Kirby and The Klue Queens are back after a long summer apart. Not only more mysteries and copy abilities are around the corner, but they also encounter new friends who will help them solve the mysteries.


An Order of Totally Tofu- The Klue Queens are back in school and are opening it with a charity fashion show, featuring The Totally Spies(Sam, Clover, and Alex). But someone has stolen the fashion line, based on Sam Simpsons art.

An Order of Groovy Grits- The Klue Queens run into their old friends, Mystery Incorperated, Alex even stays behind incase Shaggy and Scooby all the food in Lititz Heights. Fred tells them that while they were on their way to Lititz Heights, they saw a haunting at Gravin Gates, an old manor in Lititz Heights that was once a theater studio until the untimely death of the owner in 1969.

An Order of Chan Calamari- Henry, Stanley, Suzie, Alan, Anne and Tom has gotten a flat tire while on their gig to Disco Day in Harrisburg. While checking out Hong Kong House of Chow, a famous jade dragon statue disappear as the owners get a shipment of radishes.

An Order of Freaky Fetuccini- The Freaky 6 go to town to see the unveiling of a new monster painting with a paint mixture. Unfortunately, it gets stolen while gets distracted by a stage-hogging band. Now they need to know if its the band who took it or one of the crew members.

An Order of Darling Danish- The students of Lititz Heights High are on a trip to a history museum in Pittsburgh for the weekend trip for an Egyptology assigment. Along the way, a priceless mummy gets stolen. Now they must seek help from The Star Darlings, who are visiting them while on their east coast tour.

An Order of Puppy Power Pate- Scrappy has paid his dept and now, Helen's older brother is forced to take him back to his hometown of Lititz Heights. It's there that someone has been a homecoming horror, someone has smuggled counterfeit dollars and they need to know who's responsible.

An Order of Reaping Reuben- While Grim was trying to reap an old dog at the pound, Swinger and Kirby acidentally bring him to Roadhouse Fantasia to entertain the kids at the Halloween Party. Meanwhile, the magician who was suppose to entertain the kids at the party was kidnapped, but by who?(Halloween Special)

An Order of Caring Cake- With the anniversary party of the local toy store, someone has kidnapped the daughter of a famous Happy Lamb operator. Cheer and Grumpy crashlanded on Earth while looking for a child in need of care. The Klue Queens decided that they should help find the little girl before its too late.

An Order of Meta Muffins- A princess from a small nation in Italy gets kidnapped and replaced by an imposter. While investigating, the girls meet the famous Meta Knight and they learn all about the wonders of being a princess knight.

An Order of Fairly Odd Ambriosa- Cosmo acidentally gets himself and Wanda sent to Lititz Heights by mistake after eating so much bacon pudding. Kirby brings them over to a special reading at the bookstore about a rare fairytale lost for years, only for it to be lost again.

An Order of Olaf Goulash- The Friendly Scouts of Lititz Heights are on a Christmas Charity event in Philadelphia. Paige and Rylie tag along as guests for the occasion. Fayth and Leelanee also befriend Olaf the Snowman, whom helps them on an investigation of stolen charity toys.(Christmas Special).

An Order of Sponge Cake- The Klue Queens go to Hawaii to visit Helen's cousin and meet Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward. When Patrick acidentally digs up an article of a stolen diamond, the Klue Queens must investigate, Spongebob Style.(New Years Eve Special)

An Order of Dudes and Cheese- Soos is visiting his friends for Saffron's birthday party at El Pueblo De Pepper. As they were celebrating, Saffron's newfound boyfriend warns them about a haunting of a nurse ghost.

An Order of Perry Peta- Pera's Platypus Party Palace has come to town for an after-school fundraise. Unfortunately, her platypuses go missing after she has her lunch at Roadhouse Fantasia.

An Order of Flerken Flounder- The NSA has hired The Klue Queens to look after Goose while they train a couple of Skrull Superheroes. Meanwhile, reports of a werecat attacking the Philadelphia International Airport.

An Order of Muppet Syrup- The Muppets are in town for their performance when Foofoo gets kidnapped. Now the Klue Queens must help Miss Piggy find her special dog, or else she'll karate chop the entire town.

An Order of Tipton Torte- London is holding a model audition which Kaylin is dying to join. That's when someone has stolen her new necklace, "The Sesame Bun Sequence" while she was prepping for her enterance. Now they need to figure out who stole her new necklace.

An Order of Hologram Crackers- Jem comes to town for a rock version of The Voices of Songs, Mayor Hess's last play production before retirement. As they were getting ready, they discover that the costumes of the visiting play, "The Voices of Songs" has gone missing.

An Order of Muerte Beans- Carolina's best friend gets married to her fiance in Lititz Heights with La Muerte(As Marybeth) being the ministress. Before they could attend her wedding, Xibalba acidentally blabs out reports of a counterfeit candy ring. The Klue Queens must figure out who's responsible for the counterfeit candy ring before its too late.(Valentine's Day Special)

An Order of Sesame Buns- The Sesame Street Gang come to Lititz Heights for a Friendly Scout recital of Cinderella. Before they could do anything, someone stole a famous pumpkin pie recipe from the local bakery. If they don't find it, the catering order will be ruined.

An Order of Moronvioli- Detective Dan is taking some time off from the Chicago Police Dept after acidentally freeing some rebellious teens. He and his daughter decided to spend some time with his old Police Academy buddy, "Chief Hess" which becomes embarassing to him. Also, a famous old house is schedueled to be demolition.

An Order of Planet Pancakes- The Klue Queens go on Spring Break to The Planeteers Gaia's Getaway Tour. Amongst the stops, they notice a series of crimes in pollution and smuggling rings.(Earth Day/Spring Break Special)

An Order of Foster French Toast- The friends from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends go to Lititz Heights for the spring musical production of Socs, which the Klue Queens are being involved in. The leading lady has gotten food poisoning and the girls must investigate before the show starts.

An Order of Looney Linguini- The Looney Tunes are hitchhiking to Lititz Heights when they stumbled upon a series of art thieves and the Littiz Heights Museum of Art is next.

An order of Mickey Potatoes- Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald and Goofy come to Lititz Heights for a gig at the Spring's Girls Choice dance, where the single girls get a breakup text from a guy named, "Cupid Craig" including Tania. Now they must figure out Cupid Craig's identity before love jealousy strikes.

An Order of Bullwinkle Beets- Rocky and Bullwinkle come to town for an interview for the Klue Queens. Unfortunately, Bullwinkle keeps spending money and if they don't figure out why he keeps doing it, RBTV will be bankrupt.

An order of Rocket Road Ice Cream- Rocket Raccoon and The Backyard Gang go to Lititz Heights for a field trip when they come across a missing activist who was a Friendly Scout in the 90s.