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Chapter 1

It was a night time.

Inside a small looking house, in a small town called Pallet in a Kanto region, a 10-year-old boy is preparing to start his Pokémon journey. The boy's name is Ash Ketchum. He's a boy with wild spiky black hair (like Sir Aaron's), silver eyes and a little over average height for a 10-year-old boy.

Ash's dream is to become a Pokémon master and to keep a promise he made five years ago, so he has been waiting for a long time to start his journey.

Tomorrow morning he was supposed to go to Professor Oak's lab and pick his starting Pokémon like most new trainers, but since Ash already has three Pokémon, he will not get a starter Pokemon from Professor Oak. Instead, Ash decided to leave the Pokemon for some other trainer who might show up for a starter Pokemon.

Now, if you are wondering how is it that Ash already has three Pokemon before he even started his journey, that is because when he was five-years-old, Ash had an accident in which he almost died, but was saved by someone he wasn't expecting, and that's when he found about his special powers and his role in saving the world. After that, the one who saved him gave him two Pokemon eggs to take care of, and when they hatch, they will be able to help him train to learn how to use his powers.

When he was done with packing the stuff he will be taking with him, Ash looked at his first two Pokémon and said; "I can't believe it's already been five years since we first met. I feel like it's only been yesterday." His Pokémon looked at Ash and then they also started remembering that day and what happened after.

Xxx Flashback start Xxx

Five-year-old Ash was playing in a forest in Pallet Town. He had one of his usual arguments with his friend/rival, Garry Oak, the grandson of Professor Oak, and decided to go and play alone.

Unintentionally, he made a mistake and went a little too far then he was supposed to and now he is lost. He's been trying to find he's way home for over half an hour but is unsuccessful. And then he made his second mistake that day. In his frustration because he was unable to find his way home, Ash threw a rock and hit a Spearow right on the head.

Now hitting a wild Pokémon is bad, but hitting a Spearow is REALLY bad, because they have a very nasty temper and Ash new that. So when he realized what he did Ash first paled a little, and then few seconds later, tried to apologize but it was too late.

Spearow got angry and started to screech. Its screech was heard by the other Spearow's who were there and they quickly rushed to his side. When the Spearow Ash hit told the others what happened, they all started chasing after Ash.

When Ash saw that whole flock of Spearow is after him, he started running. Ash tried to escape and was running as fast as he could but Spearow's were faster and after about 100 meters they were able to catch him.

Spearow's started attacking Ash relentlessly, and he was unable to do anything. Ash thought that this was his end and that this flock of Spearow are going to kill him, but because of some lucky coincidence, one of the Legendary Pokemon was passing by, and saw Ash lying on the ground and a flock of Spearow's attacking him relentlessly. That Pokemon was Mew, and after she saw what is going on, she decided to help Ash, and save him from the angry flock of flying-type Pokemon.

Mew quickly flew toward Ash and Spearow's while at the same time calling out for Spearow's to stop. Mew's calling got the attention of Spearow's and they all stopped attacking Ash, and looked at Mew, who flew in front of Ash, who was now lying on the ground covered in cuts, bite marks and was bleeding heavily. Mew then started ranting at the flock of Spearow's, and they just stood or floated there and said nothing, because they were all feeling a little ashamed as one of the Legendary Pokemon is berating them because they attacked a five-year-old kid like this.

Once Mew finished her rant, the entire flock bowed their heads in apology and flew away, leaving Mew alone with Ash.

While Mew was berating the Spearow's, Ash, who was still on the ground looked at what was going on since Spearow's stopped attacking him after they heard some voice. Once he looked in front of himself, he saw a small pink Pokemon he never saw before in person, but was able to recognize from some books he saw in Professor Oak's lab.

Ash was surprised by seeing Mew, as some people spent their entire lives searching for one, and here he was seeing one right in front of himself, and from the looks of it berating a whole flock of Spearow's, and he wasn't even looking to find it.

Right after Spearow's left, Ash saw Mew coming closer to him, and was now hovering right above him, while looking at him.

Ash then tried to get up slowly because he was covered in wounds, and he was afraid that if he moves to quickly some wounds might open even more, and he might lose more blood then he already did.

Once Mew saw all those wounds she used some of her aura to at least stop the bleeding, as she couldn't heal him completely as her powers can't do that.

Once Mew was finished, Ash got up slowly and started speaking. "Thank you for saving me from those Spearow's. I thought they were going to kill me."

Mew continued to look at Ash for a few more seconds before it decided to say something. "It's Ok you don't have to thank me, though you should consider yourself lucky that I was here to save you, or who knows what would happen if I wasn't," said Mew directly in Ash's head using her telepathic powers.

After hearing a voice in his head, Ash was surprised for a moment because he wasn't expecting a Pokemon to speak directly in his mind, but quickly got over it, and said. "Yeah, I guess I should consider myself lucky, though it was because I was unlucky that this happened in the first place. I mean what are the chances of me hitting a Spearow in the head with the rock I throw away in frustration?"

Hearing this, Mew laughed a little, which got a pout out of Ash, but after a few seconds she stopped and said. "I guess for everything bad that happens in the world, something good must happen to balance it out."

After that, Ash was about to walk away after he thanked Mew again for saving him, but he stopped after he heard Mew's voice.

"You know, you are very interesting human, Ash. Now that I have looked at you closer, I can see that you are very special, and that you have some powers that not many humans have."

When Ash heard this, he turned around, and looked at Mew, and after few seconds he asked. "What do you mean, what powers do I have that make me so special?"

"You see Ash, every human and Pokemon have something that's called Aura, and while Pokemon use Aura for their attacks, humans cannot use Aura, at least not all humans, since there are some who are able to use Aura, and they are known as Aura Guardians. But there are also some humans who can use Psychic powers, just like Psychic Pokemon, and there are even less of them then those who can use Aura. But you… for some reason I can sense that you are able to use both Aura and Psychic powers, you just have to awaken them and learn how to use them," Mew explained to Ash why he was special.

After Mew finished, Ash couldn't believe his ears. Ash is very smart and he has heard about Aura and Psychic powers. Ash new that all Pokémon use Aura for their attacks, and that there are some Pokémon who have Psychic powers. He also knew that there are some humans who can use Aura or Psychic powers, but he never thought that he can use both of them. After thinking for a few more moments he decided to speak. "So what now, what does that mean for me," asked Ash?

After hearing Ash's question Mew said; "I think that you are someone who is going to change this world for the better. I can tell that your potential and ability to use both Aura and Psychic powers are going to help you with that, but since they are still not awakened, I'll do it for you so you can start training right away and not waste time!"

After Mew finished speaking, she came right in front of Ash, with her small right hand stretched toward his forehead.

Mew's hand started glowing white, and then she touched Ash's forehead. After a few moments, Ash himself started glowing, his whole body was covered in blue Aura and you could also see small yellow sparks around his Aura. He could fell his powers and he was very surprised by how powerful he was. About five minutes later his Aura started getting smaller and smaller, until it was completely gone. When it was gone Ash looked at Mew, and then he asked. "Were that my Aura and Psychic powers?"

"Yes, those were your powers," Mew confirmed. "As I said before, I awakened them for you so you won't waste time training to awaken them, and now all you have to do is train to control them, and I have someone who will be perfect to help you with your training," Mew explained, and after she saw Ash's curious expression on his face, she made two Pokemon eggs appear out of nowhere, and handed them to Ash, who was staring at the eggs with wide eyes.

Ash looked at Mew, and couldn't believe that he was being given two Pokémon eggs. He took both eggs from Mew and looked at them closely. The egg in his right hand was blue in color with several black marks on it. The egg in his left hand was yellow with black marks.

"What Pokémon are going to hatch from these eggs?" Asked Ash after looking at the eggs for several minutes.

"The one in your right hand is going to hatch into Riolu. Riolu and its evolutionary form Lucario are Pokémon that are very sensitive to Aura, and are very good at using their Aura, better than most Pokémon. Almost all humans who can use Aura have Riolu or Lucario. The one in your left hand is Abra. It's a Psychic type Pokémon that will be the best at helping you improve your Psychic powers," explained Mew, before making a small pause and then continued.

"These two Pokémon are the best to help you improve your powers, and you are also supposed to help them become more powerful, as well as develop and improve their powers," finished Mew.

After hearing what Mew told him Ash commented. "Wow so these are Riolu and Abra. I heard that they are very powerful Pokémon."

"Every Pokemon is as good as its trainer, so the better you are, the better they will become. I just hope you will become what I expect you to, and not turn dark." Added Mew after she heard Ash's comment, though last part she said in her own thoughts, so Ash didn't hear her.

"I want to say thank you Mew, thank you for saving me, and for giving me these Pokémon eggs. And don't worry I'm going to start my training right after my wounds are healed, and I promise that by the time I start my journey in five years, both me and the Pokémon you gave me are going to be powerful enough so that we can help the world just as you are expecting me to." Said Ash with a conviction in his voice.

"It's ok, you don't have to thank me. And I'm glad that you are taking what I said seriously and that you are going to start improving your powers. Now that I've awakened them you are at an advanced level, but there are several more levels above that, and you need to be at least master level by the time you start your journey," said Mew to Ash.

"How many levels are there and how am I going to now when I've reached the next level?" Asked Ash after hearing what Mew said.

"Well, for aura there is six levels and they are," Mew then started explaining each level one by one.

"-BEGINNER; Those who have just started their training in Aura manipulation are in this category.

-INTERMEDIATE; in this category falls everyone who has awakened their Aura and have at least small control over it.

-ADVANCED; to reach this level, one must have very good control of their Aura. And they are also able to understand Pokémon and talk with them, but only with those they are close to they can't understand Pokémon that are not theirs. You are at this level, I thought its best to awaken your powers up to this level. I couldn't awaken them higher even if I wanted to.

-MASTER; to reach this level it takes a lot of time and training. In this level Aura user has great control over their Aura and can understand every Pokémon, it doesn't matter if they are close to them or if they are wild, or have different trainer. They can also manipulate their Aura like Pokémon and use some attacks but not very powerful attacks.

-GRAND MASTER; now this level is much higher than previous levels. To become Grand Master one must have complete control over their Aura. That means they must be able to shape their Aura into anything like swords or spears, and use Pokémon attacks that humans who can use Aura are able to learn. They are mostly fighting type attacks.

-LEGENDARY GRAND MASTER; this is the highest level Aura user can reach. In this level one can fight against high level legendary Pokémon one-on-one and even win. But you must know that there was only one human in history who has reached this level, and another one who has come close, so you have to go through a lot of blood, sweat and tears to reach that level and even than you may never reach it," Mew finished its explanation to Ash.

After thinking about everything he heard for several minutes Ash asked. "What about my Psychic powers, what levels they have?"

"Actually they don't have levels since they are different. Aura users can understand Pokémon language and talk with them, but Psychic users have telepathic abilities and they can talk with Pokémon through their mind. Also both Aura and Psychic users can sense other Aura and Psychic users from afar. But anyone bellow Grand Master level must know the Aura of another user to be able to sense them. The most powerful Psychic humans can use Psychic attacks that are at the level of Psychic Type legendary Pokémon," finished Mew.

"Wow that's a lot of stuff to take in, I never thought that we humans can become powerful enough to battle against legendary Pokémon," said Ash.

"I know it's a little hard to believe, but that's how things are," Mew said, before she remembered something and added. "Oh and before I forget, you probably didn't notice but when I awakened your powers I also imprinted something in your mind. Mostly knowledge about different Pokémon's that exist around the world and about your Aura and Psychic powers. You can also use some of your powers since you are at Advanced level now. That knowledge and this Pokémon that I gave you are going to be of great help in your training," said Mew.

"Hmm, now that you mentioned it I do feel a little different and I know some things that I didn't know before," said Ash a little surprised by some things that he now knows.

"Well my job here is done. All I have left is to wish you good luck on your journey," said Mew before she turned around and left.

Seeing Mew leave, Ash said. "Thank you for everything you did for me, I hope that we will see each other again someday," shouted Ash after Mew!

After Mew left, Ash kept standing there for a few more minutes before he decided to go home so he can tell his parents what happened and have his wounds treated. So, with both eggs the he received from Mew in his hands he quickly run home, which he suddenly knows how to get to from where he's in the forest outside of the Pallet Town.


Ash ran for about ten minutes before he finally came in front of his house, in which he lives with his parents, well mostly his mother only since his father is always away at work so he's rarely home. He quickly entered in and yelled for his mother. "Hey Mom, come here quickly."

Hearing Ash's yell, someone came from the other room but it wasn't his mom that came out instead it was his father. Seeing his father at home, was a surprise for Ash because he wasn't there when he went out to play.

When Ash's father heard Ash yell he was glad that he was going to see his son after not seeing him for a few months so he quickly came out of the room but what he saw was not what he was expecting. When he got home from his trip he heard from his wife Delia that he has just missed Ash who went out to play. He was a little sad, but he quickly got over it knowing that Ash is going to be home in a few hours, so, he decided to wait and talk with Delia about what was going on while he was away.

He was thinking that Ash is probably going to come home dirty like he always does after he goes out to play, but when he saw him standing there with his cloths torn in several places, covered in dried blood and wounds all over his body, while also holding two Pokémon eggs, he called Delia to come out quickly and run to Ash, fast.

"Ash what's going on, what happened, way are you all covered in wounds and dried blood?" Yelled Red Ketchum with voice full of terror while looking on all of Ash's wounds.

Before Ash can answer on his father's question his mother Delia came out of the room and after seeing Ash she got worried and started crying.

Seeing his father's worried face and his mother crying Ash decided to tell them what happened.

He said how he got mad after he ended lost in the forest so he threw a rock and hit Spearow, how he was then attacked by entire flock of angry Spearow's, how he thought that everything is over and that he was going to die after they managed to catch him and how he was saved by Mew. He also told them what happened after and everything that Mew said to him, about his powers and the Pokémon eggs he received to help him in his training.

It took him about 15 min. to tell them what happened, during which, his mother was cleaning his wounds while listening everything Ash said.

To say that Red and Delia were surprised would be an understatement. Seeing his wounds they believed that Ash was attacked by Spearow's, but that he was saved by Mew and that he has both Aura and Psychic powers was a little difficult to believe. But it was quickly confirmed to be true after Red who was Aura user used his Aura and noticed that Ash's presence was different than it was before, he appeared to be much stronger, and then there are those eggs Ash has brought with him. He told them what Pokémon are going to hatch from them and that's not something five year old kids know unless someone told them. Both Red and Delia also knew that Ash never lies, so they believed him.

After Ash finished his story and Delia finished cleaning most of his wounds they decided to go to the hospital so Ash can be checked by a real doctor, just in case. Quickly they left the house and went to the Pallet Town hospital.


After finishing at the hospital, Ash and his parents decided to go to Professor Oak's lab and check Pokémon eggs which Ash got from Mew. Once they reached Oak's ranch, they knocked on the door and a few moments later Professor Oak opened the door to see who it was.

"Red, Delia, Ash it's you, wha… Ash what happened to you?" Oak asked Ash after seeing Ash covered in bandages.

"Hey Professor Oak, well you see…" Ash was about to say what happened but was stopped by his father.

"Excuse me professor but can we come inside, we need to talk to you about something?" Asked Red not wanting to talk about this in front of the house.

"Yes, of course, come on in, I was just about to have some tea with my granddaughter Daisy. You can join us," said Professor Oak a little worried what about Ash and what they have to talk about with him. They also looked worried and Delia's eyes are a little red like she was crying. And then there are those Pokémon eggs that Ash is carrying. Where did he get them?

"Hey grandpa, who was that?" Asked 11 year old girl called Daisy before seeing Ash with his parents. After noticing bandages on Ash, she quickly changed her question to. "Ash what's with all those bandages, what did you do?"

"Ok everyone, please seat down." said Oak to Ash and his parents before he turned to Daisy. "Can you go get us three more cups for tea, please?" Oak asked his granddaughter.

"Sure, I'll be right back," said Daisy before she went to get cups for tea.

"Ok, can you now tell me what happened to Ash?" Asked Professor Oak after they all set down.

"Well it's like this…" Started Red before he explained to professor Oak everything that happened to Ash few hours ago. During his explanation Daisy came back so she also heard what Red said. "When we were in the hospital doctor said that all of Ash's wounds are going to heal in a few weeks and that there should be no scars left," finished Red.

After hearing what Red said, Professor Oak and Daisy were very surprised. They couldn't believe that Ash was saved by Mew, and that Mew thinks that Ash is someone special enough to not only save him but to also awaken the powers that Ash has and then give him two Pokémon eggs as a gift.

"So what now, what are you going to do?" Asked Professor Oak after coming back from his thoughts.

"Well we came here so you can check these Pokémon eggs and see if everything is ok with them, and to see when they are going to hatch," said Red.

"Oh. Then let's go to my lab a check them out," said Professor Oak.

For the next hour Professor Oak did several tests on Ash's Pokémon eggs and after he was done, they all came back to the living room and set down again.

"I checked them both and they are in perfect health, they should hatch in a few weeks," said Professor Oak.

"Oho, that's great; I can't wait to meet my first Pokémon's and to start our training. There is a long road ahead of us and I want to prove that Mew was not wrong in trusting me," said Ash with happy and at the same time determined voice and expression on his face.

Hearing what he said everyone started smiling. "Don't worry Ash, I'm sure that they were not wrong," said Ash's mom with a smile on her face.

"Well I think it's time for us to go home it's getting late," said Red, and stood up along with Ash and Delia ready to go home.

"Thank you again for checking on the eggs Professor Oak, I'll take great care of them," said Ash. After that Ash along with his parents went to their home.


After they arrived to their house, Red and Delia sent Ash to bed, while they decided to talk and see what they are going to do with Ash's training. Since Red is mostly away from home because of his work, and he wouldn't be able to oversee Ash's training, they decided that it's finally time for Ash to meet the rest of his family from his father's side. They are going to take him to the Rota Kingdom so that he can meet his aunt and Red's sister Queen Ilene, as well his brother Riley.

The Ketchum family has been ruling there for hundreds of years. The female of the family takes the title of the Queen while males become Aura guardians and protectors of the kingdom. There, Ash can meet with few Aura guardians left in the world, and they can help him with his training.

They waited for about a week for Ash to heal and then Red and Delia had a talk with Ash and they told him about their plan, so after packing their stuff, they went to Rota.


The Ketchum family arrived at the entrance of the Cameron palace in the Rota kingdom. In front of the gate was Jenny the head maid of the family.

"Good morning, master Red, it has been a long time since I've seen you, and good morning to you to Mrs. Delia and young Ash, I'm glad to finally meet you," said Jenny after the group of three approached her.

"Good morning to you Jenny, it's good to see you," Red greeted Jenny before he turned to Ash, and said. "Ash, this is Jenny, she is the head maid and is personal assistant to my sister Queen Ilene. Jenny, Delia you already know each other," said Red.

"Hello Jenny, it's been a while," greeted Delia.

"Hello Miss Jenny, nice to meet you," greeted Ash.

"Hello to you to, and welcome to the Cameran Palace. Come on, let's enter, Queen Ilene is expecting you. She's very happy that she can finally see Ash after such a long time," Jenny said, and then she took Ash and his parents inside the palace.

After few minutes of walking through the front yard of the palace and the entrance to the palace, they made it to the chamber where Queen Ilene was waiting for them.

While Red and Delia where greeting Ilene, Ash appeared to be distracted by something. Ever since he entered the palace yard he noticed how big it was but he was not that surprised, "I mean this is a palace it's supposed to be big and filed with expensive stuff," Ash thought. But that wasn't what was distracting him, no, it's this voice that he could suddenly hear ever since he entered palace's front yard, and the closer he got to the palace itself the louder he could hear it, but he couldn't understand what the voice was saying. But now that he is inside of palace he could understand it clearly.

"Why did you betray me master? What did I do to deserve to be sealed away like this?" Voice asked over and over again, but Ash didn't know where it was coming from.

"Ash… Hey ASH!" Suddenly Ash was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard someone calling him. He looked in front of himself and saw his father looking at him with a frown on his face.

"We've been calling you for a few minutes now, what were you thinking about so much that you spaced out?" asked Red.

"Nothing dad, don't worry about it," answered Ash, and then asked. "So what's up?"

Red looked at Ash for a few second before he said. "We came here so you could meet your aunt, and you don't even pay attention to her," said Red a little angry at Ash.

"Sorry." Ash apologized.

"Well… it's been a long time hasn't it Ash? You've grown so much since the last time I saw you, but then again you were just a small baby back then," said Ilene with her soft voice and a smile on her face.

"I'm sorry I spaced out like that. It's nice to meet you, Aunt Ilene," apologized Ash, before he greeted his aunt.

"There's no need to apologize Ash, I'm sure you were thinking about something important," said Ilene

"Hehehe, I don't know about that," laughed Ash while rubbing the back of his head.

"Come on, let's go and have lunch together so we can catch up, it has been a long time since we saw each other," said Ilene before she took the group to the dining room.

For the next few hours, they all talked about everything that happened since they saw each other last time, about what happened to Ash a week ago, and their decision to have Ash train with Riley and the other Aura guardians.

After lunch was over they all went to the living room to continue their talk. While seating there, Ash couldn't stop thinking about that voice he heard when he came to the palace, so he decided to ask the others if they could hear something or it's just him.

"Umm, can I ask you all something?" Asked Ash with his voice so small that they barely heard him.

Everyone looked at each other for a few seconds before Ilene said. "Of course Ash, ask whatever you want."

There was a silence for a few seconds before Ash said. "Well you see I know this will sound strange but ever since I entered this palace few hours ago I have been hearing this voice talking in my head. I can tell it's coming from somewhere inside the palace but I don't know from where exactly. So I'm wondering can you also hear something or is it just me?"

After hearing what Ash said everyone looked at one another and they all had weird looks on their faces. "What is he talking about?"Everyone thought inside their heads.

"Well I guess that's a no!" Said Ash with his head bent down a little.

When Delia heard Ash say that and saw the look on his face, she decided to ask him. "What voice are you talking about Ash, we don't hear anything?"

Ash looked at his mother and said. "I don't know where it's coming from but it sounds sad and a little strange, it's the same like how Mew's voice sounded like, it's like an echo."

"Hmm, could it be some Pokémon that has telepathic powers. Do you have some Pokémon here Ilene?"

Asked Red.

"The only Pokémon I have here is Mime Jr; but he can't use telepathy. There are no other Pokémon here in the palace," answered Ilene.

"You said it sounds sad, what is it that's saying, can you tell us Ash?" Asked Delia.

"It says something about his master betraying him and sealing him away, and is sad because of that. It asking himself what is it he did to deserve that," said Ash.

After Ash finished the others started to think about what he said. It sounds like some Pokémon has been sealed by his master, but neither Red nor Ilene have ever heard about Pokémon being sealed somewhere inside this palace and they have lived there most of their life, in Ilene's case her entire life.

"Hmm, I wonder," mumbled Red under his chin before he used his Aura to see if can sense anything.

But after a few minutes of trying he still couldn't sense anything. One more minute later and he stopped trying. Red then looked at Ash and said.

"I used my Aura and tried to see if I can sense anything but I can't. Why don't you try it Ash?" Asked Red.

"Ha, me, what makes you think I can if you couldn't?" Ash asked his father a little surprised that his asking him to try it.

"If there is some Pokémon sealed here that only you can hear then that means that either there is something different about your Aura, or you can hear him because you have Psychic powers while the rest of us don't. That's why I want you to try and see if you can sense anything with your powers," Red explained to Ash.

"OK I'll try," after Ash said that, he started concentrating and tried to expend his Aura across the entire palace to see if can sense anything. When Ash activated his Aura his entire body was covered in light blue color, that then like a pulse extended across palace and the surrounding area.

Everyone who was watching this was surprised with how much Aura Ash has, and how powerful it is, and he's only five years old, they don't even want to think how much more powerful he will become when he grows up.

A few moments later Ash snapped out of his concentration after he noticed something coming from the top floor of the palace. "I sensed something, it coming from the top of the palace!" Said Ash to everyone and then started running to there while others followed him.

It took him almost ten minutes to reach the top floor. The palace sure was big. When Ash got to the top, he was in front of the entrance of some room, so, he opened the door and went inside. Once in there he stopped in front of a very big picture of some man who was holding his staff above his head and a Lucario standing next to him. Below the picture there was the same staff that the man was holding, and Ash could sense that there is something sealed inside of it.

When the others came few moments later he asked them. "Who is this man, and what's with this staff?"

Red and Ilene looked at each other before Red decided to answer Ash's question. "That is Sir Aaron Ketchum; he is our ancestor who lived over a thousand years ago when his sister, Rin, was the Queen of Rota. He was the greatest Aura user who ever lived; he died after sacrificing his life to save Rota and the world from war that was going on back then," said Red.

"And that staff was his, Sir Aaron was always carrying it with him, I guess it served him as a tool to use his Aura easier. But why do you ask, and how did you found this room no one was here for years?" Asked Ilene after answering Ash's question about the stuff.

"I could sense something coming from this staff, that's how I got here I followed my Aura to here. Now that I'm this close to it I can tell that there is a Pokémon sealed inside this staff, and if I have to guess it's probably Sir Aaron's Lucario," answered Ash.

Ilene and Red looked at each other again before Ilene said. "Sir Aaron's Lucario disappeared when Sir Aaron died. No one knew what happened to him, did he die as well or he simply left and never came back."

"You said that that the voice said how his master betrayed him and sealed him right, but why would Sir Aaron seal his own Pokémon like that," asked Red?

"There is only one way to find out," said Ash before he approached to the staff and took it.

The others watched him, wondering what he's going to do when they saw his arms glow in light blue color. Ash's Aura then extended on the staff before there was a bright glow coming from it. Once the light disappeared everyone's eyes went wide open once they saw who was standing there.

There, in front of everyone, was Sir Aaron's Lucario standing and looking at everyone while they looked at him. He was surprised that he was finally free from his master's staff. He never thought that there will be someone who would be able to release him.

"What is going on, where am I?" Asked Lucario while looking at everyone but especially at the kid that is holding his master's staff.

Seeing that his parents and his aunt are not saying anything Ash decided to answer. "You are inside Cameron Palace in Rota kingdom. I have just released you from this staff in which you were sealed for over a thousand years," said Ash.

After hearing what Ash said, Lucario looked at him before saying. "But how is that possible? My master sealed me inside his staff, no one but him should be able to release me. Are you maybe his descendant because you're Aura looks and feels just like his did?"

When the others finally came back from their dream world after hearing what Lucario said, Ilene decided to speak. "Hello Lucario, my name is Ilene Ketchum I'm the current Queen of the Rota Kingdom and Sir Aarons descendant. Ash is also his descendant, he is my nephew and these people here are Ash's parents. My brother Red and his wife Delia."

"I see. So you are all his descendants that was probably why you were able to free me," said Lucario.

"Excuse me Lucario, but can you tell us why did Sir Aaron sealed you inside his staff, what happened?"

This time it was Red that asked the question that was on everyone's mind.

After hearing Red's question Lucario got a sad look on his face a let a few tears flow down his face. But he decided to answer. "Master betrayed this kingdom, he betrayed his family, and he betrayed me as well," said Lucario, but after seeing confused expressions on everyone's faces he continued.

"That day when I saw him for the last time he was leaving the castle. He said that he will never return again. I realized that he was going to betray us and escape from the war so I tried to stop him but he sealed me inside his staff. That was the last time I ever saw him. I was asleep inside until short while ago, when I sensed his Aura, that's when I awoke. And then you came and freed me," finished Lucario his explanation on what happened back then.

When everyone heard what Lucario said, they couldn't believe their ears, but they quickly realized what happened and what was the reason for him being sealed?

It was Ilene who decided to tell him what really happened. "That's not what actually happened Lucario. Sir Aaron didn't betray you and everyone else; he actually went and sacrificed himself to save both Rota Kingdom and the world."

"Wha…What do you mean?" Asked Lucario with a shaky voice.

"When he said that he wasn't coming back he said that because he knew that he was going to die, he didn't say it because he was abandoning everyone. He must have sealed you so that you wouldn't try to follow him or stop him. Probably he knew that one day one of his descendants would be able to release you from his staff," said Ilene with a sad expression on her face.

"No! That can't be right, he wouldn't just leave me behind like that so that he can go and die alone. I was his student; I was supposed to be with him," said Lucario now openly crying his eyes out. "What am I going to do now? He left me alone and sealed for thousand years. Even my training wasn't complete, I wouldn't be able to follow in his footsteps and protect everyone!" asked Lucario.

"I think I know what you can do. I have a plan," It was Ash that said that.

Lucario and everyone else looked at him until Lucario asked. "Ok tell me what your plan is?"

"I have Aura and Psychic powers that were awakened a week ago. I'm now at an advanced level, so I came here so that I can start my training to learn how to improve my powers and get stronger. What I want to say is that we can train together, I can help you and you can help me. I also got two Pokémon eggs who were supposed to help me in that training, now all of us can train together and become powerful enough to protect the world like Sir Aaron did. That way you can become powerful to follow in your masters footsteps, and I can keep my promise to someone," Ash explained.

The others looked at Ash and were surprised at how he came up with all this. If Lucario aggress to his offer than he would became more powerful because he would train with someone who was trained by Sir Aaron himself, and Lucario would also reach level that he didn't because of his master's death.

Lucario looked at Ash and then he noticed how similar he was to his own master Sir Aaron, not just in look but their Aura is almost completely the same. 'Maybe I should accept this kid's offer, I can fell his Aura, and he will definitely became someone powerful one day maybe even as powerful as Master and with his help I will to.' Lucario thought in his on head.

After thinking for a few more minutes, Lucario finally decided what he will do. "Ok Ash, I accept your offer. From this day on I will train you and you will train me so that we can both became powerful and reach our dreams," said Lucario and put his hand forward for Ash to shake.

Hearing what Lucario said, Ash came closer to him to shake his hand. "Great we will begin our training as soon as we can. I have five years before I start my journey so I have to train hard to advance as far as it's possible in that time," said Ash with a smile on his face.

Seeing that Ash and Lucario have come to an agreement, Ash's parents and Ilene smiled before Ilene said. "Let's get out of here; I'm sure Lucario would like to see how Rota looks after a thousand years. I'll send a message to Riley and the other Aura guardians to come back to Rota so you can all meet them. Well, all except Red he already knows them."

After that everyone left the room and went out.


The next few days, Ash and Lucario spent going around Rota kingdom so that they can see everything that is there to see, and have also spent time meeting with some people that Queen Ilene has introduced to them. They were Riley and the other Aura guardians that were there at the moment. They all got to know each other, and Riley and the others agreed to help Ash and Sir Aaron's, Lucario.

After days of sightseeing it was finally time to start training, but only after a few hours, Delia called Ash and told him that the Pokémon eggs, Mew gave him, have started to glow and are about to hatch. Hearing what his mom said, Ash and Lucario quickly run back inside the castle's living room where eggs currently are. They were followed by Riley who was training them at the moment, and when Ash and Lucario got there they saw Ash's father and Queen Ilene were there as well.

"Come here Ash and stand close to the eggs, they are about to hatch and it would be good if you are the first one they saw, because, that way they would consider you their mother or father, as newly hatched Pokémon tend to do that with the first being they see," said Red to his son, who quickly stood in front of the eggs while the others backed away a little.

After a few more minutes of waiting, the eggs glowed even brighter until they started to change shape. When the glow was finished, instead of two eggs, there stood two newly hatched Pokémon.

One is a small, blue, canine Pokémon. It has black legs and torso, a blue tail, and a yellow collar. That, is Riolu.

The other one is a bipedal Pokémon that is primarily yellow. Its face is kite-shaped, with a small, pale yellow snout and two short, pointed ears with pale yellow interiors. That's Abra.

Once they hatched, the two Pokémon opened their eyes and saw Ash standing there with a wide smile on his face looking at them.

"Hello Riolu and Abra, my name is Ash it's nice to meet you," said Ash to the two newly hatched Pokémon.

Riolu and Abra looked at each other and then at Ash before they said. "Riolu Ri," "Abra Abra," and jumped into Ash's arm's happy and with smiles.

Being an Advanced level Aura user, Ash is able to understand those Pokémon who are close to him, and even if those two have just hatched, he did raise them for a few weeks while they were still eggs, so he was able to understand what they said and just like Red told him Riolu and Abra now consider him their father.

"I see that everything went well," said Red.

"Yeah you were right they consider me their father now," Ash said to Red.

"Hey Riolu, Abra, I want you to meet my family," said Ash to his new Pokémon who pulled their faces from his chest and looked at his face. They both had a curious looks on their faces.

"Come here," said Ash before he stood up with Riolu and Abra in his arms and started introducing his family to them.

"This here, is my mother Delia," started Ash with his mother, who came closer and said 'Hi' to both Pokémon.

"Then this one here is my father, Red," said Ash, while Red did the same as Delia.

"And then we have my Aunt Ilene and my uncle Riley they are my father's brother and sister," said Ash.

"And this is Lucario. He is my training partner and soon he will be yours as well," finished Ash with his introduction.

For the next few hours everyone spent with Riolu and Abra so they can meet them better and so that little Pokémon can get used to other people. After it was all over, Ash and Lucario got back to training with Riley, while Riolu and Abra went to have a little nap time. Today was a very tough day for them.

The next few months were spent with Ash and Lucario training with Riley and Red or by themselves if Ash's father and uncle weren't there to help them, while, when they were about month old, Riolu and Abra started to train with them as well.


It has been over a year and a half since Ash started his Aura training with Lucario his father and his uncle as well as Riolu, and during that time he had learned a lot and has advanced to a master level Aura user. Lucario has finished his training several months ago and since then he's been helping Ash and Riolu, who is already powerful enough to evolve into Lucario but has decided to wait a little more.

Of course Ash didn't only train his Aura, he also trained he's Psychic powers with Abra. But that was going a little slower because they don't have anyone who can help them with that. But even without anyone's help Ash and Abra have progressed quite far in their training. Both of them and Riolu have learned telepathy so they can now speak with anyone. They have also become physically stronger and have learned several other Psychic attacks, and about two months ago Abra evolved into Kadabra.

Most of this time since he started his training Ash has spent in Rota, but he has been coming to spend some time in Pallet town and be with his friends. Sort of like a vacation from training, and one of those vacations is now.

Ash came back in Pallet several days ago and has been with his friends ever since. Right now he's going to Professor Oak's lab to see Daisy and her younger brother Gary, who is the same age as Ash. When he got there, he ringed the door bell and after several moments Professor Oak opened the door.

"Oh, Ash, it's you, come on in," said Professor Oak and let Ash walk inside. "Are you here to see Gary and Daisy?" Oak asked him after they got in.

"Yes I came to see if they want to go out a little, I haven't seen them since I came back from Rota," said Ash as he and Professor walked inside of the living room.

"Well, I'm sorry, but they are not here," Oak said to Ash. "Their father took them to Viridian City, they won't be back for a few days," Oak said again.

"Oh, well I guess I'll come again next time," said Ash a little sad he won't see his friends for a few more days. He hasn't seen them in a few months so he was hoping to see them today.

"Hey, don't be sad, they will be back in two to three days so you'll see them then," Oak said to Ash seeing his expression, but then continued. "But it's a good thing you came, I already planned to call you because I need your help with something," Oak said with a serious look on his face.

Seeing the look on Oak's face, Ash decided to ask; "What's up Professor Oak, is it something serious?"

"Oh, don't worry, its nothing bad, it's just that, I have a problem with a Pokémon that trainer left with me few weeks ago and I though you can help because of your powers," Oak answered Ash's question.

"Ok, let's see it then," Ash said and then went with Professor inside his lab.

When they got there, Professor Oak took a poke ball from his desk before he turned to Ash and said; "Ok, the trainer that left this Pokémon here told me that he caught it about three months ago but in all the time they were together it wouldn't listen to him at all and would even attack him some times. He didn't won't to release it so he left it with me and said that he hopes I can see what the problem is and to, maybe, find it a new trainer," explained Oak what's going on with that Pokémon.

After hearing what Professor said Ash decided to see if he can help. "Ok, let it out so I can see it!"

"Ok but be careful," after saying that Oak let the Pokémon out of its poke ball.

When Ash heard that this Pokémon has been causing trouble to its trainer and to Professor Oak, he was expecting some big Pokémon like Charizard or something like that, but when he saw a small yellow rodent, he was quite surprised.

"This is the Pokémon you told me about, this little Pikachu," said Ash with disbelief in his voice. It's hard to believe that, and who can blame him, Pikachu are not known to cause such trouble for their trainers.

"Yea I know what you mean, I was surprised as well but this Pikachu is a little different it's not like the rest of its kind," said Oak. "So can you see what the problem with it is?"

Ash went closer to Pikachu and when he was in front of it, he kneeled down getting himself to an eye level with Pikachu, before he put his hand forward and said; "Hello Pikachu, I'm Ash Ketchum, it's nice to meet you.

Pikachu looked at Ash for a few moments before he turned his head to the side and with frown on his face mumbled; "Pika Pikachu Pi." ("What does this stupid human wants now?")

After Ash heard that he smirked and said; "Well, that wasn't very nice thing to say!"

Pikachu quickly turned his head back to Ash and looked at him with eyes wide open. "You… you can understand me," Pikachu screamed not believing that this human could understand Pokémon language.

"Yes I can understand all Pokémon, its part of my powers, and even if I couldn't understand you I could just read your mind, that's another of my powers," stated Ash before he continued. "Now can you tell me why are you acting like this and why didn't you listen your trainer and instead attacked him?"

"I didn't like that guy. He wasn't some big shot trainer he only thought that he was better than everyone else but was actually bad. And he doesn't really care about his Pokémon that much, he thought of us as something that will make him famous with very little work. And, the most important reason, he took me away from my home and those I considered my family," said Pikachu with anger in his voice.

"I see…" said Ash. "Were did you live, and what do you mean by 'those you considered your family' who were they?" asked Ash.

"I used to live in the Safari Zone with a couple of Eevee, I was the only Pikachu there and they were the only Eevee so when we first meet we became like a family. I lived with them until he came and managed to catch me," said Pikachu with sadness in his voice.

After hearing what he said Ash got an idea and so he asked; "I have a proposition for you do you want to hear it."

Thinking for a few moments Pikachu said; "Sure, why not!"

"Why don't you come with me?" asked Ash, and after seeing Pikachu confused expression he continued.

"What I mean is, I want you to become my Pokémon for the next three to four years until I became trainer, then when I start my journey you will come with me until we get to the Safari Zone and then you can decide what you want to do, you can stay there with your friends if they are still there or you can continue to travel with me as part of my team. So what do you say?" Ash explained his plan to Pikachu and then asked him a question.

Pikachu couldn't believe what he heard. Here is this guy giving it a chance to go back home but he has to be with him for the next few years. But if he agrees to this will he really release him if he decided to stay or will he force him to continue with him. Just when he was about to ask that Ash said.

"And don't worry if you decide to stay there I'll be fine with it, I won't force you to stay with me."

After thinking for a few more minutes Pikachu final made his decision. "Ok, I will become your partner for the next few years and when the time comes I will decide what to do," said Pikachu and offered Ash his hand for a hand shake. Ash smiled and accepted hand shake.

"Great, then we have a deal," said Ash.

"Well, I guess you found a new training partner, congratulation Ash I hope you will became good friends," said Professor Oak, happy for Ash and also happy that Pikachu now has better trainer then the one he had before.

"Thanks, Professor Oak, and I'm sure that we will became great friends," Ash thanked and said with a smile on his face.

"Well, come on then, Pikachu, it's time to go so you can meet my family and my other training partners," said Ash before he turned around and left Professor Oak's lab to go home, Pikachu right behind him.

There is a long road ahead of him and his Pokémon, but by the time he starts his journey they will all be ready for everything the world has to throw at them.

Xxx Flashback End Xxx

"Yea I know, it's been a while," Ash's Lucario said after they were all done remembering their first meeting.

During last three and a half years, Ash and his Pokémon have done a lot of training. After he went back home from Professor Oak's lab that day when he got Pikachu, Ash introduced Pikachu to his family and his two Pokémon and told him about his powers and how they are all training so that they can reach their dream. When he heard this, Pikachu was happy that now he has a trainer who is actually nice to his Pokémon and doesn't consider himself better than everyone else, so he started to train with them.

Over the years they have become very powerful.

Ash's Riolu has trained with Ash like his other Pokémon but he has also spend a lot of time with Sir Aaron's Lucario, and has thought of him as an older brother. He finally decided to evolve into Lucario only last year, because he wanted to become as strong as he could as Riolu before he evolves. Lucario has become very good at pure Aura manipulation and hand to hand combat. Some say that he can take on a legendary Pokémon and defeat it, but he can only take on a lower level Legendary Pokémon and win, but it wouldn't be easy.

Abra, on the other hand, has become Kadabra after a little over a year since they started their training, few weeks before they met Pikachu. It took him another year and a half after that, to become Alakazam. Alakazam has developed his Psychic powers to a whole new level. According to Red, he is definitely the strongest Alakazam in the world, and not by a little. Like Lucario he can fight and win against a lower level Legendary Pokémon.

Then, there is Pikachu. Unlike Lucario and Alakazam he decided to stay Pikachu as he didn't want to evolve, but that didn't' stop him from becoming stronger. Even if he is just a small Pikachu he was able to become almost as powerful as the other two Pokémon and was proud of that fact.

All three of them have learned a lot of different attacks and some of them are those who they shouldn't have been able to learn but did after learning to manipulate Aura better than the other Pokémon. Lucario, Alakazam and Pikachu also know Telepathy, so they can now speak with other humans and not just Ash.

And finally, there is Ash. When he started his training it was clear to everyone that one day he will be very powerful, but no one knew just how powerful. He was able to reach Grand Master level after only four years of training his Aura. He can manipulate Aura in any way he wants, and can create barriers to protect himself and anyone else he wants, and can also shape Aura to create weapons.

As for his Psychic powers, while not on the same level as his Aura powers they are also on a very high level. Ash can use some Psychic type attacks and can also read people's minds. That is, if he wants to do that, of course.

"Come on, let's go to sleep, tomorrow we start our journey and we don't want to be tired now do we?" After he said that Ash and his Pokémon went to sleep, tomorrow is a big day and they want to be as rested as they can.

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