Chapter 1: Fear of The Sprites

(Buramudgee 1,000 years ago)

The people of Australia were being possessed by these strange black sprites that go into the bodies of living things and turns them into corrupted versions of their former selves. However, one gray Tasmanian tiger with a scar over his left eye and a giant boomerang on his back stood up as it seemed like all the black sprites had completely taken over all of Buramudgee.

Black sprite- Well, I see the gray Tasmanian tiger is back for more. Didn't the ass kicking we gave you earlier teach you anything?

Gray Tasmanian tiger who looked similar to Ty- Yeah, I needed to change me approach with you assholes who think they can take over me home.

Black sprite- Deal with that retard and make him into a rug!

A bunch of the possessed citizens of Buramudgee attempted to rush the gray Tasmanian tiger, but a red aura surrounded the gray Tasmanian tiger's body.

Black sprite- No! You somehow got the blessing from the Bunyips?!

Tasmanian tiger who looked similar to Ty- I did, mate! And with the Bunyips' power helping me, I can free me friends from your control!

Then a red beam was fired from the gray Tasmanian tiger's paw and it destroyed the black sprites possessing the bodies of whoever he hit with that red beam. Whatever this power was, it was not only destroying the black sprites, but also turning everyone they've possessed back to normal. However, this was making the leader of the black sprites angry and he rushed to confront the gray Tasmanian tiger.

Black sprite- No! I refuse to let all my had work ruined by some filthy thief!

The gray Tasmanian tiger fired that red beam at the black sprite, but it didn't seem to hurt him that much.

Black sprite- That trick might've destroyed my minions, but even the Bunyips' power will not destroy me that easily!

The black sprite fired a black beam from his eyes and knocked the gray Tasmanian tiger to the ground.

Black sprite- As you can see, it will take more than a tabaco addicted Tasmanian tiger with a boomerang and the blessing of the Bunyips to stop me!

The black sprite was about to attack the gray Tasmanian tiger again, but a fireball suddenly hit the black sprite in the face and made him back away a bit from the gray Tasmanian tiger. Then the gray Tasmanian tiger saw a man who looked like Fire Mario and a man who looked like Fire Luigi appear.

Man who looked like Fire Mario- Maybe if he were alone, but he's not.

Gray Tasmanian tiger who looked like Ty- You guys again?

Man who looked like Fire Mario- Guess you can't get rid of us that easily, Simba.

Gray Tasmanian tiger who looked like Ty- You two just don't know when to quit.

Man who looked like Fire Luigi- Hey, you're the one who tried to break into the princess' vault.

Man who looked like Fire Mario- Loewy and might've helped you passed Nandu Gili's test, but we refused to return to the Mushroom Kingdom until we know for sure the black sprites have been dealt with.

The man who looked like Fire Mario extended his hand to help the gray Tasmanian tiger that looked like Ty get back up.

Gray Tasmanian tiger who looked like Ty- Gee…thanks, mate…

Man who looked like Fire Mario- Don't thank me yet, Simba.

Black sprite- The Super Mario Brothers…you might seem like you're the shit, but we all know that without Kyrin's little gift to you, you'd both be nothing. There might be three of you, but I'll still crush you even if it's three hundred of you!

(Ty's room 1,000 years later)

Ty woke up and sat up from his bed. He looked around and saw it was still night time. Ty took a few deep breaths and tried to calm down.

Shazza woke from her slumber and looked at Ty.

Shazza- Possum…do you know what time it is?

Ty- Sorry, Shazza! I just…had a strange dream. I think I was this gray Tasmanian tiger but I can't really remember much else.

Shazza- Well, you've been having these dreams several nights in a row and it's starting to worry me, possum. Even Fang notices you're not acting right.

Ty- Sorry…I'll…try and get some sleep!

Shazza- I swear, if this continues, I might decide to call Kyrin and see if he knows what's up.

Shazza turned on her side and tried to fall back asleep. Ty put his head back on his pillow and tried to fall asleep as well.

(In Fang's room)

Fang was standing in his crib looking at the wall separating his room from his parents'.

Fang- Dahhdaa…dahhdaahh…sea..em…baa…

(In the swamplands near Buramudgee)

The Quinking (in the form of Hades), Hades, and a few members of the Quinkan were searching through the mucky swamp.

Hades- Discussing! I can't believe we're looking for something in this shitty swamp!

Quinking (in Hades' voice)- Why do you think Simba buried them in the swamp? It's the perfect place to hides something like them.

Hades- The once proud lord of the Underworld…reduced to this…

Quinking (in Hades' voice)- Better hope Tabuu doesn't hear you complaining. I don't want to hear you scream like a woman again like he did when he twisted your…

Hades- That's enough out of you, Quinking!

Then a crocodile rose up from the swamp, bit one of the Quinkan, and dragged in into the water. Bubbles were rising from the water, but the other Quinkan slowly moved away from the water.

Hades- Some minions you got there, Quinking.

Quinking (in Hades' voice)- Shut up!

Hades- You know, I think I might have an idea that can save us all this work and reduce the risk of losing more of your Quinkan troops. Perhaps if we leak information to a certain Australian dodo, he'd more than happy to search the swamp for us.