Amelia's POV

I will be graduating in five weeks; I am so excited! In one week, Bella would be going to prom, even if I have to force her. She doesn't want to go because she doesn't have a date and all her friends do. I offered to go with her as a sister duo and get tons of silly pictures, but nothing. She's going anyway though; I'm absolutely forcing her. I'll even get Sage to help. Sage is a nine hundred-year-old vampire turned by Finn Mikaelson, Nik's eldest brother. Nik sent her to help me help Bella with her control. Charlie invited her in and I made her promise not to drink from anyone in town as this is a small ass town. So, she's been drinking from blood bags like me unless she's in a mood for fresh blood then she goes to Seattle. Bella's a quick learner and we're doing pretty good. Sage even registered into school and compelled to be in all of Bella's classes to make sure she doesn't lose control.


It was Sunday. A day after the accident and eight hours after I called Nik and told him everything. I was currently in Maddox's car with Maddox and Bella. We had just pulled up into my driveway. Charlie was still here so I had to make sure that Bella didn't lose control. I turned her head so that she was looking at me.

" Don't worry. Everything will be fine; Maddox and I will be right next to you. Just hold your breath if you feel like you're going to lose control." I explained to Bella.

" Okay thanks, Amelia. " Bella said, taking a calming breath. I nodded and got out of the car with Maddox and Bella following me. Maddox was behind Bella, watching her every move, just in case. As I unlocked the door and about to open Charlie opened the door. He breathed a sigh of relief.

" I'm so glad you two are okay. Come in, you three. " Charlie said moving out of the way. I breathed a sigh of relief as Bella walked in without any difficulties. I then turned to Charlie.

" What do you mean, dad? " I asked already knowing what he's going to say.

" Bella's truck was in an accident, whoever stole it is gone and the other guy that crashed into your truck, Bella, is fine. Resting in the hospital just in case," he answered.

" Well, I did tell you the truck was stolen. We had Maddox pick us up from Angela's. Could we go now? " I asked awkwardly. Weird, what a Bella moment. Charlie nodded and Bella and I went upstairs while Maddox and Charlie talked. I dragged Bella into my room and closed the door. I opened my mini-fridge and grabbed a blood bag and handed it to Bella, who ripped it open, drinking it hungrily.

" Amelia! Your friend's here! " Charlie yelled. I sighed.

" Stay here. " I ordered Bella and opened the door, quickly closing it behind me. I ran downstairs at human speed and saw a woman. She had red wavy shoulder-length hair, light blue eyes, and fair skin. She was wearing a dark red shirt, black jeans, a long black coat, and black boots. 'Who the fuck is this?!' I thought to myself.

" Hi, Mel. Can we talk in your room? " The woman asked.

" Sure, it's good to finally see you again. " I agreed warily. I led the way back up the stairs with the unknown woman following me. I opened the door and walked in with the woman following. I closed the door behind her and threw her against the wall and asked, " Who are you? "

" My name's Sage. Klaus called me to help your sister control her blood lust. Looks like you need help? " Sage answered as she easily removed my hand from her neck. Ow! " Next time, don't pick a fight with a nine hundred-year-old vampire. " Shit!

" Why did he call you? " I asked curiously.

" His brother is my lover. Finn Mikaelson turned me. I love him. And it seems Klaus loves you. I've never heard him like that. I've tried countless times, trying to get Finn back and you managed to do it. How? " Sage asked me as she sat on my bed next to Bella while I sat on the other side of Bella.

" Because I love him. I saw the good in him. I showed him that he isn't a monster like he believed but that he's just injured and what's something that everyone wants. Love. " I answered. Sage nodded and looked Bella over and explained what we'd be doing. It was pretty much what Nik told me so I just tuned out.

End of Flashback

It's been a few days since Nik sent Sage to help. She's really cool. I can't wait to meet Rebekah, Kol, Finn, and Elijah. I wonder if they'll like me, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I woke up and slowly got out of bed and left my room to take a shower. Once I was done, I walked back into my room and decided on wearing a black tank top, a floral print skirt, black ankle boots, and a black leather jacket. I put on light makeup and kept my hair down. I walked out of my room and downstairs into the kitchen where Bella was eating a granola bar and drinking blood in her travel mug. I grabbed my own travel mug and filled it halfway with coffee and the rest with blood. We have the mini-fridge down in the kitchen now because um, well, Charlie knows we're vampires now. Yeah, should've seen his face.


Bella, Sage, and I were laughing in my room drinking blood bags when dad came into my room and saw us. He. Was. Shocked.

" What the hell?! " Charlie yelled, making us flinch. We were laughing so much that we let our guard slip and didn't hear Charlie coming. I panicked.

" Dad?! There's something we have to tell you? " I said afraid how this would play out.

" You think?! " Charlie said, furious. Charlie sat down on my desk chair and waited for us to explain.

" Um, dad, we're vampires. " Bella told him honestly.

" You're what! No! Vampires don't exist! " Charlie said. All three of us showed him our vampire facades. To say he was shocked was an understatement. He was terrified! his two daughters along with their friend were vampires. He then opened his mouth and stuttered, " H-h-how? " Three of us looked down. I told him all about Nik and his family, the Originals, the first vampires ever created. I told him about when I met him, what happened in Phoenix that one night. Then we decided to tell Charlie our stories, I went first.

" Mikael, Nik's father compelled me to kill myself the next time I saw Nik. Nik didn't know and when he saw what I did he gave me his blood, which can heal people, but I had already lost too much blood. I died with his blood in my system and awoke as a vampire. That's why Nik and I left town abruptly, Nik took me to Seattle to help me control my blood lust. He made sure I never killed anyone because he knew that would kill me. I didn't want to kill any innocents. " I explained. Then Sage told her story.

" It's simple. I fell in love with Finn Mikaelson, Klaus' older brother one hundred years after they were turned. Finn turned me so we could live together forever. " Sage told him. Then it was Bella's turn.

" It was the night Bella, Jess, Ange, and I went out shopping in Port Angeles. On our way back home someone t-boned us and hit Bella's side. When I awoke, I gave Bella my blood and carefully moved Bella away from the driver's door, taking out the shrapnel in her side. I then ran over to the driver and gave him my blood and ran back to Bella but noticed my blood didn't work. She had lost too much blood. I knew she would be waking shortly so I took her to a motel nearby and called Maddox, he's a witch. He made Bella and me daylight rings. " I explained.

" Then when I awoke, Mel gave me her travel mug filled with blood so I could complete the transition. I'm sorry, dad. But we didn't want to die. " Bella told him. It was silent for a moment.

" I'm not angry. I understand why you didn't tell me and I'm so glad you're okay. I'm glad Klaus turned you, Mel, so that you could turn Bella so that she wouldn't die. " Charlie said. " There aren't any other vampires, are there? "

" There's the Cullens. But there cold-ones, they only drink animal blood. We tried it, it's horrible. " I answered with Bella and Sage nodding along. Bella even made a disgusted look when I mentioned animal blood. I laughed.

End of Flashback

Charlie has promised to never tell anyone our secret. It's weird he knows now but it's also like a weight has been lifted. Anyways, I grabbed my own granola bar and ate it as Bella and I talked about simple things until we heard a car horn. Sage. Bella and I walked outside and got into Sage's car as she drove to school. Sage has been driving us to school since she first arrived. Once we arrived at school, we got out and headed in for class, ugh!

Finally, the school day was over. I linked arms with Sage and Bella and walked through the halls towards the front doors into the parking lot. We talked as we headed towards Sage's car. Suddenly, Sage stopped and gasped then started running at human speed. Bella and I looked at each other in confusion. We looked in the direction of Sage, what I saw made my heart stop. Nik. I ran at human speed towards Nik. Once I reached Nik, I jumped into his arms and wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist.

" I missed you. " I told him as our eyes met.

" I missed you too," Nik said letting me go and keeping one arm around my waist. Bella walked up to us and smiled.

" Nice to see you again. At least you two didn't make a show like last time. " Bella answered smirking. Nik chuckled.

" Mel, Bella, I'd like you two to meet my siblings. Finn, Elijah, Kol, and Rebekah. " Nik introduced. " Brothers, sister, this is Mel and her sister Bella. "

" Hi, it's nice to meet you all. " I said

" Hi. " Bella said simply. 'So Bella like.' I thought to myself.

" Hello, it's nice to finally meet you. " Kol said kissing Bella's hand, making her blush. Aw, my sister's falling for my boyfriend's brother. She frowned when a cold hand touched her shoulder, turning her around. Edward. " What do you want? "

" Bella, do you realize who they are? What they are? " Edward told Bella.

" Yes, and do you realize what I am? Leave me alone before I rip your pretty head off and turn you into a bonfire. " Bella told him annoyed.

" Bella- " Edward started.

" Hey, dumbass! She told you to leave her alone, so leave! " I told him. He ignored me.

" Bella, they are dangerous. Come back to me and I'll protect you. " Edward told her. Bella scoffed and kneed him in the groin with her vampiric strength making him fall to the ground.

" Oh, my bad. " Bella said as she knelt down and showed him her vampire facade. Edward looked at her in, was that fear? He looked at me in disgust.

" What did you do to her?! " Edward yelled at me.

" I saved her. If I didn't, I would've lost her forever and I can't do that. I'm too selfish to let her go. " I answered. I looked up at Nik and added, " Oh Charlie knows about us, about everything. "

" How? " Nik asked.

" We let our guard drop and he came into Mel's room and saw us three, " Bella answered pointing at Sage, herself, and I, " drinking from blood bags. It's not every day your dad sees his two daughters and their friend drinking blood. " Bella answered.

" How about we go to our place and talk over everything. " Elijah said. We all agreed and got into Sage's, Finn's, and Nik's cars. Once everyone arrived at The Mikaelson's place, which was a three-story building. It was pretty remote, which was kind of nice. Nik unlocked the front door and led us all into the living room. It was a pretty big living room. There was two chocolate brown, corduroy sofas facing each other with blue pillows, a dark oak rectangular coffee table inbetween them. On one wall was a stone fireplace and on top of it was a large tv. On the wall, opposite of the tv and fireplace, was two big bookcases. Everyone either stood or sat down.

" Well, I guess we'll go first. " Sage began, " As you probably already know, Bella is a vampire because some dude t-boned her car and that Charlie, Mel and Bella's dad, already knows what and who we are and is actually fine with it. Because of that situation back at the school we may have a problem with Bella's ex, who is tremendously controlling. "

" Yes, and we'll figure out what to do with him, but on other news, Mikael is dead! Gloria had done a spell to make sure that witches can't resurrect him. " Klaus said happily. " We can finally stop running. Finn, Sage, if you two want to leave you can. Just stop by sometimes. "

" Thank you, Klaus, but I think we'll stay for awhile. I want to catch up with everyone. " Finn answered, while Sage nodded and said, " And I want to finish the rest of the school year with the girls, might as well finish it. " I watched Nik and his siblings catch up with one another, while Bella and I talked to Sage and Rebekah. It was nice seeing Nik with his family back, he seemed so much happier.

I gonna stop here. I hope you like the added ending to this. For the next chapter I'm thinking of a time skip but it won't be up for awhile as I'm still figuring out what to do next. Sorry it's taking so long but I haven't really been in the writing mood as I have no inspiration. But hopefully that'll change. Thank you for reading! XOXO