It was terrible. Maurice had framed The Klue Queens for the theft of the brooch, and they didn't have any proof of their innocence. Deputy Downs secretly believed that his sister-in-law and her friends were innocent, but decided not to free them so he wouldn't lose his job.

Looking back, Leah could recall all the parts that made her half Scottish, the Scottish flag in her house, the plus-size kilt for Uncle Wayne, her admiring Daffy's terrible bagpipe playing, and her unintentionally doing a karate kick. Thinking clearly, Leah began to realize that Lucca was her real father.

"It all makes sense," Kaylin agreed. "Lucca sure is a lot nicer than his daffy father."

"Now that we've been set up," Tania groaned, "we can't get out of here."

"Never say 'can't'," said a voice.

The four glowing lights that were spying on Lucca and Maurice were really the Bugaloos. "We saw the whole thing from Maurice's window." explained I.Q. "I can't believe he would do this so he could make his son sad."

"Some parent," agreed Paige.

Ricardo was surprised to see the Bugaloos sneaking around the prison. Instead of telling Chief Hess, he decided to help out. Remembering that the Klue Queens always got by with a little help from friends, they agreed.

"You and Chief Hess meet us at Gavin Gates in one hour," Leah replied. "We got a plan to clear our names."

Using their bug fairy magic, the Bugaloos transported them to Gavin Gates.


When they arrived, they saw all the friends they teamed up with over the years playing around. Not only our heroes were thrilled to see them and dressed as Star-themed versions of Columbia, but they were thrilled to.

"Leah," said Wanda, "we have someone we want you to meet. We poofed him out of his hotel room while Maurice was taking a shower."

Onstage, Leah could see her biological father, Lucca McDaniel. Lucca was thrilled to see his daughter for the first time since she was a baby. Leah was so rejoiced to see her long-lost father that she hugged him. Bob cried tears of joy while Kevin and Stuart comforted one another.

"Hooray!" shouted Uncle Wayne from the audience while sharing popcorn with Olaf.

"A father-daughter reunion," cooed Olaf.

"I got Lucca and Lorraine into this mess," Uncle Wayne explained, "so I'm going to get them out it."

Lucca explained that he met Lorraine when he was studying tap dancing while she was studying contemporary dancing. The met at the costume party where Tania's real parents met and they were dressed like vampires. Over the past few years they dated and spread the love for dancing. During India's Holi on the year before they were supposed to graduate, Lorraine found out that she was pregnant with Leah and they rejoiced. After Lorraine introduced Lucca to her parents, Uncle Wayne accidentally babbed out Lorraine's pregnancy to Lucca's father, which Uncle Wayne didn't know at the time.

Maurice was so mad, he forced Lucca to stay with him and not date any more women again, for he might impregnante someone.

"There there, Wayne," said Lucca. "You didn't know about my father, and we all need to fix our mistakes. Plus, Mother, Leah would be very angry if he was alive."

Just then, they realized that was the same name as the Klue Queen leader. "I was wondering where I got my name from," she beamed. "At first I thought my mother just loved the name. Now I know it meant something more than that."

"Ugh, Leah," interupted Paige. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

Leah winked at Paige, remembering their little plan. "Remember what Maurice said about hating 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'?" Leah asked Lucca. "I think we found a way to clear our names."


One hour later, Maurice McDaniel arrived at Gavin Gates, beliving that his going to display his karate there.

When he arrived in the house, the lights went out, and one by one the Bugaloos sang a verse from "The Time Warp." Just then, the Chan Clan, Arthur, Buster, Muffy, Francine, Binky, the Brain, the Freaky 6, Nathaniel, the Glitter Force, Big Time Rush, Helen, Issac, Martin, and Destiny popped onstage wearing London Tipton's Rocky Horror-styled outfits. Besides them, the Star Darlings, the Holograms, SpongeBob, Patrick, Olaf, Uncle Wayne, and the Winx Club were performing.

"Let's Do The Time Warp Again!" sang the Aliens.

After Mr. Colton had given out the instructions of "The Time Warp," the Klue Queens popped out dressed as Columbia and did a little tap routine.

Backstage, the Muppets, the Planeteers, Dr. Pym, the Superpops, Sam, Clover, Alex, Shaggy, and Scooby were handling the special effects. "You know what looks less scary, dear?" Shaggy asked his wife.

"What, Shaggy?" Alex replied.

"Raining lemonade," answered Shaggy as he pointed to one of the cameras.

Wonka at Wilkinson snuck around, and with a little Wonka magic, he poured lemonade on him.

"I hate lemonade," growled Maurice. "Lemons are suppose to be sour."

"Tecnically," interrupted Wilkinson, "you have to add sugar in lemonade to make it taste sweet."

La Muerte, Xibalba, Fololo, Falala, Funky Phantom, Johanna, Angelina, and Boo popped up and scared him.

"Scary ghosts, dude!" shouted Soos wearing a ghost sheet. Then Tokkori, Rick, Robopup 2.0, the Sesame Street Gang, Perry, and the Looney Tunes popped up in ghost sheets and started scaring him.

"Could this get any worse?" Maurice asked himself.

"It has," answered Leah as she pointed to the exit, displaying Lucca dressed as a space alien.

"Lucca?" Maurice asked.

"How'd ya do, I see you met my blond daughter," Lucca sang, "He's just a lot brought down because When you framed her, she's knew your were a love slaughter."

Suddenly, everyone joined in on the Tim Curry "Rocky Horror" song.

I'm just a sweet Dancvestite

From Dancexual


At the end of the theater, Meta Knight, Cheer, Grumpy, Goose the cat, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Detective Dan, Rocky and Bullwinke, London Tipton, Mickey and friends, Woody Woodpecker, Rocket, and Groot ambushed him with stars. To end the Star-Bush, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob chewed bananas with their mouths open and made him sip on the banana peels.

Maurice was so petrified by the Star/banana-bush, he ran out of Gavin Gates.

"No more bagpipe punches, Loch Ness leg kicks, nor Glasgow chop," chuckled Estrella.


Outside, Chief Hess and Deputy Downs arrived on time. "What's going on?" Chief Hess demanded. "Ricardo told me that there was a robbery held at Gavin Gates."

"There is," Deputy Downs answered honestly, "but it's for who *really* stole Chandika's charm."

"Officers!" shouted Maurice in a panic. "Those crazy cookoo brats bothered me with 'Rocky Horror', and they didn't take the charm - I did. Please, take me to jail. I'd rather go there than being trapped in Richard O'Brien-land."

"While the police was arresting the Klue Queens for the robbery," explained Deputy Downs, "I saw you with a sinister look on your face, meaning that you took the charm and framed my sister-in-law and her friends."

"I had to in order to keep my son from meeting my granddaughter!" shouted Maurice. "Just get me out of here."

Chief Hess and Deputy Downs cuffed Maurice, placed him in the car, and drove off to prison. Everyone cheered for their victory.

"Thank you, Leah," Lucca smiled, "for freeing me from my father's clutches. Grandma Leah would've been proud of you."

Just then, someone driving Leah's car came in. It was Ms. McBruce. She and Chandika came here thanks to an urgent email Dr. Pym gave them. When Leah and Lucca came out, Lucca gazed at Lorraine's loveliness. Lorraine gazed up and found out that Leah has learned the truth about her father.

"You had to know about Lucca some time," Lorraine explained, "I knew that if you knew at an early age, you would go on a scavenger hunt to find him and Maurice wouldn't be happy.

"Dad always believed that Scots and Americans couldn't be friends," Lucca explained. "But I think it was just silly and it all started with him joining an Anti-American club in Glasgow."

"Lucca?" asked Lorrain as she took off her shoes and glasses. "Eight years after we separated, there was a Backstreet song about two people ended up dancing together and there was a contemporary routine."

"You mean Chances?" asked Lucca as he played the Backstreet Boys' "Chances."

At the end of their dance, Lorraine and Lucca kissed.


One week later, Lucca and Lorraine were married and had their reception at Guavera's Cantina. Leah never thought that her full name would be Leah McBruce-McDaniel, now that she finally had a father she longed to know. Suddenly, Billie came in wearing a French Maid outfit, "This is humiliating!" she growled, "I should be at The Bauer hotel getting a massage! Instead, Zara, Miley and I am forced to watch your Mommy and Daddy get married and serve all the people, including the brats at The Kiddy Table.

Zara was coming out of The Kiddy Table and was annoyed by the way Kirby ate the whole plate of marshmallows. "Kirby's inhales are literally a tornado!" she complained.

"That's nothing!" shouted Miley, "Can you believe Cosmo did the 'See My Food' trick. EWWW!"

"That's what you get for framing us!" Kaylin replied, "Not long after we brought Maurice to justice, The Disney Princess and The Winx Club tricked you guys into a fake Winx Club Backup Dancer audition with a fake 'Deep Secret' interview and you didn't know that Chief Hess and Deputy Downs were the only ones in the audience. Plus your mics were on the whole time."

"And serving and forcing to watch for a wedding is punishment enough." Paige finished.

After Billie and her posse left, Issac, Martin, Nathaniel, Helen, and Judsong came to their table and sat next to their girlfriends, "So, girls," asked Issac, "what are you going to do this summer? Leah and I are going to help Lucca move in and learn about the wonders of Lititz Heights."

"Speaking of moving in," Kaylin replied, "I'm going to go to Atlanta to help my parents move into their new home in their new home here. They'll be coming in next week. They finally have the money to move to Lititz Heights. They already know about LH being a magic haven because my mom always believed in magic since she was a kid."

"Helen and I are going to be counselors at a cheerleading camp in New Mexico," Estrella explained.

"I'm going to supervise Aaron's traveling hip hop dance troupe," Rylie explained. "My dad knows the manager."

"And, like, Peter and I are going to Studio 25 be in a new art movie, 'Frame, Set and Match'," explained Paige. "We're going to play background hippies."

"Rick, Judson, and the Bugaloos and I are going to India so I can get in touch with my roots," explained Tania. "And help Mama Chandika with a few move-ins."

Onstage, Chandika was not only the maid of honor, but an announcer for something small. "From kiss friendship," she announced, "to a friendship like ours, your love makes me happy. Those are the words of wisdom from my world famous novel, 'Kiss Friendship'. When I wrote my first book at 18, Lorraine was my test-subject. The two of us never planned to be young mothers, but life has many surprises, like the following number."

"Enough of the slow bits!" shouted Uncle Wayne as he placed in Bombay Dreams' "Shakalaka Baby." "Let's speed things up a bit from the best man!"

Recognizing the song, the Klue Queens, Bugaloos, Judson, and Kirby hid behind, changed into Bollywood apparel, and danced for Leah's parents.

The End.