Chapter 2 Fallen cleanup

"Well? I'm waiting." Said Issei still glaring at them

"W-We didn't mean to…" Said Rias shuttering

"Oh? Then what is this?" Asked Issei fling the leaflet to Rias

"Your familiar put that in my pocket yesterday. What? Did you expect that I would die on that day?" Asked Issei jokingly

"H-Hyoudou-san… I think you should calm down. We are the governors of Kuoh. It will be bad if…" Sona unable to finish her sentence as Issei grabs her by the throat as he lifts her up

"Kaichou!" Said Tsubaki

"Do you think I care? You devils are no different than those crows. Always think that human is your toy at your disposal. And you say this is your territory? Since when? This city belongs to humans, not you!" Said Issei squeezing her throat harder

"I-Issei-kun. I'm truly sorry for our action. Please… let her go." Said Rias

Issei looks at Rias for a moment then he throws Sona back to the chair as she coughing uncontrollably.

"I'm waiting…" Said Issei sitting down dropping his pressure

Rias breathe out what she had been holding in as she then said: "First of all, I'm truly sorry for endangering you like this, Issei-kun. The truth is, I'm in dire need of a strong servant."

"And what do you mean by 'servant'?" asked Issei

"Before that, do you know about the 3 factions?" Asked Rias

"Not exactly…" Said Issei

"Okay. It is like this." Said Rias as she told him about the great wars between the three factions and of course, the role of the Evil Piece as well

"I see… have you ever consider how the human felt when you reincarnate them without their consent. Or what, did you think that it wasn't worth the time for a lowly human?" Asked Issei

"No no… most of us won't do something like that at all." Said Rias

"You said 'most', that doesn't mean all of you." Said Issei

"Yes… unfortunately, many devils have that way of thinking." Said Rias

Issei massages his temple at that. Everywhere he goes, there always will be a douchebag. Issei just shakes his head as he then said: "So then… is this 'Sacred Gear' in me the reason why you people after me?

"You know?" Asked Rias surprise

"You forgot? I just told you that I killed a Fallen Angel yesterday. Apparently, they said that due to my Sacred Gear was dangerous to them that they want to kill me." Said Issei

"Then… are you using the Sacred Gear right now?" Asked Rias

"No. I don't even know I have this 'Sacred Gear' thing until yesterday." Said Issei

"He already this strong without his Sacred Gear?!" Though both Rias and Sona shocked

"So… how do I activate this 'Sacred Gear'?" Asked Issei

"Well… try to think of something that you think is the most powerful." Said Rias

"Huh…" Said Issei as he concentrates. The strongest image?

"zero…" Issei mumbled as he remembers a character in the manga.

And then, his right hand suddenly appeared out a red gauntlet.

"So this is my Sacred Gear huh?" Asked Issei looks at it

"Yes. This is your Sacred Gear. It seems the Fallen though it was a threat to them so they want to eliminate you." Said Rias

"I see…" Said Issei as he then standing up

"Issei-kun?" Asked Rias confuse

"I'm going back. I have all the info I need anyway." Said Issei walks out

"Wait… would you join my peerage?" Asked Rias

"You realized that you just arranged for my death yesterday, right? And for the answer, no." Said Issei leave

"I should have known…" Said Rias tiredly

"Rias…" Said Akeno

"I know Akeno, I know…" Said Rias

(After school)

Issei is now walking back home as he then encounters a sight

"Kyah!" Said a nun as she falls down

"Ouu… why do I keep falling down?" Asked the nun trying to stand up

"Um… you okay?" Asked Issei as he hands her the headdress

"Ah yes… thank you very much." Said the nun

"Are you traveling?" Asked Issei looks at the suitcase

"Um… no. I have been transferred to the church in this city. But I don't know the way at all. I don't know the language so it's a little hard to ask for direction." Said the nun

"Huh? Then why can I understand her… oh right. My passive skill 'Language Conversion'." Though Issei as he remembers

"Then… how about I show you the place?" Asked Issei

"Really? Oh, thank you! God must have sent you to instruct me." Said Asia happy

"I don't think God would be desperate enough to ask a God Slayer for help…" Though Issei sweatdrop

The nun then spots a boy who injured his knee as she then heals him.

"That light… a healing spell?" mumbled Issei

After saying goodbye to the boy, Issei then leads the nun to the church.

"Thank you. Please, can you tell me your name?" Asked the nun

"Oh me? I'm Issei Hyoudou. You can call me Issei." Said Issei

"Issei-san… I'm Asia Argento. You can call me Asia." Said Asia

"Okay… I'll see you around, Asia." Said Issei waving at her as he leaves

(a few days later)

The school is over. His activity is like always, dodging the school, evade the ORC, disappeared from the Student Council eye. On the way back, Issei grabbing something to eat from the convenience store. He is on his way back to his house then his sense starts to pick up something… familiar to him.

"From that house…" Said Issei looks at the resident

Issei touches the door only to find it unlocked. He walks in as he said: "Hello? Is anyone in here?"

Issei walks around the house and arrived at the living room. The instant he did, smell of blood hit him.

He turns to the source to find a corpse is nailing to the wall with its' body being ripped open.

"This is quite a bad taste. Oi, come out. I know you are there." Said Issei

"Welcome! What do we have here? A devil?" Asked the man as he dancing and singing around

When he's near Issei, he then said: "Oya… a human huh? I'm Freed Zelzan the priest."

"Hah… I don't see priest potential in you at all." Said Issei

"What would a stupid brat like you know?" Asked Freed

"I know enough that you are just a psychopath. What kind of priest do this to people?" Asked Issei point at the body

"Hah? Listen here, you shitty brat. This human…" Said Freed kicks the body as he continues: "Devil feeds on human desire. And the human who provides them that is no longer can be called human anymore. Therefore, I killed them so they can't be tainted any more. HAHAHA. Mercy to the sinner, amen. HAHAHAHA."

"Huh… and how are you so different than devils? Actually, scratch that, I think devils are more of a priest than you." Said Issei

"Oh ho… here I was thinking of letting have a painless death, but since you piss me off, I'll make sure your corpse is a masterpiece!" Said Freed brings out his gun to shoot at Issei.

Issei just stood there as the bullet render ineffective to him. After many bullets shot at him, Issei then said: "Are you done with that pea-shooting?"

"Fine! If gun won't work on you, I'll slice you to piece then!" Said Freed using light sword charge at him

Issei just swings his hand as the light sword shatter to piece.

"I thought you had grown out of playing with toy already!" Said Issei mockingly

"Shit! Shit! This is what happened when I bought defective merchandise." Said Freed try to active the sword

Freed was so busy with the sword that he lost sight of Issei as he was kicked straight to the wall imprint him there.

"Bastard! You dare to kick… the great Freed?" Said Freed gritting his teeth

"Father Freed, is there something wrong?" Asked Asia arrived

"Huh? Asia?" Asked Issei

"Issei-san? What are you doing here?" Asked Asia surprise

"Asia-chan. Please heal me. This guy is a devil." Said Freed

"Eh? But Issei-san is not a devil. He's a human just like us." Said Asia confuse

"SHUT UP AND HEAL ME, YOU STUPID WOMAN!" Scream out Freed only to be muffed by the sofa Issei throws at him

"Now that's just rude. Swearing in front of a girl." Said Issei

"Issei-san…" Said Asia

"Come on, Asia. You can stay at my house for the time being." Said Issei

"But…" "Asia… we will have companies a few minutes later. We'll talk at my house." Said Issei cut off

"… yes." Said Asia agree

Issei then teleport away along with Asia as the devil who came look confused as they then return after sensing the Fallen is getting near

(At Issei home)

After explaining Asia's situation to his parents (half-truth of course), his parents agree to let Asia stay. After Asia taking a bath, his parents went to their room as they wink at him and hint him at the box on the table.

Issei's eyebrow twitching as he mumbled: "What kind of parents leave their son alone with a girl with a pack of condom?"

Issei had to throw them away as he prepares some hot cocoa. At that time, Asia came down after taking a shower. Issei saw her and said: "Sit down, Asia. I'll prepare something warm to drink."

Asia complies as she sits on the sofa. Issei then brings out two cups of cocoa as he then gives one to Asia as he then sits down as well.

"Go on, drink. It will help you relax." Said Issei

Asia nodded as she then takes a sip. The cocoa is warm, not too hot nor too cold. It felt… relaxing.

"Okay… now, can you tell me why are you with the Fallen and even with that psycho?" Asked Issei

"Well…" Asia was a little hesitant at first but she then tells him about her life at the church before she was here. How she was called a holy maiden, branded as a witch for healing an injured devil.

At that point, Issei's power starts to leak out uncontrollably as black like aura is surrounding him. Furious can't even describe Issei's feelings to the Vatican. Why has God abandoned someone like her, who is simply follow the teaching? Issei swears if he ever saw God, he'll rip that bastard to shred.

"Oi oi… calm down, kid. The nun is going to die if you keep unleashing your power." Said a voice

"Huh?" Said Issei confused as he remembers. He then sees Asia is nearly out cold from his power

"Ah… I'm sorry Asia." Said Issei "Damn it. Even though I made a Boundary Field so our conversation won't be interrupted, I forgot about Asia."

"Um… it's okay, Issei-san." Said Asia weakly

"I'm sorry about that. It just that when I heard your story, I couldn't help it." Said Issei

"Um… it's okay, Issei-san. I'm fine." Said Asia waving her hand

"Hah… This girl…" Though Issei at the last part smiling at her kindness. Issei then starts to calm down as he said: "Asia… Can I ask you something?"

"Yes?" Asked Asia

"Back then, when you heal that devil, do you regret it?" Asked Issei

"Um… no, Issei-san. Because I always believe that like humans, there are many good devils as well. Even though I was exile, I'm glad that I managed to help him." Said Asia smiling

Issei could only chuckle at that as he pats Asia's head. He then said: "I see… Now then, I think you should rest. You can use my room upstair."

"Eh? But… can we just shared the bed?" Asked Asia innocently

"Haha… I don't think that's a good idea. It would cause some misunderstanding. Besides, you don't have to worry. I can sleep down here no problem." Said Issei

"But…" "It'll be fine. Just go, okay?" Asked Issei smiling

In the end, Asia has to agree at Issei's request as she goes to Issei's room.

When Asia is out of sight, Issei then said: "Oi… I know you're here. How about introducing yourself?"

"Oh? I take it you know about me huh?" Asked the voice

"Your voice is different from what I know, and you only appear now. So my guess is… you must be the 'Sacred Gear' huh?" Asked Issei

"You have quite an insight there." Sait the voice

"After what I had been through, I'm not surprised at all." Said Issei

"Indeed. So… Hero and God Slayer huh? It seems that I hit the jackpot with you there." Said the voice

"Heh… so how about a name? I need to know the name of my body current resident, after all." Said Issei

"Yes. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Ddraig of Welsh Dragon. Also the one who resides in your 'Booster Gear'." Said Ddraig

"So… this thing is called 'Booster Gear'? What does it do?" Asked Issei summons out the gauntlet

"Simple. I can double your power every ten seconds. Which is quite an advantage to you." Said Ddraig

"What do you mean?" Asked Issei

"Your power right now is easily at the top 10 strongest in this world. Combine with my power, you could easily match with the first and second at the rankings." Said Ddraig

"I really just want a peaceful life." Said Issei

"Partner. Dragon tends to attract many powerful beings. So I don't think you could have something like peaceful life at all." Said Ddraig

"Great… just what I need." Said Issei tiredly

"So partner… what are you intending to do with the nun situation? I'm pretty sure that those Fallen won't let her go that easily." Said Ddraig

"What do you mean?" Asked Issei

"The nun's Sacred Gear is called 'Twilight healing'. It allows her to heal anyone no matter how serious the injuries they have. Not to mention judging from her story, she can heal devil or any supernatural being as well. There's no way those crows would let a Sacred Gear like that out of their hand." Said Ddraig

"Wait… what are you saying?" Asked Issei

"Partner. The worst-case scenario is that they will rip the Sacred Gear out of her soul. If that's the case, the one who had the Sacred Gear will die." Said Ddraig

"Those crows!" Said Issei squeezing his fist tight. "I should have known with those crows toward human, they will never actually care for a human at all."

"So… what's your plan?" Asked Ddraig

"What else!" Said Issei takes out his mace and said: "I'll kill them of course."

"I thought you're a hero." Said Ddraig chuckled

"I quit being one already." Said Issei as he marches out of the house

(At the church)

"So this is their little nest huh?" Asked Issei

"Yeah. It seems that there are 3 Fallens and a group of humans as well. How are you gonna get in?" Asked Ddraig

"Blast the door open of course." Said Issei

"Simple… but effective. I like it." Said Ddraig

The door then being blast open as Issei then walks in.

"Knock knock. Delivery service. We ensure to deliver you the menu that you truly deserved. Free of charge." Said Issei

"Huh… you are that little brat from before? Good timing! I can pay you back, you little shit!" Said Freed

"This is that human boy? You must be losing your edge to lose against this weakling." Said a loli Fallen named Mittelt

"Your friend Doonaseek said the same thing and look what happened to him." Said Issei

"That was you?!" Said a mature one named Kalawarmer as she remembers that Doonaseek hasn't returned at all

"Who cares?! If you bitches don't have the guts, then I'll kill him instead!" Said Freed charges at Issei

"Fool…" Said Issei as his hand appeared out blue flame. He then slams his hand down as in an instant, Freed and the others rogue exorcists become a block of ice. Issei then summons out his 'Heavy Iron Sword' as he swings hard making the ice shattered to pieces.

"Now… is just you two… and that bitch down in the basement as well." Said Issei

"W-What are you? There's no way you're human with that kind of power?!" Said Kalawarmer shocked

"Oh? I'm just a normal high schooler, that's all." Said Issei grinning as he putting the sword on his shoulder

"Wait! Please spare us. It was Raynare idea about killing you." Said Mittelt

"True. But you agree with her at that plan. You also trying to rob Asia's life as well. I think it's time for you to pay for your greed." Said Issei putting away his sword as he then raises both his up.

"Come forth. The twin flame of Netherealm. MAMMON!" Said Issei behind him appeared two skeletons birds they turns into the two swords made of Blue and Yellow flame appear in his hand

"M-M-M-M-MAMMON?!" Said Mittlet

"W-We are done for. That bitch Raynare anger someone she should never anger." Said Kalawarmer

"Burn away, along with your sin!" Said Issei as making a slashing wave and a tornado of Blue and Yellow burn them without a trace and also the wall behind them making a massive hole.

Issei then recalls Mammon back as he then walks down. Ddraig then said: "Damn. Seeing it by my own eyes is way better than from your memory."

Issei chuckled at that as he then enters the basement. He could hear Raynare voice: "Damn it. What is that noise upstairs? I told them to find the nun for me and they are messing around."

"Oh? I assure you, you don't have to worry about them messing around anymore." Said Issei appeared out

"Y-YOU?! How did you get in here?" Asked Raynare

"Take a guess, you'll get cookie." Said Issei amusingly

"You dare to mock me?!" Said Raynare angry

"What do you mean? It's cookies. Everyone loves them." Said Issei chuckled

"BE SILENT!" Scream out Raynare as she charges at Issei with a light spear.

Issei just summons out his mace and smack her aside makes her crash to the wall

"Blindly charge in? Are you an idiot?" Asked Issei

"You bastard! Wait till the others get here…" Said Raynare

"I won't be too sure about that." Said Issei

"Huh? You expected me to believe that you killed them all? You are just a lowly human!" Said Raynare

Issei presses the spike part on his mace deep in Raynare's stomach making her scream out.

"No one wants to hear a bitch barking at all." Said Issei

"You insolent human. Wait till that nun is back to me. I think I'll let Freed has a turn at her after he killed your parents." Said Raynare taunting him

Something inside Issei snapped as he recalls the mace. He then said: "I swear to myself I never pick this up ever again. But since you threaten the people close to me, I think it's time for you to be judge."

Issei then summons out a black sword as it's oozing out blood-red aura.

"W-What in the world is that?!" Said Raynare

"The 0th form." Said Issei.

Raynare then flies out of the basement to the upper level to find the whole church had been destroyed. She needs to run fast but it was too late

"Judgement!" Said Issei as the energy beam blast through the basement ceiling and hit Raynare's full force.

Raynare could only scream out as she was completely vaporized.

After the beam dies down, Issei puts away his sword as he then goes to the ground level. He then looks around and said: "Geez… look like I have gone overboard here."

"That's an understatement partner. That 'Judgement' skill of yours is quite powerful. I won't be surprised if all three Factions sense that." Said Ddraig

"Crap. Then I better bait before they show up." Said Issei went back home.

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