My Life Is Forever Changed

AN: I was always a big fan of "16 and Pregnant" on MTV so as I'm just sitting here. I might as well start with the first episode. This story will be like it but not quite. I will have the girls do POV's and go into third person as well. The lines mean a break like it's a real episode. It's gonna be like that show but with a different name.

Rayne, Isabella, Jaxie, Hailee & Harleigh & Alli are going to be teen moms out of Zaya & Cailey's daughters. They will have their own story in this story and also the story that goes along with one. I'll figure something out with that because of the age difference between the girls.

Episode 1: "Rayne"

Rayne's P.O.V.

Hey, I'm Rayne! I'm 17 years old. I live in Boston Massachusetts with my mom, Bailey, my dad, Cody, and my brothers, Stephen, Christian, and Tristian and my sisters, Everleigh, Harleigh, Avalanna and Aliannah and Aleeah. I love hanging out with my friends and my cousins. My boyfriend, Jake and I have been together for over 2 years and everything is going good. I'm a cheerleader, soccer player and A+ student. But, everything is about to change because I'm pregnant.

June, 24, 2032

My parents didn't take the news of the pregnancy very well. Especially my dad. He totally flipped out on me. He didn't think I should be having a baby now but I am. I'm now 24 weeks pregnant. I'm having a baby girl and we're naming her Rawlings Everleigh. I'm so excited to see my baby girl.

I walked into the kitchen to see my parents making breakfast. I'm due in October. I'll be going into my sophomore year in early December. My boyfriend, Jake is 19 and is going to the community college two hours away. It wasn't his real plan, but after learning about my pregnancy, he changed from Yale to the community college. I begged him to go to Yale, but he wouldn't go. At least I know he's in this with me.

Rayne smiled at her parents. "Hey, Mom. Hey Daddy."

Bailey smiled. "Hey Rayne. How are you feeling, sweetie? Are you ready for your doctor's appointment today?"

Rayne nodded. "Yeah, I am. I'm excited to see her on screen again."

Cody turned to his daughter. "Will Jake be there with you?"

My dad wasn't a big Jake fan. He is still getting used to me having a baby. My dad was really shocked when I told him I was pregnant with Jake's baby. With Jake being 18 at the time of me telling him I was pregnant, my dad didn't think he was gonna stick around. But Jake has proved him wrong by getting a job, rejecting Yale and staying by me so he can be here with me and help me raise our baby.

Rayne nodded. "Yes, he is meeting us there."

Cody smiled. "Good. I'm glad he's here for you. I want the best for you and my granddaughter, Rayne. If he can help you out, I think I can move passed his age."

Rayne smiled brightly. "Thank you, Daddy." She hugged her father.

After I hugged my father, my mom and I headed to the hospital to see my doctor, who will be delivering my daughter.

Massachusetts General Hospital

Jake, my boyfriend met me and my mom at the hospital. His reaction towards my pregnancy was something I wasn't expecting. I thought he'd want to leave me, break up with me and I'd be a single mother, but it was completely different. He didn't leave my side. He's been supportive of me. It was a tough decision on if we were going to keep the baby or give the baby up for adoption. I never knew I'd be a mom at 17. My life has been turned upside down.

Rayne hugged her boyfriend. "Hey. I'm glad you were able to make it, babe."

Jake kissed her head. "I wasn't gonna miss this. You know, I try to make it to all of your appointments. Now, the doctor is waiting for us. Let's go."

Rayne took his hand. "Let's go."

I walked slowly into the room, got onto the bed and sighed. I never got used to the gel. Not at all. I was completely nervous.

My doctor, Dr. Adams walked inside. "Hi, Rayne. How are you feeling? Are you doing alright?"

I sighed. "I could better, I guess. I mean I'm seventeen and pregnant. I'm pretty sure I should've learned something from my parents, right?"

Bailey turned to her daughter. "Rayne…"

I breathed deeply. "I'm sorry, Mom."

Bailey nodded. "If I can do it, so can you, sweetheart. You're not alone. You have me, your dad, Jake and everyone who cares about you."

I smiled. "Thanks, Mommy."

Dr. Adams smiled. "Now, let's see this little one." She had me lift my shirt up and then applied the gel onto my belly. I winced softly and then shortly I saw my baby girl.

Dr. Adams smiled. "There she is. She's nice and healthy. You are on track for your due date. Perfect."

Jake spoke up. "She's still due at the end of October?"

Dr. Adams nodded. "Yes. Her due date is October 24th."

Jake nodded his head, grabbing my hand. "Okay. Thank you. I just want to make sure I can take off before she does go into labor…"

Dr. Adams laughed. "Well, babies have their own timelines on when they want to come or not. We actually can't control or make the baby come out unless she's overdue. My latest of her being overdue is one week."

Bailey nodded her head. "Sounds good. Thank you, doctor."

After the doctors appointment, I got off the bed after wiping the gel off my belly. Jake and I headed out to lunch together. We decided to meet up with my cousins. I haven't seen them in a while. While I'm stuck inside, not able to go out with my friends and my cousins because of my pregnancy, I haven't seen them for a few days. School is finally out, so everyone's pretty much going out to parties.

Isabella and Jaxie are the same age as me. They are 10 months apart. They are Zack and Maya's oldest daughters. Izzy is a month younger than me. Jaxie, Izzy and I are the closest out of our family. Isabella and Jaxie were the first two who knew I was pregnant. They were the ones who had me tell Jake and my parents.

Isabella sat down next to me. She hugged me.

"Hey Ray. How was the doctor's appointment?"

Rayne smiled. "It was good. We got pictures of Rawlings."

Jaxie smiled. "Oh my goodness! I gotta see!"

Rayne laughed as she got the pictures out of her purse and handed them to her cousins.

Isabella smiled brightly. "Awww!"

Jake smiled. "She's getting so big. I can't wait to meet her. I'm just so grateful."

Rayne smiled. "Soon, it will be three of us. I'm just not ready for the giving birth part…"

Jaxie shrugged her shoulders. "Well, nothing you can do now, girl. She's coming in three months…"

I gave a deep sigh. Three more months. In three months I'll be a mom. I can't believe it's coming so quickly. Am I ready for her to enter the world? Am I ready to be a mom at 17? Ready or not, Rawlings will be making her arrival soon.

August, 14, 2032

I'm now 30 weeks pregnant and with Rawlings coming any time now, it's time for my baby shower. I'm now seven months pregnant. I'm so excited. My aunt and uncle are coming along with my cousins. My friends are here too. At least the ones who stood by me during my pregnancy. Kacey, Reagan and Zoey are my closest friends. They stood by me and I'm so glad they did because I wouldn't have survived freshman year without them. My mom and aunt planned the whole baby shower. I know my mom is disappointed in me, I don't think she knew I'd be giving her a grandchild before I was even married. That was my plan, but things have changed since I've been pregnant. My other friends left me in the dust. They don't answer my phone calls or texts, they didn't seem to care after I started to show. Yes, I'm sad, but I'm now a changed person. I quit cheerleading and soccer team after I found out I was pregnant. I walked into the living room with a pink dress and flats. My mom put a crown on my head. I blushed softly.

Rayne blushed. "Thank you, Mom." I turned to my aunt Maya, who was waiting for me to give her a hug. "Hey Aunt Maya. I've missed you!"

Maya laughed. "I live 15 minutes away from you, sweetheart." She sighed. "Why don't you come visit anymore?"

Rayne gave a small smile. She looked down at her belly. "I'm just...I don't want anyone to see me like this…"

Maya frowned. "Sweetheart, it's nothing you should be ashamed of. You shouldn't be hiding yourself from the world. Trust me, Rayne. After Rawlings is born, you won't be able to go out as much anymore. Your life is about to change. You'll have a baby to take care of and raise…"

Rayne nodded softly. "I guess you're right. I'm overreacting."

Maya kissed her niece's head. "Now go have some fun. Your uncle wants to see you."

Rayne smiled as she walked over to her uncle Zack, her father's brother. "Uncle Zack…"

Zack turned around and saw his niece. "Rayne! Oh, you look beautiful."

Rayne smiled. "Awww, thank you."

My uncle and I are very close. The news of my pregnancy shook him so much that he couldn't see me for weeks. Only aunt Maya, Izzy and Jaxie would see me. Their other children were too young to know what was going on. I was scared for everyone to know. Even my grandparents. They showed up to the baby shower too.

Carey, Zack and Cody's mother gave her granddaughter a big hug after Zack pulled away. "You look just like your mother. So beautiful."

Rayne smiled. "Thank you, Grandma. I'm hanging in there. I'm just so ready to give birth. It feels like I've been pregnant forever."

Carey laughed. "Oh, I know. I felt like that when I was pregnant with your father and your uncle Zack."

Rayne rubbed her belly. "Is it as bad as everyone says?"

Carey paused. "Giving birth?"

Rayne nodded. "Yeah."

Carey sighed. "Well, honey, it's the most painful and joyful days of your life."

Rayne's eyes went wide. "Days?"

Cody saw the look on his daughter's face. He walked over to her. "Mom, please. You're scaring her…"

Rayne looked at her father. "But, it's true, isn't it, Daddy?"

Cody nodded slowly. "Ummm, yes. But, Rayne, you'll be fine. We will be there for you."

Rayne nodded as she walked over to her boyfriend. "I'm ready to just open presents now, Jake."

Jake looked at her with concern. "What's wrong, babe?"

Rayne looked down. "I'm just ready for today to be over. I...I just want Rawlings to be here already."

Jake wrapped his arm around her. "I know, baby. Rawlings will be here soon."

The baby shower went on as planned. We got everything we needed for our little girl. We weren't sure what was going to happen when Rawlings gets here though. We know she's staying with me and Jake and I will figure out days and nights together, but for the next few months she'll be living with me. I do want to move in with Jake at some point, but we aren't making that decision now since Rawlings can make her arrival any time now. I'm due in ten weeks. We are in the home stretch.

As Jake and I were putting everything away in her nursery, he turned to me.

"So, how are you feeling, Ree?"

Rayne rubbed her belly. "I'm okay, I guess. I'm a little overwhelmed with everything. I didn't expect myself to be a mother right now."

Jake sighed. He really did feel terrible for his girlfriend. "I'm sorry, babe. I'm sure everything will be okay. You'll be a good mom to Raw Raw. She's already blessed with you. I sure know you better than anyone. You can do this."

Rayne laid his hand on top of hers. "I think Rawlings is blessed with a daddy like you."

Jake smiled. "So, what's the plan when you go into labor and delivery, babe?"

Rayne shrugged her shoulders. "Honestly, I'm not sure. My doctor says she can come whenever now. I know I'm due in ten weeks, but it's nice to know she has her own schedule. We can't plan her timing…"

Jake nodded. "You're right, we can't."

I really wish we could, though, I'm really uncomfortable. I have ten more weeks. Within those ten weeks, I will be figuring out her clothes, getting ready to be a mom and going to classes to try to make giving birth more comfortable. But, what's comfortable about giving birth?

October, 18th, 2032

Rayne's P.O.V.

Eight weeks have gone by and I'm completely uncomfortable. I can't believe I'm due in two weeks. I'm just ready to meet my little girl. Life isn't going to be the same and I'm not sure if I'll be a good mom to Rawlings. I do know I'll have my parents, sisters, brothers and my other family members, along with friends and of course, I'll have Jake. He's been so patient with me because I'm one cranky woman at this point. My last doctors appointment was today and my doctor said I can go into labor any day now. My mom had decided to stay home with me these past two weeks and decided to take at least 2 weeks off after the baby is born. I've been having braxton hicks lately. I've never been this uncomfortable since I had to tell my parents I was pregnant.

Bailey walked into her daughter's bedroom. "Hey Rayne. How are you feeling, sweetheart?"

Rayne sighed softly. "I've never been this uncomfortable in my life. I didn't think having unprotected sex would land me to be pregnant."

Bailey chuckled softly as she put down the glass of water. "Me either, sweetheart. I didn't expect you to be a mother at 17 years old. I didn't think you would follow in my footsteps like this…"

Rayne sniffed softly. "I didn't plan to be a mother at seventeen, Mom. I had goals. I wanted to travel the world and then go to college. I wanted to go to med school!" She said as tears began to fall down her cheeks. "I...I love Rawlings to death, Mommy. I really do. But...but, why did I do this to myself?"

Bailey laid a hand on her daughter's shoulder, leaning down to kiss her forehead. "The only person who can answer that is you, baby. I can't answer that question for you…"

I knew she couldn't answer that question for me. I really wanted to know why I was so stupid to have unprotected sex and now I'm going to have a baby. No turning back I guess because later that day my water broke.

Cody helped his daughter down the stairs. He knew if he said it was gonna be okay, she'd yell at him, so he just kept his mouth shut and just helped her into the car.

Bailey got into the back seat. "Let's go. Let's go have a baby…"

While in the car, I texted Jake that it was time and he had to meet us at the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital around 2:30pm and that's when everything felt real. I was going to be a mom in a few hours. The nurses wheeled me into a delivery room and they hooked me up to medicine to get my contractions a speedy start. By the time Jake arrived, I was 3 centimeters.

Jake walked into the room with flowers.

"Hey pretty lady. How are you feeling?"

Rayne gave a weak smile. "I've been better I guess. This is gonna be the longest day of my life."

And, I was right with that. October 19th and October 20th were the longest days of my life. After several hours in labor, on October 20th, Rawlings Everleigh made her way into the world. I was completely exhausted. I layed back in my hospital bed, sighing out of relief as I wasn't pregnant anymore, but now my life wasn't just about me. It was about my daughter.

Rawlings Everleigh Mudrich- October 20th, 2032, weighs 7 pounds and 6 ounces and 19 inches.

October 23rd, 2032

Rayne's P.O.V.

Three days after I gave birth to Rawlings we were able to go home yesterday. I'm so exhausted. I've never been this exhausted in my whole life. I thought having a newborn would be easy, turns out, I was completely wrong. Even with help from family, friends and Jake, it's impossible to get even 4 hours of sleep. I've been up every 2 hours to feed, burp and change Rawlings that it's starting to really hit me. I'm not a normal teenager. I'm a teenager with a baby. My sister and cousins bring me my homework, but I don't even have time to do homework. My daughter never lets me do anything for myself.

My mom walked into my bedroom, sighing. "Ree, let me have her for a few hours. You need to sleep and do some of your homework, sweetie."

Rayne breathed deeply. "But, Mom, she's not your daughter. She's mine…"

Bailey walked over to her oldest daughter and took Rawlings from her. "I know she's not. She's my granddaughter. Rayne, you haven't slept in a over a day and you have homework to do if you want to keep your grades up and graduate on time…"

Rayne nodded. "Okay. I'll try to get some sleep and do my homework…"

Bailey smiled. "Good." She walked out of the room with Rawlings in her arms. She headed downstairs and Cody looked up from his laptop.

"She finally let you have Rawlings?"

Bailey nodded. "Yeah. I think it's really hitting her that she's not a normal teenager anymore."

Cody chuckled a little. "I hope it won't make the other girls want to have a baby at her age."

Bailey rocked Rawlings in her arms. "I hope not, Cody. We weren't expecting Rayne to be a teenage mother. Jake is a great father. He's been here every night to help with Rawlings, but it must be hard for him as well…"

Cody nodded. "Well, of course. He was going to go to Yale, but now that he has Rawlings to support, he had to change his plans for her. I'm really proud of them both. I know I flipped out on Rayne when she first told me. It wasn't my best moment as a dad. It's just...It's just that she's my little girl, Bay. She wasn't supposed to have a baby at seventeen years old…"

Bailey sighed softly. "I know, babe. We will get through this together. Life isn't going to be the same for her and Jake. They have a rough road ahead of them."

Cody nodded his head. "I remember when we had Rayne. We were only a year older than Rayne. We got through okay. I'm sure she will do okay as well…"

As my mom took care of my daughter, I tried to get homework done, but I just can't think homework right now. I just want to take care of my little girl. She deserves the life I want to give her. I don't want to struggle all my life to give her everything she needs, though. That's my only problem. How can I get out of my own head and just do my own homework?

I opened my blinder and started to do the work. It was really going to be hard to do when I just had given birth to a baby, who should be by me right now. I just want to graduate on time for Rawlings, and I will do my damndest to do just that.

My phone began to vibrate, I saw it was Jake calling.


Jake smiled. "Hey gorgeous. What are you doing? How's Rawlings?"

Rayne sighed. "She's good. She's with my mom so I can get some homework done. I'm just so distracted…"

Jake was confused. "Why is that, Ree?"

Rayne felt a tear fall down her cheek. "She's my daughter, Jake. She's not my mom's daughter. I...I can't have her watch her all the time when I have homework to do. When the two weeks are up, she's going back to work. I can't have Rawlings so used to that routine…"

Jake sighed. "Baby, you need the help from her for now. Don't think of it as a bad thing. It's a good thing. You go back to school in six weeks. You need to be able to be caught up before going back. If your mom can help you for 2 weeks, then take it. Please. You just gave birth. I can't be there tonight. I wish I could be so I can be the one caring for our daughter, but I have homework to do as well. We both have to make sacrifices now…"

Rayne nodded. "I guess you're right, babe. I guess I really need the help, and I didn't realize how much of a help she could be to me…"

Jake smiled. "I'm glad you are realizing how much of a help she can be. Now get back to work, babe. I'll call you in the morning, okay? I'll be at your house around 7am for Rawlings changing time. I love you."

Rayne smiled brightly. "I love you too." She hung up the phone and got back to her homework.

The next morning, I woke up to Rawlings crying. I rolled out of bed and reached over to pick her up. I looked at the clock.

5:20am. I groan as I lay Rawlings on my shoulder as she cried. I began to rock her slowly.

"Shhh, Raws. Mommy's here."

Her boyfriend and Rawlings father, Jake walked into the room. He whispered. "Hey."

Rayne turned to face her boyfriend. "Hey Jake. What are you doing here so early?"

Jake smiled. "I thought you'd need my help. How is she?"

Rayne smiled. "Oh, she woke me up at 2:00am and then 4:30…"

Jake sighed softly. "I'm sorry, babe. I can stay tonight. I don't have to work tonight…"

Rayne smiled. "Really?" She said with tears in her eyes.

Jake walked over to her. "Of course. She's my daughter too, babe. You just gave birth. You need me to step in to help you. I didn't carry her for nine months straight. You did."

Rayne smiled. "Yeah. I did." She rocked her daughter slowly until she was asleep. "Can you put her in her crib, please?"

Jake nodded as he slowly took Rawlings from her and layed her slowly in her crib. "Why don't you try to sleep now? I'm here now so I can help you with her."

Rayne nodded. "Thanks, Jake. I love you." She kissed his cheek. "I'm gonna try to get some sleep."

Jake kissed her forehead as she climbed into bed. He sat in the rocking chair by Rawlings's crib.

It will be a long couple of weeks and they both knew that. Rawlings is well worth it.

2 Months Later, December 9th 2032

Rayne's POV.

Rawlings is now 2 months old. I'm going back to school today. I'm not ready to leave my baby but I have to graduate on time so as much as I hate to leave my baby, I have to pay for her to go to daycare near my school. Jake's paying $. 250.00 a month for her to stay there while I'm going to school. I feel horrible for him to do that because he's been paying for everything since I couldn't work while pregnant. Now that I can work, I've started at the local coffee shop. It's not my first choice of a job, but it's something.

After I dropped Rawlings off at daycare, I drove off to school, I parked my car into my parking spot, got out of my car, grabbed my bag and walked to the building, walked into the school and took a deep breath. Here we go. I'm the pregnant girl.

Jasmine, the mean girl of the school, walked up to Rayne, who was now at her locker. "Hey Martin."

Rayne sighed. "For the last time, I have a first name. Learn it." She said, putting her things into her locker.

Jasmine shook her head. "Nah, that would take forever."

Rayne laughed. "Well, I'm not the only Martin here. My cousins, Izzy and Jaxie and my brother and sister, Stephen and Everleigh…" She slammed her locker shut, with books in her hands. "I got to get to class. The soon as I do that I can get out of here…"

Jasmine laughed. "How the hell are you going to graduate with a baby?"

Rayne just stopped in her tracks. "Well, I know I can do it. I'm not going to let anyone like you stop me." She then headed back to her homeroom for the first time in two months.

Mrs. Patterson smiled. "Hello, Rayne. Glad to have you back."

Rayne nodded as she sat down in her chair. "Thank you."

Jaxie looked at her cousin. "How are you?"

Rayne chuckled. "Tired. I saw Jasmine."

Jaxie nodded. "She's just jealous because you got Jake and she didn't."

Rayne laughed. "That's why she hates me so much?"

Jaxie nodded. "Pretty much, yeah. And, oh, you had a baby with him."

Rayne groaned. "Now I really want to be outta here." She sighed as she began doing the work.

The rest of the day was extremely busy, exhausting and Rayne just wanted to go home to her baby. Jake has short days on Thursdays and Fridays so he's able to pick up Rawlings and Rayne gets home at 5:30pm.

Cody and Bailey's home, later that day

Rayne was sitting on her bed and had Rawlings in her arms.

Rayne's POV.

I'm not sure what is in the future for me, Jake and our daughter, but all I know is that I'm ready to be done with school, graduate and go to college, it's all for my little girl. I'm going to working my ass off for her. She may have been planned but she's the best thing that ever happened to me. Jake is the world's best dad in the world. I'm lucky to call him my boyfriend and my daughter's father. He cared for us both for the past 11 months. I want the best for my daughter so I'm going to try the best for her.

Peace ya'll...

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