Chapter 7: Tasmanian Tiger's True Strength

(In the skies above Buramudgee)

The pyramid Black Jack had build had now rocketed into the sky so high, you couldn't see the ground from that high up.

Ty- What's up with this?!

Black Jack- Now, no one can get in our way and there's nowhere for you to run, Ty. Last time I fought a Tasmanian tiger with the sacred power of the Bunyips, two mustached brothers budded in and ruined everything. Now, it's just you and me.

Ty- Fine by me, mate! I can take you down either way! But those two brothers…were they happen to been called the Mario Brothers?

Black Jack- What the?! How did you know…?!

Ty- Those must've been the original Super Mario Brothers who led the team before Mario and Luigi. That must've mean Simba was part of the team Mario's ancestor built.

Black Jack- Another set of Mario Brothers? Should've suspected since we already have another version of Simba in time. Guess I'll pay the Mushroom Kingdom a visit after I'm done here in Australia.

Ty- In your dreams, mate! Even if you somehow manage to take me down, which you won't, Mario and me other mates would cream you. There are more than just the Mario's. There are many more heroes out there and they've all united to take down something even worse than you.

Black Jack- Enough of this talk!

Then Black Jack's hands formed into two large blades and he charged for Ty. Ty managed to pull out his boomerangs and used one to block Black Jack's attack. Black Jack swung his other blade arm and Ty blocked with the other boomerang. However, the second strike knocked Ty back a bit. Black Jack was about charge for the opening, but Ty quickly used his mega roar. However, the red aura appeared around Ty's body again and the roar Ty made was so powerful, it blasted Black Jack all the way to the other side of the floating pyramid.

Ty- Woah! Since when could me mega roar do something like that?!

Then Ty noticed the red glow around his body was back.

Ty- I get it now. This sacred power from the Bunyips does more than give me the power to take you sprites down. It increases me own powers as well! That's good to know. Tabuu better watch it after this fanfiction!

Ty noticed that Black Jack had gotten back up and was about to fire a pulse of dark energy at him. Ty countered with a red beam from that energy in his body and it pushed through Black Jack's attack and shot him. Black Jack looked like that shot hurt him really badly.

Black Jack- Damn you…this power might be able to critically harm me, but Simba couldn't destroy me with this power…and neither can you!

Ty- That was then and this is now, mate!

(Back down at Buramudgee)

Sly, Shazza, Dennis, Fluffy, Susie, and Gooboo Steve were shooting down some of the black sprites that were still left in Buramudgee and changing all the Hoodlums back to their normal selves. Shazza was firing her shock pistol trying to hit one black sprite that was moving around more evasively that the others.

Susie- Easy with the shots there, Shazza! I did put that power Ty now wields into the weapons, but truth is, they'll only be able to shoot that energy for a limited amount of shots. I guess I should've told you earlier, but I didn't want Black Jack to know.

But before Susie could say anything more, Shazza quickly jumped Susie and they both fell to the ground. The reason why Shazza jumped on Susie like that was because a missal was fired at her from behind and the missal just went over them and into a wall after Shazza got Susie out of the way.

Boss Cass- SHIT! Why is it that every time I try to land a surprise attack, someone always manages to see me coming?! And it's not just in the fanfictions, but in all the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger games as well! ****!

Karlos- Rotten luck I guess, Boss Cass.

Shazza and Susie got back up.

Susie- I think I've been shot by you enough times.

Fluffy- That makes two of us!

Sly- What's the matter, Cass? Black Jack abandon you or something?

Karlos- Actually, he sent Ty, the pyramid, and himself to the skies above. Probably to set the stage for the final showdown between him and Ty.

Boss Cass- Which leaves getting rid of you pests to us. But hopefully, the orange rat and the black freak will kill each other in the end.

Shazza- Don't underestimate Ty so likely, Boss Cass! I know he'll win!

Gooboo Steve- Simba defeated Black Jack with that power and so can Ty.

Sly- Until then, we might as well take you jerks down!

Karlos- You won't be beating us that easily this time.

Then Boss Cass got on his hover scooter and Karlos got on his hover chair.

Boss Cass- Your weapons aren't the only things that have been enhanced with spiritual energy.

Karlos- Black Jack gave out weapons to some of his powers too.

Boss Cass- And once you're all out of the way, there will be no one to stop me from taking over!

Karlos- The other members of the Super Mario Brothers' Team…

Boss Cass glared at Karlos for a bit.

Boss Cass- Ok, no one in Australia to stop me!

Sly- Over me dead body, Cass!

Sly threw his boomerangs at Boss Cass, but Boss Cass dodged it before firing a beam of dark energy from his hover scooter at Sly. Sly barely managed to dodge.

Boss Cass- CAWHAHAHAHA! This was even better than I thought! And to think, this power will be ours to control once Ty and Black Jack take each other out!

Gooboo Steve- Hate to break it to you, but if anything happens to Black Jack, you'll lose that power. Black Jack is the king of the black sprites. So, if he dies, all the black sprites and their power die with him. Including that power enhancing your machines.

Boss Cass- What?! How do you know…

Susie- Kyrin informed us all we needed to know about the black sprites before sending Steve and me to Buramudgee.

Karlos- Well…that's a curveball.

Boss Cass- I know. Black Jack is a ****ing pain in the ass and he's practically taken control instead of me, but if I want to keep using his power, I have to keep him alive…

Shazza and Fluffy fired from their shock pistols while Dennis fired from his bazooka. However, a black barrier surrounded Boss Cass and Karlos, protecting them from their attacks.

Boss Cass- CAWHAHAHA! Your weapons won't be able to reach us that easily this time!

Then Dennis felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and saw Susie was the one holding on to his shoulder while holding a strange rocket in her other hand.

Susie- Here, use this one instead from your bazooka.

Dennis- Strange. I've never seen this kind of rocket before, yet it feels familiar to me.

Susie- Actually, Kyrin switched this kind of rocket with one of your own during the season 3 halfway story and you fired it to destroy the Quinking's barrier. It should work again.

Dennis took the strange rocket, placed it in his bazooka, and fired it at the black barrier around Boss Cass and Karlos. And like in "Sonic: Return to the Lost World", the barrier shattered.

Karlos- Did he just…

Boss Cass- You know, now that I think about it…everything is probably now going to go in the hero's way more now that Tabuu's brother is allied with the Super Mario Brothers' Team…

Then Shazza, Fluffy, and Susie fired from their guns and fired a laser beam that destroyed Boss Cass' hover scooter and Karlos' hover chair.

Susie- I guess I can consider that payback for when you shot me in season 4.

Then Fluffy puts her gun to Boss Cass' beak.

Fluffy- Now Cass, give me one good reason why I shouldn't give you payback for when you shot and killed me?!

Shazza- Because that would make you no better than he is.

Fluffy- Relax! I wasn't really gonna shoot him. I just wanted to see if I could scare Boss Cass into laying an egg.

Boss Cass- Not funny!

(Back in the pyramid in the sky)

Ty was still fighting Black Jack at the top floating pyramid. Black Jack fired a pulse of his dark energy, but Ty dodged and countered by throwing his boomerang at Black Jack. And unlike last time, the boomerang hit Black Jack and not go right through him.

Black Jack- Damn you!

Black Jack turned part of the pyramid into ice and tried to hurl the ice stones at him. Ty swapped his boomerangs for his Lavarangs and threw them at the ice blocks. But the explosions from the Lavarangs were also increased in power from the Bunyip energy that was now inside of Ty, causing Black Jack to be knocked back from the flames and to the ground.

Black Jack- **** you, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger! Now I'm really made. Perhaps it's time to show you my real strength…

Suddenly, Black Jack's body began to changes. First, his body grew until it was much larger than even Bowser or Donkey Kong's body. Then his legs turned into octopus-like tentacles as some black goo substance was leaking from them, burning part of the pyramid like acid. His arms turned into giant claws and his head turned into some oozing blob with one huge yellow eye and a mouth of razor-sharp teeth.

Ty- What the **** is that?!

Monster Black Jack- Behold, my full strength! Only Simba, and those other two mustached men…what were their names again…Marco and Loewy…have ever seen this form. But you won't live long enough to tell anyone about my final form.

Ty fired some of that Bunyip energy at Monster Black Jack, but it didn't do much to hurt him.

Monster Black Jack- You'll need to hit me with something much more than the Bunyip's sacred energy just to dent me in this form!

Black Jack fired an energy beam from that large yellow eye of his and almost blew Ty off the pyramid. But as Ty was getting back up, his Shadow Bunyip instantly teleported right in front of him.

Ty- Me Shadow Bunyip? How on earth did it…nevermind! Someone must've gotten to the Bunyip Beacon set it to teleport my Shadow Bunyip to me.

Ty quickly got inside of it and the Shadow Bunyip actually changed from black to red as the glowing aura appeared around Ty again.

Monster Black Jack- Nice toy you got there! Too bad it won't save you!

Monster Black Jack fired another beam from his giant yellow eye and Ty fired a laser beam from his Shadow Bunyip. However, the two energy blasts were evenly match and they almost pushed Ty and Monster Black Jack off the floating pyramid. Then Monster Black Jack spat out this ball of a glowing black goop. Ty jumped out of the way, but when the goop hit the ground, it was eating through part of the pyramid like acid.

Ty- What the hell even was that?!

Monster Black Jack- Pure darkness. Which apparently is more hazardous than radioactive waste in your world.

Then those tentacles on Monster Black Jack grabbed hold of the Shadow Bunyip's arms and legs and began to try and pull them off from the Shadow Bunyip's main body. Ty pulled out his Freezerangs and used them to freeze the tentacles so the Shadow Bunyip could break freak. But the tentacle legs instantly regenerated after Ty broke them off. But while Ty was distracted by the tentacle legs growing back, Monster Black Jack spat out another wad of pure darkness and it completely dissolved the Shadow Bunyip's left arm.

Monster Black Jack- And that's just the beginning!

Monster Black Jack suddenly picked the Shadow Bunyip to the ground with his tentacle legs. Ty reached into his boomerang pouch and pulled out a set of boomerangs. Ty threw them at Monster Black Jack while also activating that red aura again. However, the boomerangs he threw at him only flew into that black goop Monster Black Jack's body was made out of.

Monster Black Jack- I guess you got a couple of dud boomerangs in that batch of yours.

Ty- A dud you say? Tell me, did Simba ever use something called Kaboomerangs? They explode on impact!

Then from where the Kaboomerangs landed, a large bubble was rising from Monster Black Jack's body. When it popped, a flash of red energy exploded and splattered Monster Black Jack all over the floating pyramid. But as Ty was able to get himself and his Shadow Bunyip back up, the pieces of Monster Black Jack came together and reformed into Monster Black Jack.

Monster Black Jack- Enough of this ****ing game!

Then Monster Black Jack fires another beam of black energy from his large yellow eye and Ty fired a laser beam from the remaining arm from the Shadow Bunyip. But the Shadow Bunyip was starting to lose power and the laser beam was getting weaker.

Ty- No! I can't let Black Jack win!

But just when it seemed hopeless for Ty, a very large boomerang that was a large at him flew out of nowhere and pierced Monster Black Jack through the chest. That large boomerang also looked like it was made entirely out of that Bunyip's sacred energy singe it looked like it wasn't made out of a physical material and was glowing red like the energy. It went through Monster Black Jack's chest and also through his heart, fulling his body with the Bunyip's energy and destroying him from the inside. Monster Black Jack's eye weakly moved to see something in the distance behind Ty.

Monster Black Jack- You…I should have…known…now I understand…this Tasmanian tiger…is your…(cough)…damn you…Sim…ba…

Then Monster Black Jack tell backwards and off the floating pyramid. Then Ty looked behind him to see what it was that Monster Black Jack saw. Ty manage to make out the silhouette of a Tasmanian tiger, but it vanished the instant Ty turned to look at it. Unfortunately, the pyramid also vanished the moment Black Jack died. And Ty and what was left of the Shadow Bunyip fell from the sky. But before Ty was falling for long, something grabbed hold of the Shadow Bunyip's remaining arm and keeping it from falling from the sky. Ty looked up and saw Kyrin holding on to the Shadow Bunyip's arm, but he was holding the Bunyip Beacon in the other hand.

Kyrin- G'day Ty. So glad you could drop by.

Ty- Forgive me, Kyrin, but that pun was completely uncalled for. But was it you who called me Shadow Bunyip with the Bunyip Beacon?

Kyrin- Well, someone had to, since your friends were busy down below.

Ty- That's great. Say, think you can get me back on the ground safe and sound, mate?

(In the mountains in the distance)

Hades and the Quinking (who has taken the form of Hades again) were each using a pair of opera binoculars and were watching Kyrin rescue Ty.

Hades- See, I told you the author wouldn't let Black Jack kill Ty. And we got a piece of Tabuu's soul without haven't to do much work.

Quinking (in Hades' voice)- But now Ty has the sacred power of the Bunyips. That power can do more than just destroy beings of darkness! It makes Ty stronger and increases his spiritual connection with the Bunyips!

Hades- Not like it will do much once Tabuu regains his full power.

Hades pulls out that piece of Tabuu's soul he grabbed earlier and pulls it to his face.

Hades- Come along, little fella. Time to bring you back home to daddy!

(Later at Buramudgee)

The whole town was rebuilt and everyone was returning to their normal lives as if the black sprite never appeared. Kyrin, Susie, and Gooboo Steve stuck around to help rebuild Buramdugee. Ty and Kyrin were standing right outside Ty's house as well.

Ty- Hey Kyrin, thanks for the help on rebuilding Buramudgee.

Kyrin- No problem, Ty.

Ty- I guess I should return this power back to Nandu Gili.

Kyrin- Uh…Ty, I don't think you realize…that energy that's now inside of you…it's perinate. But in a good way since it makes you stronger. Kind of like how Ash recently became the master of a powerful legendary Poke'mon in the first story of season 5.

Ty- Hey, if you don't mind me asking, was Simba the Tasmanian Tiger part of the original team 1,000 years ago?

Kyrin- Simba's relationship with the Mario Brothers was a little rocky at first compared to the others, but yes, he was. In fact, it was the Mario Brothers that helped Simba defeat Black Jack. He did have a smoking problem, but Simba smoking was sort of his way of dealing with grief.

Ty- Grief, mate?

Kyrin- Simba once had an older brother who sacrificed his life to save Simba when he was still very young. Simba blamed himself for his older brother's death and took to smoking tabaco. But thankfully, he did quit the habit eventually.

Then Kyrin thinks to himself.

Kyrin (thinks)- First Prince Calmly, then Chaos the Hedgehog, and now Simba the Tasmanian Tiger. Who could be next? I think I better give him a call…

Ty- Something wrong, mate?

Kyrin- Oh! No, Ty. But I feel like I need to give someone I know a call. Hopefully, things won't get too crazy until the halfway of season 5 for you, Ty.

The End


(Tabuu's palace in Subspace)

Hades and the Quinking (who was in the form of Mario) returned Tabuu a piece of his soul and Tabuu's left arm began to look more human like his right arm did.

Tabuu- Well done, you two. 87% of my full power. For now, the two of you can rest up. Dismissed.

Hades and the Quinking (in Mario's voice) at the same time- Yes, Tabuu.

After they left Tabuu's throne room, Tabuu pulled out that book again.

Tabuu- Ok…where to next?

Tabuu casted another seeker spell and the book flipped through its pages and stopped at a picture of a man in a wolf's pelt. But he was holding what appeared to be the Master Sword, but in his mouth. And in his hands were eight daggers that were in each webbing on his hands.

Tabuu- Ah, the infamous Wolf of Hyrule. Asides from Marco, he was my least favorite out of the original team do to the fact he never bathed. But that's to be expected from a man who was literally raised by wolves. Vaati!

Then Vaati entered the room.

Vaati- You called for me, Master Tabuu?

Tabuu- I did. What if I told you that there was a version of the Triforce but with more evil energy?

Vaati- Does such a thing really exists, Master Tabuu?

Tabuu- Demise actually created his own Triforce in one of his attempts to defeat Hylia and her champion chosen by the Master Sword. But it was broken by a certain Wolf after he plunged the Master Sword through it and hid each piece in the Dark World version of Hyrule.

Vaati- And you want me to bring you this Triforce?

Tabuu- Oh no. This version of the Triforce Demise created can be all yours as a reward for doing something important for me. There is something that belongs to me that is also imprisoned in the Dark World…