My Life Is Forever Changed

Episode 6: "Kacie"

AN: Here's Kacie's episode- she is the girlfriend to Kayden, Zack and Maya's son. The year is the same year as Everleigh's episode. Kacie & Kayden are 17 now. Kayden's birthday was June, so this is a few months after Everleigh gave birth to Bayleigh.

Zack and Maya's home, Boston Massachusetts

October 31st, 2034

Kacie's P.O.V.

Hey, I'm Kacie! I'm your normal teenager. I'm 17 years old. I've been dating Kayden Martin for the past 4 years. We are together everyday. I'm the second oldest of my parents, Valerie and Mike Peters. I have an older brother, Danny and an younger sister, Christa. I am a straight A student, caption of the cheerleading team and a lover of animals. I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up. Although, my life took an unexpected turn when I found out I was pregnant. My dad kicked me out a few months ago and now I'm six months pregnant. I'm 27 weeks along...and it's not just one baby...I'm having twins! We're having twin girls. We are naming them, Kaylee Marie and Kayla Rayne.

The shock of me having twins is starting to wear off, but I'm so scared. I'm so glad I have Kayden and his family. They took me in when I was kicked out of my house. I still don't talk to my mom or dad. They don't deserve to be in my or my children's lives.

Kacie walked downstairs after changing into comfy clothes. Everything is so uncomfortable now. Her body has changed so much throughout the last sixmonths.

Kayden looked at his girlfriend. "Are you sure you want to stay in tonight, babe?"

Kacie nodded her head. "Yeah, I'm really just not wanting to go out. My back is killing me. This is really rough…"

Kayden sighed. "I'm sorry, babe. I guess I'll let our friends know we're not going out..."

Kacie shook her head. "No, Kayden. You go. I'll feel horrible if you miss your favorite day of the year..."

Kayden shook his head. "No, it's fine I'm not going I'm staying here with you."

Kacie rubbed her back, sighing deeply as she sat on the couch. "I'm so miserable..."

Kayden sighed. "I'm sorry baby." He looked at her. "Do you want me to rub your back?"

Kacie nodded. "Yeah." She sat up and sighed. "Kaylee loves to lay her head on my rib and straight up kick my bladder..."

Kayden looked at her. "Really?" He started to rub her back.

Kacie nodded. "Yeah. It's so uncomfortable. I hope I can give birth before my due date, which is looking most likely."

Kayden nodded. "Oh yeah."

Maya walked downstairs with laundry. "I cleaned the twins clothes and hung them up for you..." She looked at Kacie. "Back pain?"

Kacie nodded. "Uh huh. It's getting so bad..."

Maya smiled. "I don't miss those moments one bit. It was bad for me too..." She handed Kacie a letter. "This came today. It's for you."

Kayden smiled. "Who's it from Mom?"

Kacie sighed. "My mom..." She groaned. She slowly opened it.


I know you possibly don't want to hear from me but I miss you. I know you possibly don't like me much now. I want you to know I still love you. I hope you're doing good.

Mom." She slowly got up and threw it out. "I don't need her to pop up into my life. If she chose her crazy husband over me, that's her choice. Not mine."

Maya nodded. "We support you, sweetie. They aren't invited to the baby shower next weekend."

Kacie groaned. "I can't wait to give birth. I'm tired of going to the bathroom every ten minutes." She walked to the bathroom.

The doorbell rang. Maya walked to the front door and opened the door. "Valerie. Hi."

Valerie smiled. "Hi Maya. Where's Kacie?"

Maya sighed. "She's in the bathroom. I'll go get her." She headed to the bathroom door and knocked on the bathroom door. "Are you okay, Kacie? Your mom is here."

Kacie took a deep breath. "What? What is she doing here?" She said, walking out of the bathroom.

Maya sighed. "Well, she wanted to see you."

Kacie sighed. "Alright fine." She headed to the front door. "Hi Mom. What's up?" She crossed her arms over her belly.

Valerie looked at her daughter and smiled. "How are you doing? I wanted to apologise to you for taking your father's side." She looked at her. "I hope you can forgive me."

Kacie sighed. "You're married. I get it. You care more about dad than your own daughter. That's great." She rolled her eyes. "I'm great except the fact I'm looking like I'm about to pop and I'm only 27 weeks pregnant..."

Valerie sighed. "I know but I also know that I made a mistake of taking your father's side and kicking you out. I do care about you."

Kacie sighed. "Yeah? Well, I hope you know if one of my girls got pregnant as a teen, I'm NOT kicking her out! They are my world." She teared up. "I could never do what you did..."

Maya looked at Valerie. "I think you need to leave. She doesn't need you anymore, she has us and she doesn't need the stress..." She wrapped her arms around Kacie and gave her a hug. "I love Kacie like she's my own daughter and I shall treat her like she's my own..." She looked at her with a glare. "...Unlike you, I don't turn my back to one true blood, Valerie."

Kacie began crying in Maya's shoulder. "She's so cold towards me...I don't understand how she...could chose a shitty husband" She sobbed.

Maya hugged her. "Oh, I'm so sorry, sweetie. You know, she's not thinking straight. She should be there for you, but instead she's making things worse for you. But don't worry, we all are here for you."

Kayden walked up to his mother. "Can I go punch Mike in the face? I'm going to hurt him so bad for hurting Kacie and making Valerie choose him over her own daughter!"

Maya sighed. "I agree, honey, but you can't do that. What if they call the cops on you? You have twins on the way."

Kayden groaned. "Fuck. You're right."

Maya nodded. "I am right. I'm your mother, Kayden, you need to be here for Kacie. She needs you."

Kayden nodded. "You're right. Thank you, Momma." He looked at Kacie. "I'm sorry, Kace."

Kacie shrugged her shoulders. "I can't change what happened. I just want to focus on the girls. They need me to be strong and be stress free for whatever how long I got left..." She rubbed her belly. "I'm not looking forward to have a c-section though..."

Maya smiled. "I had three. It's a bit overwhelming with the recovery if I'm honest with you. It hurts for the first 4 to 8 weeks after birth but then it will get better..."

Kayden looked at his mother. "Really?"

Maya nodded. "I had a c section with Jaxie, you and Layke and Charlotte."

Kayden nodded. "Oh, well, at least you can help Kacie."

Kacie sighed. "You know, I feel like some candy and just watching a scary movie tonight."

Kayden smiled. "You pick the movie, I'll go get the candy and some more snacks."

Kayden headed out as Zack came home. "Hey bud. Where are you heading?"

Kayden smiled. "I'm going to go get candy and more snacks for our movie Dad."

Zack nodded. "Alright. Drive safe."

Kayden smiled. "Thanks Dad." He then walked to his car, sat in and drove to the store to get the snacks for their movie. Once getting the snacks he paid and then walked out of the store getting back in the car and driving home.

Zack and Maya's home

Kayden got out of his car when he saw their friends walking up to him.

Ryder looked at Kayden. "You coming out tonight, bro?"

Kayden shook his head. "Sorry, man. Kacie and I are staying in tonight…"

Mickie sighed. "Awww. Is she okay?"

Kayden nodded. "She's just getting more tired lately. I'm sure we'll see you at the baby shower next weekend, right?"

Mickie nodded. "Yeah, we'll be there. I have the perfect gift in mind. I'm buying it tomorrow."

Kayden smiled. "Whatever it is, I'm sure Kacie will love it." He grabbed the bags. "I'll see you guys tomorrow. Cool?"

Ryder and Mickie nodded. "Cool. Bye dude." He and Mickie walked off to get candy, while he walked inside with everything Kacie wanted. "I'm back." He walked into the living room and sat next to her and kissed her head. "Did you pick a movie?"

Kacie nodded. "Yeah."

Later that night after two movies and dinner with the family, Kacie got into the shower and then changed into Kayden's t- shirt and put on her maternity pajama pants. She brushed her hair and braided her hair. She sighed as she got into bed with Kayden.

"I'm so excited for the baby shower…"

Kayden smiled. "Me too, baby. I can't wait to celebrate our girls…"

Kacie smiled. "Me too, babe. We have only a few things right now. We need a lot of baby stuff. Everything doubled…"

Kayden nodded. "It's overwhelming now, I know. We have each other and my family to help us with the babies."

Kacie sighed, laying her head on his shoulders and took a deep breath. "I'm grateful to have you here for me. I don't think I could do this without you…"

Kayden kissed her head. "I know. You don't have to worry about me leaving you, Kace. I'm not going anywhere…"

Kacie smiled brightly. "I'm glad you aren't leaving me…"

"I could never ever leave you, baby girl. You, Kaylee and Kayla are my world."

Kacie smiled at him. "Good."

Kayden leaned in and kissed her passionately.

One Week Later

Saturday, November 4, 2034

Brooksby Village Catering, Boston Massachusetts

Kacie's P.O.V.

Today is my baby shower. It's now early November, I'm now 28 weeks pregnant with my twin daughters, Kaylee and Kayla Martin. I'm now seven months pregnant. My back is killing me a lot lately, and I'm only seven months, I have two months left. I'm so overwhelmed. I can't believe I'm having twins in a few short weeks since twins come early.

I was wearing a light pink dress with black flats. No heels for me. My feet have grown into grapes. It's insane. My side of my family isn't invited, I'm upset about it, yes, but it's the best for me. I have Kayden and his family here for me. I'm so grateful.

Kayden's and my friends are coming to the baby shower. I walked into the venue with our friends and Kayden's family.

Kayden's grandmother, Carey, walked over to me and hugged me. "I'm so happy for you, sweetie. How are you feeling now?"

Kacie sighed. "Tired. Very tired, and I'm only seven months along…"

Carey laughed softly. "Oh, I know. I was there with Kayden's dad and his uncle, and then his mom had twins and so did his aunt, Bailey. You're doing so well…"

Kacie nodded her head. "I know. I hope I can do this just as well as you, Bailey and Maya…It seems so overwhelming knowing I'm having twins and I'm 17 years old…"

Carey smiled. "You are so strong, Kacie. You are going to do well...You have Maya here for you…"

Kacie teared up and wiped her eyes. "I know. I'm really grateful for Maya."

Carey smiled. "She loves you."

Mickie walked over to Kacie. "Kacie! Hey! You look beautiful!"

Kacie smiled. "Thank you."

Ryder hugged her. "How are you feeling?"

Kacie sighed. "Tired. Exhusted."

Mickie nodded. "That's understandable. You're carrying twins."

Ryder looked around for Kayden. "Where's Kayden?"

Kacie shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. I haven't seen him since we got here..." She said, as she rushed over to Maya. "Maya! Where's Kayden?"

Maya shrugged. "I don't know. I thought he was with you..."

Kacie shook her head. "No."

Ryder spotted Kayden outside with Kacie's parents. "Looks like he's outside getting your parents to leave or something."

Kacie groaned. "What?! What are they doing here?" She walked outside with Ryder behind her. "Valerie? Mike? What the hell are you doing here?!"

Mike looked at his daughter. "You're calling us by our names?"

Kacie rolled her eyes. "You're not my parents anymore. So, I can call you whatever I want."

Mike's eyes went wide. "Oh, no, you can't. You're my daughter! You listen to me!"

Kacie shook her head. "I'd rather die than listen to your bullshit, Mike..." She crossed her arms around her stomach.

Mike was so angry, he was about to kick Kacie in the stomach, but Ryder rushed in front of her and got kicked in the gut for her. "Asshole! Fuck you!" He slowly got up and punched him in the face. "You are such an asshole! You were going to hurt your own daughter and granddaughters!"

Kacie stood there in complete shock, she held onto Kayden and she just buried her head into his shoulder. "Oh my God, what the actual fuck?!" She glared at Mike.

Kayden glared at Valerie and Mike. "Get out of here! You weren't invited anyway!" He held onto Kacie as she began catching her breath. "Oh God! Ryder!" She rushed over to him. "Are you okay?" She gave a smile. "You took a kick to the gut for me..."

Ryder groaned in pain, but nodded his head. "I'll be okay..."

Kayden helped Ryder inside. He had Ryder over his shoulder, holding onto him. "Dad!"

Zack rushed over to his son and Ryder, who wasn't looking so good. "Yeah, Kayden? Is everything okay?"

Ryder groaned in pain. "I think I have to go to the hospital. Kacie's psycho parents were here. Mike kicked me in the gut. It hurts. I did it for Kacie..."

Cody rushed over. "Call 911, Zack. Now!" He checked for a pulse. "Your heart rate is very high...Deep breaths, okay?"

Zack explained the situation and then the operator wanted to talk to Cody.

Cody took the phone. "His heart rate is 145 over 70. Come fast. Thank you." He looked at Ryder. "You will need surgery, you have bleeding in your belly from the hard kick..." He helped him lay down. "Bails, come over here and keep an eye on his blood pressure, okay?"

Massachusetts General Hospital

Ryder was rushed to the hospital with Cody and Bailey in the ambulance. They rushed Ryder to the operation room to take care of his bleeding in his belly. He had to have surgery to correct the bleeding and get that under control and make sure everything was okay.

Meanwhile, at the baby shower, everyone tried to put everything aside and have a good time, but Kacie couldn't stop thinking about Ryder and his bravery in saving her life and her unborn twin daughters lives.

Food was put out around 1:00PM. There were hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad and for dessert there was a cake that said, "Kaylee" and another said, "Kayla". Everyone tried to enjoy the shower. There were shower games and then Kacie and Kayden opened gifts. They got double diapers, wipes, two playpens, two car seats, diaper bags, lots of clothes, socks and shoes, with two swings and play mats. It was all needed. They needed a lot of things.

Kacie smiled. "Thank you, everyone. We really needed things…"

Kayden smiled. "We are lucky to have you all…"

3 hours after the shower and saying goodbye to everyone, Kacie, Mickie and Kayden rushed to the hospital.

Kayden saw his uncle talking to Ryder's doctor. "Uncle Cody!"

Cody walked over to his nephew. "Hey, Kayden. How was the shower? Sorry, I had to come here…"

Kacie nodded. "It's fine. Everything was great. We were just worried about Ryder. Is he okay?"

Cody nodded. "He's in recovery. He had to have surgery. There was a lot of blood. He needed a blood transfusion. Everything is calmed down now…"

Kayden, Kacie and Mickie all sighed out to relief. "That's great…"

Six Weeks Later

Monday, December 18, 2034

Kacie's P.O.V.

Massachusetts General Hospital, 2:00PM

Six weeks after my baby shower, I'm officially nine months pregnant. I'm now 34 weeks pregnant with Kaylee Marie and Kayla Rayne. I'm guessing I'll give birth some time next week and or two weeks from today. I'm due in a month from next week. With twins, I'm sure I'll deliver early. Today is my 34 week checkup since now I go to the doctor every week now until I give birth. Everything hurts so much. I can barely move. My feet hurt like a bitch. My back feels like some stabs me everyday with knives. I'm so miserable. I don't leave the house unless I have a doctor's appointment. I barely sleep at night. My doctor wanted to see me before the Christmas break. She will be on call though if I go into labor on the break.

Kayden had to help me get onto the table. "Ugh. I'm so miserable. I'm just done…"

Kayden rubbed my shoulders as my doctor, Dr. Aberson, walked into the room.

"Hey guys. How are you feeling, Kacie? Still feeling the same as last week?"

Kacie nodded her head. "Oh yeah. I can barely move. My feet just swell up like grapes every night. Sleeping is a distant memory…"

Kayden spoke up. "Is there any way she can give birth next week?"

Dr. Aberson nodded her head. "Well, that's what I'm planning on doing. At 35 weeks, the babies will be safely healthy. Most luckily, they'll be weighing at 5 or 6 pounds at least. That's normal for twins. And the fact, you're miserable and not sleeping…"

Kacie and Kayden nodded their heads. "Okay."

Dr. Aberson smiled. "Let's see the babies and see how they're doing." She pulled out the ultrasound machine, put some gel on Kacie's belly, began moving it around and finally, the babies were on the monitor. "They look great and nice healthy. I don't see anything that would alarm me of being worried about. Now, if you are bleeding a lot, not feeling well or your water breaks, and feeling contractions, please come to the hospital and we'll get the c section started. Now you'll only have one person in the room with you…"

Kacie smiled. "It will be Kayden."

Dr. Aberson nodded. "Alright. The first baby is still breech and it's impossible to give birth naturally that way."

Kacie nodded. "Okay."

Dr. Aberson smiled. "See you guys next week, okay?"

Both modded and headed home to prepare for the girls. This week is the last week of being just teens. They'll be teen parents in a week. It's very overwhelming but Kacie is definitely ready to give birth and be done being pregnant.

Zack and Maya's home, 3:30PM

Kacie walked into the house, with Kayden behind her, she sighed, as she layed down on the couch.

Maya looked at them. "How was the appointment guys?"

Kacie smiled. "I'm going to be giving birth next week."

Maya smiled brightly. "Oh, that's great! How are you feeling about that?"

Kacie smiled. "I'm so ready. I'm so uncomfortable…"

Maya nodded. "I completely understand." She turned to her son. "How are you feeling, Kayden?"

Kayden smiled. "I'm so ready as well. The wait is so crazy."

Zack smiled. "Thank goodness everything is ready for the girls."

Kacie smiled. "Yeah. My bags have been packed for weeks so I'll be ready to grab the bags and go."

One Week Later

December 31st, 2034

Massachusetts General Hospital, 6:45AM

Kacie's P.O.V.

Christmas came and gone, I'm now 35 weeks pregnant. I'm nine months pregnant now. The past week went by so slow that I thought this day would never come. My water finally broke around 6:30 AM today. It's now New Years Day. I'm being prepped to have the c-section. I'll be going into the operating room in a few minutes. I'm so excited to welcome my daughters into the world.

I headed into the OR 5 minutes later, Kayden came in to be with me a few minutes later and my doctor began the surgery. It was crazy that I'll be a mom in 2 minutes. Within 3 minutes, Kaylee and Kayla were finally here.

Kaylee Marie Martin: Born: at 6:57AM: 12/31/34, weighing at 5 pounds and 4 ounces and 17 inches.

Kayla Rayne Martin: Born: at 7:00AM: 12/31/34, weighing at 5 pounds, 6 ounces and 17 inches.

Kayden smiled at Kacie. "They're beautiful."

Kacie smiled at him. "Yeah."

Kayden headed out of the operation room with Kaylee and Kayla. "Everyone, I'd love for you to meet my and Kacie's daughters, Kaylee Marie and Kayla Rayne Martin. Kaylee was born at 6:57AM and Kayla was born at 7:00AM. Kaylee weighed at 5 pounds, 4ounces and 17 inches and Kayla weighed at 5 pounds, 6 ounces and 17 inches."

Maya, Zack, Cody and Bailey all smiled at the newborn twins.

Maya smiled. "Awww, they're beautiful. How's Kacie doing?"

Kayden smiled slightly. "The last time I saw her in the OR she was being closed up so she should be heading to her recovery room soon."

Jaxie, Kayden's sister smiled. "Can we hold them?"

Kayden sighed. "Maybe later, I think Kace wants to hold them first."

Jaxie nodded. "Okay."

A Week Later

January 7th, 2035

Zack and Maya's Home

Kacie's P.O.V.

A week after I gave birth to Kaylee and Kayla, I was discharged from the hospital three days after their birth while Kayla and Kaylee stayednfor a week so their lungs developed a little bit more. It was really hard leaving my babies. I carried them for nine months. I'm going to be in so much pain for the next 2 months. Healing after surgery is going to be so rough.

Kacie smiled happily, knowing she will get to take her babies home for the first time since their birth.

"I'm so excited to take them home today. I missed not being able to take them home. How are you feeling, babe?"

Kayden smiled. "I'm ready to take them home. It's been a long week…"

Maya hugged them. "Be careful. I can't wait to see them…"

Kayden smiled. "I'll be extra careful, Mom. See you in a bit."

Maya nodded her head. "Okay."

After picking up their newborn daughters, Kayden and Kacie headed back to Zack and Maya's, where their family was there to greet them.

Kacie was holding Kaylee's carrier and Kayden was holding Kayla's carrier as they headed inside.

Carey smiled at her grandson. "Let me see my two new great granddaughters...I can't believe I'm a great grandma already to five..."

Kacie smiled. "Do you want to hold them first then?"

Carey nodded. "Of course!" She sat on the couch, Kacie and Kayden picked up Kaylee and Kayla out of their carriers and then placed them into Carey's arms.

Carey smiled. "Oh, they're gorgeous. How do you tell them apart?"

Kayden smiled. "Kayla has light blue eyes while Kaylee has brown ."

Carey nodded. "Ahh, now I understand."

Later that night, 1:30AM

Kacie's P.O.V.

After the family left and it was just me, Kayden, the twins, and Kayden's parents and younger siblings. It was now 1:30 in the morning. Kayden and I are up every 2 to 4 hours to feed, change and burp the twins. I'm still very sore from the surgery, but I'm still getting around to care for my daughters. It's so exhausting.

Kacie yawned as she layed Kayla on her shoulder to burp her. "I'm so tired…"

Kayden nodded. "Me too. I have never been this tired in my life…"

Kacie sighed as she rubbed her daughter's back. "I can't believe this is our life now. Parties are the thing of the past for us…"

Kayden sighed as he rocked Kaylee to sleep in the rocking chair. "It feels like a long time ago…"

Kacie nodded her head. "Yeah."

Kaylee yawned as she fell asleep in Kayden's arms.

Kayden got up slowly and gently placed Kaylee into her crib.

Kacie yawned again as she began to rock Kayla. "It's nothing like this that I'll regret, but..."

"But what?" Kayden asked.

"I'll miss going out with our friends and not have to worry about shit, but now we have two kids to worry about for 18 years..." She sniffed.

He frowned, looking at his girlfriend. "I know it's so overwhelming, Kace. We will get through it all together…"

After getting the babies to bed, they headed to bed themselves. Kayden and Kacie were up every 2 to 4 hours. They were up at 4AM, 6AM and then 8AM, they decided to stay up after the 8AM feed and get ready for another day.

Kayden looked at Kacie. "Go take a shower, baby. You deserve a nice one since they've arrived. My dad and I can watch the babies…"

Kacie nodded. "Okay…" She headed upstairs to go take a shower. She was definitely overwhelmed, so she began crying in the shower. She never expected her life to be this.

As Kacie was showering, Maya and Zack looked at their son.

"How are you doing, sweetie?" Maya asked.

He sighed as he rocked Kaylee. "I'm just hanging in there, Mom. It's just really expensive now. Raising twins now is something I'm really trying to figure out how to pay for it all…"

Zack smiled. "I'm proud of you that you are stepping up to be the best dad you can be…"

Kayden smiled. "Thanks, Dad. That men's a lot to me…"

Three Weeks Later

Saturday, January 28, 2035

Zack and Maya's home

Kacie's P.O.V.

It's been four weeks since I gave birth to my daughters. It's been an exhausting time for Kayden and I. Kayden went back to work a week ago. I've been getting help from his grandmother for the past week while Zack and Maya are at work. I'm so grateful for the help we have.

I had put my daughters down in their swings when the doorbell rang. I headed over to the front door. Ryder and Mickie are coming over today to finally meet the girls. They've been super busy with school that they didn't have a break to come over yet.

I opened the door and hugged our friends.

"Hey guys. Come on in…"

Mickie smiled. "You look great girl. How are you doing?"

"I'm so tired. I get only a few hours of sleep now. It's gotten better though."

They headed into the living room, I slowly picked up Kaylee. "Who wants to hold Kaylee?"

Mickie nodded, smiling. "Me."

Kacie gently placed her into Mickie's arms. She gently picked up Kayla and placed her into Ryder's arms.

"So, how are you feeling, Ryder?"

Ryder smiled. "I'm doing much better now."

"That's great…" Kacie smiled.

Ryder sighed. "We miss you guys at school. When are you planning coming back?"

Kacie sighed. "I don't know. Two weeks or 4 weeks from now. I'm not sure. I'd have to talk to Kayden and Zack and Maya..."

Ryder nodded. "Oh, alright."

Kayla smiled at Ryder in his arms and Kacie laughed. "I think I know what that means. She's due for a change..."

Ryder looked at her. "Oh. You want me to change her?"

Kacie shook her head. "No, I got it. She is a bit harder to stay still than Kaylee." She took her daughter and headed upstairs.

Ryder nodded.

Mickie turned to Ryder. "They're so different now. I'm not sure how things will be after they come back, you know?"

Ryder nodded. "Yeah, but they're parents their lives have changed. It's not about them anymore, Mick, it's about their c.f. children."

Mickie sighed. "I know. I don't know how Kacie will handle things after she comes back..."

Kacie walked downstairs. "Hey guys. What are you talking about?"

Mickie looked at her. "I was wondering about how you'll handle things when you go back to school."

Kacie shrugged her shoulders. "Honestly...I...I don't know. I have two kids to worry about. My life is totally flipped upside down..."

Two Weeks Later

Wednesday, February 14, 2035, 8:00PM

Kacie's P.O.V.

Tonight Kayden is taking me out for the first time since I gave birth. I start going back to school in two weeks. My school gave me eight weeks off due to my c-section and raising the twins. Kayla and Kaylee had their six week checkup and I had my six week check up with my doctor. We are doing well.

Kayden and I arrived at the restaurant and we got to our table. This is the first time we were alone without the twins. I'm definitely missing my babies. Zack and Maya agreed to watch them for us.

Kayden and Kacie enjoyed their time alone. They ordered their drinks and food and dessert as well. Kayden decided it was time to ask Kacie an important question.

He came back from the bathroom and smiled.

"Kace, I want to ask you something. Can you stand up?"

Kacie nodded as she stood up. "Okay…Kayden, what's going on?"

Kayden smiled. "Kacie Marie Peters, I can't imagine my life without you, Kaylee and Kayla. They are my whole world. Without you, they wouldn't be here. These past three years have been some real ride, and this past year has been one I'll never forget. You are the love of my life. And, I knew I had to ask you this…" He got down on one knee, smiling.

Kacie's eyes went wide as tears came to her eyes.

"Kacie Marie Peters, will you marry me?" He said, opening the box, showing a diamond ring.

Kacie smiled brightly, covering her mouth. She nodded her head. "Yes. A million times yes! I will marry you…"

Kayden smiled as he stood up, getting the ring out of the box and put the ring on her left hand. He leaned in and kissed her. "I love you."

She smiled. "I love you too."

Zack and Maya's home, 10:00pm

After dinner, they headed home, feeling excited to announce their engagement to the family. When they showed the ring to Kayden's parents, Maya was so excited.

Maya smiled. "Oh! That's amazing! I'm so excited for you both! It's so beautiful."

Kacie smiled. "I know! I'm super excited. Are Kaylee and Kayla asleep?"

Zack nodded his head. "Yeah. They've been down for two hours…"

Kacie nodded. "I'm going to go take a shower then…" She headed upstairs to her and Kayden's bedroom and hopped into the shower.

After her shower, she sat down on their bed.

I didn't expect everything to change when I got pregnant with twins. I'm always tired. I hope my daughters know the struggle I went through when they're older. It's been a struggle since I've been back at school. I want to go to college after I graduate, but I'm raising twins. I have more things to worry about now. Kayden and I have a wedding to plan. I'm excited. I never thought after I got pregnant Kayden would be here for me. I'm forever grateful for his family for taking me in at the time of need. Who knows what the future holds for me, Kayden and our children.