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Natsu's Secret


Natsu has a secret and everyone dying to know it. And Lisanna is determined to know what it was.

Natsu has a secret and everyone is dying to know what it was. It started about a month ago when Natsu had returned to Magnolia after his assigned job at Hargeon had done. To be honest, it was happening long before that. Only six months after his transfer to Hargeon did Natsu is being secretive to his friends. What was it he was hiding?

About three and a half years ago, Natsu was transferred to Hargeon by Makarov. Makarov had been hoping Natsu could rebuild the Dragneel Company branches in Hargeon. The Hargeon branch had become a problem a few years back because the previous CEO had caught in embezzlement of money. Because of that, the branch's performance decreased dangerously and almost bankrupt.

Natsu was the next owner of the Dragneel Company. The previous owner, Igneel Dragneel, which was Natsu's father had passed away due to illness when Natsu still young. Igneel had entrusted Dragneel Company to Makarov before Natsu could take over. Igneel and Makarov were old friends, that's why Igneel also trusted Makarov to become Natsu's legal guardian before he died.

Natsu had been able to restore the branch to its original state in just three years, and now he is back to Magnolia to work at Dragneel Company headquarters. But he was so secretive and that worried his friends, especially Lisanna.

Three years ago, Lisanna was coming back to Magnolia after her study in Edolas had finished. She had hoped with her return everything would remain the same. She had planned to confess her feeling to the pink-haired man. It was no secret that the girl has a crush on the man. But, that plan was crushed when she learned that Natsu won't be in town for a while.

In the first months Natsu and Gray (Natsu's assistant) departure, the duo still frequently updated their whereabouts and their progress of their hectic work with their friends. They will occasionally come back to Magnolia when something needed for the branch. However, after a year or so, they stopped altogether, especially Natsu. Only Gray who still returns to Magnolia from time to time.

They all understand though, with the amount of the work it was natural that Natsu is busier than before and stay behind in Hargeon.

But Lisanna found it weird, she once tried to visit them on a weekend. She had hoped with the sudden visit, they could spend time together like the old times when they were in high school.

She had called Gray to ask for the apartment address he and Natsu lived in, then went to the station soon after getting it.

When she got there, she only met with Gray. He had said Natsu wouldn't around until god knows when. Gray even said that Natsu might not return for the rest of the week. Lisanna decided to wait though, despite Gray's warning. In the end, Gray's words were proven true, Natsu did not return even though Lisanna had been waiting all day. She returned to Magnolia with a heavy heart.

Now, it's been a month since Natsu comes back, and Lisanna was so sure that they got closer every day. They had hangout when they have time, talking about practically everything they missed. But Lisanna had that nagging feeling that something was off. Natsu will occasionally look at his phone when they talked, smiling to himself about something on his phone. Natsu was rarely using his phone, but the past month it was like he was never separated from the phone.

Natsu is always a dear friend to Lisanna and his behavior in the past month made her curious. What secrets does Natsu have? What exactly is he hiding?


Lisanna took a deep breath, breathing in the smell of wet ground caused by the rain that afternoon. Tonight is the night she will finally carry out her plan. Confess her feeling for Natsu. And find out the secret that Natsu hid, hopefully.

She recalled the reason why she did not confess before she went to Edolas. It's all because she was a coward back then. Falling in love with your best friend and childhood friend is not easy, isn't it? Especially if she did confess and Natsu reciprocates her feeling, then they will in a long-distance relationship. And she didn't think she'd okay with that.

Lisanna also thought that if she confessed when she returned from Edolas, they would be all grown up as an adult and more mature. And who knows after a few years dating they would be married. Lisanna squealing inwardly at the thought.

She stopped her tracks, a sudden realization comes to her. What if Natsu doesn't have the same feeling? Or maybe he had loved another woman?! Oh no, what should she do when it is the case? 'Nah. It won't happen,' she thought. As long as Lisanna knew, she had never seen Natsu dating, not even once! Back then she thought that Natsu wasn't interested in a relationship or even a girl. Which makes her second reason why she didn't confess. He had been busy running his father company so it seems another woman was out of the question.

The truth is, Lisanna had wanted to confess to Natsu last week, but turn out he went to Hargeon for some business for a week and just returned this morning. So, she forced to put off her plan for today. What could be wrong, right?

Finally, she saw Fairy Tail and stopped at the front door. Lisanna took a deep breath and entered the bar. The smell of booze greeted her, this place is always bustling with people she knows since she was just a kid, who always hang out here or some ordinary customer.

She looks around looking for a certain pink-haired man, but he was nowhere to be found. Maybe she arrived earlier than their promised time. They had promised to meet in the evening since Natsu couldn't make it at lunch. Lisanna shrugged, she'd wait for him, no big deal.

She headed for the bar, where a white-haired woman who just looked like herself, instead her hair was far longer than Lisanna's and blue eyes stand.

"Hey, Mira-nee!" Lisanna cheerfully greeted her sister who was cleaning a glass. Mira's head perks up hearing his sister cheerful voice and smiled softly.

"Hey Lis. You look happier today, did something happen?" Mira asked, smiling to her younger sister.

"No sis, it's just…" Lisanna trailed off, debating should or not she tells her sister about her plan. But, Mira is her own sister and she already knows about her feeling toward her pink-haired best friend, so why not tell her? With that, she waves her sister to come closer. Cupping her hand as if what she'd say was a piece of dangerous information she said "Actually, today I plan to confess to Natsu" she whispered.

The reaction was immediate, and before she knows it Mira was screaming and squealing. Lisanna's hand waving frantically to stop her sister from screaming.

"Are you serious?" Mira asked which was answered by a nod from her sister. "Well, good luck sis!" Mira said to give her support to Lisanna, silently hoping for her sister's plan to success. She had known the two since they're still a kid. And she hopes they would be a happy couple someday, and it seems it would happen soon. With that, Mira leaves to take an order from a customer.

Lisanna looked over her shoulder, her blue eyes focused on the door. She can't wait for the pink-haired man to walk through that door.


On the other hand.

A young man makes his way out of the Dragneel Company to the parking lot. His spiky pink hair flew in all directions because of the wind. When he reaches the parking lot, he unlocks his car and gets inside in the driver seat. He fished his hand to his pocket taking out his smartphone, searching for a certain number and clicked it. He tapping something to inform the receiver about their plan.

After sending a simple text he quickly put the phone back to his pocket and drove to Fairy Tail. Smiling slightly, remembering his plan to surprise his friends.

In less than fifteen minutes, the pink-haired man arrived at Fairy Tail. He parked his car and immediately entered the bar. When he was inside, he looked for a white-haired girl. He found her sitting at the bar and approached her. She had said that there was something important she wanted to talk about.

"Hi, Lis," the pink-haired man called Lisanna. She turned to find her crush standing before her. Spiky pink hair, a messy white shirt with two buttons undone showing his tanned chest, a black suit, and a white scally- 'wait, where is his scarf?' Lisanna frowned, but immediately brushed it off. 'Oh! Whatever he is here and that was what important!' Despite his messy appearance, though, Natsu still looks handsome, hotter than ever! She even cannot utter a single word to him!


In less than fifteen minutes, the pink-haired man arrived at Fairy Tail. He parked his car and immediately entered the bar. When he was inside, he looked for a white-haired girl. He found her sitting at the bar and approached her. She had said that there was something important she wanted to talk about.

"Hi, Lis," the pink-haired man called Lisanna. She turned to find her crush standing before her. Spiky pink hair, a messy white shirt with two buttons undone showing his tanned chest, and a black suit. Despite his messy appearance, Natsu still looks handsome, hotter than ever! She even cannot utter a single word to him!

She was brought back from her thought by Natsu's concerned voice.

"Huh?" She said distractedly.

"You said that you have something important to talk about? What was it?" Natsu questioned her.

Lisanna gulped before looking at Natsu, her blue eyes shone with a determination.

"Let's go to some private place," She said and stand up signaling Natsu to follow her. She leads them to the back door.

When they reached the back, Lisanna quickly faced Natsu. He was watching her curiously. He just about says something when she let out a sigh. She looks nervous for some reason, Natsu raised an eyebrow at that.

Lisanna inhales deeply, eyes on Natsu "Natsu, we're best friend, right?" she asked. She continued when she saw Natsu nodded. "And best friend tell each other their secret, right? They don't hide it, correct?" Again Natsu nodded, by now he was aware of what it was Lisanna talking about. He knows he was being secretive this couple of years. But he had his reason, no wonder his friend is being impatient with him.

He sighed and straightened up, he runs his hand through his pink lock, makes it messier than before. With his free hand shoved in his pocket, he raised his head and staring at Lisanna.

"I know that. And I know what you're talking about. I can't talk about it here, I'll tell you and the other later when they arrive. I promise" Natsu said with much confidence.

"You planned to tell the other as well?"

"Of course. So, can you wait until then?"

Lisanna nodded, she could accept that. If he promised to tell them, he'll do it. Natsu is not the type of person that would easily break his promises. Now that that had been taken care of, it was the time for her ultimate plan. Confessing her love! She shrieked inwardly.

"Is that all you wanted to talk about?" Natsu's voice brings her back from her thoughts. "If it's all then-"Natsu was about to leave, but his word was cut off.

"No, wait!" Lisanna panicked, before composing herself. She straightened up and took a deep breath. He stopped and look at Lisanna, surprised by the urgency in her voice.

"Actually Natsu, I..."

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