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This is my first attempt at a fic and of course, it's a silly thing made just for the fun of it, you are probably thinking "Makoto and Akane? That's a weird ship", and you would be right! I never considered this ship until I saw "Ultimate Secret Friends" by Ark19 and "Everyday Life with Ultimate Girls" by wesst1, great fics and authors.

After that, I just found this pairing cute so I decided to write this short of crackfic about it, so I hope you can get a laugh out of this. Also, this got edited and revised by the lovely TheLadyRedHeart go check her stories if you like smut.

This is a Non-Despair-AU, they have their designs of DR3 and it can get a little... raunchy at times but don't worry we will not enter in the ''M'' rating.

With all of that out of the way, remember that I don't own Danganronpa and enjoy it.

Another day in Hope's Peak Academy, the biggest and most famous institution of Japan to cultivate the talent of the young and create a future full of hope for the world... and they, totally don't do morally dubious experiments on teenagers with low self-esteem or hide murders plotted by an insane teenager model, no that would be crazy...

But we aren't here to talk about the shitty management of Hope's Peak, no this story is about something much more simple. In the back of the school, two girls were having a nice lunch together, one of them was a girl with tanned skin, long brown hair that flowed down wildly down her back and a powerful but curvy physique. Her companion has fair skin, decorated with freckles along her face and fiery red hair bob cut style. They were Akane Owari and Mahiru Koizumi.

Now, this was a rare pair to be seen interacting, but it wasn't that strange. By suggestion of the photographer, all the girls in class 77-B reunite behind the school building to have lunch together, without any icky boys of course. But by bad, or maybe good, luck everyone else had business to attend to, leading to the gymnast and photographer having lunch together alone...

Well, Mahiru was having lunch, Akane had devoured two lunch boxes the first minute she arrived and now was kicking her powerful legs up and down idly, her mini-skirt fluttering, with an expression of intense thought on her face. Mahiru found this weird. Even if she was her friend, she had to admit that the tanned girl wasn't the most... sharp-minded student of the school.

"Akane, is something wrong?" she asked with worry in her tone. After all, one of Akane's best qualities was how free-spirited she was, so seeing the gymnast like that wasn't a good sign.

"No." The strong girl's answer came fast. "Well, maybe...I dunno…" It was even weirder for Akane to fumble with her words and be so insecure, so that piqued Mahiru's interest. "Hey, can I ask you something?"

"Of course! We are friends! You can tell me anything!" Mahiru did her best to sound supportive before taking a sip of her apple juice. Whatever troubled her friend should be a really heavy, important topic.

"Do guys like sex?"

Mahiru did an excellent spit take; the angle, the quantity of fluid, the force, and the slight curvature of it was all pure perfection, you could even see a rainbow from the right angle.

The ginger entered a violent coughing fit, her friend sitting closer to her while patting her back softly, wanting to help, but not realizing that she was the cause of Mahiru's current lack of oxygen. "Aak! What?! Ah!"

"Oh, you didn't hear me? I asked if guys like s-" Akane was about to utter those words again, but this time was stopped.

"I-I heard you the first time," Mahiru told her, her cheeks red not only because of the coughs. "W-where is this coming from, Akane?" The dark-skinned girl lowered her head, her eyes focusing on her shoes like they were the most interesting thing in the world. Her expression layered with a hint of sadness and worry but also a bit of annoyance, when she finally responded, she was almost pouting.

"He doesn't want to do it with me…" she mumbled, and Mahiru, now without juice in her lungs, looked at her friend with curiosity but also caution.

"Who is 'he'?" Akane whipped her head to face Mahiru and gave her a surprised expression like she just asked 'what is the color of the sky?' or 'is meat that tasty?'; things obvious.

"Makoto. Makoto Naegi, of course," Mahiru blinked slowly, once, then twice.

"Makoto Naegi? The Luckster of class 78?" Akane nodded with a grin showing her pearl white fangs. "Wait so, Akane and Makoto are a couple...really? With him?" She thought in disbelief. "I mean he doesn't seem bad, much less creepy than our Luckster, that's for sure. He just seems so...puny for her."

"Maybe he doesn't like me…" The redhead's train of thought was stopped in its tracks at the sad tone of those words. The view of her friend at the moment made her heart sink a little.

She was nervously fumbling with her fingers, gaze cast down and her eyes sad and watery. Now that Mahiru thought about it, they seem to hang out a lot lately, and every time they are laughing and smiling. Hell one time she saw how Akane shared food with the guy, AKANE OWARI! So... maybe the boy wasn't that bad, hell, she even remembers his name. It had taken a whole month for the girl to remember everyone's names in her class, and sometimes she still calls Sonia 'Sonic'. After a long sigh, the photographer put on her best smile.

"Let's not jump to conclusions, okay? Tell me what happened," she said, not knowing she would regret those words for the rest of her life…


Akane started to tell the story. Yesterday they were hanging out like usual. After a heavy breakfast, they made their way to Makoto's room to watch some anime. They decided to watch DBZ because Akane likes the fights and Makoto is a normie. He was a little nervous to have a girl, and what a girl, in his room, but with a little bit of luck, everything would be alright…

Talking about Luck, the Ultimate Luck that several students possess, it can do crazy and amazing things, like using a meteor to stop a hostage situation in a plane, or a little more mundane, like making the Ultimate Gymnast trip on her own feet and fall forward, her instincts telling her to reach for something to grab and stop the fall, that something being the waistband of Makoto's pants. Sadly those clothes weren't made for such a purpose so they ended up falling to the ground with the woman grabbing them. The impact wasn't that bad, she had been hit worse by Sakura and Nekomaru, so Akane recovered quickly. It was at that moment she realized what she was holding, but she also noticed how there was a blue piece of cloth inside the pants, a pair of boxers to be specific. If someone were to enter the room right now they would see Akane on the ground and Makoto standing over her, half-naked.


"WOWWOWOWOWHAT? That pervert! That's why the boys are the worst!'' Mahiru was fuming from pure rage and anger.

"But…it was my fault, I was the one who tripped." The dark-skinned girl said matter-of-factly.

"Well, yes, but...but he…" she sighed. "You are right, I'm sorry.'' She apologized, taking a minute to chill. "I have to calm down. I know that I'm picky when it comes to boys, but if I don't take it down a notch, I'm gonna be like that Aikido girl from the new class." she thought to herself.

"But it was a relief." Akane declared with a toothy grin, happiness radiating from her face. Suddenly a strange fear took hold of Mahiru's heart.

"I-it was?''

"For sure! I was worried at how little and scrawny he was no matter how much I fed him…'' she went on, giving Mahiru a bad feeling, but before she could say anything about it, her friend declared "But it's just that everything he eats goes to his front tail!"

If one were to listen carefully, they could hear the sound of crystal breaking inside of the photographer's head. "F-f-f-f-f-front t-t-t-t-t-" The poor girl couldn't speak the words, her cheeks getting a healthy blush while her mouth started to feel dry.

"Front tail.'' repeated the oblivious girl after seeing how her friend was having difficulties. "You know what those are right? How did Mikan call it…a 'pinis' or something? Anyway, you have seen one before right?''

"I…I…I…I…'' Mahiru stuttered, stuck in a loop "No, no I never saw one! And it's Hajime's fault! Wait...why is it his fault again? Who cares!? Stupid Hajime!" Seeing how Mahiru wasn't going to respond, the agile girl kept re-telling the story.


Makoto was dressing again at great speed. He seemed pretty nervous and embarrassed about what happened and Akane felt bad about it as it was her fault, so she did the only logical thing to make him feel better: she took off her shirt and let it fall to the floor.


"You aren't supposed to do that!" Mahiru interrupts again. She knew that Akane had a rough life and little common sense, but she should at least know that flashing an underclassman was too much, even if he was her boyfriend.

"But now we were even!" she argued. "I saw him half-naked, and he saw me half-naked, so it's just fair!" If Akane was more observant, she could see how Mahiru's eyes changed to black and white swirls for a second, her sanity draining.

Akane kept rambling about how cute he looked, trying not to look and failing, saying that they could just hang out like that and that it was much more comfier. But Makoto pleaded to her to put the shirt back on, so she just shrugged her shoulders and got dressed again.

"Thank god one of the two has some decency…" the teenager close to a breakdown thought.


After Makoto calmed himself a little, they proceeded with the original plan, setting everything ready and sitting on the bed. Akane positioned her body in her favorite position, hugging the Luckster from behind, her chin on the top of his head beside his ahoge, and chest against his back. She liked being the big spoon, she could feel his warmth sipping into her, and even if he was a little embarrassed, Makoto liked it too. They had a great time, making quips about the argument, cheering in the epic moments, and they even sang the opening and ending, and after that they just kept cuddling, a comfortable silence filling the room. Then Akane asked him if he wanted to 'do it' nonchalantly, a hand poking his ahoge. She knew that it was a bad sign of how Makoto stiffened in her embrace.

A second later, Makoto Naegi became a legend; the first teenager in the world that, when a girl asked if he wanted to have sex, he answered with 'Why?' She responded by saying that, when two people liked each other a lot they have sex, or so she heard from people. Makoto squirmed a little, not meeting her eyes. "I don't think that's a good idea…" At his words, one could see how Akane started to get nervous.

"But…I like you…you don't like me?" She asked, her tone filled with so much sadness that the boy couldn't help but look at her eyes and cup her cheek.

"Of course I do...a lot, but…" he said, leaving the girl to ask for an explanation, putting her hand on top of his.


Mahiru didn't say anything. She had a feeling as to what Makoto's reasons were: he didn't want to take advantage of Akane's lack of prudence and common sense. A smile appeared on her lips. "He seems like a great guy." She was happy that her friend has someone like him at her side.

"He is…" Akane said, smiling as well, but hers was a sad one. "But…what if he is saying those things because he doesn't want to hurt my feelings?" Head low, the aura of positivity that always surrounded her was gone. "I don't know what to think."

"What is your gut telling you?" The redhead student asked. "Your gut feelings are always spot on. Do you feel that he is lying?"

"My gut feeling…" The gymnast put one hand on her belly, face scrunched in concentration. A minute passed before Akane looked at Mahiru and smiled. "Nope, he isn't"

"Well then, there you have it," Mahiru said, smiling back at her. "You two just need to talk about it and everything will be alright…unless you two did something weird at the end?" The girl asked, a hint of regret in her voice.

"Hehe~" Akane blushed a little and giggled. "We just cuddled together and fell asleep in his bed."

"Aaaaaaw~" Mahiru couldn't help but coo as she imagined such a sweet scene.

"But he was kinda weird in the morning"

"Nope, I don't want to know." She got up and dusted off her skirt, not wanting to know more about their romantic life. "Just don't worry about it, couples sometimes have these kinds of problems."

"What is a couple?"

"… Oh my God, you two aren't dating?" she asked incredulously.

"… I don't know."

"..." Mahiru wanted to walk away and ask someone to hit her in the head with a bat until she stopped thinking. She pinched the bridge of her nose, hard. ''Okay…a couple is when two people who like each other go on dates, they spend time together, they kiss, and yes, eventually they have… sex." Akane was listening to Mahiru with all her attention, suddenly her eyes lit up and she jumped in the air as she stood up.

"We do most of those things! We can be a couple!" she exclaimed.

"Yes!" Hope shines once more in the photographer girl's eyes. "You just have to ask him about it."

"And then we can hug and kiss and have sex!" Akane said as she bounced on her heels.

"You know what? Sure, fuck him, fuck that boy until his pelvis is nothing more than fine dust…but please, use protection." she pleaded with a tired look on her face. This was the longest lunchtime she had ever experienced in her young life.

"Protection?" Akane blinked slowly before smiling. "Sure, I will wear knee pads!"

"Well, those can be useful…but I was talking about the other kind of…" But it was too late, as Akane had started running at high speeds, even doing some flips to demonstrate how happy she was. Mahiru just sighed and walked away, she needed a break.

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