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[Chapter 43: Thickening Crimson Blood II]

Random Alleyway, Streets of Musutafu – Japan
23:32 P.M, A week after Izuku's return to normal classes.

Her body shivered and her stomach growled in protest. She wondered how long she would have to suffer this indignity. The itch to stab someone and drain them of their precious blood caused her lips to curl into a degenerate snarl, and her expression would have surely be the cause of many concerned looks had she given in and wandered the streets to stalk some prey.

Their blood would never be sufficient, it would always be poor and be found lacking. Especially when compared to the lovely crimson of her beloved Blood Lord, the meat-sacks/blood bags simply stood no chance.

Himiko had never imagined in her life that someone with such rich essence would be born, yet she had been lucky enough to find him so soon; she had been lucky enough to be under his mantle.

Her [Thirst] had been ever-growing, never satisfied with the momentary pleasures of exsanguinating some poor fool that had wandered into her path and managed to strike her fancy. The sweetness of blood had always been her most terrible vice ever since the day she sucked mister birdie, but ever since she drank from her beloved, the maddening desire had been quelled.

She still felt the need to drink the life-fluid, but no more had she been tormented with a [Thirst] so terrible it would overwhelm her senses until she found herself completely soaked with blood. His blood was that good.

Which now placed Himiko into the situation she found herself currently in: she had been left to her devices ever since the heroes attacked the hideout of the league; she had leaked enough info that coupled with the big thinking heads in the heroes' side, they managed to rescue Izuku and even cripple the big bad power that had been backing Shiggy from the shadows.

There was no doubt that the Underworld's Demon Lord was onto her trail back then, but in the end, it seemed that life had blessed her with an escape route during the mess that was the operation to rescue her beloved. He even managed to be reborn through blood, the remains of her last meal almost singing inside her veins at Izuku's rebirth.

Yet not everything was roses and good blood.

She had acted rather recklessly, though with good (in her mind anyways) intentions, to maintain a good cover as well as take some reward of her own. Maybe she should have thought that plan through, as now she had no access to Izuku – and to make matters worse – she couldn't simply return to the vampire's gym and continue playing the common manager, as the chance of a surprise capture was too high. No disguise would explain her presence in the gym-warehouse, so she opted to remain stealthy for the moment and play good-girl. Her lovely Izu-kyun was still playing hero, so antagonizing him wouldn't earn her any good points with him.

It was sincerely a wonder that she hadn't been hunted down by the vampire, her actions during his imprisonment certainly nothing to celebrate over.

She had also been skulking around his mother's apartment, getting rid of a few figures that were also stalking the house. She had given some info on Mama Inko to Shiggy, as the villain had requested something solid for his plans, but most of the info was inconsequential details that could be easily gathered by anyone. When presented with the choice of following the lanky villain or be with her lovely vampire, the choice couldn't be easier.

Still, it wasn't easy. It reminded the blonde of her younger days after she left her parents, the nights on the streets or living on manga-cafes with the petty cash she had stollen form some poor sap she had stabbed and drained of blood. She had plenty of skills, abilities, and contacts, so she certainly was having a better time now, but the young female villain now wondered how she was to proceed.

The League would most probably never take her back – not that she wanted to come back anyway, Shiggy was a piss-poor leader – and a life of petty villainy didn't suit her anymore. Her Blood Lord had permanently changed her way, but now she had been restricted from accessing him. For now, she kept to mostly protecting Inko-mama, and keeping her skills up with the occasional stalk hunt on any of the shady characters that were around the place.

Ahh, I want to stab something… She boredly let the thought swim in her head, playing with one of her knives as she patrolled the surroundings of the apartment complex.



UA School grounds.
17:35 P.M – One week into the first years' Ultimate-Move training.

Gym theta was emitting loud noises and shaking slightly. That occurrence had been happening for the past week for long periods of time, the first-year heroics students doing their best to make the most out of the time they were allowed. A combination of ultimate move training and sparing sessions were frequently held, with many students trying their very best to perfect both teamwork and their techniques.

A major part of the commotion had died down, school hours having ended a few hours ago, yet there were still a few stubborn teens that made use of the facility.

Among those stubborn souls, stood a vampiric teen: Midoriya Izuku, the first-year wonder of UA and infamously known as the Monster of UA.

He remained after school hours to aid his classmates in their pursuit of improvement. Izuku had always been a fan of quirk analyses, and having the opportunity to observe his classmates' improvements up first was something that he could not pass on.

The number of trainees occupying the gym had diminished as the hours went by, and by time the vampire checked, it was mostly his closest friends.

Tokoyami was practicing basic stances while covered by his quirk, [Dark Shadow] being used as a living augmentation to help the bird-headed teen with close-quarters combat. He had managed to improve both his control over his quirk as well as the amount of time he could remain in such state.

Todoroki had been working on using both his quirk factors at the same time. So far his process had been satisfactory, with him being capable of summoning his flame and frost powers simultaneously, but now the work was focused on improving their strength and stability. His control over his fire had also been a growing constant, which spoke lengths of his potential.

Momo remained attentive on a corner of the gym, reading a few books while trying to split her attention and create some items on the side. It looked quite taxing on her mind, her usually refined and polite charm swapped by a look of intense concentration, sweat pooling on her brow and running down her face.

The vampire kept pacing between his friends, trying to aid them in any way he could imagine. Tokoyami had appreciated the help in close-quarters combat, especially since his new Ultimate Move was to help him cover the gap of his current weakness in the area.

Todoroki's case was quite simple. The dual-color haired teen merely needed to keep practicing with both his powers, his left fiery side needing more attention now due to his past years of neglect. Much like muscles, quirks could grow with usage, but they could also suffer degradation and atrophy. In Shoto's case, he had kept the usage of said side of his quirk to a minimal for years, just barely so that he could stop any non-spontaneous activation.

The only one that Izuku had little tips to give was Momo, considering the girl already had planned out her routine and had a proper image of the path she was to take forward. It didn't mean that he couldn't give any suggestions to the heiress, but she had herself mostly covered.

Izuku himself had been practicing with a few combinations of his more stubborn quirk-factors. Some powers had poor affinity with others and did not mingle well, but he didn't let that bother him. Not all attempts were a success, but even just the experience was an innovative teacher on its own right. It was during these attempts that he had managed to stumble into the creation of his newest defense technique he used when facing his senpais from 3-A, The Rashom'on (Underworld Gate). Right now it didn't look like anything special, but with time and practice Izuku was sure that it would be more than a weak wall of crumbling dirt.

The lack of classmates did allow Izuku to practice his more esoteric looking skills too, as he was quite sure most of his class wasn't into body horror. He still avoided doing anything too outrageous, keeping any morphing to mostly his blood tendrils, yet once or twice he would try the occasional body-modification quirk-factors that run through his veins.

The [Shackles] – the power granted by All For One's quirk – also had not many any new moves, remaining mostly dull and quiet within its frame inside his mind. Izuku wasn't naïve to believe it would be the powerful quirk-factor's last attempt at imposing its will on him, however, for now it wasn't acting up so he mostly left it alone in its corner.

There was also a helper alongside to keep the greedy power at bay.

"Don't get too big for your boots now, Izuku." A female voice echoed within his thoughts, the remnants of Shimura Nana's consciousness lightly chastising Izuku for his overconfidence. "AFO is a tricky devil, don't ever drop your guard when dealing with anything that has to do with him."

The vampire sent a thankful though to the woman.

It was another task that he had to get working on. Transferring Nana's remaining consciousness back to her original (now genetically enhanced) body. He had barely managed to gain some grounds in the mind of her Noumu-body, but any progress was deemed acceptable, especially when speaking of something so thoroughly intensive and damaging as what she had been submitted to.

Izuku had tasted a few Noumus, but so far only two had the intense and nutrient-packet, yet such fetid and disgusting blood. The first being the hulking anti-All Might Noumu that he fought way back on the USJ, and the second being Nana-Noumu.

The extent of the bioengineering and redesign were truly complicated. Procedures designed to push the body way past the common human limits, sparing not a single though for the consequences or burden inflicted on the mind of its – most likely unwilling - subject. It was the type of thing that one would expect from a mad scientist or a lunatic.

Noticing that his thoughts were drifting into a dark (darker than usual) place, the vampire opted to push them aside in favor of focusing on his classmates.

He was about to go for another light sparring session with Tokoyami, but his keen ears captured the approach of a familiar set of steps. A quick glance at his phone told the vampire that his group had pushed way past the common allowed time for afterschool usage of the gym.

Before Izuku could alert his friends, the side doors leading to the gym opened, their hobo-looking teacher dragging his tired-as-usual body to the middle area of the building. A quick activation of his quirk got the attention of the teens remaining in the gym.

"Good work all of you, but it is time to vacate the gym. Don't overwork and run yourselves ragged." The concern was touching, but Izuku couldn't help but lightly raise his eyebrows at the hypocritical words of his teacher. Aizawa was basically the poster-man for overwork in UA, his unkept appearance and perpetually tired demeanor being key recognizing features for the first years.

And the man also seemed to be able to read thoughts too. He blinked, deactivating his power, but turning his black pupils to the vampire with a firm gaze.

"Anything you want to say, problem child?" Aizawa asked in a stoic tone.

Izuku wasn't one to poke the figurative hornet's nest with no plans in mind, so he decided to maintain his silence.

The hobo-looking teacher, seeing that his intimidation was successful, swept his gaze towards the last few remaining teens. "All of you, get going now. You still have plenty of time left to train, just keep to a proper schedule, and do not slack off, be it with training or your studies!"

Receiving a chorus of "Yessir!" from the teenagers, Aizawa nodded to them and made his way out. He trusted his message was properly delivered, so he took his compressed yellow sleeping bag from his utility belt and went to take a quick nap right on the spot.

Izuku watched the scene and had some difficulty keeping his laughter in check. He managed to suppress it to mere snickers, but seeing Momo and Tokoyami also have a hard time keeping themselves in check was amusing. Shoto was keeping a straight face, but you could tell from the softness in his expression that he also found the situation amusing.

Still, it was clear that their teacher would remain in the building to make sure none remained behind. The teens gathered and left the gym, conversation being scarce among them, the foursome was composed of quiet individuals after all. Nonetheless, Momo (being the classy heiress lady that she was) soon began making small talk with the males, trying to get a good mood going as they headed for their lockers to change.

Izuku passively listened, trying to multi-task between hearing his friends' conversation and intensive side-information processing in his mind. Such parallel thinking normally wasn't tiring, but what the vampire was attempting was quite burdensome on the mind; yet he was quite well suited for it and had the backing of a few quirk-factors to aid his mind. It wasn't easy, almost like looking at two very distinctive viewpoints at the same time.

The males separated from Yaoyorozu as they reached their locker rooms, Izuku being the quickest to finish changing. He had to return to the dorm building for the usual session of mind settling with Nana and her modified Noumu body.

The vampire bid his friends farewell and made his way on foot towards the building, still busy with the development of his [Parallel Thinking]. Considering the time, there should be almost no movement in school grounds, yet the vampire could hear and sense some presences close to the dorm building.

He quickened his pace, reaching the dorm and seeing a few cars parked around the area, some with their trunks opened and some people were moving a few boxes in. Among the vehicles around, Izuku spotted a particular moving truck that he was quite familiar with.

A smile split his lips.

The green-haired teen entered the dorm, spotting a brunette girl guiding a set of floating boxes upstairs.

"That is rather practical." He commented aloud, his voice making Uraraka quickly turn to meet his gaze.

The bubbly girl let a smile bloom on her lips, the cardboard box in her arms floating as she hurriedly closed the distance between the two of them. She stood in front of the hemomancer.

"Hey Izuku-kun! I figured you would return way later." Ochako spoke as she patted her shirt, trying to brush away any dust clinging to her clothes and fix any visibly creases.

The vampire looked around, not finding others down in the common area and living room, yet sensing a few presences in the upper floors.

"I see that you decided to take advantage of the boarding that UA is offering." He added, moving towards the kitchen to get a drink. Uraraka followed him suit, her boxes remaining floating still in place.

"I had that tiny apartment I told you about, but this helps a bunch. I can rent my old place and have some pocket money now. I wanted to give the money to Ma and Pa, but they told me to keep it." She compounded on his statement, lightly slipping into her Kansai accent, but quicky correcting her speech. "Besides, this is a great upgrade if I'm honest."

Izuku nodded along, fetching a blood bag from the freezer. He bit one of the corners and began to slowly drain the contents, leaning on the counter as he turned his eyes to the girl. "I'm hearing movement upstairs, so I guess you weren't the only one."

It was Uraraka's turn to nod to him. She lifted a finger to her cheek in a cutesy manner, her brown eyes blinking as she recalled those that had arrived. "Tsu-chan was the first to arrive with her parents and siblings. I offered some help with unboxing and decorating her room, but she said she had it covered. Kirishima-kun came earlier with Mina-chan, but he said he wanted to help others so he hasn't unpacked his things. And Tohru-chan is here too!"

There were less individuals than Izuku could hear, but he figured that more people had arrived before the girl could see.

"I'll help you out." He offered, already heading towards the stairs.

Uraraka did follow along. "Thank you, Izuku-kun! I don't have much to carry, but it's nice of you to offer!

The vampire lightly raised a brow in a questioning manner, as he had seen the moving truck of her family's company, but he pushed it aside. Her family's financial situation should have been grandly improved as he had given them two great contracts in the form of his beach front property and his warehouse gym, but then again, he knew that they had been living tight for a few years, so maybe the family was just too used to being frugal. Izuku might not be a social butterfly, but even he wasn't dense enough to ask such personal questions about their finances.

He returned to the common area and let his dark tendrils spill forth from his shadow, each articulate faux limb carefully wrapping around the floating boxes. "I'll bring these in my way up."

The girl nodded in a thankful manner. "That's a big help already!"

The vampire had a hold on all but a single box – most likely her personal belongings as the girl had a tight hold on it – and he followed her up the stairs. He had not heard anyone scream or tasted fear in the air, so he supposed that his girls had directed Noumu-Nana to his room and away from the new live-ins.

He also noticed that his brunette classmate kept glancing back at him – in a not so stealthy manner – to which he had no idea the reasons for. Had she not picked a room already?

"…so…" She started, but once they reached the first floor the girl quieted down, as the hall that led to the rooms had people moving about. In one of the first rooms the door was open, a gaggle of noise echoing from it.

"Samidare, Satsuki, please stop jumping on my bed, ~kero." A familiar female voice echoed in the corridor, the two teens further made aware of its identity by the croak of their froggy friend, Asui Tsuyu.

There was some whining from the children, but the commotion inside the room was diminished and the sound of bed springs creaking stopped.

Opting to keep his pace, Izuku turned his gaze back to Uraraka, wondering where he should place her belongings. She blinked for a second, released a somewhat frustrated sigh and headed to the room across Asui's door. Knocking to see if it was occupied, the girl soon opened the door to inspect the insides of the barebones room. Confirming that it was empty, she placed her box on the floor and motioned for the vampire to come in.

Izuku followed suit, his eldritch faux limbs carrying the boxes right behind him and helping the vampire quickly deposit the girl's belongings on the floor. After such Izuku motioned to leave her room and give the girl privacy, but before he could do so Uraraka called him out.


The hemomancer stopped right by the door's frame, turning to meet the girl's gaze.

Uraraka's brown eyes were filled with a myriad of emotions, many of which Izuku could taste in the air. He wondered if he should speak something, but his senses were alerting him of the other presences in the corridor, which meant that he had to watch his words.

The silence in the barebones room was a bit uncomfortable, but Izuku was already used to such things. He kept his eyes firm on Uraraka's frame, the girl now squirming in place as she found herself short of words. She bit her lower lip, eyes swimming around the room, the girl now unable to focus her sight on him.

"Is there anything else, Uraraka-san?" He supplied her with a way out of the situation, hoping the girl would take it.

"…hmmm…" Ochako grumbled a noise, but then she shook her head. "Thanks for helping me, Izuku-kun." Her voice was a low thing, but still within his hearing range.

He nodded, exiting the room and closing the door behind him. Barely had he turned to head towards his room, Izuku found himself being stared down by two children. They were siblings for sure – their scent similar enough to a certain amphibian classmate of his – even their complexion being roughly the same. Heck, even their expressions were similar to Asui, though being kids the two siblings were more expressive than their sister.

The two were staring at him with wide eyes, the vampire wondering if they were too shocked to say anything. The boy (the older between the two) turned to his sister, his right hand pointing to Izuku, and kept nodding his head. The girl approached Izuku with shy steps, her expression a mix of innocent joy and curiosity.

"Nii-chan, are you that big bad vampire of the news?" The girl bluntly asked, her older brother flinching in place at his sister's words.

Izuku chuckled, amused at her earnest bluntness. He squatted down to meet her height, being careful to not spook the girl with any of his actions.

"Well, that depends on who is asking? Have you been a good girl?" He answered, noticing that the boy was relieved at the vampire's unbothered reply.

The girl's expression didn't change much, only blinking her eyes in a slow manner. "I have! I did all my homework, and all my chores! Satsuki has been a good girl!"

The vampire hummed. "Well then, I guess I need to answer. I am the vampire in the news, though I don't know if I'm big and bad." He avoided using complicated words, considering that the girl should still be in pre-school. There wasn't much that Izuku could gather from the young child's expression, her amphibian-like features not aiding in his efforts at understanding her, so he could only hope he got through her.

The boy – seeing his younger sister's success – also wanted to strike a conversation with the hemomancer. He raised a hand, getting Izuku's focus and attention.

"Ano, nii-chan…could I see your ninja blade?" The boy shily asked, though Izuku could sense his excitement at meeting the vampire.

Izuku found the children's behavior a bit odd. They certainly weren't afraid (or even that cautious of him for that matter) of him, which was an oddity for sure. The Japanese media hadn't exactly painted him as family friendly or a good household conversation topic, so he wasn't used to having people approach him this casually.

The vampire pondered for a bit, his pupils moving above the two children's heads, Izuku noticing that Asui was looking over them from the frame of her room's door. His eyes displayed a question, wondering if the girl would allow the action. He – of course – wouldn't give them any of his blades to play with, but he certainly could show them the weapons he had.

Receiving neither confirmation, nor a clear denial, Izuku opted to pass the ball to their older sister. "If your sister allows it, then I'll show it to you."

Tsuyu blinked, finding that her siblings were quite quick on their feet as the two immediately turned around and ran towards her, swarming her for permission with such vigor she was stunned.

While Asui dealt with her siblings, Izuku stood up and circled his neck, hearing a satisfying crack. He then directed his gaze to the steps of the stairs that led to the first floor, noticing two older figures standing there with neutral gazes.

Izuku immediately associated the two adults as the children's parents. Their features were a dead-giveaway after all, as the older male was quite toad-like, the mother also sporting distinctive amphibian-features.

The father had his gaze heavily focused on Izuku, the vampire wondering if the man's current expressions were due to his quirk or his mood. The mother moved closer to her children.

"Samidare, don't go bothering Tsu-chan like this. You were supposed to be helping her out with Sa-chan, remember?" Her voice had a light croaking, the woman being gentle, but stern with her boy. "Don't go bothering your sister's classmate too. Go on, apologize now."

The young Samidare pouted, glancing back at Izuku with a pleading look in his eyes.

The vampire waved his hand in a disarming manner. "It is not a bother, miss." He spoke in the best non-threatening manner he could, though he would no longer bother hiding his fangs or claws. "If it is just showing it, I have no problems with it."

The mother smiled at Izuku's kind demeanor. "Samidare quite likes Edgeshot, so a disciple of his is like a hero to him too. You also have been quite the TV star recently, Midoriya-san."

The teen offered her a light smile, unsure if to take her words as a compliment or a well-veiled insult. He glanced at the patriarch of the family, silently asking for the man's permission. The toad-looking man kept his neutral expression for a few more moments, but seeing his son's pleading eyes, the man gave Izuku a light nod.

"Do not touch it, Samidare. Be respectful and just look." The man's croak was a deeper thing, the voice backed by the authority of an experienced father.

Having been given the green card, Samidare immediately turned around and made his way towards Izuku with excited steps. Shining big and innocent eyes, the child seemed to shake in place, such was his excitement. His younger sister approached too, unwilling to lose the sight of the experience.

Izuku chuckled once more, the sight of the family bringing a fuzzy feeling to his chest. His shadow darkened into a pool of inky blackness, a tendril emerging from the floor and bringing with it Nightedge.

None in the family were expecting it (the sole exception being Asui), the members each having different reactions to the phenomenon. Samidare's eyes widened and he expressed his excitement at seeing the spectacle; Satsuki seemed more interested in the dark tendril than the weapon, the young girl already extending a finger to poke at the black matter creation; both father and mother had surprised expressions (considering their features, it was clear that they were truly surprised).

While it wasn't exactly a state secret, knowledge of Izuku's quirk remained mostly at speculation and theory-crafting to the civilian majority. His vampirism explained his more…diverse abilities, but there was only so much one could pass of as a single quirk without knowing the truth behind it. But then again, people were more fascinated with what they couldn't explain.

He unsheathed the blade just enough to show it to the young boy, satisfying the child's curiosity without being careless.

"Ahhh, that is so cool!" The boy exclaimed. His sister seemed far busier playing with the formless shadow tendril Izuku had summoned. "When I grow up, I wanna be a ninja too! You think Edgeshot would take me as an apprentice too?"

Izuku fully sheathed his kodachi and let it fall back into the inky pool of darkness that was his shadow. He then nodded to Samidare. "I'm sure that if you work hard, Edgeshot will surely take notice of your work and will take you in." He gave a positive reinforcement to the young boy. Being a hero was always the number one choice given by children when asked for their "aspirations" for the future.

Dimming the pull on the quirk-factor, the dark tendril returned to his shadow and the soon it was nothing more than that.

Satsuki seemed disappointed at the end of the display, as did Samidare, but soon Asui croaked to gather their attention. "Don't be rude now, Kero~! Midoriya-chan did show you what you wanted." The light rebuke got the two young ones to bow their heads in a thankful manner.

""Thanks for showing us cool things, nii-chan!""

Asui also bowed her head to the vampire. "Thank you, Midoriya-chan."

Izuku smiled, his fangs in full display. "Don't mind it, it was no trouble."

The frog girl then placed her large hands behind her siblings' heads. "Come on now, mama and papa are tired." Her beckoning got her siblings to follow her lead as she motioned for the stairs. "I'll see you guys off. Don't worry about the unpacking, it will not take long." She spoke to her parents.

The mother waved at Izuku in a kind manner. "Thank you Midoriya-san, I hope you have a good rest."

The toad patriarch of the Asui family offered Izuku a light nod of his head. The family then descended the stairs, Izuku making his own way to his room on the fifth floor. The vampire immediately began changing his clothes, already aware of the presence of Nana-Noumu in the corner of his room, more specifically standing by the corner of his bed.

He had already grown used to the being, so its presence wasn't a bother as he began to change into something more comfortable to aid his new housemates. Beige sweatpants and a black t-shirt with the kanji for "dress shirt". Truly, his clothes with puns were the height of comedy.

He quickly fixed his uniform on a hanger and stored it away, eyes then focusing on Nana-Noumu.

"You know, looking at a woman's body like that is considered rude." The echoing words floated to the surface of his mind due to the woman's intent.

Izuku wondered how All Might had developed such platonic love for the teasing woman.

"I carved it deep into his heart, mind and soul with my fist of love." Nana quickly replied to his thought, Izuku now realizing why the man was such a 'hands-on' teacher. If that was how he was taught, it was no wonder that his teaching style was so physical. Izuku hadn't had much contact with Gran Torino too, but if the blood echoes he acquired had were anything to go by, these peoples' idea of teaching included a lot of physical contact; most of it in the form of a gut-punch or a cross right to the jaw. "Don't be a pussy! Toshi could handle OFA like a champ from the get-go, the only way forward was to train his instincts and durability. You could handle it just fine too."

No, thank you, Izuku mentally replied. I've had my fill of training with you for now.

"Ohh, what's wrong? Don't wanna get sweaty and physical with lil' old me? I'll get sad." The teasing tone of Nana's voice denied any truth to her statement. "I would tell you that I don't bite, but we both know that that is not the case with my body right now." She even had the leeway to joke like this. It spoke to her mental fortitude, seeing her body converted into a flesh puppet, yet still managing to keep her spirits up. You had to applaud and appreciate her will.

I've had plenty of experience with you, he replied, aware of the stirring of the [Inner Beast] inside his mind.

Nana loudly laughed, the noise echoing deep and bringing forth that slumbering beast of his out.

[You certainly enjoy teasing us, revenant of the past. I wonder if you can back up all that bravado.]

The deep echo of his quirk made the woman's stored consciousness roll her eyes. "Child's play for me, doggy! You try being in my place, let's see you survive without any jokes!"

Izuku sighed at the two in his head. He focused on Nana's body, letting her true consciousness and his quirk bicker as he focused on more important matters. It had been quite a while and he hadn't seen Nana-Noumu eat anything ever since she had been delivered to him. Even the meals she cooked were nothing more than actions she took under his command. A fully alive body, yet without any true will behind it; a mere puppet awaiting orders that it would execute to its dying breath if it came to it.

The [Shackles] asked to be unleashed, the vampire ignoring the acquired power's wish.

He had not received any specific instructions outside of "taking care of its needs" from the spooks, and Recovery Girl and All Might had yet to truly study Nana-Noumu's body. Maybe the hero couldn't bring himself to place his teacher's body under the microscope.

Whatever the case may be, Izuku had to figure something out.

And considering the copy of [True Ancestor] left behind in her body, he opted to take the most direct approach. His quirk had been copied during his captivity in the League of Villains' hideout, though the copy was lacking in power, it was still something that bore a fair bit of likeness to himself. He had grown past it by miles, so it should recognize its superior, bend to his will.

Keyword being that: should…

He didn't know if the copy had been tampered by AFO or whoever was working for him, so he wondered if he would have to expect any unwanted surprises.

In the end, he would never know what to expect if he didn't take the chance.

Izuku moved closer to the tall creature, his eyes capturing the entirety of its frame within sight, not missing even the small movements caused by its breathing. His blood seeped from the pores in his arms with familiarity and speed, wrapping around his arms and solidifying into his famous [Blood Gauntlets]. He commanded the creature to kneel in front of him with a light mental message and then his armored hands then landed on Nana-Noumu's shoulders.

The fingers-turned-armored-claws lightly pierced the bluish-black skin of the bioengineered woman, connecting the vampire to her bloodstream in a manner that no medical equipment could ever hope to accomplish. Blood was his domain after all, and he was its lord!

He noticed that the blood running inside Nana-Noumu was starting to lack in nutrition essential for its survival. Yet the body didn't seem to want to prioritize feeding, instead the instructions hard-wired into it were being complete servitude to Izuku. Even the copy of [True Ancestor] settled inside it could not overcome such programming. Though it did manage to influence the creature, as he could sense its craving for the precious life fluid.

Not in the mood to regenerate grievous-looking wounds on his neck, Izuku merely pushed some of his blood through their improvised connection. The protective armor around his arms liquefied and followed his will, entering through the pierced flesh to sustain and provide for Nana's puppet body; as things stood, the vampire figured that eating food on its own would be a task too demanding in precision for the brute juggernaut.

He needed to repeat the process twice, the sharing of blood guaranteeing that the bioengineered being would remain alive for about another month before it would require another feeding. It gave him some time to continue the synchronization process.

He hoped to also find some other quirk that would allow him to fix her body properly. Nana's body would regenerate at about half the speed and efficiency of the vampire's own, but she was also far sturdier than him when it came to withstanding blows purely with her body as a defense. He figured that the woman would want her body to at least return to its original appearance or as close to it as possible to it. Being brought back to life was good but walking around with her brain exposed and a strange beak for a mouth (not to mention the hide-like bluish-black skin) certainly wasn't something that would inspire a lot of confidence in anyone. Though for now he would not need to worry about that.

It took a while, but eventually Izuku finished the feeding session, making sure that Nana's body was in tip-top shape and refilled to the brim with nutritious blood. It made him a bit hungry too, so the vampire made sure that the being was properly settled in his room before he headed out and downstairs towards the kitchen.

Passing by the corridors, Izuku noticed that most of the presences indoors were busy with unpacking and settling their things into place. He'd offer some help, but he figured a fulfilling meal was a priority now.

Arriving at the kitchen, the vampire spotted a few of his classmates around. Mina and Kirishima sat on the stools by the counter and were animatedly talking; Koda was by the living room, watching some sort of nature documentary, Kyouka sitting on the couch across the shy teen.

Seeing the usually quiet dormitory so full of life and noise was a new experience for Izuku, but he shrugged his shoulders and headed properly into the kitchen.

Mina was the first to notice his presence there.

"Yahallo, Izuku!" The slang-like greeting was surprising for the vampire, making him glance to the red-haired Kirishima for some context behind her newly developed greeting. All that he got was a helpless shrug.

"Hello there, Ashido-san, Kirishima-kun." He returned the greeting in his usual way, raising a hand. "Finally decided to join me in my lair?" Throwing a joke to the duo, the vampire headed towards the fridge to get a few ingredients and make himself a meal.

Kirishima showed a wide and toothy smile. "We couldn't lose the chance, you know Izu-bro! It's nice that UA has a boarding program now, we can train early and not worry about running late to get the train!"

Mina excitedly nodded along. "I always had to wake up super early to get the train! It was such a bummer! Now I get to sleep in for a bit!" She whined, yet her energy remained in high spirits.

Izuku listened, though he could offer little in sympathy. His constitution allowed him to run long periods of time with little sleep and he was used to waking up early, but he could relate a bit. When young he lacked the extremely potent regeneration he had today, so the sun felt like it was always bearing down on his frame and every muscle ached when he was a child.

He opened the fridge, but before the vampire could begin his work Mina called out.

"Wait up, Izuku! We were thinking of ordering some takeout! To commemorate!" The pink-skinned girl laid across the counter and displayed the screen of her phone to the hemomancer. The vampire nodded and closed the fridge; he could manage to wait…

"Stealth attack!" A voice shouted from behind the vampire, a presence trying to jump on his back.

Izuku had sensed the girl since he entered the room, but opted to not comment on it, thinking that maybe the others hadn't noticed her. Nonetheless, he pondered his options as the world around him slowed to a crawl. He could simply let the girl jump on him, but as he looked around he noticed that the duo on the stools were grinning as they paid rapid attention to see the outcome.

Feeling somewhat mischievous himself, Izuku made use of his quick footwork to add some distance between himself and the invisible girl. Just enough to not give his entire back to the girl, yet not enough that her momentum would cause her to tackle the counter.

Time flowed in a normal manner once more, the vampire's left arm quick to wrap around the airborne body of Tohru, hugging the girl to his body. Her legs were quick to wrap around his waist, the girl releasing a light yelp as she expected her "surprise" attack to work.

Izuku wasn't bothered by the girl's weight, though he could feel something soft pressing against him, his left arm also brushing against soft skin as it remained holding her. Opting to not embarrass anyone with details, he merely acted as if nothing special had happened.

Not that it was entirety possible, as Mina released her own loud yelp.

"Dang it! I thought for real that you had that one in the bag, Tohru-chan!" The pink girl pouted.

Kirishima looked sheepish at the prospect of allowing the unmanly prank to occur, but he also had been curious to see if it would work on the vampire. "Sorry about that, bro! They were really insistent on it."

"Don't worry about it." Izuku accepted the apology with a nod. His green pupils then turned into a diamond-shape as he activated his ocular enhancements, allowing him to "see" Tohru. It wasn't true sight, but it allowed him to properly match her gaze instead of roughly guessing where her eyes should be. "Though you might want to keep silent for your future attempts; can't really catch me off guard if you shout your attacks." He offered some advice.

The invisible girl squirmed a bit in his hold, the vampire slowly putting her down. "I was sure you hadn't noticed me, Izuku-kun!" She spoke in her usual happy tone, but the vampire could sense a bit of shame in her words.

He heard the pitter-patter of her feet as she reached a pile of clothes tucked into a corner of the room, hugging the articles, and going somewhere truly out of sight. A few moments later and a set of casual clothes emerged from the corner, the exaggerated motions of the girl being an oddly cute thing to observe.

He felt a ghostly touch around the same area where previously Tohru had been pressed against, a female hum echoing inside his head. He brushed it aside, aware that Nana seemed particularly fond of teasing him today.

"Anyone else has arrived?" Izuku asked, hoping to avoid any teasing from his classmates. Much to his luck (and aided by his stoic demeanor) Mina was quick to engage in conversation once more.

"Yeah, the class chat is full of confirmations. Even Momo said that she would be coming over, though she hasn't confirmed if she is going to just spend the night today or live-in; being rich like that must be nice." Mina whined her last comment, though there was no true malice behind those words.

Izuku pulled out his phone and opened the chat app, noticing that there were many messages that had accumulated in the chat log. He scrolled through the texts – eyes already back to normal – quickly skimming through to find relevant information about his new neighbors.

There were even messages from Kendo and Tokage, as the boarding dormitory would be a trial experience with the two first-year heroics classes, meaning that both 1-A and 1-B would be settling in.

He wondered how the relationships between the two classes would be affected, and most importantly how that would affect his own personal relations with his girlfriends. Though the walls weren't thin, he was sure that eventually someone would hear something that they weren't supposed to; added upon that the fact that he was a bit of a sadist that enjoyed getting loud moans from his girls when they were intimate, and Izuku was quite sure that there would be some shenanigans happening.

He wasn't sure if he was the only one active, but so far he hadn't smelled anything stronger from the others. He had some blood echoes that from some of his classmates, yet the amount wouldn't allow him to truly peer into their lives for anything beyond their quirk-factors and most recent memories.

Izuku was in the middle of typing a message when a few other chat texts arrived to him. One belonged to unknown number.

He opened the texts, his brows furrowing as he read the first one from Aizawa-sensei.

From Sleepy_Eraser(Aizawa-Sensei): |Tomorrow your quirk-suppression device and tracker will be delivered. Be ready by 09:00 A.M|

I suppose I should thank the stars the weekend starts tomorrow, Izuku mused, his good mood lowered by the news. Quirk-suppression devices were infamous for being uncomfortable, heavy and clunky pieces of apparel, and even civilian models for quirk control in young children had a bad rep.

Guess we better get this over with as soon as possible. Izuku quickly typed a response, eager to change the topic and find out the identity of his new mysterious contact.

From Brunette_Neko: |How are you doing, Midoriya-kun? I'm sorry for the sudden message, but I managed to get your contact info with Aizawa. It's me, Mandalay. Well, I go by Shino when off work, but feel free to call me what's more comfortable for you. I wanted to thank you personally and Kota has been asking about you, so if it isn't too much of a bother, how about we go out for a meal? Tiger and Ragdoll also are wondering about you|

Izuku felt a smile split his lips as he read the content. His contact with the Rescue-centric group had been limited after he left the hospital Tomoko was, so receiving such an invitation did wonders for his mood, such recognition was very much appreciated. He quickly typed an answer back.

From Spooky_Vampire: |Hello there, Mandalay-san! No need for apologies. I'm thankful for the invitation, so once I get a clearing from Aizawa-sensei, we can meet for sure! I hope that Kota-kun is behaving himself! Feel free to text me at any time. |

He sent the text and pocketed his device, aware that his classmates had continued their conversation as normal. He once more pondered the idea of making a quick meal to eat while they waited for their takeout, but it might be considered rude to do.

"I'll be in the living room. Please give me a shout once the food arrives." He requested, hearing their laid-back answers. The vampire then headed towards the other room, his presence noticed by the two people previously there.

Koda – the shy giant that he was – barely squeaked a greeting, though it was great progress considering that previously the teen would just shake uncontrollably at his presence. "H-h-hey, M-midoriya-kun..."

Izuku nodded and waved his hand to the gentle and shy male. "Hello there, Koda-kun." That done, Izuku moved closer to the other person in the room, the rock-punk lover Kyouka.

She acknowledged the vampire with a head nod, focused on the documentary playing on the TV. She was dressed in an oversized sleeveless yellow shirt with the words [Deep Dope] printed at the front; it was quite oversized, the shirt almost acting as a dress since it reached the middle of her thighs. Izuku could also see the rough outline of jean shorts pressed against the fabric of the shirt. All in all, she seemed fairly comfortable already, almost as if at her own home.

Unwilling to bother or break her focus, Izuku simply sat by her side and leaded back, turning his eyes on the documentary playing on the TV.

The silence that followed was a mellow and comfortable thing, the only thing breaking it being the TV as it kept droning on. Considering his sitting, Izuku opted to raise one of his arms on the back rest of the couch, the other resting by his side. The position and sitting arrangement led to his arm resting close to Jirou's head, and eventually the vampire didn't manage to resist the temptation and began to lightly run his hand over the top Kyouka's head in a patting motion.

The girl side-glanced at him from the corner of her eyes. She rolled her eyes at his action, but didn't move his hand, remaining in her spot and paying attention to the television.

As time went by, Izuku added other motions to his hand movement. His fingers lightly dug into her scalp, slowly running through the girl's hair. He carefully gauged his strength, taking care to avoid scratching too hard and hurting her with his blunt claws. He always tried to maintain his claws blunt and short, but they grew quite fast and grooming the deadly things took effort. They would stop growing once they truly became claws, but it wasn't helpful to his everyday life or reputation (the last drags he bothered to maintain of it) to allow their natural shape to take place in his life.

Kyouka did seem to relax into a comfortable trance as the documentary played its contents, the trio keeping silent to hear the informative piece. All the while, the rocker girl couldn't help but slowly start to lean towards his direction.

As luck would have it, the requested takeout meal arrived soon and the girl was alerted due to their classmates' ruckus at the entrance doors when receiving the meal. Had it not happened so, Jirou was quite sure she would have been the target of her classmates' teasing jokes for the remaining month, as she had all but melted at a simple touch from the vampire, her body almost throwing itself against his.

What's going on with me? It's like I'm a suddenly a dumb bimbo lovestruck girl. Kyouka chastised herself mentally, immediately standing from her seat and retreating to her room, leaving all the rowdy teens behind. That included the smug vampire, and his dumb, dangerous, sexy-looking fangs.

Izuku was left on the couch, eager to eat along his friends. His eyes lingered on Kyouka's back until she was out of sight, following her movements. He licked his fangs, feeling the sharp teeth itch.



[Next Day]
[08:03 A.M]

The next day came in a quiet manner, the vampire having (unfortunately) slept alone through the night as his girlfriends opted to return home. He bid them farewell with tight hugs, their body heat something he missed the very moment they left the dormitory. The girls did say they would be returning regularly, but for now they moved into his beachfront property.

The place had been left mostly alone for the past month, something that the vampire was eager to rectify; Toga had gone dark for a while, Izuku's thoughts with the villainess a jumbled mess. He remembered his fight against her inside the prison he had placed with – yet somewhere along that his memories became a misty mess, the only thing imprinted in his mind being a strange hazing feeling and a strange weakness, followed by a strong heat that blanketed his mind – and even his quirk was short in answers for what happened before his encounter with AFO.

He was waiting for Aizawa in the living room, his casual clothes remaining the same as yesterday.

He could already hear and sense the noise of a car engine approaching, his mind focusing on what was to come. Trying to relax was a futile effort, his apprehension at being suppressed too strong for him to simply contend and accept the "punishment" disguised as a safety measure.

There were some people already mingling about the dormitory, the vampire having greeted his classmates and seeing people from their sister class up and about.

Not long after the engine noise entered his hearing range there were people by the entrance. He stood from his seat on the couch and headed towards the entry door, greeting his sleep-deprived looking teacher and the following associate spook from the government, Jimina-san. The man's presence was as thin as ever, the only difference from his usual non-descriptive appearance being the metallic suitcase that he carried with him.

The vampire beckoned the two males in, motioning towards upstairs so that they could do this business in the privacy of his room. Aizawa had proposed to have the delivery and installing procedure done back in UA grounds under Recovery Girl's supervision, but Izuku opted for the familiar environment of his dormitory. He already considered the building to be his, as he had been the first to arrive and the building had been left mostly to his care after all.

As they silently climbed the stairs, Izuku couldn't help but feel a bubbling pit of resentment build at the bottom of his stomach. Each step towards his room made him acutely aware that far from being taken care of and congratulated on his efforts to survive, the powers-to-be were actively trying to suppress and limit him. Izuku tried to be as understanding as he could be, but there was a part of him that could not accept this outcome, no matter how much his cold and logical mind insisted in this being the best outcome so far.

Still, it was far too late to develop anger now as they reached his room's door.

Opening it enough to enter and give his two tag-alongs room to follow behind, Izuku moved to his desk and took a seat on it. The quicker we start, the faster we finish this, he mused in his mind, eyes focused on the dull suitcase that housed the mysterious quirk-suppression device.

Jimina approached Izuku with calm steps, Aizawa observing the procedure with firmly serious eyes. The teacher's hands were inside the pockets of his pants, hiding the fact that they were clenching so hard they threatened to bleed.

"Midoriya-san, shall we start?" Jimina asked, eyeing the behemoth of flesh and muscle that stood hunched in a corner of the room. The creature's beady eyes spoke of an empty mind, a mere puppet, yet his instincts alerted him that behind that dumb look hid a ferocious and bloodthirsty beast. To think that the king of Japan's underworld was capable of producing creatures like this…the government spook decided to finish his business in a quick manner.

Izuku nodded.

Jimina input a passcode on the lock of the suitcase, the opening click echoing loudly inside the quiet room. As the man opened the case and showed the contents to Izuku, the vampire couldn't help a scoff and a depreciative laugh.

"ahhaha, who knew that the HSPC had such a deep sense of humor…" His words stirred the curiosity of his homeroom teacher, the underground hero approaching from the side and looking over the suited spook's shoulder. As his dull black eyes focused on the apparel, Aizawa frowned his brow and, his already sour mood further going down the drain.

Inside the case stuffed velvety red pillows lay a rosario with a thick silver-colored chain, a single red bead encrusted on the center of the piece. Nay, to call it a rosario would imply that it was gifted with an appreciative or thankful intent in mind; it was anything but that. The piece was simple and practical, nothing in common with any decorative accessory one would use in their everyday life. It would be fairer to call it a simple cross necklace chain. And then, to further add insult to injury, the instrument beside it was almost a direct insult to his face.

A metallic cylinder with one pointed end, most of the piece covered in a polyester coating to avoid slipping from anyone's grasp.

The HSPC made a fucking quirk-suppressing [stake].

"Based on the information we have of your quirk and particular physique, we can infer that the only efficient ways to stop your quirk running wild is either utilizing the aid of Eraserhead," Jimina spoke as he noticed the silent indignation of the vampire. Aizawa himself was barely managing to keep his tongue in his mouth, the audacity of the act stunning him. "or in case of his absence, we shall deploy these devices." The man placed the suitcase on the edge of the desk, Izuku vacating the spot as he observed the items from a distance.

"First we have this," the suited spook took the neck chain and displayed it to Izuku. "it was made with a combination of various alloys and the latest technology available to us, our inventors created this gear specifically with you in mind. It will monitor your state, reporting to us in real time your location and current alpha-gene cell count usage – your quirk factors – in use. We call it Safety and Health Apparatus Checkup Loaned Equipment of Suppression." As Jimina explained the device, Izuku couldn't help the sneering and disgusted expression that painted his face.

A real fancy name for a dog collar that they were tying around his neck. And yet, if it was only that, he could withstand it. It could always be hidden under the collar of his shirts; however, that damn stake was truly insulting.

"We have had collaborators from I-Island help in the creation of this. It will only suppress your quirk when we deem it to be unstable or too wild." Izuku heard this and shot a knowing look at his teacher. "It should be enough for most purposes, but as a precaution our R&R department also made something more…physical." Jimina carefully placed the necklace back on the velvet red pillows, extracting the stake next.

"The mix of alloys is still mostly a prototype, something cobbled together as a stop-gap measure from a secret project many years ago. It is especially effective against mutant-type quirks, though it can be used in anyone should the need arise. It makes use of a special meta-material that when exposed to kinetic energy, releases a particular type of short-live radiation that works well in vibrating cells that hold the most concentration of alpha-cells; basically…"

"You jab that thing into someone, and it stuns them quirkless for a few seconds." Before Jimina could finish his sentence, Aizawa gruffly cut the man's speech (which was starting to resemble the rambles of a door-to-door salesman), the teacher's accusatory and venomous tone wasn't subtle, making it clear that the underground pro was clearly displeased that this secret was only now being revealed to him.

Jimina nodded with a subtle motion of his head. "I see that you are familiar with it, Eraserhead."

"Long time ago when my quirk was discovered, I was asked to participate in a few research projects that was supposed to help create quirk suppression devices to help young children with unstable quirks. At that time there was no true progress outside of some poor prototypes that never saw the light of day." Aizawa released a frustrated sigh, raising a hand to rub the bridge of his noise. "I guess I should have paid more attention to the fruits of that." He commented to the other two, his annoyance at the happenstance quite clear.

Jimina studied the pro for a few moments, but eventually turned to the vampire. He settled the stake down on the suitcase. "Both have been thoroughly tested, though they are still prototypes that can be improved upon. The HSPC knows that this measure is extreme and we are trying our best to get past this chapter in your life as quickly as possible, Midoriya-kun." The suited spook was quite good with his words, as Izuku found himself almost wishing he could believe the man's spiel. "This is a probation for you, to see if you can truly control yourself. And my superiors even told me to offer you an even better deal."

Izuku raised a brow at the words, wondering if the spook was truly being truthful. "What kind of deal are we talking about here?" He also glanced at his teacher, hoping for a guiding hand just in case things went over his head and he missed anything. "Besides, I can control my quirk pretty well." The vampire had pride in his advances with [True Ancestor] and its capabilities.

"Very well." The lacking-in-presence man affixed his tie in place and cleaned with throat. "The Hero Commission is offering to decrease most of the security protocols implanted inside the device," Jimina pointed to the necklace. "so long as you can provide continuous samples of your blood for further studies as well as constructive feedback on its performance. And since many great heroes have vouched for you, we might even lend you some experimental gear."

Izuku blinked, wondering if there was some sort of word play happening or if he was understanding the man wrong, since that sounded like a pretty fair deal for him. He had already been subjected to tests ever since his childhood, and even now it had happened back in I-Island. Still, the vampire pondered for a bit; it was never a good idea to accept the first offered proposition without some back-and-forth to see if he could eke out a better deal.

With all the hectic events happening in his life, he had yet to send more blood to David – his blood was the main raw product in the production of Ambrosia after all – but the vampire was a bit apprehensive of involving the Hero Commission in his deals.

He glanced at Aizawa to see if the man could help bail him out of the situation or offer him some advice. The man shook his head.

Izuku kept silent for a while, the other two man also remaining quiet as they waited for the vampire's answer. After about ten awkward minutes of muted nothingness, Izuku exhaled a deep and frustrated sigh.

"I suppose this is the lesser of two evils." He muttered to himself, his lips twisting into a wry smile. "Do I need to sign anything, or this is one of those situations in which if caught, you will deny any knowledge about these events?" Izuku focused on the government representative.

It was Jimina's turn to remain silent for a few moments. "Hmm, perhaps…"

The non-answer made the teen chuckle. He should have expected this.

Seeing as his "deal" was completed, Izuku approached the metallic case and turned it towards himself, eyeing the items inside while suppressing the loathsome irritation that was welling up inside him. He grabbed the necklace, immediately sensing shivers run down his body at the foreign and unlikeable sensation of quirk suppression.

Unlike with Aizawa-sensei's power – which caused an instant negation of the alpha-cells – the device in Izuku's grasp seemed to gnaw at his bones ever so lightly. He imagined it had the potential for even more suppression, but so far it was at a level that he could handle and tolerate. The vampire placed it around his neck, feeling an uncomfortable itch where skin touched the meta-material used in this construct.

"The device will monitor you automatically, and we shall be lenient with its restrictions." Jimina explained, pulling from inside the case a small booklet and flipping through a few pages to show Izuku its contents. "There are currently four levels to your suppression; [Level 0] is basically unrestricted access to your quirk, and each subsequent increase in level shall result in heavier restrictions. Should you reach [Level 3], we will be forced to shut you down and send a task force to apprehend you, so do try your best to avoid that. For now, the preferred and common setting shall be [Level 1]."

Izuku bit back a sarcastic reply that was at the tip of his tongue, opting to acquire more useful information. However, before he could ask, the government spook proceeded.

"Any questions you might have shall be answered when you read the protocol and the instructions." As he spoke, Jimina turned to Aizawa. "Since you are testimony to this, and are Midoriya's handler," the word almost triggered something very violent inside the green-haired vampire. "I'll let you decide who shall keep the backup."

Aizawa himself could barely suppress his urge and the desire of teaching the suited man an unforgettable lesson. Alas, he had to contend with showing his displeasure solely through his frowned face. "Very well, I'll take care of this matter. If we could go?" It was less of a question and more of a (rather straightforward) order, but the suited man seemed unbothered by the anger at his presence being displayed by the teacher.

"My business is – indeed – finished. Midoriya-san, do please take care and keep up the hard work. Although these restrictions are heavy on you, they shall be the first step into a solid foundation of trust between the HSPC, the public and you." Maybe noticing that his "visit" ended in a rather sour note, Jimina tried to smooth it over with some lip service.

His efforts were lost on Izuku, the teen offering a plastic smile back, the motion never reaching his eyes, providing him a rather uncanny look.

Aizawa took that as a sign and escorted Jimina out of Izuku's room, remaining by the door's frame and looking backwards for a few seconds, seeing the vampire close his eyes and clench his fists – his knuckles turning white while the clawed nails pierced the flesh of his palms.

No words would sooth the vampire, and they might even further make him angry and trample upon his pride. You might not realize it yourself Problem Child, but you have been growing your own pride; the hero's madness in you is strong, but so is your own will after all these trials. Damn it, I knew you were precocious, but this is too much too soon.

After the two males left his habitation, Izuku took a few moments to compose himself, quite aware that his current mood would not be appropriate for meeting anyone. Yet he still wanted to let loose. Move his body. Anything that would help release the tension that had been built up by this encounter.

He wondered when he had managed to become someone who could harbor such feelings in his heart this rapidly. The raw, turbulent emotion that swam in his heart had drowned any other voices, not even his [Inner Beast] or Nana's voice managing to breakthrough and reach him.

The weight of the chain around his neck was negligible at best, yet the sense of restriction felt heavy and oppressing.

The vampire released a heated breath. He really needed to vent out. Thus, opting to avoid talking with anyone of his classmates (and now roommates), Izuku opened the sole window of his room, and stared at the backward of the dormitory. The meeting with Jimina hadn't taken much time, the sunlight outside seeming to almost taunt him with its brightness. Thankfully there was no one out in the backward, so the vampire slipped through his open window and jumped towards the ground below.

His room was on the fifth floor, but the height wasn't a problem for the vampire. He bent his knees, absorbing the impact of his fall without much fanfare. Aizawa-sensei had limited gym usage to mostly weekdays, aware that some of the exercise-maniacs in his class that would pump iron until their arms could not move anymore.

That being the case, Izuku had to find another way of relieving his pent-up anger. Luckily the dormitory building was surrounded by a small forest, which gave Izuku plenty of targets for his physical aggression.

The vampire knew that he needed to read through the booklet to avoid landing himself into trouble, so quirk-training would be suspended for now; that being the issue, Izuku found himself returning to the basics and opting to train his CQC and basic martial arts. It wasn't anything fancy, but so long as he could vent and tire himself out, it would allow him to remain calm under the stress of the situation.

*Crack* *Split* *Crack*

The first punch that he landed on the trunk of the thickest tree he found immediately caused many hairline-like fractures on the bark, splinters and smaller pieces of wood crumbling as he pulled back his fist. All the while he hadn't even bruised the skin on his knuckles.

Izuku took another deep breath, this time focusing on a proper fighting stance. Keeping his breathing even, he then began to go through the motions again, this time properly gauging his strength.

Low kick.

Jab-jab-cross combo.

Uppercut sequences.


High kick.

Knee kick.

High Jump kick.

More and more Izuku kept hitting the tree trunk, each blow leaving a mark on the wood and causing more damage to it. At one point he had entirely stripped the thick outer layers of bark and was striking the wood underneath it all. As time went by, the brown wood was decorated with flecks of red.

Two hours went by in the blink of an eye, the vampire only managing to notice the passage of time as he detected a presence nearby approaching him. He stopped his offense against the tree and turned around just in time to see a certain orange-haired girl in a jersey and carrying a gym bag turning the corner of the building.

"Eh?" Itsuka Kendo let out a noise as she found Izuku. She had heard the thudding noises, but she had never expected to find the vampire to be the cause. She had taken the opportunity to stretch her muscles after unpacking most of her belongings in her room, so she put on her jersey and went to the backward to practice her katas.

Izuku noticed that his knuckles were bruised and bloody, but they were regenerating fast enough, so he turned around to meet the class president of 1-B.

"Hello there, Kendo-san." He sent his greeting to her, aware that during his exercise the neck chain of his quirk-suppressing device had popped out from his shirt, exposing both the chain and the cross piece of the device.

Kendo approached gingerly; a bit shy due to stumbling upon the vampire so suddenly. They had gotten a few other classes together, but the martial artist girl had honestly been hoping for an encounter like this. It was a chance for her to express her doubts and questions without being under the eyes of her classmates; she loved them, but they could get overwhelming – specially when it came to dealing with their sister class of 1-A – so she hoped that he was in the mood for a conversation.

"Hey, how is it going?" She replied, approaching him. "Am I being a bother? I see that you were training." She pointed out.

Izuku shook his head. "No worries, I was merely working on a few basic moves." His answer made Kendo nod along, the girl clenching the strap of her bag as she worked the courage to ask her request.

"Well, then…I was wondering…" She began in a low tone, almost stuttering her speech. She mentally kicked herself for appearing to be so nervous. There was no reason either for it, it was merely a request for another training session/spar. She had done so before while the two classes were training.

"Could you spar with me again?" She finally managed to spit it out.

Izuku immediately nodded along. "Sure, it will be better to have a training partner." He tucked in the chain back into his shirt, touching the device making him clench his jaw in an irritated manner.

Kendo let a smile bloom on her lips, the girl dropping her gym bag near the back wall of the building. Taking the time to stretch out, Kendo closed her eyes as she tensed and stretched her muscles. As she opened her eyelids and released a small moan due to her stretches, she found herself under the watchful gaze of the vampire. Itsuka was a bit self-conscious of her body, completely aware that she wasn't a soft looking girl, but nonetheless it felt embarrassing (though quite good too) to be stared at so intently.

She tried to not let any stray thoughts distract her, sure that the vampire was merely waiting for her to be finished warming up so that they could start. She hurried along, feeling a blush creeping up on her cheeks. "I'm all done."

Izuku nodded and approached her.

"How do you want to do this?" He asked.

Kendo pondered for a bit, crossing her arms under her chest. "I really wanted to be able to accomplish a [Flash-step] ever since I saw you do that at the tournament against Ibara, so maybe we start towards that?"

The vampire hummed, his gaze then directed towards her lower body.

"Have you started doing any specific training for your legs?" His question was followed by his approach, the vampire still keeping his gaze locked on Kendo's legs. His pupils changed shape, allowing Izuku's sight to see beyond the common realm.

Kendo felt like squirming under his laser-focus gaze, but she managed to stay mostly still and answer. "I do have my morning runs, and I did some sprint challenges, but so far nothing that specific."

Izuku then squatted while by her side, eyes fully trailed on her calves and outer thighs. "May I?" He requested.

Kendo wondered about his request, but allowed it with a curt Hai to which the vampire then grabbed a firm hold of her muscular leg. Kendo couldn't suppress the yelp that left her mouth, but she soon slapped both her hands over it to avoid letting out any other weird noises.

Izuku examined her leg with a seriousness and focus that the martial artist was used to. He was always serious and professional when it came to these matters, so she chastised herself mentally for almost making matters awkward. Either he had ignored her noise, or he was so focused that he didn't register it in the first place; she wasn't sure which was more embarrassing, so Itsuka contented with remaining still under his touch.

He kept the ministration for a few moments, pressing and tensing the muscles in search of something she wasn't aware of, but Kendo trusted the vampire's actions.

"I'm trying to stimulate certain muscle fibers within your legs, the burden on the body can be quite strenuous when using certain techniques like that. The more developed you are, the easier it is and the more it can be used." His explanation was calmly delivered, his touches leaving behind a trailing tingling sensation.

Itsuka nodded, already aware of such knowledge, yet was too focused on the lingering touches to say anything else.

Then, just as it was getting truly good, the vampire ceased his touches and stood up.

"Ehh, it's done?"

Izuku nodded. "If you want to get any training done today, then that's enough stimulus for now." He provided the explanation while waiting for her to get ready.

The martial artist couldn't help the slight pouting of her lips, but she then pushed it aside and then bowed at the waist. "Then, please teach me, Midoriya-sensei." Kendo joked at the end, seeing Izuku respond by allowing the corner of his lips to curl up into a tiny smile.

He smirked, returning her bow in kind. "Then, my apprentice, shall we spar? Or would you prefer to practice the [Flash-step]?" Humoring her tone, the vampire deepening his voice to sound akin to a wise old sage.

Kendo was a bit taken aback by it, but soon enough played along. While she wanted to rush and learn the technique, the chances of sparing against Izuku were rare. She had plenty of time to practice by herself, so she did a wushu salute, followed by entering her favorite fighting stance.

"Very well, a sparring session it is." The vampire stated, crossing his arms behind his back in a sagely manner. "Begin."

Kendo didn't hesitate to close the distance between the two of them, her form flawless from many hours of intense practice. She tested the waters with a simple combination, launching two well-timed strikes aimed at his face.

The vampire dodged both, his movements minimal, yet allowing him to remain in close quarters against the girl. She had yet to warm up, so he allowed her to continue following with these initial strikes.

The follow-up move was a right chop at neck-height was ducked under, the vampire then stepping backwards to avoid the rising knee that would have hit his abdomen had he remained passive. Still, his arms remained behind his back.

Itsuka let him remain at that distance, the girl trying to gauge his next move. He remained at his place, so she would be forced to engage. Well, so be it! She pondered in her mind, slowly decreasing the distance between them. Once she was in her attacking range, Kendo released her fists and opened her palms, lashing out with a fast jab of her hand – the so-called spear-hand attack.

She managed to get him! Or so she thought, but upon closer inspection he had twisted his body just enough that her attack couldn't even be called a glancing blow.

"Tch!" Clicking her tongue, Itsuka then kept up the pace, forgoing punches in favor of her pointed jabs. All of which were – annoyingly – dodged with great precision.

"Pay attention to your feet. Push the earth to extract more power for your movement." Izuku would also give her tips in how to improve.

Kendo kept on the aggression for a while, yet no noticeable progress was made in her favor. After missing the tenth jab, she pushed a big move and did a jump kick. Izuku dodged, as usual. However, as soon as Kendo landed, she turned around to pursue him, stepping into the dirt floor under her with all she could, her hand pulled back for a palm strike, the girl single-minded in her pursuit.


And then she found herself almost face to face with the vampire.

Her palm was inches away from slamming into his torso, the girl wasting no trying to comprehend what had happened. Expanding her hand as fast as she could, Itsuka felt extreme joy as the blow finally connected. It was then immediately followed by a stinging sensation, almost as if she had slapped a concrete wall. She managed to grow her hand by one-third of its usual size, and it still hurt that much.

The vampire finally moved his hands from his back, grabbing her wrist before she could do much else. He opened her defenses and launched his own rising knee, the blow digging into her torso and hitting almost like a gunshot. Kendo had clenched her muscles as soon as she noticed the movement of his leg, yet the blow almost ended the spar.

Kendo knew she would not withstand a follow-up shot, so she tried to bring the fight to her second-best field: grappling.

Her right wrist had been released, so she grabbed the vampire's shoulder and made her hand continue expanding, her left one aiming for his leg to try and bring him down. She was partially successful, though he soon dashed her hopes of an over-the-top mount. He made use of her pushing momentum to spin and make it so that she was the one with her back to the floor.

Itsuka grunted at the impact, but her honed fighting instincts allowed her to mount a resistance against a complete loss. She immediately wrapped her legs around Izuku's waist, squeezing her thighs as much as she could in an effort to hamper his breathing and tire him out. Her enlarged hands would have little use without leverage, so she reduced them to their normal size in hopes of managing a strangulation front hold.

Izuku seized one of her wrists again, immobilizing her left limb with his superior strength. Her right hand tried to smack him away, but he was faster in his attack. His right hand aimed for her ribs, his blunt claws digging just enough to cause discomfort.

She began panting, trying her best to free her trapped limb while also squeezing him tightly with her legs. Her legs started to cramp up, it being the first time in a long while something like that happened.

"Do you give up?" He asked in his sagely voice.

Kendo clenched her core, trying to show meaningful resistance to the vampire's efforts, but so far it seemed that it was barely inconveniencing him. She held on for a few more seconds, but as his clawed hand dug more into her ribs, Kendo was forced to concede and admit her defeat.

"Hah ah, you are too durable." She commented, releasing the tension accumulated during the short spar.

Izuku chuckled, aware of said fact. "I'm surprised that you managed to pull off a [Flash-step] already."

Kendo blinked owlishly. "Eh? Really?" Her lips bloomed into a pleased smile, the girl certainly pleased at the praise and acknowledgement from the green haired male.

The vampire nodded. "Of course there is grounds for improvement and we need to make sure that you can constantly pull it off, but it you managed to do so. Congratulations."

The martial artist girl was elated. Then, she noticed that they were still in a rather…suggestive pose, with her being on her back while he towered over her body, her legs hooked around his waist in a tight hold. Were anyone to observe the scene, they would certainly assume something other than training had happened.

Itsuka awkwardly laughed, trying to undo her legs. Her smile strained as she felt her lower limbs remain locked in place, a dull pain burning from inside out.

"I can't move my legs?" She stated in surprise, more to herself than to explain to the vampire. She had been feeling her leg muscles cramp after she accomplished the gap closer move, but for it to be this demanding on her body.

Izuku didn't seem bothered by it. He remained as composed as ever, his hands hovering over her thighs. "May I?" He asked her consent, most likely aware of the effects of the usage of the technique.

Kendo nodded, immediately regretting managing to accomplish said move as the moment the vampire's hands touched her legs, static ran through them, leaving a lingering itching feeling that sprouted deep from her muscles. She yelped, wondering why this time it seemed so rough.

"I told you before, right? These techniques require a thoroughly trained body. Their burden on the body is quite heavy." The vampire kept explaining while he also ran his hands down her legs, managing to make them move and freeing himself from her hold. "Deep tissue stimulation through bioelectricity. Hurts like hell, but it is the best way to release locked muscles." He showed her his hands, sparks of neon green lightning buzzing around his open palm.

Itsuka sucked in air through gritted teeth. "No kidding."

The vampire chuckled. "So, enough for today?"

Kendo took a few moments to answer, busy patting down her legs and dusting off any dirt that clung to her back and derriere. She did a few stretches to see her body's condition, and then rotated her shoulders a bit. "I'm still pretty good to go, and we've only spared for fifteen minutes. I still have plenty in the tank to go!"

Izuku's senses noticed a gaze pointed towards them, but the vampire ignored it, opting to continue training along Kendo.

"Just don't complain to me tomorrow when you are all sore and walking bow-legged." He smirked and threw in a joke, seeing Kendo process the words. As she did so, her face flushed, but she took the joke in stride.

"Haha, very funny."

The vampire found it hilarious.


[To be continued]