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Chapter 28: [A Violent Red Tide Called…]

Izuku let Melissa calm down on her own time. They were still by the parking lot, the small pile of destroyed and flaming bots nearby being pointedly ignored by the duo as each focused on more important matters. The blonde American girl still was trying her very best to establish some sort of communication with the island's systems, but she was refused entry into the network no matter the method she tried. Even backdoor codes and entries were being denied, which meant that whatever was happening in I-Island's systems was certainly no bug or network problem; someone was actively denying the Shield girl entry into the network.

Izuku, on his part, was busy with breaking down the new quirk factors he had acquired. He checked the small inventory of firearms he had, still very much intrigued by the strange bullets of the gun that their earlier assailant tried to shoot at him. It smelled dangerous, [True Ancestor] actively shunning the item and roaring in his mind for Izuku to get rid of it any way possible. The vampire lowered the voice of the [Inner Beast] with willpower, wondering what sort of effect one round of the strange ammunition would have.

It clearly was no common bullet, the needle-like tip clearly indicating that the round's intent was to deliver its payload straight into the bloodstream of whoever its target was. Drugs? Venom? Dangerous nanites? The options were varied, but one thing was certain; Izuku had to avoid getting hit with these.

He pocketed the gun inside his suit, verifying the stability of the other firearm on his waist. The blocky pistol was fully loaded, the simple black design belying the firepower this mostly plastic weapon had. The vampire took a deep breath, calming some of his nerves with the pleasant scent that emanated from Melissa. Turmeric and cypress pine wafted up to his nostrils, Izuku's more violent tendencies being suppressed for now. He walked around the car and opened the trunk, checking on the contents inside: their earlier assailant, Alex Summervile, was passed out inside the trunk of the car, the man pale and shivering, bound by rope red rope that was tied around both his hands and feet.

Izuku had nearly drained the man dry, managing to stop himself at the last moment to avoid having the villain/mercenary going into shock due to blood loss and dying. The amount of blood Izuku had acquired had allowed him "genetic" memories about the most recent events that Alex had been present, which was how Izuku was in the know about the invasion of the manmade Island.

There was a traitor inside this place who had fed important information to outside people. Izuku had an idea of who it could be, the putrid smell that clung to Alex also clung to someone who Izuku and the Shield Family had contact recently; it was much more mild on the butler, something quite passable that one could ignore if focused on other things; however, now that Izuku had gotten a stronger whiff of the scent, it was like a bloodhound that had been put right into the track of the prey's scent.

[The hunt is on!]

[Disgusting men's scent is spread all over the genius-mate's workshop! Our hunt has merely begun, master!]

The whispering of the [Beast Within] echoed inside Izuku's mind, the vampire agreeing with his base instincts for now. He made sure that the rope created from his blood was firm and tight on the mercenary and closed the trunk, making sure to piece a few holes on the metal cowl to allow the man some air flow.

The vampire returned to Melissa, finding the girl to be entering a slow state of panic. Her trembling hands constantly tapped on the screen of her watch, but the result remained the same. Izuku coughed loudly, calling the girl's attention without getting too close. From her state, it wouldn't be good to be suddenly touching her.


The blonde turned to Izuku, unsure of what to say. His eyes scanned their surroundings, aware that they needed to get away from this place; where to they needed to run he would figure out later, as considering the heavy level of surveillance and technology of this place, it was likely that the mercenary group attacking I-Island was already aware that the duo's capture had failed. If not, then his handling of the security bots had surely alerted them.

"We can't stay here any longer. Whoever is attacking might be sending reinforcements to get us. We need to move, right now!" He put a bit of emphasis on his voice, a light use of [Mesmerize] slipping into his eyes with practiced ease.

Melissa's shoulders released some tension as the girl was affected by the otherworldly light that glowed from Izuku's emerald orbs tinted in red, her breathing slowly returning to an acceptable rhythm. She took a deep breath and wiped the moisture away from the corner of her eyes, now aware of how close she was to having a panic attack.

"T-thank you, Izuku. You are quite reliable when you want to…" She joked to further ease her own tension. It worked a bit, as the vampire offered her a small quirk of his lips upwards, but soon a serious façade was built on by Izuku. She leaned on the hood of the car they were close to and bent down, taking off her high heels and exposing her raw feet to the asphalt of the streets. "I won't slow you down like this." Melissa said to the teen, but the vampire shook his head at her.

He got close to the girl and turned his back to her, kneeling on the spot and moving his arms backwards. "Come, hop on." He said, the girl looking at the vampire's back somewhat shyly.

Melissa stayed leaning against the car, unsure what to make of the situation. "I'm a big girl, Izuku. I can walk, there is no need for me to–" Before Melissa could continue her argument, Izuku called upon his [Shadow Control] quirk factor and made the dark matter grab the American girl, pulling her with an yelp towards his back. As soon as she made contact with his back, the shadowy tendrils carefully wrapped around her body, being mindful of their locations and avoiding tightening too much around the girl's soft body. Izuku couldn't help but compare Melissa and Mei.

While Mei had the softness of a girl, she was also a busy mad-mechanic that lugged around heavy pieces of machinery to build her works. She was used to heavy work and never feared getting dirty with oil and grease, things that made her charm unique; all the work she did granted the girl great muscles, strength and stamina that few could match (he had been quite through testing that).

Melissa, on the other hand, was much softer. She was used to building things that would take care of the hard work for her or focusing more on the technical aspects of engineering. That wasn't to say she was just flabby, but the American girl's softness was much more prominent, her fuller frame a succulent and forbidden touch for Izuku. Almost like staring at sizzling wagyuu beef cuts that you weren't allowed to eat.

The situation didn't allow for indecent thoughts, but Izuku's wild instincts wouldn't be suppressed by the mere threat of a few mercenaries.

He released a small grunt as he stood up, Melissa once more releasing another yelp at the sudden movement from the vampire.


"Hey, you said it yourself." He cut her off, controlling his shadow tendrils to form the same web-suit straddling equipment that he once used with Kyouka and Uraraka during his first test of his jet wings. He still didn't have a name for the form, but he had a few ideas cooking up. "You won't slow me down like this." He quoted the girl's words back at her, making Melissa huff, her hot breath hitting the back of his neck and bristling a few hairs up.

"Walking would have suited me just fine." She complained, but Izuku merely adjusted the hold of his shadow matter.

"Hold on and avoid making too much noise." His words made the girl tilt her head questioningly, but she soon found the answer to her unspoken question.


Izuku had mentioned mastering a villain's quirk that he had taken, which granted him almost speedster-level swiftness. He had been evolving the power with his constant use of it, first incorporating it into a body-flicker technique and then polishing it until it could be said that he was performing at a comparable level as the original quirk assimilated from the villain.

Melissa felt a lurching sensation, almost like she was dropping from enormous heights in high speed without any safety measures. The pulling sensation on her stomach was strong and she could barely hold in the yell she was about to release, but her eyes couldn't close down, so absurd was the transition. One moment she was on the parking lot, being hoisted on Izuku's back like the situation belonged to some cheap soap opera, and then the next moment she was seven-stories high, clinging to the vampire's back as he effortlessly stuck to the side of the building, his claws digging into the concrete like it was cardboard.

The blonde American could barely believe it. She had heard Izuku's tales and seen video clips of his fights, but this was…experiencing the exhilarating freedom of movement that the vampire could deploy, it was something entirely different. Adrenaline pumped inside her blood which flowed furiously fast in her veins, her ears burning red, so great was the excitement Melissa felt at being like this. The situation called for seriousness, yet the girl couldn't help the child-like joy of this type of movement granted by the power of his quirk.

Rare were the types of quirks that could grant three-dimensional freedom of movement like this. To know that [True Ancestor] could do this and much more, Melissa found herself feeling an emotion she thought she was long past.


It surely had great drawbacks and it must have required a great deal of sacrifices for it to be this powerful today, but the very much human part of the girl's mind echoed about the unfairness of Izuku possessing such power. It was so wrong, yet so human; this greed of hers that wished for something that almost everyone had, except her. A quirk – or meta-human ability as some called it.

Even her father had one, as minor and unassuming as it was.

Even with all her intellect and rationality, Melissa couldn't help some jealousy towards [True Ancestor]. She couldn't help wanting some part of it, as small as it could be.

She firmly held on the back of the vampire, feeling him do another "jump" and emerge atop another building, quite far from their initial first "jump". The lurching sensation still remained, but it changed from an unknown feeling to something she wanted to keep on feeling.



I-Island's Central Tower
00:30 Minutes before the kidnapping attempt on Izuku and Melissa

Kyouka was bored.

Well, bored was not the truly right word to say, but it certainly approached her current state of mind. The outing (because she refused vehemently to call the night out with Izuku and Yaomomo a date) with her friends had been the best thing that happened in this travel to this tech haven island and the rocker girl was tired of the shenanigans of the wealthy folk that were around here. Even the geek eggheads (i.e scientists) were more interesting to talk to than them as all they talked was about how much they made or they would try to begin marriage talks, which creeped the rocker girl out.

Why were they so obsessed with marriage? Making ties with other families and such? The way they did so was creepy too, since it was rather obvious that they were only interested in the name and prestige of each other, it was such plastic interest that it honestly grossed her out. How did Yaomomo managed to withstand this day to day with the ties her family needed to have, Jirou had no idea.

Kyouka opted to remain close to the windows, since at least the sight was pretty cool. She and Momo had arrived early (one of the customs of the taller girl's family) and were mingling with the other early guests, most of which immediately begin to try and suck up to the rich heiress, completely ignoring the punk girl. It was irksome, but then again, it was better to be left alone than to be circled by these jerks.

She tried to pull Yaoyorozu a few times away to enjoy some down time from the constant barrage of fake compliments and marriage proposals (seriously, some of these guys were alright bothersome), but it seemed that today the heiress had to face this barrage until the presentation with All Might began.

Jirou sampled the food (one of the few benefits on being here) and she actually found Shoto around too. He wasn't being hounded by Richie girls, his cool and collected mood and no chit-chat demeanor surely spooking off those that might try to initiate such talks with him. They exchanged greetings and small talk, but eventually they kept to each other. Todoroki seemed to be more interested in the food too, so Kyouka let him have his fun eating the gourmet food while she searched for a drink to wash her boredom away.

Then, she bumped into Kaminari serving drinks. He tried some lame pick-up line in English, but a pointed stare from the rocker had him leaving her alone – but not before she snagged a champagne glass to herself. She took small sips from the carbonated beverage, wishing to make it last long enough so that time could pass even a little bit faster.

It took about half an hour until All Might finally appeared, together with some big shot called David Shield, that the party truly began. The blonde hero did a corny speech about looking forward to seeing the techo-marvels that would be revealed by the scientists and inventors present here, many of the invited pros heroes clinking their drinks to the corny lines spouted by the Japanese Symbol of Peace.

Momo finally managed to lose some of the leeches trying to get stuck on her, and made her way to Kyouka, bringing with her two glasses with champagne.

"I didn't take you to be a connoisseur of fine drinks, Kyouka-san." The heiress commented, presenting one of the glasses to her friend. The rocker took the offered drink and placed her empty glass on a nearby table.

"You guessed wrong then, Yaomomo. This is just to pass some time…" Kyouka off-handedly commented, already sipping some of her drink from her long glass. "…I hope Izuku doesn't take long. He – at least – makes things fun…" Jirou's last commentary didn't escape Momo.

The rich heiress had to agree. Now that she had a sort of friendship with Class 1-A's green haired vampire, she had to admit that Izuku did know how to have fun. Most of his fun might have to do with playing about or teasing other people, but at the end of things the vampire never went too far or hurt people's feelings. Sure, he might get carried away sometimes, but he was never rude or inconsiderate.

So yes, Momo had to reluctantly admit that she too was hoping that the vampire arrived soon enough.

"He will be arriving soon enough." Momo stated, pointing to the stage where All Might and the illustrious David Shield were hanging out, the pro hero in his iconic hero suit while David was dressed in a luxurious beige suit. "We should enjoy the party a bit and talk with some pros; it is always good to have a wide network of contacts and acquaintances." Yaoyorozu finished her piece while taking a small sip from her own glass, the girl used to the taste of the carbonated and lightly alcoholic drink.

Kyouka raised a brow at Momo, but she raised no concern over the girl's consumption of it. She was no snitch, besides, it wasn't her first rodeo with alcohol; it was champagne too, a weak one at that. So the rocker merely nodded to her friend and let the girl have some relief from the buzzards. From the educated and refined way Momo drank from her glass, Kyouka figured that it wasn't the heiress's first tango with the drink too, so there wasn't much to worry about.

The girls were distracted talking among each other that they almost failed to notice the sudden commotion approaching the ballroom. It was Kyouka's hearing that told her that a somewhat large group was marching here, and their steps were too hard and certain to be of those that were coming to drink-and-meet. She pointed to the entrance door with her jacks, Momo's eyes following the ear plugs with a confused expression.

"What is it, Kyouka-san?"

"Large group, heavy steps, heavy equipment." Jirou quickly stated, trying to discreetly guide the heiress away from the door. It might just be an attraction or a surprise event, but the rocker's gut told her that it was nothing of the sort. Maybe she was hanging around Izuku too much, so his cautious nature might have rubbed off on her, but Kyouka wasn't too comfortable with the sounds she was capturing. "I think we should move."

Momo noticed some urgency on Jirou's tone and the two girls quickly made their way to the closest washroom, just in time for the doors of the entrance to burst open, a team of about 15 men dressed in militaristic uniforms of varying degrees entering the ballroom like they owned the place; at the helm of the uniformed men was tall red-haired individual dressed in a grey trench coat and sporting a metallic mask covering his face. His mask displayed his eyes and mouth, the rest was covered into a strip-metal like shape.

He raised his right hand, the men that followed him spreading out and pulling out machine guns and rifles; they pointed the firearms immediately towards the people filling the ballroom, causing an immediate reaction from the invited guests. From scientists to support tech specialists and heroes, all froze under the threat of the greatest equalizer since the invention of gunpowder. The apparent leader smirked at his impromptu gallery.

"Good night, ladies and gentlemen! Tonight, you all will have the pleasure of becoming part of an irresistible event; we shall – today – make a magic show for everyone's pleasure! We will make a few tech-items disappear from the special vault in this place! And to do that, we need the help from a couple of you! However, we can't have heroes getting in the way of our show, so we need to take a few careful measures!" The leader arrogantly dictated the flow of things. He snapped his fingers together, causing a somewhat loud clicking noise to echo around the room.

All Might was unsure of what to expect from sudden entry of this group. However, in the first moments he thought it to be a prank or a joke elaborated by David. Yet, seeing the man be as confused as him, the hero's sixth sense immediately alerted him towards the group and their act. When they raised their guns to them, All Might could barely control himself. He almost sprung into action, however, before he could move to detain the mercenary group, something suddenly wrapped around the hero.

All Might grunted in surprise at the blue, metal-like cord that wrapped around him, binding his limbs to his body in a tight embrace. A mere flex would allow him to get rid of the bindings, but the moment the hero began to move, he heard the sound of a pistol being cocked, then there was the roar of a shot being fired upwards. A few screams echoed inside the ballroom, but they were soon silenced as various firearms were cocked and loaded; it was clear that the group was well armed, but not so well intentioned.

"I'd hate to poke a hole into any of you tonight, but please, do test my patience! And you, All Might!" The man shouted, moving his pistol and aiming it towards both the hero and the defenseless civilian behind him. "Heroic behavior is a big no-no today, alright? You surely can tank these like they are mosquito bites, but your softer friend there isn't quite as bullet-proof as you." The masked assailant's voice was heavy with sarcasm, the man enjoying his hold of power over the Symbol of Peace.

All Might's face warped into a serious, angry expression, the hero clearly displeased with the situation. Yet, he could do nothing, else he run the risk of allowing the people in here to get hurt.

The mercenary leader laughed and snapped his fingers again, this time all the pro heroes that were present being bound up by the same material that constricted All Might, except they were not as resilient or as strong as the hero, thus many fell on the floor immobilized.

"This place's security system sure is souped-up! One snap and I have every single one of you wrapped up like pretty gifts! It would sell quite well in the black market…" The red-haired man smirked and made motions with his other hand to guide his goons, the mercenaries quickly surrounding all the guests, making sure to pile up the bound heroes into one corner and keep them still under gun-point. "If everyone behaves well, everyone will return home intact. I take pride in my words after all."

After a few minutes the mercenary goons had finished their job, all the civilians and scientists gathered into one spot while the heroes were separated into another easily watchable spot. Only All Might and David remained on the high stand of the ballroom, the mercenary leader close to the two and still aiming his gun at David.

The Shield patriarch was clearly distressed by the situation, standing still to avoid giving the mercenary any reason to try and shoot him. This situation something that David had never thought he would find himself into; he had considered a fake villain attack on I-Island to get some tech from his vaults, but he discarded the foolish idea. Besides, once he and Melissa began to get in contact with Izuku, they had much better plans than to try and artificially boost All Might's quirk; he had readied a prototype of quirk booster, but his efforts had been fully placed into Project Ambrosia.

Instead of just boosting All Might's quirk up to its limit, he worked on a miraculous healing solution to treat his dear friend. Project Ambrosia already had a few hypothetical variants that would revolutionize the medical and first-aid industry that had not seen great advances in decades. The medical research field was trying to incorporate quirks into the equation – with limited success – for a long time. However, [True Ancestor] was a golden chance that happened once-in-a-million.

The regeneration and healing factor of the quirk was immense: the red pills that Izuku could naturally make were the first step, and with the Shield's help, they could now synthetize the miraculous healing medicine. There was still much work to be done to improve on them, but they were already incredible first-aid recovery items that many would pay billions to acquire.

David's focus towards the medical field wasn't missed by his partners and collaborators (after all the huge man-made island needed a lot of funding), and he had to step on a few toes to get the freedom required to focus on his wanted tasks; yet he was sure that it was never enough to get himself into trouble with the suits who merely saw I-Island as another investment. How and why were these mercenaries able to invade the heavily defensible island was a mystery that the scientist couldn't afford to figure out now.

He had seen combat up close during his earlier days being All Might's partner, but those glory days were long past and he had been fully focused on building support gear. Action wasn't David's muse now and he knew it; his legs slightly trembled in fear and the heavy sensation in his stomach kept building up: he was no longer alone in the world, and if anything happened to him, his daughter would suffer. His survival instinct blared, not for himself, but for his legacy, his loving daughter.

David didn't know what these mercenaries were here to take, but if the price of him returning to his daughter alive and having her well was giving up some tech, the man was more than willing to do so. The situation hadn't escalated up to such level, but David had already resolved himself.

As David busied himself with such thoughts, the mercenary men did a full sweep of the ballroom and immediate surroundings. They found no one around that wasn't already rounded up, so the leader nodded in acknowledgement, glancing at his wrist watch with narrowed eyes. He touched the communication device on his left ear, grumbling to himself when he received some answer that was clearly not pleasant.

"Well, it is not like it truly matters, the kids were just a bonus." He mused to himself loudly, focusing back on All Might and David. "Well, we have to keep schedule. Shield, come on, hurry up and get us to the holding vault!" The mercenary leader pointed to the man, keeping the pistol trailed on the inventor as the man obeyed the command and got closer.

"David, no!" All Might shouted, his bindings straining to the limit merely holding the hero in place.

The masked man snorted, getting closer to David once the man was far enough from the Symbol of Peace and roughly side-hugged the inventor, the pistol aimed at his neck and touching the skin directly. "Now, now, don't get too rowdy! We wouldn't want the good professor to get into an accident now, would we?"

"Villainous scum! You would resort to such low tactics?" All Might's spiel was more to gain some time than anything else; anything that would allow him to think a bit more time, to try and plan something. He was the Symbol of Peace, he had to have a plan to deal with this situation. It was something totally unexpected, but it was his job to correct the wrongness.

The mercenary laughed, making David break out in cold sweat as the gun shifted about, always too close to his skin for comfort. "Villain? Well, you could call me that. However, it gets boring to be addressed as if I'm a common thug. Call me Wolfram, since it will become a grandeur name that no one will forget any time soon!" The now named villain approached the bound hero while totting David about. Once Wolfram got close sufficient to All Might, he swung his firearm against the hero, pistol whipping the blonde on his forehead and laughing as he dragged David with him, pointing the barrel against the inventor once All Might's focus returned to him, a small bruise forming where the gun had hit.

"Now, I know this might be hard for sure a heroic figure as yourself, Symbol of Peace, but do try to stay still! David here isn't the only hostage we have, and as I've said before, it would be a terrible shame if anyone of these esteemed guests got hurt due to your foolishness." Wolfram said while guiding David away from the ballroom, bringing the man to the hall and leading him to an elevator. "Cooperation will get all of us far away from each other." The mercenary spoke out amused, signaling for his men to stay alert and keep watch over the people in the ballroom.

While Wolfram dragged David to the location of the vault, in the ballroom, a few figures patiently waited for an opening.

Todoroki Shoto was one such person. The teen calmly followed the instructions of the mercenaries standing watch, never attracting attention to himself. His right hand was ready to unleash ice upon these fools, but he knew that he had to be clinical with his attack; his control wasn't the problem, but the guns that these goons were. Shoto was no gun-nut, thus he couldn't identify the proper model, but he was fairly sure that assault rifles were not supposed to have that much bulk to their frames, much less the neon glowing parts that these ones had.

One wrong step could spell death for people here, thus Shoto decided to wait and bide his time. It seemed that the mercenaries had not recognized him, so he would count himself lucky and wait for the right time to move.

On a far corner of the room, right in the middle of many scared folk stood one extremely annoyed Bakugou Katsuki. He had been invited to this stupid island due to his performance during the entrance exam and the school festival, probably some big shot interested in his quirk – as they should be, bunch of extras – and then an invitation arrived by mail on his home. At first he didn't really feel like coming over, as he was no egghead and had very little interest in support tech, but the old hag had insisted that he come and grow his network of contacts; it was something she insisted on, that friends in the right places would allow him certain advantages.

He only came due to her insistent nagging. He would be the damn next number one hero, no petty tricks or pulling strings, just his raw and unmatched strength and skill would carry him to the throne. However, the hag's words had some validity and Katsuki wasn't stupid or just hot-headed as people perceived him to be. He could be tricky and tactical, it was just that most of the time explosive strength worked more than just fine for whatever he may need, nobody normally being able to push him into acting otherwise. Or so had been the story, but once he reached UA, things shifted. He could still dominate the low-end peasants and weaklings with brute force, but once he reached the top students that tactic found its usefulness severely limited. He tried pushing it on the school festival, but in the end he suffered a bitter defeat at the hands of that shitty leech. The bastard even had the gall to suck on his blood and call it disgusting! Bitch, he was delicious!

That, however, had taught Bakugou a lesson. That shitty bloodsucker was strong; it was such a strange concept, being forced to admit to himself that the pathetic loser Izuku was now an enemy that he could not afford to take lightly. That piss-ant that used to just take blows and heal to take more blows was now fighting back – no, it was worse. He was winning. When it happened Bakugou had no idea, but it was now a fact. One that he had to accept, else he would just suffer another shameful defeat, and Bakugou refused to lose to that leech bastard; that shitty Izuku wasn't so shitty anymore. However, he was Bakugou Katsuki. He was born to be great.

This pathetic hostage situation would not hold him back. Yet, it was not a situation that he could just go about half-cocked with guns blazing. This shit required subtlety. Thus, Bakugou would act accordingly. This Wolfram fucker had messed with the wrong hero-in-training and Katsuki would make sure him and his mercenaries would go down like the stepping stones they were. Their existence was only there to make his own greater.

On the ladies restroom, it seemed that the area was empty and devoid of people. That was true, the mercenaries had swept every part of the floor where the event was taking place; what they failed to check thought, was the last stall on the left. At an initial and inattentive glance it would seem that the stall was untouched, everything about it your run, standard of the mill about it. However, a closer look would reveal that the wall behind the toilette was sort of…static. Too perfect, except for the faint whizzing of the structure, or more specifically, the lack thereof.

It was not a wall, but a volumetric display. Expensive tech for sure, but something that had cost her nothing except a few lipids off; if her power existed back on the medieval times she might have been considered either a benevolent craftsmanship god or a devilish witch that employed black magic to create things out of her own body. Whatever the tidbit of imaginary nonsense one might think, it changed nothing from the present situation. Momo sighed in relief behind the projected display, her partner currently breaking down another wall silently with the aid of her quirk and a bit of applied physics by using resonance drilling. Kyouka would plug in her ear jacks into the wall and listen for any presences nearby before she used the sound of her heartbeats in a frequency that would weaken the structure just enough to create a passage for the two of them. The rock punker had had a bad feeling when she heard the approaching group and decided that Yaoyorozu and she needed some time in the ladies room.

If she was mistaken, then it would be fine. However, the rocker had landed right in the nail's head. They managed to book it and escape the search of the militaristic goons, but now the girls were somewhat in an impasse. Yaoyorozu had tried to contact her people, but her phone had no signal, and any device that she made to communicate with the outside was jammed into uselessness. The girls wondered what they should do about the situation: they were still in training and the place was full of pro heroes; yet, even All Might had apparently been subdued (even if to keep people safe) by the villains.

The girls decided that they first needed to exit the danger zone and then plan something to act out.



Izuku eyed the enormous building from about the limit of his enhanced vision (500 meters), his pupils changing shape as he used his newly acquired power to observe the situation without exposing himself.

The quirks he had acquired from Alex were already his and in effect, [Enhanced Mind] and [Electromagnetic Vision] already being used. His normally slit-shaped and blood red pupils now were in a diamond shape, their blood red color being tainted by a black outline around the diamond. The vampire's eyesight became somewhat simplified, the colors of the world fading to a gray-ish scheme with the magnetic waves emitted by people or electronics allowing Izuku to form a rough shape of things due to their personal magnetic fields.

It was a strange form of sight, but one that the vampire could only understand due to the mental boost of [Enhanced Mind]. His own blood was slowly being consumed by this new, boosted state of mind, but Izuku was quite sure that if he tried to use this sight without it, he would fry his brain.

He caught a few bodies going up by elevator, many more bodies accumulated on the lower floors. The vampire wondered if he could make more details, forcing his pupils to take in more details, trying to push the effect of [Zoom] to further than his current limit. It was his luck that Melissa was checking out her watch, still trying to push past the wall that was holding her from accessing the island's security system; were she paying attention to the vampire she would have witnessed the moment Izuku's left eye burst into a bloody mess, the teen emitting a mere grunt as she closed his eye lid to stop the bleeding. His right orb darkened a bit, Izuku immediately stopping his pull on the quirk factors, less he have to regenerate two eyeballs.

Forcefully trying to push past the limits of a quirk-factor he had acquired so soon was foolish, Izuku's current pain being the proof of it. He had just gotten these, so he should be slowly getting used to them and not just abusing them. He chastised himself mentally, feeling the popped orb slowly fill up and return to normalcy. He had a bit of a headache, a dull throb happening behind his orbs, but the vampire ignored it. He would have time to worry about it later.

He turned to Melissa, seeing the girl tensed up, her eyes fully focused on her watch as she typed away on the screen. After a few minutes the girl did a tiny fist-bump into the air, happy about something. He approached her and whispered by her ear, careful as they were closer to the enemy.

"You managed to do something?" His whisper had shivers running down the blonde girl's body, Melissa almost releasing a whelp were it not for Izuku's agile hands that rapidly settled over the American girl's mouth.

"IZUKU…" The girl whisper-shouted, one hand smacking the vampire's left shoulder while the other clutched at her chest. "You enjoy doing this kind of thing? I swear to god, every time." The vampire managed to remain serious even while amused by the blonde's antic. She showed him her watch, the screen displaying a camera feed.

"While the full security system is still in deep lockup, I managed to get through some of the first layers; nothing too grand, just the camera feeds. I'll tell you right now that the situation isn't good in the slightest." Melissa commented, scrolling through a few camera feeds, focusing on those that displayed mercenaries. As Izuku watched the footage, he noticed one masked man being the leader and commanding the group in this mission.

The vampire felt the figure of the red haired masked man to be somewhat familiar, a whisper on the back of his mind duly echoing a name that almost broke through the surface of his mind.


Was it due to the genetic memories that he had gotten from Alex's blood? Whatever the case Izuku now could put a name to the leader of this op, the man that had ordered for his and Melissa's kidnapping; anger bubbled to the surface of Izuku's mind, a growl building up in his throat and only being held back by willpower. He was in a dangerous position with a civilian, he could not afford to mess up and give away their location and stealthy state.

He once more offered his back to Melissa, the girl now reluctantly getting close to him. She still wanted to do this on her own, but she couldn't deny the effectiveness of his choice. She could still grumble and pout on her own though.

"The Haruka Mirai (Far Away Future) building is the one that hosts the annual celebration of I-Island. It has just about 200 stories and is the most technologically advanced place here besides my dad's building. The Security Server is located there, on the 100th floor. If we want to remain stealthy, we need to avoid being anywhere inside there; we can aim for the emergency exit that's available for staff and once we regain control of the Island's systems, we can essentially turn the tables on the villains." Melissa relayed important information for the vampire, Izuku absorbing the minute details that the girl explained while he tried to formulate a plan of his own.

The mercs had hostages, both civilians and pro heroes. The vampire was somewhat disappointed that with all the supposed pros that were there could not prevent the villains from taking over the event, but then again, it might have been a hopeless situation from the very start, considering the traitor within. Izuku still had to tell Melissa that Sam might be the inside informant, but he yet hadn't found a way to break the possible news to the girl; would she even believe him? The elder was a trusted man that had worked for them for years while Izuku was just an upstart teen that was a mere acquaintance not too long ago. To simply suddenly believe someone like that was nothing short of insane.

For now the vampire held his opinions and ideas to himself, busy with scanning the building as much as his enhanced eyesight could help. Information is one of the basics of warfare after all, he mused in his mind; It was due to this that the vampire noticed two shapes moving in somewhat random patterns in the building. The two readings were avoiding the others with a fair distance, almost as if they knew that they were approaching other readings. That got Izuku curious.

"So, how are we going to do this?" Melissa asked, already "strapped" to Izuku's back, the girl wiggling a bit and messing with her dress to fix it, as it had ridden up and revealed a fair bit of leg.

The vampire kept silent for a few moments, still focused on those two readings. Whoever it was, the vampire supposed that they weren't with the mercs, as they kept avoiding an encounter with the other sentries that were keeping patrol; Nonetheless, it would be hard for them to continue their escape, seeing as the building as full of cameras.

"If we could somehow not appear on the video feed of the cameras, we could get into the security server room and work our magic from there. I don't suppose you have anything resembling cloaking tech with you right now, do you?" He rhetorically asked, receiving a flick on his right ear for his cheek.

"Well, I certainly wasn't planning to have I-Island attacked by a bunch of terrorists today. Forgot my pocket nuclear-powered mech-suit and my pocket railgun." Melissa replied, earning a throaty chuckle from the vampire.

"I'll make sure to remember you next time…" He said, finishing his scan of their surroundings. He avoided showing Melissa any frustration, but their current situation was dire; their options to retake the 100th floor were to manually ascend the building through the stairs (as elevators would immediately be disabled the moment they tried to use them) and possibly face the many other mercs that were stationed in various points or to try and climb the building from outside. Izuku could use a few, well timed [Blink]'s to rapidly ascend, but he wasn't sure if Melissa would be able to handle the ascension. He wasn't a dunce when it came to computers, but he reckoned it would take more than basics to deactivate the island's security system.

With his options narrowed, Izuku remembered his joint training exercise: The jet-flight mode (he was still working on a name for it) was imperfect and sort of unusable without serious assistance. He'd only managed to make it work last time due to Uraraka and the use of her quirk to lighten the load of Izuku and his wings, making so that he would only have to worry about light propulsion and even then it had been a shaky flight experience.

Yet, that was the only manner which the vampire could imagine him and Melissa rapidly arriving on the required floor while facing minimal enemy resistance. A speedy assault upon a precious base of the enemy, which would in turn grant Izuku control over this battlefield and – more importantly – would allow the vampire a wealth of information with which he could accurately (and safely) take decisions.

Yeah, he was down for a blitzkrieg.

"Melissa." He called out. "We only have a few options to reach that floor, most of which would require me to face combat while protecting you. Not exactly a scenario that could be called safe; that being the case, I have a plan that could possibly circumvent a lot of those problems." Izuku's explanation made the girl nod.

"If you have such plan, then what are we waiting for?" Her innocent question was what the vampire was waiting for.

"It is a hard plan to put into execution." He stated, lowering the girl from his back, but still keeping his hold over her body through the web-suit of shadow matter. "I can achieve flight for a short period of time, but it will surely tire me out and consume a horrendous amount of my blood. As you know, being low on blood is dangerous for me and – more importantly – for those around me."

His explanation was serious and to the point. There was no point in lying or downplaying what he could do if the [Thirst] became too great; his fight against the Hulk (his nickname for the beast) Nomu had proved that Izuku could become too ruthless and sadistic if starved. He had become outright deadly on that fight and only the bioengineered creature's quirks had saved it from a death by blood draining.

Melissa looked at him questioningly, but soon the shine of understanding dawned upon her face.

"You run the risk of running rampart and attacking me."

He shook his head negatively. "Attacking you is too kind of an expression." He grimly stated. Melissa seemed to be thinking for a few seconds, but suddenly she began messing with her watch. A few beeps and presses latter, he heard a soft whirl being emitted from his right wrist: the Full Gauntlet in bracelet mode beeped, the small visor shining a green pattern before it shone blue, becoming inert the next moment.

"I messed a bit with the settings of the Full Gauntlet. It normally sends back to the lab some information such as wear-and-tear, your heartbeats and the usual health-check stuff, but if you adjust the coding a bit you can add restrictions to use or different modes. If you are under 50% of your blood, it will warn me. Once you reach 25%, it will act as a binding until we either lift the restriction or you get some blood into you."

Izuku first raised a brow at the girl for not disclosing such information sooner; then again, he had readily accepted such a wonderful, yet expensive piece of tech that was likely unique. Then the vampire nodded to the girl, once more being impressed by her.

"Quick thinking…you would be quite a good support specialist, Melissa." He complimented, the girl smiling at him. However, she soon took on a serious face. He did too, staring at the building and focusing.

He began to call upon the quirk-factors that would allow the creation of his jet wings, some drops of sweat building on his forehead. Since they were opting for speed, Izuku shed most of the armored frame of the wings, focusing on the bare essentials for flight. Those were the wings and the jet propulsions to push him further. He closed his eyes to further refine his focus, but he felt Melissa's touch upon his right inert hand.

"That shape isn't good. Wings like that are better for longer, sustained flight and gliding than they are for rapid acceleration or rapid rising." The girl's voice made the vampire frown his brows, but he kept on listening. She held on his hand with one of hers while using the index finger on the other to begin drawing patterns on his hand. "You can picture turbines instead of just propulsion, just like the blades of a helicopter, but contained in a casing to firmly hold them; propulsion will be added last, for boosting, but focus first on the blades."

Following her lead and explanations, the vampire allowed his blood and shadow matter to mix into a different shape. He kept the large-ish frame of the wings, but thinned them down and added the turbine blades right in the middle of each wing; it was something different from what he was used to, but at the same time it seemed just right.

"Now we can add on a few exhaust propellers that will add in maneuverability. Just follow my lead." Releasing his hand and moving to his back, Melissa began poking around the areas where he needed to create the propulsion, Izuku diligently following her lead.

The creation of his new jet wings took much less time than his first time, yet Izuku could tell that Melissa's design was not only much more practical and efficient, it was far easier to handle (both in movement and blood cost) than his first attempt.

This girl is amazing!


The vampire ignored the noise in his mind and opened his eyes. He glanced back a bit and noticed his wings' new shape, amazed at their sleek and modern design. Even while composed of his blood and shadowy matter hardened, they looked like something straight out of a sci-fi anime like Gundam. The vampire had yet to "turn on his engine", but he honestly couldn't wait to test this new design when things weren't so dangerous or dire.

"Well, the hard part is done." Melissa commented, circling around Izuku and offering him a thumbs-up. "So, Midoriya Airlines, how do you plan on safely securing this VIP passenger here?" Melissa joked while pointing to herself.

For that, the vampire had some practical experience. He reeled in the web-suit around Melissa's body, pulling the girl towards his torso. She held in her yelp, being turned around and secured to his abdomen, her back firmly attached to him. More shadow matter – and some blood – pooled around her torso, reinforcing the web-suit attachment and anchoring Melissa to Izuku. Some of it wrapped around her neck and head to protect the girl from any wind or whiplash while the rest focused on granting minimal protection to her exposed limbs. The vampire could handle strong air pressure and anything else he could just heal over, but Melissa wasn't capable of such.

His blood reserves inside his body had dipped to 68%, Izuku honestly surprised that he had spent such little amount. Well, no time to be wasting anymore. He took one deep breath to calm his nerves and began to act.

The turbine blades began to spin, the noise at first mute, but as they gained speed, it began to release quite some noise. It wouldn't matter; the speed of his attack would overwhelm them. The various nozzles along the frame lit up, [Flammable Blood] being used as fuel to slowly lift the duo into the air; it was shaky, but still much more manageable than the first time he did this.

The protection around Melissa's neck also locked her jaw in place to protect the girl from accidentally biting her tongue (or swallowing anything in their flight), and after a quick check up, Izuku allowed some emerald lightning to course through his wings and feet, increasing the speed of the rotation of his turbines and triggering some of the [Explosive Blood] that he gathered on the bottom of his shoes.

The explosion loudly echoed in the area, but it did a magnificent job of pushing the duo a good 20 meters in the air, the vampire letting loose and feeding the nozzles ferociously with his blood. Almost like a true engine, the exhausts spat crimson-tinted flames, the turbines roaring as the lighting travelled around them, aiding Izuku with his rapid ascension.

On the ground, a few security bots stared uselessly at the rising star that the duo had become, their systems sending video feed to the security room. An alarm began loudly blaring, but it wouldn't matter. Like a rocket, the duo shot up, Izuku grinning madly as their image was reflected on the mirror like surface of the building, their speed increasing more and more as the vampire took no chances and pushed his power to the limit.

His perception of time slowed as [Enhanced Mind]'s passive effect kicked in and with Izuku's already great reaction time, it made the small adjustments of such flight a breeze for the vampire to perform; the vampire remembered Melissa's earlier instructions about the emergency entry to the server room and he swerved lightly to the left of the building, soon finding the entrance.

His jets and turbines roared until he reached the outside entrance area, his descent much more stable since the turbines could be controlled more easily once he cut off the blood fueling the propulsion of his jet wings. The rapid ascension brought him to 55% of his blood, the economy astonishing Izuku.

He quickly began to pull back the solid construct into himself, allowing some to remain as it morphed from the wings' frame into his gauntlets. He wondered if he should give Melissa the pistol he had acquired, but wondering if in the end it would be better for him to remain with the gun; the girl had no firearms experience, but she'd need the means to protect herself in case he wasn't readily available.

He released her from the protective hold of his impromptu passenger-seat, but was quick to call her attention.

"Melissa, quick!" His head immediately snapped towards the direction of the emergency exit/entry door. He pulled Melissa aside, out of the door's immediate way and [Blink]'ed right atop it, using his claws and shadow tendrils to hold his position above it. The door was roughly kicked open, two grunts slowly coming out with their rifles raised, ready to shoot. They were just about to begin a sweep of the area when two shadowy tendrils wrapped around their necks, two thicker blood tentacles immediately rushing to their hands and piercing them, activating [Coagulation] before any shot could ever be fired.

Izuku reeled the grunts towards himself and grabbed their necks from behind, not giving the men the satisfaction of seeing the face of he who had so easily bested them. A quick bite pierced the neck of the grunt on the right, while the left one was left squirming in the air, being forced to wait for his turn to be a meal.

Drinking up to the limit from the first grunt's blood, Izuku let a burst of green lightning fry the man for a few seconds before he moved to the second grunt, the first being held up by shadowy tendrils on the wall. The process was repeated on the second grunt, the man trying to dial on his radio and comms in a futile attempt to warn his comrades about the vampire, but another use of [Coagulation] had his attempts frustrated.

"tsk tsk, naughty naughty…" Izuku whispered by his ear before sinking his fangs into his neck, draining the man of his blood while also injecting him with some [Poisonous Blood], a gift of Janine and the Koga Clan. It wasn't anything deadly, but it would not allow him to get back into the fight anytime soon.

After he finished draining the men, the vampire let the two rest against the wall and called out Melissa, the blonde carefully side-stepping the two bodies. She wanted to comment something, but what could she say that wouldn't sound rude or insensitive? There was also a part of her mind that didn't actually mind the way Izuku had handled the mercs; hadn't they invaded the Island and taken hostages? Why should she pity on them? They tried to kidnap them both.

Her mind tried to rationally understand the situation, but her emotions were swirling about in her mind, leaving the girl light-headed and unsure of what do to. Her hands began trembling, the blonde American keeping her gaze on the two men, unable to tear her eyes away from the sight; they were pale, almost looking like two corpses.

While the girl hang back and stared at the two fallen men, Izuku began stripping them of their gear. Even a wounded soldier could come back to trouble them and the vampire certainly wasn't looking forward to receiving a shot on the back. He picket their rifles, noticing that the weapons were quite souped-up; optics and attachments aplenty, and that was without mentioning the bulky frame of the firearms. They weren't anything that Izuku had seen before, the vampire's frame of reference allowing him to compare the guns slightly to a mix between FN P90 and M1A4 rifles. The vampire let the weapons out of the mercs' reach while continued his search of their equipment, taking off one of their military vests (noticing that it had bullet-resistant plates) and calling Melissa towards him.

"Dress up." He said while opening the vest up, already moving the heavy-looking piece over the girl to equip her with it. Melissa merely nodded, allowing Izuku to dress her in the gear and properly strap it up. It was quite heavy, the burden immediate. Yet, Melissa didn't complain. She spoke nothing. "Is it too heavy? I don't want to risk your protection, but we can take off some side plates."

Melissa shook her head, still not trusting her mouth to produce coherent sounds.

Izuku noticed her trembling hands and fragile emotional state, wondering if this was her first time dealing with such violence. Well, it would surprise him if it wasn't the first time; however, he didn't have time to allow the girl to be catatonic or in a state of panic. He needed her alert.

He pulled the glock out, the girl immediately widening her eyes in surprise. She had honestly forgotten about the gun. Izuku released the magazine out and pulled the slide back, ejecting the round that was in the chamber (the gun always pointed away from Melissa) and catching it in the air. He put the round back in the magazine and showed the two pieces to the girl. "You never know when you might need it. Just be careful, this one doesn't have a safety. Once it has one in the chamber, it will fire if you pull the trigger." He reloaded the weapon and pulled the slide back, cocking it and gently placing it on the girl's waiting (and shaking) hands. He looked the blonde in the eyes, her blue orbs showing a natural fear for the weapon placed on her trembling hands.

A safety guarantee might be needed. Izuku mused, pulling on the power of [Mesmerize] and letting it glow in his orbs.

"Melissa." His voice turned hypnotic and coupled with their fixed eye contact and the girl's somewhat shaken state of mind, he almost immediately had a solid foothold in her head. "You shall only use this firearm if you truly need it. You need not fear it, for it is merely a tool in your capable hands, much like your watch or any computer." The order was shrouded with a compliment; he wasn't truly happy to have to use some mind-trickery on a friend, but he would rather have the girl angry at his invasive use of his powers on her mind than let she end up hurt – or worse – at the hand of these mercs.

He immediately left the vicinity of her mind once he was sure the order took root in her mind.

The girl seemed to slowly snap out of a stupor, blinking her eyes frequently as if recently awakened from a sudden dream.

The vampire nodded to her and continued his quick search, acquiring another two pistols, this time FN 5-7's. He finished his search and took all the ammo he could find on the two grunts, licking his fangs as he stared at the two flesh bags merely waiting for their end at his hands. He took a deep breath to try and calm his sudden hunger, the scent of Melissa's perfume aiding him on the task.

[It is quite the treat to be able to smell such fragrant scent. Master, we need more.]

[We can already imagine the taste of her life-force! A small taste wouldn't hurt, right? Such cheap payment for the use of our services is practically a steal!]


Izuku shook his head to disperse the whispers of the [Inner Beast] in his head, running his tongue over his sharp fangs and busying himself the taste already in his mouth. Thankfully, the whispers of temptation faded, momentarily satisfied with the offering they had received from the two grunts. Izuku barely let the blood reach his stomach and he was already burning it, eager to get more abilities. [True Ancestor] answered to his call, burning through the given fuel to grant the wishes of its master. He had gone from the previous 55% now to a total of 77%, the ballroom of his mind receiving another two painted frames with the addition of the ones he gained from the first grunt.

[The faker's talent is a pathetic thing, but we shall put it to better use than he ever could!]

[His power is more useful in our hands anyway! His blood was barely rich, the fool too greedy with his temporary copy of our glory!]

[Forget that waste! We got all we needed from him anyway!]

Izuku cracked Monoma's genetic coding, the scraps of blood that he had managed to acquire from the teen on the joint training being analyzed due to the recent wealth of fresh blood that Izuku was finding himself drinking. When it came to it unlocking quirk-factors and feeding, nothing could ever beat fresh blood drunk directly from the person.

It was always at its richest value both in the nutritional sense and in a quirk-related manner. The packaged blood he was used to receive from the hospital or Recovery girl now in UA had been stored and went through a few tests before it could reach him, meaning that the quirk-factor – or meta-gene – long having wasted away. It could still feed him and keep the [Thirst] at bay, but nothing could beat warm human blood for him.

He released a grunt of satisfaction as his blood granted him not only [Code Breaker (derived from [Copy-cat])], but also the information about the grunts' quirks. [Perpetuation] and [Minor Bone Control] bared themselves true in front of [True Ancestor], being digested by Izuku and slowly being acclimated in his body.

"Izuku?" Melissa called his attention, the vampire schooling his features into the usual friendly-face.


Melissa hesitated for a second with her question, merely pointing to his feet. The vampire followed her finger's direction, noticing the two rifles that the men were sporting.

"I-I'm not sure…but I think that those are…" She didn't finish her sentence, the vampire narrowing his eyes, yet not pushing her to talk. He called upon [Shadow Control] and let his dark-matter tendrils grab the weapons, the vampire heading to the door to enter the building, Melissa following close. The 100th floor was the security server room, but it was still quite spacious; the area they entered one break room. The vampire let his eyes take on the unusual pattern of [Electromagnetic vision (derived from Electromagnetic Sense)] as he scanned for other threats. Concluding that nothing was close to them, Izuku opened the other door of the room, leading it to a lengthy hallway.

The alarm from earlier kept blaring on, the vampire annoyed at the high-pitched sound. Melissa followed behind him, Izuku leading as they hurried their pace to reach the control room. It wasn't hard to find:


The door sported such sign, the vampire scanning through with his special eyes and noticing that there were three people in the room, their frames weirdly…

Melissa was about to go past him to open the door, but Izuku harshly pulled her back, standing in front of her and using his gauntlet-clad arms as shields, the door pulverized the next moment as a shower of bullets ripped clean through it. The rounds hit Izuku, the vampire managing to keep his mouth shut, the pain enormous. He was quite sure that his [Blood Gauntlets] would withstand most calibers if used as protection, but whatever these grunts were shooting; it packed more than a punch.

The bullets managed to get past his gauntlets and were buried deep within the flesh of his arms, not fully piercing only due to the hardness of the blood-metal.

The vampire snarled, his ears ringing due to the sound of the shots. The warped metal bits in his flesh were being slowly pushed out, Izuku glancing back to make sure that Melissa was safe. She had fallen on the ground, unharmed, yet undoubtedly scared off her mind.

Before the mercenaries in the room could fire another barrage at him, Izuku [Blink]'ed into the room, appearing right in the middle of the three mercs, who were in a triangular formation. The woman in front of the vampire widened her eyes at his sudden emergence in the room, but she was too slow to avoid the rising knee that slammed into her crotch, the vampire grabbing the side of her face with one hand and slamming the woman's head into the floor with enough force that she bounced lightly, unconscious and with a bleeding scalp.

The other two men trailed their weapons on the vampire, but before they could fill the teen with more holes, two crimson tentacles were stuffed inside the gun barrels, a cracking sound occurring as a strange red-colored ice suddenly built up on the firearms' frame and the weapons jammed.

Izuku jumped while spinning around, his legs splitting to deliver a kick to each man. The one on the left was hit on the nose while the remaining one took the blow to his chest. The vampire barely touched the ground before he shot towards the merc with the broken nose, the man still stunned and incapable of reacting when Izuku's right hand covered the entirety of his face. The gauntlet's claws pierced the flesh and secured their hold, the teen spinning around and using [Coagulation] to paralyze the man, his comrade pointing a pistol at the two, yet not being able to shoot due to the human shield.

The grunt tried to shift his aim to manage a hit against Izuku, but he didn't allow it, moving his flesh shield along with the gun's aim. To the merc's surprise, something pierced his left foot and soon he was incapable of movement too; only his eyes managed to barely look down, spotting a tendril of black-red color stabbing into his foot.

Izuku bit into the neck of his shield, proceeding to drain him with scarily rapid efficiency before throwing the man aside as if he was trash. The second grunt was still paralyzed by the mixed tendril constantly activating [Coagulation], the sight of the slowly approaching teen one that shouldn't be as scary as it was for him right now.

With slow steps Izuku approached the man, slowly opening his maw to reveal the pearly white fangs stained with crimson, the saliva strings breaking apart only adding to his fear.

"P-p-please, no! W-We were just-t f-following o-or-rders!"

Izuku's answer was silence and a mouthful of [poisonous blood]. The sound of the man frothing at the mouth as poison worked on his system was the only thing that echoed in the room.

While Izuku drained the man of his blood, the female mercenary slowly dragged herself out of the room, sacrificing her guards (as she was the tech girl) to flee. Wolfram had never mentioned anything about them facing a monster wearing a child-skin suit.

She reached the destroyed door frame and poked her head out, spotting Melissa waiting for Izuku to finish up. She was about to call her out when she felt something wrap around her leg and lightly tug at it.

"H-help!" She called out towards Melissa, the blonde's head snapping towards the woman and her voice. The female grunt tried to extend a hand to the American, but the limb was then snagged out the air by a shadowy tendril. Before the woman could say anything else she was suddenly pulled back towards the back of the room, any scream that she could have echoed muffled by the blood tentacle that stuffed her mouth full.

While all this happened, Melissa stared at the door frame with a dull gaze. Her mind screamed at her that this scene was not something normal, that this sort of behavior shouldn't be something a hero student was capable off; yet, the warning didn't seem to register in her head. It was almost like an out-of-body experience: fear and hesitation were not registering in her mind, cold and logical rationale dictated that the action was fully warranted. Stranger yet, it was almost like something deep in her approved of the infliction of this violence upon the invaders.

She entered the room with easy steps, just in time to see Izuku pull his fangs away from the female grunt's neck and hang his head backwards, his throat moving lightly as he drank the life liquid inside his gullet. A savage expression was painted on Izuku's face as he finished his most recent meal, the only noise echoing in the room being the ping of the metal bullet fragments leaving his arms and falling on the floor.

Melissa ignored the sight, turning towards the wall filled with many monitors and an enormous keyboard. The blonde approached it and grabbed herself a fallen chair, sitting down and beginning to type away on the board.

Izuku hang back while Melissa worked on the security system, his heartbeats echoing in his ears like music. An orchestra play, a beautiful rhythm that only he could hear: The Song of Life and Death. A new symphony began to play out close to his own, other three dull songs pathetically playing close to the two magnificent ones. His sight was dyed in tones of red, Izuku finding himself drawn to this new song, so familiar, yet so distinct.

[Another group of tasty morsels!]

[When shall we have the main banquet? It waits for us!]

[These side-dishes are interestingly-flavored, but we need to have the main dish!]

Izuku deeply breathed in air, a scent tickling his mind and mildly bringing the red haze down. Not enough to stop the almost orgasmic sounds of the song that played close to him, but enough to allow his eyes to see who was playing about such amazing song.

He saw no one besides Melissa, the girl busy with reprograming the Island's security system. The annoying alarm that blared throughout the building finally stopped and a few seconds later Izuku picked up on the sounds of one of the radios crackling to life.

His cast shadow on the ground extended towards the woman, her radio being the active one. The shadow rose from the ground and brought the item to Izuku, the vampire's blood almost sublimating so great as the speed with which it was consumed to fuel the breakthrough of one of the recent quirk-factors he had acquired.

"…Oi, Carmine! What's the status of the situation?" Wolfram's voice echoed on the other end of the radio, loudly demanding an answer.

Izuku coughed a bit, the initial use of this new quirk-factor a bit strange to him.

"Boss, we have managed to capture the stragglers! It was that kid Midoriya and the Shield's daughter!" The voice that echoed from Izuku's mouth was definitively not his own. Tone, pitch, intensity; all those resembled perfectly the voice of the woman grunt called Carmine. "Richard and Nelson were jumped by them, but I got Oscar and Mike to squash the runts. Brats didn't even know what hit them."

There was a satisfied laughter that echoed from the radio, the leader of the group clearly satisfied with the answer. "Great, bring them in! I'm not gonna say no to a big, fat bonus in my pay-check! Our client is gonna love the presents!"

"Roger that! Over and out!" The vampire answered, waiting for the radio to run silent before he crushed it in his gauntleted grip. Memories were quickly being played in his head, [Enhanced Mind] allowing Izuku to make sense of the information that otherwise would have taken much more time to run through.

One ghostly name echoed in his mind at Wolfram's mention of the group's client, the vampire's body breaking into a cold sweat, yet also becoming full of rage. That woman, Carmine, had been one of the mercenary leader's second-in-command, thus she was privy to information that the other grunts had no business knowing.

"All For One!" Izuku whispered to himself, the puzzle finally completed; a terrifying realization for one to have. The name whispered by all those in the darkness of society, in the criminal underbelly of the world. Japan's own boogeyman, the man that was – contrary to All Might's title of Symbol of Peace – called the Symbol of Evil. Wolfram was in contact with the dark legend, being contracted to steal very important items from the security of I-Island's vaults.

How the duo of villains had acquired such information was not in Carmine's blood memories, but that was not what was important now.

A growl left Izuku's throat as the memory of their objectives echoed in his mind, the vampire's shadow tendrils piercing the floor around Izuku and deeply cracked the porcelain of the room.

HOW DARE YOU? OUR EFFORT AND PASSION! OUR POWER! YOU DARE TRY TO ATTEMPT TO STEAL IT! Thunderous thoughts stormed inside Izuku's head, his expression becoming fiercer than the fear-bringer gaze that he showed during his fight against Bakugou in the school festival.


The [Inner Beast]'s roars echoed in his mind like thunderclaps, the vampire barely restraining his body from destroying the entirety of the room. His heart beat in his chest was like the beating drums of a fierce war god, the vampire trying – and failing – to calm himself.

Something touched his face and Izuku almost lashed out with a devastating punch, the beginnings of a [God Shattering Star] building up on his right gauntlet-clad fist.


The gauntlet burst, life liquid splattering uselessly on the ground as his arm stopped still mid-air. Melissa was in front of him, looking worried at his state.

He immediately schooled his features, letting [Cooling Blood] flow in his head, aiding the passive effect of [Enhanced Mind] and allowing the hemomancer a semblance of control over his mind.

"That was dangerous." He stated, trying his best to put some humor in his tone, but failing to do so.

"Your mind was running a thousand miles-per-hour." Melissa said, her blue orbs shining with a light tint of crimson due to his work, but also displaying her worry over him.

Izuku shook his head and took her hand off his face, directing his attention towards the screens to search for something else that wasn't his temper to put as the center topic. His rapid scan revealed that besides the hostages, two girls were being surrounded by a sea of security bots.

"Melissa!" The vampire shouted, the blonde already back on her chair and typing away at her keyboard.

She immediately tried to disengage the machines, but her input was denied. She tried again, the result being the same.

"Melissa, hurry up!" Izuku shouted once more, staring at the screen and seeing Momo blow apart a group of the robots with a cannon.

"I'm trying! Something is still blocking full control of the system! It is like a virus!" The blonde hurriedly replied.

The vampire snarled to himself. "Stay here then! Keep your guard up and immediately contact me if anyone comes close to you!" He ordered, not wasting time. One step had Izuku out the room, his shape something Melissa could barely follow in the video feed as he became a blur.



Kyouka panted tiredly, soaked in sweat and feeling her hair stick to her forehead in a mess that she could not afford to care for right now. She pushed another continuous wave of sound from her ear jacks, the pressure of it being transmitted through a specialized speaker Yaomomo had created for her, the group of security bots in front of her being hammered away, but soon another group took their place. The rocker girl grit her teeth and attacked again.

Yaoyorozu placed another shell inside the cannon she built, immediately firing it upon the robots that threatened to overwhelm them. They had managed to flee quite efficiently from the patrolling mercenaries on the lower floors, but just as they were about to truly escape the building to search for help/reinforcements, an alarm blared throughout the building, and soon enough a multitude of security robots were rushing them.

The girls managed to escape from the bots for a while, but after ten minutes, their escape ended as they had reached a dead-end, the duo unknowingly being guided by the robots that had cut off all their paths until they were pushed to flee to one of the maintenance facility floor of the building.

Now the girls had entrenched themselves and played a defensive war, pushing back the waves of pursuing bots with their quirks. Momo was tired, the continuous use of her [Creation] quirk demanding the use of her lipids, the strain already apparent as her luscious and full body had been considerably depleted. Proximity mines, her cannon, noise-cancelling earphones, the shells, Kyouka's speakers and a few titanium-steel shields to protect them had Momo on her last legs, the rich heiress continuously reloading the weapon and firing it.

It was a desperate last stand to resist the machines hell bent on their capture, the girls unsure what their destiny would be if they were captured by the menaces.

Kyouka's last attack fell short, the erratic beat of her heart not producing the desired power to push back the group of machines that enclosed on her. The punk rocker ducked behind one of the six shields, dodging the rubber round that thunk'ed against her protective barrier. When she poked her head out, she had to immediately duck again, else she take on a barrage of the shots to her forehead.

"Yaomomo! This is not looking good!" Jirou shouted, uncaring about her tone.

The heiress turned her cannon on its axis, aiming at the damaged, but functional machines that were aiming for her friend. Another pull of the trigger, another roar of her cannon as a 12-mm HE round destroyed the bots; she was running low on ammunition, and she wasn't sure if she could continue pumping them out.

"AHH!" Momo shouted in pain, one rubber round impacting against her back and taking her breath away. She fell on the ground, luckily behind her shields, and clutched at her chest, desperately trying to pull some air in her lungs.

Kyouka rushed to aid her, hugging the frame of her friend and bringing the girl's torso up to allow her to breathe properly. The rocker shouted in anger and plugged both her jacks into the speaker, allowing the terribly-loud-in-her-ears thumping of her heart to be fully directed into the piece. There was a terrible pressure on their bodies as the equipment short-circuited, unable to handle the output that the girl had forced on it. Forget pushing the machines away, the rocker now was feeling woozy. She felt something warm run from her ears, sure that she had damaged something in her noggin even with the protection afforded by the noise-cancelling earphones.

Dammit! Kyouka shouted in her mind. Tears began prickling at her eyes, the rocker resisting her best to avoid shedding them. She clutched the thinner heiress in a hug. It was frustrating! She had won against villains in the USJ attack, but now she was being bested by a bunch of tin-cans with fancy housing! She looked down at Momo and found the heiress to be giving her a hurt and trembling smile.

"..kay, we…tr..ur…best!"

Jirou heard the various bots reload their weaponry, ready to deliver their painful payload upon them.

"Ninpou Hissatsu: Teppeki no Bogyo! (Shinobi Arts Ultimate Move: Ironclad Defense)" A male voice echoed in the room, something suddenly appearing among the girls. Thick red tendrils encased the titanium-steel shields and moved the heavy pieces closer, protecting the girls from the shower of rubber rounds that was fired upon them.

"Ninpou Hissatsu: Shutsugen Kira! (Shinobi Arts Ultimate Move: Apparition Killer)" Momo recognized that voice. There was also only one person among her current friends that had ninja training and was around; a ray of hope broke through a group of the menacing machines, their frames sheared apart.

Izuku, wielding a blood-red kodachi blade, had arrived to their rescue!

The vampire wasted no time to jump into action, the blade in his hand being swung with power and precision that was unmatched. To the rich heiress's surprise the teen was also holding a gun in his other hand. Well, now that Momo properly focused on him, there were many dark-matter tendrils sprouting from his shadow, the extra limbs all holding firearms too.

After the teen secured the girls' safety, he jumped atop the shields, gaining a height advantage, but also being in the sights of every remaining security bot. That seemed to not matter for the vampire, Yaoyorozu spotting a malicious smile splitting his lips, the vampire's fangs gleaming as he focused.

The shadow tendrils holding the guns trailed right behind him, pointing their barrels at the robots. Izuku pointed his blade towards the machines and said:


Momo and Kyouka were lucky to be already wearing hearing protection; else their ears would be bleeding right now as the guns that the hemomancer was carrying began firing without rest, spending all their current ammunition in a bullet storm that swept the entire maintenance room they were in. Soon the guns ran dry, their empty clicking the only sound echoing besides that of destroyed machinery crumbling down on the spot.

Izuku searched for signs that any bot had remained, but all that he could spot was scrap metal and leaking coolant and oil. He even searched with [Electromagnetic vision], but he had cleared the room.

The tentacles holding the shields returned to the teen, dropping the defensive wall and allowing the two girls to see the sight of the destruction Izuku had caused. Momo and Jirou had done well defending themselves, but witnessing the sea of broken machines was a strange sight.

"Hello there, Kyouka-san, Momo-san." Izuku greeted hurriedly, but still somewhat amusingly.

Kyouka released a relieved sigh and allowed her knees to weaken, the rocker girl falling on her ass. "Vampy…your timing is…impeccable…" The punk girl said in between tired huffs, the hemomancer noticing the slight bleeding of her ears.

Yaoyorozu also displayed her relief at seeing the vampire, smiling as a greeting to him. She then went to check on Kyoka, turning her back to Izuku and allowing the vampire to see the forming bruise on her back, the purple circle expanding slowly as they were allowed a breather. The shine of her quirk began to light up on her exposed right arm, but it was clear that Momo was strained, the production of the medical gauze taking a few extra seconds instead of the almost instant rate she knew herself capable off.

The adrenaline coursing in her veins didn't allow the heiress to stabilize her hands, the girl trying to clean the blood off Jirou's ears.

"I don't need you guys to babysit me, okay?" The rocker exclaimed, taking the gauze from Momo's hand and doing the cleaning herself. Izuku rolled his eyes at the girl and her attitude, aware that she didn't want to seem and look weak.

The vampire let the girls have their moment for now, showing his back and hiding away his face from the girls, less they see the deranged smile and the sharp fangs glistening with saliva. The scent was intoxicating, Kyouka's lovely smell pulling at the hemomancer's sanity and enticing him to have just a little taste; his mouth watered and the vampire couldn't keep his usually calm face, preferring to hide the expression painted on his face. Her lilac-lavender smoky smell teased his nose and Izuku couldn't help but take a deep breath.

[ It is said that blood is thicker than water. It is what joins us, binds us, curses us, master…]

[Let us join our rivers of life! Embrace her already.]

The vampire ignored the whispers of the [Beast Within], for if he paid attention – gave it any ground to stand on – it would break free from its cage, Izuku would change to something else. He ran his tongue over his fangs, trying to ease the itching.

[Huh? So this is what caused the machines' madness…what a neat little forged ability.]

There was a pull in the vampire's mind, a tiny tug that another part of him did to call attention to a new quirk-factor. He managed to fix his expression as he let the knowledge wash over his mind, the answers being relayed by his blood. He hummed, now understanding why the security bots kept on attacking even while Melissa had assumed some control over the security system back.

[Technopathy]. Carmine, the female mercenary co-leader could let her mind "dive" inside machines and alter coding, giving her almost complete control over tech. She sparely used the quirk, as it was quite taxing on a normal mind, but with one use the woman had effectively infected I-Island's systems with bugs and backdoor coding that facilitated the group's invasion. However, this was not her original quirk. It had traces of her DNA all over it, but it had been recently modified; tinkered with and improved as an initial payment for their job.

[It feels quite…artificial. Almost like…Kurogiri's power.]

It infuriated Izuku. To be underestimated like these by these people. Yet, he held in his rage and let the boiling rage in his mind to become a simmering thing; it wouldn't do for him to let his rage control his actions, especially now with his classmates together with him. He needed to remain in control.

"Kyouka, Yaoyorozu." Izuku called out, getting the girls to focus back on him. He turned around, the two girls flinching a bit under his sharp gaze, but still willing to be close to him. The vampire took a deep breath and released it as steam from his mouth, quite obviously not pleased with the situation. "I hope that you two are alright. The situation is quite complex right now, but the short story is that I-Island is under attack by a mercenary group, and they plan on stealing very important and dangerous items from the vaults here in the building."

Izuku began explaining while also checking out his weaponry, reloading all the empty magazines and checking out the state of the guns. Out of the five automatic rifles ha had, three were quite heated; it proved that these were not ordinary weapons, since Izuku could feel a great static energy flow in them when they were firing shots. He finished his check up and let the weapons remain secured by the shadow matter tendrils behind him.

"I know that they have taken quite a number of hostages…" He said, the girls nodding. Momo raised a hand while Kyouka stayed silent. Izuku nodded to the heiress, giving her the chance to speak.

"Kyouka-san noticed something was amiss earlier and we managed to flee before we were also taken hostage. All Might-sensei was restrained, and they took Shield-san to somewhere." The raven-haired girl's words made Izuku narrow his eyes, the fear-bringer gaze he was known for painting his features.

"We need to get the pros free to help us out. Getting civilians out of the line of fire is a priority too."

"I tried to make a few long-reach radios to try to reach anyone; nothing but static played out. Some sort of jamming device or program." Momo added, Izuku nodding to her.

"I got Melissa in the security room in the 100th floor, so we have that front covered. She is working on getting everything back under our control, since the mercenaries had a person with a tech-quirk mess with the systems." Izuku explained, escorting the girls out the maintenance floor and into an elevator. He waved to one of the visible cameras about, the previously inoperable doors opening and already primed to take them high up.

The trio got it and we brought up, Izuku filing the girls in the details of how things happened on his end of things. The ride was short, but somewhat filled with tension. The girls noticed that Izuku was restraining himself: hands closing into fists before opening and repeating the motion, tightly clenched jaw, pupils constantly shifting from the normal emerald to their famous fear-inducing tone, and most of all – Izuku seemed to exhale aggression.

One might even joke that the vampire's behavior resembled that of Katsuki, except that instead of explosive bouts of ranting and rage, it was more of a focused and centered ruthlessness akin to the cold edge of a sharp knife.

They finally reached the 100th floor – the short ride somehow feeling a lot longer – and met up with Melissa. While the three females checked up with each other, Izuku went to the screens, trying to get a feel for the situation.

"Any other calls over the radio?" He asked the blonde American without turning his attention away from the screens.

"No; some meaningless chatter from some of the other grunts, but no specific call for them." Melissa said while pointing at the mercenaries at one corner of the room, tied up with their harnesses serving as improvised rope.

Izuku echoed a content noise, eyes flickering among a few selected screens and forming plans in his mind. "How about the systems? Have you managed to get complete control over it?"

Melissa shook her head. "Sort of; the software seems to be actively trying to keep me out. I have some control back, but a few areas are still out of my hand. Should not take long to fix it, I just need to figure out what is doing this." Melissa was already back on her chair, typing away on the keyboard.

The vampire approached her, tapping on her shoulder to call her attention. "I might have a solution for that, but first I need to ask something." He said out loud, Momo and Kyouka surely hearing it. "I got some knowledge from one of them pertaining to our tech situation, which is most likely a work of her quirk. I can share the information with you, but I'll need to touch your mind." He explained, but Melissa grabbed one of his hands.

The mind touch of [Mesmerize] from before had been an emergency, but now he had to properly talk with the girl; should he begin to go down the slippery road of just coldly following with what was most logical to him, it would not be easy to climb out of it.

Her face displayed seriousness. "I trust you, Izuku! We don't have time to waste here, papa and that thug are already on the vaults. Just get it on with it!"

He nodded, eyes glancing up at the other two in the room. Their eyes were focused on him, but there was no suspiciousness from either. Midoriya grunted as his answer.

"Right…might as well relay the plan I have in mind too." He said while closing his eyes, pulling on the necessary quirk-factor. When the vampire opened his eyes, they were flood lights filled with eldritch power. "Have a peak at the well of knowledge, little one. I shall grant it to you…"

"…wow, that's…quite a load." Melissa stated, her breathing becoming a tad bit labored.

Izuku chuckled a bit, doing one last check over his things. "Tired already?" He teased, walking to exit of the room. "It was just a few seconds, just the tip of the iceberg." He tapped the side of his brow.

Kyouka, whose hearing had returned a bit, lightly tapped her elbow against Momo. "They are talking about the security system, right?"

Yaoyorozu, face painted with a deep blush, nodded. She held her hands over her mouth and tried to act with grace. Tried.

The two took a step to follow the vampire, but he turned around and waved one hand. "No, you two stay here and guard Melissa." His order was immediately met with furrowed brows. "Don't look at me like that; I have the mobility, stamina and stealth to move without problems and aid the hostages; besides, protecting Melissa is quite the priority right now. She is one of our most important assets right now – information – and if we lose that, we will be running around blind here. Once we get more people out and about, then we can run in squads."

Kyouka understood the logic behind the vampire's words. She didn't want to sit back and play house, but she knew her limits. The rocker huffed, but accepted the instruction. She did, however, cross her arms over her chest and glared at the vampire. Now that they weren't in immediate danger, she noticed his new hair-cut. Hey, that looks nice on him.

Yaoyorozu wished to put her versatility in the conversation, but since her battle from earlier, she was winded and low on lipids. She hadn't eaten anything from the banquet party, the mercenaries attacking before she had the opportunity to even sample the delicacies cooked up. How rude of them. In the end the heiress nodded to Izuku; once they got the heroes up and running, she could eat something and get back in the fight. At least one thing to help… "Hey." She called him out. She extended her right arm out, the shine of her quirk appearing on her offered hand. The vampire extended his own hand out, ready to catch whatever it was that Momo was creating.

From her hand fell a comm radio much like the ones that the mercenaries were using. The hemomancer quickly pocketed it, waiting for the quick explanation that was bound to follow. Since their early days, Izuku noticed that whenever Yaoyorozu created something, she had the tendency to explain why she'd made the item.

"That radio is the latest in military communications; I made them earlier, but with the jamming and all the fighting, I sort of lost them. Father is friends with a company that makes them and we got some models and blueprints. We can relay information without using the speakers of the building and we can avoid having our conversations being tapped into."

He nodded, thankful for the quick explanation. "Thank you. Please, protect Melissa and take care of yourselves. I'll be back soon."



It was a race against time for Izuku to act, but the hemomancer couldn't foolishly rush through things and risk blowing his cover. He took the available elevator until he was a mere floor away from the ballroom/reception, using [Electromagnetic Vision] to assure himself of the number of grunts and their position. His radio would relay a few messages, the jam on communications not entirely lifted to avoid raising suspicion. So long as the mercs thought themselves in the winning side, they would not act harshly; the vampire would stand atop the position of the grunts and leave on said position a small puddle of blood and dark matter.

Normally his blood would waste away if not in contact with him, but since it was full of certain quirk-factors – some of which he had acquired today – this little new trick could be employed.

[Flammable Blood] + [Shadow Control] + [Explosive Blood] + [Perpetuation] and one unfired round of his recently acquired pistol. That combination was placed in about twenty five locations directly atop the goons. Some would move a bit, but that was fine. With this, Izuku would at least impair – if not outright knockout the majority of the hostage takers.

His plan ready, the vampire quickly took the elevator once more, but this time he opened the top hatch of it and while pressing the button for the ballroom floor, he waited atop the elevator.

There was a ping that echoed in the room, Izuku waiting for a few seconds, sure that all the grunts would at the very least distract themselves, even if for one second. That was all that he needed. The vampire clicked his fingers, pulling on the quirk-factors and springing his trap. I'll thank Shiozaki-san later. She developed quite a lot of binding techniques; she hopefully won't mind me using one of her own.

"Ninpou: Kuro Teza no Shibari (Ninja Arts: Black Tether Binding)." The hemomancer whispered to himself. Contrary to his soft-spoken words, there was a loud noise, and suddenly, black tendrils were bursting from the ceiling, heading towards all the armed grunts in the room.

There were a few shouts and some shots were fired, but Izuku was quick to act. He rapidly left his hiding spot, ready to use [Blink] to approach any grunt ready to fire. Much to his surprise, those that weren't taken out by his attack were subdued by other people.

"Fucking! DIE!" Explosive blasts echoed about.

"It is rude to show up unannounced, especially with guns. Chill out for a moment." The sound of ice cracking followed by a stoic young voice.

"Really, guys!? One liners?!" One exasperated teen exclaimed, the crackle of lightning and the sharp scent of ozone become a bit prominent.

Todoroki Shoto.

Bakugou Katsuki.

Kaminari Denki.

Those three immediately rushed to action the moment they had the opportunity to, the chance that Izuku had granted them allowing them to act on their training. Right after that happened, the restrains that were holding All Might and many other heroes were releasing, Izuku offering a thumbs up to the ceiling, where likely some hidden camera was relaying information back to girls.

"It is alright now!" All Might's voice boomed throughout the room, the hero standing up from his previous position and rising up to his full height. "I'll take care of all the other problems! Young Midoriya, young Bakugou, young Kaminari and young Todoroki, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Please, do restrain these villains while I take care of the rest!" It was quite obvious that the hero wanted to quickly disappear from around the numerous watchers; Izuku rapidly figured that it probably had to do with the hero's limited time in hero form, and the problems that would blow up if his weakened figure was displayed here.

As soon as he could, All Might fled the scene, taking one of the exits and immediately rushing to save David. Had the hero remained for just a while longer, the vampire could have relayed some very much needed information. The vampire sighed.

"Round them up quickly. I'll restrain them." He gave out the order, people turning to him and staring at the vampire. It seemed like many were still out of it, in a confused/stunned state.

"Don't you fucking order me about, you fucking blood sucker! I'll do the fucking restraints; you'd probably suck one of these pussy-ass losers dry." Bakugou shouted, dragging with him four grunts. He dropped the men in a corner, hands ready to blast in case any of them weren't dead enough.

Todoroki walked closer to Izuku, his captures frozen in ice. When Izuku looked at the stoic teen with a questioning gaze, the youngest Todoroki merely shrugged his shoulders. "You thaw them out."

"You literally have a built-in flamethrower in your left arm, Shoto."

"Fair enough, you make a good point." Todoroki nodded and went closer to the frozen grunts, letting only a small fire from his hand. He was quick to defrost his quarries, the grunts surrendering before they could do anything else.

The vampire turned to see Kaminari wave at him. "Yo, Midoriya! A little help here! These guys are heavy!" The blonde teen tried to drag one of the goons, but made little progress. The vampire displayed a tiny smile, quickly letting his shadowy tendrils to take care of the grunts.

The foursome quickly gathered the grunts, Izuku binding all of them with shadow tendrils. He may have mixed just the tiniest bit of his own blood into the black mass, using it to stab lightly into the mercs and drain some blood from them. It was one thing to drink while alone or with trust-worthy people, but it really wouldn't paint a pretty picture for the hemomancer if he began to rip into necks while surrounded by people. He contented himself with just some scraps for now, applying the effect of [Permanency] into the shadowy matter and leaving it securing the grunts.

"You guys, come with me. Let the pros here handle the rest, I'll need help from all of you." Izuku quickly called his classmates, rushing back into the elevator and only glancing backwards once. It was better for them to leave before any other heroes realized that the situation was under control and try and control them.

Todoroki was right behind Izuku, following suit ever since the vampire had bound the mercenaries here. Bakugou grumbled, but he too followed; he wasn't dumb, he knew that the vampire had likely discovered some incredible shit and he wasn't going to be left behind.

Kaminari rushed to follow the group, not sure where they were going, but willing to follow nonetheless. Whatever it was that the vampire was doing had got to be a thousand-times better than his waiter job (damn that internet add was a scam).

Izuku's radio crackled to life, Melissa's distressed voice shouting from the speaker.


Wolfram's grin couldn't get wider. He had figured that David would try to drag on and buy time for whenever All Might tried to break out, but the merc leader had other plans. By the time that the Symbol of Peace would arrive, he would be far away from the tech island, enjoying a smooth ride back home with all the tech he nicked away from the eggheads. The tech was chump change compared to what he would have once he gave the requested items to All for One.

A quirk amplification device and some regeneration formula and pills; if possible, he was to grab the vampire-kid that was being studied.

He was rather close to finishing the main objective. All that David needed was an incentive to work faster on opening the gigantic vault doors that hid the treasures he was waiting for.

"Oi, Shield." He roughly called out, his remaining guards all throwing jeers at the old man. "I don't think you understand the situation that you find yourself in. You should have already opened that vault."

David, clearly very nervous about the situation, looked back. "I am working as fast as I can, but these are our top-level works; I'm not the only one privy to things here, my collaborators and the board members of I-Island's council don't want these treasures to be so easily stolen."

Wolfram huffed, smirking at the Shield Patriarch. "Word games and dissimulation won't take you anywhere, Shield. I guess I must really show that I mean business. Hey you! Bring that old fart here!" The mercenary leader waited as one of his goons went out of sight, returning soon after dragging an elder dressed in a butler's suit.

The elder was roughly shoved towards the duo, Wolfram immediately pointing his pistol to the back of Sam's head. "Just open the locks already and get that thing open, Shield, or you will return to your pretty little party of yours wearing a new fancy suit! Who knows, maybe red will suit you better!"

"D-david! Don't give these brutes anything! All Might will help us!" The man weakly said, David's hearrt immediately hurting as he glanced back to see his very dear friend be treated so roughly.

"Please! Don't hurt him! I'm hurrying up!" David shouted, hurriedly finishing the sequence of codes that would open the vault doors that stored some of the most precious items that I-Island had to offer.

Once the enormous vault began opening, David was shoved aside. He immediately glanced back to check on Sam, his heart filled with worry for the elder, but the old butler was…different. He was no longer being pushed and grabbed by the other goons; Sam was fixing the cuffs of his suit, his face sporting a very regal and stoic expression.

"Your acting and language are all horrendous Wolfram. You are very lucky to have me here." Sam said as if that was the most common thing in the world. David blinked his eyes, almost as if to deny the reality in front of him. "You made me blow my cover. I wonder why did He trust you with this mission when I was about to succeed on my own anyway."

The merc leader laughed. "Stop your bitching, old fart. Appreciate the show a little bit, not everything is about back-stabbing people while smiling; create some chaos once in a while, it is fun. Besides, you are getting paid too, so what's got you tilted?"

The butler moved his gaze towards David, the butler's expression entirely disinterested. "My job or rewards are of no concern to you. Get the equipment and hurry up, who knows when that buffoon will try something." Sam stated, his gaze still looking down at David like one looks at trash. "What are you looking at?"

"Sam, what is going on?" David shakily asked. His mind was realizing the situation well enough, yet he still had a hard time rationalizing it.

"Hmm? Oh, right, I forgot to turn them off." Nonchalantly, Sam fixed his tie, David blinking quickly, almost as if awakening from a deep sleep. "That clear up your mind? The effects of [Lust Rose], [Aromatherapy] and [White Lie] do tend to linger in the mind, but I'm sure that one of our men would happily help you find some common sense. A kick should suffice." Before David had time to process things, he received a punting kick from one of the mercenaries, his glasses shattering and flying off. David fell on the ground and groaned, his mind racing up. He coughed up spit and began to dry heave.

Sam's presence normally left him with peace of mind and pleasant feelings, but now the inventor couldn't stand being this close to the butler, the smell emanating from him truly foul.

"Awake indeed. I'm told that the withdraw effects are quite mean." A nasty smile bloomed in Sam's smile, but the butler didn't stay close for long. The vault gates were finally open and the grunts were already raiding it clean, taking the first items that called their attention.

David now noticed something that seemed so obvious before, but the truth that had been muddled in his mind was now displayed in full. The grunts that had taken the people in the ballroom hostage as well as these ones taking important stuff from the vault were equipped with I-Islands' own production of firearms: the electromagnetic improved rail rifle dubbed PK-Thunder. Fully automatic assault railgun rifles that fired improved 7.62 mm rounds that could punch clean through most common heavy-ballistic protection.

How had they gotten their hands on the guns? The answer was staring him right in his face, holding a suitcase that caused a heavy weight to drop in David's stomach.

The butler was now ignoring the presence of David, who was struggling on the floor, having another session of dry heaving. The old butler shook his head. "Disgusting, David. You can't take care of yourself and are still too dependent on me for the most basic of things. Come on, up and at it. We still have some use for you. Maybe we might even allow you to see your daughter."

Life sprung into David's frame, the man still heaving and coughing, but now he stared as fiercely as he could to the butler. "Don't you dare bring my daughter into this! You have my life's works with you, gear and tech that can cover the costs of anything in your life ten times over! Leave us!"

Sam stared back unamused at David.

"Pathetic, David; truly pathetic!" Sam exclaimed, glancing back to see if Wolfram had already cleaned the vault. He searched one of pockets for something, feeling the light weight of the item and smiling to himself. He turned back towards David, finding the man to be charging at him.

The old butler flinched in surprise, taking a punch to his jaw and falling on the ground, letting the suitcase be thrown a few feet away from him. Sam slowly raised himself, finding the mercenaries to be laughing at his humiliating display. David had once again fallen on the floor, too intoxicated to stand up.

"Wolfram, what the hell are your stupid grunts doing? Can't these incompetent fools even do a simple guard job?!" Sam roared to the emerging mercenary leader, the red-haired man sporting a sour expression.


"Eh?" Sam questioned, his ears ringing. The old butler stared at his chest, noticing a rapidly growing red spot on immaculate suit.

Sam clattered on the floor, his life fluid painting the tiles of the vault room with a pool of crimson.

Wolfram huffed, pointing his free hand towards the suitcase, the object suddenly flying to his hand. He grabbed it by the handle, taking the time to open the case and inspect the veracity of the item. Inside the case, resting atop black memory foam, was a circlet-like object, almost like a crown. It looked fancy and delicate, but the apparent power behind it could turn - depending on the quirk – a man into a god. Luckily for the merc leader, his quirk was top-notch stuff.

"Old fart, you got too greedy. Just because you know how to lick a boot spotless, it doesn't mean that the same boot won't be used to bash your brains in; I was in a good mood, you know? Was willing to let you bring this lil' fancy trinket to Him, but you had to have all the glory to yourself, huh?" Wolfram got close to Sam and searched the man's body in for something: not a few moments later he produced a grey cylinder from inside the old butler's suit. "You have quite the smooth fingers for an old fart, but I'm smarter." The red-haired man pressed on the bottom of the cylinder, the item hissing steam as if released the inner pressure and opened up, sliding the cover to reveal seven metallic red pills with a white cross painted in their center.

"It is quite hard to believe it, right? One of these could save a man from the brink of death back to full strength and even enhance them. How much would a single one sell in the black market? How much cash do you think that those Star-and-spangles would fork out to have just one or two of these in stock, to heal up some important shmuck or even a VIP-hero? The Heroes, the villains and everything else in between, desperate to buy a single pill from us; something that could be switched ever so easily with a common cold pill." Wolfram's smile now became a deranged thing, the man opening the slot and extracting one of the pills from inside the container, placing it in his pocket, while he closed the container and sealed it back, placing the cylinder in his own coat.

"Well, I'd love to stay and chat more, but we have a ride to catch. Come on boys, grab the dear professor and let's get going." Wolfram ordered, trying to reach Carmine on the radio. His only answer was static. "Tsk, maybe that bother is already up and about. Dammit, and I liked her, nice tits and pretty face for a military brat. Oh well, what a waste."

David was feeling utterly miserable, being dragged around by two grunts following Wolfram. He turned his gaze back to the old butler, who had been a loyal companion and friend for over ten years; apparently the truth was something entirely different. Yet, the decent man inside David couldn't help but ask. "W-what about him?"

Wolfram turned around, curious as to what the Shield was referring to. "What about him?" The merc leader's smirk took on a vicious mocking visage. "Even when the old fart messed with you like that you are still worried about him? What a kind soul! Ha!" The leader and his men began to laugh up, amused at the notion. "What, were you butt-buddies or something? Did his quirk make you feel good?"

"Since you are such a worried saint for the life of your fellow men, shall I call you Pope David?" Wolfram approached the Shield Patriarch and lightly smacked his face, doing a few light taps as if to provoke a pride reaction out of the inventor. David could only painfully moan, the lingering after-effects of the quirks used on him causing the terrible weakness and pounding headache he was suffering from. "Come on, saint!"

Seeing that David was too weak to be giving out answers, and seeing as his time table was short, Wolfram stopped with his provocations and began to walk to the elevator that would take him to the rooftop.

"Boss, the prof is kinda right, though. What do we do with the old timer?" One of the grunts asked, pointing his rifle to the struggling butler on the floor.

Wolfram was already disinterested in whatever had to pertain with Sam.

"Ah? Whatever, just put him in Pope David's tab or somethin', I don't really give a shit."

The grunt shrugged and saw Wolfram and his guards (together with David) get in the elevator and head out. He aimed the sights of his rifle to the struggling Sam. "You heard the boss, old timer. Nothing particular against you or anything like that, but it is what it is."




The grunt fell on the ground, his vest a mess as the bullet-resistant plate that was made to withstand high caliber rounds protected him from death, but not from the full might of the impacting shots.

The spent magazine of the pistol clattered on the ground, the weapon itself following soon after as the person who had pulled the trigger rushed to meet the hurt elder.



"Izuku, I s-saved h-him! I saved him!" Melissa shouted on her own radio, rushing to meet Sam and help him out.

"H-h-help me...M-melissa-a!"

The radio comm crackled to life, Izuku's roaring voice ordering a merciless command.

[…do not get close to him! He is working with the enemy that orchestrated this!]

Melissa – who had rushed here by herself – was shocked. Izuku was ordering her to leave Sam, their dear friend and trusty butler, to die? He was bleeding, terribly hurt and he wanted her to leave him to die? How cruel! How could he!?

"I-I-Izuku! I can't do that! I have to help him!" She took a few more steps towards Sam, but the radio once more crackled to life.

[Melissa! This is an absolute order! Do not get close to him!]

The girl flinched in place, her body disobeying her will and locking up in place. What the hell? I can't move! Melissa tried to move her legs, but then her muscles painfully contracted and cramped up, not allowing her to move.

"M-melissa, help me!"

The blonde American began to cry, tears of sadness painfully streaming down her face. "IZUKU! PLEASE!"

[Negative! I'm near, I'll deal with it. Do not get close or touch him! Stay far from him!]

Kyouka and Momo finally managed to catch up, finding the scene and wondering what was going on. The two spotted the elder lying in a pool of his own blood and rushed to aid him. However…

"S-stay away-y!" Melissa's voice trembled, but she shouted to the other duo. She herself seemed to be spooked by her own act.

It took another minute for Izuku to arrive on the floor with his temporary squad in two, the vampire immediately appearing from a smoky-fog close to the elder. The man seemed to be very close to hypovolemic shock, still trying to drag himself closer to the blonde American.

"M-melissa, help me!"

Izuku almost growled to the man, the disgusting smell that wafted to the vampire's nostrils making him incredibly irritated. A tendril of blood emerged from his hand, touching the pooling blood on the floor and sucking it up by osmosis. Izuku's face cringed and he couldn't hold back a snarl as he tasted the elder's blood.

"Izuku, what are you doing? Help him already!"

"Midoriya, what is going on?"

"I knew it, that leech-fuck went insane! I'll kill him!"

The vampire ignored the peanut gallery and continued his efforts, creating a second blood tentacle and shoving it inside the butler's mouth.

"I'm working on it, do not rush me or get in my way." He stated loudly to his classmates, his terror-inducing gaze burning a staring hole into the elder; he approached the man and knelt by his side, whispering on his ear. "Do not think yourself smart or tricky, disgusting flesh bag. My will and whims will determine if your pathetic existence will have any worth besides being a fleeting memory in my mind. I know of your trickery and your dirty secrets, for blood does not lie to me; it does my bidding and obeys my commands, for I am its lord. You shan't die yet, but for now survive knowing that your wicked existence now belongs to me. Drink of this poison and curse at your own loathsome willingness to cling to life; feel the burning of it and curse your new, pathetic self…"

"Now, get up! Skaal."

"… Ekon…" Sam spoke in a low tone only to Izuku, slowly rising up. The bullet wound was no more, yet the elder still seemed to be in pain. It would be understandable, considering he was just shot. However, considering Izuku's regeneration, it shouldn't allow any pain to remain.

The vampire let the butler be, the elder now standing still ramrod straight. The teen hurried to Melissa's side, the blonde girl crying in a mix of relieved joy and hurt confused. "There is no time to explain, and we still need to see if All Might managed to save your father." His words made the girl nod in a hurry, the other classmates wondering what the hell had just happened.

[… Acts of goodness are not always wise, master, and acts of evil are not always foolish…]

but regardless, we shall always strive to be good. He chanted in his mind to keep his sanity; his true wish was to finish the job, for now this would have to do.

[When the frail of heart join the fray, the hunter becomes the hunted!]

Izuku snarled in his mind, suppressing the whispers of the [Beast Within].

[We are born of the blood; made man by the blood; undone by the blood. Through it we reach the truth of this world and peek into the light of the next…forget not who we are, master…]

The vampire let silence dominate the recesses of his mind.

[…fear the old blood, master…]


[To be Continued]


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