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Seishin POV

"Why is it so hard to talk to Naruto ... Son of the Hokage."

I sigh in disappointment as I hold Sakura's hand.

- What was brother?

I look at Sakura and see that the clothes she has chosen are a blue shirt and black shorts.

- Is nothing.

I keep looking around, realizing that people seem happy recently, probably due to the festival celebrating the "Kyuubi Defeat", the "Birth of the Little Hero" and "The Yellow Savior".

A big surprise for me, who knows that a village doesn't hate either Naruto or his family because of a Kyuubi problem ... Moreover, that a factual attack or Kyuubi attack and people don't prove to be completely full of hatred over the subject matter .

I watch the path as I think about the consequences of Minato's survival and the changes but decide to focus on the path. I see Hyuuga Neji coming out of a store and stopping seeming to wait for someone.

"is Hinata there?"

I see a man coming out of the store and holding Neji's hand.

"His father was alive then ... It seems that Minato is better than Hiruzen as Hokage ... If Kumogakure attacked and Neji's father came out alive it could be that Hinata's father died or Minato didn't give in to the raikage demands "

They are heading towards the Hyuuga complex, but I don't think about it anymore, because it's not my responsibility and there are more competent people.

- Sakura, I'll take you to Ino's house and then leave.

She watches me curiously.

- Where are you going ?

I keep my gaze on her after her question.

- I will go to the Uchiha complex.

Sakura keeps watching me as I keep watching her but with my thoughts elsewhere.

"If I go there maybe I can see if the Uchihas are suffering from people's doubts about them"

I sigh and when we see that we are near the Yamanaka complex I pass through the entrance gate. The anime didn't show so much about the clan ... Traditional wooden houses with lots of flowers scattered to give a clan-worthy decor that specializes lightly in flower poisons and very specialized in mental techniques.

- Beautiful.

I hear Sakura's words and agree a little about the beauty of the place. I see two people approaching to probably interrogate us.


The two clan members are reasonably tall and blond, showing something common that most Yamanaka I've observed are the same way.

- What are you doing here?

I watch the ninjas and think of my answer quickly.

- I'm Haruno Seishin, my sister was invited by Yamanaka Ino to visit her if she was available so they can play.

The two Yamanakas look at each other until one of them decides to speak.

- Let's talk to our leader about Yamanaka Ino is the daughter of Yamanaka Inoichi, who is our leader.

I nod, one of them leaving while the other decides to slowly guide us to the spot. Sakura seems to be a little nervous, probably not imagining that we would be stopped by the clan's shinobi.

- All right, Sakura.

She strengthens a little or the handshake on mine and actually has pink hair near several blondes, it's pretty weird.

Time goes by quickly to see that soon we will reach where the clan leader is ... Or the complex is small. I see Inoichi being exactly the same as the anime, but one thing that keeps breaking in my head is the fact that their breathing and visuals are more vivid but very strange.

- Thank you for having us, Mr. Yamanaka.

I bow and Sakura imitates me too. He laughs a little and apparently decides to talk.

- No need to do this, Ino informed me about the invitation you made, you can come in to play with her ...

He looks at me without showing that he will stop anytime soon ... What's the point?

"Ah ... he doesn't like boys near his dear daughter"

I watch Inoichi with a slight smile on her face.

- I won't be here, so I came to bring Sakura to play with Ino.

He nods and that eye goes to Sakura who follows after seeing Ino.

- I'll be back later to pick you up, behave yourself.

I see Sakura stopping and coming back to hug me where I hug her too.

- Brother loves you.

I see her undoing or hugging, watching her walk until she starts walking out of the Yamanaka complex. Not during my journey that people like civilians are happier because of the festival.

- Hm

After passing through the entrance gate or stream of people, start walking to the Uchiha complex while listening to a conversation from the civilians.

"The Uchiha clan has not been isolated, no anime has been sent away, but it looks like they are in a well-located part ... Minato is a force to be reckoned with."

As I get closer to where the Uchihas are, I notice a stream of civilians leaving Uchiha district.

"Fugaku must be working to make the clan more sociable with Minato."

I see four Uchihas guards standing near the entrance probably for security.

"I don't know where Itachi lives ... Will they tell me or will I be ignored. I think as the clan is trying to become more sociable they will help me"

As I approach one of the guards, I see him watching.

- What ?

I listen to him but decide to keep his expression neutral since the uchihas do not smile.

- I was invited by uchiha Itachi to come to your house.

The guards look at each other.

- Itachi is not present in the complex.

Somewhere else

- So you are making the clan more accessible for this festival?

Two men sitting looking at each other over tea talking.

- I think you should do this to make the Hyuuga clan more appreciated by the people, Hiashi.

- The elders are a problem to change the clan, you should know that Fugaku.

Fugaku sighs as he looks at his former teammate.

- I recognize that, I need to get rid of them almost definitely in order to help or clan. Good thing Minato helped because he's being accused of Kyuubi's attack.

Hiashi drinks the tea again and the logo puts the cup in it.

- I appreciate your visit, but I'm pretty sure you didn't just come for me to talk about news or talk about something we already know.

Fugaku smiles a little as he recalls his friend's old treatment and currently compares it to a positive change.

- Danzou is a big problem, he pushed my clan to a village location with a premise of training locations that you can get along with other clan heads to nullify your idea ... He is trying to recruit Itachi and Shisui. I am careful with him as I am pretty sure he will try to get people from his clan to the root.

Hiashi looks at Fugaku and understands his words knowing Danzou's fame.

- He should be expelled from the council but he has a great reputation for those old fools. I will try to take him out of power sometime in the future but I will need your help.

Fugaku gets up while one can notice his Jounnin vest, his headband with the Konoha symbol. In another situation the Uchihas would be suffering a strong prejudice but with the full support of the Hokage and the help of Shikaku Nara the commander jouunin managed to exert the help that the Uchiha clan needed now being a loyal village clan despite some problems, now a pre teenager will not need to kill family and friends to solve adult problems