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There In The Disappearing Light

Post Breaking Dawn. The Cullen's (and Jacob) have relocated to Vancouver. Another half-vampire might be the one answer to the one thing that Rosalie has ever wanted. And the one thing that Emmett has ever wanted was to give Rosalie her happy ending. Though even immortality is never that simple.

Chapter 1-Born Into Bad News

A day at the new school sees a confusing conundrum in the form of a fifteen year old kid who surprises the Cullen's.

The snow was just lying thick on the ground. It was November. It was Vancouver and an exceptionally cold winter.

Lena Rodgers wrapped her coat around her and shivered a little. Usually she didn't feel the cold but there was something about this winter that made her very bones ache. It was like she was going to catch a cold and yet she felt like she was nowhere near it. Her coat which was second hand and her shoes which were wearing thin were covered in the mush of the snow and the dirt.

She was fifteen years old.

She was halfway homeless.

She was always hungry.

The school in which she had enrolled herself in began at nine in the morning. The halfway house she lived in kicked her out at eight thirty and she spent half an hour picking at a stale bagel in the school cafeteria and wishing that she had something, something more than what she had in front of her.

She didn't know why.

Lena had always felt like she had glitch in her brain. She was fifteen and she had been bounced around the foster system since she had been born. No placement had ever seemed to last long. No family had ever been the perfect fit and after the last one Lena had simply given up and had decided that she was safer on her own.

It wasn't that she was unlovable…not that she thought so…but then she thought that there was something wrong with her, some sort of glitch in her brain. That wouldn't surprise her. Lena knew that there was something wrong with her and as she stirred the coffee that she hadn't really wanted she thought that, that analogy of her life was true. She had been an enigma since birth.

She was tall, blonde—the kind of blonde that girls would pay a significant amount of money to be and her hair fell halfway down her back in a silvery sheet of platinum. she was skinny, far too skinny for most social workers liking and nothing that seemed to be given to her that increased her appetite. Her eyes were a dark blue so dark it could have been black almost and there were always shadows under her eyes despite the fact that she slept like the dead. She had high cheekbones the kind that she knew from reading the magazines could cut glass and she had the eyelashes that were so thick and black that mascara was a waste of time despite her genetics. She had known no mother or no father but her skin was a perfect white and sometimes when she was out in the sunlight she thought she could see a slight shimmer to her skin that she hoped came from a natural glow and a good amount of body lotion.

She could go from weeks of not wanting anything to eat and yet days when she used whatever money she could get from whatever foster family she was staying with and she would stuff her face with pizza and Chinese take outs until she felt so sick and bloated she wouldn't be able to get out of her bed to her place.

Her 'Place' was a small abandoned storage unit where she had picked the lock and she had made into her small space. That small space included a mattress where nine times out of ten she slept there. The family she was currently spending time with were about as nameless and faceless as they could be, and Lena knew they felt the same about her. It made the relationship easier. They cashed the cheques and she got a good amount of allowance from it and they spent as minimal of time together as they could contend with.

It was a beautiful system where neither one of them felt like they had to pretend. Actually, considering some of the places Lena had spent in her fifteen years she felt like she had done rather well with this nameless, faceless couple. Especially considering the random and annoying growth spurts that seemed to come out of nowhere and had for the moment, thankfully stopped.

There was a pause where she sat there in the small cafeteria at the local high school and thought to herself (not for the first time) that this hunger that had riddled through the ages through her very body would not go away. She reached into her bag and flipped out a very old battered copy of Romeo and Juliet. It had been the one thing she had of her birth mother and it was evident by both the name on the first page and the blood splattered across the edge of the Second Act. Lena knew it was blood. In an uncanny way she knew it was blood, she could smell the rust that she knew other people smelt and then under that she could smell notes of something strange, like vanilla and coconut. The thing that scared her about that damn book was that she had no idea why she could smell that when it came to blood, or why she felt so damn hungry when she smelt it.

Also, Lena was a fan of the movie and not the book, in her opinion Juliet needed a damn good reality check and Romeo was a romantic lunatic who changed from woman to woman like some sort of teenage boy who changed his Facebook status.

And then there was the other thing.

The unmentionable thing.

The unmentionable thing was that thing in her brain. The glitch that she'd had since birth and she had kept to herself because…she wasn't stupid to go around announcing that she had a thing that made her able to read minds.

And yeah she got what that sounded like. But Lena knew that she could read and communicate with people telepathically. She knew that she could reach into people's minds and turn them against them. When she had been a kid she had watched it happen. Other people's thoughts however were so muddy that she couldn't stand to listen to them so long. She knew that she was dealing with something that was unnameable, untraceable and dangerous, so, so dangerous that she didn't want to name what she could do.

It was easier for her to imagine that she was mad. Far easier to imagine that the sense of blood, the hunger that she constantly felt, the fact that she had to leave the room whenever someone cut themselves, the fact that she never seemed to get ill despite how cold she sometimes felt, the slight shimmer to her skin despite the fact that she changed body lotions from time to time…and the other thing.

She had to believe that it was a sickness that could be cured, that there was someone else out there with the same thing because the alternative was something that she couldn't begin to imagine. Something that was better left unsaid and unmentioned. She felt the urge to throw up again as she thought of that smell that was on the book that had once belonged to the woman that she knew was her mother, Rebecca Rodgers.

Such a small name and such a strange legacy that Lena had been left with.

Curiosity had driven her to do her own research and yet nothing had been found.

Not that she had much to go for.

Most mornings Lena was in the cafeteria and most mornings she went without breakfast and the mornings went without change. The snow still stuck to the ground, she could still hear the thoughts of the idiotic teenage girls next to her wondering about the length of their eyelashes and weather that shade of lipstick really went with that shade of nail polish and she tuned out the teenage boys and their muted conversations about sex and parties and weather or not some football team that she had no idea about would win their next match and weather the school's team would go to State…whatever that meant when something happened that changed the status quo.

It would change the rest of her life forever.

The doors to the cafeteria opened and she felt that shiver down her spine before she saw them. There was seven of them that came in…so perfect and so beautiful that even Lena (who never really believed in looks—though she knew she was beautiful) felt a kick to her self-esteem. There were three women and three men and Lena thought that they were kidding themselves if they were pretending to be High Schoolers because they looked so much older and so much wiser. As if they had experience under them the likes as which Lena could never begin to understand.

She stared at them unashamedly. To be fair she wasn't the only one.

It was clear that they were couples, they broke off into three pairs so easily it seemed that nothing would penetrate that group and one who was on his own and couldn't have looked different but was somehow a part of that group. And all of them were different in their appearances and yet at the same time, the same.

There were three men, one with bronze hair and golden eyes, one who could have been a body builder and a serious contender at the Olympics for weight lifting and one with blondish hair who seemed to be constantly on the alert for some threat that wasn't there in the dismal cafeteria. The other man was the exact opposite. He was tall with russet skin and dark hair, he was wearing shorts—in November and yet he didn't look like the cold affected him at all. On his arm was the beginnings of a tattoo that she couldn't make out but that she was sure was tribal.

The women were as different as it was humanly possible. One had short hair and dark eyes. She looked like she had never seen a hairbrush in her life and she sat next to the one whose eyes scanned the cafeteria as if she never wanted to leave him. The woman sat next to the bronze haired man had dark hair falling to her waist and a figure that would probably send most of the teenagers in this place into a state of nervous collapse. The other woman was sat next to the brawny man and all Lena could see of her was the blonde hair that fell from head to waist in soft curls the kind of hair that even Lena with her own mess of golden tresses would envy.

The bronze man caught her eye and then he ducked down as if confused by something. Lena ducked down to her own book and waited…she had no issue learning about Max's video game marathon over the weekend and she no issue listening to Simone and Karen bitch about their week.

But there was something about these newcomers, she could hear it. Couldn't hear the thoughts that she knew they were thinking.

And then all of a sudden she could.

It was so clear and crisp that she nearly fell of her seat in shock.

The only one she couldn't get a read on was the brown haired woman sat with the bronze haired man. She was like running up against a brick wall and Lena knew that in her mind she could pound on that door until she was sick with a headache but nothing would come of it.

"Edward's such an ass. Honestly. Destroying the TV just because I asked weather or not Bella was still in her newborn phase. I mean seriously three years doesn't diminish a sex drive…I mean me and Rose…"

That came from the man with muscles for Canada. Lena had to pull out of that conversation because felt slightly sick at the images that were being shown. She wanted to scream at the clarity of the images that she was facing. In her whole life Lena had never heard thoughts as clear as these. It was like living on a shitty speaker for life and then changing it to a brand new one and being surprised at the noise that was coming through.

She listened until she could distinguish 'Edward'.

Of course he had to be the bronze boy.

"I wonder if Nessie is settling in? I do hope she doesn't shock her teachers. I suppose quoting Romeo and Juliet in French at the age of ten doesn't help matters…but…Gods Bella looks pretty, how she doesn't see it astounds me. I am the luckiest vampire to ever live. I have Bella Cullen as my wife. I really wish that Emmet would stop thinking of Rosalie like that."

Lena spat a mouthful of coffee out over her lap. She wiped it away her eyes streaming. Nobody seemed to notice. She was pretty unnoticeable.

No fucking way.

She reached into the channel that was her mind and connected it to Edward Cullen's.

He stiffened and she knew she had done what she had promised herself she would never do before. her eyes flicked once more to the blonde woman and then she caught Edward's eye as he looked for the first time at her.

"Hello Edward" She said into her mind and what she hoped was into his. It wasn't like there was textbook when it came to this sort of thing.

Edward Cullen fell off his chair.

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