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Two children arrive in an area full of children's toys, their appearances stand out due to the color of their hair one being dark pink while the other a lighter pink. These two children have the same height and incredible similarities.

- W-what now brother?

The child remains a little hidden behind his brother showing a slight shyness while his brother remains with the same expression would rather evaluate the other children who are in the place.

He can see some girls talking while other girls and boys run around the little park or play with toys.

- See that blonde girl over there?

The pink-haired girl moves out from behind her brother to see where her brother is pointing with her hand and can see a girl of similar size with slightly lighter blond hair.

- Yes I see.

The boy turns to his sister and looks at her without breaking eye contact.

- She can be a good friend to you.

The girl is watching her brother admiring a little of his courage because unlike her, he proves to be braver without being afraid to talk to strangers.

- What if she doesn't like me?

She can see her brother with smiling a little showing this is fun with the situation.

- You'll never know if you don't try Sakura

Sakura watches her brother and decides to have the courage to go and try to play with the girl her brother indicated. Seishin watches his sister go to Yamanaka Ino.

- It's been five years.

He mutters to himself.

? Pov

I see that there is a child with more flashy blond hair playing alone in the park and with that I follow him while I reflect a little on the events.

"Being reborn wasn't in my plans when I committed suicide, the idea of killing yourself came so quickly and lingered on my mind for years. It sucks to have no one to talk to me about but I don't have much to do ... I really hope things are no different."

I cease my thoughts on the subject to see the beautiful blue eyes of Uzumaki Naruto, in those short minutes I sighed mentally relieved a little relieved to see that he has no one ... I can not think so, this is terrible for a child .

- Can I play with you?

The boy stares at me for a few seconds until I see his mouth opening to speak.

"Yes, my parents say I don't have many friends."

I stare at him with a smile on my face but try to process his words..

"So it looks like Minato is alive ... I should pay more attention to the information, as I may not know of such an important thing. Please hope it hasn't changed history so much, I need everything to be the same so I can live in this ninja world."

I get lost in my thoughts until I feel the boy poking my belly.

- It's all right?

Listen to your question and then Think for a moment

- Yes what is your name?

The boy looks at me having a slight confusion hearing my question. Believe that the pain is well known since your parents are alive and famous.

- My name is Namikaze Naruto. What's your name?

Listen to him and my train of thought turns out to be correct.

- Haruno seishin.

Naruto looks at me and I notice that some more kids are coming too. One of them approaches him and begins to speak.

- Shall we play ninja?

I see that Naruto seems quite happy with the invitation and starts to get up to go play.

- Seishin will play too?

I see the boy looks at me as he runs his hand behind his head.

- Only one person was missing so I'm sorry.

I smile a little when I see that at least Naruto doesn't get bullied and that gives me great relief because I didn't like the way he was treated in the anime.

- No need to worry, I'll be waiting. I just came today to help my sister make friends.

I realize that the boy is relieved because he probably believed that I would be bothered ... I'm bothered but I understand that in this situation I am the intruder. I look at his brown hair and his mark on his face that reminds me that he is Inuzuka Kiba.

- When we finish the first round we will replace someone from the losing team so you can play too.

I nod my head and see them walking away. I see that Sakura is playing with Ino and other girls.

"I hope she doesn't run after boys anytime soon"

I follow to one of the benches, sit in a clear space and watch Sakura.

- May I sit here?

I look in the direction the voice came from and see the famous Uchiha Itachi. Probably Sasuke must be here and that's probably why he's in a playground full of kids.

- The bank is free for everyone ... I didn't mean to speak rudely!

He looks at me still keeping his calm expression probably amused by my words and soon he sits next to me.

-A child like you shouldn't be playing too?

I hear his words and find it a little funny since he is also quite young compared to the other ninjas in the village.

- Just watching my little sister.

He looks at the children and compares some of them with me but soon he can see the little girl with pink hair.

- Twins?

I turn my gaze to my sister.

- Yes, you are also seeing some relative of yours ?

He smiles a little as he probably remembers Sasuke.

- My little brother ... The one there who can't start a conversation with others.

He moves his fingers to point at Sasuke who is a little lost seeing the children but is soon called to play with Naruto. I sigh as I realize that I was not called because I was not known to most of them.

- The children are so cruel.