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Chapter One -Death was my true birth

* Unknown Location, Unknown Time *

Two men sped through the air. Their bodies flashed in and out of existence. A by product of the inexplainable speeds to which they moved. Their fists clashing and striking against a third person. All three sported bruises, cuts and abrasions all over their bodies. Clothes torn and bloody, none of the three seemed concerned though as they fought with every single iota of energy, every minuscule fibre of their beings. Raging auras of white flared around them, spluttering into and out of existence, as if struggling to maintain the power that was required to fuel them. For one man the aura flashed gold periodically before dying out. A clear attempt to draw at power and stamina that was just no longer there. A right cross from the golden wielder crashed into his target driving the grey skinned man back through a floating lump of stone. The solid composite shattered and the three men drove on, carried ever forward by their momentum into the abyss of endless darkness that lay before them. It appeared that they would move on forever when they vanished.

Reappearing in a set of stepped seats far above the shattered remains of what was once an arena floating in a vast void of nothingness. Twenty three individuals sat upon the steps in two groups. A lone figure remained on a fragment of the obliterated fighting stage. The figure hung by a single hand to a piece of floating material barely larger then a house brick, just enough to hold a single foot. With the last vestiges of strength and finesse the figure maneourved and stood, perched on one foot. His alabaster skin shining in the light despite and in contrary to the many bloody and deep injuries that he had sustained. His tail hung at an odd angle, an indication of being broken. The grin that covered his face betrayed a series of emotions. Pride and elation at surviving. Something sinister barely concealed behind that.

A voice spoke from above and all those present looked up toward a regal figure with light blue skin, immaculate features and pristine clothing standing on a small circular platform above all others. An air of pure authority exuded from the less than imposing male figure, as if he drew at a power far beyond the physical.

"You are the victor of the Tournament of Power. Speak now your wish."

His words came out in a simple, soft voice that showed no emotion to the matter.

The figure still standing spoke immediately. He knew what he wanted. The words already planned out.

"Invulnerability, eternal life and the power to slaughter the dirty monkeys." He spoke clearly, loudly and with malicious intent.

The man above nodded slowly before turning to look behind himself at two seated figures, both identical and both dressed in attire of a regal manner, sat upon ornate thrones.. They were small, blue skinned, with child like features. Their expressions had been previously jovial. Humanoid faces that could resonate with anyone when happy yet now appeared completely alien. The cheer they held gone, replaced only by an intense stare that spoke of a ruler making an undesirable choice. A hint of sadness could be seen in their eyes. They were one and the same being, two versions of a signal entity from different times, the grand god of all, the Omni king. A moment passed before being of the current time spoke.

"Selfish." A simple word but then everything vanished. Nothing, not even total darkness remained in the now perfectly empty void.

* Outside Kuoh Academy, Kuoh Town *
A young man walked along the footpath toward the main gates of Kuoh Academy. He appeared as most boys do in their mid-teenage years, having recently turned fifteen. He sported scruffy spiky dark brown hair almost black in nature, that no matter how he attempted to tame it, seemed to have a will of its own and stubbornly refused to bow down to any of his attempts at grooming, deep dark brown eyes and lightly tanned fair skin that was lucky enough to have not been ravaged by acne.

For this boy the brick work walls were as unresponsive to him as the students that passed him. He had lived in Kuoh town nearly his entire life and hardly anyone knew he was here, in fact it would be fair to say that he blended into a crowd almost too well. He did not stand out in any regard that would bring attention onto himself, almost the epitome of being banal. He was a good student but not the best. A decent athlete but not the most skillful. Attractive to look at but not outstandingly handsome. In his school uniform of a white button up shirt, dark dress pants and embroidered blazer he was just another nameless face in the crowd. This would make some feel down but if he was being honest with himself, that was how he liked it. The last thing he wanted to do was to ever call attention to himself. This however wasn't due to him being overly shy, he was a touch self-conscious, but he had good measure to be. Sometimes odd things happened to him. Things that he couldn't explain or fathom a reason for, and always when his emotions got the better of him. It had occurred almost two dozen times in his life and each was easily enough to reinforce in himself that he didn't want the hassle of the spotlight to expose him to the world.

Entering through the main wrought iron gates of the School, the boy heard a loud ruckus, even before he saw the cause of the commotion he knew who had caused it. Matsuda Gen and Motohama Shinya, or as they were referred to in the school, the perverted duo. The two boys ran past with looks of mirth and terror in equal parts across their faces, being chased by a group of furious girls in sporting attire, most likely for doing something foolish, inappropriate and immoral again. The boy just ignored them and continued on his way into the large well kept school building. Once inside the main building he moved directly toward his home room class. He entered and took his seat near the rear window. Looking out of the second story room, he could watch as the majority of the student body moved into the building prior to the day's lessons. Today was like any other, yesterday, last week and as he assumed all future days in his tuition would be. Soon other students filled the room, both with their presence and the sound of their conversations. The sensei entered last of all and the conversations ended abruptly in a manner showing respect to their elder. The sensei began calling the role, as he read through the names, he called Issei Hyoudou,

"Present Sensei," the boy by the window replied.

Lessons for the morning concluded without any fuss or issue. Issei went to the cafeteria, bought his lunch and found a quiet table to eat it alone as usual. While he ate he observed the people around him enjoying their own food and conversation. He pondered for a moment if strange things ever occurred to them or if their lives where simple and ordinary. He then returned to his classroom to continue with his mid afternoon lessons. A rather dull and long winded literature lesson, and then he had physical education and a science double period to round out the day. At least the end of his day would be spent on subjects he enjoyed. Issei took the required notes for the literature lecture despite almost failing to stay awake at the teacher's dull, monotonous voice.

However fortunately for himself, he prevailed in remaining conscious and was happy to stretch himself as he proceeded toward the locker rooms and changed into his sporting attire, consisting of a white shirt and dark blue shorts, before he then made his way to the gymnasium and awaited for the lesson to begin. Personally this was his favourite class, something about the competition of sports and physical activity had always appealed to Issei. If he hadn't been so concerned about keeping a low profile he would have joined a sporting team with all enthusiasm, most likely baseball or football which he considered himself quite good at. The coach addressed the class and told them that, due to their good performance throughout the term so far, that today they would be playing dodge ball as a reward. Issei moved onto the basketball court with the rest of the class as the game began. Immediately he found himself enjoying every aspect of the competition.

Dodge ball was another game that Issei found he had an affinity for playing. He always seemed to be a step ahead of the opposing thrower. As the two teams whittled down to only a few members each, Issei was targeted with more frequency. Often though as the ball would be travelling through the air toward him, Issei could swear that time would slow or skip for a fraction of a second allowing him to sidestep left or right with relative ease and he even caught a few throws that most would say were quite difficult or nigh on impossible to catch. Despite this advantage though, his unease at appearing too skilled had him avoid saving other team members outright regardless of his rather competitive nature.

"Alright Hyoudou, let's see just what sort of stuff you're made of." the coach called.

Issei glanced toward the tall well-built man standing cross armed by the far gymnasium wall with the majority of the class. Some students were watching the match, others chatting in small groups having been caught or knocked out of the game. Issei now the only member of his team against the remaining three opponents ducked to his right as a red rubber ball passed by dangerously close to his left shoulder and simultaneously leaned back at his hips so that he could dodge a white stripped ball. As the stripped ball passed by, Issei shot his right hand out, snatching the ball from the air and bringing the opposing team down to just two.

Issei stood up straight and looked at his remaining opponents, one with a ball in her hands and a boy standing cautiously watching Issei from his side of the court. Issei dashed toward the half way line and the girl threw her ball at him. He slid under her shot and threw his ball at her, it struck her left leg taking her out of the match. Both Issei and the other boy scrambled toward the balls closest to them. Issei grabbed a ball and twisted his body around to look at his opposition just in time to be hit in the chest by his opponent's ball. Issei dropped his ball, his competitive side disappointed at his loss whilst his cautious side was glad to avoid the cheering and clapping of the rest of the class. A few students still spoke well of his efforts and offered mild congratulations.

Class ended shortly after the balls and cones used to mark the field of play were returned to the storage room. Issei moved towards the locker rooms to change. He deliberately trailed behind some of the class as he did so. As he walked, Issei noticed a girl to the side of the class staring toward him. Or was it at him, he couldn't really tell. Issei chanced a glance toward the girl as he entered the change room. She was a rather pretty girl, a bit shorter then himself with a slim figure, long black hair and her violet eyes were definitely staring directly at him this time, in an almost hypnotic way. Issei only let the girls gaze trouble him for a few minutes before he ignored it and told himself to stop worrying over nothing. He showered quickly before changing back into his uniform and leaving the locker room. Exiting he took a long glance around and confirmed that he was in fact alone.

As Issei entered the science lab he found that most of the class had already assembled, only a few students were still making their way inside. He placed his belongings into a small row of cages to the back of the room that were used to house personal effects during practical lessons like today's. With the class finally assembled, the instructor spoke up. A tall woman in her late thirties with auburn hair and a fake tanned complexion that seemed to contrast rather abruptly.

"Today will be conducted in pairs, each of you pair up. I will give you a few minutes. Then I need each pair at a station with a complete set of equipment. I will give you all five minutes. Go."

Her words prompted chaos as students began pairing up and grabbing items in a seemingly random manner. Issei moved to the equipment cabinet first and collected what he would need. As per each of these lessons, he would either be paired up with someone at the end who also hadn't found a partner or simply work alone. He had just finished setting up all of the equipment and opened the laminated work sheets for today's lecture when a soft voice spoke from beside him.

"Excuse me", the voice said with an edge of timidness.

Issei turned toward the source of the voice and was taken aback to be looking at the same girl who had been staring at him in the gymnasium. She stood in the school uniform but Issei couldn't say that he had ever seen her before today. He was wholly unaware that she was also a member of his science class.

"Do you have a partner for today?" the girl asked, still seeming rather timid.

Her left leg fidgeting nervously as she peered at him with her eyes that took on a quality of very doe like innocence.

"Oh, ah no. Would you like to join me?" Issei said in as friendly a voice as he could.

He wasn't an antisocial person and enjoyed the company of others. He was just always paranoid that something strange would occur and he would find himself in a compromised position. As such he found himself keeping a solitary disposition.

"Thanks," the girl stated in a sunnier voice as she placed her own laminated sheets, notebook and pens on the desk beside him before she offered her hand to him,

"My names Yuuma, Yuuma Amano. I'm new to school here." the girl, now known as Yuuma, said with a happy grin while Issei shook her hand.

The lecture began shortly after the pair had introduced themselves and Issei took notes as best he could. The instructor spoke at a rapid pace whilst scribbling diagrams and instructions across two chalk boards and four whiteboards. The science lessons were always like this. Many students theorised that the science teacher, whilst brilliant and equally eccentric, was often timing herself and trying to cram as much information as she could into each period of study. Both he and Yuuma had found themselves having to multitask to take down all the required notes whilst also completing as much of the chemical compounds that they were instructed to make. Despite that, Issei found that conversation flowed quite easily between himself and the pretty girl. She asked friendly questions about his likes and dislikes whilst offering up things about herself in a open and relaxed manner. She began speaking about a band that she enjoyed when the vial that she was pouring a translucent fluid into began to release a rather noxious steam.

"Miss Amano that is too much chloric acid. Let it calm down before you try that one again." the instructor called before Issei heard Yuuma acknowledge and turned to him before she poured out the mixture into the work bench's small stainless steel sink.

"Ah haha, I seem to have botched that one," she offered with a cute grin to Issei.

Issei smiled back with a chuckle to his own voice as he replied,

"Yeah, well I don't think it will matter. Class is almost over."

Confirming his response with a look to the clock herself, Yuuma cleaned out the vial as the instructor spoke out to the class.

"Well that seems to be time for today class. All of you are to review all the notes taken today and prepare to continue with practical components next week. Return all compounds to the cabinets, clean the vials and have a good weekend."

With her commitments to the class complete the instructor began packing her own possessions and erasing her boards whilst the class returned the classroom to a reset state. Individual pairs began leaving to head home or enjoy their afternoons as they finished packing the school property away.

Issei packed the last beaker away and stood up to move to the cages with his items when he noticed Yuuma standing by their workbench with her bag and simply waiting for him. A small smile on her face as their eyes met.

"This was fun Issei." she stated in a soft and slightly nervous voice before continuing, "I'm not usually very good at science. Thanks for making it enjoyable."

Issei couldn't help but find himself smiling at her as he replied, "Yeah I had a good time too."

He wasn't really sure where else to take the comment but was glad when she continued.

"So like I said earlier, I only just moved into town with my family. Would you like to maybe show me around, if its not too much trouble?" her voice wavered as she asked and Issei could tell that she was becoming shy. The rosiness to her cheeks being a further indicator.

"Sure," he replied before really thinking it through.

Nothing weird had happened during their time together so far and what could the harm be of showing her around town,

"Did you want me to show you around everything from the train or," he began but Yuuma cut him off with a slight giggle and her cheeks flushing further.

"I think you misunderstand." A small giggle in her voice,

"I'll be a little more direct. I meant would you like to go on a date with me?" she both stated and asked whilst looking down before looking up and locking eyes with him.

Her eyes taking on the appearance of innocence and vulnerability that was wholly entrancing.

Issei found himself agreeing to the date before his mind could even comprehend just what she had said.

"Awesome then meet me at the fountain in the park at lunch time tomorrow, ok." Yumma responded with a large smile whilst Issei simply nodded as his brain played catch up with what had just occurred. The girl gave him one final smile before spinning on her heels and exiting the classroom rapidly.

It was only once she had left that Issei felt as if he had regained full use of his mental faculties. Somehow he had found himself booked in for a date. How exactly that had occurred, his brain seemed quite unable to piece together. He thought for a moment and a soft smile crept up onto his face. Maybe this would be a good thing. After all, he did like girls. She was friendly, charming and quite attractive. Any boy would be bonkers not to accept the date. Still that gnawing tingle at the back of his mind worried about something odd happening but Issei decided to push it down. Smother it in the happy feeling that was flooding through him.

As he made his way home, his mind ticked over how he would do the date tomorrow. Even if it was only a one off, he wanted it to go well. Some planning was in order.

* Gremory Mansion, Hell *
Rias Gremory lay stretched out across the thick velvet cushions of an ornate three seat sofa in the spacious hallway of the enormous mansion that her family lived in along with her brother's wife, many servants and the other de-facto members of their family. She was a tall and stunningly beautiful young woman of sixteen years old. She had a gorgeous slim figure with a full bosom, pale porcelain skin, long elegantly flowing red hair and sparkling aquamarine eyes. She was currently finishing off her algebra homework whilst texting her best friend, Akeno Himejima, the text conversation flowing easily between the pair as it always did while Rias ignored any flirtatious innuendo that the other girl included. It was just who her best friend was and Rias wouldn't change her for anything, it helped to distract her from the frustration of being forced to invest so much time into human studies that she felt probably wouldn't have all that much bearing on her adult life but in the end, there wasn't much that she could do about it. Even in her position, her parents had insisted that she complete all the academic studies of both human and devil societies. They envisioned her future as a noble with a very well rounded understanding of both the worlds to which she could inhabit. Rias' own diligent nature also forced her to never accept not striving for perfect, even in endeavours that she didn't truly enjoy.

Her thoughts were disrupted as her brother called out to her, "Ah there you are Rias." Sirzechs' voice boomed in a way that was both loud but also caring and kind. Rias looked up to see her brother approaching with his wife, Grayfia Lucifuge, and best friend, Ajuka Beelzebub. Both Sirzechs and Ajuka formed part of the highest echelons of Devil society, being two of the four ruling Satans. The remaining two rulers of hell not present in this trio were Serafall Leviathan, the older sister of a close friend to Rias and the ever lazy Falbium Asmodeus. Sirzechs stood tall, with a powerful build and shared the same red hair and aquamarine eyes on his handsome face as the rest of the Gremory family. Grayfia to the left side of him stood as tall as Rias with a beautiful figure, pristine skin, long silver hair and eyes. To the right of Sirzechs, Ajuka stood just under his height with swept back green hair and blue eyes.

Rias smiled toward her brother's group,

"You wanted to see me?" she asked with keen interest as she stood up out of respect.

"Yes indeed," Sirzechs began, his tone almost overly refined and letting Rias know that this was an official visit but with the soft edge that an older brother always reserves for his younger sister.

"You see Ajuka has made something rather unique and rare. A one of a kind invention and so I was thinking that you might be just the perfect person to test them out."

Rias' eyebrows rose in pleasant surprise as she stepped closer to the group. Ajuka was know for being imaginative and innovative far beyond what most scholars of Hell could achieve, having the eccentric Satan devise something specifically for her was a boon she would not pass up on.

Ajuka reached into a pocket on the inside of his jacket and withdrew a small white leather box with a polished golden ornate latch shaped into a rams skull. He unclasped the latch and opened it for Rias to see inside.

Rias looked into the box and saw a set of chess pieces, all a deep royal purple in colour. Each pulsed slightly with a silvery sheen and vibrated in the fabric recess to which they sat. She looked toward her brother in mild confusion.

"I already have a set of evil pieces though," she spoke mildly and with no offence meant in her voice.

It was Ajuka who spoke next, his voice filled with barely contained excitement. "Ah but you see Rias, these aren't strictly evil pieces. I've changed them. Through tireless work and much hardship on my behalf I have been able to infuse these pieces with the purest form of energy, true Ki."

Rias listened but was taken off guard. What had he meant by the purest energy and true Ki?

Her confusion must have read plainly on her face as Grayfia stepped into the conversation.

"As you know the energy we use to form our magic, manipulate and enchant matter, power our technology and enhance our lives comes from the Shoki. Our mind Energy. Ajuka has discovered two more parts to the energy that reside in every living thing but are far more difficult to detect, control and manipulate, The Genki, or body's vigour and Yuki. Which I don't even really understand."

Ajuka could barely contain himself as he continued to fill the gaps in the knowledge of those present.

"The Yuki is the mental courage of a being. Something intangible that is oh so difficult to measure. Without it though, the link between the Shoki and Genki has been missing for millennia. It was discovering the methods to harness and manipulate portions of Yuki that has allowed everything I have achieved here. But I still haven't explained why this is all so exciting." His voice trailed out as if building for a dramatic pause before he continued on.

"You see, recent developments have had Sirzechs and I researching into the most ancient accounts of magical and energy manipulation. Vague references to the use of more powerful energies, vastly more powerful energies encouraged us. With that encouragement we now believe we have harnessed some of that power into these pieces, pieces that contain all three elements, the Shoki, Yuki and Genki or in layman's terms, the purest Ki or True Ki." Ajuka finished his burst with a shortness of breathe and the almost wild look of a man who had stumbled upon something he believed would change the world.

Rias listened intently to their words, enraptured to learn of something so potent that she knew nothing about. Another thought entered her mind and she spoke it, "How did you put this purest Ki into the pieces though?"

Ajuka smiled wryly and chuckled softly, "Very very excruciatingly slowly and with a lot of difficulty." His words almost a sign of how much this undertaking had drained him.

"I have brought this to you for two reasons," Sirzechs spoke to Rias, "Firstly we believe these pieces will only affect someone who is already able to utilise the three aspects of purest Ki. To be used for a regular reincarnation we believe would be a failure or worse cause a mutated and dangerous rogue to be born. Fortunately enough Ajuka has also built a small device."

With this said, he tapped the side of the white box causing a panel to open revealing a round compass like object before closing the panel again,

"That device allows us to scan small areas of about two or three city blocks for heightened signs of the three elements of Ki. A person displaying growth in all three, especially Yuki would be the ideal candidate. As it would happen I took the liberty of scanning Kuoh and such a spike was seen. Almost minimally from where I was but a spike none the less."

Rias listened and understood why her brother would wish to avoid the development of a potentially dangerous rogue. It seemed only prudent to utilise this development with care. She couldn't quite work out why he would want her to have it though.
"But why me?" she asked politely.

Sirzechs smirked, "Simple, my second reason. I thought that perhaps the people you chose to utilise these pieces on would undoubtedly be strong and might help you out of your unfortunate predicament. I can not directly intervene however perhaps with enough strength you could bend circumstances into your favour. So, what do you say?"

She thought for a moment and then nodded.
Sirzechs indicated that she should take up the king piece and as she did, Rias felt a rush a pure unbridled energy run through her body before the piece vanished and Ajuka closed the box to the rest of the set. He buckled the latch and handed it to Rias.

"I am excited to see how you go with these new pieces Rias". The excitement was close to overflowing in his voice again.

Rias nodded again, feeling both energised and suddenly winded from in taking the Ki king piece. A thin sweat broke out on her forehead and an urge to sleep rose rapidly in her.
"Brother, may I be excused now? I feel rather tired and wish to rest." Rias almost struggled with the words.

"Of course, of course." Sirzechs voice filled with compassion for his little sister.

Rias bid farewell to Grayfia and Ajuka before making her way toward her bedroom and heading directly to her bed. She didn't bother to shower or change, laying down in the outfit she had worn since arriving home and was asleep the absolute moment her head reached her soft satin pillow.

* Central Park, Kuoh Town *

Today had been a wonderful day for Issei. He had arrived at the park a bit early as he didn't want to risk the chance of being late. He wore a pair of cream chino style pants, dark tight fit under shirt and a lavender collared shirt over the top that he left open.
On his way to the date, he stopped by a florist and purchased a small bouquet of yellow and orange tulips. He wasn't so much a fan of the act of giving flowers but felt that turning up with a small gift would help to alleviate his nerves and it seemed to be, while cliché, an unwritten law as the right thing to do.

Yuuma arrived shortly after Issei wearing a beautiful pink dress with a white bow tied in her long hair. The dress sat perfectly on Yuuma displaying quite a bit of cleavage and Issei had to quickly remind himself to look only at her face. Women like gentlemen, not perverts.

Yuuma was delighted by Issei's gift of flowers and the pair went quickly on their way. The two went from shop to shop browsing through all the items that they had on display. They then played games in the local arcade and Issei managed to win a small blue plushie teddy bear which he gave to Yuuma.
As they waited in line at an ice cream parlour, Issei asked Yuuma why she had asked him out, he was no doubt glad that she had but was a bit curious.

"Well, like I said at school. I'm new but that doesn't mean I can't get to know a cute guy while also learning the town." She said softly while looking down and Issei found his cheeks burning rosily at her response. She seemed to flick between immensely shy and confidently assertive in an almost unpredictable fashion. A silence filled between them as they waited to receive their sweets.

After eating their ice creams the pair continued on their way and began meandering through the flower patches of the park hand in hand. Conversation flowed lightly between the two and Issei was getting more confident with talking to her with each passing minute. The park was situated roughly in the centre of the town and so Issei was able to point out landmarks and places of interest as the strolled along. He found her so entrancing that he almost failed to notice an ominous glimmer of light shine through the air as the walked deeper into the park. The air seemed to grow heavier, drier and the soft breeze that had been present throughout the day ended abruptly. Something primal within him took notice of this and raised his suspicions but instantly it was pushed aside by his consciousness, his full attention being returned to the beautiful young woman who accompanied him.

The sun started to dip on the horizon as the dating duo found themselves back in front of the fountain almost perfectly central to the park where they started the day from. Yuuma stopped walking and Issei turned to face her. They were alone in the park and Issei couldn't help but notice that this seemed to be a rather romantic situation to find themselves in.
"Issei do you feel comfortable with me?" Yuuma asked as she stepped in close to him.

"Yeah, I uh … I do" Issei half choked out. His mind racing. He was becoming a bit flustered by her proximity. Was he about to have his first kiss? The date had gone well and he wasn't going to say no if she wanted to cement it with a kiss. A smile crossed Yuuma's lips as she looked down. Something tingled in Issei's mind. The smile wasn't right.

"Can you do something for me?" Yuuma asked with her face becoming more shadowed. Her hair falling forward over her face, completely obscuring her features from Issei's sight. Before he could respond, she continued.

"Well then, would you die for me?" the words left Yuuma's mouth and Issei's mind paused. Wait had he heard that right.

"Sorry. What?!" Issei asked. His voice broken with clear confusion as he looked toward Yuuma's lowered, hidden face.

"Would you die for me?" Yuuma spoke the words, her voice taking on the sharp tone of murderous intent. Time slowed briefly to a standstill for Issei and his instincts told him to move. Almost without any mental input Issei's body tried to move to the left.

A sharp searing pain entered Issei's right gut and he looked down, his eyes widening in shock. A long bright lilac spear of light had pierced his abdomen and now impaled entirely through his body, protruding from his lower back mere centimetres from his spinal cord.
Issei staggered as his nerves fired off and registered the excruciating pain he was now feeling.

Issei looked up and the shocks continued as the girl standing before him was very much different to the one who had stood before him in the previous moments. She had the same facial features as before but now her beautiful face was twisted in a malevolent grimace with sadistic pleasure clearly written all over her face. Her dress was gone, replaced by bands of black cloth that barely covered any of her body and left very little to the imagination. It would have been alluring if she wasn't trying to kill him. But the part that stunned Issei the most was the large black feathery wings that bloomed from her back.

"Quick aren't we, you disgusting little rodent." Yuuma spat at Issei, her words harsh with clear contempt dripping from her each syllable.

"I will kill you this time."

Another spear of light appeared in her hands but as she went to thrust it through Issei, time slowed for him again. However it lasted far longer then he had ever experienced it before. Despite that he couldn't move. Fear held him. He had never been in a fight in his entire life, let alone one for his very survival. The spear inched closer toward him when a loud, guttural voice spoke from no where and yet seemed to speak from everywhere.

"Move you idiot."

The words were harsh but not vindictive. The intrusive sound shook Issei from his frozen like state and he dived to his right. Adrenaline allowing his body to move although his pain receptors flared greatly at every movement his body made no matter how small.

The spear passed harmlessly over him and the voice spoke again.

"Fight back you fool. The ancient blood of true warriors flows through you. Use it."

The instructions made no sense to Issei but he was still able to roll back onto his feet. It seemed for naught though as a weight crashed against him driving him into the ground. Yuuma had tackled him and was now above him. Her knees crushing his pelvis. A hand splayed and pushing down on his chest. Whilst another was holding a menacing dagger of the same light she had already impaled him with. Where exactly it had come from, like the spears, Issei had no idea. What he did know though was that for such a small girl, her strength was unbelievably immense and, he could feel his breathe shortening as his very lungs and chest were being crushed under the power of her hand.

Yuuma raised the dagger and plunged it down at Issei. He was going to die now. The last thing he would see was going to be her malicious face. His instincts screamed at him to fight back. To survive. To live. Issei thrust his arms up and caught her forearm, stopping her hand as it came down toward him. The blade of energy coming to a halt mere inches from his flesh.

Issei started to feel a surge through his body. A power rushing and flooding in his veins. The power came with a violent heat that coursed into his every muscle fibre. A heat so intense that it felt powerful enough to melt steel and yet cool and inviting enough for him to touch. If he had the time to describe it, he would not have been able to. Regardless though, Issei was too preoccupied with fighting for his life to worry about the particulars of the strange new sensation. With a rough primal grunt Issei began pushing back against the psychotic girl's arm. The knife slowly driven back and away from his flesh. He dropped his left hand from her arm and felt the heat pouring into his palm as he drove the hand instinctively into her abdomen, trying to force her off and put space between them.

"Release your Ki." the guttural voice commanded again still from everywhere and yet no where.

Issei pushed his left hand hard into Yuuma, with the palm sliding up and fingers grasping onto her rib cage, whilst still focusing on keeping the blade at bay as his assailant continued to focus on forcing it downward, pressure began to channel and building in his left hand. Without understanding how, Issei felt his body releasing the building and burning energy through his palm into the exposed flesh of the girl.

A flash of bright light and the smell of burning flesh, melting leather and incinerated feathers filled the air. The weight on Issei vanished as Yuuma stumbled backward off of him. A large vicious swathe of burnt and sundered skin on the soft flesh abdomen and rib cage where his hand had been pushing. Thick blisters already forming on her once smooth and pristine skin.

"You, argh. You worthless bastard." she half spat and half screamed at him as he scampered and pulled himself up onto his feet.

Yuuma paused for a second as Issei extended his left hand toward her, pain evident on her face from the wound she had suffered. Issei's fingers were splayed toward her and curled slightly. Inside his palm a white and blue energy swirled and began to rage in his hand like a small ragged inferno no larger then a baseball.

Yuuma spread her wings and took to the sky. "It doesn't matter if I can't claim your power now, you will die soon anyway and that will be one less potential thorn in our side." With those last words fired toward him, she soared away.

In moments she had left his sight and with the threat gone, so did Issei's adrenaline and fatigue overwhelmed him. The swirling mass in his hands evaporated into nothingness and Issei felt his body go from burning hot and energised to cold, clammy and exhausted as he collapsed backwards. The hard concrete ground causing him to grimace further as the pain from his penetrating wound became almost unbearable. The urge to vomit rising and bile filling his mouth. Trying to concentrate, to find a way to survive, Issei pressed both of his hands into the deep wound in stomach, he could feel the stickiness of the vast amount of blood that he had lost and was now covering his abdomen and lower body. He desperately tried to stop the bleeding with pressure, it was the only thing he could think of yet his thoughts began to escape him as his vision tunneled in and dimmed. The edges turning grey and black as a mass of red hair filled his vision and a pretty face with aquamarine eyes looked onto him before he slipped into a lack of consciousness.

*Central Park, Kuoh Town, Ten minutes prior *

Rias had awoken that day feeling invigorated after the exhaustion that overtook her from the intake of the purple Ki king piece. She had decided to dub them her 'Ki pieces'. A simple name but simple was often the best. She could feel the energy of it flowing through her body and it had made her feel as though she could take on the world. She decided to use her new found vitality to see if she could locate a suitable subject for the gift the two Satans had bestowed upon her. With a full new set of pieces Rias was keen to find at least one or two potential new members for her now extended peerage.

To that extent Rias had spent the day exploring Kuoh town with the small scanner in her palm. It sat smoothly on her hand and displayed three bars. A red bar for Shoki, yellow for Genki and blue for Yuki. Below the bars was a map of her surroundings out to three city blocks with a blip for each person. Each blip showed a tiny ring of each colour that blended almost together into one for each human indicating no noticeable difference in power from one another. It was well into the afternoon when Rias noticed two blips moving around with different indicators. The first had a heightened Shoki much like her own. She knew that this wasn't a member of her peerage or a fellow devil and so suspected another supernatural being, hoping it wasn't an angel.

The second however caught her attention. All three elements were higher than any other human around. Significantly so. Not to the height of the potential angel's Shoki but vastly greater than those around them.

Rias tracked down the pair and after a moment of scrutiny was able to recognise them. It was a boy from her school whose name she couldn't place and a girl whom she knew had only recently transferred into the area. The girl's appearance instantly gave Rias misgivings though as there was simply an aura to her that the red headed girl found off putting. The girl registered on the device as having the enhanced Shoki and that alone almost guaranteed to Rias with the unpleasant aura of her, that she was an angel, explaining her instant mistrust and dislike of her as well.

The boy however she could not place. She had seen him a few times but had always taken him for just another human. She decided to observe the pair and stayed far enough to be unseen but close enough to observe what was happening.

So far nothing had peaked her interest as she followed them around town, the day being rather boring for her. Trailing around a couple on a date wasn't exactly her idea of an accomplished Saturday. Now the couple were standing together by the central park fountain. Despite her enhanced hear, Rias couldn't hear what they were saying but could see the romantic situation they were in and their lips moving. She moved to approach and found an almost translucent barrier preventing her from entering the park area. She grimaced as she realised that she had been too distracted in watching them interact so much that she hadn't seen the angel raise it. She began to channel her destruction magic into a coin sized ball of crimson and black energy so as to pierce the angel's defensive measure when she felt a vibrating and rattling in the bag over her shoulder. She stopped and opened her bag. The white box containing the new pieces given to her by Ajuka were rattling and bouncing around violently among her other belongings.

Rias cursed as she had been aware that she had been distracted and looked up with her eyes widening into shock and frustration, the boy was bleeding heavily whilst dodging a spear of light. He moved very fast to react to the spear and it impressed her given his wounded state. His movement was for naught though as the girl, now dressed in a rather slutty outfit that Rias rolled her eyes at, tackled into him, driving him to the ground. Her knees crushed down onto his hips while a hand kept his torso in check. As she pinned the wounded boy to the spot, she summoned an energy blade in her free hand. Rias looked on with extreme disgust at her black wings, just as she suspected, an angel but even worse, a fallen angel. Rias had been right to distrust her.

Rias knew that if she was going to find out about this boy's strange readings then she would need to act fast and save him. She refocused the small mass of her power, the Gremory family power of destruction, into her hand before pressing it into the barrier. The magical construct was more efficient then she expected with it sparking and holding up against her for a few moments before shattering. The power of her family's destruction magic known for annihilating matter instantly. As her power broke the barrier, Rias watched as the fallen angel attempted to force the cruel looking energy blade into the prone boy and was then surprised to see him push her back before a flash of brilliant light flared into existence, blinding her at the same moment as the barrier preventing her access vanished.

As her sight returned, Rias was impressed with what she saw. Somehow the boy was back on his feet with a hand pushed out toward his adversary, the palm lined up toward her. In his hand, a swirling jagged mass of white and blue energy collected. It's violent nature exuded a raw and primal power that Rias could almost feel in the air. It was astounding and gave an impression of feeling just like the pure Ki of her new pieces. How could a human be producing that sort of power, the question reverberating itself in her mind as she rushed forward toward the scene.

Before Rias could reach and intervene, the fallen angel took flight, spat a few words at the boy that Rias could hear about denying his power and then fled from the area. The boy managed to stay on his feet for a few moments more as the fallen angel vanished into the darkness before he collapsed backwards sprawled out onto the ground. The energy he was producing vanished and Rias shook herself mentally, she was just watching stupidly instead of helping him. She bound forward, closing the distance over to him in moments. Blood pooled thick on the ground around him, his skin looked clammy, pale and sweaty. He was trying desperately to staunch his wound as his eyes, lacking focus, gazed at her briefly before they rolled back and he dropped out of consciousness.

Rias knelt down beside him and pulled out her set of evil pieces by instinct. If she revived him quickly then he would heal and wouldn't need to die. She then paused and put her regular pieces away before she withdrew the white box of the Ki pieces. The box vibrated in her hands and she could feel the pieces rattling. Did they already approve of her choice in him? She grasped the latch and undid it slowly with enough care to not cause the rattling contents to spill out. She allowed the cover to fall open. At once all the pieces rose from the box and pummeled into the prone body of the boy. As they did Rias watched as his body floated up and an aura of incredible white energy flared up around him before it vanished and gravity took a hold once more, forcing his body back down onto the ground. All traces of having been impaled had vanished except for a small scar mere inches from his belly button.

His breathing appeared stable but shallow and Rias looked at him. All the pieces had gone into him. She had never seen someone take more then one type of piece before. Was it because of the strange power he had wielded? These were interesting thoughts and Rias would have to find out later but first she decided to return him to his home. She would speak with her brother and Ajuka about this afterwards.

Muttering a soft apology that she knew he couldn't hear, Rias searched his pockets before finding his wallet and phone. His phone unlocked on a swipe but didn't contain any information as to who he was, his parents listed as Mum and Dad but nothing of an address. She searched quickly for any social media before moving onto his wallet and finding his student ID.

Issei Hyoudou, a quick search on her phone found a Hyoudou family at 19 Hyoto Lane. With no other Hyoudou families listed within six hours of town, Rias made the fair assumption that she had the correct address.

Taking up his cold hand in her warm one, she channeled her magical energy, the symbol of house Gremory which consisted of three red concentric rings with a rose inside it appeared beneath the two of them and they vanished without a trace from the park.

Edited 23 December 2020