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Chapter 25: Will You Break Your Back Against the Mountain?

Izuku began his preparations for what could be called the current hardest fight of his life. Fighting against the Symbol of Peace would be hard enough on its own, but now if you were to add the fact that he would have to contend with a classmate who despised him/could barely work when close to his person and you had yourself a recipe for a disaster to occur and a catastrophic defeat staring you in the face.

The vampire was far from happy. He spent the last of his day trying to come up with strategies to fight the Top Hero in Japan, working his brain into overdrive to come up with a solution. So far Izuku had arrived at a few paths that he could take, his mind forgoing traditional thinking in favor of winnable odds:

His first idea was that he could forcefully mind jack Yaoyorozu, making constant use of his [Mesmerize] to guide the girl akin to a puppet. She would mostly play support, creating traps and distractions to aid him while he tried to use guerilla tactics against All Might. It was one path he could take he if was ready to stomach truly becoming the boogeyman that the rich heiress feared him to be, but it could allow Izuku to set a permanent foothold in the girl's mind, granting him an obedient puppet whenever he desired.

He could skip the fight altogether and search for other alternative methods of winning, as UA surely wouldn't be expecting him to win in a fight against an experienced Pro hero, much less someone of All Might's scope of power. No amount of Plus Ultra would get him an edge against the blonde. This method may seem cowardly or not fitting for a hero, but for Izuku so long as he could save lives and avoid loses, then he could handle some shade thrown his way. He had dealt with flak like that since his childhood years, he had resistance to it.

He could somehow strike a deal with his class president and convince the girl to work alongside him for the time being, allowing them a much better shot of incapacitating All Might or buying time for their escape. Guerilla tactics would also be much easier, considering Yaoyorozu's [Creation] quirk and Izuku's ability to move unrestrained through terrain and his movement options in [Blink] and [Warp]. This was the path with the least chance of success, considering Izuku's current "relationship" with the raven-haired girl.

A couple more ideas bounced in his noggin, but these were the most fleshed out ones that Izuku could think off. It didn't exactly help that he had a "watcher" eye him from the resting couch inside his office, the vampire occupying his own desk while he tried to formulate his plan of action. Eventually he could not ignore it any longer.

"What is it? Spit it out already." His voice had some venom in it, but he restrained his mood where his annoyance could barely be picked on. The girl that happily watched over his work smiled like Cheshire cat, lightly kicking her legs in the air.

"Izu-kyun is so serious and diligent and stuff. It makes me feel all tingly and stuff when you get that whole Prison-Planner look." Himiko Toga, the villainess that Izuku was housing in his gym/warehouse, spoke in her usual tone. The blonde girl was dressed differently from her usual school sailor outfit, sporting a crop-top and tight spat shorts as she had been working out before his arrival.

Someway somehow, the villain had been behaving herself appropriately. Ever since Izuku bit Himiko, she had been truthful to every single promise she made for the vampire, going so far as to draft a plan to infiltrate the League of Villains and work as a double agent for him. Suspicion at her proposal was high for him, so the vampire didn't give her the go-to, merely deciding that she remain in the warehouse, watch over it and don't get into trouble.

The girl had done just that, serving as a rather good staff-member for it. Izuku still hadn't opened the gym for proper use, mostly using it himself; that had not changed, but the place was now being maintained by Himiko (who was surprisingly good at housework), the cameras in the building always having her in their sights. She would always message him if she went out, going so far as to send him her live-location so as to assure him that she hadn't gone into a murderous spree or a robbery or anything else that she used to do before. It was worrisome for an entirely different matter, since the vampire was being shown definitive proof that Himiko had not been lying when she offered her proposition to him.

Even now the vampire had quite a few notebooks worth of information that he had written based on her words, all the information he could check out by himself (which wasn't a lot since he didn't have access to many high level gov data caches) did turned out to be true. So long as he fed her some of his blood, Himiko cared for little else in the ways of villainy. She seemed willing to do anything to please the vampire, and he had to be very careful with his words around the girl, else she would do anything to make his wishes come true. Considering her background, most of her available actions would certainly involve breaking the law.

You might be asking yourself why had Izuku gone behind the back of the law, his teachers at UA and even his latest mentor Edgeshot to accommodate a villain in his own personal gym, tend to her needs and associate along with her merely on the grounds of [Having a double agent with good connections]; your question is rather valid, and something that the vampire did not have a true answer for.

Was it the strange kinship he felt towards the girl? Was he taking pity on a villain and being taken advantage off, being used as a safe house until she had no further need of him?

Was he merely lusting after her?

Questions like this plagued Izuku too, some guilty worming its way inside his mind whenever he returned home and saw Mei, or even when he arrived to UA for his daily routine of studies and hero training. Izuku had over 150 drafts of messages he had written to send to both Tsukauchi's contact as well as Aizawa's (his position as class vice-president awarding him with a number that the homeroom teacher would answer too) in hopes of explaining the situation and trying to ease the punishment he would receive, but Izuku would always end up not pressing the send button.

The vampire sighed in frustration, licking his fangs. The motion seemed to attract Toga's attention, the girl slowly approaching Izuku by his peripherals, always staying at the edge of his sight, yet never vanishing from it like she had done before. She was no prisoner here, at any moment she could escape; yet here she remained, under his every word and command.

The girl crossed the distance between the couch and desk, lightly approaching Izuku. She sat at the edge of the desk, making the vampire glance his eyes up to hers, green slits meeting yellow ones.

"You want another bite? Just to top you off before you go to bed? I know that tomorrow is your big exam thing, so extra fuel in the tank should be good, right?" Himiko offered, tilting her head aside to let her neck be exposed should he wish to leap at it. A few perforation holes dotted the skin around her neck, marks that Izuku had been responsible for.

He shook his head sideways.

"I drank just short of 1.5 liters from you already. Anymore and you will become anemic." He stated, avoiding the sight of her marked neck. It wasn't like Izuku could call himself an extremely law-abiding citizen, but he had to be mindful of the limits of what he could get away with. "I can't imagine many hospitals that will treat you without knowing some history first, and considering yours…that's a trip from the ER to the closest jail cell available." He stated, leaning back on his chair and pointing one clawed finger to the girl.

She just giggled, hopping from the table and making her way out of the room. "Nah, if I ever feel weak I can just drink some of your blood, Izu-kyun. Imma take a shower, if you change your mind you know where to find me~~~!" She sang her last sentence, hips swinging in a clearly invitational manner.

Izuku released a sound, something between a scoff and a grunt. As if he would.

He further busied himself, hoping to improve his plans or come with something better. The vampire spent two hours with nothing to show for, even while straining his mind for every bit of knowledge that he had. Nothing.

Izuku sighed, grabbing the paper he had written his plans and shoving it into his backpack, shouldering the bag and making his way out of the gym. Himiko was by the door to see him out, dressed into one of his older All Might shirts and red cotton short. He had a few clothes in the gym, but he didn't recall giving the girl permission to repurpose any of his items.

Toga smirked at his questioning gaze, taking advantage of the fact that he was too mentally tired to truly raise a fuss at her act. She leaned forward once he was close enough, putting her hands behind her pack and puckering her lips to him. She also closed her eyes and for a moment looked like an innocent high schooler.

"One good bye kiss for my darling Izu-kyun! Chuuuu~~~~!"

This was a new one, the vampire mused while raising his left brow with a stoic expression.

Toga waited for him to answer to her gesture, Izuku merely passing by without paying attention to her antics. He was tired.

Toga remained in her position for a few more moments, only opening her eyes after the sound of the front door opening and closing reached her.

"Tch, the magazine said this would work…" Himiko complained to herself, looking over an article on her phone. A few messages pinged, the girl ignoring her mail box. She would only answer when her beloved Blood Lord gave her permission.



"It is okay, you can do this Momo." The words echoed inside the girls' locker room now occupied solely by the person who said the words.

The other girls had wished her luck and moved to face their own challenges, leaving the rich heiress to finish her ritual of hyping herself to face the back-breaking challenge that would be fighting against All Might.

Aizawa and Principal Nezu had supervised Class 1-A as they took their written exam, the mouse/bear/dog chimera staying behind to explain the next portion of the exam. It was fairly simple: each duo had been carefully selected to fight against a teacher that embodied an aspect the students needed to improve on or had great potential to win against, or they could also escape from the fight using one of the two gates that were located on the opposite far ends of the areas they would be fighting on.

Well, there was also the fact that the principal explained this in needlessly cute slides, easing the tension from the class and allowing some confidence to build up among the students. Even Momo felt somewhat emboldened…

Of course her luck ended when she let her eyes wander around and her black orbs fell on the frame of her partner for the exam. Midoriya's eyes had already taken the fear-bringer format he had become known for, the vampire staring unblinkingly into the frame of their principal and for one moment the young heiress thought she would have to commandeer her class into restraining him away from their principal. Shivers ran down her spine, Momo unable to stop it as his eyes washed over her frame, his gaze only lingering over her for a quick while.

As the students were left to get ready and dress their costumes, Yaoyorozu could feel the gaze return to her back, making the girl feel exposed to an uncomfortable degree. Kyouka had been the one to snap her out of her thoughts, the girl ended up frozen right in front of the girls' locker room.

Momo slipped from her school uniform and underwear, quickly dressing into her costume. Yet, she could not exit the room and ended up lingering behind as the other girls finished and wished each other good luck.

First was Tooru, followed then by Asui and Mina. Kyouka tried to remain, but the rocker ended up hearing something and had to leave too.

Remaining only Momo, the heiress did a few breathing exercises to get her emotions in check, whispering to herself encouragement as she was used to do when she struggled with something specially hard (although nothing had ever been this hard for her).

Thus, when Yaoyorozu opened her eyes and turned around, she couldn't help but release a rather loud squeal when she found the brown eyes and chunky frame of Uraraka right in front of her.

The gravity girl flinched due the loud noise, cringing away from Momo as the heiress put a hand on her own chest, both to calm her wildly beating heart and stop herself from creating something out of sheer panic.

"Geez, Momo-chan, there was no need for that, y'know?" Ochaco complained, holding her helmet at her side.

The heiress had the composure to show some shame at her display, trying to push past the event with a stiff smile. "I…I wasn't expecting anyone to still be here with me, Uraraka-san. Forgive me!"

Ochaco waved the raven-haired girl's concerns off. "Don't worry about it, Momo-chan. I wonder though, what's gotten you so spooked?" Yaoyorozu's stiff smile turned wry, the taller girl crossing her arms under her chest, propping her assets up. It might have been the heiress' imagination, but Ochaco's eye-smile seemed to twitch for a millisecond.

"I'm sure it is just nervousness. It is not every day that you fight All Might after all, even if he will have his strength capped by those wristbands; Principal Nezu said that all teachers will only be at 50% of their power at most, but this is All Might we are talking about." Momo hoped her rushed explanation would suffice for now, as she probably should already be out to meet with her…partner.

Ochaco nodded along with her, but then the brunette put a finger to her lips. "That's true! But, you are really lucky too, don't ya think?" Yaoyorozu found Ochaco's speaking pattern to be slipping into an accent, something that the heiress wasn't aware about the girl.

"Why do you think so, Uraraka-san?" She questioned.

Uraraka's face frowned, as if the girl found Momo's questioning to be absurd.

"You are paired with with Izuku-kun! If there is someone in class that can surely fight All Might it is him! I dare to say he might win you guys the exercise." Ochaco spoke with such confidence that one might think said result was written in the stars or set in stone. How could the brunette have this much confidence in Izuku?

Sure, he had great firepower at his disposal and his array of abilities was both varied and practical, but Izuku was still full of short-comings. Had he…had he sunk his dirty fangs into Uraraka? Momo's thoughts began to grow aggravated and angry, the heiress directing a serious gaze at Ochaco's warm brown pupils.

"I believe my quirk also grants me a great advantage to fight against All Might-sensei! I can create traps and items that can help mitigate the gap in offensive power! I'm a powerful asset too; I might be at a higher priority than Midoriya-san." The heiress couldn't help but to wish to cut this growing bud of admiration towards the vampire. He did not deserve this, for he was a monster! How could Uraraka-san not see it? Was she too kind or too innocent to see the dangers a man like Midoriya represented?

Ochaco hummed, and Momo saw the brunette building up arguments to counter her points. Was Yaoyorozu seeing things?

"That 'ould be true for just 'bout anyone else! But this be All Might we be talkin' 'bout! Unless ya bring some real great toys, anything else might as well be blowing air in his face!"

Yaoyorozu frowned her face, determined to get her point across. She would clean up any traces of Midoriya-filth from inside Jirou and Uraraka's mind! And that would begin now!

However, before the heiress could begin a sermon, Ochaco put on her helmet and began turning around to leave the room.

"All I'm sayin' is that ye should be happy ya got someone like Izuku-kun to cover yer back. I wished we were a team. So, please…" Ochaco stopped at the door frame, fixing her helmet in place and slowly turning her head back to glance at Yaoyorozu. She said something under her breath, too low for Momo to hear.

The heiress was ready for a verbal debate, yet her legs almost trembled a bit under her frame as something cold washed over her body. It was akin to the sensation Izuku brought with him damn near every time, or the aura that Aizawa-sensei would push out when he wanted the class to be silent. A dreadful feeling that was born inside your stomach and spread all over your body, pushing a cold something inside your very bones and making your hands feel clammy. A feeling that made you wish you could end your very life, if only to be out of the influence of whomever or whatever was causing the sensation in the first place.

It was nowhere near what Aizawa or Izuku could make the heiress feel, but it was there.

The beginning of a pit in her stomach, whereas with her classmate or teacher her stomach would drop or vanish altogether. Scary, yet something she could manage.

Why was she feeling this from Uraraka?

"I 'ave seen da way ya treat Izuku-kun, Momo-chan, and I don't think yer right in doing so. Izuku-kun is an amazing friend and a good partner. He m'ight be a lil' scary and all, but he did cover up for plenty of yer mistakes and fuck-ups, right?" Uraraka's words shocked the heiress, as she had never seen the brunette say an expletive ever. "But, hey! I hope you pass your test! You are amazing too, Momo-chan!"

"Just don't get in his way, okay?"

Momo could only watch the brunette's back get farther and farther away from her, the raven-haired girl being left alone in the locker room, staring at her own trembling hands.

Izuku finished his preparations, placing the last of his ammunition mags into his coat. He knew that rubber rounds would not do much against All Might, but it would be a valid distraction to work with, especially if he were to aim for weak spots such as the crotch and eyes. That said, it would be a miracle if he managed to even hit All Might in the first place, but Izuku was a somewhat optimistic individual. Or he had to be for this fight; else he might just give up right now.

He looked over himself, his eyes crimson-red slits ready for action. He was full of blood, his guns were in perfect condition and full of ammo to shoot, his blade was sharpened and perfectly maintained; Midoriya Izuku was ready, or as ready as he could ever be. Now things would be left to happen. It was either swim or sink.

He exited the male's locker room, his steps firm as Izuku kept a quiet pace to reach the bus that would take the class to each fighting stage. Everyone inside the vehicle was tense, no one sparing the vampire more than a quick look. He settled at the back-most seat, closing his eyes in focus and taking a whiff of the air inside.

It was full of several hormones and chemicals; from fear to excitement, tension to aggression. It all tickled his sensitive nose, Izuku feeling somewhat reassured that everyone seemed to be just as nervous about this as he was.

He felt someone sit by his side.


Izuku let a slight smirk settle at the corner of his lips.

"Hello there, Todoroki."

The other male grunted in what the vampire supposed was acknowledgment. There was a moment of silence, Izuku wondering if he should say anything or simply let this "comfortable" silence remain standing between the two remain. They weren't exactly friends, but Izuku was sure that they were now more than mere classmates or simply acquaintances. Friends would be a stretch, but something close to that.

"…Are you nervous too?" The dual-color hair teen asked, Izuku opening his eyes to look at him. "I rely a fair deal on my quirk, and while I do have some close quarters experience, it would be foolish to believe that my meager experience could tackle on Eraserhead's proficiency. Having Tokoyami as my partner too doesn't exactly help matters as he is another quirk-reliant combatant." Shouto rambled for surprisingly a long while, Izuku listening carefully to the teen.

"Do you want some tips?" He offered, trying to be helpful. Tokoyami hadn't come to ask for help so far, although he still came over to the gym once in a while to train. The vampire tried before to offer some help, but the crow-headed teen shook his head and returned to his personal training with vigor(and without explaining the reasons behind his refusal of perfectly acceptable help).

It made Izuku confused, but he accepted the behavior and moved on.

"No." That simple word made the same confusion from back then emerge once more, the vampire furrowing his brow at the other teen. Todoroki perceived Izuku's confusion and sighed. "I suppose I'm not good at this." Shouto murmured to himself. "I am venting a bit of my own frustration. I read somewhere that this deepens friendship bounds, talking about personal issues." The teen explained, the confusion that marred Izuku vanishing as the vampire rolled his eyes in good humor.

"Then, it is fine. Grumble away, I'm all ears." Izuku said; the other teen nodding and beginning his complaints once more.

It took about ten minutes for the first stop to happen, letting Mina and Mashirao off in an arena that resembled the chem-plant/industrial zone from the sweep-and-rescue exercise they did together with class 1-B. That kept on happening for a while, Todoroki and Tokoyami being the third to last to be released, leaving the last four to be Izuku, Jirou, Tenya and Yaoyorozu.

Silence permeated the bus, only being broken by the sound of the engine as the students waited. Considering no one really had anything to talk about, the silence remained.

Izuku was perfectly fine with letting this remain was it was, but the low whisper of his wild side clinked against the cages of his mind, the vampire closing one of his eyes to do a partial mind dive. It looked a fair bit disturbing to any outside viewers, but he needed to maintain some consciousness.

It was incredibly jarring to mind dive while still awake, his senses becoming a bit skewed. Nonetheless, Izuku arrived at the throne room, just in time for the new painting to be added on the living walls of the ballroom.

The square frame housed a black background, a large droplet of crimson blood being the central image of the painting. A syringe emerged on the superior right of the painting, almost as if being the responsible for the droplet, and right in the middle of the crimson droplet, the outline of a cross finished the painting, the knowledge of the quirk factor flooding Izuku's mind with endorphins and granting Izuku a rush of pleasure.

A muffled growl left his mouth, Jirou immediately looking backwards to check why had he done it.

Izuku blinked open his previously shut left eye, trying to acclimate himself after such unexpected mind dive.

[The blessings of the old blood are now ours. Healing flesh is no longer just a self-privilege, master! Shall we become the dark healer those doctors proclaimed we could be in our youth?]

The [Inner Beast] joked about, but Izuku ignored the ramblings of his wild side in favor of immediately pulling on the strength of his newly discovered power. Also pulling on [Blood Creation], Izuku focused some life liquid onto his palm and allowed the quirk-factors to mix and compress. It seemed that only Jirou had heard his growl, the vampire putting one finger over his lips in the universal signal for silence. The girl rolled her eyes at him and turned to watch the passing road by her window.

As for Izuku, his eyes scanned the other two occupants to see if they had noticed anything different. Iida was busy murmuring to himself while Yaoyorozu was doing some last minute reading, completely content in ignoring the vampire. He would get annoyed at the girl, but unlocking a new and useful quirk-factor distracted him from the heiress' behavior.

He thanked the stars in heaven that only Kyouka had heard him, as explaining himself to the rocker girl would be far easier than the stiff speedster or the rich heiress. And while he mentally sent gratitude to whatever entity existed, his experiment was done; the vampire slowly lowered his eyes to observe his clenched right fist, candidly opening his hand to reveal a red-colored pill. It resembled a jaw-breaker or a ping-pong sized ball, the dull crimson color of the pill giving off an odd allure.

It also was a blessing for Izuku, as the item hadn't taken even 5% of his reserve of blood for the day's main activity. The hemomancer's lips split into an evil smirk, the slit eyes shimmering with a look that spoke of a gleeful madness only understood by Izuku himself. He rose from his seat, aware that soon he would be alone with the Yaoyorozu Heiress. He really wished this particular quirk factor had been decoded sooner, but there was no use crying over spilled blood.

Izuku eased his frame beside Kyouka's, the girl huffing and giving him enough space so that the vampire could sit down instead of remaining standing up like a fool. There was a stare now threatening to burn a hole in the back of his head, but Izuku was sure that Momo's quirk was [Creation] and not [Laser Eyes].

As he sat down, Jirou lightly punched his right shoulder, aware of not putting too much strength and hitting the ceramic plates of his overcoat.

"I still have to get you for that bit you did last training, jerk." The rocker mumbled, keeping her ear jacks out of his reach.

That brought a chuckle out of the vampire, his wet fangs peeking out from his lips as he ran his tongue over them. "An eye for an eye, Kyouka-san. Normally that would leave the whole world blind, but I can regenerate just fine." He spoke like he was reciting a poem, Jirou rolling her eyes at his flowery speech.

"That should mean that you should take the blows as they come, since they don't truly harm you." Her reply was full of sarcasm, the vampire pretending to look offended at her remark.

"I'll have you know that I am no masochist." He stated, rolling the pill in his hands dexterously. Jirou glanced curiously at the item, wondering why he had the sphere in his grasp.

"Really? I honestly had you pegged as the type to enjoy his pain; you certainly don't run away from it." The punk-girl said, her head tilting up as she remembered all the training exercises that she had seen him perform. When blood heated up and blows were exchanged, Izuku would never shy away after taking hits, going so far as to roll with them when counterattacking.

"Withstanding pain and enjoying it are two completely different matters. One is a fetish and the other is a skill for this job." Izuku pushed his answer, fully willing to bury the subject. He then let the pill roll off his hand and into the lap of the girl, who picked it up and tried to give it back.

He refused it, pushing it back into her hands. She questioned his actions, looking at his face with a grouchy look of her own, hoping for an answer.

"A good luck charm from me, to guarantee your success against Power Loader; if you ever find yourself or Iida with an injury, break it and eat half of it." He spoke in a whisper, making Jirou look at him with a very serious expression.

"Quirk boosters? Now this is a surprise; I never pegged you as the type to cheat." Her tone was accusatory in nature, but Izuku let it slide off.

He shook his head, showing the palm of his hand and repeating the process once more. Kyouka widened her brows at the display, getting a bit closer to the creation in wonderment.

"Just a one-time heal to help you get back into the fray in case of injury. It won't save you from certain death, but it can pull off a victory from the jaws of defeat if you know how to play. It speeds the body's natural healing rate at the cost of your own blood and some stamina, so don't abuse it. Half a pill for heavy bruising, which is what I expect to happen at most; in case of broken bones, eat the full pill and act quick. Your body will feel the strain once adrenaline wears off, so use it wisely." His explanation made Kyouka wide eyes and brows separate even further, the rocker licking her dry lips at him.

She kept glancing from the pill to Izuku and then back at the sphere, a myriad of emotions mixing in her face. "I don't even…W-what…why?" Eventually she settled into a question.

Izuku was readying an answer when the bus came to a stop, his name and Yaoyorozu's lighting up in the display near the door and calling the duo out. He stood up from his seat and left without giving Jirou a proper answer, merely waving his hand at the girl over his shoulder.

The duo descended from the bus near a sort of high wall with a tiny opening for them to enter, the door-like structure closing behind them and enclosing the teens inside their arena. It was a rather perfect replica of a city center, the only difference was the lack of civilians. Okay, now it is official. Either UA has endless pockets or Cementoss is paid at least triple the salary of most teachers. Izuku let the thought swim in his head, glancing around and trying to detect any signs of the Symbol of Peace nearby.

Finding no signal of the blond hero, Izuku turned to Yaoyorozu, the girl already pulling something from her midriff if the glow of her quirk usage was anything to go by. She threw something towards the vampire, his enhanced sight assuring him that she wasn't trying to blow him up with C4 or anything of the sort: it was merely a tracker.

"Since we don't know the layout of this place, I thought it would be useful to know your constant location. If you find the exits, we can communicate and mark it, in case we can't win against All Might." Those were the first words the vampire had heard directly from the heiress's mouth towards him since their last personal meeting in her mansion. There was still tension in her tone, but she was being professional. He nodded, looking around to find any clue about All Might's location.

More chromatic glow emerged from the heiress, a phone-like device fell on the ground and was slid over to him. That grated his nerves, yet the vampire took a deep breath and knelt down to pick up the device. A GPS with two active pings in the map as well as a communication app.

"Thank you." He spoke in a dry tone, hearing an hmph back from the girl. Izuku stored the device in a pocket of his coat. "I suppose we have to…" He was about to suggest a plan when a sonic boom reached his ears. It was far enough that it would not hurt his hearing or that of the girl, but it was sign that something was approaching…and approaching rapidly.

"What is it?" Momo asked in a stoic voice, Izuku quickly raising a hand to hush her into silence. The raven-haired girl was about to launch into a rant over his lack of manners, but a slight ground tremor reached their location.



The two stared each other in silence, their expressions hard to describe as anything besides confusion.



And then suddenly, without any warning whatsoever.

"…SMASH!" An unmistakable voice echoed all around the streets, the corridors of buildings acting as tunnels that lead the loud, booming voice to the teens and hit them like a physical force. Wind suddenly rushed and whipped about their frames, Izuku immediately digging one clawed hand into the asphalt tarmac and allowing a shadow tendril to grab a hold of Yaoyorozu, the dark mass wrapping itself tightly around the girl's waist and holding her as gale-like winds passed them by.




Concrete cracked and crumbled, steel bent and snapped, glass broke and scattered, and carrying all of that was absolute tidal wave of destruction that was being carried by overwhelming winds that emerged from what seemed to be the center point of the arena. The wave cleared a circle around the center point that Izuku estimated its radius to be 150 meters. He could be wrong thought, as he was too busy clinging on for dear life to avoid being thrown like a rag doll by the wind that was nothing short of hurricane-levels of intensity.

It took a while for the dust of the destruction to settle down, a slight ringing still remaining in Izuku's ears as he tried to make something out of this terrifying display of power.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hello young Midoriya, young Yaoyorozu! I hope you are ready to begin your exam!" All Might's voice echoed once more, the frame of the muscular man a mere shade as he remained in the same spot where the waves had originated, his form revealing that he had "punched", his force responsible for originating the air pressure capable of this.

Izuku widened his eyes in fear, slit pupils dilating for the first time in a long while. Momo, freed from his anchoring shadow tendril, had her face expressing full on dread at the prospect of having to face this bastion of strength.

The vampire ripped his hand from the ground and let blood immediately pool at his arms and face, hardening them into his usual gauntlets and dragon-maw mask, his fighting stance ready to try and intercept the hero. "Yaoyorozu! Hurry up and move to support! Don't expose yourself and don't ever get hit!" Izuku shouted, moving to try and intercept.

He would have preferred to stealth this as open combat against All Might was foolish, but between the two of them, Izuku was the one with the most stamina and deck of combat options. Until his partner vanished from sight he would have to play decoy and hope that the wrist and ankle weights that All Might wore would truly cut the man's strength back.

"Commendable, young Midoriya!" Before Izuku could say anything else, the hero moved. One moment All Might was in the epicenter, the next he was meeting with Izuku, fist raised for a knockout punch. The vampire used his enhanced perception to meet the incoming fist with his own armored one. The moment they struck each other Izuku truly understood the meaning behind the words Unstoppable Object. His right gauntlet (hardened as it was) shattered, the hardened blood falling into chunks around the two males as Izuku's right arm was bent back and All Might's meaty fist crumbled the vampire's defenses, hitting him straight into his chest and sending Izuku flying into nearby car. "However! Shouting your plans right in front of the enemy is never a good choice!"

Momo had just managed to stand up, her eyes witnessing the scene that belonged into a silly action-flick with stunned eyes. As the vampire was launched into a vehicle, the heiress finally jumped into action. She immediately created a couple of smoke grenades, popping some open to create some cover as she circled around the hero and began another item. All Might turned to try and spot the girl the moment the smoke billowed about, forcing the hero to cough a bit at the distraction.

"A neat trick, young Yaoyorozu! But ineffective!" Another punching motion cleared the scene of any smoke as well as throwing the canisters far away and cutting their use short. The clear scene showed All Might that the girl was quick with her quirk, as a thick barrel stared the blonde hero. "Shit!-"


An explosion, followed by the sound of steel wiring being contorted, echoed from the cannon created by the heiress. The girl had a strained smile present in her lips, some dirt and sweat already covering her face. The smoke caused by the cannon quickly dispersed and the sight was a blessing for the heiress.

Thick steel cables were tightly wrapped around All Might, each cable as thick as an infant's finger, their ends being weighed down by lead weights. The bulked hero had some sooth staining his costume, but nothing suggesting damage from the explosion.

Momo sighed in relief and put her hands on her hips, proud of her accomplishment. It was a mistake.

"NAÏVE!" The hero shouted, flexing his muscles and easily tearing his restrains off.

Izuku [Blink]'ed into existence right in front of her, his claws digging into the steel frame of her created cannon, carrying the heavy apparatus and using it as a shield. Metal groaned and bent out of shape as another punch dug into it, this time Izuku was ready and braced, his legs covered in his greaves. The vampire let go of his improvised shield the very second he stopped the blow, discarding it and pointing the remaining left gauntlet at the hero.

"[Blood Spear Burst]!" The dull metallic armor immediately heated into a cherry red color, exploding towards All Might like a true shotgun shell, hardened bits of blood becoming shrapnel that would have shredded a normal man's torso to a horrible mess. The attack merely scratched the blue costume, but it slowed the hero down for enough time that the vampire could grab his female partner and vanish from sight due to the use of [Blink].

All Might laughed boisterously, standing at full height and posing. "As expected of young Midoriya, he is really good at reacting to unexpected situations. For him to counter attack even while protecting his teammate…what impressive usage of quirks." The last sentence was spoken with a slight ominous tone. Even when the investigation he conducted had yielded clean results. To see that nature had produced another version of Him was worrying, even when the teen had clearly expressed his desire for heroics.

Come on, Toshinori! You need to focus on what is, and not what could be. The hero thought in his head, brushing one hand over his torso and shaking off the various flakes of blood shrapnel, none ever managing to pierce his skin.

While the hero let his thoughts wander for a bit, Izuku pushed his legs to their maximum, fleeing the immediate area around the hero until he arrived at a 5-stories building. Barely had he entered the building through the back staff entrance, Izuku had to release his hold over his partner, less he be shocked by the stun gun that crackled in her hands.

He resisted the urge to fling her off into one of the walls, releasing a deep breath.

"What was that?" He arrested the anger in his voice and managed to maintain a professional tone.

Momo clipped the taser into a magnetic belt around her waist. "I think that that is my question! Why did you destroy my cannon? Do you know how many lipids I had to use to create that?" Yaoyorozu questioned, anger slipping into her voice and increasing her tone.


Izuku let cooled blood flow in his head, dulling the growling that was echoing in his mind. "I told you to get out of sight and play a support role. As soon as that smoke popped off you should have been out of sight; instead, you tried to immobilize All Might with steel wires?" Thankfully the vampire managed to keep himself civil, else they would have probably started a shouting match.

"And I managed to stop him! You, on the other hand, failed at doing anything besides being tossed around!" The accusatory tone and finger pointed at his face did little to settle the exponential increase of scratching claws in Izuku's head.

"That is the point of a decoy, Yaoyorozu-san! I was the distraction that would have allowed you to procure a better position to aid in the battle. I very much do not enjoy being on the receiving end of those punches!" Izuku's voice did increase in tone, making the heiress flinch, yet she maintained her stance on the matter.

The vampire took a deep breath and rubbed the bridge of his nose, licking his fangs and trying to think of alternatives. His plans hadn't all gone to shit, he could still salvage this.

"We have managed to put some distance between All Might and us, which gives us some time to work out a plan of action. Facing him head on is a no-go, as you have seen." Izuku began to explain, patting his body and checking his equipment's state. His overcoat plates had taken some damage, but they still weren't out of commission; his guns were still perfectly fine, as was his kodachi. The ammunition mags were good to go too and the vampire still had about 87% of his blood left, so he was still plenty in the game.

Yaoyorozu also took a deep breath, crossing her arms over her chest to calm down and think clearly.

"I think that we should try to subdue him. The steel wires weren't enough, but they did stop All Might for a short while, so a stronger material could pin him down to guarantee victory or at the very least hold him back until we can find the exit points." Momo pointed out her plan, just about ready to begin her creations, when Izuku raised a hand to stop her.

"You should hold back on creating so many things so fast. You have seen his power and speed; we won't get another chance like that, now that All Might is expecting us to pull another trick like that. Hit-and-Run tactics are our best bet for now. We can wear him down some and map our surroundings all the while." He proposed, right hand lowering to his hip and brushing aside a flap of his coat to grasp at his pistol.

One mag in use, nine remaining. He mentally noted, grabbing one magazine and loading the firearm; pulling back the slide and releasing it, the pistol was now chambered and ready to fire. He holstered it back on his hip and opened the coat at his chest area, checking his revolver for any damage. The powerful firearm was intact, proof of its hardy design and engineering prowess of his lover. The vampire flicked the barrel and ammo cylinder down, loading bullet after bullet.

"Are you seriously going to use such dangerous support equipment as guns?" Yaoyorozu's questioning tone took Izuku away from his relaxing daze, reloading his weapons easing the tension that had built up so far.

He raised one brow at the girl, wondering if she had truly said the foolishness he had heard. "I don't want to be told off by the girl that created a cannon first thing in the match." His rebuke was spoken low, yet in a loud enough tone that the girl could hear it.

Momo's cheeks turned red in anger, but she kept quiet.

Izuku holstered the revolver in his chest and looked back at the heiress, seeing tension immediately build in her body. He mentally sighed.

"Please, do stick to surveillance, reconnaissance and support. A battle is halfway won if we are superior in those aspects." He offered a reasonable argument that should convince the girl of his intentions. Seeing that she hadn't offered a counter argument, Izuku slowly exited the building through the same staff door, his greaves shifting into a smoother shape, contrary to their previous bulky and angular frame. The hemomancer disappeared into a puff of smoke-like mist.

Yaoyorozu huffed her displeasure inside the staff room, the light of her quirk shining strongly as she began to create items. She would show him what she was capable off, she was no damsel in distress that would cower behind anyone's back, much less that monster's.

All Might began his search for the two teens, his jogging pace capable of leaving Olympic professional runners behind by great lengths. The blonde hero was worried that after their initial spat, the young ones would simply head straight for the exits, as it was the most obvious course of action one should take when facing such overwhelming opponent as All Might.

The hero hopped to catch them in time before they fled. Izuku's mobility was quite a troublesome skill to deal with when one was fighting against him; nothing that All Might couldn't deal with when close by, but "out of sight, out of mind" could never be applied to the vampire.

The hero jogged a couple of streets more, passing by one with quite a few alleyways when his instincts – born out of countless hours of patrol – alerted the hero to danger. He craned his head to the right, seeing Izuku's upside down body hanging a few meters up, shadow matter allowing the vampire to cling to the alley walls and resemble a human spider. That was currently using his two hands to point something at the hero.

All Might's blue eyes widened in surprise at the savage grin that split Izuku's lips, the dragon's maw mask that protected his face resembling an open bear trap and adding to the bizarre sight.

"Hello, there!" Izuku's voice was drowned by the absolutely ridiculous sound of a gunshot. The vampire's aim would have struck true had All Might not protected his face with his left forearm. The rubber round slammed onto the hero's limb and forced it out of the way with tremendous force that the blonde hero swore would bruise later.

SHIT! The hero panicked. Tanking one of those rounds to his torso or body would hurt like hell (he could already feel the hit bruising up), but he had taken worse hits before (old pain flared lightly in his gut), and more importantly it was doable. Taking one of those to the face would not be pretty. It seemed that luck was on All Might's side, as the recoil of the gun was too strong for the hemomancer to line up a second shot in time.

The vampire hurriedly holstered the gun and sling-shot himself away from the alley with the aid of his shadow tendrils, just in time for All Might to barrel through the walls of the alley, uncaring about the damage he caused.

"OH YEAH!" The hero didn't let his inner panic show on his face, pursuing the vampire with renewed vigor.

He caught up instantly, grabbing Izuku by one of his legs and side throwing the vampire onto a building's wall, the teen's body ricocheting for mere milliseconds before the hero followed through with another devastating punch aimed for the gut. The building's wall proved to not be up to par with the hero's strength, caving in and allowing the hero to drive Izuku past the concrete and rebar.

Oh crap, I got too much into it! More panicked thoughts ran past the Pro Hero's mind, before he had to cover up his face again, more gunshots ringing and tearing through the air. Six shots, six hits in the large target that was All Might's torso. None of the rubber rounds did much more than sting this time, but they were a distraction for the following hit.

Izuku [Blink]'ed into close quarters, using the concrete dust flying up to approach and slam a punch into All Might. The blow itself wasn't the intent, but was a necessary part of it. The vampire roared, the guttural sound followed by another explosion that pushed the hero out of the building and onto the main street.

The hero skidded for a few meters due to momentum, seeing the sooth mark that dirtied his costume. He waited for a following attack, but nothing happened. All Might frowned and rushed inside the building again, finding it empty. "Very well played, young Midoriya! This villain shall take you seriously." All Might rushed another direction, leaving the damaged building behind.

A few more moments of silence followed by, a few car alarms disturbing the quietude.

Then, Izuku fell from the ceiling of the broken-in room, shadow tendrils returning to the inside of his coat. He took a few moments to breath and reload his pistol, swapping the half-empty mag for a fresh one and pocketing the other. He checked the device Yaoyorozu had given him, finding her location to be…

Half a click north-east from my current position.

Right into the path he had sent All Might, to allow for a sweep of the area to find one of the exit gates. She had one device too, she should be paying attention to it as he had given the girl her instructions. She merely needed to follow his advice, or even if she ignored his ideas, searching the exit gate by herself should not have been that hard, considering she could simply make a high-powered telescope and be done with this already.

Did she want to fight against All Might?

How hard was it to stick to recon and support?

"Midoriya to Yaoyorozu, over. The target is in a direct path towards you! Evacuate the area or enter total stealth mode immediately! Do not engage!" It was a miracle that he managed to speak the lines in his device without shouting them, hoping that the girl heard them and paid attention. If escape was impossible, she could probably make a camo cloak matching her surroundings and prevent being found out until he got there. She would not face All Might, would she?

"Midoriya to Yaoyorozu, over. The target is in a direct path towards you! Evacuate the area or enter total stealth mode immediately! Do not engage!"

The message came alright into one the earphones of the heiress, another separated one plugged into a sound-listening device she had created, the machine automatically pointing towards the incoming greatest noise, which was just what she was expecting.

She had run to an inconspicuous two-story building with tinted windows, creating items to set her trap. Then, she waited. Izuku had been playing decoy, but even he would never face All Might head-on for more than a few moments, the commotion more than enough to allow Momo to work out her own plan.

"It is okay, Momo! You've got this! It is just All Might, the number one hero." She whispered to herself, a few moments after the message came clean to her.

All Might kept his search, passing her building with no clue whatsoever. She smiled. He kept advancing at his breakneck pace for a few more moments, the distance covered by his strides allowing Momo to have a rough guess of where one of the exit gates probably stood at. After all, there was no reason for him to be patrolling such short zone if not for his search of them.

He rushed back closer to her building, as it stood halfway between the distance between his first destruction sight, the zone of the previous engagement against Midoriya and the possible exit gate. The hero stood in the open street, trying to guess their current location.

Well, he need no longer guess! She would bury him into the greatest trap right now!

She pressed the button that would activate all her traps. It was her victory!

All Might wondered what steps he should take next when he picked on the sound of whirling machinery. It was faint, and normally he would have ignored it. At this exam, facing the two that he was facing, nothing could be left to chance or luck.

He put up his guard, just in time for the beginning of the attack. A window from one of the building broke, a canister thrown close to his feet. The hero was about to push the incoming smoke, but the shape of the thrown grenade was familiar.



A bright flare suddenly lit up, All Might's ears ringing deafly as his senses were thrown in disarray. He focused in the power inside him, aware that more items were being launched at him with the intent of subduing him. A good plan.

A good plan indeed.

A pity that he was All Might.


The buildings around him crumbled like an earthquake and a hurricane were happening at the same time.

Any plan could be smashed, simply due to his presence.

He was All Might.

He was here!



"Does that bumbling buffoon not know that meaning of holding back?" Aizawa rhetorically asked the wind, already aware that he would not receive an answer from any of his colleagues.

Cementoss grimaced as he watched the live footage, tears gathering at the corner of his eyes and giving his face a "wet cement" look that made the teacher a pitiful sight to behold. "My sweet work….my buildings…."

The rat bastard that Aizawa called a boss had his beady eyes glued on the screen, a long smile painted on his furry's snout, the tea cup by his side trembling greatly as the sadism of the creature and his high intellect battled. One wanted to greatly laugh and enjoy the sight of the teen's suffering, the other anticipating the outcome of the high octane battle.

"I have taken everything into account when proposing this exercise, Shouta-kun! Challenges like this are needed if they are to be the heroes of the next generation, and we need to break the cocoon those two have created around themselves. It is best we release the tension Midoriya-kun accumulated over his long years than letting it burst suddenly; the same for Yaoyorozu-san. Her views of life are rather…different, and thus we need to help her be more flexible in her thinking." The bear/dog/mousse explained in his happy tone, forgoing manners and simply dumping the contents of his teacup in his mouth to avoid missing a second of the action.

Other teachers had yet to arrive from their zones. Only Nezu, Aizawa, Cementoss and Nemuri had finished their exams, others still in progress and pending results.

"You mean she had a sheltered upbringing." Midnight coined in, shaking her head at the "trap" the girl had laid for All Might. If only the girl trusted Midoriya a tad more instead of trying these overly forced displays of "competence" and "bravery". Having already witnessed the first display of power from the hero, the duo was far from truly cooperating.

"He means she is being stupid and irrational, letting some sort of idiotic fear dictate her course of action. She managed to pull through so far, but now the stakes are raised quite high." Aizawa spat out in his cold manner. "Midoriya isn't exactly acting right either. Leadership roles are hard, and he is still acting the crowd-pleaser, especially when he isn't pushed to his absolute limits. He interned with Edgeshot, right? He should be faring much better than this instead of acting as if he is just a decoy. Yaoyorozu isn't made out of glass, she can protect herself."

Nezu clapped his paws with a dull sound. "It is not like we can give them these pointers midbattle to them. If they want to be successful heroes, then they need to push past these barriers and Plus Ultra. Will they? Won't they?"

Aizawa scoffed. Come on, problem child.

Nemuri smiled while shaking her head at the rough man. All that tough love outside, yet can't help being a softie inside.

Cementoss went to a corner and began crying over his hard hours of work, being destroyed in mere seconds.



Momo was not able to utter a word under the cacophony of destruction that was happening around her. Her safe perch inside the two-story building was gone, the whole construction shaken to its core and being leveled to the ground like it was made of matchsticks. The young heiress was sure that she had meticulously planned her actions, that she had the best method to subdue All Might. Everything should have been perfect.

Yet, here she was. Trapped under a mountain of rubble, unable to even scream for help so shocked she was that her perfect plan had crumbled so easily.

She couldn't help the tears that prickled her eyes, a burning sensation that brought about all her feelings. All her inadequacies, all her failures, everything that had led her to this current situation, defeated and most likely accountable for the failing grade she was bound to receive when the exam ended. If she was lucky, Midoriya should already have abandoned her behind and gone to search for the exit gates; he must already be close to crossing them instead of relying on a stubborn and useless teammate.

She would know, as she would have done the same (it was her first plan in all honesty). He would score the victory for their team, and if the teachers took some piety on the fact they were facing All Might, she might settle for a bearable passing grade.

Wow, Momo! Amazing, right? Who knew that one day you would be coasting along a classmate; depending on his hard work to carry you to success. If papa and mama could see this, they would be oh-so-proud of you. And to put the cherry on top of the cake, it is the person who you dislike the most in class. Grim thoughts filled the mind of the raven-headed girl. She chocked a bit, some concrete dust filling her lungs with coarse grains and making her hack and spit.

She was about to let loose some tears in defeat, but a light shaking brought her out of her musings. It was then that the heiress realized that she wasn't really trapped under rubble, or else she would have been in a much worse situation as the concrete chunks would be pinning her down with their weight. Her surroundings were dark, blindingly so, but she could not feel her body hurting (besides the light bruises and scrapes).

A dull roar echoed, Momo flinching in place as she recognized the source. She would always be able to recognize that sound, no matter the circumstance. She tried to get her bearings, but the darkness did not allow her to do so.

Another rumble shook, this time some rays of light piercing the darkness and allowing Momo some rudimentary sight. She found herself to be under some sort of dome, the construct pushing back a few other chunks of concrete and bent steel that should have definitively have fallen atop her.

A strained grunt managed to be heard atop the noise of the moving debris, Momo not believing what she was seeing.

Inside the dome – closer to her than what she imagined – Izuku was standing upright with his arms stretched about, thick crimson tendrils stretching from his limbs to make up the central pillar of their protective dome, shadow matter crawling about his body and joining the life liquid, reinforcing the construct enough so that it could withstand the heavy load it was being submitted to.

The vampire was baring his teeth, snarling in effort as sweat soaked his face. The weight hadn't been what had taken so much effort, that one had been due to his abuse of [Warp]. He normally was limited to places that he could see, and one jump took considerable concentration and effort. To cut the distance from his previous position to where he was, Izuku had to pull on the quirk factor three times, spending ungodly amounts of stamina. First he had to warp to a closer building where Yaoyorozu was, then the vampire had to make a second warp to better angle himself without calling attention to himself, which all led to a third warp right inside the collapsing building (which took the most out of him, since warping through solid objects like walls wasn't something he had done before).

Manipulating his shadows and his blood wasn't hard, as the two were his main sources of attacks, but the quantity of blood required to protect Yaoyorozu wasn't meager by any means. He could have picked her up and left the building to its demise, but considering her actions previously, Izuku wasn't willing to catch a taser on his neck while in high-[Blink]-speeds.

Izuku roared in effort, clearing the mess over and around him, allowing the duo to have a small safe space as they stood atop the remains of the building. He recalled his shadows and his blood, releasing a pleased noise as his life fluid returned to his body. The vampire turned his head to look over the heiress, observing her current state with his fear-inducing eyes.

Momo was also drenched in sweat, the fluid making the settling concrete dust stick to her skin and make a flaky gunk that was surely bothersome. Her hair was a mess, dry and tough-looking almost as if left out in the sun for far too long. There was also the matter that she looked ready to bawl her eyes out, her lips trembling as she clutched her hands to her sides.

The vampire huffed in disappointment. This person in front of him was not Yaoyorozu Momo. In fact, she hadn't been Yaoyorozu Momo for quite some time. All that Izuku could see in front of him was a weak, meek little girl that looked ready to flee and hide under her bedsheets; Which she could do so, he wasn't here to rain judgement upon her. However, she could only do so in her home. Out here in the world villains would take advantage of such weakness the mere second it showed itself.

The hemomancer snarled in anger.

His mind was both calm and messy. Adrenaline running high in his blood made Izuku want to fight, yet chilled blood was running its course inside his veins – especially around his head – to aid him in maintaining a calm mind and face the challenge ahead of him with a rational mind.

Izuku squatted next to the girl, aware that she flinched once more. It would be useless to have a fear-struck girl as his partner in this fight. They were pushing their luck already with these seconds of inactivity. He gave the girl one last look, not finding any injuries.

She might hate me for this, but anger can be a powerful motivator if Katsuki is anything to go by. Hell, she might begin doing her job again as class president out of spite. He half-joked in his head, making sure that the young heiress was looking directly in his eyes. The glow of [Mesmerize] began washing over the girl's pupils, Izuku holding back to only brush against the outer most layers of Yaoyorozu's mind.

"I suppose I shouldn't have expected anything else from such a weak-willed girl. One failed attempt against All Might and you're already on your knees. Pathetic!" Voice filled with otherworldly power, Izuku hurriedly began acting.

Momo wanted to rebuke, she wanted to deny Izuku's words and lash out against him, yet her strength failed her and she found herself still under his words. He grabbed her chin with light fingers, getting close enough that Momo could feel his breathing against her face. It brought chills down her spine.

"A pathetic brat that is playing about at being a hero; it should have come as no surprise that this would be the limits of your pitiful skill." The hemomancer laid it thick against the girl, each word cutting into her already weakened ego like a carving knife into wood. "Why are you even here? Why haven't you already returned to your comforting home, where your servants will tend to your every need, like the spoiled little princess that you are!" Izuku jabbed at that particular aspect of the girl, plucking at the strings of her mind and hoping it had the intended effect. So far only her fear and shame were increasing.

All Might seemed to have heard Izuku, the hero raising a brow in confusion as to why the vampire was berating his partner. That would be a few points out of his grade for sure.

Izuku had to finish now or he himself would be finished by the pro. It was time for him to pull out all his trump cards and go all out; something that he should have done from the very beginning. This was All Might, the pinnacle of the strength in Japan. Izuku might have come with many plans for this fight, but in the end nothing really mattered in this one fight; he might have think Yaoyorozu to be naïve, but he himself was being naïve too.

Izuku knew that very few things would piss off a girl more than what he was about to do. Especially someone in the social standing as Yaoyorozu Momo, the young heiress of the Yaoyorozu. Thus, he suddenly cut the link between his mind and Yaoyorozu's, shocking the girl into high consciousness. And then he kissed her.

HUH, Wwwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttt?! Momo's mind rebooted immediately, the rather warm lips of the vampire taking her out of her mind and making her blush like a tomato. It didn't last long, and it could only technically be called a kiss due to their lips touching, but it awakened the girl nonetheless from her depressed state into one of hyper awareness.

Izuku shot her a cocky smirk, licking his fangs and lips before he turned his head to face All Might.

"If your first kiss is so worthless that I could take it during a fight against All Might, then just sit tight right there Yaoyorozu. I'll be coming to take the rest after I finish this!" Izuku tried to put all his confidence into saying the phrase, blood already pooling around his arms and hardening into his gauntlets. She only fights back when it comes to me supposedly harassing the girls, so I hope this will get her to awake up. If not, then I'm out of cards. Izuku mused.


[We had a perfect view of her face!] [Her foolish face of surprise was an amazing treat, master! We shall record it for eternity!] [We can't wait for the reaction that follows up!] [Will you unlock these gates already? We waited long enough.]

The vampire ignored the wild voices inside his head, but the cage of the [Inner Beast] was opened, the usual restrains gone like they were never there. Growls left the vampire's throat as he readied his stance, All Might the sole focus of his senses.

"[RAGE!]." A roar left Izuku's throat as a shockwave of air echoed in his previous location, the hemomancer on top of the hero.

All Might widened his eyes in surprise, blocking the incoming knee with one thick forearm, cocking a fist back to hit Izuku. The teen was agile, using the slight perch that the hero's limb provided as a jump pad, dodging the blow and descending with an axe kick. Once more his attack was blocked by the blonde hero, but the vampire wasn't done.

Since adrenaline was flooding his system, the vampire wasn't in the right mind to focus on the use of any other quirk factors, to busy being a torrent of violent crimson slashes. Each swipe that Izuku did carved grooves on the ground, All Might now dodging the attacks to avoid a few stiches should he take the chance to block; the two began moving at incredible speeds, the vampire attacking relentlessly in hopes of tiring the hero or getting in a lucky shot. He even tried a few pistol rounds, but the rubber bullets did little in terms of damage

As things stood, luck was not on Izuku's side as no matter how he tried to hit the pro hero, every single one of his slashes or his shots failed to reach skin. Five minutes went in this frenzied mode before Izuku began to slow down, his muscles screaming in pain at the sudden tremendous abuse he had put them through. Yet, he wasn't done.

Push past it! He screamed to himself in his head, the growling of his tenant being one of agreement. Gauntleted hands dug into the broken ground under them, the vampire raising a cloud of smoke in hopes of distracting All Might even for a single second. All that he got for his efforts was a rushing All Might.

"Throwing everything that you have got into a last effort? A desperate measure, Young Midoriya! Especially since your enemy is still at full health!" The hero's incoming fist seemed to come in slow motion for Izuku, the hemomancer raising his left arm and hardening the armor of his gauntlet to the maximum he could. The dull crimson blood metal shone with a metallic glimmer, reaching its hardest and strongest form. "TEXAS SMASH!"

Much like the previous attacks that Izuku had received, the punch overwhelmed his defenses and cracked the gauntlet into tini-tiny shards of hardened blood, but this time Izuku wasn't sent flying away since his graves dug into the ground and kept him from being pushed back.

Good! Now for the combo! The vampire felt the fatigue of his fading ultimate move hit him, but he pulled further on his power and commanded it to act.

"[SHADOW ABYSS]!" The shadows under Izuku's feet suddenly burst forth like tendrils from hell, the dark mass rushing All Might who was too close to dodge effectively. From the amalgamation of darkness four thick tendrils grabbed the hero's limbs and raised him up, almost like an offering to an eldritch god. One massive tendril began pooling under the hero, its intentions of piercing All Might clear for all to see, and that included the hero himself.

While All Might struggled with his shadow bindings, Izuku focused the remaining power he had into his remaining right gauntlet. If I can blow him a fair distance away then we might have a chance to find the exit gates and win. Even with all of this, I know he won't be defeated. Hell, I'll barely manage to tickle him. So, I'm sorry All Might, but I'll be aiming for that weak spot. The vampire apologized in his mind, but he had no intention of backing off now.

Ever since the incident at the USJ, Izuku was made aware of All Might's time limit and weak spot in his gut, as the old-wounds smell that emanated from the hero was the strongest around his abdomen; a terrible wound that cut into the hero's life and limited him to a few hours of activity. Izuku hoped that he might be able to quickly go into active duty before All Might stopped being a hero; the vampire might not consider himself a shining beacon of hope like the blonde man, but he could be a protector of that flame. The brightest lights could also cast the darkest shadows, but if there were people both basking in that light and submerged in those shadows then maybe the future wouldn't be so bad.

Izuku was sure that he would not be an amazing public star or Symbol of Peace like All Might. That was fine. He could deal in the shadows. He had been born in them. Much like the blood that pumped in his veins and obeyed his every command, so did the shadows were the domain of Midoriya Izuku.

"All the power I have," Izuku chanted to himself, the gauntlet in his right arm beginning to glow due to heat overflow. The dull red metal began to glow into a cherry-red color, the air around his right fist distorting. Izuku grit his teeth, his head exploding in pain as he tried to divide his focus into using two ultimate skills at the same time. He hissed steam, a long trail of water vapor being exhaled as the vampire pushed on. "comes, mixes and matches into my fist."

"NEW HAMPSHIRE SMASH!" All Might managed to free himself from the shadow tendrils grabbing him and he destroyed the last one that would have impaled him. The hero quickly turned his head towards Izuku, aware of what the vampire was doing. He would not be getting punched by that! "As if I would let you do that!"

Before All Might could rush towards Izuku, a loud noise called his attention, the hero a second too slow to avoid the metal clamp that was shot towards him, the metal closing around his ankles and stopping the hero in place. With wide eyes, All Might managed to turn his head and find Yaoyorozu a few meters behind him, the smoking barrel of cannon by her side, a few other gun-like objects around her feet.

She said nothing, picking up the closest gun and pointing it at All Might. The trigger pulled, its payload was revealed to be a net. It flew quickly towards the hero and wrapped around his body, other three shots following soon and almost burying All Might into a great amount of ropes.

"SHIT! Since when were you ready to fall back into the action, Young Yaoyorozu?" Momo didn't give the hero an answer, clutching her next created item. The hero's eyes flared wide open, the remaining batch of flashbangs thrown at his feet. Momo didn't waste time creating protection for her ears and eyes, following flare of light and noise stunning All Might and granting the duo another few precious seconds.

Time which Izuku put to good use.

"Let my fist become the core that turns into a," Izuku [blink]'ed, ending up right in front of the currently immobilized All Might. Before the hero could flex his muscles and escape his restrains, Izuku punched him in his lower abdomen, close to where he could smell old blood. "[ GOD SHATTERING STAR! ]".

Much like the hero had done to the hulking Noumu back in the USJ, All Might was launched high into the sky, the aftershock launching Izuku into a bus that stood close to one of the exit gates, the vampire crashing and harshly denting the exterior of the transport.

Izuku groaned in pain, slowly extracting himself from the crashed transportation vehicle. The metal of the bus warped, but eventually the vampire managed to exit his metal coffin, completely exhausted after pulling on so many difficult-to-control ultimate skills in a row. He almost planted face first into the ground, but someone grabbed him by his shoulders and helped him stay on his feet.

His eyes had lost their intimidating look, returning to the usual green dull orbs. While he still had 50% of his blood (enough to last about ten more gauntlets worth), his stamina had just about hit rock bottom. If All Might were to suddenly appear, Izuku would just unload his remaining ammunition on the hero and pray for a miracle.

The vampire raised his head, meeting the onyx-black pupils of the young heiress. He wondered if she angry or livid with him. Maybe hateful would be a better adjective…can't really read her right now. He mused, wondering if he should say something.

They kept walking in silence, Izuku more or less having to be dragged to the exit gates. He would comment on the needlessly cute chibi printout on the metal gates, but right now all that the vampire wanted was for the exam to be over. It was almost anti-climactic, the duo easily passing through the gates and hearing the victory trumpet/song play out.

Yaoyorozu had been oddly silent, the vampire unable to pick-up on any body language clues that the girl was repulsed or angry at him; in his current condition he would be lucky if he noticed anything at all.

"Midoriya." Momo called to him in a neutral voice, slowly helping the vampire to ease himself on the ground. He released a tired sigh, letting some shadow tendrils emerge from his back and prop the vampire.

"Yes, Yaoyorozu-san?"

The girl showed a hand to Izuku, the hemomancer looking at her limb with a questioning gaze. She kept her hand extended to him, the teen closing one eye to look at the girl with a side glance; at least she wasn't sending overly hostile intent at him. He grabbed a hold of her hand, being helped up by the heiress.

When one said that truth was stranger than fiction, many may doubt it. Well, Izuku never did doubt that saying, considering his own personal life up to now. And it seemed that lady fate had yet to finish putting surprises in the vampire's path.

Yaoyorozu had given him a hug.

The rich girl that had a complex with him supposedly being a lustful beast had willingly touched him.

The vampire wondered if taking on a few of All Might's punches hadn't messed with his head in a weird manner.

"Am I dreaming right now?" He asked out loud. The girl chuckled at his question, breaking the hug.

The vampire couldn't help missing some of the warmth the girl's body offered, and he let his eyes wander about, noticing that her body-fat content had diminished a fair bit, making some of her assets smaller. He heard a coughing sound, his eyes going up a bit to meet the girl's gaze, some annoyance being there for him.

"My eyes are up here if you want to thank me."

Izuku nodded, too tired to make a remark. The girl released her own sigh.

"I guess I also must thank you. Your words were harsh – quite a so in fact, you didn't hold back at all –" Momo commented, some annoyance flashing on her face. "but in the end it managed to wake me up and face reality."

The vampire was sure that his actions shouldn't be being praised by the very person whom he did them against, but if the girl was willing to put it as water under the bridge, he would oblige for sure. They were still close, but Izuku felt as if a weight had been lifted from his chest.

And then he heard a cocking sound. He tiredly let his eyes down, finding the barrel of his revolver almost glued to his chest, Momo's finger almost squeezing the trigger that would put a .454 Casull rubber round in his chest. She had, literally, lifted a weight from his chest. He sighed in good humor.

"Just…don't shoot me in the face, it hurts and it is too troublesome to heal." He made of last plea, closing his eyes and resigning himself to his fate.

When a few seconds went by and he still found himself up on his feet, the vampire opened his eyes carefully. He found the heiress with a smug smile planted on her lips, although it strained a bit under his now stoic eyes.

"That was for stealing my first kiss from me, Midoriya. I was holding it for someone special, and you went ahead and stole it. You can't just do things like this just because you're a vampire, mister! One day it will come back to bite you." Yaoyorozu almost began a nagging discuss, but she checked herself and looked a bit ashamed at Izuku. "What I meant to say is…I'm sorry…" She whispered the last part, maybe sure that Izuku might not hear her. She put a bit more distance between the two of them, but it was clear that something had changed between the two of them.

He was glad that a light use of [Mesmerize] did the job. He did calculate the possibility of a harsh slap to the face working as well, but in the end Izuku was glad he had opted for a gentler and less physical method.

"Wait, you still have my gun. Please, give it back." The vampire pleaded.

Momo chuckled, but never answered.




Nothing much to say, just…