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Seishin POV

The Uchiha clan seems to be welcome, many stalls selling goods, many civilian members working in these stalls

"Hiring civilians to help with the event demonstrates that the clan is reaching those bloodless Uchiha and making the clan more ... Popular"

I sigh as I look at the decorations that are largely from the Uchiha clan, but there are several with the Konoha symbols, a good strategy for gaining more followers and thus increasing popularity.

"I should have asked Kizashi for money ... It hasn't changed much from going to the mall just to see things I won't buy."

Somewhere else

- Seishin is very smart, isn't Mebuki ?

A dark pink haired man watches his wife

- We know that since he was a child, I still remember when he was observing things with such awareness, it is strange if you are considering this in a one year old.

Mebuki responds while rearranging some civil council scrolls

-Maybe he's a Prodigy, Hatake Kakashi and Uchiha Itachi apparently are also well aware of what they said. Hatake from an early age in the Shinobi and Uchiha Itachi graduating in a year at the gym ... If we really put him in the gym, maybe he'll graduate early.

Mebuki listens to her husband and then starts looking at him again.

- You know I don't like him going to the gym. I would like them to lead a civilian life, I know I will not deny their participation in the academy, but I do not like to know that they will have to kill people to make money.

Kizashi sighs as he listens to his wife, he always knew she doesn't like Shinobi's work, made it difficult when he met her and tried several times to invite her on a date. These memories make him smile a little as he recalls his beloved's numerous rejections.

- You know they can always come back one day if they give up their shinobi career.

Mebuki listens to Kizashi as he thinks about his words

- I know, but they may have taken lives before they made that decision. It's not just the deaths, but the life risks that are very high. The Shinobi are no older than 40, can hardly survive for so long ... I don't want to have to bury my children.

Kizashi's mood drops with this, he knows about the high risk of death. Fuck, he was on the brink of death on one of his missions and still remembers mebuki's face clearly showing desperate to almost lose him.

- We are not part of a group of clans that know how to help and physically train them as great shinobi, when Seishin and Sakura decided to follow the path of being Shinobi, I have been teaching them a few things. When they are ready I will teach my techniques ... Jounnin sensei will also help them so that they do not risk dying.

Mebuki still keeps a slightly sad expression on his face

- It helps a little, but it's so disturbing to know that they might just be in the wrong place and get killed for being part of konoha. Iwa and kumo demonstrate hostility towards Konoha ... extending to the entire village population.

The weather here is dark, but the subject is set aside

- I really don't want to bury my children.

Elsewhere, a blond-haired man watches his village. Namikaze Minato considers himself an orphaned, clanless working man from a village bankrupt due to starving wars, but this has strengthened him and he knows he owes Jiraiya a lot for seeing potential in him and for offering a new home ... to A simple street boy. He still remembers his master's words the day they both met.

"Want to be part of my family ?"

Simple words hit the tough guy because someone like him deserves a family and a home. He did nothing to deserve it, but remembers crying with happiness and holding Jiraiya's arm firmly, hoping it wasn't a dream or a simple gesture of bad faith to bring suffering to a child. He remembers being brought to konoha, meeting his master's friends, being taught by him, being taught to read and write. Have a feeling of hunger sated by eating quality food and not simply the junk found on the street. Having a house, not being caught in the rain, having a bed and so on, he owes Jiraiya a lot for helping him.

"Thanks to him, I have my own family, a house, and a lot of good things ... I can never pay for everything he has done for me."

Beats are heard and soon Minato sees his student enter his son.

- Hello Kakashi and Naruto.

"I will not allow them to harm my family."

Seishin Pov

I sigh as I step the steps while watching Sakura play with Ino

"It's so boring to have nothing to do, great now I'm acting like a child anyway"

Sigh as I walk with nothing

- I think you better sit down.

I turn to look at the person speaking, watch Yamanaka

"This boy is ..."

A boy with dark orange hair from this member ... Fu, Root member

'Root root ... maybe he isn't with Danzou yet"

- Understood.

I sit on the floor while I see the boy sitting on the floor too

- Your name is?

I see him turn to me

- Yamanaka Fu, nice to meet you Haruno Seishin.

I hear your words and my name

"As he knows my name ... Inoichi must have said, I have to stop these thoughts, because he's probably not even with Danzou because of his way of speaking and I'm not one compared to the clan kids, so I don't need that concern."

- Inoichi must have talked about me, didn't he?

I see him still keeping the same neutral expression.

- Inoichi-Sama talked about your visit to me and how I should be a guide if necessary so you don't get lost.

His words make sense, I move my hand toward him to squeeze.

- Nice to meet you Yamanaka Fu.

"Maybe Danzou doesn't get involved with the clan boys because Minato is alive and probably stricter than Hiruzen."