Chapter 1 Izzy starts to get a sharp Pain

Izzy's Pov

Me and my crew we're just looking for treasure until I stop to feel that my stomach started to hurt I kinda think I ate to much dinner last night or something..

"Izzy, are you alright? he asked me as I just gave him a fake smile and said to him I'm fine.

"I'm fine Jake I just have a stomach ache.

"Cubby I know you were ready looking forward to find that treasure but, taking care of Izzy is more important he said to Cubby.

"Your right Jake taking care of Izzy is more important then finding some treasure. I can't believe Cubby was looking out for me like a little brother.

"Maybe we can find the treasure tomorrow when I feel better I said to my crew as I was trying to stand up.

"Good idea Izz our fethered friend Skully said.

"Izzy can you still stand up? But

"I can try I said to him. As I was trying to stand up but I lost my balance even though I did still felt dizzy.

"I'll carry you Izzy. As he got his hands under my waist and my two legs, he carried me back to Bucky as Cubby and Scully were following.

Cubby's Pov

As we finally arrived on Bucky Izzy fell fast asleep in Jake's arms. "Jake Izzy fell asleep in your arms. As Jake looked at the sleeping Izzy in his arms, he then just sat on the floor while holding her as she continued to sleep. But after a few minutes Izzy started to scream as her stomach ache started to turn into a really sharp pain on her lower right side.

"Izzy what's wrong? he asked her as he got worried.

"It's my stomach Jake I thought it was all of the food I ate for dinner, but I was wrong it's this pain I'm having and it hurts. Really bad.

Jake's Pov

As we arrived back on Pirate Island, Izzy was in need of help getting inside our hideout. But we will get to that in the next Chapter. Remember to like and review...