?" Asked Issei

"Y-You knew?" Asked Rias shocked

"Yeah! Yesterday, a Fallen Angel tried to kill me because of this 'Sacred Gear'. It was quite easy to pry the information out of him." Said Issei

"W-What happened to him?" Asked Rias

"What else? I gave him a one way trip to Hell. And you will be as well if your answer doesn't satisfy me. Now… TALK!" Said Issei releasing 'pressure' forcing the devils to kneel down.

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PS: If you confused, the Dynamos is from Elsword, mace from "Hero? I quit a long time ago" and Gunblade is from Lee Seha (Closers)