After Shantae got them a boat to borrow, they head out with Danny looking over the sea. He heard Shantae walk up and turn to face her. He was surprised to see that he was wearing an open vest and a purple bandana with a skull on it.

"Ahoy there first mate!" She said.

Danny blinks before smiling.

"Wow, you look like a pirate." He said.

"Really? Thanks! This vest is something I wore when I lost my magic." Shantae said before tossing Danny a sword.

"Now, show me what you can do, First Mate," Shantae said pulling out her sword.

Danny blinks before holding up his sword.

"Sure thing, Captain!" Danny said smiling.

The two then started to swing their swords, hitting each other. The two smiles before sword fighting each other. They didn't try to hit each other but they were having fun. Danny then dodges one of Shantae's swings before flying up to the mast. Shantae looks up before running towards the master before running up it. Danny watch as she jumps off and grabs a rope before swinging up to Danny and land on the mast, smiling.

"Show off," Danny smirks, impress.

They started to sword fight again still having fun. What they didn't know is another boat was behind them, following theirs. On it was the Fenton Family. Jack was a bit upset that he didn't have a ghost weapon as Maddie made sure to stay on their tail well making sure not to get too close. Jazz sighs, as she knew why her parents was doing this.

"Mom, Dad, let's head back." She said and want for the answer she knew was coming.

"No way! That ghost is dangerous and he must be stopped!" Jack shouted.

"Plus with that medallion, he might be more dangerous than ever," Maddie added.

"And how do you know?" Jazz asked getting them to turn to her.

"How do you know Phantom is dangerous? How do you know he going to "take over the world"?" Jazz added.

"What do you mean?" Maddie asked.

"Did you guys forget what Danny told you? Phantom is not a ghost that wants to take over the world! There are times I can't stand you two! Sometimes I even hate you!" Jazz said annoyed.

Both of them look at her in shock. Jazz sighs and faces them.

"Mom, Dad. For scientists, you don't look at all the facts in front of you. You always jump the gun, just because we had one bad encounter doesn't mean all ghosts are evil." Jazz told them.

"If that's true, then why are they fighting each other?" Jack asked as he looks through the spyglass.

Jazz took it and look through it. She then lowly it and sighs.

"They're messing around. They're not trying to hurt each other. You jump the gun again Dad." Jazz said shaking her head.

"But..." Jack started to say but Jazz was growling annoyed.

"But nothing! Shantae and Danny are getting along just fine! Phantom is not the first ghost that came to Sequin Land after being mistreated. Mom, Dad, me and Danny are not like you. We have our own dreams and we want to be what we want when we grow up. Just because you are Ghost Hunters doesn't mean you're right all the time." She said.

Jazz walk below deck as the two marry Fenton's look at each other confused.

Back at Danny's and Shantae's ship, the two was sword fighting on top of the mast before Danny jumps off and grabs a rope before swing around. Shantae smiles before doing the same. They swing past each other hitting their swords against each other while making sure not to cut their ropes. However, they were having so much fun that they didn't notice the ropes twisting together and tied them up, causing their faces to be close to each other.

"Um..." Shantae said blushing.

"Um..." Danny said also blushing.

The two just stared at each other as their cheeks turn red. Shantae turns to move away but she was too tied up with Danny to get free.

"Um, hang on," Danny said before grabbing Shantae's hand.

He phases them out of the ropes and flew back down to the deck. The two teens just stared at each other before leaning close. They started to close their eyes as they got close but a splash of water knock them out of their trace.

"Aw, man! Yuck!" Danny said spitting out some of the seawater.

"Augh! Great." Shantae said as she tries to dry herself off.

"Here, let me help," Danny said and phase the water off them.

"Thanks, Danny." She said smiling.

They just stared into each other eyes before they went back to their spots. But both of them notice that they almost kiss.

'Shantae is one amazing girl. Not only can she fight but she knows when to have fun! Still, she way more beautiful then I thought. I did say if I was to pick between her and Paulina, I'll pick Shantae hands down. Maybe I should tell her about my feelings?' Danny thought.

'Danny is way different than the boys I ever met. He funny, kind, and very...handsome. I think I know why Giga and Selena like him. Maybe I do too? I guess that I could tell him about how I feel.' Shantae thought.

Before either of them could think of telling each other about their feelings, Shantae saw Saliva Island ahead.

"Hey, Danny! We're just about to reach Saliva Island! I'm going to pull us to a place where we can dock!" She said.

"Sure thing!" Danny said.

The two steps off the ship and looks around the Island.

"So, where do you think this temple is?" Danny asked her.

"Not sure. I know where the Labyrinth is. Maybe we could start there?" Shantae said.

"Worth a shot," Danny said.

The two head off before another pull up and the Fentons follow after them. Danny and Shantae walk through the rock field and saw some waterfalls. It wasn't long before they heard a roar of a waterfall and steps up to it.

"Okay, this is where the Labyrinth is," Shantae said.

Danny looked up and saw that a giant lizard over them and the waterfall was coming from its mouth! Danny looks at Shantae who notices his look.

"Um, yeah, I need to get in and Twitch and Vinger wanted some water to play in. And well..." Shantae trail off as Danny places the pieces together.


Shantae just looks away remembering she didn't have the heart to tell them about that. Still, they did help her. She looks up and notices that there was a cave close by that wasn't there before.

"Strange...That cave wasn't there before." She said walking up to it.

"You sure?" Danny asked stepping up as well.

Before she could answer, their medallions started to float out of their pockets and hover in front of them.

"Looks like we are on the right track," Danny said grabbing his medallion.

Shantae nodded and grabs hers before they headed inside. Jack and Maddie try to rush after them but the cave seal shut, stopping them. Jack tries to open the cave back up but was unsuccessful. Jazz walks up and sighs, knowing this would happen.

"Mom, Dad, come on. If there is a temple in there then we can't enter it." Jazz said.

"We can't let that ghost get any stronger!" Jack said trying to lift the opening.

Jazz groans and turns away.

"Fine! Go and "stop" him! I just hope you two are ready to face the consequences when you learn the truth!" Jazz said, knowing it wasn't her place to tell them who Phantom really was.

"Jasmine, what has gotten into you?" Maddie asked.

"What has gotten into you two?! All you care about is destroying Ghosts! You don't care that some are good and want to leave others alone! But, nooo! you have to be right! You have to think that they are evil! You have to ignore the truth! I know who Phantom is and how he wants nothing more than to keep others safe. Maybe if you two took the time to know and understand ghosts, you might have seen that you were wrong about them!" Jazz yelled.

Jack and Maddie look at her in shock.

"Jazzy, what do you mean you know who Phantom is?" Jack asked.

"Sorry, Dad but it's not my place to tell. But I will say that you are wrong about him. I'm heading back to the boat." Jazz said and walks away.

Jack and Maddie look at each other before face the seal off cave, not sure what to do.

Danny and Shantae reach the temple but didn't see any Blood Blossoms this time. They walk up to the temple and notices two drawings on it. One was the shape of a monkey, the other was the shape of a wolf puppy.

"Strange, what does this mean?" Danny asked looking at them.

"Not sure," Shantae said looking at the drawing of the monkey.

For some reason, she thought it looks familiar. Almost like...

"Wait." She said before back away.

Danny watches her belly dance and transforms into a monkey. She then pointed at the draw of the Wolf Puppy then at Danny. Danny blinks before getting the idea.

"Oh! So those are drawings of our animal forms. Okay then, I need to be human for this." Danny said and turns back.

He then bellies dance and transforms into a wolf puppy. The Danny barks at Shantae who chanted back. Danny then sniffs the ground and starts to sniff along the ground. Shantae spotted something at the top of the temple door and climb up it. Danny stops and started to dig. He found a button as Shantae found another one. They push them both and the temple door opens. Shantae climbs back down and they both turn back to normal.

"Well, this is different," Danny said as he turns into his ghost form.

"Yeah." Shantae agrees and they headed inside.

Okay, I need some time to think of the puzzles for this temple. And remember, I'm not good at making puzzles but I'll try my best. Danny and Shantae have noticed their feelings towards each other but it will be a bit longer before they get together. And remember Vlad and Risky are watching them.

mdizzle, I know about DeviantArt. I'm a member on the site but I rarely use it now these days, even before the new look. Danny's got one more girl that will flirt with him but that's is later.

Danny's Animal Transformations are still going to be part of this story. There will be some temples that will stop him from using his ghost powers so what better way to help him overcome them with animal transformations of his own that only works for his human form?