The chaos of maw represented everything he hated, darkness, emptiness. But more importantly hopelessness. However even as the young king was bound by dark chains he insisted in his mind that perhaps hope wasn't too far away. Astoundingly enough, he was able to break the jailer's hold over his comrade, no,his champion and sacrificed himself in exchange for their safety. It was an incredible feat by anyone who witnessed it, unfortunately even the jailer took notice.

With a silent utterance of " interesting." The jailer quickly captured Anduin and impressioned him in the fortress.

Forced upon his knees, he felt his physical energy escape his body along with any hope he had to escape. However, the sudden click of hills echoed through his ears as a femine figure appeared nearly a few feet away from him. He had hoped to meditate on the light, perhaps get some much needed rest, however unfortunately the known enemy made that very difficult.

" I do hope you've settled in." The voice said, in an almost, no surely mocking tone. Her infamous smirk even appeared on her face. However something was different about her skin, it looked even paler, maybe even increasingly lifeless. However she practically radiated power over the darkness. " accommodations are a bit sparse, I know." She continued, overlooking the bound king.

She wanted to play games, even taunt the young king but he wasted no time in asking questions.

" Where are the others? Are they safe?" He demanded.

Slyvanas raised an eyebrow and grinned, " Safe? No, I wouldn't say any of them are safe."

Anduin's heart jumped at the thought of death coming to anyone of his comrades. He also became increasingly annoyed at her charades.

The young king sighed deeply before giving a quick retort. " I am so tired of your games!" He voiced, almost sounding defeated and disparaged.

Slyvanas paused for a brief moment before rolling her eyes. " As you wish." And with a wave of her hand Anduin was freed from his shackles as his body hit the floor with a thud.

" No more secrets, no more lies. You are a weapon we will use to achieve our ends." She confessed confidently.

The Young king gathered himself and stood to his feet as he definitely disagreed with her statement. "I will not become an instrument of death."

The edge of Slyvanas mouth twitched slightly at his retort. " So you favor life, is that it? That momentary flicker, every cruel second spent delaying the inevitable. In an endless war that you, like every Wrynn before you will not survive."

Her words were like a sharp knife that penetrated throughout his flesh. Doubt started to become apparent on his face as his eyes lowered. Was Slyvanas right? Why spend time fighting an endless cycle, wouldn't it all end the same no matter what he did?

Slyvanas reached out and touched the dark shield that surrounded the young king. " You know the truth,nothing is fair. Not life nor Death So we're going to tear it all down." She declared.

Anduin began to feel himself become angry at her nihilistic viewpoint, walking forward he was quickly halted by a shield which stung his forehead. " And what purpose would that serve?" He reasoned.

" Everyone, suffers Slyvanas, I'm sure you know that of all people. You even caused suffering yourself! Destroying everything will not take the pain away!"

Slyvanas walked around the young prince like a bird circling over its prey. " Ah, but you misunderstand. We are breaking a system that has always been flawed. And we're making one that is just."

Anduin was almost floored by her statements; he even released a sarcastic chuckle and pointed in her direction" You're expecting me to believe that, all this time, you've been fighting for justice?" He asked, not even being convinced of her argument.

Slyvanas sighed and glared at him, " How can I convince you?From our first breath, to our last every decision is made for us! And the afterlife decides what eternity we must endure? We can't even choose who we lo…" she quickly halted herself not wishing to say anymore. A crack in her armor appeared and the young king noticed

Anduin eyes grew wide, " Love? Is that it then, everything is just decided for us or at least as you assume? Absolutely no free will, you know that's not true! Every decision that we have ever made has been free will. Just like you've chosen to side with evil,nothing decided that for you Slyvanas. That was your choice and perhaps faith gave you options but you chose the wrong path. And If it was love that you couldn't decide.."

Sylvanas quickly turned to him with hatred in her eyes as he was silenced, " We couldn't control anything!" She said with gritted teeth. " But with the jailer, control of our fate will finally be possible!"

" Look around you Slyvanas, look at who've you joined with? What makes you think that you're not just another weapon to be used to achieve his ends?This deity has been around since eternity's inception. There may be no end to his schemes!"

Sylvanas slightly flinched at his statements and then recollected herself. "You have a choice to consider! Join us willingly or be made to serve." And with her final words the former Warcheif turned her back before she heard the Young king speak.

" I always thought that you were one to believe in free will Slyvanas."

With a slight turn of her head she remained steadfast. " We've never had free will littlelion but that... is about to change."

Anduin sighed and turned his back, " For your sake,I hope you use free your free will to turn against what you're doing. Otherwise, you're just gonna be used again and the jailer will seem no different then Arthas."

A few short moments passed and the young king thought the war chief made her exit however he was quickly proven wrong as a set of hands seized him from behind and threw him to the ground.

" What do you know about a free will boy! I was conquering Orcs and leading armies when your father was a teenager, when you were seed in his sack!" She screamed, whilst choking him, however Anduin used every bit of his light to summon the courage to face her head on.

Slyvanas suddenly felt her hands burn before she put distance between herself and Anduin, the original blue hue of his eyes was replaced with that of a shining light. And a bright aura surrounded his body.

" You already have a scar upon your beautiful face, I suggest you leave me. The child you once saw is gone and a lion remains. And this beast still has fangs." He declared as his hair hung wildly from his head, no doubt the tie holding his hair broke, helping with his overall image of a lion.

Slyvanas was rageful but yet somewhat intrigued. His usual demeanor had changed, he seemed prepared to die but wasn't afraid to take her with him at all cost. No longer did he want to discuss peace but rip her throat out with his teeth. This wasn't a little lion anymore and she was almost astonished. He was challenging her,Anduin of all people! The king who was too submissive for his own good, even Nathanos never stood his ground with her!

" If I had more time, I may have considered playing with you, but for now I must go! Preparations must take place."

Anduin simply nodded to the door, telling her both verbally and physically that she needed to go. Did he not know that she could kill him on the spot with little effort! He almost reminded her of Varian, the arrogance and bravado was all there!

" As you wish King Anduin." She smirked, deducing that she would still walk away with the victory knowing that he was her prisoner.


Anduin quickly woke up as he again faced a horrible nightmare, but this wasn't a simple nightmare,everything was intact. To vivid and natural, nothing about it was even remotely similar to many of the dreams he's had.

But Anduin was met with quite the surprise as the naked Slyvanas Windrunner was laying in his bed. He was flabbergasted which quickly found its way to his face in the form of a blush.

He didn't know if it was his own room, it couldn't be! But he was quickly proven wrong. Candles were lit, the same candles he picked out in the palace to calm his nerves while he was training with Ze'ra, the narru.

His room was very spacious in the palace, along with his bed, which originally had many books about the light on its covers but as he looked on the floor, they all were simply slung to the ground. Although he was happy to see his silk blue covers untouched. However Sylvanas relegate herself to wrapping it around her voluptuous body. Leaving Anduin cold but somehow sweaty because of his vision.

Anduin wasn't exactly a scholar but he didn't need to be to figure out what happened. Anduin had spoken sweet nothings to Slyvanas after he quickly obliged her request to make her "forget." But a sense of failure overcame Anduin not only did he sin against his priestly duties but Anduin felt as though he took advantage of her. One could make the case that they were both naked and nature took its natural course between a man and a woman. Despite the woman in question being nearly insane and an undead Quel dori. However this was not a good excuse for him nor his conscience, he had expected it to end in the bathroom but unfortunately it led to where they were now.

Anduin released a sigh and turned to Slyvanas who apparently had been awake the whole time.

" You didn't get any sleep?" Anduin asked, attempting to break the silence.

Slyvanas turned to Anduin and raised an eyebrow, " undead don't seep Anduin, although if I were living I would've most likely had the best sleep in a long time." She confessed.

Anduin looked at her in question. " Why is that?"

Slyvanas smirked and sat up revealing her naked chest to the dismay of Anduin who looked away.

" You're not decently dressed lady windrunner."

The former warchief rolled her eyes,

" Hypocritical is it not? You ravish me like an animal but yet treat me with kind hands. It's almost sickeningly romantic if I could call it that. but if it wasn't for how you present yourself, I would think you're lying " false"virgin. You didn't even know my body and yet you…"

Anduin shook his head, " Please don't talk about it anymore."

Slyvanas grinned, " Afraid someone will find out that you really had sex with the infamous banshee queen witch!Perhaps your alliance dogs would think that you have a fetish for necrophilia." She taunted, perhaps as a way to combat the feelings of insecurity. Not being desired was something that bothered anyone, whether or not they were undead or alive. And to think that Anduin may be disgusted by her physical form was something that angered her even though she felt like she shouldn't care.

" No,it's not that Slyvanas, actually to be honest I'm quite attracted to you. As odd as that sounds coming from my mouth. Not because you're undead, no it's because you're Sylvanas, the infamous banshee queen. However what I did is very much so against my priestly duties of chastity but also I didn't feel I'd actually helped." He sighed before he turned to see Slyvanas who appeared to be in deep thought.

" Sounds ridiculous Anduin, disgusted is what you should feel. I am Monster! You were Intimate with a monster, an undead monster even!" She said, while simultaneously tracing the markings on his back that she wasn't ashamed to admit was her fault.

Anduin scratched the back of his head, " To be honest, sometimes I forget that you're undead, I just see you as a woman that clearly needs help and has had an unfortunate life. Perhaps if you had the right people around you after your emancipation from Arthus you could have led a different life."

Sylvanas Recoiled at his statement did he think she was some sad whore? A damsel in distress that was in need for a knight in shining armor! He was a child compared to her herself.

"but yet…..he didn't reject me" she thought

" I don't need your petty little lion, the only thing I may be in need of from time to time is for you to fu.."

" Language Slyvanas, it's not ladylike." Anduin stated before wrapping a towel around his waist and tying his hair into a ponytail. He observed himself in the mirror and saw deep nail marks in his back but what shocked him the most was his increasingly thick beard, just how long had they been in the palace?

Slyvanas became astounded by the stark contrast to the beast that ravaged her and the choir boy that sat next to her in bed.

" Your such a prude, it's hard to believe you even could get in the mood to have sex!" She asserted before observing the messy room wondering what had gotten into them.

"Anyway,what was that awful nightmare you were having? It bothered me all night and you wouldn't shut up!" She asked, with slight annoyance thinking it best to change the subject.

Anduin eyed Slyvanas from the side before he adjusted his towel and sat down on her side of the bed. Even though they slept together the night before she still was very uncomfortable with him being so close to her. What in the world came upon her to even suggest the idea of sex?

" Well spit it out Anduin, what troubled you? However before you answer I just want to let you know that I don't actually care about how you feel! I just need to know if you're going to be having these lucid dreams when you sleep, otherwise after we screw I'm going to leave!" She suggested as she glared at Anduin who shook his head and ran his fingers through a strand of her hair.

" it wasn't a dream it was a vision and I figure that I will soon come to pass.

Slyvanas stiffened his touch, not that he was repulsive but the memories of their shared night flooded her mind."

What are you even talking about, little lion? What madness are you referring to?" She almost whispered.

" Your voice sounded older in the vision, more mature but sadly misguided. Still quite beautiful but broken." He mumbled aloud, seemingly forgetting he was in her presence.

Slyvanas slightly moved his hand away from her face and for the first time had a horrible feeling about his visions.

" Tell me more Anduin." She asked.