What a thrill~~! With darkness and silent, through the night….

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Blood For the Blood God
Chapter 42: [A Disaster is Brewing Afar III] (R-rated)

"Ahh, I'm exhausted." Izuku groaned alone, submerged inside the tub in the bathroom. The warm water helped him relax his muscles and ease away the tension from his body, the vampire hanging his head back.

After the first trial attempt at settling Nana's mind back in her body, the "safety" of the procedure had been confirmed and with a bit of back-and-forth between All Might and the representative spook of the Hero commission (Jimina-san, the unremarkable) the operation was to continue until it was successful. That meant that the Noumu's body would remain in UA grounds under the responsibility of the ex-Symbol of Peace.

That sounded good in theory, but in practice things worked out rather differently. The bioengineered weapon wasn't exactly inconspicuous, and All Might no longer had access to his power, which meant that he couldn't carry the big containment unit that housed Shimura's modified body. To add to matters, when the police force tried to carry it off to store it away, the Noumu began to get agitated.

That caused quite the commotion among the troops, as a rampaging Noumu was the last thing anyone would want to find themselves dealing with. Yet, one word from Izuku had the being calm and steady.

He might have severed any chance of All For One or Shigaraki of having control over Nana's body, but that meant that he had to become the effective "owner". The proper mind connection had yet to be established, as the vampire could still feel and hear the heroine inside his head, but Nana's body at least responded to his commands. The copy of [True Ancestor] implanted alongside it by the villain's doctor also eased the process.

That meant that now Izuku was the handler of the Noumu. To say that said outcome was unexpected would be an understatement. All Might, Recovery Girl and Nezu remained behind to deal with the paperwork as the vampire and his newly acquired follower were escorted by Aizawa and the police force until his dormitory. The containment unit was also brought along; thought it remained on the backyard while the group tried to figure out how this would work. Surprisingly enough, so long as Izuku issued simple orders to her body, Nana-Noumu (the woman made an incredible fuss inside his mind at the mention of the "nickname") would obey it. It also seemed bent on remaining close to him, almost as if following some sort of primitive primary directive.

Explaining to Mei and Melissa his new acquisition had been a tiresome activity. The mechanic girl kept bombarding him with questions related to its composition and the possibility of other experiments; Melissa had been far more contained with her curiosity, though it was clear in her eyes that she was curious about it. A creature whose body has been genetically enhanced to the point it could handle many quirks. It was quite the affair.

And that was without mentioning the matter of feeding.

What exactly did Nana-noumu live on? How exactly did her body work? Did she digest food like they did? Was she feed through some sort of tube?

For now, it seemed content with remaining still in the living room almost as a statue, though it was certainly not adequate to keep her there. He wasn't exactly expecting guests anytime soon, but it didn't feel right simply dumping Nana's body there and calling it a day.

Still, those were matters that Izuku could entertain later, as now all that he wanted to as to rest and relax a bit.

The Ultimate Move training would proceed for a while, and he figured that checking on the progress of his classmates would be a more worthwhile endeavor. Izuku had plenty of moves of his own, and he could devote time to creating more later.

"I wonder…maybe I should take Todoroki's offer…" He mused the idea out loud. It should bring a bit of normalcy back into his life, having dinner with a friend at their home. He wasn't sure when, but Aizawa-sensei had mentioned that soon enough the school would start allowing the other students to move into the dormitory, so he would have more opportunities for more common interactions with his peers. It made him feel a bit giddy. A more-or-less normal part of youth.

*Knock knock*

"Izuku, are you alright?" Melissa's muffled voice came over from the bathroom's door. He hadn't locked it, not worried about privacy issues when alone with his girlfriends. It would probably be a good idea to start remembering to do so.

"Yeah, I'm good." His laid-back answer echoed inside the room, soon the vampire's ears capturing the sound of the door opening.

He raised a brow in curiosity, but remained unmoved from his current spot in the tub, the warm water releasing a light cloud of steam that covered most of everything with a light layer of moisture.

"I'm coming in~~." The blonde girl's voice echoed far closer this time, the door separating them opening to reveal Melissa in all her naked glory, a single white towel hiding her beauty from him.

(In the bedroom – Huniepop OST)

Izuku took a deep breath, always eager to take in his girls' scent. That might make him a pervert, but he cared not.

Melissa took dainty steps closer to him, though she approached the showerhead first. The vampire's head followed her, his eyes focused on her back akin to those of a predator who found prey. She began cleaning up, the foam caused by the lathered soap hiding her figure and more naughty bits from him in a dress of white, bubbly foam.

"Any word from Uncle Might?" She broke the silence that had formed after her entry.

Izuku hummed negatively. "Nothing so far. Maybe it will take the whole night, no one was expecting this to unfold as it did."

She washed off the soapy foam that clung to her breasts, though he could not see her peaks as she had her back turned to him. "Japan is so bogged down with all the bureaucracy." She commented, and the vampire couldn't help but agree and nod along. "Mei is keeping watch over…that thing, but I'm worried she might try to clone it." Melissa joked, lightly chuckling to herself as she rinsed off the remains of the soap and then she began working on her hair.

Izuku stood from the tub, water splashing and clinging to his frame. Melissa lightly turned her head to follow his movement.

The hemomancer wasn't muscle-bound. He had a good body with defined muscles, but it was certainly nothing exaggerated or overly muscular, though certainly enough to get any job done. She kept her eyes from wandering too much, though she couldn't help the light peeks at his member. He was already at half mast, the girl gulping a bit as he remembered the feeling of him filling her insides not too long ago.

He knelt behind her, the girl observing a black tendril extending from his shadow to grab the soap bottle along with the shampoo.

"I'll wash your back." His voice was oddly cool, the girl expecting him to be more stressed. The whole endeavor had been a bother, not to mention the matter with the HSPC, but Izuku always tried his best to remain stoic and not let his problems taint them.

"Thank you." Melissa replied. She didn't want to stir bad memories, but there were a few subjects she wanted to talk with him. Life had been a bit hectic, but with this window of time she hoped to clear some of her questions with him.

The couple remained like that for a few minutes, Izuku diligently washing his girlfriend's back and being careful with her hair. Melissa, on her part, let him work on. She might not be in the Heroics support, but her back was a bit strained from class. Mei didn't seem to mind working long hours, but then again so long as there were materials and tools, the mechanic grease monkey seemed to find endless amusement from her work.

Izuku let his hands heat up with a small internal use of [Flammable Blood], and after rinsing the soap off he began a soft massage on Melissa's back. He carefully worked with his fingers, always changing the pressure he applied and lightly dancing his digits over the girl's skin.

Melissa relaxed so much that she involuntarily began to release a few lovely mewls and moans.

"Your hands are so warm." She whispered, her boyfriend's hold over her melting away her stress and worries. She couldn't help but lean against his chest, halting his massage. "Someone is happy…" The blonde chuckled, and Izuku released a scoff. His rod had been pressed against her back, though the vampire made no further advances.

"You want to soak for a bit?" Izuku suggested, not answering to her commentary about his manhood.

"Sure, carry me away, my blood knight." Her joke was answered more literally than what she expected, as Izuku wrapped his hands around her waist and stood up in a smooth motion. "Ahh, not fair!" Melissa mock-pouted, feeling right hand swoop her legs while his left braced her body against his chest.

Izuku merely smiled as he brough them back to the tub. It could barely fit them together, the vampire cradling the girl into his lap to offer more comfort as the water overflowed a bit from the porcelain tub. Melissa released a satisfied sigh at the feeling. "Nothing beats a good bath."

He agreed with a throaty noise. "I wonder if the Pussycats would allow us to use their hot spring again. You would love it there."

Melissa brough one hand to cover her chest, mostly out of habit than any shame. The other helped stabilize her position as she turned to sit on Izuku's lap while facing him. She leaned forward to deposit a kiss on his lips. "Hmm, that so?"

He answered in kind, hands grasping her hips in a gentle, but firm hold. "Indeed."

The American girl let her chest free, one hand dipping inside the water to grab a hold of his fully erect member. Izuku's eyes narrowed by a small margin, the vampire's lips perking up. "Aren't you active tonight…" He teased, making Melissa blush.

She pouted again. "Don't tease me," Her blue eyes stared into his green ones, the girl slowly diving for another kiss as she slowly pumped his member in her gentle hold.

Izuku carefully pulled her closer, raising her waist and guessing a bit as he tried to angle the tip of his member along with her slit. He soon found purchase, her lower lips splitting to accommodate his engorged member, though the vampire didn't press her down, merely teasing her entrance.

Melissa bit her lips, one hand moving to her mouth to try and suppress any loud moans that would have left her mouth. Her wet sapphires closed for a few moments as she tensed and twitched at each teasing touch of the vampire and his flesh spear. "Izuku…hmmm."

"What is it?" He asked, his tone carrying not-so-hidden undertones or smugness.

Melissa suppressed another moan, moving her hips in an attempt to bring her closer to him, though his hold on her waist thwarted her. "Come on, don't be like that…" Her voice was dyed in that sweet tone that he loved extracting from her.

His lips had switched from the usual serious line to a smirk, his fangs peeking ever so slightly. "Whatever do you mean?" His smugness at his ability to get her like this was infuriating (though secretly much appreciated). "If you don't tell me what you want, I won't know what to do."

Melissa whined, trying once more to bury his cock in her. He held firm, his irritating smirk ever so present. "You know…"

Izuku nodded to her, making Melissa bite her lips once more, her hands on his shoulders. "So?"

The girl exhaled a needy sigh, covering his mouth with her lips in a sloppy kiss. "Ravage me again." She whispered by his ear in a wet tone, biting the tip of the appendage.

His answer?

Bringing her hips down in one move, his member piercing her in one go all the way to her deepest parts.

"Ahhhh, too deep…" She began trembling atop his lap, his cock snuggly packed inside her hot honeypot. Melissa fully leaned on his chest for support, her large breasts firmly pushed against his body as she moaned by his ear.

"Good girl." Izuku's husky voice made her trembling frame hug him tighter, even her insides trying to milk him for all that he was worth.

"Y-yesh, I'mma ghood girlh…" It was hard for her to form coherent sentences when Melissa found herself fully stuffed with his man meat. Izuku was rather thick, and to further aid his prowess his quirk allowed him unmatched control over his own blood. That meant that he could further engorge his cock with more blood, thus increasing its girth and reducing refractory recovery to nonexistence.

Melissa found her hips and legs uncooperative, her strength long lost. Not that such a thing would be an issue, as Izuku's firm hold on her waist would more than make up for her, the vampire making it seem effortless as he moved her body.

"Yes, you are." He dominated her, though it seemed that he was interested in making her suffer as he moved as slowly as he could. Dragging his member out until only the very tip of his cockhead remained inside her cunt, only to push it in as slowly as he could, scrapping along every sensitive spot she had. "You are my good girl."

He hugged her, burying his head in the valley of her breasts. Taking a deep whiff of her scent, Izuku soon focused on her nipples. Running his tongue over the tit flesh, the vampire was ever so careful in lathering Melissa's chest with his saliva and gifting the girl a myriad of little nicks due to his fangs. Nothing that truly hurt, but just enough to leave many love-bites.

Soon his target came into his sights, the inverted nipples that belonged to his American lover. The vampire did not hesitate to pop the right nipple into his mouth, his tongue running all over the pink aureole that surrounded the sensitive bit.

Melissa rapidly grabbed a hold of his hair and pulled his head to her body, though he immediately swapped targets and attacked her mouth. It was just in time too, as her insides began to tighten around him in a manner that he was beginning to grow very familiar with when dealing with Melissa.

He hooked his arms around her meaty thighs and quite easily stood from the tub, water splashing all around as Melissa did her best to suppress the moan stuck in her mouth by using his own. The vampire – however – made matters very difficult as he began aggressively thrusting inside her, rather insistent in hearing her moans instead of allowing her to suppress them. It didn't take long. Melissa did her best, but when facing such a relentless force, she could do naught but crumble.

Especially when he whispered in her ear. "Cum for me, baby-girl."

And so it happened, her body answering in kind to him.

"Ahhhhh, Izu, cumming!" Melissa let out her lewdest moan yet, panting at the end as her body rode the waves of a fierce orgasm. It didn't help that he remained deeply buried inside her cunt, his engorged member twitching hard. For a moment she wondered how he could withstand the fog of pleasure for so long, the question easily forgotten.

It took a few more moments, but she managed to come down from her climax to become conscious of the fact that they had left the bathroom. Yet the vampire was still deep within her.

More moments passed by until she realized that he had truly left the bathroom, carrying her to his room while still hilted balls deep inside her cunt.

"Izuku!" She was startled, but he was quick on his feet, already by his room's door. They had left a trail of wet stains on the floor due to the water that fell from their bodies, but the vampire seemed to not care much for it. Shadow tendrils opened the door to his room, allowing the still wet duo entry inside.

Melissa yelped as he tossed her on his bed, uncaring about the sheets as Melissa's wet body landed softly on the mattress. "Moh, what's got to you?!" She exclaimed in amazement. Izuku was quite the sadist, but it usually took a little longer to bring it out of him. Not that she was truly complaining, but she was used to him remaining lovey-dovey for a bit more.

Maybe it was an illusion of the low light of the room, but she swore she saw neon red-and-green lightning sparks around his body.

He huffed, a steamy cloud exiting his nostrils as the vampire once more dove in, this time aided by a myriad of shadowy tendrils that emerged from his own shadow. Melissa's surprise yelp soon turned into needy moans as Izuku restrained her body and positioned himself behind her. Wet hair splayed on her back, Melissa released another loud moan as he penetrated her doggy style.

His tendrils wrapped around her body and brough her hands to her back, the vampire moving his hips to thrust into her. His pelvis clapped against her plush ass, his left hand soon joining the cause and marring her butt with red prints of his clawed hand.

Melissa's confirmation of his stress couldn't be clearer, though she cared little about that. All that was running through her mind at the moment was the movement of their hips and the meeting of their flesh. Coherent sentences – or thoughts for that matter – left her once more as the hemomancer kept his constant pace, knocking on her womb's entrance.

Their position fell apart soon enough, her legs giving out as he basically fucked her onto the mattress, the girl answering however she could by humping back.

Melissa felt her body become a twitching mess, the girl questioning why he stopped and pulled out.

Izuku's shadowy tendrils were still binding her down to his bed, and he could feel his searing hot member sandwiched between her ass cheeks, so she could only question why he stopped. And then, he angled his member.

Melissa tensed a bit as the hot tip of his member prodded the entrance of her rear hole, the girl blushing a storm at the silent request of the vampire.

"W-wait!" She called out, his prodding halting, though the heated member remained angled and touching her back entrance.

They remained like that for a short while, Melissa trying to figure out what words to say. It wasn't as if she wasn't interested in it, but it was a new experience. What if she didn't enjoy it? What if he didn't enjoy it?

She was super tense.

Izuku noticed her tension and hugged her, the girl feeling his heated body on her back. "Don't worry, there is no need to rush or do anything you don't want to." His voice echoed deep by her ear, husky enough to feel as if massaging her brain.

Melissa felt her face hot enough to feel combustible, but she took a few breathes. "I w-want to try…It was just a b-bit too sudden…" She murmured, trying her best to ease the tension away from her body.

Izuku growled in approval, though he kept his lower body from acting on it for now. He began peppering her face with kisses, soon assaulting her mouth with his tongue. Sloppy and wet sounds echoed inside the room as the vampire helped the American relax once more.

I'm supposed to be the older one, Melissa's mind mused, the barest hints of a rebellious streak trying to grow. It was squashed under the absolute tidal wave of please as her brain was flooded with feels good chemicals. She found herself relaxing once more under his touch, feeling as if drunk on the sensation. Izuku…

She wiggled her hips, the pleasurable friction between their flesh alerting the vampire. Her hands were still bound by the shadow matter, so she turned her face to him, her moist eyes as submissive as possible.

"You want to do it?" Her melodious voice asked, tantalizing the vampire who clenched his teeth and sucked in air with a hissing sound.

"Are you sure?" He asked once more, trying to find any doubt painting her face. Finding none, Izuku's right hand grabbed a hold of the soft butt cheek. A few kneading touches, and he spread it, gaining proper sight of the treasure whose depths he had been plundering. Her wet and pink-colored slit looked absolutely stunning and inviting, though above it the puckered little hole that had grabbed his attention also beckoned his attention.

Running his shaft along, Izuku once again shifted his hips and assumed a proper position, feeling the pillowy tenderness of Melissa's ass.

He was very careful, slowly pushing himself against the entrance. It caused her to immediately tense up again, though he was patient. More kisses and a teasing touch of his left hand on her lower lips got the girl to further relax.

It took some coaching and teasing, but eventually the vampire managed to push past the puckered entrance, being gifted a melody of moans and mewls that usually ended with a mention of his name.

Much different from her cunt, Melissa's ass had a tightness that was unmatched, the rubbery feeling almost ripping an orgasm out of him.

He remained still when he hilted his entire shaft inside her, seeing if it would cause Melissa too much discomfort. So far, all that he could hear from her were lovely lewd sounds, but he decided to proceed with caution. Forget spur of the moment, he had legit blanket out in the tub and let his body run on instinct, which he had high suspicions had been influenced by a certain pair that currently lived rent-free in his head.

[Whatever could you mean, master?]

Look at this guy! Not content with two girlfriends, he had to take it up a notch! Gonna pound that mechanic girl next, big boy? That ass is begging for a spanking too!

Two voices echoed, one similar to his own voice, yet carrying a feral quality; the other was a teasing female one. He opted to leave those two on their own for now, though he would certainly deal with them later.

Slowly pulling his hips back, Izuku tentatively set a slow pace to thrust into Melissa, the girl appreciative of his care.

"D-d-do it more, Izu." She mewled out, trying to move her waist to match his movement.

He followed through with her request, though still careful to not overdo and hurt her sensitive hole.

"H-how are yhaaahhhh…you…ahhh…are you feeling it?" Melissa asked.

The tightness, the heat, he certainly was enjoying the experience too. "You are lovely, I'm feeling too good!" He managed to mutter through clenched teeth, feeling the hole tighten even more at his compliment.

"T-then, do it more! Fuck my ass, Izu!" Melissa requested through moans, pushing her hips to meet him halfway through.

Her request wasn't answered with words, but with actions as he grabbed her waist and began speeding up his thrusts. Melissa almost screamed, her mouth stuffed shut by a dark tendril. Izuku bit her neck, his fangs piercing her flesh on the left side and leaving two very distinctive holes as he sped up his thrusts.

Melissa's body trembled once more, her quivering quim also stuffed by the shadowy matter. Having her three holes filled by her vampire lover, the girl climaxed once again. Izuku wasn't far behind, fully stuffing himself inside the girl and releasing his load.

He growled, tightening his hold on the girl's waist as he pumped his seed inside her bowels, his hips still marginally moving. Once he finally felt his stream cease, Izuku slowly began to pull out, fascinated with how her flesh clung to his member.

He was still hard, and as he finally managed to pull out, his white gunky seed came spilling out. In all honesty, the sight got him raring to go again, but he figured that Melissa deserved a break. She had a silly smile planted on her lips, her entire body quivering and trembling.

"Izu…break my ass…"

Yep, she definitely deserves a break. David – as much as the man appreciated Izuku's efforts – would definitely kill him if he knew what vampire was doing to his darling daughter.

The door to his room creaked open, the vampire's head snapping towards it as he was half-panicked. He had been too focused on his girlfriend, that he –…

Mei was standing there, her current tanktop lifted and revealing her full breasts, one hand pulling on her right nipple while the other was stuffed inside her shorts, a scent he could recognize from miles away emanating from her.

The smell of a bitch in heat.

The smell of his bitch in heat.

"Izhu, hmmm no fair!" Mei whined, sight-pupils fully locked in to the sight of his erect cock. She licked her lips. "I want it too!"

The night promised to be long. However, he was not complaining. He was a creature of the night after all.

"Come here, then!"




The sun brought forth the next morning, and with it the usual routine for all.

Aizawa brought his tired body to the new student dormitory, hoping to find nothing abnormal so far. The meeting between UA and the government agent had dragged for quite a few hours, both sides bringing forth many arguments for their positions.

He was tired as all hell by the meddling of the HSPC, their policies nothing but trouble and bureaucratic red tape. The underground hero sighed in frustration, reaching the dormitory.

The building looked intact, and he couldn't hear any troubling noises so far, so maybe the day wasn't looking to a bad start. He pushed the entry door open, finding his nose to be filled with the scent of strong coffee. He made his way to the kitchen, wondering if the vampire kid was already up.

Knowing the teen as he did, it was the only possibility. Not insulting the girlfriends (and wasn't that a troublesome thought), but Aizawa had read their student profiles: Hatsume Mei and Melissa Shield, both from the 1-H Support Department. Nothing indicated early birds from what he had read, and Aizawa certainly wasn't innocent to believe that the teens wouldn't be fooling around behind closed doors. He hoped they were at least careful with their business.

School policy didn't prohibit private and intimate relationships, though emphasis was placed on responsible and careful consideration of any acts as well as correct public behavior. It wasn't like they could truly stop the teens if they truly wanted to do anything, so UA did its best to maintain proper decorum. Their lives would be in danger by the very nature of the hero business/profession, so trying to act coy about sex certainly would be foolish. Japan had long problems with birth rates since before the era of quirks, and though there was some progress in the area, traditionalism still could be a troublesome matter.

Pushing the matter aside, the hobo-looking teacher approached the kitchen, seeing indeed that his thoughts were true.

Izuku was shirtless in the kitchen, enjoying himself with some coffee as he looked at his phone. That was a bit uncommon, but certainly nothing to fuss over. What caused the hero to do a double take was the Noumu creature behind him, messing with something on the stove.

Aizawa carefully approached the counter, his presence being detected by the teen long ago.

"Hello there, Aizawa-sensei." Izuku greeted the man as usual, shadowy matter spilling forth from his shadow as stretching to a nearby cupboard. It brought a mug with it, placing the item in front of the seat the teacher had taken.

Soon the Noumu moved, bringing with it a tray carrying a coffee pot and a few plates containing food: it was nothing complicated, merely scrambled eggs on toast, but it was an impressive sight to behold.

"Good morning, problem child." Maintaining his neutral and bored tone, Aizawa replied to the vampire's greeting as he took a seat. He kept his eyes trailed on the creature, seeing it wearing an apron as it approached him. "Teaching it new tricks?" He questioned the teen.

Izuku nodded, placing his phone away. "Testing to see how she works; she certainly isn't going to win any awards for now, but simple tasks are not that hard to be followed. The simpler the command, the better she responds to it." His explanation was followed by a practical demonstration, as the Noumu had no trouble with pouring the coffee in the mug and serving the plates with the food in front of him.

Still, after completing the task, it remained hovering over the two, its beady eyes empty staring at nothing in front of it. It certainly felt weird to eat while being watched by the creature.

Aizawa grabbed his mug and took a sip from the steaming beverage. "Not bad…" He muttered, feeling energized by the drink. He truly needed the caffeine, as he had quite a lot of classes to attend to. "I take it Shield-san and Hatsume-san are taking it well too?" The teacher's gaze scanned the lobby, not finding the two girls.

Izuku took his time drinking his own coffee. "They are…getting ready. Girls take their time in the bathroom after all." He tried to brush past it, though the teacher could see the hints of a blush dusting the vampire's face.

The man felt amused seeing the teen's reaction, the edges of his lips quirking up a bit. "Just be careful and don't let your fun get in the way of your responsibilities."

Izuku nodded, aware that he had been figured out. "Yes, sir."

The male duo remained in the kitchen for a while, making small talk and eating as the early morning went by. Seeing as it was time to go, Aizawa stood from his seat and poured himself another fill of coffee. "Don't be late for class Midoriya." He gave some advice and left.

Izuku nodded, hearing the door to the bathroom open and chatter from his girlfriends as they approached him. He had to get ready too.

It didn't take long for Izuku to get ready and as Nana-Noumu was in breakfast-duty, he didn't have to worry about making food for the girls. As he left his room, dressed in UA's usual uniform, Izuku headed towards the living room.

Mei had finished her meal in record time as always, already stuffing her face into some notebook with hand drawn schematics for her projects, though she wasn't alone this time. Melissa hovered over her shoulder, giving her own inputs into the projects as a fellow inventor.

Mei's focus was more specialized to deal with support gear focused on quirk aid. Most of her ideas revolved around making up for any quirk shortcomings and additional ways to implement quirks; whereas Melissa's work was less focused on quirks and more on practical apparatus and gear, making use of her ability to work with metamaterials and usage of the innovative hyper-weaving technology that could be indistinguishable from quirks themselves.

Basically, while Mei made gear made specially to synchronize with quirks, Melissa made gear that functioned without one (or could function as such).

He had been tagged to become their test subject soon, the girls working together on a major project which he had yet to be allowed to see.

"You both ready?" He asked as he finished descending the stairs.

Both looked at him with warm eyes, nodding as an answer.

"Then let's get going." He waited for them by the entrance door, the girls quick to catch up. Though before they could step outside, Melissa hugged his left arm while Mei glued herself to his right limb. The two girls touched their lips to his cheeks, depositing warm kisses there.

"For a good day."

"As thanks for last night."

Shivers ran down Izuku's spine and he had to suppress a growl, his pupils slitting eve while they maintained their green hue.

It took a far greater amount of willpower to remain in control of himself than usual, but the vampire managed to reach UA grounds in his usual time without ravaging his girls so early in the morning, though they certainly didn't make the task easy.

They at least helped a bit by releasing his arms once they got closer to the campus, and to avoid malicious comments, the girls relented to merely walking by his side. As usual, Izuku managed to gather a hefty amount of looks and whispers directed at him, the vampire having to also dull his senses to the world to avoid listening to every Joe, Joy and Jenny talking about him. It also wasn't helped by the fact that he had two beautiful girls by his side, though that could be mitigated.

UA had plenty of beautiful girls, and he hoped that once a few months went by his name would be erased from the general student gossip pool. One could only hope.

The vampire accompanied the engineering girls until the entrance to the Support Course, bidding them farewell.

Izuku had barely turned half a step to make his way to the Heroics course when a small purple missile was launched at him. His enhanced senses picked on it with ease, the vampire merely commanding his shadows to stretch for the floor and grab the offending party.

"WAHhhhh, Midoriya! How dare you!?" Mineta's angry voice shrilled at the green-haired vampire, the smaller teen literally crying tears of blood. "How dare you walk those two beauties to their class as if you are some type of Casanova! What is it? Is it the looks? Is it the aloof, bad boy attitude?" The purple-haired boy whined, moving his arms in a circular motion, trying to land punches on the vampire.

Izuku's shadow held the teen at bay by the scruff of his uniform, severely diminishing his "threat" level.

"Hello there, Mineta-kun." The vampire was nonchalant with his greeting, walking at a normal pace while carrying the diminutive teen.

"Hello there my ass, Midoriya!" Mineta trashed around, yet all that he managed to accomplish was look like some troublesome house pet. The sight of it was a bit pitiful.

The vampire was quick to arrive at the doors of the General Course, his presence gathering a fair bit of attention from the students of 1-C.

"Quirk usage is restricted within school grounds, please don't make me use my powers like this." Izuku lightly chastised the teen.

"Kihhh, even when I want to hate you, you behave like some shoujo-manga prince! Kahhh, I hate it!" Mineta clenched a small handkerchief in his hands, biting the edge of the fabric while the bloody tears kept falling from his eyes. "You better watch out, Midoriya! I'm first place in my class, and soon enough I'll show you that I can return to 1-A! Even if I must drag myself there!"

Izuku couldn't help a chuckle. "Is that so?" He didn't have many moments with Mineta, the most the vampire could remember being their performance at the school festival. The purple-haired teen had been a bit of a perv there, but it had been far more toned down than what he remembered from the first evaluation that their homeroom teacher applied. Mineta might not be the most heroic looking – or behaved – person out there, but the teen at least seemed to have gumption and willpower.

And speaking of purple-haired fellows, Izuku's keen eyesight captured a familiar, messy scalp of purple locks and sleep-deprived eyes. Shinso-kun, if the vampire's memory served him right.

The teen looked down, avoiding eye contact with Izuku as the vampire looked inside the classroom. It seemed that Shinso would still need a bit more time to forgive himself, since Izuku had long forgot any animosity against the [Brainwashing]-quirk user.

The vampire lowered the diminutive teen to the floor, the purple-haired midget fixing the creases around his uniform and then focusing on the vampire. "Keep a seat warm for me, alright?" Mineta spoke with confidence, raising a fist towards the vampire.

Izuku chuckled once more, but he responded in kind to the smaller teen. "Very well, let's see the extend of your motivation."

As the vampire left the teen to his own musings, he heard a gradual increase in the whispers in the class as people began swarming around Mineta to know the status of his filiation with the vampire. Izuku's reputation might not be that of a kind hero, but then again with society's obsession with the profession, being a strong candidate for the list of [Most villainous-looking heroes] might not be that bad of a thing. If only the HSPC would lessen their surveillance and suspicion…

He headed to his own class with those thoughts in mind, ready for another round of physical training.

The usual lessons of the day went by at a quick pace, all the vampire's classmates looking forward to the more physical side of their classes. Soon enough, Aizawa arrived back at the class to guide them to their usual training grounds.

Gym Theta remained the same way as before, the only difference this time was that Cementoss was available today for the training session, though it was clear that the teacher wasn't in a great condition. How on God's green earth a man with blocky, cement-like features could look that exhausted was anyone's guess, but the teacher looked thoroughly done. If Izuku was more outspoken, he'd have asked the man if he was trying to cosplay as Aizawa-sensei.

"I'm going to be around today, so feel free to experiment to your heart's content. I'll fix any damages and mold any structure you need!" The living cement man explained.

There were many cheers from the students of 1-A, eager to experiment with their quirks.

Izuku was along those, but he also noticed the approach of a fair number of presences growing closer to the building. Side-glancing at his teacher, Izuku noticed that Aizawa seemed unbothered, so it probably meant that he was aware of the incoming body of people.

While Cementoss gave a few other explanations, the side door that gave access to the building was opened, the action gathering the attention of the students as they finally noticed their incoming sister class – 1-B – coming in while being guided by Midnight and Vlad King.

Izuku noticed that the male homeroom teacher of their sister class walked with a limp, though he tried to look as imposing as usual. The smell of fresh antiseptic lightly tickled the vampire's nose, the teen wondering what type of injury the teacher had accumulated. He jogged his memory a bit to try and remember any reports during the event that led to his kidnapping, but all that he could recall was that the man had been missing.

Focusing on the new arrivals, Izuku let his lips quirk a bit as a number of teens from 1-B greeted and waved at him.

He looked at Momo, the raven-haired class president of 1-A, and motioned with his head for the tall girl to follow him. Both went towards the red-headed leader of the other class, Itsuka Kendo, to greet and meet.

"Hey guys, how are you doing?" The martial artist girl was the first to speak, happily greeting the duo with her usual Big Sister attitude.

"Hello there, Itsuka-san." Izuku's usual greeting got a sunny smile from the girl.

"Good morning, Kendo-san." Momo's cool greeting got attention from the red-haired girl.

As they exchanged the usual pleasantries, Izuku noticed Monoma's absence. It was rather easy to notice such occurrence, as the blonde was rather eccentric and boisterous with his attention-seeking behavior.

The vampire's keen eyes spotted him remaining behind Jurota, the fur-covered teen trying to convince the blonde to speak with the vampire. It was a mostly futile effort, seeing as the experience of the copy blond with [True Ancestor] had left a deep fear carved into his heart. It was rather unlikely that he would be approaching Izuku out of his own volition, so the vampire waved at him and let the two female class presidents talk among themselves while he left to talk with his homeroom teacher.

Monoma took the chance and immediately put a rush on his steps to approach the girls, Izuku approaching Aizawa.

"Sensei, is it wise to let so many practice their ultimate moves like this?" The vampire's question made the teacher glance at his phone, the device pinging to life.

The hobo-teacher grunted. "Don't worry, today's exercise will be a bit different from the usual training." The words were spoken in an ominous tone, the smile splitting the underground hero's lips speaking of something truly troublesome planned for the trainees.

The vampire focused on his senses, scanning their surroundings to better prepare for anything that might come their way, but so far he couldn't sense anything different from the usual.

It was on the end of Cementoss's lecture that something got the vampire's attention. At the very edge of his senses something sparked to life. Three presences triggered his wild instincts, the vampire's fangs starting to itch terribly and his throat felt parched.

"We know this might be a bit soon, but we have a bit of a challenge for you." Vlad spoke, approaching the makeshift platform that Cementoss created to speak to the teens. The blood hero crossed his arms, trying his best to show off an imposing image to the young teens. "Your senior upperclassmen were curious about your performance, and to show you the difference between raw talent and skill, we asked them for a bit of a show."

No sooner had the teacher finished, the door leading to the gym opened up once again, this time only three individuals entering.

A tall and muscular blonde teen with a shining smile, doing his best impression of All Might. A lanky and slim teen munching on something, though he also looked a bit nauseous and remained rather close to the blonde teen. And lastly, busty girl with long cerulean-colored hair and a bubbly disposition.

Izuku deeply inhaled air, tasting it as he focused on the incoming trio. He had to suppress a growl in his throat, their scent enticing his [Thirst].

"Hello everyone, we are here!" The tall blonde spoke in a booming and friendly voice, the teen seemingly the leader among the trio.

Everyone turned to focus upon them, excited at seeing their seniors in heroics. And one couldn't help but smile at seeing the aura that the blonde projected.

Aizawa sighed. "Mirio, use your indoor voice." The teacher chastised, approaching the trio.

The now named teen scratched the back of his head, though his sunny smile still remained stretching his lips. "Sorry sir, I'm just excited to be meeting my famous juniors!"

There was a gathering of whispers backed by the two first-year classes, the group truly curious about their seniors.

Aizawa coughed, gathering attention to himself and silencing any whispers under the weight of his glare. "I was against letting you all meet this soon, but Nezu pushed the schedule a bit so we have to adapt to the circumstances. Classes 1-A and 1-B, meet your seniors from class 3-A." Eraserhead did the presentation in his usual tone, though he was quick to cut in and avoid the usual blabbering among the teenagers. "Your many recent challenges are not common or usual, but UA prides itself in teaching our trainees to adapt to their circumstances and as I told you in your first day here, the world isn't fair."

That made the many teens nod their heads, the motivation from class 1-A more palpable as the class with more run-ins with villains, though their sister class did understand the seriousness of the matter.

"Normally your ultimate move training would run for over a week to allow you better understanding, but we will be switching things up a bit." Aizawa then motioned for the newcomer trio towards the end of the gym. "Try defeating UA's Big Three." The statement sent a wave of shock into all the first years.

Sure, they were still young, but the experience that they had accumulated wasn't anything to scoff at. Class 1-A had been tussling with villains since their debut and although Class 1-B had less experience fighting villains, they were still strong in their own accord. Weren't the teachers underestimating them quite a bit? Also, what's with the title?

Mirio's smile expanded, the blonde youth doing flexing his chest with a pose. The gym uniform he was wearing was rather tight on his frame, the muscles bulging as he swapped between a few poses. "Hahahaha, Aizawa-sensei is ruthless as always."

The bluenette girl that had been with them had vanished. Izuku's keen hearing them warned him of movement, as he noticed that the talkative girl had circled around the group, quickly appearing in the midst of their members.

"Hey, do your horns feel sensitive? How did your skin become pink like that? Your eyes are so cool! Can you grow a tail or something?" Question after question bombarded Ashido Mina, as the sole female of the Big Three appeared behind the pink-skinned girl and began lightly touching the yellow horns atop the girl's head.

The vampire was impressed, as the bluenette had been rather quick with her steps. She wasn't stealthy, but had made good use of Mirio's loud and boisterous behavior to blend in. Not bad at all, though he suspected that it didn't matter if she wasn't furtive.

The hemomancer also paid rapid attention to the last secluded member of the so called Big Three, the black-haired senior leaning against the far wall of the gym. He seemed to be mumbling something under his breath, Izuku relating a bit with his behavior.

Aizawa sighed loudly. "Nejire, stop messing around. No touching other students without their permission first."

"Haiiii…." The girl in question drawled her answer out in a childish manner, quickly making her way out of the group that surrounded her. She was quick to stand by Mirio's side, though her eyes glanced at Izuku's own pupils.

Her bubbly mood and energy seemed contagious, the vampire feeling excitement growing in his chest at the face-off between the two classes. If Aizawa was "praising" the group it meant that their skills were the real deal, so even if a bit miffed at the wording of his teacher (as if he couldn't defeat them), the vampire let his blood begin pumping inside his veins with increased potency.

Vlad king, Midnight and Cementoss remained on the sidelines and let the students group up, Aizawa being the sole one laid down as he snuggled inside his sleeping bag.

"Nejire, Mirio…" He called out the duo, his voice making the other students curious at what he would say. "Don't go easy, they need a challenge, not a false sense of security."

The statement caused the burning ember inside many of the teens to flare up, their competition sense doubly increased. Class 1-B also perked up nicely, the members willing to show their skills to their teachers and fellow classmates.

Mirio nodded his head, turning to his female companion. "You heard Aizawa-sensei, Nejire! Full throttle from the start!"

The bubbly girl nodded her head excitedly, doing a long stretch. Izuku observed her with careful eyes, wondering what her move would be. He also got quite the nice view of her nubile body.

Could you please let me focus on the fight! He grumbled to his [Inner Beast], feeling a growling cackle be the only answer his instincts deigned him with. There was a second following feminine chuckle.

[Don't be like that, Izuku! It ain't like you don't enjoy a busty girl!]

Nana's voice was followed by a ghostly touch across his neck, the vampire furrowing his brow at the phantom sensation. Izuku wondered if she was this cheeky when training All Might, as the hero seemed rather fond of the heroine and the prospect of bringing her back to life.

He mentally shrugged and let the two mind inhabitants to their antics focusing on the incoming fight.

Nejire smiled, opening her palms and pointing them at the group short of forty members. All sides got ready for the fight, the close quarter combatants coming to the front in an effort to shield the backliners from the incoming attack as well as jump at the opportunity to prove their teachers wrong.

"Don't get discouraged, kouhais! I believe in you!" Nejire cheered the group, earning her quite some good favor, especially the males. Energy then began pouring out from her hands, accumulating around her arms in spiraling patterns. It quickly built up to a roaring crescendo, the power making the members of 1-A and 1-B doubt their eyes.

"Don't try to take it head on, okay?" Nejire called out in her cute voice, though it was mostly drowned out by the crackling energy that swirled around her hands. "Nejire-chan's Special :Double Gringar Wave!"

The blinding energy was shot towards the teens with enormous intensity, the wave of power devastating anything in its path. It would surely KO anyone that would be foolish to face such an amalgamation of energy.

Class 1-B's students were stunned with their eyes turning into wide circles.

Class's 1-A however…

"Zero Kelvin White Wall!"

"Hissatsu: Rashom'on! (Ultimate move: Underworld Gate)"

Amidst the students a misty white fog surged, being birthed from Todoroki. The teen had placed his right arm on the floor and had a face that spoke of the utmost focus; the result of his efforts stood in front of the two classes, an ice wall of about a meter of thickness. The temperature immediately dropped as he released a few breathes that turned visible due to condensation.

Izuku wasn't far behind his friend. His two arms were clad in [Blood Gauntlets], the fearsome claws digging into the floor and aiding in his efforts. Blood and shadow matter mixed and penetrated even deeper to touch the earth under the concrete flooring, being brought forth by the dark mixture and Izuku's rough usage of Pixie-Bob's quirk-factor.

Whereas Shoto's wall covered a rather expansive front and seemed extremely solid, Izuku's makeshift idea was far smaller and seemed less stable. The construct, however, did get many surprised glances from both his classmates and those belonging to their sister class. He hadn't demonstrated such skill before, but the surprise was welcomed.

The energy wave from Nejire blasted against the thick ice wall, relentlessly digging into its defense and producing an ominous feeling; it took a few seconds, but it did manage to pierce through right in the middle, continuing its destructive path as it met the second wall. The energy slammed against the vampire's construct with all the delicacy of a semi-truck, shaking the second structure.

Luckly for Izuku, Shoto immediately reinforced the vampire's wall, creating a double layer that managed to withstand the remaining blast of power.

Barely twelve seconds into the start of the exercise, and the two classes had been made aware of the reasons behind their homeroom teacher's warning.

Izuku extracted his gauntlet-clad hands from the floor, the wall built with his power crumbling and revealing the girl responsible for it waving at them with a cheerful expression.

"Wait, where is Mir–!" Izuku would have asked, had he not been interrupted by his instincts going wild, alerting him of danger in the backlines. He turned to find it, his sight capturing the image of the blonde third year literally emerging from the floor as if he was some sort of ghost.

And to make matters worse, he was damn naked!

Kyouka had been his target, the girl screaming to high heavens as the blonde senior finished his phase shifting through the floor.

"Ah, I'm sorry about that!" Mirio apologized, picking his pants from the floor while those around him looked away from his nudity. "It is still hard to adjust for my clothes…" He commented.

"Kyouka, duck!" Momo shouted to her friend, the rocker girl immediately obeying the command as a capture net flew over her head.

Mirio stopped talking, though he kept smiling. The net went through the senior student as if he was a ghost, falling uselessly on the floor. Katsuki was quick to blast himself to the backline, going overhead and aiming an open hand at the blonde teen.

"AP Shot!" Exclaiming with gusto, Bakugou released a focused blast at Mirio's position, certain that it would hit the senior.

The attack hit the floor and raised a cloud of dust. Izuku tried to focus his senses on it, but he found no presence there.

Not that he could afford to keep solely focused on the blonde male, as a warning rang in his head. Looking upwards, Izuku was greeted with the sight of Nejire atop the remains of Todoroki's first line of defense. Aiming a palm at him and another at a gathered group of his classmates.

He [warp]'ed right in front of the girl, aiming a punch at her stomach as well as gathering shadow matter at his feet to bind her.

"Wow, you are really fast! Maybe you can match Mirio in speed! Is that part of your powers?!" Rapid fired questions aside, Izuku couldn't help but be impressed at the girl's reaction time. She managed to block his punch with an open palm and a well-timed release of energy, canceling any momentum from his blow. Before he managed to wrap her in dark matter, the girl increased her output and blasted him away.

It happened just in time for Mirio to emerge from the floor under the vampire, not a scratch on his skin.

Izuku turned around to meet him, intending on trading blows. Or so Izuku had hoped for. Mirio annoyingly phased through the vampire, only turning solid after he went past him and used Izuku as some sort of trampoline.

Being launched back to the floor, Izuku only had time to launch a [Blood Spear] at Nejire, having to turn around to manage his fall.

"Gringar Wave, 50%!" Nejire happily exclaimed, pushing out another enormous energy wave, though this time it was less focused and more spread out. It stopped his attack with little effort, destroying the blood weapon and blasting the group with its intensity.

Izuku didn't have time to set up another defensive wall, the vampire expecting Todoroki to cover him. When the icy defense failed to arrive, Izuku turned his head back to see his friend nursing his stomach on his knees, almost vomiting.

The vampire tried to focus on the blonde senior, but his presence was too thin for Izuku to properly pinpoint. One moment the blonde was close, the other he was far off. Not even Izuku's [Warp] was that fast!

The hemomancer bore through the pressure of Nejire's attack, preparing for another attack on the girl. If a sole attack wasn't enough, then he had to leave the timing to his class president.

As soon as the force behind the bluenette's attack faded away, Izuku turned to regroup with his classmates. Momo was still in the game, holding her net-launcher which had been reloaded. Jirou had taken a glancing blow from Mirio, but was still capable of fighting.

In the short span of Bakugou's first missed attack, the blonde senior had targeted quite a few members of the backline.

The synchronism between Mirio and Nejire was rather brutal to fight against, as it covered both long and close range, the duo covering each other in offense and defense.

"Any ideas on how to counter them?" Izuku questioned the raven-haired girl.

Momo shock her head. "He is too slippery to capture. It seems that he has experience fighting against groups." She explained.

Izuku gaze the area a sweeping glance, trying to gauge the current amount of damage caused on the short battle. So far no one was truly incapacitated, but Mirio had targeted some heavy hitters of the groups to cripple their offensive power.

Shoto recuperated himself enough to stand back again, launching a sweeping wave of fire to hopefully push Nejire back and allow them some breathing room.

"Midoriya!" His shout called the vampire, who arrived in a burst of smoke-like fog at his side and brought the dual-quirk user back to regroup.

As the fire was extinguished, it revealed that the bluenette had abandoned her post atop the first ice wall. She had returned to the ground floor, bouncing on the balls of her feet almost as if she hadn't bombarded them a few seconds ago. That she kept her easy-going smile didn't exactly help matters either.

"Mirio, they are quite good!" She exclaimed, her partner emerging at her side, shirtless, though sporting his gym pants.

"I know, right!?" He excitedly agreed, crossing his arms and laughing. "Hahaha, it has been a bit since we could have a proper sparing that lasted longer than 2 minutes, maybe they can!"

The bragging only served to make the crowd of youngsters incensed.

"Shitty leech, you better keep the pressure on that energy bitch! I'll deal with that Tin-tin looking motherfucker!" Bakugou shouted from somewhere between the group, Izuku clicking his teeth shut. They couldn't exactly brute force this, but then again, being constantly hammered by the maelstrom of energy that Nejire seemingly could push out wasn't a plan either.

The vampire turned to his class president once more. "I'll buy us some time; please, try to figure out a winning plan."

Momo nodded, turning to the rest of the class. "Leave it to me, I'll get us a working plan in no time!"

Izuku then turned to Todoroki. "Protect the class president, Shoto!"

The dual-color teen grunted his acknowledgement.

The vampire then turned to face their upperclassmen. The duo had kindly let them have time to work out a plan, Izuku had to thank their Senpai for such kindness!

"Let's dance…" Izuku muttered as his lower face was covered by his blood mask.



"…and, you are done for today." Aizawa's dry voice echoed inside the gym, some dust remaining in the air and slowly settling down to reveal the current state of the building.

It was fair to question if a bomb had gone off inside the gym, as there was plenty of damage to account for. And that was without mentioning the many teenagers that were tossed all over the place.

Some were dry heaving, some lay defeated or too tired to move, and some were leaning on each other in an effort to remain standing.

Not too far from the forty-odd teens stood the two senior upperclassmen that had aided in the training exercise. Mirio sported a few scratches, a light bruise on his torso as well as some soot that stained his training pants; Nejire also hadn't escaped from her fair share of damage though the girl seemed far more tired than her partner.

Solely looking at those two, one would imagine that the training had been a fairly light exercise.

In truth, class 1-B had 16 out of its 20 members defeated, the sole survivors of the massacre being Kendo (by sheer stubbornness), Jurota thanks to his strong physique, Tokage and her dexterity and lastly Yui due to expert use of her quirk. The rest had been put out of commission in one way or the other. Be it under the merciless blows precisely delivered by Mirio or the unending storm of energy that Nejire could push out, class 1-B found the true meaning of resilience.

1-A fared slightly better, if only due to their experience with overwhelming odds. Izuku due to his wild instincts and his endless regeneration, Bakugou and Todoroki by pure grit, Momo due to her strategical mindset and – surprisingly – Kaminari due to his almost instantaneous reaction timing. The rest had been defeated, though they were determined until the end to drag Mirio and Nejire down with them.

The classes managed to display their skills to their senior upperclassmen, some even improving their usage of their ultimate skills there; nonetheless, the joint effort of the two heroics courses didn't manage to defeat Mirio and Nejire. It stung particularly bad to the more prideful students, though even Izuku could admit to being a bit salty at the lack of victory.

Well, if he was truly going no holds barred then maybe the vampire could have pulled the win, but it was clear that the objective of the exercise was cooperation between the classes as well as further development of their ultimate skills.

The vampire was aware that his development was quite abnormal if compared to his classmates – or even common heroes for that matter.

He released a great amount of dark matter from his shadow, the black tendrils extending to his classmates to grab them and help them at least stand. It looked a bit creepy, but most cared little, already used to the eldritch sight of the teen.

"Hahahaha, you truly are unique, Midoriya-kun!" Mirio exclaimed, approaching the vampire with an easy-going attitude. Nejire wasn't far, the girl looking a bit sleepy, rubbing her eyes in a cute manner.

"Izuku-san, you are too resilient! How come you managed to endure so much? Can you do that black wall thing again? How far goes that vampirism of yours? Can you turn others into vampires?" The bluenette was a ball of energy and curiosity, even pushing past her apparent exhaustion to fulfill her endless curiosity.

The vampire let his shadow tendrils help his classmates while he focused on his upperclassmen.

"Hello there, Mirio-san, Nejire-san." He lowered his head to greet the duo. "I'm thankful for your time helping us out." He spoke while trying to work out which of Nejire's questions should he answer first. He was a bit hesitant responding to her, as it seemed that any of his answers would give birth to at least three more questions. "I suppose I train hard and make proper use of my quirk. I haven't tried to turn anyone into a vampire, I don't think my quirk can do such thing." He tried to push the matter aside, though the answer wasn't exactly true.

He still had Sam – the Shield's "assistant" – under his mind control, though a proper way to classify it would be to say that the vampire had downloaded a set of rules inside the older man's head. He hadn't turned him into anything, Melissa's begging to save the man's life having had an effect on Izuku's choice when saving the man from the brink of death. He wondered if he should travel back to I-Island and finish the job, but for now he was under plenty of scrutiny already; there was no need to increase the trouble piling up on his back for such a minor matter.

Aizawa came over to talk with the trio. "Good job today, Midoriya. That move at the beginning of the fight helped bolster the resolve of your sister class." The hobo teacher complimented Izuku. "Thanks for your efforts too, Nejire, Mirio."

The pair of upperclassmen smiled at their teacher. ""It was nothing, sensei!""

Aizawa looked to the last member of the trio, the one that had yet to move from the very corner of the damaged gym. "I see that Amakiji still needs encouragement." The statement dimmed Mirio's expression a bit, though he still caried a smile on his lips, this time the motion more subdued.

"He has been working hard on that, Aizawa-sensei! Give it a bit more time, and soon he will be a shining star, Hahahahaha!" The muscular blonde finished with a grandiose laughter, something that Izuku was rather familiar with. There was one blonde ex-hero that used to behave exactly like that.

Aizawa sighed. "How troublesome~~" He muttered in a low tone. "Get to your classes, I'll remain here to help the first years."

The duo nodded. ""Yessir!""

Mirio then turned to Izuku and offered a hand. "It seems that we shall be meeting more frequently from now on, Midoriya-kun! Let's get along well, shall we?!"

Izuku answered in kind, grabbing the offered hand and returning the greeting. "I hope to learn many things with you, senpai."

Nejire was bouncing on the balls of her feet, leaning from side to side as she observed the vampire. "You are very interesting, Izuku-san! I wonder…do you enjoy the taste of blood?!" She innocently asked, her bubbly disposition and behavior uncapable of making the vampire mad at any of her questions.

Mirio seemed a bit taken back by her boldness, but at a more detailed glance it was obvious that even he was curious about the matter.

Izuku was about to answer, but before he could, Aizawa interrupted their conversation.

"You will have plenty of time to chit-chat after school if you want. Get to your classes." He spoke firmly, the two seniors quickly bidding the younger vampire farewell.

Izuku raised a brow at his teacher. Aizawa merely turned around, motioning for the vampire to aid his classmates.

Shrugging, Izuku followed along and began helping both members from 1-A and 1-B.



[HSPC facility – Tokyo, Japan.]
[21:43 P.M]

Inside an office room in one of the many tall buildings in Tokyo's center, two people were talking.

Well, talking would be a poor way to describe the meeting. Two women were in the office, one sitting by a large desk with a desktop modern computer while the other was made to stand at attention.

The woman behind the computer was dressed in an expensive suit, a pin on the lapel of the clothing identifying her as a high-ranking member of the Diet of Japan, and most likely someone a high profile within the ranks of the Hero Commission. She paid little attention to the other woman standing in her room, preferring to finish her work before addressing her visitor.

It took quite some time before she finished her work, the lights of Tokyo being a rather picturesque backdrop for anyone that would be present in there.

Yet the lady who stood at attention neither moved, nor seemed bothered by the wait. She had been extensively trained for it, a few hours standing would neither bother, neither phase her.

"I see that your talents have not faded with your time in prison." The woman behind the computer suddenly spoke, fixing the position of her glasses and reflecting the image on her computer on the lenses.

The lady standing maintained her passive demeanor, though he gave back an answer. "I had nothing but time to practice."

"I would imagine it to be so." The woman behind the computer hummed in agreement. "You clean up well, that ugly jumpsuit was something too tacky." Offering a compliment, the woman behind the computer tried to make more small talk.

The standing lady remained quiet, not even shifting her position.

Seeing her attempts fail, the woman behind the computer clicked her teeth in annoyance. "Tch, my predecessor really messed things up, huh?" She commented loud, yet gained nothing but silence from the standing lady.

The woman on the computer narrowed her eyes, but took a moment to calm down and open one of the discreet drawers on her desk, extracting a small folder from it. Opening it and looking over a few of the papers inside it, the woman pulled a particular page and carefully placed it on the table. It contained a profile, though most of the content had been censored, leaving only a few details to be read.

"I'm quite confident that Jimina-san has thoroughly explained what our offer is, and the reasons behind our choice in bringing you back. It wasn't easy to convince my superiors, but recent events have made many reconsider the circumstances." The woman pulled a few other pages, this time the papers detailing news coverage and a particular frame had been selected and examined in exhaustive detail. "We have prototypes ready to contain the subject, and you are one of the few that are a direct counter to his abilities."

This time the words got a reaction from the standing lady. She frowned, eyes gaining a sharp glint as she scanned through some of the words, trying her best to get the most amount of information in the shortest time span possible.

"I'm an assassin, not a scout." The lady was curt with her answer.

The woman behind the desk crossed her fingers and hid her expressions behind her hands. "Not yet, but at any moment the circumstances can change. If you follow our orders, we are prepared to give you a blank slate to start over, a fresh start."

The standing lady switched targets, her pupils moving from the papers to the woman's face.

The woman behind the desk did her best to mask her anxiety, showing a tough front even while her back became soaked in sweat. How her predecessor had the guts to face this lady and bark requests was anyone's guess.

"I was condemned to Tartarus. It's not exactly easy to clean up that sort of stain." The standing lady spoke in a firm tone, her eyes stabbing daggers into the other woman's frame.

The woman tried to show a relaxed front. "My dear Kaina, we are the ones in charge of that. We define what is just or not, who are the heroes and who are the villains."

The standing lady reacted to the mention of the name. Her presence seemed to thin out until she vanished, the woman behind the computer blanking. One moment the so called Kaina was standing in front of her, and in the next she could feel the cold and round tip of a long barrel touching her left temple.

She dry gulped the lump that appeared in her throat. "I see that you don't enjoy strangers calling your name. Maybe your previous title would be more appropriate. Lady Nagan–"

*Kha-clack* *Click*

A sliding motion gave birth to a loading noise, immediately followed by the release of the safety that would stop the chambered round from rising upon the trigger pull.

"It would be wise for you to be very cautious with your next words." Kaina's voice carried with it the very notion of threat.

The woman managed to keep her emotions firmly under her control, but it was a struggle. If Kaina fired her shoot, the bullet would scramble her brain and exit her head in less than a second. She wouldn't even notice her death.

Yet she had to push through.

That man would not forgive failure, and he was lustful for revenge.

"Kaina…" The barrel was further pressed into her temple. "Nagant, the freedom you so craved for is but a step away from your hands. All that we ask for is that you keep an eye on him, make reports and if the need arises, pull the trigger. He will not die, it is merely for the safety of the public."

Kaina, aka Lady Nagant, narrowed her eyes. "Never did anyone managed to survive a shot from my rifle. Your predecessor knows it well, I'm sure there are reports about it."

The woman sitting on the desk noticed the tone. Kaina may have developed a hatred for her job and the commission, but she had pride in her skills. To say some newbie teenager would survive when faced against her scope, it was…intriguing.

"Read the files, check the compiled info. You will understand why we have taken these drastic measures."

Nagant let her rifle remain on the woman's temple for a few more moments, aware that shooting wouldn't earn her anything more than a second visit to the maximum-security prison. The HSPC would cover up the incident and no substantial damage would be done to this rotten institution. She was tired of the games, of the corruption and of being played and ordered as some good little soldier.

For all her previous efforts, all that she gained was some infamy and a few news headlines.

Yet a child had these suited lazy asses shaking in their boots, the suits and spooks being moved to create these security measures. She had access the situation. Maybe…

Maybe he would be the one to…

Kaina blinked, her rifle covered in old, rusty stains of blood while her hands were drenched in the thick crimson fluid. It dripped to the floor in big drops, stinging her nose with the metallic tang that seemed to permeate from the entire room.

"I will do it."

She blinked again and all of it was gone. The rusted stains, the blood. The shadowy silhouettes of those she had killed.

The woman sitting passed on the thick file to her, together with a phone. "Study it well. There are some contacts in there that shall provide for your daily needs. Don't approach the target unless extremely necessary. Do not waste this chance, Nagant."

The Sniper Hero grabbed the items, but did not deign the woman with an answer.

"Also, to avoid trouble with our field agents, you shall go by another codename." The woman on the computer exclaimed to Kaina. The markswoman only answered with silence, but allowed the woman to continue. "Your new designation shall be Quiet."

Kaina pondered upon the codename. Lady Nagant had been the name of a hero, someone who was supposed to protect society from villains. The HSPC had tarnished that, made a mess of her and created a puppet whose sole objective was appeal to the public while also acting as an assassin to deal with anyone who questioned too much.

Maybe she should have adopted such alias long ago, it was much more suited for someone as stained as her.


[To be Continued]


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