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Blood for the Blood God
Chapter 40: [New Circumstances]
(R-rated chapter)

"With this, the last batch is done." The wearied voice of the elder heroine Recovery Girl spoke, the woman putting away the syringe and glass tubes that were filled with Izuku's blood.

The elder looked over at the vampire laying on his bed, the teen wasting some time by scrolling through his phone. The device had been returned yesterday, allowing the vampiric teen to be online again and he had been constantly using it ever since. Between returning messages, sorting out documents, checking over the piles of homework and even managing his finances, it seemed that the vampire had once more found his groove.

Not everything was well, but this was a step in the right direction, considering the teen had to remain in this room until he was released. The spooks from the HSPC had yet to return, the usual visitors now being mostly Detective Tsukaichi and Toshinori, more private visitations being reserved solely to the boy's mother.

News about the vampire's state were being strictly restricted and only cleared personal had access to it. The government couldn't hold onto him much longer, but they could still impose heavy restrictions upon the teen.

The last Shuzenji heard the case of Izuku's kidnapping had been thoroughly analyzed by the committee of the hero's association and a verdict had been mostly settled. Izuku would be allowed to return to UA and continue his studies, but he was to be under constant surveillance by the teachers and would be required to wear a special quirk-suppressing device that would be used in case he were to run rampart. Though most of the accusations coming to the vampire from the court now rested upon the fact that Izuku was barely 17, yet had already killed two villains.

The defense mounted up by Edgeshot helped mitigate the situation – specially once All Might himself began weighting the scale in the vampire's favor – but it was still a hotly controversial topic and knowledge about the vampire was quite public now. Still, even if the charges against Izuku were mostly cleared up, there was still the fact that public opinion was a thing; and in this case, it was heavily weighted against the teen.

Izuku's name became quite known and spoken by people everywhere, the vampire's appearance and last stunt calling for quite a lot of attention online. Shuzenji didn't fully keep up with news coverage and whatnot, but it was quite hard to escape the shadow of the media. Be it radio, internet or the TV, everyone in Japan now was aware of the teen's name.

It is quite the pressure, she mused as she fiddled with one of the test tubes that housed the vampire's blood.

"Good…" Izuku muttered a lukewarm response to her. It was clear that he was starting to get impatient with all the wait he had been forced to endure; medically speaking he was fine, a clean white bill of health physically. He would need to go through a few more psyche-evaluations with Hound Dog, but as far as things were concerned, Izuku should have already been released.

The elder heroine was a bit worried about the teen's future. I-Island had already sent a letter to the government to show their willingness to take in Izuku should the need arise, and a few other allied nations were also demonstrating interest in the teen with the vampiric quirk, though nothing more than some letters asking for introductions had been sent. The HSPC had yet to respond, but Shuzenji hadn't been born yesterday. Some politicking was happening behind closed doors and some higher-ups were trying to either steer or push Izuku along a certain path that would give them advantages.

The future to come was a bit uncertain, and the heroine would pray that the vampire was capable of handling what would come out of this.

The elder lady took a few moments to gather her courage, checking on her own phone for a message. Once the device rang and she read the notification, Shuzenji got closer to the teen.

"Dearie, I have some good news for you." She smiled as she approached Izuku.

The vampire teen placed his phone aside to focus on the small-sized heroine.

Once she had his full attention the heroine began. "I have been in contact with a few colleagues, have them keep me up to date on the status of a few patients. Guess who has received a clean bill of health?" The elder amusedly spoke, the vampire musing through his thoughts for a few moments before his eyes widened.

"You mean to tell me?!"

"Indeed, sonny. Tomoko-chan has been released. She is waiting for the other members of her group to come pick her up." The heroine doctor explained, seeing Izuku release a massive and relieved sigh. The corners of his mouth shifted upwards, his eyes minimally expressing joy at the prospect of the safety of one of his instructors during his time in the reserve of the rescue group.

"I'm glad." The vampire muttered to himself. After the confirmation that her quirk had been stolen by the King in black, Izuku couldn't help but blame himself for that. If he was stronger, he wouldn't have been captured in first place and most likely would have been able to aid in her rescue; instead, he rushed into open combat due to his blood-drunk state thinking himself invincible. If only he was stronger then.

Recovery Girl noticed the dour mood of the teen and wondered what she could do to lift his spirits. The teen's aura and demeanor were a changed thing; gone was that hesitant manner which followed the teen, his quiet behavior now morphing into a stoic assurance. The fangs that he was so used to hide were now freely exposed, peeking from his mouth.

"Would you like to visit her before she leaves, sonny?" The heroine cut through the stablished silence, Izuku's head snapping towards her with such speed the elder lady swore she heard something crack.

"Would that be possible?" Izuku asked, his body leaning forward and showing eagerness. He was well-aware of the restrictions placed on him, but he was not above a bit of skullduggery. Especially now that he had managed to sort through a minimal amount of the [Blood Echoes] that he had acquired from AFO.

Recovery Girl smiled. "Of course, dearie. So long as you promise to behave." She joked about.

Izuku hummed and nodded his head along with the heroine. "I'll be on my best behavior."

The elder woman turned her phone on and typed a message, soon pocketing the device and motioning for the vampire to follow her. Izuku would admit that he was a bit overeager, instinctively using his [blink]-skill to vanish from his bed and appear right beside the elder in a surge of misty red-black fog. She frowned a bit at him, but said nothing about it.

The duo then left the room and walked the premises of the hospital, the corridors mostly empty of people with the rare exception of cleaning staff. He drew on the eyes of those that were working, earning a few whispers and awed looks. Izuku might not be as tall as some of his classmates, but he certainly could attract gazes if he was so inclined to do so. It took about ten minutes for the teen and the elder doctor to arrive at the area he supposed housed Tomoko, each step on the linoleum floor now echoing a bit in his ears.

The block they entered was private and restricted to treatment of heroes, Izuku's status as a mere student (and the restrictions) not granting him said privilege; it wasn't like he was truly bothered by it, his focus now being on what he would talk with Ragdoll. What even was there to talk about, considering the circumstances? Nonetheless, he had already arrived at the door of her room, he might as well check on her current state.

Recovery Girl lightly knocked on the door thrice, waiting for permission to head in. Once a muffled answer was given, the elder heroine opened the door, walking ahead while motioning for the vampiric teen to follow.

Different from his own habitation, this particular room was furnished for comfort. A rather large window covered with slightly transparent curtains, comfortable chairs and overall soft pastel green coloring to induce a sense of calmness. There were no curtains around the bed to hide the patient from view, Izuku seeing both Mandalay and Ragdoll…no, calling them by their hero names now felt callous. At this moment they were not heroes in active duty, they were simply Shino-san and Tomoko-san.

Sosaki was sitting on a comfortable chair beside Tomoko's bed, the two had previously been engaged in conversation, but now they were looking over at the newcomers in the room.

Shino blinked a few times as she looked over the vampire while Tomoko was stuck with a wide-eyed stare at him, almost as if unbelieving the sight right in front of her.

Shuzenji approached the bed-driven Tomoko with a calm gait, watching over her and ready to act if need be. Silence predominated in the room, turning the previously relaxed mood into a somewhat tense thing. Izuku's nostrils took in air, the vampire now capable of tasting the tension (in a most literal sense) that emanated from the Pussycats' members.

Seeing as none were talking, the teen decided to break the ice.

"Hello there, Shino-san, Tomoko-san." He gave his usual greeting, trying to sound as reassuring as he could be. The words seemed to have the intended effect, as almost as if breaking a spell, Mandalay stood from her seat.

"Hey Midoriya-kun, how are you doing?" She approached the vampire, Izuku also cutting the distance short until they both reached the foot of Tomoko's bed, the woman remaining quiet and keeping her gaze down.

The vampire did not let that bother him, something at the back of his mind telling him to watch out his words.

"I'm quite well. Living up to my moniker." He commented, injecting mirth into his tone as he joked about the dark subject. The dry-tone of his joke made Shino pause a bit, the woman taking a few moments to digest his particularly dark joke.

"If you can joke around like that, then you are truly alright." She commented, side-eyeing towards Tomoko on the bed.

Izuku didn't follow her glance, but he did lightly scratch at his right cheek. "How about you? Is everything alright with Kota-kun?" He changed the topic, trying to steer the conversation towards something lighter.

Shino responded, a new glow emanating from her face. "Kota-kun and Aizawa did explain to me later what happened. I must profoundly thank you, Midoriy-kun, for saving his life." She did a deep bow, the vampire feeling her true appreciation at his efforts. It warmed his heart.

"There is no need to thank me, Manda–…Shino-san. I merely did what was right." He humbly spoke, remembering a bit of the happening. His "fight" against Muscular.

The heroine wasn't having or hearing it. "No, of course I need to properly thank you." She firmed her voice, giving him an earnest gaze. "Kota has been much kinder now; he isn't brushing us aside anymore and has even wanted to thank you personally, but visitations for you were restricted so we couldn't drop by with him."

Izuku let a smile lightly part his lips. Hopefully the kid could now properly heal from his emotional distress. It was a great step towards a full recovery if his attitude had improved this much.

Though Mandalay now frowned a bit at him.

"Although, we have yet to talk about your reckless behavior back there." She now sported a serious face. Izuku let his smile still carve his lips, wondering if he was going to receive another lecture.

"Bah, believe me, I tried! For being such a quiet kid, he can be quite the hard head." Shuzenji added on, giving her two cents on the matter.

The vampire could do little but smile at the two-front assault, but he hoped to avoid the stern talking-to. Thus, he turned his head towards the only person that had yet to speak a word to him.

"Help me, Tomoko-san. Mandalay-san and Recovery Girl are bullying me."

The two ladies held back on whatever they wanted to say and focused their gazes on the woman on the bed. She had been silent up until now, the two wondering about her mental state.

Tomoko slowly lifted her gaze to match the vampire's, her yellow irises focusing on the vampiric teen's emerald greens. Her lower lip wobbled a bit, but she eventually spoke. "T-that's too bad, Midor–…Izuku-kun, but you were really r-reckless back then. Reflect a bit on your actions for now." There was something lacking from Tomoko's tone, but she did try to keep the mood up.

The vampire took the opportunity and exaggeratedly slumped his shoulders, releasing a defeated sigh. "Now even Tomoko-san is bullying me."

The woman in question quietly giggled at the vampire's antics, recovering more confidence in her countenance.

Shino crossed her arms under her chest and tilted her head to the side. "Now what punishment should we deliver to this disobedient kitty?"

/Thanks for that Midoriya-kun. Tomoko has been down ever since she woke up and received her diagnostic. I'm glad you came to visit./ The thought echoed in his mind, Shino's mental voice was full of tenderness and thankfulness.

"Please spare me." Izuku did something that surprised the three women in the room; he legit whined.

Midoriya Izuku, the stoic vampire that sometimes seemed to be a glutton for training, whined.

[I'm glad she is mostly fine. I did my best to protect her, but I couldn't prevent the King in black from stealing her quirk.] He tugged on the mental connection that had been previously established back during the training camp with the cat-themed heroine. It was much stabler now, the vampire managing to convey not only words, but feelings through the mental channel. Normally Mandalay's mental words could only be sent one-way, but with the vampire's power the duo could now hold full conversations in their mind.

/You are still a student. These types of situations shouldn't be something that you are exposed to this soon. Still, I'm thankful that you managed to pull through./ The words echoed back in his mind along with a warm and pleasant feeling that spread to his chest. Shino's expression became soft and pleased, the womanly charm she possessed hitting Izuku by surprise. He was aware that all the female members of the Pussycats were attractive, but it seemed that only now he hit with the full effect of their charm.

"Hmm…" The leader of the group hummed, tapping one finger over her cheek as she made a show of pondering her ideas. "You did save Kota-kun," She spoke in a lazy manner, dragging her words and further crossing her arms, her chest emphasized with a small jiggle. "And that last attack you delivered to the villains' leader truly was something else…"

He nodded, swapping his focus between Shino and Tomoko. "That's right, I worked hard!"

Tomoko stifled chortle. "Don't get too cocky now, Izuku-kitten. Mama Cat will truly punish you, you know?!" The now quirkless member of the rescue group commented, more confident in herself now.

The elder nurse hang back and observed the trio interacting, a smile held on her face as she took in the sight of the hemomancer truly unwinding after the stress he had been subjected to these last few days. Shuzenji had had children who had grown into splendid people, but seeing a student like this made her feel as if Izuku was her own son. Which was all the more frustrating since there was little that she could truly do on her own.

There would be many other troubles in the future, but for now it seemed as if things were at least under control.



It took another day, but Izuku finally received a message from Aizawa that his holding time in the hospital was done, the teen finally allowed to return to his usual activities in school.

He didn't have many items with him in the hospital, at most a travel-sized backpack with a few clothing articles his mother brought to him the other day, so packing it didn't take long. The teen wondered if he should talk with Detective Tsukaichi about his weapons that had been expelled from his shadow, but he figured that the subject should be approached another time.

At the moment he was waiting for his teacher to show up and pick him, considering the warning from the government spooks that he wasn't to be without constant supervision for now. Supposedly they would also later deliver some sort of special device that would track his location, but Izuku would deal with that when it came to it.

Outside of that, the vampire was also itching to return to his routine and finally see his girlfriends. Texting and calls (their last visit already a miracle created by Principal Nezu) were fine and dandy, but in all honesty Izuku was terribly missing the warmth of their skin and their scent.

He also had been terribly inconvenienced by his lack of freedom in his hospital quarters, since he could not do much moving outside of some basic exercises. [True Ancestor] had managed to sort through about 10% of the blood echoes he had acquired as a courtesy from AFO, so Izuku was rather curious to test out his new quirk-factors. The power running through his veins was quiet and his [Inner Beast] had yet to manifest outside of a few grumbles, but he was sure that a mere tug would allow him to bring forth double the power that he used when fighting against the quirk thief.

Izuku wasn't under any misconceptions though.

His "victory" over the King in black was due to the villain's greed and underestimation of his quirk; had [True Ancestor] not have the access to the villain's blood as it did, Izuku would have died for sure. He wasn't planning on betting his life in such a one-in-a-million chance again, so he had many plans to step up his training and get stronger. He knew he was strong, but when compared to many others Izuku was aware that he lacked experience.

He could compete with raw power against most, but there was so much more to fighting than mere offensive power. Maybe his [God-Shattering Star/Smash] could be comparable to Endeavor's attacks, though the older male could sustain his attacks for far longer whereas Izuku's hits were all designed to be one-hit kills. The vampire put those thoughts aside as his ears picked on the rhythmic sound of footsteps reaching his room.

He patiently waited until there was a knock on his, the vampire giving permission for entry.

Well, he couldn't say that Eraserhead's disheveled appearance was a sight for sore eyes, but the teen was glad to see his teacher well. There wasn't anything substantially different about the man, though Izuku could sense the slight hint of blood and antiseptic fluid on him together with the traces of alcohol mixed with sweat.

Has Aizawa-sensei been drinking? He wondered, eyes glancing at the man's torso, figuring that the man must also have been injured during AFO's attacks. Izuku had been keeping up with the news, and even if he hadn't, the hustle and bustle occurring in the hospital would have alerted him.

"Problem child, how are you doing?" Shouta's done-with-everything voice told Izuku of the man's state.

"Hello there, sensei." Izuku greeted him as usual, hoping to not put any more burdens on his teacher.

The hobo-looking teacher glanced around the room, his expression minimally shifting, brows tightening for a few moments before he took a deep breath and released a troubled sigh. "Let's get going then, I still have to drop you by the school's dorm."

That got the vampire in a loop. He knew UA had some teacher facilities that included dormitories, but school dormitories? That was a new one to him.

Aizawa must have read the expressions on the vampire's face. He motioned with his head for Izuku to follow him, the vampire shouldering his backpack and doing so.

"Due to the sequence of villain attacks on UA – specially on you guys as first years – Nezu proposed to the school board and the government to implement a new system; that includes boarding dormitories for the first and second years. The talks are still up for approval, but since you are already living with us, there was talk of using you as an example that the students are capable of taking care of themselves." He kept explaining as they headed towards the reception of the hospital.

The staff members that saw him began to whisper, the vampire not paying attention to the comments as he focused on the explanation of his teacher.

"I haven't seen any dorms outside of the teacher's facility, sensei." The teen made a comment.

"Cementoss built one in the school's grounds in a hurry since he has been requested to aid in Kamino's recovery and reconstruction. There are plans for future ones, but for now we are contending with it. We also aren't forcing the students to register to the boarding, but signing in is being highly encouraged."

The teacher's explanation left out the fact that Izuku wouldn't have a say in the matter, but he might have done that in consideration of the vampire's mood.

They reached the counter and Aizawa was quick to talk to the person in charge while Izuku hung back and looked at his surroundings. It was fair to say that he had the attention of many, both patients and working staff. The vampire kept to himself, the fear-tinted and apprehensive looks of the people around him rather telling of their opinions.

Aizawa touched his shoulder, giving the vampire a set of papers and getting his attention. "Hospital paperwork; have a look once we reach school."

Izuku lightly skimmed through a few pages, following behind his teacher as they headed towards a car parked outside. Luckily for them there were no reporters around to hound them, but the vampire had heard a few camera-clicks from phones.

The trip to school was mundane, the traffic not too bad and allowing the teen plenty of time to relay messages to his friends about his state. He had been bombarded with texts from his classmates once he had his phone back so it was nice to talk with them, even if through text.

Once they reached school grounds, Izuku was directed to his previous room. Aizawa allowed quirk usage, so the vampire managed to rapidly pack his things with the aid of his blood tentacles and shadow tendrils, the utility of the boneless limbs turning the job into a breeze. Thankfully they were doing this move in the weekend, so outside of school staff there were no students on campus to witness him moving his things to this new dorm.

The sight of a multi-limbed eldritch-looking creature spawning a myriad of tentacles and carrying belongings would have given someone a heart attack for sure.

The building was a good thirty minutes of walking distance away from the main campus of the school, surrounded by a small forest. Supposedly it would house about twenty-five to thirty students, and considering it was a trial building the vampire figured that the actual number of students living in would probably be way less.

It didn't have any outstanding features. The building looked like a common apartment complex with five floors. The rooms even had a small veranda, so it wasn't like the students would be cramped in. There was a kitchen, pantry, a rather large living room area and a laundry room and all the other common needed facilities. All in all, while not luxurious, it was certainly nice to live at; Eraserhead wasn't kidding when he mentioned that the students would live in the school.

The vampire opted to get a room on the last floor, his habitation facing the back of the building and giving him a view (and access) to the backyard and the forest.

Supplies and foodstuff would either be supplied to them or maybe they would be responsible for buying in themselves. Anyway it should be, the vampire was content.

Well, he was a bit sour to have to move in the school, considering he had paid for his beach-front property not too long ago, but complaining would not solve his problems.

He quickly finished unpacking his belongings and moved towards the kitchen. It was standard stuff, but it would suit the students' needs. He also was craving a home-cooked meal, since all he had been given was common hospital food and bland blood-packs.

Once Izuku reached the kitchen, he was surprised to find that his teacher was still there. The man was reading through a few documents while sipping from a mug of tea. The vampire was more of a coffee person though, so he moved towards the stove to make some and hopefully also make something tasty to stimulate his tastebuds again and forget the blandness of hospital food.

The teen could feel Aizawa's eyes rest on his frame every once in a while as he heated up the water and searched the pantry for the needed ingredients; he was in the mood for some meat-curry.

"Problem chi–…ahem, Midoriya." Aizawa called out, the vampire turning to face his teacher as his shadow darkened and tendrils of dark matter began working on the preparations needed.


The older man left his papers aside, taking another sip of his tea. "Will you be alright here?" The question made the vampire tilt his head in curiosity. The teacher then continued. "I know things have been rather…chaotic, to say. Yet, it is clear that you have been under a lot of heat, unfair reprimands and restrictions." Aizawa tiredly sighed, clearly tired and frustrated.

Izuku was thankful that his teacher was thinking of his well-being. "Don't worry Aizawa-sensei. I'll be just fine." The vampire returned his focus to the stove. Soon enough the smell of coffee became fragrant in the kitchen, the only noises that could be heard were the clacks of a knife hitting a cutting board and then the sizzling of meat.

The vampire even swapped the mug of tea for some of his brewed coffee, Aizawa thankful for the gesture.

The silence that permeated the room was a blessed thing, neither of the duo being the talkative type. They exchanged a few words on a few subjects, but most of the time it was just quiet as each male worked on their matter.

Soon enough the smell of spices mixed along with the scent of coffee, the pleasantness stimulating the senses in a way that caused even the serious Aizawa to succumb to the temptation, his stomach growling at the absence of food in his system. It wasn't a loud noise, but then again it never needed to be.

Soon enough a serving plate was placed right in front of him, a spoon already being offered by the vampire who was sipping on his own mug of coffee.

"You didn't need to bother with." The man mentioned, though he accepted the spoon and tried the first bite. He was pleasantly surprised; it was mild and went rather well with coffee, the combination something that seemed odd, yet when experienced felt just right.

Izuku held a soft smile. "It wasn't a bother. It is a bit of a waste to make individual portions, so just think of it as an extra." He soon got himself a plate and turned the stove off, sitting on the closest stool near the kitchen-counter.

Aizawa took a bit longer to talk again, busy shoveling food down the hatch. Once he had a few spoons down, he spoke again. "I'll try to push the issue of the dorms together with Nezu; for now, please bear with being alone here."

The vampire lightly scoffed at the words. "There is no need to rush, sensei. It will be my home away from home." He joked about, feeling his phone buzz with a plethora of messages. "Besides, it isn't like I can't receive guests or visits, right?"

The teacher nodded, eating a few more bites. "Correct. Though you will have to take care of the dorms alone for now, I'll try to help out when I can. You can also ask your other teachers for help. Though, please, do behave." He advised.

Izuku hummed an agreement. "I promise to not turn it into a dungeon, if that's your fear."

Aizawa rolled his eyes at the joke, though an amused smile did inch the corner of his lips up. "If only you could though; that'd keep buzzards at bay." This time it was the teacher's turn to joke about, putting on that maniac expression that only he could do so well.

The vampiric teen chortled. "Ain't that right." He stood from his seat and picked his teacher's plate, hearing a muted 'thank-you' as he approached the stove where the curry pan rested. A second helping was soon brough to the teacher, Aizawa raising a brow at the teen. "You look like you need it more than me, sensei."

Aizawa silently accepted the plate, releasing a suppressed sigh. "You are ten years too early to be worrying about me, problem child!"

Izuku dropped his own plate in the sink to let it soak for a while. He turned around to answer his teacher, but his head then tilted up towards the entrance door of the trial dorm. There was a dirt cloud approaching the building, Izuku's eyes narrowing as he tried to discern what was approaching them.

Aizawa turned his head too, his less haggard expression soon tightening up once more, though there was no tension build-up in his body. He checked his phone and suppressed a groan. "Should have known that rat would be up to something." He muttered under his breath, returning his attention to his food.

The dirt cloud eventually dispersed once it was close enough to the building, Izuku finally managing to identify the incoming…car?

Whereas the vehicle that Shouta had used to fetch him from the hospital was a common model that would be found anywhere, the car that had raised such a fuss was a loud sports model that looked perfectly suited to a flamboyant person such as All Might. The car soon parked nearby the building, emerging from the driver's seat a rather recognizable head of spiked blond hair.

Present Mic arrived as bombastic as he could.

The man went to the passenger's side to open the door, someone else jumping from inside the vehicle as well as the remaining doors.

Izuku widened his eyes as he noticed that the loud hero had fetched not only the principal, but…

"IZZZUUUUUUUU!" The dual doors of the dorm burst open as a pink missile of joy and affection entered the building with all the energy of a bullet; not that Izuku had been one to talk, vanishing from his spot in a puff of misty black fog and meeting the girl halfway in.

Mei jumped on his frame, Izuku easily catching her and holding her in a hug. Hatsume entangled her legs around his waist, looking thoroughly pleased and utterly unmovable by anything short of a bomb. Luckily for the vampire she didn't overly display her affection, having enough common sense to avoid kissing (or doing anything less family-friendly to) him that openly in front of their teachers.

Melissa was much more behaved, walking ahead to keep the doors open to both the incoming teacher and principal, allowing them entry in the dorm and a proper greeting of the vampire. Not that she didn't speed-walk after that to close the distance short and remain by the vampire's side, but that was left unmentioned by the adults.

"Hello there, sensei, Principal. Good afternoon and welcome." The vampire managed to squeeze out a greeting towards the adults, Mei's hold on his neck as she did her best impression of a Koala cutting his voice into a lower tone.

Present Mic widely grinned, giving the vampire a thumbs-up. "Good job little listener! No need to worry about manners, young kids should let loose and be wild!"

The chimera looked up to the student with a calm gaze. "After all the trouble you've had, you are allowed to enjoy yourself a bit. Not too much though," The principal joked, trying to suppress his chuckling and innuendo with a paw to his muzzle.

While the group talked, Aizawa finished his own plate and was silently moving to the kitchen, hoping to drop off his plate and get some food for later. Since Izuku had offered him, he would take advantage of such kindness and sidestep the nosy noisemakers that had just arrived.

"Something smells really good. Did Aizawa stop being lazy and whipped you something?" Present Mic jokingly asked, looking over the vampire's shoulder and spotting the hobo-teacher trying to skulk off. "Ah, I got it right?!"

"Tch!" Aizawa clicked his teeth.

Izuku chuckled. "If you are hungry, I can fix you a plate." He proposed, moving back to the kitchen, his pink-haired girlfriend releasing her hold to find herself a seat.

"I'm hungry!" Mei raised a hand.

Melissa also approached to find herself a seat. "It's been a while since lunch, I think I'll have some."

The vampire was quick to get his girls the food.

Present Mic crossed his arms and seemed to ponder the idea for a while, but then shook his head. "Nah, I'm thankful for the offer young listener, but we were just checking up on you and that hobo over there." He commented while motioning towards Aizawa with his chin. The black-haired teacher returned the comment with an annoyed stare.

Nezu – seeing the homeroom teacher's mood – decided to also find himself a seat. Climbing one of the last stools in a somewhat comical manner due to his size, soon the chimeric principal was tasting the vampire's cooking. "I'm usually not one for spicy food, but this is certainly tasty. I take it you had some practice." The intelligent animal spoke between bites, looking rather satisfied at the meal.

Izuku nodded, refilling his mug with coffee. His eyes searched for his homeroom teacher, silently asking if he would also have a refill.

Taking in consideration that the bear/dog/mouse and his loud driver looked thoroughly amused at the situation and seemed unwilling to move now, the hobo-looking teacher resigned himself to his fate and approached the counter with his mug.

"Extra black and no sugar, please." He muttered to the vampire.

Once more Izuku chuckled. "Right away, sensei."



It took another hour for the adults to have their fill of food and conversation before they had to leave. The vampire was more than thankful for their visitation, his contentment soaring sky-high once the girls quickly went to the car, only for them to come back with backpacks with their personal items.

Though it clearly wasn't enough for a long stay, it would certainly allow them to spend the night here with him.

Now the trio was relaxing on the living room, the vampire serving as a cuddle-plushie for the girls. Mei rested her head on his lap while Melissa leaned against his left shoulder, the group content with merely basking in each other's presence for now. Though he had slept with them back in the hospital, the ambient and mood certainly limited their interactions.

Now with a dorm mostly to themselves, it removed those restrictions; though they would still have to be careful with their behavior.

Izuku inhaled deeply and slowly, getting the scent of the two girls: peach with a hint of oil; turmeric and cypress pine. It was enough to warm his chest and set him at peace, but also to stir the fire that had been mostly dormant inside himself.

His right hands had been busy patting down Mei's thick locks while the other lightly massaged Melissa's thigh. The tv was playing a movie that had been long forgotten, the device serving more as background noise than anything else.

It wasn't too deep into the evening, but the vampire was sure that they would not receive any visitors this soon. His phone also was left aside while charging, the vampire temporarily muting a few contacts to allow himself some quietude with his girls.

It began innocently enough; a firmer squeeze on their soft flesh, a slower motion than lingered as his fingers traced through hair, an audible intake of air.

Thankfully the living room had no easily available windows, the only way of reaching them being through the entry hallway and the large corridor that led to the room. Plenty of time for him to sense someone closing in on their location. Or so he hoped, since his blood began simmering inside his veins.

Melissa buried her face into the crook of his neck, her breathing becoming deeper and deeper. She delivered a small peck on his skin, the heated air she was exhaling having a clear effect on Izuku. He could also smell the sweet scent that Mei began emanating. He had barely done anything to her, yet she was getting worked up all on her own.

"Hmmm." Melissa hummed a sweet sound, the vampire turning his head to meet her gaze. Her eyes were moist, the sapphires glimmering with desire and need. He opened his mouth to release a steamy breath, his long running over his lips in a manner akin to a wolf licking his chops at seeing prey. "We missed you." She murmured, bringing her arms to loop around his neck and bring him closer.

[In the Bedroom – Huniepop original soundtrack.]

Izuku didn't resist, locking lips with the blonde American. The arm that had been massaging her thigh moved to rest around her waist, the green-haired male pulling the girl against himself. With how long it had been since he was truly intimate with his girls, he could barely restrain himself. Though something at the back of his mind itched at that idea. Had it truly been long since he had had sex?

The thoughts were then buried.

Not because they were dark, but because Mei moved. The vampire was wearing some sweatpants, the soft material easily soaking the love-nectar that soaked both her underwear and the fabric of her own shorts as she straddled his right upper leg and began grinding against it.

Melissa moaned as Izuku plundered her mouth, his tongue inviting itself deep within her and exploring every inch of her mouth that it could touch. Wet noises were muffled between their lips, the vampire dominating the kiss with his intensity and raw lust.

For a few more moments Izuku kept his aggressive make-out session with the blonde, though not neglecting his first girlfriend; His previously busy right hand snaked under the girl's shirt and sports bra, easily finding the treasure he had grown accustomed with. Mei flinched when Izuku pinched her nipple, working the tender flesh until it was proudly announcing itself even through her bra.

Melissa disengaged the kiss, taking the time to breathe and collect herself. It wouldn't do to simply melt this soon under the vampire's ministrations, but he was too good at it. She barely had time to mount any resistance when he aimed for her neck, lightly nipping and licking her skin. His left hand was massaging her hips, the heat building inside her almost making the girl beg for more.

Mei also kept her own attack strong against him. She kept grinding against his leg, one hand keeping her body steady while the other began rubbing against the pitched tent that had formed on his crotch, teasing the outline of his erection as it stretched his sweatpants.

The vampire hissed, suppressing a groan of pleasure as Melissa's left hand joined the teasing. He retributed by grabbing a handful of her behind, his nails dragging across the fabric of her pants.

The lustful heat between the three kept them from speaking anything of substance, only short words or noises leaving their mouths. Izuku felt almost intoxicated by their scent, eager to give the duo of lovely girls their just due reward while reaping benefits for himself. Yet before he could stand, Mei pushed his shoulders while Melissa grabbed his left arm, the duo unwilling to allow him to move.

Mei lifted her shirt just enough to expose her chest, the supple flesh held in place by her bra for now and emanating a needy sweet scent that drove Izuku crazy. Biting on the edge of clothing to keep it raised, she pressed her breasts against the vampire's chest, one hand eagerly diving inside his pants to grab ahold of his flesh spear.

She pulled down enough of his pants and underwear to expose his member, the thick and veiny appendage standing to attention. Melissa gasped at the sight of it, Mei cradling it in her hands with practiced expertise. She pumped it a few times, causing the male to release a pleasured groan.

"Hrmm, fuck…" Izuku muttered.

Melissa was slow on the uptake, seemingly hesitant with how to deal with the new surprise. Damn, that's really thick. Aren't Japanese supposed to be less gifted or something? The though ran across her mind, the American biting the edge of her lip.

Mei wasn't shy about her intentions, rubbing the shaft and sometimes delicately stroking the glans with her fingers. She seemed just as needy for the carnal pleasure as the vampire, though her plans were a bit different from the usual; she properly fixed her seating atop the vampire's legs, taking a moment to shimmy off her shorts, yet still keeping her soaked underwear on.

Izuku's eyes focused on the girl's special spot, his nose capturing all the lustful scent that his girlfriend was emanating. The smell intensified as Mei pulled her underwear aside, exposing her slit to the greedy and animalistic eyes of the vampire. His member pulsed, twitching as if alive on its own.

Mei's own eyes were glazed and half-lidded, the blush that colored her face proof of the girl's awareness of her own lewd actions; however, it was also clear that she didn't intend to stop.

Melissa observed the two with wide eyes, her own ministrations stopping as she was stunned by the actions of her fellow lover. The two loved the green-haired blood-drinker and were friends on their own due to their joint effort in locating him, yet they hadn't had this type of intimacy outside of the night in the hospital. The Shield daughter would think that maybe Mei would be a bit more shy about these matters.

Melissa's notions were clearly wrong, as the other girl shamelessly pressed the length of Izuku's flesh pole against her own belly almost as if showing off how much she would swallow with her lower lips.

Izuku flared his nostrils, eyes fully focused on the area where their privates would meet.

"I have been quite lonely and empty for quite a while, Izu." Mei spoke in that needy tone that would fuel the vampire's lust. "Won't you fill me up?"

Izuku dryly gulped, the growl of lust that should have left his maw forgotten. You will be the death of me, Mei. He lustfully mused, once more trying to move to grab the girl's waist and give her what she had been begging.

Yet the girls stopped him again.

He was left a bit confused and frustrated at their efforts to get him to remain as motionless as possible.

Mei's sopping wet slit was brushing against him, the girl herself begging for a filling, however, they kept him from moving. It was truly frustrating!

He heard clothing rustle, his gaze pulled towards Melissa as she worked off the buttons of her shirt, exposing a healthy amount of cleavage held in place by a tasteful and lacy red bra.

He would comment on the color, but he hissed in pleasure as Mei took a hold of his member and placed it between her legs, the furnace-like heat of her honeypot almost driving him mad. The two-pronged assault by the girls seemed to have the objective of doing so, and they were mighty successful if so.

"Just a small punishment for the big, bad vampire." Mei muttered, her voice muted by the shirt in her mouth.

Izuku huffed a small cloud of steam. "I think that I deserve a reward, not punishment." His voice was rough, the green-haired hemomancer almost calling upon the aid of his shadows to subdue his lover and fuck her senseless.

Melissa pressed against his side with her body, her lips by his ear as she lightly blew hot air against it. "If you want a reward, then maybe you should obey us." Her voice was husky, the girl finishing it off by lightly biting on the appendage.

He shivered, letting the girls do as they pleased with him for now. He would come back with a vengeance, but for the moment he felt greatly inclined to allow the duo to have their fun.

Suppressing a groan as Mei moved, Izuku used his arms to keep himself straight on the couch. His pink-haired girlfriend proceeded to grind against his cock, the member kept in place due to her supple thighs and her soaked underwear, the intercrural intercourse a rather new experience for the duo. Melissa also didn't let up, grabbing a hold of his head and locking lips with him once more. She seemed rather particularly fond of kisses.

If asked about it, the vampire would probably state that he had died and was in heaven; a rather particularly hedonistic version of nirvana, but then again, he was inclined to think with that lizard part of his brain if left unchecked by his logic.

Mei's pace began to speed up, the motion aided by the sheer lust that lubricated the meeting spot of their naughty bits.

It felt good, but Izuku was already used to the real deal. It could serve as an excellent mood-settler and preliminary action, but right now would not bring him any closer to release. Even with the two-pronged assault upon his senses, the vampire could still remain rational enough to control himself. Though they came close to leashing him, dangerously so.

Mei's grinding speed came to a halt as her body trembled atop him, the girl throwing her head back as she reached her first climax of the night. The heat that splashed against his member was tantalizing, but he kept himself in check for now; the girls wanted to direct their first night like this, so he would let them do so.

It took a few moments for the pink-haired girl to ease off, her entire body flush and sensitive. Melissa observed it with attentive eyes, her blush increasing two-fold as she imagined herself in Hatsume's place. Izuku stared at his first girlfriend with lust-filled eyes, but kept his silent agreement going.

Mei slowly raised her body away from the vampire's, her legs trembling akin to a newborn's foal. Sticky strands of transparent fluid drenched her legs, the girl simply throwing herself by Izuku's free right side, allowing his member freedom from her pressing touch. Izuku almost growled, annoyed at the cool air that brushed against his flesh spear.

Mei's breathing still came out in panting intervals, but before the vampire could feel despair at being merely teased and left dry out, Melissa moved. Still shy and hesitant, she moved from his side and spread his legs, kneeling in between his limbs as she approached his crotch with her upper torso.

Her button-up shirt was mostly undone, revealing the beautiful valley of her chest, the twin mountains dangerously close to his dick. He hissed a bit in surprise as the heavy fat globules were pressed against him, their heat and softness excitingly comforting. He raised a brow in curiosity, wondering if the American blonde would do what he hoped she would do.

Melissa's gaze from behind her glasses was also another enhancing factor to his pleasure. She usually was so gentle and collected, her smart eyes and kind expression always a treat for sore eyes. Now he had the privileged pleasure of seeing those eyes turn into a needy, lewd gaze that was solely reserved for him; it granted him immense satisfaction, the knowledge that only he could make her show those expressions.

She messed a bit with the front of her bra, suddenly snapping it open and allowing her breasts to freely bounce. Her chest was comparable to Mei's size, though whereas Mei had puffy nipples, Melissa had inverted ones, their shape lighting a fire inside the vampire's heart. Such fire was only stoked further as Melissa grasped both her mounds and pressed them against Izuku's cock, embracing the flesh and getting him to thrust his hips forward.

Melissa's eyes stared up at him as she began a tantalizingly slow movement, bringing her chest up and down, her soft skin causing Izuku to bite his lips.

The Shield daughter kept glancing up at the vampire's eyes, the look she displayed further making the vampire's lust soar higher. He could even feel the rhythmic sound of her heartbeats through her chest, which remained glued to his crotch. His member twitched a few times, the pleasurable friction happening between his cock and her chest.

Melissa kept the motion going for a few minutes, each time her chest touched his pubic area it caused a twitch from the vampire's cock. Blood engorged the flesh pole and the veins around it, the member looking as obscene as possible. Were it not for his ability to control his own blood flow, Izuku was sure that he would have climaxed at the very beginning of her paizuri.

Sensing the incredible heat that was building in his loins, Melissa kept going. She wanted to bring him pleasure. However, she had heard from Hatsume that Izuku wasn't a selfish lover. He might be a bit of a sadist, but he always wanted both parties to get the best from each experience as they could. Thus, instead of trying to tackle on the challenge on her own, Melissa's gaze swapped from Izuku to the girl at his side.

Mei had rested enough, her thighs rubbing against each other as she excitedly watched Melissa perform the titjob on their boyfriend. Each stroke was a bit awkward due to her inexperience, but the sight was spectacular, and they would have plenty of time to practice from now on. Thus, as girls who loved and shared the same boyfriend, Mei and Melissa had accorded to help each other care and love their boyfriend.

Izuku had closed his eyes to further aid in his control, hoping to last as long as possible to enjoy the smooth sensation of Melissa's chest hugging him. He barely paid attention to the movement at his side, suddenly finding weight to be settling over his shoulders and a bitch-in-heat scent right in front of his nose. He opened his eyes to find himself staring at Mei's soaked crotch, the girl bringing her lower body to his face while her torso rested contrary to him, her own freed chest squishing together against his pubic area together with Melissa's, effectively surrounding his cock with tit-flesh.

Izuku could not suppress a loud groan as Mei went on an all-out attack, the girl swallowing the exposed tip of his cock. To make matters more complicated, Melissa had decided to imitate the pink-haired girl, her tongue now brushing against his length in a tentative manner; the blonde American was clearly unexperienced with fellatio, but that would not stop her from trying to do so.

"Slh…I expected it to be salty…Slh….hm…" Melissa muttered between licks, whereas Mei was busy with trying to suck the semen out of the vampire.

Not willing to be merely passive anymore, Izuku grabbed a hold of Mei's fleshy buttocks, delivering a few slaps to the meaty posterior. Grabbing handfuls of her butt, the vampire brought her crotch closer to his face until his mouth and nose were buried into her slit.

"MMmmm!" A gurgled noise left Hatsume as Izuku stuck his tongue inside her, digging deep inside her snatch with his appendage. She further tightened her thighs against his face, moaning as he stirred her honeypot to the best of his abilities.

Due to the vampire's ministrations Mei released his cock from her mouth with a wet gasp, her efforts halted as Izuku thoroughly investigated her insides with his tongue. Though he could not afford to ease up either, as Melissa took over the job with much gusto.

Izuku flinched a bit as sometimes the blonde would hit his sensitive member with her teeth, but the pain was honestly negligeable. Melissa was careful to only fill in her mouth with as much man-meat as she could handle (barely the tip of the engorged cockhead) right now, but the hot, sticky wetness of her mouth proved to be enough for the vampire.

Along with Mei's weight atop him and the taste of her pussy, Izuku felt his climax arrive with fierce potency. Though with his tongue deeply inside Mei's cunt, the vampire had little in other ways to warn Melissa of his impending release; he was deeply aware that not every girl enjoyed the same type of act: just because Mei would happily guzzle his cum, it didn't mean that Melissa would enjoy doing so. He tried to shift his hips and pullout from her mouth, but the girl pursued him, making a sloppy seal with her lips around the tip of his dick.

His member madly twitched until his cum came rushing to flood the girl's mouth. Melissa flinched as the first jet of jelly-like fluid flooded her mouth, the girl backing off on her own as the vampire kept spurting spunk. He growled, his tongue leaving Mei's slit as he couldn't help himself from biting the meaty backside of her right thigh.

The girl being eaten out moaned loudly as she climaxed a second time, her head resting on the vampire's abdomen, rather close to the twitching flesh pole that kept spurting streams of semen.

The murky fluid painted Melissa's mouth and face, the last spurting jets falling both atop Izuku's lower abdomen and due to her proximity, atop Mei's face. The vampire had accumulated a fair bit during the time he had remained on the hospital, but the amount of baby batter was certainly large enough to be impressive.

Melissa coughed a bit, not used to the taste and texture of the vampire's seed. "…bitter…" She muttered, unsure what to do with the collected fluid in her mouth. A lewd warmth spread on her body as she imagined such an amount being deposited insi–…She shook her head, trying to displace the absolutely naughty topic from her mind.

Mei one more rolled to the side, her body twitching from her second release. She did slowly bring her body closer to Izuku's, taking the chance to hold his still hard cock in her grasp while she began to lick the hot fluid that remained across his lower abdomen. "Ahh, what a waste…"

Izuku's lips had split into a cocky grin, the vampire enjoying the wet touch of his first girlfriend's tongue as she licked him clean, Melissa staring at the act. He delivered one last smack on Hatsume's exposed behind, the clapping noise loud enough to assure the inventor that her lover's palm would be marked on her flesh.

Kindly letting Mei roll off, Izuku leaned forward and directed his eyes to Melissa, who was still kneeling in-between his open legs. Mei rested her head on his left upper leg, cross-eyed as she stared at his member, Melissa unsure what to do now. Normally after a single ejaculation the usual man would be done (her previous partner had), yet Izuku's…cock looked even more raring to go.

His right hand came and lightly grasped her chin, his skin warm to the touch. He brought her gaze up, slit and red-tinted eyes commandeering in a manner that she had only seen back in I-Island.

"Open your mouth and show it to me." He commanded, appreciating the sight of her face painted in strings of his gunky seed, not even her glasses escaping from the onslaught.

Melissa's face flushed, but she obeyed the order, the amount of white fluid that remained on her mouth pooling on her tongue and overpowering her sense of taste and smell. It was bitter, though it did not carry the fishy smell that was supposed to. Was it due to his diet rich in blood?

Whatever the case may be, she waited for the next instruction, heat accumulating inside her body and making her squirm in place. Mei was not kidding when she said that his eyes are dangerous.

"Good girl!" His husky and low-toned voice made Melissa feel weak in her legs, the words somehow feeling as if they were massaging her brain. "You can swallow it now."

She nodded, closing her mouth and tilting her head back to aid in her effort. The vampire's seed slowly went down, the girl almost feeling it get stuck in the back of her throat, so thick was the fluid. It took some effort and time, but she managed to swallow the small amount that had remained on her mouth, the majority of it being lapped up by Mei.

Melissa looked at the vampire, his expression painted in lust and almost sadistic joy. She couldn't help the shivers running down her spine.

Before the girls could get bold again and restrain him, the vampire let shadow matter expand from his shadow. The dark tendrils spilled forth from his shadow and loosely wrapped around the girls, restraining their movement and allowing Izuku full access to their bodies. Mei was wrapped with her hands on her back, her butt exposed on the air while Melissa had her wrists secured above her head, the scene burned into the vampire's retinas. They playfully squirmed in place, their needy eyes telling him all that he needed to know.

"Kyah, the big bad vampire has pinned us – fair maidens – in place. What terrible things shall he do with our young, nubile bodies?" Melissa joked, testing the grip of the shadow tendril wrapped around her wrists.

Izuku's smirk still split his lips as he glanced at Mei. The mechanic girl didn't seem to be interested in the roleplay too much, shaking her ass as to entice the vampire towards her. His sadistic heart further flared up, and the hemomancer let Melissa on her own for a moment as he approached Mei, his right hand slapping her buttocks.

Mei did nothing to suppress the moan that left her, the only motion she did was further shake her ass to grab her lover's attention. "Izhuu, don't bully me…" She whined, her begging voice making the grin on Izuku's face stretch even further.

Melissa saw that she was "losing" Izuku's interest and stepped up her game. "Your mind games may have worked on Mei, but I'll never succumb." Though she said so, Izuku could see her quivering legs and labored panting breath.

"Ahh!" Hatsume moaned in joy as one of Izuku's tendrils stuffed her quivering quim, the vampire returning to Melissa.

His hands pulled on the American blonde's pants and underwear, finding the lower piece to be matching the upper part. Melissa played off the part of an unwilling participant, "trying" her best to keep her clothes; their role-playing caused her pants to be half-lowered and stuck around her calves, giving Izuku access to her honeypot while restraining her legs.

Izuku traced the entrance of Melissa's garden with his right hand, the left hand grasping her chin to keep her head still and her gaze on his flesh spear. Though before Izuku fully explored her, his gaze softened up as he closed in on the girl and kissed her lips tenderly. "Are you okay? I'm not too fast, am I?" He whispered by her ear.

The girl blinked, seeing the concern on his face. She sprouted a smile on her lips, approaching his ear and whispering back with a hot voice.

"Ravage me."

He couldn't help a scoff and a smirk. "with pleasure."

"That about does it." Izuku whispered to himself, tucking the girls in on his bed. After their…intimate moment, the vampire had to take care of his two girlfriends, give them a bath and dress them in their pajamas. He had to admit that after Melissa's last words he ran wild, but you try slowing down when your two girlfriends are begging you for more.

Those two would definitely be sore tomorrow. And it was a school day to boot too.

"That does it, indeed." He exited the dormitory and looked upwards, eyes focused on the moon.

"Good times." He couldn't help the smirk.



The next day couldn't come fast enough for the vampire. He truly missed school, his friends and his usual routine.

Izuku was under no illusion. He was well aware that his life had changed a lot, but he never felt any regrets about his actions and decisions.

He woke early as usual and made breakfast for the girls, putting the food inside the microwave to avoid it getting cold. He did try to get the two from his bed, and it took a herculean effort to do so, but in the end he managed to at least get the two in the bathroom for an early shower as he left for his own classes. He received a message from Aizawa, reminding him to head straight to class and avoid loitering around. He did just that.

Walking through the campus was a bit of a novel experience; Izuku was once again reminded that UA had the backing of powerful investors and had resources to spare. As he reached more populated areas, the vampire could sense people's gazes over his frame. Whispering and commentary began to sprout from various cliches, Izuku ignoring it as he made his way to his class.

It was a bit awkward, considering the number of other teens glancing and staring at him, but he managed to reach his classroom without much fanfare.

Opening the door to the room, Izuku was greeted with the sight of a few of his classmates. Momo was by her seat, talking calmly with Jirou; Todoroki remained quietly in his seat while reading a book. The noise got their attention, the teens looking up to find the teen by door, entering the room calmly as if nothing wrong had happened the past month.

The trio in class were stunned into silence as Izuku entered and took his usual place in the class, dropping his things off before he headed towards them to greet.

"Hello there." His usual greeting had barely left his mouth when the trio descended upon him almost as if he would disappear the moment they stopped touching him.




The vampire was a bit overwhelmed by their enthusiasm, wondering if this would be his classmates' reactions the entire day. It was nice knowing people cared for you, so he amusedly closed off his left eye and smiled. "There, there. I'm alive and well, there is no need to worry."

His words seemed to trigger something into Kyouka, the girl angrily huffing and stomping to show her displeasure. She grabbed a hold of his blazer uniform, her ear jacks pointed towards his neck in a threatening manner.

"You!" Jirou hissed in anger, Izuku raising his hands in a surrendering manner to avoid being on the receiving end of her vibration attack. He would try to play off the event, but he noticed the wet sheen in her eyes, her balled fists trembling as she held onto him almost as if he was a life-line. Any joke or funny comment died in his throat as he slowly moved his arms to encircle Jirou's trembling frame, hugging her. "I was so damn worried about you." Her voice was filled with emotion.

He couldn't say much, limiting himself to comforting the rocker girl. He let the girl rest her head on his shoulder, looking over to his other friends and noticing that they too were in an emotional state.

Momo was holding a tissue, drying away tears that threatened to fall from her eyes. Todoroki maintained his stoic look, though his hands were clenched visibly hard.

"You are a fool, rushing alone into danger like that. You could have at least waited for us." The dual-hair colored male exclaimed. Izuku's only available answer was a grim smile. "We might not be as versatile as you are – Midoriya – but please, don't treat us as burdens that solely need protection."

Momo managed to get a grip on her emotions and chimed in. "I'm sure that Izuku-san is tired, so let's take it easy and let him get used to class again." Her voice cracked a bit, but Izuku couldn't help but smile at the ever-proper behavior of the Yaoyorozu's daughter.

"I'm okay now." Izuku stated, aware that anything he might say would be taken with a lot of doubt and skepticism. No one would simply be "fine" after being kidnapped by villains, subjected to things that only they would be privy to; it was honestly very surprising that Izuku was being allowed to be on his own this soon. "There are a few restrictions that will be applied to me, but I guess that Aizawa-sensei will explain it today." He spoke, taking a deep breath and inhaling their scent. The vampire felt as if he could close his eyes be able to recognize his friends through his sense of smell alone:

Jirou's smoky and lavender scent;

Momo's rich and suave rose-like aroma;

Todoroki's sharp and mint-cool smell.

Todoroki nodded, his expression turning pensive after a while. "I'll ask him later about more details too. I'm inviting you to dinner in my home."

The vampire raised a brow in curiosity. He remembered that Shoto had mentioned once an invitation like this, but now it felt mandatory. Izuku couldn't help the slight amused sigh that he released. "I have barely escaped one kidnapping, and now there is another one planned right in front of me. I guess I am a person of great interest…" His flat tone reached his classmates and their reaction was almost instantaneous.

Jirou tightened her hold on his body, her jacks fiercely stabbing into his ribs. Todoroki's face furrowed into a harsh scowl and Momo also sported a negative expression. It seemed as if his joke was not appreciated.

The rich heiress almost raised an open hand to him, but she managed to hold back after a few deep breathes. "Please, Izuku," Her tone was pleading, emotion threatening to overwhelm her at any moment. She didn't manage to finish her sentence, as Jirou pushed him back enough to make him look at her eyes.

Her purple eyes had a harsh expression that did not suit the girl. "Don't you ever joke about that again!" Her voice was raised to a high pitch that it was almost like she shrieked at him.

The vampire hummed. "I'm sorry, that was in bad taste." He took his rebuke in grace, but after a few moments let a light smile across his lips. "I just want to show you that I'm doing okay. It will be fine." He candidly spoke.

Izuku also turned his head to the door, hearing various footsteps coming over and approaching the room. One quick glance at his phone told him that class would start in ten minutes, so they should sit proper. It was reluctant, but Izuku fully separated from Kyouka. He did quickly approach Momo and offered her a hug, which the heiress was quick to accept.

"You truly are such a troublesome one." She whispered to him.

Izuku remained silent, turning to Todoroki this time. "It would be my pleasure to have dinner with you and your family." He also offered the youngest Todoroki a hug, side-hugging the teen and noticing how the stoic male flinched at the contact, but didn't seem truly opposed to – more unused than anything – such contact.

The door to the classroom was opened once more as noise came pouring in.

Mina, Kaminari, Kirishima and Hanta were in the middle of a conversation when they noticed the group already in the room. The remaining members of 1-A were also coming from behind them, but since the foursome was stuck in the entrance, they couldn't enter or see the reason for the sudden stop.

Yet a voice got their attention.

"Hello there, everyone."


[To be continued]


This one is a short one, in the same manner of the last chapter. It is more to set a foundation for the incoming chapters and I wanted to write just a slight bit of smut. So we got a bit of each, as all as the base for the true incoming stakes and consequences of the future as well as to why I made Izuku have a vampire quirk.

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