Devil May Cry © Capcom


Jason M. Lee

She was sure the stranger in blue in her home – her bedroom, no less – had to be noble-born, given his bearing. Voice was not high and reedy like some other nobles, but that haughty surety of his place in society.

The cold dismissive tones she had heard earlier in the book cafe slowly melted away. Legs and sheets entangled, she listened to his voice rumble low, interchanging between worldly knowledge and curiosity of a boy in a man's body.

(He listened to her gruff tones shift over retelling the island's tales and inquisitiveness of a girl in a woman's body.)

A/N: If it wasn't clear, this is Nero's mother, as FF-dot-net doesn't have that option yet. From the official Inktober 2019 prompt, "husky".