(Shishou, where are we?)

[Sorry Fran, I don't know. But stay on your guard.]


The Black Catkin girl nodded as she gracefully returned to her feet and settled into a casual defensive stance, her trusted sword held at the ready. Meanwhile, the sword itself was skewering the room with his own unseen eyes, taking in everything might help them.

Shishou usually would refrain from using his Appraisal ability outside of the battlefield, but given the unusualness of the situation, he would make an exception. After all, it wasn't every day you find yourself magically transported from a battlefield, that was completely covered in slain enemies, into the middle of a dark room surrounded by a bunch of weirdos in magician cosplay. Fran and Shishou had enough bad experiences with people in magician cosplay.

These people's clothes didn't look like the Aiwass Magician's Guild's uniforms, but they were close enough. And if there was one guild of magicians bent on world domination and willing to try to force people to join, who was to say that there wasn't a second one?

But when Shishou appraised them, they seemed to be Court Magician's of a nation called 'Melromarc'.

(Never heard of it.) Fran said though her telepathic connection with Shishou when Shishou told her about the men's titles.

[Not surprising. They all seem to be about level 30, so the country is probably pretty weak.] The Court Magicians they had seen so far had all been at least level 50 and with stats worthy of a B-rank Adventurer. These people didn't match up.

If a fight were to break out, his precious little Fran would destroy them… normally.

The two of them had been fighting for nearly four hours with only a few minutes of rest in the form of a small break for tea. During those four hours they had defeated well over ten thousand monsters, including no less than twenty C-rank monsters, eight B-rank monsters, and hundreds of D-rank monsters. Not to mention fighting against what had to be the A-rank monstrosity that was Murellia, the Evil Black Tigerkin who had sold her soul to the Evil God. All of it with only minimum backup from Mare, Kuina and Kiara.

So the two of them were dead tired. Even if they still had the MP for the job, they didn't have the mental stamina left for it.

(Those three? Strong or weak?) Fran asked, drawing Shishou's attention to the group of young men that was next to them.

Shishou didn't immediately respond as he was shocked to find that the three people in question were all wearing what he could describe to be modern clothes from his original world. Things like hoodies, windbreaks and school uniform blazers. Though he had seen steampunk clothes here and there, so it wasn't all that outlandish.

Still, a quick use of Appraise on the three provided interesting results.

General Information

Name: Kitamura Motoyasu

Age: 21

Species: Human

Class: None

Status Level: 1/?

HP: 20

MP: 12

STR: 8

VIT: 6

AGI: 6

INT: 5

MGC: 3

DEX: 4



Unique Skills:

Lady Killer

Battle Continuation: Lv2


Hero of the Spear


Legendary Holy Spear, casual clothes

General Information

Name: Kawasumi Itsuki

Age: 17

Species: Human

Class: None

Status Level: 1/?

HP: 15

MP: 14

STR: 5

VIT: 4

AGI: 6

INT: 5

MGC: 4

DEX: 9



Unique Skills:


Eagle Eyes: Lv:5


Hero of the Bow


Legendary Holy Bow, casual clothes

General Information

Name: Iwatani Naofumi

Age: 20

Species: Human

Class: None

Status Level: 1/?

HP: 30

MP: 18

STR: 4

VIT: 8

AGI: 6

INT: 7

MGC: 6

DEX: 4



Unique Skills:

Friend to Animals

Gravity Manipulation: Lv1


Hero of the Shield


Legendary Holy Shield, casual clothes

[Holy shit! They all have Legendary Weapons!] Shishou shouted in shock, causing Fran's ears to prick up a little as she focused more of her attention on the three young men. Shishou tried to appraise the weapons, but couldn't. He was only told that they were Legendary Holy Weapons. His frustration lapsed when he realized that Fran was just moments away from cutting down the plausible threats. [Sorry, the three of them are actually hell of weak. They are only your average level 1s. Maybe even a bit below average by Beastkin standards. It's just there weapons that are surprising. Even with the [Eye of Empyrea], I can't appraise them at all.]

This was surprising. He'd been able to appraise even a God-tier weapon in the past. So why couldn't he appraise these weapons?

After being told that the trio were weaklings, Fran's attention returned to the people around her. The people who were staring at them in particular.

"Why was a Demihuman summoned?" "Was there a mistake in the ritual?" "I knew we shouldn't have tried summoning all four Heroes at once. It was an act of blasphemy." "What do we do now?"

The mages were mumbling among themselves as they throw glances at Fran, who narrowed her own eyes back, her ears flattening against her head. (Enemies to Beastkin.)

[Calm down Fran, we don't need to start a fight.] Shishou said, trying to soothe the catgirl's anger. 'Demihuman' was a derogatory term that would piss off any Beastkin, and hearing it was enough to convince Fran that these people were probably her enemies.

Luckily, before Fran could decide to start cutting, one of the mages, the one who appeared to be the leader, stepped forward and throw out his arms. "Oh, honorable Heroes! Please, save our world!" The man said, bowing his head as if in worship. His words and actions were confusing enough to cause Fran to pause in her contiplantion of how she was going to kill all but one of the mages before slowly torturing information out of the single remaining survivor. "You must have many questions, but time is short. You are the chosen Heroes, summoned here by an ancient ritual."

[...Is this seriously happening?] If Shishou had a jaw, it would have dropped.

(Shishou? Truth?) Fran asked her sword.

[The [Principle of Falsehood] Skill says he isn't lying.] Shishou replied in disbelief. Fran thought about this for a moment before lowering Shishou… around the same time the spear guy raised his spear at the mages.

"Summoned? Don't you guys have any shame at all, suddenly dragging us here without our permission?" The spear guy said, though he didn't really seem all that unhappy about the situation. He had be big fucking grin on his face.

Instantly, Shishou hated him. Not because of his attitude, but because of his Lady Killer Skill and his longer blond hair and pretty red eyes. He fit straight into the Bad Boy, or Rebel Older Brother stereo-types. Good looking bastards like him should just drop dead.

"Even if you send us home when the job is done, that's basically just using us as slave labor, you know?" The kid with the bow added his own two cents. He was younger and probably still in high school and if the spear bastard was the Bad Boy, he was an Honor Student, with wavy sandy colored hair and green eyes. But even with his looks, his personality was shit. He could also jump in a river and drowned.

"Huh?" The Shielder said, seeming shocked by the other two's behavior.

...Shishou didn't mind him. He seemed to be the every man, with ordinary black hair and an average face. Plus, who could hate a guy who has the 'Friend to Animals' Unique Skill? …Unless it affected Fran. Then Shishou would kill the bastard himself.

As for Fran's reaction… She had stopped paying attention to any of them the moment she had confirmed that there were no enemies in the immediate area. She didn't really mind the summoning or anything else. She was alive and safe, she had Shishou with her, and Urushi, their loyal and fluffy pet Darkness Wolf was still sleeping off the last fight in Fran's shadow. She could have been teleported to the other side of the planet and not cared too much.

[So Fran, what do you want to do about all this?] Shishou asked his catgirl wielder.

(Nn… Find ship back to Kranzel. Then we tell Adventurer's Guild about it.) Fran finally replied.

[You don't want to help yourself?]

(Nn. Too busy. A-rankers can handle it. Need to hunt down Murellia. Black Catkin honor depends on it.)

She had a point, they did have very important things to do, and regardless of whatever was going on here, it couldn't have been more important than the possible War that was about to happen in the Beastkin's Country. Not if they were summoning level 1s to handle it.

[You're probably right, but maybe we should hear them out, just in case.] Shishou suggested.

(...Nn.) Fran nodded her agreement, after a little bit of thought.

As Fran and Shishou had their talk, the Bow and Spear harassed the mages into a corner, until they agreed to take them to their King. Fran just quietly followed along, not really caring one way or another, even if all the others were visible excited.

Shishou, on the other hand, was worried. Most people, nobles in particular, had a problem with Fran's taciturn nature. Given her past interactions with the Beast Lord and other members of high nobility, it was safe to assume that things would likely go just as poorly here if left up to her. She didn't see the difference between a king and a random town guard.

[Now Fran, I want you to use your [Court Etiquette] Skill when we are dealing with the King.] Shishou told her.

(Do I have to?) Fran complained. While she did have the [Court Etiquette] Skill, because she stole it from a snobby Noble, she didn't usually bother to use it and considered it a hassle, only to be used when she actually liked the person she was talking with and they did her a favor. Otherwise, it just sat there, gathering dust.

[Please do. We don't want to go making an enemy of an entire Country. It would be a giant pain in the ass. Especially if we end up having to assassinate the guy.] Shishou said, trying to reason with the girl.

(...I get curry tonight. All I can eat.)

[Of course. As much as you can eat, just do your best to make a good impression.] Shishou said before realizing that both he and Fran were still covered in the blood of their untold thousands of enemies. There were also a lot of cuts in the Black Cat Series armor set. Nothing that would jeopardize Fran's modesty, but it would take a few days for the auto repair to patch it all up.

They weren't exactly in the best condition to be seeing a King in.

[You should probably use some Purification Magic. Get off the worst of the blood.] Shishou suggested.

(Nn. Smelly.) Fran nodded her agreement. (...Shishou. Purification Magic: not equipped.)

[Huh? I don't remember diseqipping it.] Shishou said in surprise.

He had hundreds of 'Set Skills' that he had gathered from absorbing the Magic Stones from monsters, which he could equipped, as long as he had an open Memory Slot. In the beginning, he could only equipped 10 at a time, but as he ranked up his [Self-Evolution] Skill, he had started being able to equip well over a hundred. He was able to keep most of the useful Skills equipped at all times, and still have memory to spare.

Shishou checked in on his own status, to see what was the matter. [EEEEIIII!] Everyone in the hall jumped as Shishou let out a telepathically projected girly scream. [Fran! It's horrible! My [Self-Evolution] has been rest!]

Name: Shishou

Wielder: Fran (Bound)

Race: Intelligent Weapon

ATK: 132

MP: 200/200

Durability: 100/100

Magical Conductivity: A

Self Evolution – Rank 1

Core Points: 0/100

Memory: 10

Gone! It was all gone! His attack power! His MP! His Durability! His Memory Slots! All of it was GONE! His base attack was back down to being comparable to an Inferior Iron Sword, more than 95% of his max MP was missing, and he could only equip a mere 10 of his Skills! ONLY 10!

How could he possibly decide?

[Vigour Mastery] and [Magic Mastery] were both non-negotiable, he simply HAD to have them, as without them he couldn't use Techniques or Magic. But what about [Sword Lord Arts] and [Sword Lord Techniques]? He couldn't go without those. [Fire Magic] and [Lightning Magic], he couldn't go without those. [Healing Magic] and [Recovery Magic] were also a must. He would also need his [Dimensional Magic] and [Time/Space Magic] equipped at all times for emergencies. What about [MP Drain], [HP Drain], [MP Thief] and [Thief Skills]? Could he go without those? [Magic Barrier], [Physical Barrier] and [Perfect Barrier] stopped Fran from ever getting one shot. [Elemental Sword] was also simply too useful. Then there was the buff based skills needed to power it all, now that he was down to only 200 MP and his attack was so low. Fran and Urushi might revolt if he didn't keep [Cooking]! [Physical Resistance] and [Mental Resistance], [Concealment] and [Psychic Isolation], [Dismantling], [Intimidation], [Espionage], [Hawk's Eyes], [Earth Magic], [Greater Earth Magic], [Wind Magic], [Purification Magic], [Dark Magic]...

The list just went on and on.

How the hell was he supposed to live with only 10 Skills?

Luckily, the [Principle of Falsehood], [Unsealable], [Skill Taker] or [Doppelganger Synthesis] weren't Slot Skills and didn't require any Memory Slots. Nor did [Telekinesis], [Telepathy], [Appraisal] or [Transformation].

God, if he had to weight any of those if this!

Oh god, he didn't want Fran to see him like this! He didn't want her to see his shame! He was weaker than he had been since the two of them had met in that forest!

[Okay, just stay calm. Stay calm. STAY CALM!] Shishou was freaking the hell out, so much so that he was shaking about in his scabbard, drawing everyone's eyes. Fran slowly removed Shishou from her back and began to hug the sword, patting him gently. The others might have been staring at her in confusion, but Fran didn't care. [Fran?]

(Momentary setback.) Fran said calmly. (Get more Magic Stones. Then Shishou will be back to his old self again.)

[Fran… you're such a good girl.] Shishou said as he pulled himself together. He was weak again, but he would still support Fran to the best of his abilities. And he would become stronger too. It might take a while… Fran might even have to use… other weapons until Shishou was back up to snuff, but he would remain strong.

Just to be sure that Fran herself was okay, Shishou did a quick check of her and Urusha's stats, but they all checked out. Only with a little surprise.

Something that would make Shishou's eyes pop out of his head… if he had any.

[Fran, you're going to love this.]

General Information

Name: Fran

Age: 12

Race: Black Catkin (Black Heavenly Tigerkin)

Class: Magic Warrior Lv41

State: Bounded

Level: 50/?

HP: 586

MP: 456

STR: 329

VIT: 260

AGI: 320

INT: 224

MGC: 269

DEX: 226


Espionage: Lv 5

Wind Magic: Lv 4

Court Etiquette: Lv 4

Presence Detection: Lv 7

Sword Techniques: Lv 8

Sword Arts: Lv 9

Resistance to Evil Energies: Lv 1

Blink: Lv 7

Fire Magic: Lv 7

Lightning Magic: Lv 4

Cooking: Lv 2

Disarm Traps: Lv 2

Trap Detection: Lv 2

Undead Killer

Evil Killer

Insect Killer

Vigour Mastery

Goblin Killer

Mental Stability

Demon Killer

Skilled Skinner


Sense of Direction

Magic Mastery

Night Vision

Innate Skills:


Brilliant Lightning Rush

Magical Convergence

Special Skills:

Black Cat's Divine Protection


Undead Killer

One Man Army

Insect Killer

Evil Killer

Lord of Dismantling

Recovery Mage

Sword Lord

Goblin Killer

One Who Slaughters

Skill Collector

Skill Maniac

Dungeon Conqueror

Big Game Eater

Demon Killer

Earth Mage

Fire Mage

Wind Mage

Lightning Mage

Lord of Cooking

Monster Annihilator

(New) Legendary Sword Hero


Shishou (Legendary Holy Sword), Black Cat Set, Bracelet of Herculean Strength, Sacrificial Bracelet, Magician's Necklace

Legendary Sword Hero: A title granted to the wielder of the Legendary Holy Sword.

Effect: 10x EXP for user and their party members. Remove Leveling cap.

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