It's been five years since I left my peaceful cul de sac, I left a monster maybe I will be resurrected as a saint. My old friends I wonder how you had grown into reasonable teenagers on our senior year. I looked out to the side of the window of my parent's car, I began rushing through my trusty backpack to find my old beanie I used to wear every where. My fingers ran through an old scar across my face, "blast this infernal scar" I muttered to myself as my mind ran through the time my friends and I were trying to stop Eddy's brother from trying to beat the unholy crap of Eddy for the time we found him after the devastating scam we tried to do. My mind stopped as we pulled into the Peach Creek highschool parking lot. "Eddward please be safe on your first day of school, I know your friends will enjoy your presence again after all these years apart, but please don't tell them of the incident in New York. For it may scare your friends. And don't you worry we will unpack your things in our old house while you are in school." I looked over to the passenger seat and looked at my mother's eyes, "Of course my loving Mother, I am a bit of set of the sudden move back but I trust this is the best option. I'm off to a wonderful time at School today mother and father I love you both." I said while stepping out of the car as the wind hits the scar on top of my head I quickly covered it with my beanie. I haven't changed much in the past five years, other than gotten in shape, got my teeth fixed and of course the scar over my left eye. I started to walk up to the entrance of the school before I was stopped by the sight of two males being chased by three females. I started to chuckle at the sight of my two friends still being chased by the Kankers, as the sight of a blue haired girl turned to me and I could see a confused look on her face. She stopped chasing the two and started walking up to me, she wore a black punisher tank top, that was a little too small for her revealing a belly button ring that had a skull on it, her face revealed a beauty I hadn't seen for a long time. My palms started to sweat and my face was burning before I swallowed a lob of spit and gotten back my composer, she stopped inches from my face and started to check me out from head to toe, "Have we met before you seem familiar?" she asked me before I chuckled to myself which ticked her off causing her to put both of her hands to the sides of my shirt that were adjacent to my throat. "Did I say something funny prick?", "maybe, maybe not the only way to find out if we met is when I will be introduced to the student body at the beginning of the day at the prep rally. So will you move your hands or should I remove them myself beautiful?". She looked at me with such rage I knew I was going to get punched, but a hand reached to her shoulder and looked at me. "Dude don't talk to my girl like that, Marie are you ok, did this wuss touch you or disrespected you because if he disrespects you he disrespects me." I looked at him and saw a skinny young boy crowded by 15 or so others each wearing green. "Luke he didn't do anything just leave us be.", "Marie why would you say that to me? I am your man and you are my bitch remember when you joined teh green fangs?" he said as his hands moved from her shoulder to holding her face to his as he stole a kiss with force as her facial expressions showed she didn't enjoy it. My fist rolled up and was ready to punch this guy in the face before the bell rang. "Guess you go off scott free, be careful your new here, I'll give you the rules my gang is owed respect at the start of each week every student must pay us ten dollars or be fresh meat for whatever punishment we deemed worthy. Scarface you got that?". As he was talking me hatred ran through my veins and I just nodded my head, and walked towards the principal office as I walked through the school everyone was handing people who were green money even the teachers were giving them money.

As I walked I saw a few familiar faces each with a terrified look on their faces. The kids from the cul de sac each huggled together as what looked like a form of protective instincts. Kevin seemed like he was the head of the group as he looked like he was part of the football team by his size and demeanor but he wore a wrestling team sweater. Sarah, Nazz, and jimmy where in the center of the group with Rolf and Jonny at the ends of the group keeping the rear safe. Good tactics but in a pinch they will be in trouble. I just simply walked by and continued to the principal's office as I saw Ed and Eddy sitting in front of the office. "Hey new guy thanks for getting Marie to stop chasing us, we had a chance to get away from her sisters. The name is Eddy and this is Ed. We were wondering if you had any extra money for lunch since the tax hasn't started for you yet." I reached for my wallet before remembering all the scams we pulled over the years I pulled out twenty dollars "ok here you two go I don't have any singles so here." Eddy's eyes went wide and a smile formed from his face. 'Great I must've gotten scammed by him. That what my kindness gets me' "Oh ok well I will be seeing the both of you at the assembly". I said to them before walking up to the front deck and handed in a note. A few minutes passed as each of the teenagers and teachers walked up to the gymnasium. The principal walked up to the center of the gym and started to talk about how great the school year will be. "And before you must be getting back to class I must say with most joy a brilliant young mind has chosen to spend his final year of school here and to help our school reach the new found threshold for higher learning. I must introduce Eddward Vincent." he handed his hand out to me as I walked up to the palladium and as I walked over to it I heard a couple people yelling out "hey double D is that you?". I looked at the middle of the bleachers and say the kids I knew well. " yes it is me I am back." I simply said before walking to my seat.