(Vestari Court)

"Master Vaso I have these strange dreams"




Louise explained all the events took place in her dreams about seeing him with a guy named Kenobi, then she told him that she was in Tristain Academy, but the atmosphere was odd. It was dark and no presence was around, until a dark silhouette appeared out of thin air and she gave details about it's eyes and the lightsaber color were red.

Vaso was shocked to hear this

"Ah Sithspit. Lousie that was a force vision. What you encountered was my past, and the dark silhouette you encountered in your dream, that what is going to happen in the future."


"You are going to be facing a dark jedi"

"A dark Jedi?"

"Fallen Jedi who fell to the darkside"

"Can you explain what is the dark side?"

"The Darkside in contrast is described as a roaring fire, powerful, seductive, and very dangerous. They are also known as siths. They will tempt you to join them and then they will find ways to kill you. Jedi doesn't believe in that. One of my masters told me that Fear is the first stage to the darkside. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering"

"I understand now, it's just like sinning but worse"

"Correct, but after class we're going to begin physical training"

"Yes Master"


While Louise was in class, Vaso was outside meditating again to the force. After meditating, he received an alert from comlink.

"Master Vaso come in Master Vaso"

"This is Master Vaso"

"Master Vaso it's been a while"

"Commander Wolffe how you been?"

"It's good. I'm here to tell you that we found your location. It seems it's somewhere in the unknown regions of the galaxy"

"The Unknown Regions?"

"It's so far from the main area, it's going to take us months to reach your location."

"Who else will be there?"

"Well there is me, also Master Vahok, and some remaining jedi"

"Really that's great. Listen Commander Wolffe I need you to Contact Chancellor Mon Mothma. We have found out there is more humans in a backwater world."

"A Back waterworld?"

"Correct it seem their technology level is at a very very low. They still use gunpowder weapons"

"Really? Anything else?"

"They also master magic so it's like our force abilites but in a backwater world"

"I see, I want you to be a representative for the Republic. Show how strong we are"

"I will Vaso out"

He turned off the Comlink as he walked into the school. "Excuse me Vaso?"

Vaso turned around to see Siesta smiling at him

"Oh Hey Siesta what's up?"


"Well if it isn't our Force" a man said

"Our Force?"

"You sure are. You are a commoner just like us. You somehow won a duel against a noble with your force powers against a snotty nobility boy with an attitude. You're our Force."

"Mind If I ask who are you?"

"I am Marteau. The Head Chef of the Academy"

"Nice to meet you I am Jedi Master Vaso, but please call me Vaso, but who told you about me?"

"Siesta, and some other staff told us about you and your powers. At first we thought you're a noble but it turns out you just proven that you are not a noble."

"Well don't thank me, you can Thank the force"

"Well not only he is put above everyone else, but he is very modest. We expect nothing less. Vaso would you like to try some of the leftovers that the nobles ate?"


Vaso sat down and took a bite of the food that Marteau cooked

"This is delicious I would give this an 8 our of 10"

"Why thank you Vaso Ol force of ours have much as you like"

"Vaso why do you wear a mask on your face, and how were you able to see while you were fighting with one of the nobles?"

"Do you really want to know?"

"Yes all of us would like to know"

"No it's best not to know"

"Why not" Marteau asked

"Just trust me you will be scarred for life"

Taking his word for it, They gladly accept his answer and moved on from the topic


Vaso was walking around the court to meet up with the rebels but in the corner of his eye, he saw Tabitha watching the rebel soldier practicing targets with her blue dragon next to her. Vaso then approached her.

"Interested watching us huh?" he asked

"What kind of muskets are your men hodling?"

"Oh no these are not muskets. Theses are E-11 Blaster Rifles. Rifles that are very light to carry, but very power rifle. It is combined with lethal firepower with impressive range and versatile design."

She nodded "What's your name?"

"I am Jedi Master Vaso, but call me Vaso"

"Jedi? What's that" she asked in a monotone voice

Vaso explained to her what are the Jedi, their lifestyle, standards, and beliefs. Tabthia nodded

"What abour your glowing sword"

"Oh this?"

He then took the lightsaber our of his belt

"This is a lightsaber"

"There is a exhibition coming up soon, maybe you and your men could show us something about yourselves"

"Hmm Interesting"

Tabitha nodded

"What's your name?"


Vaso nodded "I know that not your real name."

Tabitha then got a bit hostile towards him

"It's ok I keep your secret safe. Trust me I have secrets on my own"

Tabitha nodded "Thank you"

(Time Skip)

Weeks have gone by, and Louise has been getting better at physical training. She learned how to use a lightsaber, and learning how to sword fight like a Jedi. She learned the basic of sword fighting. While trainning to fight, Louise was holding a trainning lightsaber onto her hand and deflecting the swings that Vaso was giving.

"You are doing well my apprentice. You are learning so fast"

The two stopped for the day.

"Very Good Louise now your in Physical, and Mental Shape. I think it's time"

"You mean?"

"That's right. It's time to build your onw lightsaber."

"Do you have the builiding parts?"

"I do but you must obtain a crystal for yourself"

"I…...I don't think I have any"

"YOu think so? I sense a crystal somewhere in your dorm"

Louise thought about it, then she realized that she remember getting a green crystal from her Sister Cattleya from her 10th birthday. She then dashed over to her dorm, finding the green crystal that was hangign in her necklace stack then she ran back to the field.

"Ahh Green a Jedi Consular"

"What does that mean?"

"A Jedi who preferred to reflect on the mysteries of the Force and fight the darkside at its heart."

"Ok so how do I build it?"

"Let the force guide you to build"

Suddenly some of her classmates Kirche, Tabitha, and Guiche found Louise training in Versati Court.

"What are you doing Louise?"


"Training from your Familiar?"

Louise just ignored "so Do I just use the force to build it?"


She then began meditating. All the lightsaber pieces began to flaot around her. The Crystal went at the core while it was trapped in the glass cylinder. Then the pieces came together to create a hilt.

"Whoa how is she doing that?" Kirche asked

"She is just manipulation the force"

"The FOrce?"

"Yes Indeed"

"Is it magic?" Guiche asked

"no the Force is completely different than magic"

"Master my lightsabe is done" she said

"Very good, now activate it"

Louise then activated her lightsaber emitting an emerald green like Luke Skywalkers. Her classmates were impressed with the way it looked. The Hum made a nice sound to it. Tabitha just looked at a brief moments of it then she went back to her reading.

"That's amazing Louise, your Familiar taught you how to do sword skills and magic"

"Again Kirche it's not magic" Louise said

"Padawan congratulations on making your lightsaber"

"You have taught me well"

"Tomorrow we will meet back here again and we'll do the fun training"

This gave Louise an excitement feeling. When he said the fun training. "Oh my I wonder what training I will get"


It was night time, Vaso was in Versati Court getting a sleeping bag from the camp. He wanted to sleep at Louise dorm for the night to see if her visions can connect to him.

"I will be sleeping at Louise Dorm tonight"

"Ok Master Vaso you have a good night"

"You too"


He was heading up to the dorms. As he was walking he sensed a creature towards him. It was a red salamander with a fire flamed up in its tail. He dropped the sleeping bag and was in a stance position

"What does that thing want?"

THe Salamander didn't make a move .

"What do you want"

It made a signal that it wants it to follow

"Alright where are you taking me"

Then the Salamander moved to a door as Vaso followed. He then entered the room it was dark and it was lit with candles.


Vaso saw Kirche in a lingerie outfit. Vaso was confused on why she was acting up all like this

"Welcome to my private suite Jedi Master Vase or Jedi Master Vaso"

"Just call me Vaso"

"Ok Vaso, I know I'm doing something I shouldn't, but my code name is fever. I tend to burn up like a flamming torch"

"Uhh I sense that you are not sick"

"Oh you don't understand. I'm a women in love. I'm in love is you. You looked so handsome out there when you defeat Guiche in that duel. Suddenly Kirche the Fever became Kirche the Passion."

Kirche then tried to lean in for a kiss, but bad luck for her, Vaso just stepped back.

"I'm sorry Kirche, I don't believe in romance"

"Oh do be so modest, by the way, why don't you take off that mask I want to see your gorgeous eyes"

"Kirche that's not a good idea. You will be scarred for life after you see them"

"Nonsense how bad could it be"

Then another Voice came through her window, it was Styx, Kirche former lover

"Kirche what are you doing to that man"

"Styx what are you doing here"

"We're supposed to meet at our designated time"

Then she took out her wand and used the candle to create some type of serpent and it blew Styx away.

"Now where are we"

She then grabbed the tail of his mask then another guy came interrupting, she then blew him away like she did to Styx.

"The night is short. Now I want to see your beautiful eyes"

"Kirche no"

Then a few people appeared in her window asking the same question that Styx asked

"Kirche why don't you go with them"

"Nonsense I want to be with you"

"Get off" he then struggled to stand again

Later Louise slammed the door open to see Vaso with Kirche "Alright Kirche what did I tell you about seducing my Familiar"

"It can't be helped. Love and fire is the destiny of the Von Zerbst family I only wish to burns the flames of love."

"More like burns the flame of torture" he added when he stand

"Come here Vaso"

"Padawan I got this"

As he stood next to her, he then waved his hand to her "You will stop what you are doing"

"I will stop what I am doing" Kirche said

"Seducing Vaso is wrong"

"Seducing Vason is wrong"

"You will go to bed for the rest of the night"

"I will go to bed for the rest of the night"

Kirche stood up and slid under the covers falling asleep at an instant

"Wha...what did you do to her?"

"A simple Jedi Mind trick"

"Mind tricks? Liked hypnosis?"

"Something like that, it's a way to plant a suggestion in someone's mind. It's also another way to resolve matters in a non-violent way"

"Can it work on anyone?"

"No unless they're weak minded Like Kirche"

"Amazing, Will I learn how to do this?"


"So why were you up here? I thought you were going to sleep with your men"

"I'm going to sleep at your dorm. Remember you told me about these visions you told me about. I want to see if I could connect myself through the force"

Louise nodded in understanding. They walked out of the door leaving Flame and Kriche sleeping. They went back to Louise dorm. She got onto her bed while Vaso slept on the ground.

"Good Night Louise"

"Good night Vaso"


Principal Osmond, and Colbert were talking about the runes on Vaso's hands. When Colbert was reading the book, he found something about him very strangely.

"Princiapl Osmond. I found something that might interest you"

"What is it?"

"The strange runes on Louise familiar it looked something like this"

He showed an nordic rune on the books. It was called the left hand of god. The left hand of god was first used 6000 years ago when Founder Brimir had his own familiar, Sasha an elf that was a left hand of god.

"Oh my. This means, Louise might be a Void. I understand why she can't make any spells. This must kept secret til further noticed.

The next morning has come, Louise and Vaso were on their way to town again to buy Vaso a sword.

"I don't need a sword. I already got two"

"Well this is my reward for training me to be a Jedi"

On their way they bought a sword that was rusty, but durable. With a little cleaning, maybe it'll be alot better. Vaso put the sword in his back and head back to the school. For Louise, she went back to school, because she went back to class. He went to Versati Court to meditate and pray for the day. After praying, Marteau found Vaso and the rebel soldiers

"Hey if it isn't our Force. Come by to the Kitchen later we'll serve you up some leftovers. Bring your soldier friends as well"

"Thanks Marteau"


"Again Marteau your cooking is amazing"

"Yeah this chicken soup is cooked perfectly" Brijin said

"Thanks guys"

"Say where Siesta?"

"You mean you haven't heard?"

Marteau explained what happened to Siesta. He told Vaso and his rebel soldiers about a noble named Count Mott, and for them it was better off if she was with him. She was picked up and taken away in a carriage this morning.

"Why so sudden?"

"Peasants can only obey to a snotty nobility"

"That's not fair. They did our of her will"

He then put his utensils down "I'm going to save her"


"You heard me. I'm going to bring her back"

"How they are nobles….wait I see now. Good luck"

"Thanks Marteau"

"Shall we come with you Master Vaso?"

"No I'll take care of it"


After another physical day of training, they went back to Louise dorm. Vaso asked Louise about Count Mott. She responded is a messenger of the palace, and comes by the institute sometimes. Louise also tells him that she doesn't like him for being to cocky.

"I'll be back"

"Where are you going?"

"I'm heading back to my campsite" he lied

Louise nodded

He then walked out of the room and head to the main floor. "If only they had elevators"

As he reached the main floor, the students were getting ready for dinner. He then encountered Kirche again.

"Why hello Vaso are you here to proclaim our love"

"No I need to know where to find Count Mott"

"Count Mott? He is at the Mott Manor over at the north along the road and you'll get there"

"Thank you"

"Why do you need to see him?"


He then ran out of the school, and used force speed to head over to the north. His force speed expired when he arrived. He hides in a bush to recover his manpower. As he about to approach, he put on his hood showing a dark shadow.

"Hey who goes there" said a guard as Vaso walked up

"You will take me to Count Mott" Vaso said as he waved his hand in front of the man

"I will take you to Count Mott" guard said in a calm voice

"I have important business with him. You will be rewarded for your service"

"I will be rewarded for my service"

"Thank you" Vaso said

The guard led Vaso through the halls of Mott's Manor.

Vaso looked around to see so many things are here. Thinking about how this guy is such a materialistic guy, and this guys really needs to learn about respect. Soon the guard opened for Vaso leading to a man who is dressed very pompously. In the room Siesta was there with him alsmot about to touch her.

"What is the meaning of this"

Vaso waved his hand again to do a mind trick on him "Release Siesta into my care"

"Who do you think you are to give me a messenger for the palace, orders you filthy commoner."

"Hmm Strong mind. But dosen't matter I want you to relased Siestsa from your care" he pointed at him.

"What if I don't"

"Then I'll make you"

"HAHAHAHA my pleasure. Though my name is Mott the Flood, A triangle level water mage"

"Nice title, but that won't save you"

"Fool you will die here" Mott said. Mott then broke a vase and used his magic to attack Vaso. Vaso just dodged the water by moving away from them. Mott then turned the water into a sharp ice heading towards him. Vaso then waved his hand to make the ice go to another direction .

"Guards kill this man"

Vaso was surrounded by guardsmen, but using the force to push them away knocking them unconscious. He then walked towards to Count Mott this time he put out a hand using Force Grip which chokes him.

"Now you are going to Release Siesta under my care until your choke yourself to death."

Count Mott was gurgling trying to talk


"Mr. Vaso please stop this"

"Siesta he was doing something that he shouldn't be doing"


"It's not justified"

He continues to choke him until people barged into his mano. It was Kirche, Louise, and Tabitha

"Vaso what are you doing?"

"Teaching him a lesson"

"Vaso please stop this" Kirche said

"I have something that can actually make him released Siesta"

"Like what?"

"This book I heard he really wants it"

He force pulls the book out of Kirche hands

"Is this the book you want. If you want it give me Siesta. Do we have a deal"


He released him and giving him the book'

"Oh my goodness it's the Zerbst Family Heirloom"


They arrived back at the school Siesta came up to Vaso thanking him for rescuing her.

"Hey it was no big deal"

She then kissed him on the cheek and then went back to the school "Good night"

Louise then walked towards Vaso about what was he doing at Count Mott Manor.

"Why did you do that?"

"It was the right thing to do"

"Why didn't you call the authorities?"

"He was a noble. A noble could get away from crimes and continue doing buisness. I can't believe how corrupt the nobles are here"

Louise understood what he meant. The nobles were hugner power, corrupted, and abusive.

"Say if that happned to me, would you do the same"

"no….Count Mott manor would've burned down to the ground and make sure he gets buried to the ground along with his mansion in hell. No one messes with my student"

"oh…..I see. Well let's get to bed"

He nodded