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There In The Disappearing Light

Chapter 24-Acceptance

As Lena finally gets some closure on her past, she comes face to face with another half human, half vampire who has questions and who wants them answered. Now. Penultimate Chapter of this story.

"Who?" Rosalie asked once she had regained the power of speech. Emmett picked up the hairbrush she had dropped and placed it on the desk that sometimes Rosalie worked from. He sighed and flopped down on the chair and Rosalie watched him with eyes that she knew were not kind.

"She has a birth certificate. Of course it's all inaccurate. Had one human actually bothered to give it a look over the course of the years then they would have seen something was wrong with it straight away. Carlisle mentioned that perhaps, because Lena will always look younger than you and me (and that is saying something) we should have all the relevant documentation on hand especially if we need fake ones. You can see why, at least we can have the originals so no tricky law enforcement find it—"

Rosalie tapped her nails against her desk impatiently and Emmett being the immortal that he was carried on knowing he was (as that mutt would have said had he been here) in deep shit.

"Well anyways I got it and there's a hospital in Vancouver where she was apparently sent to when she was put in the foster system so I went back there. Nobody of course saw the mother but there was a nurse that remembered that on that night there was a brutal car accident of a volleyball player that stayed with her despite the seven years that have passed. Teenage girl who looked like she had been ripped from the inside out, of course she's in her car which is pretty banged up and nobody at the hospital makes the connection Lena's put in the system a week later and nobody makes the connection. But the nurse thought it was odd because there were injuries not consistent with a car accident but of course…"

"Consistant with the birth of a half human, half immortal child"

"Yeah. Now the baby is found at the mall so doctors just thought the mother had abandoned it but what if Lena's Mom realised that this was not normal and got in a car at the hospital, I mean she was a teenager she might have been at the mall, I mean nine times out of then that is where teenagers and Alice usually hang out in the summer season. Then she realises that something is wrong and then tries to get to the hospital but Lena's coming out either way so Lena's out she makes it to her car and then rams it into a tree because she's bleeding so much."

Rosalie paused. She could see flaws in that plan but she had to admit that it had merits. She had only been a witness to the abortion that was Bella's c-section but they had planned for it to be a lot more controlled than that. She paused thinking about it again. She had no idea weather or not a girl could give birth to a creature like Lena in a mall without causing attention but if the girl was week, if she was bleeding and if she was struggling then Lena's instincts would take over and she could shock the girl into silence as she forced her own way out. She had seen the pictures.

Or perhaps this one had been more prepared. Perhaps there had been an Edward in the picture, someone who had loved her enough to help her but had not known enough to save that little human who had not known that she was a lamb having sex with a lion.

"Is there a father?" she asked finally. The mother was dead, it was unfortunate but it was in no way going to completely derail the life that Rosalie had just won in the same way a immortal male vampire would. Emmett gave a shrug.

"No idea? Theoretically there has to be one but nobody knows, could be a nomad passing through, could have been a newborn, hell could have been a member of the Volturi for all we know. Either way he's going to be virtually impossible to trace. But here…here there is a gravestone and a human family, two human people with three daughters who buried one. Here's closure. She didn't die giving birth to Lena. Was she on deaths door, yeah of course she was but Rosalie she wrapped her car around a tree. I mean I've never been in an accident of course but I think we both have caused enough to know how quickly humans die of one"

Rosalie tapped her nails again on the oak desk. There was another long pause as she thought about what Emmett was saying.

"And the human family?"

"Moved to Montreal. There's the two parents and two sisters, youngest one's graduating this year. They come up every Christmas to see their other daughter whose buried in the graveyard ten miles out of town. There is very little chance that they will ever come into contact with Lena and let's face it who would believe it. And somehow I don't see Lena exposing herself to that amount of danger."

Rosalie nodded again. "What's her name?" she asked finally. "The mother? What's her name?"

Emmett watched her for a second and then flipped open the file and spoke aloud the top line.

"Brooklyn Amelia Carter, commonly known as Brooke. She was sixteen when she died, report state however that there were several injuries not consistent with a car crash, potentially pregnant but the damage was as such that no pregnancy test ever gave the result that they wanted, plus…well I don't know what the venom must have done to the tissue and such…Carlisle thinks she would have been barely recognisable"

Rosalie held out her hand and Emmett passed her file. She read for a second and then turned the page to the shiny print out photo that was at the back. Rosalie didn't need to ask if this was her it was obvious by the picture.

She stared for a long time at the woman that had unintentionally given her the one thing she had thought lost to her. Woman was putting it mildly as well Rosalie considered. The girl was undeniably Lena's mother. They had the same blonde hair down to the last shade and the same colour eyes though Lena's were slightly darker. They had the same pointed chin though Rosalie noticed that the cheekbones that her daughter had must have been from the vampire. They had the same slim build though and while Lena's smile was not as bright and as bubbly as the one that was staring back at her there was something in the up turn of the lips that reminded her of the girl that was upstairs.

Rosalie sighed putting the photo back in the file. Suddenly she found that she didn't want to look at it anymore.

"What makes you so sure that Lena won't take one look at this and run back to La Push with the werewolf?" she asked deciding to name her worst fear. Emmett stared at her and Rosalie knew that this was something he had already considered before he had come to her. She could have laughed at how predictable she was had she not been so terrified.

"I don't think that it will happen" he said carefully. "I have been watching and I think she's here to stay but I think and to be fair I think you agree with me though I know you won't willingly admit it—I don't think she is going to run again. But I also think that if we don't give her the answers or at least some of the missing puzzle pieces then this is going to haunt her for the rest of her life and it's a life that doesn't end and you know what guilt is like when you don't have an outlet to process it"

Rosalie did know. Not through her own actions. She held not an ounce of remorse for what she had done to the King family. She had killed all her rapists and Royce and had dismantled the family she had been so desperate to join brick by brick. After all they had never been the same since a mysterious newspaper article had been printed details Royce's crimes as a rapist and his body had been found discarded on the streets with a few things missing…

She pulled herself out of a rather happy memory and thought again She might have no regrets, not even for the two guards she had killed but she supposed others in this family did. Edward in particular had struggled before he had met Bella. Jasper still had moments where he remembered with pure clarity all he had done under Maria. Alice had slipped twice with devastating consequences and Emmett had met his own 'singer' and Rosalie had, had to pick up the pieces of that one even till this day.

"Are you sure that Lena's going to want to see this? That this isn't enough to make her go again?"

"Rose" Emmett said leaning forwards and taking her hand in his. "If I thought that that would happen I would burn this. And who knows…perhaps she won't want to see this further but she deserves the right to know"

Rosalie couldn't deny he was right.

But damn him she didn't want to admit it.

Upstairs Lena giggled again.

Lena had been given the file after hunting, actually she had just finished her deer (nothing on the animals she had tasted in Mexico) when Emmett and Rosalie who had been there with her had turned to face her with such an expression that she was sure someone had died.

Turns out she was half right.

She was now sat in her room the file spread out in front of her and sure she was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. She had asked to be alone and Rosalie and Emmett had done that the latter slipping the file under the door so that she could read it in the privacy of her own room.

The photo was staring up at her and Lena found that she couldn't take her eyes off her. The photo of the girl that had given birth to her in an agony that she couldn't have understood, she probably hadn't have even known she was pregnant, Bella's pregnancy had taken almost a month and she only knew that because it was the longest time apparently the Cullen's had gone without blood. She had a human mother.

She had human grandparents, she had human aunts.

Realistically Lena knew she could not go to their house and introduce herself to them. But there were people out there that didn't know that the blonde volleyball player had created her. Before all this shit had hit the fan Lena had thought about the woman that had been her mother and over the years she had concocted many scenarios about her. She had been career driven and had given her up for some glamorous life in New York. Or she had been a teenager who had been forced to give her up. Or she had just been a cruel bitch who had not given a shit.

It was harsher seeing it now. It was even harsher seeing the life that Brooke Carter had left behind. Of college, of men who loved her or girls for all she knew, kids with a normal man, her father walking her down the aisle, holidays…all of it gone with the snap of a vampire's fingers. And here Lena was forced to pick up the pieces. Rodgers wasn't even her last name. It had been a name she had been given when she had been found by the girls loo by some poor Samaritan who had been forced to hand her over.

She leaned her head back against the wall and watched the sun sitting. She ignored the buzzing on her phone that she knew was Embry who had picked up the way she was feeling or he had been told by Jacob what was going on.

She sat there for a long time thinking about that and she didn't realise until she had to go to the bathroom that it was night and the sky had gone dark. She whimpered as she felt the ache in her body from sitting there for so long and she looked at herself in the mirror and saw the tears etched on her face for reasons that she couldn't describe.

But she knew then what she had to do.

Lena had been about to go down and speak to Rosalie and Emmett when she was aware that someone was sitting outside her room. Much like the previous day she had spent her time before going downstairs but she had not taken use of the shower or the bathroom. Instead she had gone down as she was in her leggings and an old jumper and her feet bare, her hair tied above her in a knot that was scraggily. It echoed how she felt at this moment and she was not in the mood to deal with Renesmee Cullen who was sat on the stairs that connected Lena's mini apartment to the rest of the house. She had grown more in the months that Lena had been gone, her hair was longer and her cheekbones more defined and she looked like a child of ten rather than the six year old Lena had last seen. Jacob was not with her. Lena did not know what to make of that. Or what to make of this silent child who sat there watching her with the brown eyes that seemed to speak of emotions that Lena did not fully grasp.

"Hi" Lena said feeling immensely awkward. She was not used to this silent treatment. At least not in this house. Privacy she had learnt was not something that came naturally to the Cullens.

"Are you staying now?"

Lena nodded. She was not sure of much still the ground beneath her slightly unsure but she thought that she was getting there. She sat down on the stairs next to Nessie who was staring at her with those wide eyes. She lifted her hand and Lena nodded. They both had gifts…she supposed this might be how they communicated. Clearly Nessie found her own gift easier to use than speaking and Lena too knew what it was like to retreat to the comfort of your own head because the outside world did nothing but confuse you.

"Why did you leave?"

Lena thought about it.

"There aren't really words" she said carefully. "But perhaps you can get understand better than I can"

And she took Nessie's hand in her own and allowed the girl to use the gifts that she had been given to see how Lena had felt, what she had done, Embry in all his glory and the sense of confusion that she still felt over who she was.

Nessie said nothing as she pulled her hand back.

"Lena" she said finally and when Lena looked at her she saw the brown eyes were filled with tears. "Please don't go"

And then she was showing Lena what it had been like. What Rosalie and Emmett had been like.

"Please don't go" Nessie said finally. "We understand each other. I mean there are others out there like us—"

"Hang on what?"

"Oh yeah, but I suppose Grandpa Carlisle will tell you about Nahuel and his sisters"

Lena stared at her but didn't comment, that would be a conversation that she was sure to have with Carlisle at some point in the near future. Here she had thought she and Nessie had been the only two created like that. The fact that there were more was more unsettling than Lena wanted to admit at this exact moment.

"Lena" Nessie said finally. "Please don't go. I want you to stay. I need someone who understands me. And I think you need someone to understand you. I think we could be sisters in a way. Having a big sister would be fantastic…can you do that for me? Please Lena?" she said.

Lena stared for a second and then grinned.

"Come here" she said and Nessie burrowed closer to her side, Lena wrapped an arm around her and pulled her even closer.

"I'm good where I am kiddo. Besides we have Jacob and Embry to think of, neither one of them could survive without us"

Nessie laughed. Lena grinned and suddenly she could breathe again. Because Nessie had shown her what her life was like in a way.

And she knew what she had to do.

The grave was soft to the touch, smooth under her fingertips and obviously well cared for. Lena stared at it for a long time staring at the resting place of her birth mother and unsure of what she could say and then when she pressed her hand against the stone she said all that she could say.

That she was sorry that this had happened to her, that she hoped that she understood that Lena had not intended to hurt her by giving birth to her. That she was happy now…that she had met a man and had a family behind her that she knew would support her, that she trusted beyond everything and anything she had been through. She poured everything she had out into that gravestone and when she stood up it was (despite the fact that it was a damn cliché) like a weight had lifted up over her shoulders.

Emmett was waiting in the car, Rosalie by the tap where you could fill pots with water and Lena slid into the car even as Rosalie didn't get in immediately afterwards. Emmett passed her a tissue and Lena realised that she was crying.

"Thanks Dad"

She said without meaning too. Didn't mean it wasn't true.

Emmett said nothing if his hands gripped the steering wheel enough to bend it into useless rubber then that was between him and whoever it was that would end up repairing his car (Edward).

Rosalie watched Lena go to the car before she moved forwards. She found despite her vanity and her pride there was something she wanted to do.

She touched her fingers to Brooke Caters grave and bent so that her head and more importantly her eyesight was level with the gold embossed writing on the grave.

There was something she needed to say to this silly teenager who had given her the one thing she thought she would never get.

"You don't know me" she said finally. "And you never will. I expect I am the thing you dreamed never possible. But I want you to know, my husband and I will spend every waking moment of eternity loving your daughter. And I will make sure that she feels loved and wanted and needed. And I will do my best to make sure she stays on the straight and narrow. And I want to thank you. Because while you didn't know what was going on, you did your best and because of that I get to raise and love your daughter. So from one mother to another Brooke, thank you"

She stared at the grave for a second and then she touched the roses (not her choice but Lena's) and then she turned away from the girl, from the grave and the past and towards her husband and her daughter who were waiting for her in the car.

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