Day Seven: God Bless You, Chandler Bing

"You still want that baby?"

I can see Monica playing those words back in her head and coming to terms with what they mean. A huge grin lights up her face, her eyes shining with shock and happiness. I don't think I've ever seen her this happy. I'm over the moon myself and I can't help but twist with joy.

She usually hates my stupid happy dance but right now, she doesn't care. She runs to me and we hug tightly.

She looks up at me and says in a cheerful voice, "God bless you, Chandler Bing!"

Erica picked us. We're going to be parents in a few months.

This is one of the happiest moments of our lives, and I don't think I ever felt this proud.

Monica kisses me and we hug once more. I know how much she wants this, how much she always wanted it, and I know how hard it was for her to give up.

I couldn't let her and us sign the papers, knowing the agency made a mistake and we weren't the parents Erica thought we were. But when I saw how crushed and devastated Monica was, I couldn't stand and do nothing either.

There is something she brings out in me, something I never suspected I had: Guts. I would do anything for this woman. So I went to Erica and I was ready to beg.

I made Monica a promise almost a decade ago. I don't know if she remembers it. I suggested to her that if she didn't have kids by the age of forty, I would have one with her. I had to live the past year with the knowledge I couldn't give her a baby, that my sperm was no good and she turned down my offer to get a donor.

She didn't want to be pregnant if I couldn't be the father. It still leaves me speechless.

I would have begged Erica if I had to. I want us to do this the right way, but I would have done everything in my power to make Monica's dream come true.

She's meant to be a mother and I already know she's going to be the greatest mom any kid could hope for.

I feel her sobbing on my shoulder, I lift her chin and smile when I realize it's tears of joy.

"How?" she asks me incredulously.

I just shrug and wipe away a tear from her face. "I just told her no one will make a better mother for her baby than you. It's not a big deal."

She holds me tighter and kisses me suddenly. "It is. It is a big deal. I can't believe … Oh Chandler, you're going to be the best dad in the world." Another tear slips down her cheek.

I try to hide my blush by kissing her forehead. This is all so intense and it's hitting me like a brick. I swallow hard, my own tears are clogging my throat and struggling to come out. We lock eyes again and we stay silent, just smiling at each other, taking in the moment in silence when it hits me again.

"We're having a baby!" I tell her and she laughs. My eyes are welling up suddenly and I can't fight it anymore.

We decide to sit down and take deep breaths. My heart is lodged somewhere in my throat, I reach for her hand and clasp it tightly.

Falling in love with Monica, being loved by her, being married to her … When I remember this is my reality, it takes my breath away. And to be here, with the adoption papers for our baby being signed right now on the other side of this room … The words fail me. The mind, it reels.

"Chandler," Monica says, and I turn to her. "Thank you," she whispers to me.

I lean forward and rest my lips on hers. Hers are soft and shaking a little, and her hand comes up to my neck. If she can feel my pulse, it's drilling against her fingers right now.

This moment feels bigger than life.

I get lost into the kiss and then the door opens, our adoption case manager comes up to us with the new, correct papers.

"Congratulations on your little family!"

It's here and it's real. Chandler and Monica and little baby Bing.

We are a family.


It felt appropriate to end on my favorite season 10 moment, and one of the series' best, don't you think?

Thank you everybody who read and reviewed this crazy little idea. I hope you enjoyed the ride this past week!