My Life Is Forever Changed

Episode 7: "Josephine"

AN: Here's chapter 7. Josephine is Josiah's on and off girlfriend, Zack and Maya's son. They had an on and off relationship for four years. The year is 2035. (Rawlings is 3, Jackson is 2, Ariah is 2, Bayleigh is 1, Kaylee and Kayla are 1, Summer is 3)

April 14, 2035

Zack and Maya's home

Boston, Massachusetts

Josephine's P.O.V.

Hey! I'm Josephine. I'm seventeen years old. I'm your geeky, tomboy kind of a girl. I want to be a MRI technician when I grow up. I'm an only child to my parents, Veronica and Alexander Fisher. I'm very shy, not that popular at school. I'm not a girly girl much, but it's normal for me to wear dresses at family gatherings. I love hanging with my friends. I've been on an on and off relationship with Josiah Martin. We have our days where we are on and off, but I hope we can figure something out because I'm pregnant. I want our baby to have the family they deserve.

I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant, I'm five months pregnant. Today we find out what we are having. I'm excited to find out what we're having. My parents are divorced, and I live with my dad because I'm a total daddy's girl.

We are finding out what we're having at Josiah's parents house.

I walked into the house when Josiah opened the door.


"Hi. How are you feeling?" Josiah asked me, as he closed the door.

I smiled softly. "I'm feeling better. How are you?" I walked inside and was hugged by Maya.

Maya sighed. "Can I give my opinion about how things have been between you two for the last four months?"

Josiah sighed. "Mom, you don't have to..."

Maya shook her head. "Yes, I do, Josiah, and you know very well what I'm talking about..."

Josiah sighed. "Yeah..."

I sighed. "Is it because he hasn't been really there or wasn't faithful to me when I first told him?"

Maya nodded. "Both." She sighed. "Now, you two have a baby together. Your son or daughter deserves both parents to get along. I don't care if you're together or not. I'm not gonna say whether you should or not, but this your child..." She turned to Josiah. "Whether you like it or not, Josie is your child's mother. You need to grow up and be there for her and your baby. I'm not joking."

Josiah nodded. "Yes, Momma."

Maya sighed. "Good." She turned to me. "Are you hungry?"

I nodded. "Yeah. I can't go 2 hours without eating something. Type 2 diabetes fucking sucks."

Josiah looked at her. "Look, I know you don't deserve the way I treated you and I'm sorry about not being there and wasn't faithful to you. I just wanted to let you know that I care about you very much. I know I broke your heart, but I'll be willing to fix it..."

I nodded. "Thanks. That means a lot, Siah. Our baby deseves the best and I can't just push you out of her or his life if you're willing to be there. I'm not saying we'll be together right now because I'm not ready to just forgive you."

Josiah nodded. "I understand."

I took a bite of a cracker. "Thanks." She headed outside and sighed.

Zack walked downstairs. "Hey. I heard Josie." He turned to his son. "Did you break things off with Claire?"

Josiah nodded his head. "Yeah, I did. I can't believe I treated Josie like that. She deserves the best..."

Zack sighed. "I didn't even like Claire. She sounded so spoiled and I love Josie."

I smiled as I walked inside. "Thanks, Mr. Martin." I breathed deeply. "Where's the balloon."

Maya laughed. "I changed my mind. My sister in law is making a cake. She's the only one who knows."

I groaned. "Well, damm it. I want to know so bad."

Maya laughed. "The guests aren't even here yet."

The guests began showing up 20 minutes later, I was a hugging machine. Hopefully I didn't get knocked down.

My parents showed up.

"Hey Mom." I said, hugging her.

Veronica smiled. "Hey baby girl. How are you feeling?"

I smiled. "I'm okay. Always eating. I think that's all I do."

Veronica hugged her daughter before pulling back. "Are you excited to know what you're having?"

I nodded. "So excited."

Bailey walked into the house. "Everyone get out of my way. I got the cake. I can't drop this."

I smiled. "Ugh. I want some of that cake right now." I sighed. "Baby's always hungry."

Veronica laughed. "I'm sorry I'm so excited to know whether I'm having a grandson or a granddaughter."

I smiled. "I'll be happy wheather it's a boy or a girl. But, I'm on the girl team."

Maya smiled. "I'm tied between. But I'd want a boy. Zack and I have three granddaughters and one grandson."

I smiled. "Awww."

Josiah paused. "I'm happy with whatever. As long as the baby and Josie is healthy. I'll be good."

I smiled. "Thanks, Siah."

Josiah smiled back.

Alexander, my dad, looked at me and Josiah. "What's the status between you two?"

I sighed, I looked at Josiah.

Alexander looked at us. "Well?"

I sighed. "We're not together..."

Alexander stared at his daughter in shock. "What? I thought you two would have been together by considering you're pregnant, Josie."

I breathed deeply. "I know..." I looked at my feet, getting nervous. "...I have no answers for you..." I sniffed as I walked into the bathroom.

Jaxie walked over to her brother. "I'll go check on her." She then walked to the bathroom. "Josie, are you okay in there?"

I sobbed for a bit before opening the door. "Yeah, I...I'm just nervous about how my dad will freak out when he knows why Siah and I aren't together..." I sniffed. "Do you happen to have something so I can cover my tears up?"

Jaxie nodded. "Yeah. Hold on." She grabbed her makeup bag and handed it to me..I took the make up bag. "Thanks." I then closed the door and started to apply makeup to cover my tears.

I walked out of the bathroom. "He was cheating on me for a few months, Dad. That's why we aren't together right now. We're just getting along for the baby's sake..."

Alexander glared at Josiah and then looked at me. "Dad..." I sighed. "Please don't!" I walked up to him.

My dad looked at me. "Josephine, back away from me. I'm not willing to hurt you..." He just glared at Josiah. "You were cheating on my daughter when she's pregnant?!"

Josiah sighed deeply. "Yes, and I've regretted hurting her. She doesn't deserve it. All I've done is hurt people. I don't deserve her. I can't keep on hurting her. It kills me. I hate the way I treated her like that. I don't want to. I hate myself, and also hate the way I've broken her heart. She deserves the best and I know I don't live up to your expectations, but if only I could take back all the hurt I caused her I would do it in a heartbeat."

I teared up as he said that. I was overwhelmed with how hurt he was, knowing he had hurt me while I'm pregnant. I walked over to him, I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly as I cried softly into his shoulder. "Thank you for saying that, Siah..."

Josiah hugged me back and rubbed my back. "You're welcome. I mean it. It killed me to know how much I've hurt you, but you deserve the whole world, Josie. Our baby is so lucky to have an amazing Momma like you."

I sniffed softly. "I'm sorry too. I know the pregnancy was unexpected. It was hard on you too." I wiped my eyes. "Well, damn, I'll have to redo my makeup again." I felt a small kick from the baby.

Josiah whispered. "Was that the baby?"

I nodded my head.

Josiah smiled and rubbed my belly. "Hi baby, it's Daddy. Now your Momma and I can't wait to meet you. Just know that you're already loved by all of us."

Maya smiled. "I need to know already. Screw having hamburgers first."

Zack laughed. "I'm okay with cake first."

Cody laughed. "I'm not shocked with that whatsoever."

Everyone headed outside and I took the knife and started cutting. "I'm so nervous. I'm sweating."

Josiah took my hands and helped me.

Pink came out. I smiled. "It's a girl! I knew it!"

Zack sighed. "Well, damn it. I need another boy!"

Maya slapped his shoulder. "Zachary!"

Zack sighed. "Well, you can't blame me for wishing can't you, sweetheart?" He looked at her.

Maya sighed. "Well, no. You are right. You'll have more time to play sports with the grandkids. I get it."

Josiah kissed my head.

Zack smiled. "Thanks."

I smiled. "This is so exciting."

Jaxie looked at me. "Do you two have my niece's name picked out?"

I shook my head. "No. Not yet. We wanted to know what we are having before deciding names." I looked at Josiah. "You'll have a daughter, are you ready?"

Josiah sighed. "No. I'm now more scared she'll date guys like me. I'm so changing my ways. She needs me to be the best dad I can be and know what she deserves. Me being an asshole isn't what I want to teach my little girl."

I smiled. "Awww, you're gonna be the best Daddy ever to her."

Isabella laughed. "She's not here yet and you're freaking out, Siah."

Josiah sighed. "I'll freak out all of her life until my last breath, Jaxie. She's my baby. So don't freak on me about me being crazy about her." He looked at me. "I'll love her for the rest of my life."

I looked at him. "Awww, you're so sweet."

Jaxie laughed. "Well, that's true, bro. She's your daughter."

Josiah kissed my head before heading over to Jake, Cole, and Kayden, Shane and Stephen. "Any advice you guys got for me since you all have girls?"

Shane laughed. "You'll love having a daughter. One thing for sure she'll have you wrapped around her finger and you'll do anything she'll ask you to do."

Kayden sighed. "You'll get zero sleep bro if you think about your baby girl in that case baby girls for me growing up to be beautiful just like her mother which will get you into trouble when she's older."

Stephen laughed. "She'll want to wear her mother's makeup all the time and play dress up. You'll be pushed into being her tea party guest all the time."

Jake laughed. "Oh yeah. Rawlings does that all the time."

Josiah smiled. "Really?"

Jake nodded. "Oh yeah! I love being her Prince. There's only so many years until she'll be like, 'Dad, I'm not into that anymore.' I'm not looking forward to that!"

Kayden sighed. "Oh, and so many dolls...I think I had to buy like 5 but I have twins so I had to buy 10...5 each..."

Josiah nodded. "Oh." He looked at his brother. "Do you think I'll be a good Dad? I mean what if my baby girl started dating bad boys like me. I have no idea what I'll do then. God, I'm freaking out."

Jake laughed. "You don't think we're nervous about that shit all the time? Dude, every guy who has a daughter worries about that ALL THE TIME. I know I do. I want her to know her worth. All I'll say is if she does, then I'll be there and if he hurts her too badly, he better be careful. I'll be at his house in 5 minutes with my bat..."

Kayden sighed. "Dude, I got twice of that shit to worry about. All I know is I'm with Jake, I'll be there for her if she needs me, but if he hurts my baby too much, I'll be there to kill him. I'll go to jail for Kaylee and Kayla in heartbeat. I'm sure Kacie will be pissed, though."

Josiah sighed deeply. "Well, I'm in deep shit now. I wish that she'll be my baby girl forever."

Kacie kissed his cheek. "Damn right I will."

Kayden looked at her. "You heard that?"

Kacie nodded. "Yep. Plus, I need you. Kaylee had thrown up all over herself. Kayla might do the same soon." She sighed. "You boys are overreacting."

Kayden nodded. "I'm coming." He walked over to Kaylee. "Hey baby girl, are you okay?" He rubbed her back.

Kaylee groaned. "My belly hurts. I think I ate too much, Dada..."

Kacie picked up Kayla. "Come on, sweetie. How are you feeling? Is your tummy okay?"

Kayden picked up Kaylee. "Let's go get cleaned up baby girl."

Kayla shook her head. "No, Momma."

Kacie nodded. "Okay. You should be feeling better soon. I'll give you some medicine, okay?"

Kayla nodded. "Thank you, Momma."

Jake looked at Josiah. "So, are you and Josie getting back together?"

Josiah sighed. "I hope so. I really miss her. She deserves the world."

Stephen smiled. "She does. Why don't you ask her for another chance?"

Josie walked over to Josiah. "Can we talk?"

Josiah nodded and followed her. "Of course. What's up?"

Josie looked at him. "Inside?"

Josiah nodded. "Okay. Sure."

Josie took his hand and they headed upstairs to Josiah's room.

I sat on his bed. "I miss you, Siah."

Josiah sighed. "I missed you, Josie. I know I don't deserve it, but..." He sat down next to her. "Can I please have another chance?"

Josie nodded. "Yeah. I'll give you another chance."

Josiah smiled. "Thank you. I promise I will never ever hurt you again."

Josie sighed. "Either we go downstairs or we can have make up sex. I bet no one will miss us for a bit..."

Josiah kissed her neck. "So which one do you want?"

Josie giggled as she layed down on his bed. "You know what I want."

Josiah smiled as he layed on top of her and kissed her neck. "Oh, yes, I do." He ran his hand up her dress while another on her cheek. "God, I've missed you."

Josie wrapped her arms around his neck. "I've missed you too."

Josiah pulled the covers over them after they got undressed. He leaned down and kissed her passionately. He began thrusting into her with all of his might. He moaned as he thrusted into her harder.

I moaned and screamed. "Yes, baby…"

15 minutes later, Josiah pulled out of her, rolled off of her and layed next to her. "Oh Jesus..." He pulled her into his arms.

I sighed as I was catching my breath. "Do you think anyone will notice we just slept together?" I said, yawning.

Josiah laughed. "I don't care. You're pregnant anyway, Josie." He kissed my neck softly.

Downstairs, Claire knocked on the front door. "Josiah! Open the door!"

Josiah heard his name and then sighed. "Shit. What the hell is she doing here?"

I sighed. "I don't know..."

Josiah headed downstairs with just his boxers."What the hell are you doing here?"

Claire smiled. "I came to see you."

Josiah crossed his arms. "Sorry. I can't see you anymore. My girlfriend is pregnant with my daughter. My family is here for the gender reveal. Please leave. We're done. I'm happy with Josie."

Claire crossed her arms. "You can't be serious!"

Josiah nodded. "Oh, I'm dead serious. I slept with Josie. Oh, yeah, that's right. It was the best, most amazing make up sex I've very had. I can go hours with her, but you know, she's pregnant."

Claire shook her head. "No."

Josiah glared at her. "Go before I throw you out!"

Claire shook her head. "No! I want to know why you're leaving me for that slut..."

I walked downstairs slowly, I placed a hand on my belly. "Siah?"

Josiah looked at me. "Yes, baby, are you okay?"

Josie nodded. "I'm okay. I heard yelling..." She walked over to him. "What's she doing here?"

Josiah sighed. "She is just wasting her time. Aren't you, Claire?"

Claire's eyes went wide. "No! I'm not! You're not serious about her. She's just a slut. Can't keep her legs closed..."

I glared at her. "Bitch, don't even start..."

Josiah glared at Claire. "You're the bitch. Obviously I'm serious about her. She's way more beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, perfect and she can't even compare to what you are. All I see in you Claire is jealous, manipulative, slut and bitch all in one. You're the slut who couldn't keep her legs closed! Now, this is the last chance before I call the cops!"

I stood behind Josiah but Claire got inside and slapped men in the face.

My eyes went wide. "Oh, I swear I hope to God, my daughter doesn't turn into you. You're so heartless. I'm pregnant! You touch me on more time and you don't wanna know what's gonna happen!"

Claire glared at me. "You probably got pregnant because you were losing him, right?"

I slapped the hell out of Claire. "No, I didn't, bitch. Now go before I scream for the cops to come and arrest you."

Claire was about to run towards me to slap me again, but I gave her a nice kick in where it hurts. "Told you." I breathed deeply.

Josiah kicked Claire out. "Bye, and don't come near me again!"

I breathed deeply as I sat down. "I thought she was gonna knock me down..." I rubbed her belly. "You're okay in there, sweet girl. One kick for yes and two for no..."

The baby kicked once.

I smiled. "Oh good."

Josiah walked over to me and sat down next to me and leaned in and kissed me passionately.

I kissed him back just as passionately.

Jaxie walked inside. "Oh...What do we have here?"

Josiah pulled away. "We're just making out, what's the problem?"

Jaxie smiled. "Are you guys back together?"

I nodded. "Yeah. We were upstairs for a little while..."

Jaxie nodded. "Don't need to know anything else. I'm happy for you guys."

Josie stood up. "I'll be right back. I have the smallest bladder ever..."

Jaxie smiled. "So...You two had some fun time upstairs?"

Josiah's eyes went wide. "Jaxie! That's my business..."

I walked out of the bathroom. "I gotta take my medicine. I hate taking it..." I groaned as I got instin out of my bag.

Josiah wrapped his arms around my waist. "I know I hate seeing you in pain and being upset..."

I sighed. "Thanks, Siah. I should be okay..." I turned to face him.

"Let's go join everyone." He smiled.

I looked at him. "Go upstairs and get dressed first. You're just in your boxers..."

Josiah laughed. "Well shit..." He ran upstairs to his room to change.

I started laughing.

Maya walked inside. "Hey, you and Siah okay? I saw you two leave and walk inside..."

I nodded. "We're fine. We just talked."

Maya smiled. "What was the yelling about?"

I sighed. "Claire showed up and well, she was being her bitch self I guess..."

Maya nodded. "Oh okay. To be honest, I always loved you with Josiah not Josiah and Claire."

I smiled, blushing. "Well..."

Maya smiled. "Are you two back together?"

I smiled. I nodded. "Yes, we are."

Maya smiled. "That's amazing I'm so happy for you."

I smiled. "Thank you."

Maya smiled. "You're welcome, sweetie."

Josiah walked downstairs. "Hey, Mom."

Maya smiled. "Hey sweetie. Josie told me you two are back together."

Josiah smiled happily. "Yeah, we are."

Maya smiled. "I'm so happy for you guys."

Nine Weeks Later

June 14, 2035

Josie's P.O.V.

Today is the last day of school until summer. I'm now 29 weeks pregnant. I'm now 7 months pregnant. I'm 11 weeks until my due date. My due date is the 23rd of August. I'm so nervous. I feel like everything isn't set for her.

I walked out of the school, sighing out of relief. "We're finally finished! Thank God!"

Zaylee looked at me. "What are you doing for college?"

I sighed. "I'm gonna have to take off I guess. I'll be busy giving birth while everyone else our age is going to dorms and all the fun things Siah and I can't do..."

Zaylee nodded. "Oh okay. So, what's the baby's name?"

I smiled. "Kiersten Josephine."

Zaylee smiled. "I love that name."

I smiled. "Thank you! Josiah came up with Kiersten. I wanted her to have my name as her middle name." I saw Josiah pull up with his car. "I gotta go. I got another doctor's appointment..." I hugged her.

Zaylee nodded. "Bye girl."

I got into the passenger seat and sighed out of relief. "I'm so damn glad we're done with high school. Just gotta graduate in a few days."

Josiah nodded. "Yeah."

I breathed deeply. "My feet won't swell up so bad anymore. Thank God!" She rubbed her belly. "I'm so glad I won't be called horrible names anymore too."

Josiah looked at her. "High school girls are bitches. I swear I felt so horrible for you. If I could, I'd show them how to shut their mouths, but then I'd get into big trouble..."

My eyes went wide. "Who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend?!"

Josiah looked at her. "Baby, I love you you're the love of my life and I don't like it when they call you those names. I feel like going to them and punching them in the face. I wish they were boys so that I could get away with hurting and beating them up. Even if I get in trouble, it'll be worth it cause I'll be defending you."

I sighed. "Yeah, I know, but I can't have you into trouble anymore, Siah. Kiersten needs you. She may be a girl, but when she's old enough, I'm teaching her how to defend herself when she really needs it..."

Josiah nodded his head in agreement. "I quite agree."

I smiled. "Good." I rubbed my belly, feeling a kick. "Ouch." I sighed. "Not right in the rib. God!" I groaned, breathing deeply.

Josiah looked at me concerned. "Are you okay baby?"

I nodded, gritting my teeth. "She kicks right in my rib. I get practice contractions. That's hard enough...and painful."

Josiah still looked concerned. "Do you need me to take you to the hospital?"

I shook my head. "That's where we're going to my doctor's appointment, babe. I'm fine. It's normal to get practice contractions at the end of my pregnancy..."

Josiah nodded. "Okay. I worry about you, Jos. You have been feeling so much pain for the past week..." He drove towards the hospital. "How often are the practice contractions?"

I sighed. "I have a few everyday."

Once we got to the hospital, I slowly got out and breathed deeply. "God, I hate this!" I groaned as a practice contraction hit me out of the blue. "I'm not going through this again for a long time..."

Josiah sighed. "I'll agree with you, babe. I hate seeing you in pain."

I nodded. "Thank you."

Josiah grabbed my hand. "You ready?"

I nodded. "Yeah. It passed." I slowly walked into the hospital and up to the maternity floor. We headed into the room and waited for my doctor.

I sighed. "11 more weeks..."

My doctor walked inside. "How are you, Josie?"

I sighed. "Well, you know. Practice contractions everyday, kicked in the rib by my daughter, who has some of her daddy's attitude. Is she still sideways?"

My doctor, Dr. Avery Adams paused. "Let's do an ultrasound to see. If she is, then she'll have less rosdom to go head down. I'll have to do a c-section if she isn't turned head down next week..."

I nodded. "Okay."

Her doctor placed gel on her belly and began the ultrasound. "I see she's sideways now..."

I groaned. "Shit."

Josiah spoke up. "Are there ways we can get to turn?"

Dr. Adams nodded. "There are, but it's gonna be hard to do given she's 29 weeks pregnant now. Next week, we'll see if she's turned. If she's not, then we'll talk about a plan for a c-section."

I nodded. "Okay..."

After the doctor's appointment, we headed to Josiah's.

I walked inside and then rushed to the bathroom.

Maya looked at her son and walked over to him. "Well how did it go?"

Josiah sighed. "Well, Kiersten is still sideways. If she can't turn herself by Josie goes into labor, we're looking at a c-section. We are hoping she turns by next week..."

I walked out of the bathroom. "I have the smallest bladder..." I said, sitting on the couch.

Maya looked at me. "How are you feeling, Josie?"

I took a deep breath as another practice contraction came over me. "I'm okay. I'm just hoping she can turn herself...I am NOT looking forward to having a C-section if I have to have one..."

Maya nodded. "I completely understand that sweetie."

Josiah looked at his mother. "Is it because you had to have 4?"

My eyes went wide. "Really?!"

Maya nodded. "Sadly, yes."

I got up and took off my shoes. "Ugh. My feet look like giant grapes..." I groaned.

Josiah looked at her. "Baby, you want me to rub your feet?"

I nodded my head. "Yes, please." I sat back down and placed my feet on his knees. "Thank you."

Josiah nodded and began to rub her feet. "You can ask me for it anytime baby."

I smiled. "I'll be asking for it twice or three times a day then." I laughed. I suddenly felt Kiersten turn herself. "I think she turned." I giggled. "That's my girl!" I placed my hand on my seven month belly.

Kiersten kicked softly.

Josiah smiled. "She's a soccer player, huh?"

I laughed. "Uh huh." I groaned as he went deep. "That feels so good."

Josiah laughed and kissed her neck. "I love you and Kiersten baby."

I giggled. "We love you too."

Josiah laughed. "Good. I can't wait to see her."

I smiled. "Me either."

9 weeks later, August 17th 2035

Josie's P.O.V.

I'm now 39 weeks pregnant. I'm due in 1 week. I'm now nine months pregnant. Everything hurts. My back hurts like someone keeps stabbing it with a knife. I never felt so much pain in my life.

I groaned as I walked out of the shower. "I'm so exhausted. I never felt this tired in my whole life. Everything hurts so bad."

Josiah looked at me. "I'm sorry baby girl."

I got into bed. "I've tried everything to go into labor and she just wants to stay there..."

Josiah looked at me. "Well, not everything..."

I looked at him. "Okay, at this point I'm ready to do anything."

Josiah smiled. "Sex helps."

I looked at him. "Really?"

Josiah nodded his head. "Yeah. Might as well give it a try. I mean, you've tried everything."

I smiled. "I'm willing to get her out. Let's try it."

Josiah got up and shut the door. He walked back to his bed and climbed on top of me. "Comfortable?"

I chuckled. "Comfortable is a distant memory. I will be when she's out..." I cupped his face with my hands.

Josiah kissed her. "Really? Oh! I know what you mean."

I laughed. "Yeah..." I deepened the kiss.

Josiah kissed her passionately. "Okay."

I took off his shirt.

He laughed. "Is that my shirt?"

I nodded. "Yes..."

He smiled. "Baby, it's okay. I knew you would be wearing my shirts more."

I smiled. "They're more comfortable than mine."

Josiah laughed. "You can wear them anytime baby."

I smiled. "Good."

Josiah took off his shirt this time. He pulled the covers over us. We had sex for an hour. I felt so exhausted, but it was well needed.

An hour after we had sex, I was asleep, like in a deep sleep, the best sleep ever since I hit eight months pregnant. I felt something fall down my leg slowly. I woke up in a panic. I took a deep breath before shaking Josiah's shoulder. "Siah?"

Josiah opened his eyes. "Yeah, baby? Are you okay?" He looked at me with concern.

I shook my head. "I think my water broke..."

Josiah's eyes widened. "Oh my God. Okay, we gotta go." He jumped up and dressed before grabbing his keys and helping me up.

I slowly got out of bed, groaning. "I gotta change too..." I got into shorts I don't care about and one of Josiah's shirts. I sighed deeply as I walked down the stairs. "Did you grab her bag? Mine is in the car..."

Josiah groaned. "Fuck. Go to the car. I'll grab hers." He ran up the stairs, grabbed her bag and rushed to his car. He threw the bag in the back seat and then headed off to the hospital.

I groaned as I felt my first contraction. "Owww..."

Josiah grabbed my hand and squeezed my hand. "Contraction?"

I nodded. "Yeah..." I looked at him. "How are you so calm now?"

Josiah looked at me. "You need me to be calm and be alert for you..."

I smiled softly. "Thanks, baby."

Josiah pulled into the hospital. He jumped out and helped me out of the car, he had the bags in his hands, walking behind me. I was completely nervous.

It was time.

After being checked into the hospital, I got into the wheelchair. "Here we go. Let's have a baby."

Josiah nodded and followed me as I was wheeled towards the labor and delivery.

Thirty minutes later, I was now in my hospital bed, I was checked by my doctor. I'm now 2 centimeters dilated. I looked at Josiah, who was sitting in the chair beside me. "Ready to be a dad?"

Josiah looked at me. "If you told me nine months ago if I was ready, I'd say, 'Hell no.' Now, I am."

I smiled at him. "Awww, Siah."

Josiah smiled. "I know this isn't the best time to do this, but..." He stood up from the chair, grabbed a box from his bag and walked over to me. "What are you doing?"

Josiah smiled. "Something..."

I was now looking at him. "Siah, what are you doing?"

Josiah chuckled. "Four years ago, literally tomorrow, I saw you from across the hallway. I thought I was dreaming because you looked like an angel. I wasn't expecting you to be the one who changed my ways. I know I treated you so badly when you were pregnant for four months. I regret everything. Now, our little girl taught me I have to be the best dad ever, and to do that, I have to treat her mommy better..." He smiled as he got down on one knee. "We have been through hell and back, but I want to be yours forever, so..." He opened the box. "Josephine Rayne Fisher, will you marry me?"

My eyes went wide. My eyes were filled with tears of happiness as I nodded my head. "Oh my God, yes, yes, I will!"

Josiah smiled. "I love you." He placed the ring on my finger.

I smiled happily. "I love you too."

Josiah looked at her. "Are you okay?"

I nodded as I breathed deeply as a contraction hit me. "Ugh!" I moaned softly.

Josiah sighed and took her hand. "I'm sorry, baby."

I nodded. "I'm okay..." I looked at the ring. "It's beautiful."

Josiah smiled. "Do you like it?"

I nodded slowly as I looked at him. "I do, but I'm kinda busy giving birth to our daughter, Siah..."

Josiah nodded. "Okay."

I looked at him. "Can you get some ice chips?"

Josiah nodded as he then walked out of the room to get the ice chips. Once getting the ice chips he then walked back to Josie's room to give her the ice chips. "Here."

I took the cup and began eating the ice chips. "Thank you. I can't wait to have real freaking food..."

Josiah nodded. "Did you get the epidural yet?"

I shook my head. "No."

A few hours later, 3:00AM, the next day, August 18, 2035

I was moaning and sobbing in pain as the last contraction hit me. "I can't do this!"

Josiah held her hand in his and squeezed it comfortingly. "You can do this, you're so strong. Come on baby don't you want our baby girl with us? I mean you've come this far to even give up. Come on, Josie, you can do this I believe in you..."

I looked at him as I began pushing. "Okay..." I moaned and groaned as I pushed as hard as I could.

Her doctor nodded. "That's good, Josie. She's really close."

I nodded as I pushed with all of my might. After giving a few hard pushes, I looked at my doctor, who smiled at me.

"One more push, okay?"

I nodded slowly. "I'm never doing this again!" I screamed as I felt her come out of me.

Josiah sighed and squeezed her hand. "Okay, baby."

My doctor placed her in my arms after she was cleaned up. "You did awesome. She was 8 pounds and 8 ounces and 18 inches long and she was born 3:18AM on 8\18..."

I laughed. "Wow, her lucky number is 8 I guess..."

Josiah smiled as he looked at me and then at our baby girl Kiersten. "She's beautiful. Welcome to the world Kiersten Josephine Martin."

I sighed. "I can't believe I did that without an epidural..."

Josiah smiled. "Yeah, me either."

2 days later, August 21st, 2035

Josephine's P.O.V.

Two days after I gave birth to Kisrsten, we were able to bring her home. I was still sore, but I'm doing well. I'm so happy to be not pregnant anymore. Life will never be the same again. We are parents.

I slowly got out of the car with the help of my dad and Zack. "Be lucky you two are dudes. My whole body hurts like a bitch right now..."

Zack nodded. "I'm sorry Josie." He looked at Alexander. "Our granddaughter is beautiful."

Alexander nodded. "Just like her mother."

I smiled. "Thank you." I looked at them. "And, oh!" I lifted my left hand and showed them the ring. "Siah asked me to marry him. I said yes!"

Zack smiled. "Congrats, Josie."

My dad smiled. "I knew you would say yes."

They helped me into the house, Josiah was on the couch holding our daughter. Kiersten was wearing "Mommy said yes" onesie.

Maya was confused. "What's Kiersten wearing? What is that?" She looked at it. "Mommy said yes? What does that mean?"

Zack smiled at his wife. "It means Siah and Josie are engaged."

Maya's eyes went wide. "Really?!" She got excited. "Oh my goodness!" She hugged me. "This is amazing!"

I laughed. "I know! No wedding planning..."

Veronica looked at her daughter. "Why?"

I sighed. "I just gave birth, Mom. I want to focus on her."

Veronica nodded. "Well that's understandable sweetheart."

I sighed. "I fucking give you ladies crops. That was per hell!" I said, sitting down slowly.

Kacie laughed. "You never had twins..."

I nodded. "Yeah true."

Kacie smiled. "I love my girls. I don't think I could ever do it unmediated..."

I looked at her. "Really?"

Kacie shook her head. "Oh, I was already in pain everywhere before I went into labor, girl..."

I sighed. "I'm sorry."

Jaxie smiled. "Kiersten sure is beautiful. I bet she'll be breaking a lot of hearts when she's a teenager."

Josiah's eyes widened. "Over my dead body. She's not dating while she's a teenager. I'm not ready for it."

I looked at him. "Honey, you'll be fine. Relax and take a deep breath."

Shane looked at his wife. "Jaxie! Summer isn't doing such a thing yet!"

Jaxie rolled her eyes. "Jesus, guys. You are so overprotective..."

Josh rolled his eyes. "Oh please. You're not a dad, Jaxie. How would you know?"

Jaxie rolled her eyes. "I'm a mother.I think I know, Josh."

I looked at them. "Guys, I got a 2 day old baby. She has little ears." I smiled at my daughter. "She's so peaceful."

The front door was knocked on.

I was confused. "Everyone's here...Who's at the door?" I got up slowly and walked to the door and then groaned. "Claire? What the hell are you doing here?" I crossed my arms.

Claire looked at him. "I want you back. I mean I need you back.."

Josiah glared at her. "I'm not making the same mistake again."

Claire sighed. "But, I need you. People hate me. I still love you, well I'm crazy about you. I mean you're a player that's expected."

Josiah rolled his eyes. "Well, I was before, but now I've changed because a beautiful and gorgeous girl came into my life and changed me."

I looked at her. "He has more responsibilities now. We have our daughter and we are planning a wedding. You are definitely not on his thinking about list. I'm sure he doesn't even like you anymore. I know I hate you. You ruined my life, stealing my boyfriend from me back then. Now, I'm happy to be engaged and have our little family, me, Siah and our daughter, Kiersten."

Claire's eyes widened. "No, you're joking."

My eyes were filled with tears of happiness. "Awwww..."

Josiah smiled at me as he grabbed my face and kissed me passionately. "I haven't done that since Kiers came into the world."

I smiled and kissed him back just as passionately. "Awww, me too. And, thank you."

Josiah smiled. "You're welcome, baby girl." He turned to Claire, who was now on the porch. "I wish I could say I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry. Now, I'm not the guy you met all of those months ago. I've changed. I've changed my ways for my daughter. I'm not letting her date anyone who was like me."

Claire laughed. "Well, I hope she ends up like her mother then. Pregnant at 17, and then she'll look fat for the rest of her life..."

I was so angry I pushed Claire. "Shut the hell up you stupid bitch!"

Claire laughed. "Oh come on, you can do better than that if you think you're tougher than me."

My ears were steaming. I was so angry. "Just because I got pregnant doesn't fucking mean my daughter will! If she doesn't, I'll sure make sure she doesn't turn into a bitch like you!"

Zack sighed. "That's it! I'm calling for a restraining order!"

I groaned as I pushed her. "You don't want to know how much I hate you."

Claire pushed me back. "Oh, I know that bitch!"

I glared at her as I fell down. "Oh, you bitch! You're so lucky I wasn't pregnant still or had my daughter in my arms!" I groaned as I got up.

Claire looked at Josiah. "I want to kill you!"

Josiah nodded. "Nobody's stopping you from going for it!

Maya's eyes widened when she heard that. "Josiah Martin!"

Josiah groaned as he ran inside with Kiersten in his arms. "Dad! Call the cops!" He handed Kiersten to his mother. "Bring her upstairs, Mom."

Maya nodded as she took her granddaughter from her son. "Okay." She walked upstairs with her while Zack called the cops.

I glared at Claire. "You can fucking enjoy jail. I wonder what an orange jumpsuit will look like on you..."

Claire crossed her arms. "Fabulous and besides, I'm totally not going to jail."

Josiah nodded. "Oh, yes, you are. You harmed Josie, me and our daughter." Josiah led me inside before he headed out to watch Claire. "You harmed my baby's mother. I'm going to make sure you stay in jail."

Claire rolled her eyes. "Oh please! You can't do this to me!"

Josiah laughed. "You think I can't? I can. Alex is a police officer. That's Josie's father and guess what, sweetheart? He saw you."

Claire looked at him. "That can't prove anything."

Zack laughed. "We have cameras. Got anything else to say?"

The police officers began pulling up and Alex walked outside. "My daughter is upstairs with my granddaughter."

Jacqueline, a police officer nodded. "Do you mind if I go talk to her? Was the baby harmed?"

Josiah shook his head. "No. I had her in my arms."

Jacqueline nodded as she walked inside and then up the stairs. "Josie, are you okay?"

I nodded. "Yes, I'm not injuried or anything. I was just protecting my baby."

Jacqueline nodded. "How long has this been going on?"

I sighed. "A little bit over the past 5 months. She's either here to take Josiah away from me or think she's hotter given I just gave birth."

Jacqueline's eyes widened. "Oh I'm sorry. It seems to me this girl is a massive stalker. She needs serious therapy about this."

I rocked my daughter. "I know..."

Jacqueline looked at me. "Anything else?"

I paused. "That's all I remember..."

Jacqueline nodded. "Okay thank you, Josie."

I nodded. "Thank you."

Jacqueline smiled. "You're welcome." She then walked out of the room and downstairs.

Zack looked at Jacqueline. "Thank you for coming officer. I didn't want her to hurt anyone else."

Jacqueline nodded. "I completely understand."

She walked downstairs holding Claire's shoulder and put her in the back seat of the police car and then drove off.

Josiah's room

Josiah walked into his room to find me holding Kiersten in the rocking chair. "Hey, beautiful."

I smiled. "Hi baby."

Josiah closed the door and walked over to her. "How's Kiersten?"

I smiled. "She had a long cry for 10 minutes, but she's now asleep."

Josiah smiled. "Awww. Josie, have I ever thanked you?"

I looked at him in confusion. "For what?" I said, rubbing Kiersten's back slowly.

Josiah smiled. "For coming back to my life, bringing our daughter into the world and for carrying our daughter. I'm so happy but I'm also upset that I had to miss the first few months of your pregnancy by dating that slut." He sighed. "From now on you'll be treated as a queen by me."

I smiled, blushing as tears came to my eyes. "Awww, thanks, baby." I laughed. "I hate being so emotional. I think it's worse when I was pregnant." I looked at Kiersten, who opened her eyes and yawned in her sleep.

Josiah smiled and kissed my head hugging me. "It's okay baby it's expected it's not your fault."

I smiled. "Do you want to hold her?"

Josiah nodded. "Of course."

I got up slowly as I placed her into Josiah's arms. "I'll be right back." I walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

Josiah nodded and then kissed Kiersten's head looking down at her. "I love you baby girl. You look so beautiful just like your Momma." He smiled. "Please don't grow up so quickly for Daddy will you? You're also gonna be my baby girl. You're not dating when you're young and by the way if you date a bad boy no ifs, buts or ands about it and if he breaks your heart Daddy's gonna kill him and I don't care if I have to go to jail for it. All it matters to me is your happiness and your Momma's happiness. You girls are my world."

I smiled as I heard him as I walked out of the bathroom. "And, Mommy will bail Daddy out of jail..." I laughed as I layed down on Josiah's bed. "I know we have family over, I'm taking a nap. We'll be up every 2 to 4 hours with her. I'm sleeping when she's asleep."

I nodded as I fell asleep.

Josiah placed Kiersten in her bassinet and then headed downstairs.

Maya looked at her son. "Where's Josie?"

Josiah smiled. "She's getting a nap in."

Maya nodded. "Okay what about you? Are you tired too?"

Josiah nodded. "Yeah. I just wanted to let you all know we were gonna sleep."

Kayden nodded. "We completely understand dude. You have a 2 day old baby."

I walked upstairs and into my room, I shut the door softly and then got into my bed, cuddling me as I was asleep.

Josiah nodded. "Yeah. I just wanted to let you all know we were gonna sleep."

Kayden nodded. "We completely understand dude. You have a 2 day old baby."

Josiah walked upstairs and into his room, shut the door softly and then got into his bed, cuddling me as I was asleep.

I opened my eyes. "Are you tired too?"

Josiah nodded. "Yeah. We have a long night ahead of us."

I smiled. "Yeah we do but I won't change this for anything."

Josiah kissed my head. "I love you."

I sighed. "Do you think she's prettier than me? I mean, I'm fat, still have a lot of weight on me from being pregnant..." I sniffed softly.

Josiah looked at me. "Are you kidding me? You're way more prettier and gorgeously beautiful than her. You're not fat. You had a baby and besides you're way more hotter and sexier than that girl will ever be."

I smiled. "Really?"

Josiah nodded his head. "Yes and if you saw yourself the way I see you you'll know why I want you so desperately."

I laughed. "Well, we got six weeks before we can have alone time. Plus, I think I'll be too tired to do anything."

Josiah nodded. "Okay."

Later that night, 11:00pm

Kiersten began crying.

I opened my eyes and sat up getting out of bed. "I'm so tired." I walked over to Kiersten's crib and picked her up. "What's wrong sweet girl? Are you hungry?"

Kiersten cried louder.

I sighed as I rocked her. "Siah?" I began shaking his shoulder.

Josiah opened his eyes and sat up. "I'm up. What's going on baby?"

I sighed. "Wow, you're a deep sleeper. You can't hear Kiers crying?" I said, with a snap in my voice as I rocked our crying daughter. I sat down on the rocking chair. "I have to feed her. Can you hold her so I can undo my shirt?"

Josiah nodded. "Yeah." He took Kiersten and started rocking her.

I began undoing my shirt. "She's began clungerfeeding. Ugh. I need my milk to come in already." I took her gently and began feeding her.

Josiah nodded. "Okay do you need anything? I mean do you want anything to eat or drink?"

I sighed. "Water sounds good right now."

Josiah nodded as he then got out of bed and walked out of our room and then downstairs to the kitchen to get water for me. Once coming back upstairs and then he handed me the water bottle. "Here. Anything else?"

I shook my head as I rubbed our daughter's back. "I'm okay. Thanks."

Kiersten finally finished eating, she looked up at me, smiling.

I smiled back at her. "Hi sweet girl."

Kiersten smiled as she passed gas, feeling better. I laughed. "Oh, Daddy is gonna have his first really dirty diaper."

Josiah sighed. "I was prepared for this." He took Kiersten from me and layed her down on the changing table and began changing her. "She's definitely my daughter."

I started laughing. "Oh my God."

Josiah picked up Kiersten and began rocking her. "How are you feeling, babe?"

I chuckled. "So sore."

Josiah sighed deeply. "I'm sorry."

I smiled. "It was so worth it. I got such a beauty out of it."

Josiah smiled. "Just like you."

I blushed. "Awww, thank you, Siah."

Josiah smiled. "I'm telling the truth babe."

I smiled. "I know. You are such a good daddy to her. I was a bit worried..."

Josiah looked at me. "Why?"

I sighed. "I was worried that you were going to leave..."

Josiah sighed deeply looking at me. "Josie I will never leave you ever again I promise I feel terrible about the way I treated you in the past but now I'm looking forward to our future. I won't leave you and our baby. If only I could change about what happened before but I can't. But I can make up for it now and in the future."

I nodded. "I know you can't change the past. I was just scared about everything. I'm not saying I regret her because now that I have her, I can't imagine my life without her. She brought us together. She was definitely unplanned. We were always getting back together or breaking up. I thought I was going to be a single mother to be honest..."

Josiah placed Kiersten in her crib before walking up to me, bending down in front of me. "Josephine, I'm not letting you be a single mother. You will never be a single mother not over my dead body. I'm dead serious. You are my everything, my best friend, my queen and you are going to be my wife. I didn't put that ring on your finger because I wanted to fuck with you. I asked you to marry me because I realized how much I love you, how much I care about you and our daughter. You and Kiersten are my world. You deserve the world and I'm going to give the world. I'm not leaving you. I want you and our baby girl to be with me for the rest of my life."

I was crying throughout his speech. "Awww I love you too." I smiled at him. "Thank you for everything we're really lucky to have you."

Josiah smiled as he wiped my tears and leaned in and kissed me passionately. "No, I'm really lucky to have you. I'm happy you had the baby."

I smiled and kissed him back just as passionately. "Thanks."

Josiah yawned. "God, I'm tired."

I yawned too. "Me too..." I groaned as I tried to stand up. "Help me up?"

Josiah nodded as he took her hand and helped her up. "Of course."

I got into his bed. "I remember the night Kiers was conceived."

Josiah smiled. "Me too. My parents and siblings went on a small trip somewhere and you came over to spend the weekend with me."

I smiled and nodded. "Yeah."

Six weeks later, Friday. September 28th, 2035

Josephine's P.O.V.

It's now 6 weeks after I gave birth to Kiersten. I'm healing okay. We are heading to Kiersten's 6 week check up and my doctor's appointment.

Siah and I are starting college in 2 weeks.

We are doing online classes now. I picked up Kiersten after changing her. "Hopefully you can start sleeping 5 hours in a row, sweet girl because Mommy is tired."

Kiersten smiled at her mother.

Josiah walked into his room. "Ready to go?"

I nodded. "Yeah."

We headed off to the doctor's office. After Kiersten's check up, my doctor wanted to see me.

She smiled. "Kiersten is doing well?"

Josiah nodded. "Yeah, she's perfect."

She smiled. "How are you doing, Josie?"

I smiled. "I'm fine I'm healing okay."

Her doctor nodded. "I'm going to check everything, okay?"

After getting checked down there, her doctor smiled. "You look good. You can go back to phycial activities. I'd be really careful at first. You just had the baby six weeks ago so I'd be really careful..."

I nodded.

Josiah looked at her. "So, she's cleared to have sex then?"

I blushed. "Siah..."

My doctor laughed. "Yes, she is. But, I'm sure you two don't want another baby, right?"

I shook my head. "Oh God, no. I'm not ready for that again. I want to start birth control."

My doctor nodded. "Okay. We'll talk about which one is the best one for you."

I nodded. "Okay."

Josiah looked at me. "We're just busy with Kiersten. I definitely don't want another baby right now."

I nodded. "Me either…"

After getting my first birth control shot, we headed home. I was just happy I wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant for a long while. Kiersten is the only baby I need right now.

Later that night, I sat on my and Josiah's bed.

I never expected to be a mother at seventeen. I thought I'd be a normal teenager, but now I have to think about my daughter and her future. Josiah and I are together stronger than ever. I thought I'd be a single mother. But he has shown me that he's going to be there for our daughter and me. I'm grateful to have him in our lives. I can't picture my life without Josiah. We may have had a hard beginning, but now we are going to be together forever. We are going to be planning a wedding for next year when we turn eighteen. Yes, I'm young, but I had to grow up faster than anyone my age. I hope I can give my little girl everything her little heart desires.

Here's to a bright future with my sweet baby girl and my fiancé.

Peace ya'll.