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A sudden realization hit her. Is she?

With how Natsu reacted it could be she is the woman Natsu fell in love with!

Lisanna walked closer to them and stood not far from Natsu so she could still hear their conversation.

Natsu stopped and took a deep breath, "Loke, hands-off" he said in a low voice. Lisanna shivered at that, his voice tells that there would be a pain to be paid if Loki did not obey his orders.

"What?" Loke said dumbly, looked up at him. "Oh Natsu, long time no see man! Where've you been?" Loke said happily, unaware with the black aura surrounded Natsu.

Natsu rolled his eyes and grabbed the blonde girl's arm gently, pulling her from her seat towards his side, so gentle you wouldn't think he could do that with his scowl and all. Then Natsu turned his attention to the girl asking if she is hurt or not. And sighed in relief when the girl shook her head to answer his question.

It's weird to see Natsu being gentle. Lisanna never knew he had this side. He is always either rambunctious, brash or loud, but never gentle. It makes her curious about what kind of girl she is? To the extent that she could bring a side that Lisanna had never seen in Natsu.

"Huh?" Loke's voice brings back Lisanna from her thoughts. He was frowning seemingly annoyed by Natsu interruption. How dare he take my princess away!

"Oi, Natsu! Go find your own woman! Don't just pick up someone else's!" Loke said angrily and trying to snatch back the girl's hand, but Natsu was faster, he pulled the girl against his and put his arm around her shoulder, hugging her. "What the…?" Loke said stunned.

"You're the one that should find your own woman, Loke! Not me!" Natsu growled

"What do you mean?" Loke growled back.

"Isn't it obvious?" Natsu scoffed. "She is mine. So hands off!" he emphasized.

"Wha?" Loke again stunned, his eyes darted between Natsu and the blonde beauty for a few times before bursting into laughter. "Yo-you..." Loke said in between his laugh, he can't even finish his words.

Loke finally calmed down after a minute, he then took a deep breath and say, "Yours? A hot girl like her is yours?" mocking him, then scoffed when Natsu nodded. "No way." He shook his head. "There's no way in hell you could score girl as hot as her!"

Natsu growled, clearly offended by Loke's insult, he is ready to punch him if not for the girl beside him grabbing his coat to calm him down.

"Well, she is," Natsu emphasized, trying to calm down but failing. Loke was about to argue back Natsu's words but stopped by a new voice coming from behind Natsu.

"What's with the commotion?" They all turned around to see the owner. It was a red-haired girl with beautiful brown eyes, she was frowning at them. She approached the group with four other people walking behind her.

"Yo," A man with a raven hair raising his hand to greet them.

"Yo, Erza. Gray!" It was Natsu, who greeted them, scowling at the raven-haired man which was received a nod from Erza and a scowl from Gray.

"So, what happened here?" Erza asked once again.

"Say Erza, you agree with me that there's no way Natsu could get a girl like her, right?" Loke jump in. "I mean it's Natsu!" he added, receiving several gasps from the other except Gray who just raised an eyebrow. '"Natsu got a girl?"' they all thought.

"What girl?" a small voice chimed in, followed by Loke pointed a finger at the blonde girl perched beside Natsu. All eyes followed the direction of his pointed finger. There stood a blonde girl who looked nervous with all the eyes looking at her and stepped closer to Natsu her hand clutching Natsu coat tightly.

"Yo Lucy!" Gray greets her smiling at the nervous blonde girl, breaking the silence that enveloped them for a few moments.

"Gray. You know her?" Loke asked, which was answered with a nod by Gray drawing their other friend's attention. "Is it true that she is dating Natsu?" he added.

Gray frowned at that, then suddenly he was bursting into laughter, making his friend looked at him weirdly. Though his laugh gives Loke a hope that someone agrees with him about Natsu dating a hot girl like Lucy.

"Sorry guys," Gray said, still trying to compose himself. "But no, she is not dating Natsu" he answered Loke's question. This also gets attention from Lisanna. She is not? Then why? She thought, confused by Natsu's protectiveness for the girl.

"Right?! There's no way-"

"But!" Gray cut off Loke's words. "But, she is his wife," Gray said easily, crushing Loke's hope and answered Lisanna's unspoken question.

"WHAT?!" They all but screaming at Gray's declaration making him cringe at their sudden outburst, then they look at Lucy and Natsu. Natsu seems calm not fazed at all at their reaction while Lucy was blushing mess, embarrassed.

"You're joking, right?" came Gajeel's gruff voice.

"No, I'm not. Ask her yourself if you don't believe me."

"I mean… how come I do not know my cousin got married?"

"Well, suck for you!" Gray quipped, making Gajeel scowling at him.

"Is it true?" Erza asked Lucy who just nodded at her.

"Prove it!" Loke screaming still in disbelief.

Natsu and Lucy raised their left hand, showing them the golden wedding band around their ring finger, prove to them that they are indeed married.

"Are you believe me now that she is mine, Loke?" Natsu said smugly, happy at his cat-like friend's dumbfounded expression.

"Well, this is not how I want you guys to meet Lucy. But it all out now, let me introduce her to you guys." Natsu he added, before looking at still blushing Lucy. "Luce, they're all my friends I always told you before. There's Erza and beside her is Jellal her fiancée" He said, pointing at the blue-haired man with the tattoo on his face, who just nodded at his name mentioned.

"Nice to meet you to Erza, Jellal,"

"And then that's Loke. You already met him" Natsu said scowling the flirtatious smile he gave his wife despite already know who she belongs. Lucy smiled nervously, uncomfortable at Loke's behavior.

"You already know Gray," said man gives her a small smile. "The girl beside him is Juvia. His girlfriend," Juvia is a beautiful girl with blue-haired and deep blue eyes. Lucy smiles at the girl who smiled back at her.

"And then there's my cousin Gajeel and his wife, Levy," Natsu said, referring to the scary black-haired man with piercing all over his face and arm and the blue-haired petite woman beside him.

"Hi! I'm Levy!"

"Hi Levy"

"And the last one is Lisanna," Natsu said nervously, still felt bad about their earlier talks. Lisanna's head perks up at her name called, looking at the couple. "She is the best friend I've told you about" Natsu finished. Lisanna's eyes dropped at the mention of their relationship, but she immediately smiled at Lucy so there's no one notice her changing mood. But little did she know that there's someone had noticed it.

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