Nine hours, that's how long she sat in silence, alone in a very dreadfully beautiful but mysterious palace. This place was her prison, something that she never thought would or rather vowed to never be in again. But here she was locked away like an animal in a very beautiful cage. Her guard had left her alone hours ago but yet his voice still remained in her head, pitiful mercy he bestowed upon her. Kind words that echoed every moment in her consciousness. His idea of justice which to her was a sign of weakness that she herself would never show to anyone. Just a few days ago, the world of Azeroth was at the tip of her fingertips, the alliance was under her feet,certainly not defeated but certainly tamed.

" I hate them all!" She muttered under her breath with bitterness and malice. Yes this was true in her mind, she hated the Horde and the so-called honor that many of the Orcs and other races had stood for. She hated the alliance and they're weak sense of justice and mercy. They were all just simple tools to be used at her disposal, they are nothing compared to her and she was to her forsaken a god by which cannot be compared to any other. She was the one that led them out of oppression and slavery to Arathas, she was the one who founded their home in undercity. She had found herself reminded of the hatred she felt when the Forsaken guard at her side dared to look at her out of the corner of his eye when she had muttered the bitter words, the Horde was nothing!

" Who are they to question me in what I say!" The Banshee Queen screamed angrily into the ceiling of the palace. She wanted desperately to get out of this prison more than anything else in the world. Not so much for freedom but to simply remind her underlings that she was their god and she was their Queen. She was their key to survival but if it meant their destruction then...

" So be it." She thought, Slyvanans knew she had always been when she was alive,although she had sisters and friends along with anything anyone could ever desire. She still felt alone and that pain only grew when Arthur's had turned her into the wretched Banshee he tortured for years. Over time she came to enjoy the loneliness, it was a true friend at the end of the day,loneliness. Even wishing at times to be alone in her own throne room, quickly ushering away her dark ranger so she could spend time by herself. Nathanos who grew concerned tried to talk to her but she would have none of it and would often banish him for hours or even days.

" Nathanos." She whispered, remembering her former lover who she turned into a whole forsaken with a fleshly body similar to that of a death knight. But that love was long gone, perhaps lost to her when she died, although was that entirely true? Why did she raise him from the dead and why did she sometimes like to have him by her side? But what does that matter now that she was trapped in this prison. The idea of Love often disgusted her but also evaded her mind, it was such a long distant memory that she couldn't remember what it felt like to be in love. The feeling of having somebody that was always there for you, the emotion of understanding the entirety of one's soul when it was bonded to your own. Was this even possible for forsaken such as herself?

Sylvanas didn't have time to elaborate on these thoughts as she was immediately interrupted as a voice came shouting out from the far end of the palace. It seemed like a question or at least that was what her elven ears have picked up,she knew it could only be her guard or rather her pitiful young gatekeeper Anduin wrynn. Light footsteps were heard as he got closer, Slyvanas dreaded this moment and she did not want to talk to him or even look at the disgusting creature. Although as he began to get closer a different thought came to her mind.

" Are you feeling like or rather in the mood to talk Slyvannas?" He asked, using a cloth he had in his hand to wipe his face and chest. Her ruby eyes could observe that he had been training or doing some type of physical activity. His hair have been let down like a wild lion's mane as it hung over his face in a strangely attractive way. Although still young she admittedly saw that he added much muscle to his frame in the years the war went smaller than his father, all he needed was more time to perfectly match Varren's frame. Although standing to his full height he was at least six foot four compared to her own height of five foot six.

" So the boy had grown since the last time I saw him." She thought.

" No answer yet? Well in the meantime, I made sure to get you some new clothing. It must be awfully uncomfortable to lay down in mail and plate armor lady windrunner." He said, handing her the clothing only for Sylvanas to glare at him.

"Tell me where I am now boy king! Or else I will skin you alive and eat your flesh while I wait for my forsaken to free me." She spat, meaning every word with the exception of eating his flesh of course as it was a well-known misconception that forsaken actually ate human or living flesh.

" Well." He chuckled kneeling down in front of her, but not before taking off his shirt and laughing. " I don't think I would taste very well

Lady windunner."

Sylvanas felt something in her at his he really just use a sexual innuendo with her? Was the boy King as pious as he claimed to be? Perhaps she will test the waters and eventually acquire her freedom by any means possible. A small smile appeared on her face as she felt tempted to test his flesh and self control. Despite being undead she remained very beautiful with a shapely body to match and judging by the way Anduins eyes followed her, he was hooked.

" No." She thought, " I need answers." She continued.

" If you are as honorable as you say you are boy King then please enlighten me as to why and where I'm in this position! You have my word that I will not try to harm you in the process of you telling me why I am under this wretched imprisonment and where in the hells I am!" She said in a slightly less irritated tone.

Anduin begin to grin, " yes I am a very honorable King Sylvanas and I will be more than willing to explain to you why you are in this position and where you are."

" Well then get to it boy King, it pains me to say this but I cannot die but I will not have you wasting my time with useless talk and nonsense." She replied rolling her eyes before she sat on a beautifully designed couch.

" I shall begin. " He said as he sat down across from his prisoner and former enemy. " I found this place while on my adventures in Pandaria. It was around the time where I tried to convince hellscream of his evil ways."

" Oh yes the method that did not go very well for you as I remember it, actually a very ridiculously stupid method as I remember your father calling it aswell. Or at least that's what I heard from my spies around the time." She smirked, savoring her remark towards the young man's stupidity and naivety.

Anduin sighed, " yes it was a very naive thing to do and I learned my lesson or rather maybe I haven't learned my lesson by trying to convince you of your evil ways and taking you prisoner. But that is a topic for another discussion Sylvanas and as I was saying I found this place while on an adventure after that incident and I was amazed by the power of the light that was bestowed upon this place. It had been covered by the jungle for many years I presume, which is why I think that no one has found it yet. But as I made my way further into the palace I realized that a Naaru had died here possibly many Millennia ago."

" How unfortunate." She said sarcastically, evidently wanting him to finish this dreadful story.

" Yes it is very unfortunate, however I communed with its spirit and found out that this palace was built on its remains but the inhabitants didn't know. As it turned out the thunder king, Lei Shen ordered this magnificent palace to be built. However as soon as it was finished and he tried to step foot into the palace. The naaru spirit had sensed his evil and banished him and all of his soldiers out of the palace and sealed the doors for good. Of course until I came along and it welcomed me with open arms."

" A light wielders nervana I assume. What does this have to do with my powers not working boy king." She asked in an angry tone.

Anduin lightly chuckled at her angry demeanor, " Not a very good listener Lady windrunner or perhaps not well versed in the light wielder arts. The Narus spirit prevents any darkness from entering into its domain, simply put, you are powerless here."

His words sat upon her like a heavy weight, powerless, something she wasn't used to in a very long time. Not since that dreaded Arthas imprisoned her and now another human came along and had done the same, the exception being his sense of justice and mercy. However, she would have to put away her shame and self loathing for being captured and focus her attention on her freedom.

" How long will you keep me here boy king? Until your gray hairs start to show and you start to wither away? How about until you start to go death and your vision begins to worsen? Both would be favorable outcomes for me." She smirked.

Anduin shrugged his shoulders, " That all depends on you and your penitence lady windrunner."

" So If I be a good little girl and show you that i'm really sorry then I am free to go?" She asked firmly, crossing her arms underneath her chest.

" Not exactly and it's not entirely up to me, the Narru's spirit was the one who sent me the vision and instructed me to take you here. When it feels like you're ready it will unseal the door." He answered.

Her eyes immediately flew open at the suggestion that a Narru's spirit was in control over freedom and fate. Who did this creature think that it was to judge her and her actions on Azeroth? What right did it have to keep her here against her own will and completely leave her powerless in this prison?

" Thats ridiculous and preposterous, what would a damned Narru care about my actions in the first place? Does it know what it's like to fight for it's own survival and see your race dwindled down to just a few because of one mad human!" She yelled, clearly fed up with all this spiritual nonsense.

" Hey is not easy for me either, I'm also sealed in here until it decides you're ready

So I could end up dying of boredom,especially judging by your attitude and actions." he remarked as he poured himself a glass of water from the nicely furnished table between them.

" What am I supposed to do in all the time that I have here?" She yelled, as she clenched her fists and her palms turned white.

" Acquire knowledge and therefore be changed young one." An elderly female voice echoed from the halls of the palace. The Voice carried a motherly tone but also had an authoritative approach in addressing the Banshee Queen.

Anduins brought a smile to his face, " Zer'ra." He said.

Suddenly an older elven woman suddenly appeared, whose body was a transparent gold color stood in front of them. She appeared to be smiling as she greeted the young king with a nod of her head before setting her gaze on the Warchief.

" I assume you are the horrible creature that entrapped me here with this boy King! Release me at once so I can continue my conquest of Azeroth and bring the alliance to its knees!" She demanded.

" I put on this form so it would be easier for me to reason with you Sylvanas windrunner, Quel dori, forsaken, war chief and lastly banshee queen and now my prisoner. But obviously you're not in the mood to talk about the reasoning for your punishments and my restrictions on your freedom. "

" Fine, I am willing to talk." She begrudgingly agreed through gritted teeth.

"Good choice." Anduin chimed in but not before receiving a glare which could kill from the former warchief.

" An excellent choice indeed, you see all the time I've spent here my spirit has been communing with the palace and I've gained the power to view Azeroth outside of my domain. I have seen many horrible tragedies, however, the thing that strikes me very particularly intriguing is you Sylvanas windrunner. At one point I thought arthas was one who was at war with life itself but then you begin to exceed his cruelty and hatred. After sometime I thought it best to intervene, at first I admit,I wanted to use a light wielder like Anduin and infuse him with some of my power to strike you down but then Anduin struck me as a being who could perhaps have a striking effect on your life. But only if you could be there to experience him first hand,without the battlefield and violence."

" so you locked us in here together? Are you insane or just mad Naaru?" Sylvanas seethed.

" Perhaps both." Zer'ra chuckled and then continued. "But I am not the one in prison now am I? You will be here until I've decided that it's time for you to leave and I believe I'm qualified to judge you as I've been alive for eons and I've only seeked to further the will of the light in the darkest of places which means even in your heart lady windrunner."

" It's a fool's game you're playing! The boy will age and will eventually along with your plans die while I remain here!" She affirmed.

" That would be true warchief if Anduin wasn't already light infused , you see in my domain I control the power of the light. Something that I practiced for eons before either of you were born." The Naaru responded cheerfully.

" So that's why he looked so exhausted when he came back. But he was gone for hours could it be possible that the process of making a mortal being immortal is accomplished in just a few moments?" She thought.

" It was wasn't an easy process Slyvannas I had to conquer some of my inner demons before I became lightforged. " He said, almost reading the look on her face.

The former war chief sighed, there was no mistaking the golden hue in his eyes, he was indeed lightforged. Her options are few and she certainly wasn't going to bow to an insufferable creature like the naaru. She needed to be alone to think and developed a plan unlike any other she had thought of before. But first she needed space away from the boy king.

" Go to hell." Slyvannas spat before she ran off into the palace.

" Slyvannas wait!" Anduin yelled as he began to run after her but was stopped by the Narru.

" Make sure to take advantage of the large amounts of scrolls and books in the palace, I do think it will be worth your time lady windrunner." The Naaru chimed in before turning to Anduin." Go get some rest young Anduin you have earned it, I'm sure she will be more... suitable for conversation later."

" I will and thank you again Zer' ra, perhaps this imprisonment of her will the best thing to ever happen to her." He replied.

" I think it will be the best thing for the both of you two. Even she could teach you a few things about life Anduin." Zer' ra smiled before disappearing in front of his very eyes.