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Ban's POV

"Will he be alright," Elaine ask me as the silence becomes to much. "Will Harlequin be fine?"

Tear start to roll down her cheeks as she hiccups. I wrap my arms around Elaine and I pull her into a hug. I make sure that I don't harm her wings as she sit in my lap.

"He'll be fine. Merlin won't let anything happen to him. Not on her watch," I reassure Elaine as she buries her head into my shoulder.

We stay in that position for some time. Elaine soon calms down and she shifts in my lap.

"You all better?"

"Yeah. Let's go make Harlequin some food. I know his favorite dishes," Elaine says as she looks up at me.

"Sounds like the perfect way to past the time. Well~, one way," I say smirking as Elaine blushes.


"Ok~ fine. Let's get everything we need for the meal," I say as we enter the kitchen.

"Alright! Let's do this!"

Merlin's POV

"Did you get everything that I need," I as Gowther as he enters the room

"Yes. You sure that it will help stabilized King?"

"Yes," I say as I grab the four gemstones from him. "I already got the medicines for him."

"Then why make him the necklace," Gowther ask.

"The medicines won't be able to help him. The necklace will."

"Ok. I guess you're going to explain everything once we meet Ban and Elaine for dinner."

"Indeed. I don't feel like repeating myself."

"Fair enough," Gowther says as I walk towards the table that King is laying on. "I'll be reading if you need."

Gowther then leaves the room and I turn towards King.

"H-how much longer," he mutters out as he opens his amber eyes a bit.

"One more hour. Then we'll let you rest until we head back to Ban and Elaine," I tell him as I brush some of his hair out of his face. "Go back to sleep. The less you move about and think, the better you will feel."

King nods his head as he close his eyes and he falls back asleep. I carefully place the four gemstones in a diamond shape with some strong, light, black string in the center. I then start the spell that will help King.

King's POV

"-ink he will be fine," a muddled voice speaks as I slowly open my eyes.

I look around to see that my surroundings are all blurry. A groan leaves my lips as I try to sit up. A firm, but gentle hand stops my from sitting up.

"Whoa there King. You don't have the energy to sit up just yet," a female voice says as I recognize it.


"Glad to see that death doesn't stop you from remembering me," Merlin says as I blink a couple of times.

My vision soon clears up and I see that I'm on a bed. I look around to see that Gowther is also with us. I can feel a dull headache as I take a breath.

"What happened? I remember being with Ban after that wizard ran away. Then intense pain and I link I was coughing up blood."

"Your body was basically trying to reject your soul. I have a couple of theories why, but we can talk more once we get back to the Sacred Tree."

"What?! Then how am I still here," I say as I shot up into a sitting position, only for my headache to intensify.

"No sudden movements King. You're still adjusting to everything. The reason why you are still here is because of that gemstone necklace you're wearing. I made it to help stabilize your soul in your body. Now then, we got three hours before we go and have dinner with Ban and Elaine. If I were you, I would rest up. You will need all the energy that you can get. The road ahead will be a tough one to walk."

"I'll watch over King while he sleeps," Gowther says. "It would be wise to have someone watch him until we are certain there are now drawbacks."

"Good idea. Also, eat this King," Merlin says as she holds up a bottle with yellow star-shape pills in it. "You will need to eat this every time you wake up. Doesn't matter if it's from a nap or after a nights sleep. This will help you adjust."

"Ok. Anything else I need to know," I ask as I eat one of the pills.

A burst of fruit flavor explodes in my mouth as I swallow. Merlin places the bottle with the rest of the yellow star-shape pills on the side table.

"Yes. You won't be able to change out of your base form for more than a couple of minutes. These will help you replenish the energy you lost. You must take one after you turn back into your base form," Merlin explains as she hands me a bottle with purple bulb-shape pills in it.

"Ok," I say as I release a yawn. "I think I'll take your suggestion and have a nap."

"Wise choice King. I'll be working on some of my other experiments in my lab. Call if anything happens," Merlin says as she teleports away.

I lay back down in the bed as Gowther gets comfortable in the chair that's next to my bed. He grabs a book and he opens it up. I get comfortable as I snuggle more into Chastiefol.

"Night," I mutter out as my eyes flutter close.

"Goodnight King," Gowther says as I quickly fall asleep.