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Now, on with the show!

Xuan Wu
(Putonghua)- North Wind, God of Martial Arts and Water, Black Turtle of the North, referred to by his human name John Chen or 'Mr. Chen' by Briar
Kwan Yin- a Buddhist icon, Goddess of Mercy, referred to by Briar as 'Miss Mercy'
Bai Hu (Putonghua)- West Wind, White Tiger of the West, Briar's father
Sifu (Cantonese)- Master
Shen- Can mean an Immortal being, similar to a god (mostly found is Chinese mythology) and/or the spirit within a person and the energy of their soul
Chi- Energy that exists in all living things.
Wu shu (Putonghua)- General term for all martial arts
Kata (Japanese)- a set of moves to practice with a weapon or hand to hand
Bái chī (Putonghua)- Idiot, potentially mentally retarded
Bì zuǐ
(Putonghua)- Shut up!
Chikushō (Japanese)- Hell or shit
Cào (Putonghua)- Fuck
Chǔn lǘ (Putonghua)- Jackass
Fèn (Putonghua)- Manure, excrement
Huàidàn (Putonghua)- Literal translation is 'bad egg' but it infers a wicked person so literally a 'bad egg'.
Nǐ hǎo (Putonghua)- A general hello.
Shǎ zi
(Putonghua)- Blockhead
Wǒ de tiān a
(Putonghua)- Oh my God or 'Oh my Sky' [literal translation]
Wǒ kào! (Taiwanese)- Well fuck me/Fuck/Holy shit/Fucking awesome
Xie xie (Putonghua)- Thank you
Zài jiàn (Putonghua)- Good bye
Ho ak (Cantonese)- Okay
Wěi (I believe this is Putonghua)- Hello, a greeting similar to 'hi' in English

"Parent conferences?" Briar asks, confused enough she pauses in drinking her coffee.

"Yes- I know Lydia isn't ready to go back to school yet, but I will be there for yours and hers." Her aunt explains.

Briar nods thoughtfully.

"So… it is an in person report card?" She clarifies, tilting her head.

Cynthia chuckles and nods, eyes twinkling.

"Something like that." She agrees, rising from her chair.

"You ready to go? I'll drop you off at school since Lydia…" Her voice trails off as she tries to come up with an acceptable phrase.

"Is processing what happened?" Briar offers.

"Yes! Ah-! Right, shall we?" Cynthia smiles only slightly awkwardly.

Briar smirks, grabs her mug and accepts the ride to school. She saunters into her first class and sits down, reading a copy of Journey to the West in Cantonese to brush up. It wouldn't do to forget when she would be returning for summer break. The day passes relatively calmly- until Stiles runs up to her and tries to grab her shoulders. Briar twists her torso out of the way of his grasping hands and pivots, allowing Stiles to slam into her locker.

He groans pitifully as he rubs his nose.

"Shit, ow, why did you do that?!"

"You tried to grab me- I reacted shǎ zi." Is Briar's blunt answer as she cocks her hip, staring at Stiles.

"What's the emergency, anyways?" She asks him.

Stiles perks up instantly at the question.

"Have you seen Scott, he's not answering his phone or in his classes and I'm getting worried-" He starts to babble.

"I haven't seen him." Briar crushes his hopes with a sympathetic shrug.

Stiles deflates and groans, rubbing his face.

"Aw hell, and its parent conferences tonight! Scotty's grades are crap, he shouldn't be skipping today of all days!" Stiles laments and Briar pats his shoulder.

"He'll show up- probably in time for fèn to hit the fan." Briar predicts nonchalantly.

Stiles blinks at her and blurts out the first thing that comes to mind.

"Wait, don't you mean shit hits the fan?"

"That's what I said." Briar shrugs, walking to her next class.

"But-! Ooooooh, fèn means shit?" Stiles connects the dots, hurrying to catch up to her.


"… You need to teach me how to swear in Chinese." Stiles mutters.

"Correction- fèn is part of the Putonghua dialect, not 'Chinese'. Chinese is a broad term for all the differing dialects within China that have the same linguistic ancestor as the common denominator. So, if you want to learn swear words, pick the dialect first. The first one was for free." Briar lectures him as she enters her Social Studies class.

Stiles stares after her, stupefied before grinning.

"Is that a yes?"

As it turns out, once Stiles decides to hang out with someone he will follow them everywhere- even the restroom. Briar, who had been tolerant of his worrywart antics, drew the line and cracked down on his behavior- hard.

"No, Stiles."

"But-!" He whines, failing to see what he was doing wrong.

"Stiles, I understand if you forget I'm female, but your sieve of a brain does not change my biology. Now, stay out!" She barks, pointing down the hallway.

Stiles pouts but does as she orders, slumping against the wall. Briar shakes her head, takes care of her business and rejoins him as the final bell rings.

"Still no word?"

"No." Stiles mumbles angrily, glaring at his phone.

Briar shakes her head and stakes out a table in the library, pulling out her copy of Journey to the West again. Stiles fidgets for a while, bouncing his leg until Briar gives up on reading and looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

"What, Stiles?"

"I want to see Lydia." He tells her.

Briar's eyebrow climbs higher.

"… Why?" She asks him.

"I just- I want to make sure she is okay." Stiles sighs, giving her the puppy dog eyes.

Briar is not impressed.

"Stiles, she's at home resting. Don't add to her stress right now," She warns him.

"I just need to see her, okay?" Stiles snaps, grabbing his backpack and stalking away.

Briar shakes her head and tries to get back to her book- only for a bunch of Freshmen to walk in and start chattering. Gritting her teeth, Briar retreats outdoors and finds a bench to claim as hers for the next few hours.

Cynthia smiles wanly at Briar as they walk to her car.

"I'm sorry you were stuck here for so long, but I have steamed pork buns at home." She tells Briar apologetically.

Briar grins at the news.

"Really? Did you get the recipe from Mom?" She teases and Cynthia snorts.

"Obviously! I was warned several times to be careful of Chinese recipes found online so I messaged her this afternoon."

"Ho ak! Sounds great Aunt Cynthia!" Briar cheers.

"Aaah!" A voice screams nearby and Briar stiffens, turning to locate the source.



"Mountain lion!"

Cynthia gasps and Briar grimaces as she quickly dodges a car careening out of the school parking lot.

"Get to the car!" Briar orders her aunt, sprinting towards the commotion.

Tawny eyes flicker over the panicking people and locates a lithe form prowling among the cars. Briar focuses and calls out mentally the way her older half-brothers had shown her one weekend at the Western Palace.

'Leave!' She roars mentally.

The mountain lion stiffens and turns to stare at her intently, surprised.


'Leave! Hunters are coming! Go back to the woods!' Briar orders the big cat.

The mountain lion hesitates but turns tail and races for the cover of the trees, weaving in and out of view before vanishing into the gloom. Briar stifles a sigh of relief, straightening up.

"Dad!" Stiles' voice yells nearby and Briar swears before racing over.

She finds Stiles kneeling next to his father on the ground and she firmly nudges him out of the way.

"Stiles, call an ambulance! Sir, can you hear me?" She demands, pulling out her medic bag.

He nods stiffly and groans.

"Where does it hurt?" She asks him.

"… Leg." He grunts.

Briar nods, checks for blood and thankfully doesn't see any so she pulls out ice packs and activates the chemical reactions. She passes them to Stiles, who is watching her frantically.

"Shake them until they are really cold." She orders him and turns her attention back to the older Stilinskii.

"Sir, does it hurt anywhere else?" Briar asks, checking his other limbs for obvious injuries or breaks.

"Where doesn't it?" He quips weakly.

Briar cracks a small smile at that, relieved in not finding (obviously) broken bones.

"Stay still until the paramedics get here, okay? Looks like you fell hard and honestly, since you're not bleeding it's better to stay still, especially if you got a concussion." Briar tells him.

"Briar! Where are you?!" Cynthia hollers.

"Over here Aunt Cynthia!" Briar yells back, changing her focus to Stiles.

"Stiles, are you injured?" She demands, surprising him.

"Wah-! No, obviously! I wasn't hit by a car!" Stiles sputters.

Briar gives him a look as she folds up her scarf to make a pillow for his dad's head.

"Does anywhere hurt?" She continues her list of questions Leo had drilled into her brain.

"No-! Well, my butt, but that's because I fell!" Stiles snaps.

"Briar, what are you-? Oh, Sheriff Stilinskii!" Cynthia gasps, recognizing the prone figure.

Noah Stilinskii winces as he looks at Cynthia.

"Hi, Cynthia. You alright?" He asks her.

"I'm fine, Briar told me to lock up in the car- before running straight into the worst of it." She says, glaring at her niece.

Briar winces, rubbing the back of her head.

"Whoops?" She offers.

Cynthia narrows her eyes.

"You're grounded." She states flatly.

Briar sighs and Stiles winces at the all too familiar punishment.

"Chikushō." Briar sighs.

The next day, Briar hides her discontent with her current restrictions; no leaving the house aside for school and lacrosse for a week. Lydia had been amused by the whole thing, especially the part where Briar actually got grounded in the first place.

"I think that this is the first time Mom's ever grounded anyone, heavens know she's never done it to me." Lydia comments as they stop by a coffee shop to get their usual fix.

Briar grimaces.

"It's not like I actively wanted to be grounded." She grumbles, leaning back in her seat.

"Regardless, an actual mountain lion was in the parking lot?" Lydia asks, pursing her lips.

"Yup. No mistaking it." Briar confirms.

Lydia frowns as they pull into the parking lot.

"It's still out there?" She inquires.

Briar shrugs.

"As far as I know- it ran off before anyone decided to pull a firearm and shoot it. Which is a dumb idea, especially with all the panicking people running around." She sighs, running a hand through her hair.

"Mhm." Lydia agrees, eyes distant.

"Lydia?" Briar calls softly, pulling the redhead's attention back to the present.

"Hmm? Did you say something?" Lydia asks.

"Not really, just getting your attention." Briar smirks.

Lydia rolls her green eyes at Briar.

"Ha ha. Do you have something actually important to ask or..?"

Briar keeps her smirk in place with an effort of will and reminds herself to not falter.

"Yeah, but we don't have to talk about it now if you don't want to." Briar reassures Lydia.

Lydia purses her lips and stares at Briar critically.

"… It's important, what you want to talk about, isn't it." She states rather than asks.

Briar nods, fighting to keep her body relaxed. Lydia frowns but nods slowly.

"Let's go to the bleachers- it should be empty this time of day." Lydia decides.

Briar breathes out slowly and follows her cousin, sitting next to her as Briar struggles to find the words.

"…Cào. This is harder than I thought." Briar grumbles.

Lydia raises an eyebrow but stays silent, for which Briar is immensely grateful.

"Screw it. Okay, Lydia, if you had the choice of knowing about something versus not knowing- and both choices are not completely safe, which would you pick?"

Lydia grimaces.

"Why do I have the feeling this isn't a metaphorical question?" She wonders.

Briar simply stares at her, waiting (im)patiently. Lydia rolls her eyes.

"Fine. I would rather be informed since ignorance can get me killed." She answers, flicking her hair over her shoulder.

Briar breathes out a silent sigh of relief.

"Okay, but Lydia?" She looks her cousin directly in the eyes and her expression becomes serious.

"Once you know you can't take it back- think of it like Pandora's Box. There is danger in knowing- the kind that can get you hurt. Or worse. Do you still want to know, despite that?" Briar presses.

Lydia glares at Briar.

"You already said both choices weren't safe- and even if one has increased danger, knowing about the danger is better than not being aware." She sniffs.

Briar holds back a snort at Lydia's snark and composes herself.

"… It wasn't a mountain lion at the video store." She says softly to Lydia.

Lydia stiffens and her face pales- but a flicker of something tells Briar she's listening and not just dismissing her words.

"You remember when I asked you what mythological creature the Big Bad Wolf is based off of?" Briar asks, watching her carefully.

Lydia nods.

"Yes, I said I thought it was a-" Her voice catches and Briar can see the puzzle pieces clicking into place.

"… A friend of mine told me once every legend has a grain of truth." Briar tells Lydia, leaning back on her hands.

"Stories that lasted for centuries don't come from nothing- and sometimes, the things that inspired those stories still exist quietly amongst us. I found that out back in China- and its proven true here too."

Lydia licks her lips before attempting to speak.

"Is this related to why McCall is suddenly so much better at lacrosse?" She asks.

Briar nods. Lydia lets out a shaking breath and looks at Briar, emerald eyes sharp.

"What else aren't you telling me? You're not a…"

Werewolf silently hangs unspoken between them.

"No, I'm not. I'm something else. I can tell you more at home, but just… keep an open mind." She pleads with Lydia.

Lydia frowns but nods and Briar sighs with relief.

Part one of Operation: Tell Lydia is over. Part two of Operation: Tell Lydia is going to be the break or make- although Briar doesn't think Lydia will freak out so much if she sees energy work than a werewolf wolfing out on her. Briar is quiet and has to work to contain her nervousness throughout the day as the hours tick by. Eventually the final bell rings and Briar meets up with Lydia by her car. The cousins stand there awkwardly until Lydia unlocks the doors and they both go back home.

Briar beckons Lydia to follow her into her room and locks the door, also pulling the curtains closed. Lydia sits on her bed, watching her closely. Briar rolls her shoulders in an effort to loosen up before sitting cross-legged in front of Lydia.

"Ho ak, so Lydia, you know how I mentioned I met my dad recently?" She starts awkwardly.

Lydia nods, frowning. Briar winces.

"Well, as it turns out, he is what we call a 'Shen' or an Immortal being that's basically a god in China. And so is my boss back in Hong Kong. Michael and I found out we were half Shen when we met Mr. Chen the first time."

Lydia blinks before speaking.

"So… to phrase it in a Western manner, you're essentially a demi-god?"

Briar grimaces but nods. A calculating gleam enters Lydia's eyes as she studies Briar intensely.

"Can you prove it?" She demands.

Briar nods again and focuses, gathering her chi and molding it carefully. A ball of golden light manifests between her hands, spinning slowly in the air. Lydia's expression morphs into stunned shock as Briar opens her eyes and gives Lydia a cocky smirk.

"It's a chi bolt." She explains as she sends it on a slow circuit around the room.

"One of the first energy workings I ever learned."

The ball of chi hovers in front of Briar and sinks back into her hands, vanishing. Lydia releases a slow breath when it disappears.

"Well, that was certainly something."

Briar raises an eyebrow.

"You don't have to sound so disappointed." Briar pouts.

Lydia rolls her eyes.

"Oh please, I just found out my cousins are demi-gods with a womanizing asshole of a god for a father and oh! The supernatural exists. That's totally not earth-shattering or anything." Lydia snarks.

Briar snorts, resting her chin in her palm.

"I didn't even get into the insane crazy shit yet." She teases Lydia.

"I'll have to remember a camera next time." Briar decides, tapping her cheek thoughtfully.

Lydia sniffs haughtily.

"By all means, turn into the vermin called paparazzi- I won't judge you."

"You just did." Briar points out.

"Did I?"


"You must have imagined it." Lydia demurs.

"As if, Lydia." Briar laughs.

They both break out into giggles before leaning against each other, Lydia's head resting on Briar's shoulder.

"So, werewolves huh?" Lydia eventually breaks the comfortable silence.

"Yeah. Angsty bastards from what I've seen. Very high strung and driven by their emotions- particularly when people infer they are incompetent. But their physical skills are nothing to scoff at."

"I suppose that explains Scott's recent rise in lacrosse. But the- the werewolf at the video store wasn't Scott, was it?"

"Nope. That ugly huàidàn is called an Alpha. They lead werewolf packs and can turn humans into werewolves. Oh, and they're stronger and faster than regular werewolves so yeah, not the best news. Werewolves have three ranks in their society; first one, and lowest rank, are the Omegas. They're loners and outcasts, sometimes insane. Werewolves and hunters alike will drive them away or straight up kill them if found trespassing. Next are the Betas. Scott's one and so is Derek Hale; they're the regular run of the mill werewolves. Strong, fast, impressive senses and complete drama queens the lot of them. Their eyes can glow blue or gold. But Alphas have red eyes so that's an easy way to check. And all the animal attacks were the Alpha being an asshole. Any questions?" Briar asks cheerfully.

Lydia sweat drops as she parses the information Briar had essentially vomited.

"No, I think I'm good for right now." Lydia decides.

Briar nods and nudges Lydia's shoulder gently.

"If you do have questions I'll try to answer them as best as I can, okay?" Briar reminds Lydia.

Lydia smirks at Briar.

"Ho ak. You can certainly look forward to it. I am not done prying answers out of you." Lydia warns Briar.

Briar simply laughs.

Briar leans against the doorjamb the next night as she watches Allison, Lydia and Jackson get in his car. Behind her Cynthia is watching her anxiously; Lydia was right about her aunt never having grounded anyone before. She was too nice to maintain the stern mentality needed to ground someone effectively. Briar doesn't look at her aunt as she waves goodbye to the trio before going back inside. She has a mountain of homework to finish if she doesn't want to be doing it during the weekend.

Her phone dings as Stiles sends her a text message but she ignores it as she completes her Chemistry homework. They can manage without her tonight.

Lydia wraps her arms around herself tightly as the other teens yell and argue about what they should do, staring at her phone. The sound of something dripping is driving her crazy but fear sufficiently allows her to ignore it.

"I'm going to call the police." Lydia decides, already dialing.

"What? No! No, no, no, no!" Stiles yelps, trying to snatch the phone from her.

Lydia turns away from him and waits for the dispatch to answer her.

"9-1-1 what's your emergency?"

"Yes, we're at Beacon High School and we're trapped and we need you-"

"Miss. We were tipped off ahead of time letting us know about prank calls coming in about a break-in at the high school."

"What-? No! Someone died!" Lydia snaps, bristling.

"If you do try to call again then I will trace this call and have you arrested for wasting police time." The dispatcher informs her and then a click tells Lydia they hung up on her.

Lydia numbly lowers the phone.

"She hung up on me."

"The police hung up on you?" Allison asks in disbelief.

"She said she got a tip warning them there would be prank calls from the high school about a break-in." Lydia says coldly, anger building inside her as she glares down at the phone.

"She said if I call again they would trace the call and arrest me."

"Well, call them again!" Allison pushes.

"No, they won't trace the call. They'll send a car to your house first before sending one here." Stiles grimaces and she shares a look with him.

We're screwed. They think simultaneously.

"What-what-what even is this?!" Allison gasps, staring to hyperventilate.

Lydia's ears being to ring as the group dissolves into panic.

"Why does Derek want to kill us?! What does he want?!" Allison explodes, all but vibrating with stress.

All eyes turn to Scott, who stiffens under the scrutiny.

"Why are you all looking at me?" He demands harshly.

"Maybe because you're the one who said it was Derek? I mean, you and Stiles the only ones who seem to know what's going on here. You might as well tell us what happened before we got here." Lydia folds her arms, pinning Scott with a judgmental stare.

"I can't-!"

"Can't what, Scott? Tell us why you're here in the middle of the night? Tell us how you know it was Derek Hale who murdered the janitor? Because you're claiming quite a bit and yet there's no evidence!" Lydia hisses.

Scott's eyes flicker to Stiles in panic as he tries to come up with an excuse. Lydia grits her teeth and tries to read between the lines.

"Scott, are you absolutely certain Derek was the one who killed the janitor? It's dark and you might not have seen who you thought you saw. Or was it a mountain lion again?" Lydia pushes, green eyes flinty.

He flinches but hides his panic, firming his expression into a serious mask.

"It was Derek. He killed everyone."

Lydia scowls as the group explodes into an argument again, wishing Briar was there- she freezes at the thought.


The police wouldn't come- but Briar would. Lydia quicky punches in Briar's phone number and bites her lip as she waits anxiously for her cousin to answer.


"Briar, we're at the school and the janitor is dead-!"

"Wow, slow down. Why are you at the school?"

"Because someone texted Allison with Scott's number telling her to come here but he doesn't have his phone, apparently! Oh, and we're trapped by a psychotic murderer but the police won't come because they were tipped off someone might be prank calling them!"

"Ho ak, Lydia, listen to me carefully. Find a room, a lab, somewhere with a fire alarm and pull it. I'm on my way but the fire alarm will bring fire fighters and the police. They're obligated by state law plus it'll be a nice distraction and cover up any sounds you make."

Lydia purses her lips and Stiles notices she is on the phone again.

"Who are you talking to?" He asks, sidling up to her.

Lydia makes a hushing motion as she listens to her cousin.

"Alright, we'll do that. And I want those stiletto hairpins, asap."

"Forget the hairpins I'm teaching you self-defense. Don't hang up, okay? I'll find you, but I need you to be the awesome Lydia we all know you to be. Out-think the bastard, use chemicals to fuck them up, improvise."

Lydia nods and heads for the door leading upstairs, pushing it open.

"Lydia! Shit, what are you doing?!" Stiles yelps as he follows her.

"Come on! We can't stay here, idiots!" She snaps angrily.

The other teens look at each other and follow as she charges for the labs; Briar was right, there are plenty of things she could do with chemicals. Behind her she can hear something heavy running after them but Lydia focuses on finding an unlocked classroom door. Finding one she yanks it open and gestures for everyone to get inside. They do so and Lydia talks into her phone again.

"Okay, we made it to a lab Briar."

"Wǒ kào! There should be fire alarms in there and chemicals for you to use as weapons. If you can't get into something, break it open. Your lives come first, and if you're lucky you get to deal with the consequences later."

"Briar's on the phone?" Jackson says, a thoughtful expression crossing his features.

"Wait, you got ahold of Briar?! Let me talk to her!" Stiles demands.

Everyone starts chattering and arguing and Lydia can't hear and she wants to scream-!

She opens her mouth and a screech bursts out of her, rattling the windows, doors and making Scott collapse in agony. Lydia closes her mouth and everyone stares at her wide-eyed as she regains her composure.

"… Lydia, was that you, because if it wasn't then you guys have a serious problem." Briar's voice breaks the sudden silence in the lab.

Lydia chokes back a sob. God, she loves her cousin!

"It- that was me." She admits.

"… Huh. We'll deal with that shit later, put me on speaker." Briar orders.

Lydia taps the screen and everyone jumps as Briar talks to the group.

"Ho ak, everyone that's there listen up! Right now, there's no rules save survive and don't leave anyone behind! Everything is a weapon and Lydia is a wonderful genius with chemicals so she can probably make a bomb or something, lucky you! I'm on my way, but your goal is to not engage the enemy! I repeat, DO. NOT. ENGAGE. One of you should pull the fire alarm for cover and to get emergency responders to the school."

"But-! But they said they won't come-!" Allison stammers.

"Legally, they must. It's state law Allison." Briar reassures her.

"But what if Derek tries to kill them? We'll just be adding to the slaughter!" Stiles snaps.

Another short pause before Briar speaks again.

"Stiles, Scott. You're both dumbasses. Pull the fucking fire alarm." Briar says coldly.

"But-!" Scott tries to protest.

"Wǒ de tiān a, bì zuǐ bái chī! If I were there, I would be breaking both of your fucking faces! Fun fact, killers don't like large groups of public officials like the police! If, and this is a big if mind you, they are bold enough to stick around they won't risk exposing themselves! Now pull. The. Alarm!" Briar hisses through the speaker.

Jackson breaks the glass and yanks the handle before Scott or Stiles have the chance to argue. The alarm wails, piercing and flashing brightly. Lydia sees Briar hang up and then text her she is about three minutes away and to make weapons. She snaps her eyes up and glares authoritatively at the other sophomores.

"Break that cabinet open." She orders as she fetches beakers and flasks.

Hesitantly, the rest of the teens oblige.

"Wh-what are you going to make?" Allison asks, having to speak directly into Lydia's ear to be heard.

"A self-igniting Molotov Cocktail." Lydia replies as the boys start lining up bottles of chemicals before her.

"Oh." Allison mumbles, stepping back warily.

Briar whips around a corner, causing Lydia's car to go on two wheels for a moment but it settles back down when she straightens out. Silently thanking her brief stint with Na Zha teaching her and Michael how to drag race Briar guns it. Soon enough (considering she broke the speed limit) Briar pulls into the school parking lot and slings her sword over her shoulder as she slams out. Before she heads inside Briar quickly focuses and creates a barrier around Lydia's car. She would rather not walk home tonight.

To her relief she can hear and see the wailing of the fire alarms.

Good, they did actually listen. She mentally sighs in relief.

Moving fast Briar scans the parking lot and notes Stiles' torn up Jeep and Derek's Camaro- and the bloodied body on the ground. Swearing, Briar crouches down and checks for a pulse. Thankfully she finds one. Grimacing, she focuses and pulses some healing chi into the poor bastard- who grabs her wrist with bruising strength. Green eyes open and Derek stares up at Briar, who has a raised eyebrow and a small smirk on her face.

"Wha-what are you looking at?" He wheezes.

"You, dipshit. And I must say, you're not even a pretty dipshit right now." She quips.

"What's that godawful noise?" Derek groans.

"Fire alarm. I'm heading in, you good to go?" Briar asks briskly.

Derek grimaces but drags himself onto his feet, leaning against his car. Briar scans the top of the high school for movement and is both relieved and uneasy when she doesn't see any. Shrugging to herself, Briar searches for obvious entrances aside from the doors- she can already see the dumpster blocking one exit. A broken window near the second floor catches her eye and she smiles wickedly.

"Nice of the huàidàn to leave a way in." She hums and blurs.

Derek blinks in shock as she covers the distance to the broken window in seconds- something he would be hard pressed to accomplish. Briar doesn't stop once she reaches the wall and keeps running right up it. A spider-web patterned crack forms on the wall from the pressure her feet but she ignores it in favor of defying gravity and leaps through the window. Derek silently wonders who the hell Briar actually is. Meanwhile, Briar lands lightly on the shards of broken glass, scanning both directions of the hallway before moving for the labs upstairs. The fire alarms are incredibly annoying but since she's counting on that to fuck up the Alpha's senses she'll deal with it.

Focusing, Briar quiets her mind and feels for other sources of life within the school. Down the hall and to the left she can sense only four people huddled together. Lydia and the others- but why is one of them missing?! Down, beneath her feet and a distance in front of her she can feel two other presences; one is afraid, confused but submissive. The other is angry and frustrated yet also satisfied and calculating as the submissive one moves towards where she can sense Lydia and the others, pausing outside the room they're in. Gritting her teeth, Briar moves faster, spotting a dark figure ahead of her.

Despite the wailing alarms they sense her and turn- and Briar snarls soundlessly as she takes in Scott's murderous wolfed-out face. Scott opens his mouth and bellows, charging at her with a sudden burst of speed. Briar pegs his speed at about a Level 30 to 35 demon- fast enough to tear a regular human to shreds. Sadly, she isn't an average Jane Doe which she quickly proves by side stepping his rush and sweeping his legs with her sheathed sword. Scott tumbles but quickly flips onto his feet, spinning to face her with a growl, presumably, since the alarms are still blaring.

Briar rolls her eyes as her hands glow gold with chi.

"Well? What are you waiting for, shǎ zi?" Briar taunts him.

Scott's eyes flash with anger as he charges again, slashing with his claws. Briar stays calm, redirecting his swipes away from her body while slamming a thrust kick into his stomach. He staggers but regains his balance quickly, lunging close in an attempt to rip her throat out. Briar hits him with a palm strike to the chin, forcing his mouth shut and continues the backwards motion by driving him head first into the floor. Cracks form from the impact and Briar quickly knocks him out by hitting a pressure point on the back of his neck. Scott slumps loosely- and Briar stills when she senses the calculating angry werewolf right behind her.

Briar surges into a diagonal roll, ducking under the swipe of the Alpha's claws and spins to face him. The Alpha bares his fangs in a menacing snarl, crimson eyes glowing in the darkness as he lunges again. Briar twists out of the way of his next attack, drawing her sword fluidly and uses it to deflect his claws. With Dark Tiger in her hands, the reassuring feeling of metal allows her to focus, blocking out her worries and fears. There is only the fight- no more, no less.

Parry, sidestep, diagonal slash, duck swipe, horizontal strike, pivot, deflect, stab-!

They blur as they attack, counter-attack, evade and rush each other. Briar gets a bruising hit to the ribs but manages to stab the Alpha in the lung before flying backwards, tumbling. She flips onto her feet, sword at the ready-! The Alpha halts his charge, eyes narrowing at something outside. Briar doesn't let her guard down, watching him warily. Crimson eyes flicker to her and a bone-shaking snarl leaves his maw before he bounds off, disappearing from sight. Briar doesn't relax until she senses him retreating into the woods. She wipes her sword on Scott's prone body, sheathes it and hurries down the hallway.

She reaches the door and curses under her breath when she sees the broken key jammed in the keyhole. Focusing on the tiny piece of metal, Briar uses her power over metal to pull it right out of the lock and opens the door- only to block a punch to the face.

"Watch it!" Briar snaps, glaring at Jackson.

"Briar?! You made it?" Allison gasps, running over.

"Oh, thank god." Stiles sighs in relief when he sees her.

Lydia marches over to Briar and holds out her hand expectantly. Briar rolls her eyes but pulls out a set of needle-like steel hairpins decorated with rose gold flowers and rubies.

"Aim for the eyes, throat or joints. Or soft spots." She instructs Lydia.

Lydia nods, eyes gleaming in a way that would make Briar worried normally but at this point? She gives no shits about who the unlucky ass is that Lydia is going to inflict stab wounds upon. Briar turns to the rest of them and gestures for them to follow her.

"Let's go."

"Wait, what about Scott?!" Stiles demands, staring at her.

Briar gives him a flat glare.

"Currently laying on the floor out cold. Oh, and the police and fire department showed up too." She tells him curtly.


"Grab him if you want." Briar snaps and leads the way out of the lab.

With a lot of grumbling, Stiles, Jackson and Allison follow Briar and Lydia as they race down the hallway. When they stumble on Scott's body Allison's face goes through a complicated series of gymnastics. Briar makes no move to help pick up the insensate werewolf. Stiles, ever loyal Stiles, manages to lift Scott's dead weight on his shoulders. Stiles staggers but stubbornly carries on, the group moving at his pace when they are met by officers. Questions are fired and the teens are bustled outside. An ambulance is called and Briar sits, content to wait it out.

Briar scans the parking lot and spots Lydia's car exactly where she left it- but Derek is gone and so is his car. Silently she reflects it might be for the best- wounded, Derek is no help to anyone. Not to mention the extremely flimsy but emotional accusations of murder- gods, what was Scott thinking?! Briar dissipates the barrier she made so as to not tip off the humans that something weird is afoot. She watches as Scott wakes up and Allison publicly breaks up with him, Lydia sitting next to her. The cousins share glances of resignation as Cynthia shows up, frazzled and worried sick.

Thankfully, Sheriff Stilinski still has to question them so they get a temporary reprieve. Unfortunately, he gets stuck on a particular point.

"So, Lydia calls you after she tried the police and tells you a serial killer is at the school- and you get in the car and go to pick her up?" Noah asks in mild disbelief.

"Yup." Briar nods.

"And you said you saw Derek Hale outside the school, unconscious, when you arrived."


"Care to elaborate?"

Briar shrugs.

"He was laying on the ground by a car I didn't recognize- he had a pulse but didn't stir when I tried to get a response. I went inside, found Scott unconscious on the floor, got hit by something in the ribs and knocked me down. Didn't really see who since it was dark. By the time I got up again whoever it was had left so I went and got them out of the chem lab. And then you guys showed up." Briar jerks her thumb towards Lydia, Stiles, Jackson and Allison.

Noah grimaces but nods, clearly exhausted.

"Thank you, Briar. The station will contact your aunt if we need to ask you further questions."

"Sure thing." Briar acquiesces.

Cynthia marches over and grabs both cousins by the arm, pulling them to her car.

"Briar, drive Lydia's car back. Both of you are grounded!"

Lydia pouts but doesn't protest when Briar vigorously shakes her head in warning. It doesn't take long after they all arrive home for Cynthia to lay down the rules; no leaving the house aside for school or lacrosse practice, no allowance for a month (Lydia grimaces at that one) and no parties. When they are finally left alone Lydia sighs and flops backwards on her mountain of pillows.

"What a night." She groans.

Briar flops down next to her with an identical groan.

"At least none of you got eaten…"

Lydia chuckles weakly then turns to hug Briar tightly. Briar doesn't say anything about how Lydia is shaking, simply hugging her back.

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