Dr. Trevor Hunter was a practiced therapist, on loan from the CIA to handle a case that was out of this world. The agent's words, not Trevor's. He had received the case in November, seeing real fast the need for his assignment.

The girl had turned seven not long after her adoption was finalized. She had already gone through three therapists in this time. The first- according to the report- had been terrible underqualified, the second had left because of a family issue, and the latest had left because she hadn't approved of the girl's adopted parent being an alien.

Yes an alien.

Trevor wanted to say he'd seen weirder but that would be a lie.

As he read more of the file, he knew he was stepping into something that was a really big deal. The girl had seemingly been left alone on the streets to fend for herself, living out of a box and having to steal food. Neither of her birth parents could be contacted, her grandmother was on the other side of the country and way too old to take proper care of her, leaving her a practical ward of the state. She had been involved in something labelled classified, before being adopted by the alien. The photos of the two of them made his species obvious- he had a purple head and four eyes, for crying out loud.

She'd been exceptionally bright. The agent who had found her made notes that when she had tested for schooling, she'd surpassed her age group in droves. Yes, she'd failed a majority of the questions, but it was noted that she had been suspected to purposefully get questions wrong so as to hide behind her knowledge. So another level of intelligent.

Trevor had an introductory session after reading the file. Mahina Jookiba had been evasive in her answers, occasionally being too upfront with the answers. Trevor wasn't a high-level genius like her, but even he could see when someone was hiding something. The girl was good, near mastermind. Trevor's skills lay in seeing the behavior of masterminds. Hence his recommendation for this case.

He had found better ways of getting her to talk. Mahina would tend to babble if she was given something to work on during a session. Over the months, Trevor had seen her work on a lot of things. A record player that could play music based on emotion, a toaster but for eggs, upgrades on a hover car, etc. Those were just the most memorable. Mahina didn't seem able to think about her mechanics while also coming up with easy lies.

He'd had joint sessions with the adoptive father as well. Jumba was a mastermind in a whole other way. They both would work on whatever machine Mahina had brought. As Trevor asked Jumba questions, Mahina would add in some mathematical equation problem. Jumba was much more open during the talks at the first than Mahina had been.

His disguises were actually worse than the file had shown. He hadn't even tried wearing a fake wig.

They were coming up on 10-months post adoption. Trevor knew that anniversaries were a big deal. To the Jookiba's, any sort of mention on emotions had them veering away from the topic.

Trevor remembered their holiday session. Mahina had just been excited Christmas was coming- nothing about how this was her first Christmas with a new family, or first Christmas out of the box, or just anything anyone thought was a normal reaction. Trevor was just surprised to see Mahina so excited and open. That was the closest she'd had to a normal seven-year-old's reaction the entire time he'd been her therapist.

The door to his office opened.

Trevor looked up. Mahina wasted no time for a greeting, just walking up to the small coffee table to drop her notebook on it. She was sketching out designs for- Trevor didn't have any idea what it was. He could see it when Mahina dropped it down on the coffee table to work on it.

"Mahina. Hello." He greeted. She'd never been one to wait politely for a door to open. Her reasoning had been 'you don't have an appointment before mine, so there's no reason for me to not walk right in'. "Busy, again?"

"Well duh." Mahina scoffed. She erased something on the design, twisting it about to get the proper angle. "It's almost May- they said I needed a project to turn in to show I learned something. Which is complete nonsense. I've done tons of learning, none of them just like me talking about it!"

Trevor nodded. "Yes. I seem to remember this debate after your first semester."

Mahina scoffed. "Yeah. Me, in first grade. The outrage. Worse yet it was the same class as Myrtle!"

The class bully, Trevor had written in his earlier notes. There had been a number of fights involving Myrtle, however Mahina was never the one to throw the punch. Rather it was her housemate, Lilo Pelekai.

"But it had Lilo too."

Mahina hesitated in her reply there. She took a deep breath through her nose, staring thoughtfully at the blueprint. "Lilo and Myrtle would fight if I was there or not. I like being in the other class."

Trevor made a note of her answer. "What's the project you have in mind?"

"Upgrades on a personal project, presented as a new thing." Mahina admitted. "It was based on the tricorder from Star Trek. Sometimes Pleakley tries to cook- I needed something that could tell. So I figured I could adjust it for-"

"Or- and hear me out- you just do a baking soda volcano. Like all the other second graders." Trevor notes. He'd tried stepping in often

Mahina gave him a deadpan stare. Trevor was aware the idea was stupid, so he gave Mahina a grin. She seemed to accept the idea as a joke.

"You have a point though. Society isn't ready for some things." Mahina tapped her pencil on the blueprint. "But it needs to be better!"

Trevor only nodded, accepting the argument. "A project to show what you've learned. You've had a busy year, what have you learned?"

Mahina kept tapping her pencil on the blueprint. "Well I learned its better for me to be in second grade than first or middle school. There was that incident with blenders-"

Trevor held back a shudder. It had been a trying week when the blenders happened. "I remember."

"-I think I learned...uh..." Mahina glanced at the blueprints, then around the room. "...how not to make a blender?"

"So...does that mean you will make a blender?" Trevor asked her. "A normal one, at least?"

Mahina hesitated. She steeled her expression, sitting back in her seat. Trevor has learned this was the 'I don't know what he wants me to say' face. Or rather 'I know what I want to say but it's not an answer that anyone will like'.

She often did that. Considered her answers over- Trevor was of the belief that Mahina was trying not to sound alien in her answers. Growing up with aliens might have given her the idea that all her ideas were alien in nature.

She was trying so hard to be human, while reminding him about how she and Mr Jookiba had given a blender a power upgrade so strong it took the power from the whole island.

In all of it, Mahina wanted to be normal. Trevor saw that in how hard she worked in her classes- yet always maintained a level of normal despite what her high IQ implied. She always explained alien incidents- reported to him by Ms Pelekai or HQ or Mr Jookiba- in human terms.

She was something big...did little to hide that fact...unless the implications brought question of her humanity.

One of her other therapists tried to have her dishonored with Antisocial Personality Disorder. Which Mahina might have, or do Trevor thought until he saw true displays of empathy.

"I think it would be a good idea." Trevor noted. "My blender is always so slow. A super-powered blender would really help my wife finish her morning shakes."

The forced blankness on her face cracked. There was a smile clawing it's way on her face, along with a spark in her eyes.


"I...like the blender idea." Mahina admitted.

Trevor smiled at her. "Now tell me- I'm curious- what have Lilo and Stitch been up to since last time?"

Mahina actually snorted. "Well they have a whole other thing in hula class."

She went on to talk about hula related arguments between her and them. She added stories about how she'd tried following Trevor's last advice from last session.


The session ended at the end of the hour. Jumba was there to take her home.

Mahina dropped all the loose papers on her desk. She'd done a lot of calculations while talking to Dr Hunter. That blender was going to be good dammit! It was going to help save Stitch!

While Mahina put aside the calculations, she grabbed the more important papers. The fusion chamber was going to be a perfect invention for her project! If she helped build it, then better to her!

She was nearly shaking with glee as she pinned the calculations to a corkboard. It was decorated with sheets of various kinds of paper: lined, black, sticky, etc. She had put down everything she remembered about the upcoming film. Key events had been marked- along with her best estimation of a timeline.

Mahina jumped in a bean bag chair across the room from the corkboard. She tapped a pencil onto the chair, staring at the buddings of a Plan. She should've bought the DVDs of movies and the show, so she wouldn't have to rely on memory so much. Well maybe when this was done she could pop back Home to get them...Then again, the longer Mahina stayed in Kauai the less she wanted to go Home. She liked it here more and more each day.

Still. A good idea to go back for supplies.

She had nearly blown it today at therapy. She hadn't expected it to hit so hard. What had Dr Hunter been thinking, asking her to do something normal? So what that Mahina didn't do things normal. So what? Huh?

What did Mahina Jookiba know about normal?

NOTHING! She was the definition of abnormal!

She had alien adoptive parents, cause apparently her birth parents couldn't have bothered to watch their own kid- left her to live for herself out of a fucking box, and her housemates were another alien and two orphans! She was currently looking at a design for a fusion chamber to familiarize herself with the project so that she could be ready when it was needed cause she knew the future of this world cause she-

Cause she wasn't Mahina Jookiba.

She was Morgan Spencer.

She was...fuck she was twenty-seven, wasn't she?


Twenty-seven, in the body of a seven-year-old, in the Lilo & Stitch universe...adopted by Jumba Jookiba.

What did Morgan Spencer know about normal?


She was the definition of abnormal...

She had two parents (presumably birth parents, she hadn't found an adoption certificate yet but she was holding out on that theory of being switched), two annoying younger brothers who Mom and Dad wouldn't stop gushing about, she had no friends outside the characters on TV. She only had those friends cause she had the weird power to travel realities...

Morgan Spencer.

Ms Abnormal.

She preferred being Mahina.

No wonder she needed therapy.

She stared at her corkboard of sketches and calculations and sticky note reminders, her thoughts zooming about as she put a Plan together. She could worry about normalcy later, when Stitch was okay.


AN: Finally, something my OC has always needed: therapy. Probably also me cause I'm not a picture of mental health.

Also this is not a representation of an actual therapy session. I literally just did research for this, and wrote out how I'd thought it would go for Mahina/Morgan's special case. If you disagree, boohoo. If you want an actual correct therapy fic then go find it.

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