Meet Amelia Swan, she is 19 and has lightly tanned skin, brown hair, and light brown eyes. She is the daughter of Charlie Swan and Juliette Connors, older sister to Bella Swan and is the girlfriend to the one and only original hybrid, Klaus Mikaelson. Will she be endangered for being with Klaus? I know this summary sucks but bear with me. Should I be writing another story when I others that need to be finished? No. Do I care? Nope! Honestly, I couldn't think what to do with them and I am in love with Klaus Mikaelson, R.I.P his soul, but seriously he's hot. And he has that sexy British accent that is to die for! And of course, you can't forget his brothers Elijah and Kol, sorry Finn. I mean Finn hot too but he's not my type and he did try to kill his siblings in TVD but I forgave him for that since it was like forever ago and- I'm rambling. Sorry, not sorry. Anyways hope you like since I couldn't get this out of my head. Oh, before I forget Amelia's birthday is January 27th.

Phoenix, Arizona One Year Ago

A lightly-tanned girl with brown hair and light brown eyes was walking home from her friend's house, she was wearing a pink paisley tank top, light blue shorts that reached her mid-thigh, and white flats as it was a hot summer evening. This is Amelia Swan, daughter of Chief Charlie Swan and Juliette Connors. Although her mother died giving birth, she had been taken in by her father. A year and a half later, Bella came to the picture. Every summer and spring break Amelia would go to Phoenix to stay with Renee and Bella. Bella used to go to Forks every summer but stopped as she hated Forks and its weather. As Amelia walked home, she thought on what else she should do for the summer as it was half over and once it was over, she would be going back home to Forks, Washington. While in thought, she bumped into something hard and was caught by strong arms before she could hit the ground. She looked up at her savior and saw an extremely handsome man.

" Are you okay, love? " He asked her as he straightened up pulling her with him so that they were both standing.

" Yes, thank you for catching me. " Amelia replied nodding.

" Your welcome. What's your name, love? " He asked.

" Amelia Swan," she answered.

" A beautiful name for a beautiful woman. " He said smirking as she blushed.

" I didn't catch your name," she stated.

" Klaus Mikaelson," he answered as he took her hand and kissed her knuckle making her blush even more. " Where were you heading? "

" Back home. I was hanging out with a friend and I have to get back for dinner. If I'm late, I'm in trouble. I sneak out too much. " Amelia answered whispering the last part. Klaus grinned.

" How about I walk you. " Klaus offered. Amelia looked into his eyes searching if he was a threat. After a minute of silence, she smiled and agreed. As they walked side-to-side down the sidewalk they talked, ridding the air of awkward silence.

Forks, Washington Present

Bella had moved to Forks to live with Charlie and Amelia one month ago and just started dating Edward Cullen. Amelia has been dating Klaus Mikaelson or Nik as she calls him for over a year now.