Summary: Jane and Maura attend an event searching for a person of interest in the murder of a sex trafficking victim. Upon further investigation they learn that the ring their victim is connected to is a sex trafficking gang commonly referred to as "Whiplash". Before Jane and Maura can get conclusive evidence the two are taken and find themselves seeing Whiplash's operation first hand.

Trigger Warning. There will be violence and possible sexual assault. Nothing graphic. Rizzle friendship ONLY, nothing more. Don't like, don't read.

*Rewrite/Updated version of "Undercover".

Chapter 1: Blue Eyes

"Do you see him yet?" Jane questioned Maura.

"No, not yet, but as soon as I do I'll be able to let you know if he could have committed the murder." Maura replied.

Jane's memory took her back through the last 24 hours. They were currently at a gala event with many young beautiful girls and staring men. Maura wore a flattering black and white dress while Jane displayed her usual attire, sticking out like a red thumb. They weren't here undercover, they were here to arrest a suspect. That's what Jane told Maura when she criticized her attire.

They were looking for Kevin Jay Lewis, an assumed alias, but they had a clear picture of his face from a street camera.

A dead girl had been found on the west side of town. Upon Maura's examination she had been missing for nearly 7 years and had clear signs of repeated physical and sexual abuse. Jane and Korsak had theorized that she had been a victim of sex trafficking.

After several hours of dead ends, they finally found the street camera placing Kevin Jay with their victim the same day that she was found murdered. Because of the unique cause of death, Maura had determined that only a six and a half foot person or taller could have created the fatal wound. This person also would be left handed and should have at least minor marks from the altercation.

The DNA Maura found under the victim's nails was inconclusive and based on the street camera they could not determine if Kevin Jay fit the specific criteria to have committed this murder. His alias drivers license and other personal information was less than useful to confirm or rule out the suspect.

Thanks to Nina and her analyst skills she was able to track Kevin Jay to the gala. Jane couldn't prove it, but she had her suspicions that this event was to scope out potential targets. Maura had elected to come with Jane to the event to confirm if he was capable of this murder, while Frankie and Vince sat in a car outside the building listening for the go ahead. They didn't want too many red thumbs sticking out to scare the guy away before they could get close enough to him.

Just as the thought passed through she heard Frankie in her ear. "Jane, listen to this, Nina found something. Have you heard of the sex trafficking ring commonly referred to as 'Whiplash'?"

Jane looked at Maura so it looked like she was speaking to her. "Yes, but there hasn't been any activity from them in years. It's a cold case."

Maura's brow furrowed, only Jane could speak with the other detectives.

"Well, the marking that Maura found on our victim-" Jane shuddered as she remembered seeing the branding. It was made with a cattle iron like farmers did with their animals. "Nina just confirmed that it's linked to Whiplash."

Unfortunately a mark like that meant life in the ring or a brutal death, that much was evident.

"What a comeback, did Nina find any relation between Kevin Jay and Whiplash?"

"She's still searching, but nothing right now." Frankie replied.

"What was so special about this victim that it brought Whiplash back to the surface." Jane muttered rhetorically.

"We'll let you know when we find anything else." Korsak added.

Jane looked back at Maura. "Let's split up and see if we can't find this guy. You go over there and check those rooms and I'll check these. Meet back here in 5 minutes, if he's in there you come find me and we'll go get him together, okay?"

Maura nodded her head in agreement and turned to look in the rooms Jane had pointed to. Maura slipped in the first room and let her eyes scan the crowd. She was looking for a larger man, probably around 260 pounds and hopefully taller than 6 feet 5 inches. He would have dark hair and a round face, it wasn't much to go off of but the picture was clear enough she'd be able to pick him out of a crowd.

After a few minutes of looking to no avail, Maura moved to the next room. Again she scanned the crowd. Her attention was brought to i a man that moved to her side. In many ways he looked to be the opposite of the man she was currently searching for. The man opened his mouth to speak to Maura, she couldn't help but stare at his bright blue eyes.

"Are you okay? Is there something I can help you with?" The man's lips pursed into a small smile.

"Oh, no-no I'm okay, thank you." Maura replied with a soft smile before returning her gaze back to the crowd.

"Are you sure? It looks like you're looking for someone. I'm a regular at these events and I may be able to help you."

This should have been Maura's first red flag, Jane has shared her suspicion of the event with Maura while in the car on the way over, even so she lacked the time to reconsider his words.

He could sense the hesitation in Maura's stance. "By the way, my name is Noah." He reached his hand out to shake Maura's.

Maura mimicked the offer. "Maura, nice to meet you."

"Maura, what a beautiful name." Noah smiled, his perfect pearly whites showed.

Maura blushed and lightly smiled. "Thank you."

"So who are you looking for?"

Maura turned her head back to see if she could see Jane through the door opening, she couldn't see the tall detective, she must not be done scanning the other rooms. She turned her head back to look at his blue eyes, only hesitating for a second before replying.

"Well, I'm looking for a tall man. I think his name is Kevin?"

Noah's head bobbed up and down, Maura didn't notice the slight wrinkle in his eye at the mention of his name. "Yes, I know Kevin. I saw him walk over here just a moment ago. Let me show you." He grabbed Maura's forearm and began to lead her towards the back door.

Maura fought against his grip, trying to turn back towards the doorway, "oh I've got to grab my friend first."

Noah's grip increased and he gave Maura a tight closed lip smile while he leaned in close enough for his breath to hit Maura's cheek. "Really, I insist. It's no problem."

Only one more push and Noah had Maura pushed out the back door. Maura stumbled and fought to regain her balance within a second she felt a sharp pain at the base of her neck followed by total and complete darkness.

Jane had been waiting back where she left Maura for several minutes.

"Never should have split up." Jane mumbled under her breath while the panic rose through her throat and she stalked over to the room Maura last entered.

"What was that?" Frankie replied into Jane's ear piece.

Jane neglected to repeat herself as she realized Maura was nowhere in sight. She turned to the nearest stranger, her curly waves accenting her shoulders.

"Hey, have you seen a woman wearing a black and white dress?"

The man turned back to her with with piercing blue eyes. "Did she have sort of a strawberry blonde hair color?"

"Yes! Have you seen her?"

The man nodded his head and pointed. "I saw her walk out that back door."

Jane nodded her head thanks as she headed towards the door. Her thoughts raced through her head as she wondered why Maura would have left the building without her.

Jane's stomach dropped as she stepped out the back door and saw Maura lying face down on the cold ground. Her hair fell to one side with wet ends saturated in blood. Her body completely still, unconscious, and the blood trail led to her neck. Jane barely made out the start of Maura's, when she felt a similar pain drag her into the same darkness.