First Encounter

SPN100 challenge, word: sour

Summary: It's not always easy to save your brother from trouble. Pre-series.

A/N: It's been a time, guys. Trying to flex my fingers and get a grip again

The car left, and with the familiar rumble died every chance of escape.

The hallway smelled of dust and sorrow and old grease.

He tried his best "I-don't-give-a-shit"-glare, but it didn't fit too well with the slight tremble of his chin.

"Why's Daddy calling him a sourball, Dean?", Sammy whispered, chubby fingers grabbing his jeans.

Dean froze, looking up at the stranger's stony face under the worn baseball-cap – green eyes meeting blue ones, assessing each other warily.

"Balls". The stranger started chuckling, bending down.

"It's 'uncle Bobby' for you, kiddo. Anyone in for some burgers?"

Suddenly the house felt warm.