Chapter 11: Closure

"So they've been arrested?" Maura questioned as she stood at the nurses station next to Jane and Korsak.

Korsak nodded. "And they turned on Madame Claude like that." He said with a snap of his fingers and a gleaming grin. "We'll get her and when we do, she'll never see the light of day again."

Jane and Maura couldn't help but share a similar small smile of relief with each other.

Jane looked back at the young nurse and passed over the last of her discharge papers.

"Is there anything else you need from us or are we good to go?" Jane asked.

The nurse smiled and grabbed the papers, her eyes glancing down the first page.

"You're good to go. Take it easy and call if you have any questions or problems."

Jane smiled as her response with a curt nod and fell in line with Maura and Korsak as they moved to leave the hospital.

"Angela is waiting in the car to take both of you to Maura's place." Korsak added.

Jane couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"At least she didn't come in and sign the discharge papers herself." Jane muttered.

Maura chuckled.

Jane turned her head towards Maura as the laugh died down and she closed her lips. She couldn't help but notice the ugly bruises that covered parts of her face and she cringed to think about the ones beneath her clothes. Her heart pinched and she physically hurt for the pain and sorrow Maura and her went through. She never wanted Maura to feel scared or broken ever again.

She brought her attention back to the front as they stepped through the exit and the warm sun caressed her skin. .

The bruises would fade, but she didn't know how long it would take for the internal ones to go away.

"This is the one you want to do?" The man said, referencing the black and white picture of the healer symbol tattoo design. The symbol represented healing and Jane couldn't think of a better way to cover up such a horrible part of her past.

The symbol was simple but powerful. It looked kind of like a flower, but the stem swirled and had multiple lines. The petals were typical, but the center of the flower swirled around itself and out the top into a flame. Despite how it sounds, it was a very beautiful and unique design. Something that fit both Maura and Jane's individual personalities perfectly.

Before this, she knew Maura never would have gotten a tattoo, but she enjoyed seeing this side of her. Maybe it wasn't so bad that everything happened. Maybe they'd be okay.

Jane looked back at Maura with a smirk.

"Yeah that's the one."

They each took a seat next to each other while two tattoo artists moved to their sides. Jane pulled up her shirt to reveal the branding she had so brutally received. Maura followed her lead and the two tattoo artists began to prep the area.

"I've never gotten a tattoo before, should I be scared?" Maura asked.

"The only thing you should be scared of is my mother when she sees them." Jane replied sarcastically.

Jane turned her head towards Maura, this time her complexion serious. "You don't have to get it if you don't want to. I just never want to see this mark again."

Maura nodded her head. "I want to. Let's do it."

They would have hard days, probably a lot at the beginning, but as time goes on this symbol will remind them of how resilient they are rather than the difficulty of the trauma. It will stand proud and remain forever, just like Maura and Jane's unbreakable bond.


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