/Hey! I hope you enjoy this crossover! I thought that this was a really interesting idea.

The spells are going to be italicized and bold.

Anyways, enjoy the story!/

The moon shines brightly in the sky. A light breeze sweeps through the plains in northern England. Suddenly, five figures appear out of nowhere.

"My Lord, are you sure we are at the right place?"

"Yes. The being that will guarantee our win against Potter is behind this barrier. The Third Fairy King: Harlequin."

The Dark Lord raises his wand as he points it in front of him.

"Be gone barrier," he shouts as an electric blue light leaves the tip of his wand.

Sparks fly as the spell hits the invisible barrier. The blue light travels along the barrier. The Dark Lord smiles as cracks appear on the barrier. With one final crack, a hole appears in the barrier. He smiles as he steps through the barrier.

"Come now. We need to get to the Sacred Tree. That is where we will find him," Lord Voldemort states.

"My Lord. How do you know so much about the Fairy King's Forest," Lucius Malfoy ask Voldemort as they walk father away from the barrier.

Lucius glance back to see that the hole in the barrier is gone.

"There was an old leather book at Hogwarts that talked about this forest. It depicted it as a mere myth. But that is not true. In books of old, it goes on about Holy Knights and a group of seven powerful knights that wielded old magic," the Dark Lord explains. "He was one of those knights. And all of the books have said that he is the strongest Fairy King that ever lived."

"And what is your plan My Lord? He has been dead for centuries," Bellatrix Lestrange says from behind the Dark Lord.

"It has been said that the bodies of old fairies from long ago do not rot."

"So you plan on bringing him back to life," Lucius spoke off from the Dark Lord's right side.

"No. I plan on making his body a puppet of some sort," Voldemort states as they stop walking. "His soul should be long gone. Besides, he would not understand our cause."

Bellatrix, Lucius and the other Death Eater stop as the look up at the Sacred Tree. Voldemort smiles wickedly as he looks up the tree.

"Time to claim what is mine."

"Ban. We got unpleasant visitors," Elaine tells her lover. "They came to steal Brother's body."

"Well then, we can't let them do that," Ban says as he stops cooking the food. "Let's go teach them a lesson, shall we?"

"Yes. Let's go," Elaine says as she stands up.

Elaine floats next to Ban as they head towards the entrance to the Sacred Tree.

"I think it would be better that I confront them first. We don't know who they are and if they have anything up their sleeves," Ban tells Elaine as they reach the entrance.

"Alright. Call if you need me," Elaine says as she kiss Ban on the cheek.

"Don't worry. I will," Ban says as Elaine flies a bit deeper into the tree.

Ban looks outside as the masked figures get closer to the tree. Ban glares at them as they come to a stop, about 100 feet from him.

"What they hell do you want," Ban demands. "You weren't invited and the forest have been fighting against you. I would leave before you're killed."

"No. We will get what we came for and you won't stop us," Voldemort states as he raise his wand and he levels it at Ban. "Goodbye. Avada Kedavra"

A green light shoots out of the tip of Voldemort's wand and hits Ban in the center of his chest. He goes flying back and Voldemort smiles.

"Let's go. That won't keep him down for long," Voldemort tells his followers as they walk right in.

A sudden gust of wind forces them back. The Death Eaters look up to see Elaine floating above them.

"You are not welcomed here. I won't let you complete your task," Elaine tells them as another blast of wind pushes them back more.

"Stupefy," Lucius says as a red light flies at Elaine.

She moves out of the way and the spell hits the tree.

"Now then~. Time to have some fun~," Ban says as he stands back up.

"Distract them. I'll complete the mission," Lord Voldemort commands as he heads towards the resting place of the Third Fairy King.

"No you don't," Elaine says as she sends wind at him.

"Accio fairy," Bellatrix says as Elaine jerks towards her.

The wind stops for a second and it's enough time for Voldemort to slip away.

"Ban! Stop him! I can hold my own against the ones that are here," Elaine tells her lover. "Protect Harlequin!"

"Got it," Ban says as he heads after him.

"No you don't! Avada Ke-" Bellatrix's spell was cut off as she and the rest of the Death Eaters are forced flying backwards.

Elaine floats high above them as she glares down at them.

"I won't let you win."

Voldemort weaves through the paths as he looks for the Third Fairy King's body.

"Where is it? The book said that he is the only Fairy King to have his resting place in the forest. The others were put in the Fairy Realm," Voldemort mutters out as he takes the path to the left.

After a couple more twist and turns, he reach his destination. His smile falls as he notice the light blue-haired man from before.

"You! How did you get here before me," Voldemort demands as he points his wand at him.

"The tree protects it's own kind. Anyone who is stupid enough to try and harm them will met it's wrath," Ban sys as he glares at Voldemort. "I won't let you use Harlequin in your own selfish plans."

"It's not like you can stop me," Voldemort says as a cocky smirk appears on Ban's face.

"We'll see about that."

Ban leaps at Voldemort as he starts to fire spells off at him. Ban dodges them as he decrease the distance between them. Ban pulls his right arm back as he throws a punch at Voldemort. He curse as he turns into smoke and appears across the room. This pattern continues for some time. Whenever Ban tries to hit Voldemort, he turns to smoke and appears in a different part of the room.

'Dammit! How the hell can I beat him if he keeps jumping around the room,' Ban thinks as he tries to grab Voldemort again.

"Petrificus Totalus!"

Ban's body stiffens as he falls over.

"Perfect timing Lucius. Is that fairy taken care of," Voldemort as him.

"Bellatrix and the other two should be able to keep her busy."

"Perfect. Now to complete the reason we came here. Make sure this one doesn't break free," Voldemort tells Lucius as he walks over to the Third Fairy King's body.

"DON'T YOU DARE LAY A FINGER ON HIM," Ban shouts out as Lucius rebinds him.

"Quiet fool," Lucius says.

Voldemort smirks as he holds his wand over his target. He then starts to mutter the spell as he waves his wand in certain motions. Lucius conjures rope as they wrap around Ban as he struggles to free himself. Voldemort soon finish the spell and he takes a step back.

"The time has come for us to rule the Wizarding World," Voldemort states.

With that, amber eyes open.