Hi there everyone! Yeah surprise surprise, I'm not dead. Losing the drive of written fanfiction tends to do that to you. But at least for now, I am back with a little more writing.

And to get back in the swing of things, I figured it was finally time to write about my all-time favorite gaming franchise. Funny that it took me years to actually do so. :D

Now, this little story is very much improvised, and didn't really have much of a set focus. It's more or less an excuse for me to write about characters I like from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which is nice given it's got pretty much one of the best casts of characters in the franchise in my humble opinion. Byleth and Bernadetta get the start off since she happens to be my favorite character in the game. Hope you all enjoy it for what it's worth.

Edit (March 7, 2021)- As of now, this chapter has been deemed a pilot chapter and has been removed from the main continuity of the story. Consider it basically it's own work, while the rest follow the main narrative. Future chapters will fully cover the year spent at Garreg Mach.

Now, let's BEGIN!

Special Moments (Pilot Chapter)

Fodlan Imperial Year 1180, Day 13 of the Verdant Rain Moon

" Hm hm-hm-hm...la la la la...la la la... "

Bernadetta hummed as she happily made her way down to the greenhouse of Garreg Mach Monastery. At this time of day, it was pretty much always empty, as the caretaker usually only came around at certain intervals. This made it a perfect place for some alone time outside of her room. Even with her disposition, she couldn't spend all day in there. It got kind of stuffy after a while. Thankfully, the greenhouse offered its own comforts. A nice place to do as she pleased like work on her crafts or even just to sing a little. Heck, she'd sleep there if she could.

It had been just a few days ago that she elected, of her own will which surprised even her, to join the Golden Deer house under Professor Byleth. Despite being the newest professor, Byleth had already been well accepted by the students. Heck, pretty much all three houses liked and appreciated the guy, so much so that Bernadetta wasn't even the first one outside of the Golden Deer house to accept being taught by him. Both Ashe and Sylvain of the Blue Lions house had done the same. Bernadetta could still remember the rush in her chest as she asked him, only to feel joyous relief when he accepted, giving an extremely small smile that was more or less the extent of how much he could express visually. In any case, it truly made her a lot happier, as she had come to appreciate the mostly stoic man's presence. The two of them had gotten a chance to know each other a little better a few months ago, after she had helped give someone a mini-tour of the Monastery. It was the first real chance for the two to talk outside of the occasional activity. It had started well enough with Bernadetta expressing how thankful she was in her usual shy way, only to run off once Byleth revealed he was aware of her "activities", such as the greenhouse escapades and sniping food from the kitchen at night.

"Well, this time there's no one around," Bernadetta smiled, taking in all the varieties of plants housed there. "I can draw in perfect harmony!"

Of all her hobbies, of which there were many, today she decided it was a good day to do some illustrations. Be it writing, drawing, music, or embroidery, she did enough to express herself in such ways. One would be able to guess that from all the fabric thrown about in her room as well as the teddy bear she made herself. In any case, that was enough of that. She had her spot and peace of mind. Time to get writing!

"Okay so...what to draw today?" Bernadetta tapped her pen against her chin in thought before looking at the plants. "You won't judge me, right?"

"Who won't judge you?" a male voice spoke,

"AHH, w-when could you talk?!" Bernadetta immediately jumped, thinking it came from the plant in front of her. However, it only took a look behind her to realize the truth. "Oh, P-Professor!"

"I had a feeling you'd be here," Byleth said simply, giving that tiny smile again before bringing out a few sheets of paper. "You left your ballista calculations assignment in the classroom."

"O-Oh...right," Bernadetta nodded meekly as she took the papers, mentally berating herself. This stuff was especially important for an archer like herself. 'Stupid! Moron! Totally incompetent! Who forgets their own classwork?!'

Perhaps Byleth sensed her distress, given previous interactions. "I'm not mad at all Bernadetta. Just be a little more careful next time."

"S-Sure, thanks," Bernadetta blushed a little, partially out of embarrassment but mostly out of relief.

With that out of the way, Byleth took a moment to observe what Bernadetta had brought with her. "Doing a little portrait?"

"K-Kind of. I just like to...do illustrations sometimes," Bernadetta replied. "They're nothing special."

"Well I wouldn't mind seeing one if you want," Byleth said calmly before staring a bit at Bernadetta, a gaze she didn't miss.

"W-What is it Professor?" she began to shake a little, the professor's silence only worsening her paranoia. "I-I did something else badly right? Just say it!"

Byleth was snapped out of his brain by the girl's slightly raised voice. Guess he got caught up in his thoughts and inadvertently stared at her intently. He could swear Sothis was slapping her forehead right now and calling him out on his lack of tact.

"No, it's not that," Byleth assured her. "Rather...I'm just really glad you joined our class. Truth be told, I had hoped you would."

"You did?!" Bernadetta squeaked out before getting her voice back to normal. "But why me?"

"I think you have a lot of potential. Your archery skills are some of the best I've seen around the students. Speaking truthfully, I'd say you're ahead of everyone else in that regard," he smiled a little. "Plus, since you joined, I've seen your overall grades improve. I'm proud of you."

Bernadetta's face was about as red as a Zanado fruit by the time he stopped talking. That was frankly more praise than she was capable of processing in such a short period of time. It sounded hard to believe honestly. Yet, whenever Byleth spoke, it was typically his true thoughts. One thing all the students noticed was that Byleth wasn't the type to hide how he thought. He was almost too blunt.

"T-Thanks Professor..." Bernadetta turned her blushing face away from Byleth. She wondered if she'd burst into flames with how she felt right now. "Um...d-did you need anything else?"

"That was all the business I had. I'll leave you to your illustrations," Byleth nodded before beginning to turn away. "You are aware of our house's mission for this month, correct? Be sure you're well prepared."

Oh, that's right. The mission for the Golden Deer this month was to subdue a former noble who stole a Hero's Relic. Quite a troubling situation since it was Sylvain's older brother. One could only wonder how he was taking it especially since he was now in the house assigned to deal with it. Heck, perhaps that played a role in him wanting in at all.

"S-Sure...see you Professor," Bernadetta said as she heard him begin to step away, turning back to her attempted illustrations. As awkward as it was, she was happy he came to talk to her for a bit, even if it was mostly on business.

"Oh, by the way, Linhardt actually told me about your painting from the other day," Byleth said good-heartedly. "That's why I'd like to see it."

At those words, Bernadetta turned as stiff as stone. Wait, the reason Byleth wanted to see her illustrations was that Linhardt told him?! What else did he tell him?! She was right! He really did hate her work and now Byleth surely was too! How could she draw now?! In the advent of this, Bernadetta gripped her head and began running thrashing about wildly.

"Ahh! Stupid Bernie! Worthless! Unmarriageable! Your drawings ain't worth dirt! Never draw again! AUGGGGGHHHHHH!"

Byleth was thankfully out of earshot of Bernadetta's screaming, though that probably had less to do with distance than it had to do with the verbal lashing he was getting in his head.

"What kind of talk was that?!" spoke Sothis indignantly. "Do you have any idea how to talk to a girl?! You've talked to her how many times now?"

"You know it's not that easy," sighed Byleth. "Personal stuff is hard for me. I'm still getting used to the idea of getting along with these students."

"Well, you might want to figure that out soon. You'll never get anywhere if you begin to calm up every time a girl talks to you," Sothis sighed. "I swear, how many times have we had this talk? By the stars above, if I had a body, I would show you the proper way to greet a lady."

And here came another of Sothis' lectures. Seemed like the eccentric entity had become more expressive herself. Byleth just sighed as he was forced to listen to her ramble on. Still, he was truthful in hoping that Bernadetta could open up to him soon. He made it a goal to reach out to all of his students in any way he could, and Bernadetta seemed like she would be one of the especially harder ones to crack. That wouldn't stop him though.

Fodlan Imperial Year 1180, Day 8 of the Wyvern Moon

"Ahh, that hurts daddy!" Bernadetta cried out as the little 8-year old squirmed against the bonds on her wrists.

"QUIET!" shouted her father, Count Reginald von Varley. "You are to be silent for the rest of the day. Not a word. Not a peep. Otherwise, you know what'll happen."

The little girl immediately held in whatever cried she had at the time, cowering under the towering gaze of her father. Just the other night, she had overheard her father speaking to her mother, talking about stuff like making sure she was suitable for marriage. Suffice to say, she didn't understand a lot of it but whatever it was, it hurt a lot. She barely made it through half an hour before she made an inadvertent yelp as the ties around her wrists rubbed against her skin. The look she got from her father was one that could kill.

And such a thing continued, for days upon days until they turned into months and years. Until such a time when Bernadetta resisted so much she hurt herself, resigned to just being in her room forever.

Bernadetta sighed, reliving those memories again. Times of before she was "taken" to the Monastery came to her frequently, getting to a point where she didn't really bother reacting too much. Presently, she was sitting in class, haphazardly writing stuff down. Sitting next to her was Lysithea, and suffice to say that the academy's youngest student was perplexed at the purple-haired girl's grumbling.

"Is there something you need to say?" Lysithea asked, sternly though not in anger. "It'd be better for you to just say something rather than grumble to yourself."

"Ahh! Oh, y-you didn't hear anything did you?" Bernadetta perked up in surprise.

"You were grumbling so fast that I couldn't make anything out," Lysithea spoke plainly. "Honestly, it's none of my business but I'd like to ask that you try not to distract the rest of us."

"Sorry..." Bernadetta sighed. The white-haired mage had a pretty sharp tongue, though she wasn't exactly wrong. Bernadetta really did wish she could handle this stuff better.

In any case, the familiar jingle of the bell meant class was over. Everyone was studying overtime in preparation for the Battle of the Eagle and Lion taking place at the end of the month. Everyone was going to give it their all, though frankly Bernadetta just hoped there'd be a fort to hide in. They had those right? At least she wouldn't have to worry about her father coming to see, as the teachers had already assured her that it wouldn't be the case.

Before she could leave though, Byleth had walked up to her, getting her attention.

"W-What do you need, Professor?" Bernadetta squeaked a bit. "I-Is this because I got that question wrong?!"

"Quite the contrary," Byleth said, assuring her. "Actually I was thinking of helping out in the kitchen and wondered if you'd like to join me."

Bernadetta's face perked up at that. Byleth actually helped out in numerous facilities all over the Monastery. It was a wonder he had time to get it all done in all honesty. Helping out in the kitchen was something he did from time to time as well, though Ashe had joined him more often than not, and maybe Mercedes. The two of them didn't have many chances together, having only done it once before. To be able to do it again actually filled her with hope.

"S-Sure, of course!" she spoke out perhaps a little too loudly, getting a little smile from Byleth while her face turned red.

Byleth lead the way towards the dining hall with Bernadetta close behind. Truth be told, Byleth had been thinking a lot as well. The two of them recently had another talk, and with it Bernadetta was finally able to tell Byleth about how she came to the Monastery and what her life was like before it. The normally stoic professor admittedly got quite conflicted upon hearing what the girl went through, and how her father induced horrible things upon her just to make her a "suitable wife". The very idea of someone doing that to their child was inexcusable, certain not something he could ever imagine Jeralt being capable of. It certainly explained the girls overly paranoid nature and why every time she opened her mouth she feared some sort of retaliation.

All the same though, it did make him feel like they came a little closer together, with him understanding so much of where she came from and how she came to be. The two shared a rather touching moment after her story.

Sadly he hadn't gotten much time to talk with her again outside of that one time, especially with all the recent misfortunes that had happened over the last few months. Thankfully however, things had winded down for a bit and most were enjoying looking forward to the Battle of the Eagle and Lion as opposed to some other conspiracy. Even the fishing tournament Seteth set up went a fair way to making most calm down after such events. As a matter of fact...

"Woah! T-There's so much fish?!" Bernadetta cried out at all the storage. "Everyone caught this many?!"

"I think we all got a little carried away," Byleth smiled slightly at it all.

"I realized there were a lot of fish meals of late...but I didn't think it was this much," Bernadetta replied, still in awe.

"That's why I wanted to help with the cooks being so overwhelmed," said Byleth. "Think you're up for it?"

"Sure. I'll show you my cooking talent."

To Byleth's surprise, Bernadetta immediately took charge of cooking up the fish, much faster than he thought to be honest. Heck, she was going around as if she was a natural, a rarity for her. Perhaps too much of a natural though as she got a little sensitive with him looking at her work, stating "No peeking!". He kept to himself after that, though the little bemused smile didn't go away. It was one of the few times where it seemed like she wasn't being restricted by her past. It wasn't long before they had all they needed to to help out.

"That was rather amazing," Byleth praised.

"Oh...it's nothing," Bernadetta smiled sheepishly. "It may be a little surprising but I enjoy cooking, probably since I often ate when no one was around back home."

"Well I was certainly impressed either way," Byleth nodded. As concerned as he felt regarding the reasons why she was really so experienced at cooking among other things, the fact that she seemed to take confidence in these aspects assured him. "Perhaps I should recommend you stay here rather than be in your room."

"Hey! Don't tease me like that!" Bernadetta's face went red. "There's no privacy here!"

Byleth smiled a bit, giving a slight hint of a chuckle which only made Bernadetta all the more flustered. Well, there was progress at the very least. Getting the girl more comfortable could only lead to good things, both on and off the battlefield.

"Bernadetta..." Byleth started as they began to walk out. "I meant what I said before. Thanks for telling me about your past before."

Bernadetta clamped up a little, much as she did before. "I still don't see why you're so nice to me. Bad things are going to happen eventually. That's just how things are."

"Because I don't think you're as bad as you say you are," Byleth replied, putting his hand on her shoulder. "I'm going to be relying on you a lot, and I think you'll do great."

Bernadetta's face went red again as Byleth went onward to socialize with some of the other students. As much as she felt her usual fear kicking in, there was a warm sensation at Byleth's words. One of the few times someone said they were relying on her.

But for now, it was getting a little too crowded around here for her taste. Time to book it back to her room!

Fodlan Imperial Year 1180, Day 12 of the Ethereal Moon

Bernadetta couldn't quite figure out why Byleth was calling her out here. Byleth said he just wanted to invite her to tea, though her usual paranoia made her question as to whether or not there was a trick to it. And yet, there seemed to be nothing to it. It was just a little private time between the two of them, which helped to make her at least a little more comfortable. Even more so when it was revealed he got them some Albeinean Berry Blend which happened to be a favorite of hers. Seriously, how was it that Byleth seemed to know the favorites of just about every student. Even the other professors didn't know that.

"Feeling a little better now?" Byleth smiled a little.

"Yes, much. Thanks," Bernadetta smiled a little as she put her tea down, observing her surroundings. "This is a pretty nice place. All peaceful and quiet."

"Of course," Byleth laughed a little. "I've found this to be my favorite spot to sit down and relax a bit."

"I can see why. I should have brought my sewing kit," Bernadetta giggled slightly.

"I hear you've been getting some praise for that," Byleth noted. "Leonie's been going around showing the stitching you made for her."

"What?! When did you...oh of course you did..." Bernadetta panicked a little before sighing. Of course Leonie would do that. The girl wore every emotion she had on her sleeve. "It was just...something I wanted to do for her after I saw her working with it all torn up."

"She seems to especially like that design you put on it. A hornet was it?" Byleth smiled.

"Hey I thought it was fitting," Bernadetta smiled back. "I'd put a design on yours too if I had the chance." It took a second for what she just said to register in her brain before her face went red. "A-Ah I didn't mean I want your clothes to get torn!"

"Easy Bernadetta. I understand," Byleth smiled again. "From what I hear, you've actually been interacting with the others a lot more of late. I'm happy to hear that."

"Uh I wouldn't call it all good," Bernadetta shivered a little. "Hubert tracked me down and freaked me out to much I froze in place."

Byleth couldn't exactly blame her. No one would want to see Edelgard's stone-faced retainer in a dark alley. Still, most of Bernadetta's other news seemed to be pretty positive. She got along decently with Petra despite running into a sticky hunting situation. Raphael happened to hear her practicing playing the trumpet earlier and was being a source of encouragement. Caspar apparently kidnapped her and took her to a nice place to cheer her up, which she was hesitant to experience again. Ingrid apparently knocked down her door just to get her out of her room. Oh, and Felix apparently wanted her to teach her some secret technique.

"I don't even know what he's talking about!" Bernadetta nearly yelled.

"That's Felix all right," Byleth sighed, thinking of the Fraldarius heir's eccentricities regarding swordplay. "Still, sounds like you're getting along."

"Yeah, it's been a little better," Bernadetta smiled a little. "Dorothea actually had a nice talk with me regarding some of the problems I had been having. It's...nice to confide in people sometimes."

"I agree," Byleth smiled, before thinking of something else. "I also noticed you talking to Yuri earlier."

The mention of that name actually made Bernadetta freeze a bit, that usual fear coming back into her face. Immediately, Byleth wondered what might have happened between the two of them.

"He...um...well..." she stammered a bit. "He...kind of made things...really awkward..."

Byleth wondered what she could have meant by that, but let it slide for now. The Ashen Wolves leader was as unpredictable as they came.

"Well, still," Byleth smiled at her after she finished talking, which made her heart skip a beat. "You've come pretty far this year."

Truthfully, she had come a long way. Both in the Monastery as well as the battlefield. Heck, she was already one of the more accomplished archers among his students. Ashe and Ignatz couldn't really compare. Sure she was still in her room most of the time, but her interactions with others seemed to be improving. Well most of them anyway.

"T-Thanks...honestly it's mostly because of you that I've actually been able to get out a little more," Bernadetta smiled. "Well, you and Alois at least."

"Oh? Now that I didn't know," Byleth replied.

"Yeah, he kind of reminds me of my uncle so he's been rather easy to talk to as well," Bernadetta nodded.

"Huh, so that's why I've seen him smiling even more of late," chuckled Byleth, thinking of the eccentric knight. "I'm starting to think he's kind of been pushing us of late."

"What was that?" Bernadetta asked at Byleth's grumbling.

"Oh, it's nothing," Byleth said, before reaching down behind him, pulling out a little something. "By the way, I got you something at the market."

Bernadetta's eyes lit up at what he pulled out. It was a new kind of armored stuffed bear that she hadn't seen before. Just looking at it gave her so many ideas on how to add some cute stuff to it. It was absolutely adorable.

"For me? Really?" Bernadetta pointed to herself a bit.

"Happy Birthday Bernadetta," Byleth smiled.

Bernadetta could have slapped herself at that moment. It was THAT day?! Guess she must have lost count after everything that had been going on of late. She was 18 years old now. Imagine that. Blushing wildly, she accepted the present.

"T-Thanks professor," she smiled. Okay, this definitely had to count among one of her favorite moments ever.

Byleth smiled as well as she took it. He wasn't sure how much longer he was going to see her as well as the other students with graduation being just a few months away. Others had wondered if he'd stick around any longer. Guess he had a while to figure that out. And besides, helping Bernadetta out had helped with some of his own problems, like that he didn't just have his father to lean on anymore. This girl had become precious to him, perhaps even more so than many of the other students. Oh would Claude have a laugh with that if he got word of this.

Still, it was a great feeling all the same.

"By the way, I'm considering making you our representative in the White Heron Cup," Byleth said casually as he sipped his tea again.

And that promptly got Bernadetta sputtering words out faster than she could think them up.

"What?! B-But I've never done such a thing or even been to a ball before!" she cried out. "Please professor! Anyone but Bernie!"

Byleth's chuckle could be heard from anywhere nearby, as well as Bernadetta's own exclamations. Yes, the more things changed the more things stayed the same. Still, progress was progress, and that was all Byleth could ask for right now.

Besides, given what the Gatekeeper had told him about the Goddess Tower on the night of the ball, he had a certain girl on his mind. Who knows, maybe she thought the same.

And there you go! Hopefully, you all liked it for what it was worth. There will be a 2nd part to this, which will be during the timeskip. Hopefully the relationship with Byleth and Bernadetta is done decently here. Despite Romance being one of the genres I put for this, it's more light fluff than anything else. Gotta start somewhere since it's not my specialty. :)

As you might have been able to see, this story basically uses Golden Deer/Verdant Wind as the chosen house as that is my favorite story in the game. Frankly, I may use that as the basis for most Three Houses fics I do as I just like that house a lot. Who knows though. I might be flexible depending on how I decide to move forward.

For the most part, these little moments work alongside the supports from the game itself so those of you who have played the game may get more out of it. Oh, and on a small notice, I improvised a little in regards to Bernie's dad since he never actually appeared in the game nor did he even have a stated name (still wish the game had a Paralogue where Bernie got to fight him).

Once I finish the 2nd part to this, I'm not sure what I'll do. I might continue focusing on other characters if I feel like it. Part of me feels like doing a slice of life story featuring stories on all the students as I feel the Monastery lends itself well to that sort of thing. If anyone cares, feel free to let me know. :)

In any case, thank you all for your time and I'll see you again soon. For the first time in years, this is Sentinel07 signing out!