She wasn't sure how long she'd been wandering for, the things Blake had said filling the Heiress's mind as she walked aimlessly, arms crossed and head down. She couldn't imagine what must have happened to the Faunus to cause such a hateful outburst and at that moment Weiss felt that maybe she'd simply failed in her duties as a friend. She'd let Blake down, let her get hurt... She'd been coughing up blood when she found her... On top of that Glynda was dead, crushed to death by a psychotic ghost. She hadn't seen anyone else either, she hadn't even been able to find Blake once she'd gone looking for her.

So now here she was, walking through the rain and not really caring much, it wasn't as cold as weather in Atlas so it didn't really bother her anyway. If anything the dreariness of it matched her mood. She was starting to lose hope in finding anyone else let alone completing the mission and getting home. It seemed like she was all alone now, she wondered if anyone else had even made it here.
She found herself standing at the doors to another building she hadn't even bothered paying attention to what was and she gave them a glum look. As she debated putting effort into pushing the door open or just going around she heard something and froze, not sure her ears weren't playing tricks on her.

"Anyway, being a student at Beacon is sooooo great!"

"Nora." Weiss breathed, stunned she'd found anyone else. Without a second thought she pushed the doors open and stepped through, Nora's voice was a bit louder but she wasn't in the main room, and for good reason as it smelled atrocious. A quick glance revealed both decaying bodies and rotten food, both equally infested with maggots.

Trying not to gag she hurried towards Nora's voice. She was in the kitchen, it smelled considerably less bad in here, all the food having already been ransacked.

"I've got awesome friends and an even awesomer team! And then there's my partner Ren, he makes the best pancakes in the world! Did you ever get to try them, Velvet?" Nora asked. She was sitting on a counter, sitting on either side of her was a transparent
Velvet and..


The cold blooded killer sat there contentedly, both eyes brown and the most innocent look on her face Weiss had ever seen anyone pull off, it even put Ruby to shame and Ruby actually was innocent.

"Nora! You need to come here." Weiss said firmly, working hard not to show her panic.

"Weiss! It's good to see you! You don't have to worry, they're fine, really." Nora smiled but Neo was now glaring at Weiss, almost daringly.

"I'm sure Velvet is but you don't understand about the other girl. You need to come with me right now, we have to find the others and get out of here!"

"It's fiiiine Weiss... eh?" As she was talking the two Ghosts drifted up into the air, each grabbing one of Nora's arms and lifting her with them. Neo looked... Smug.

"No, please.." Weiss said weakly, fearing that they'd hurt the other girl.

The two pushed past her, knocking her to the ground as they carried Nora, flying through the air at an inhuman speed.

"STOP! NOOOOOOO!" Weiss cried out in panicked horror, turning just barely fast enough to see the ghosts fling Nora into the wall at the far end of the cafeteria. She watched in shocked horror as her classmate shattered against the wall like a blood-filled water balloon.

Neo's silent laughter felt through impression resonated through the hall as the ghost shook with giggles and Velvet laughed too, seemingly highly amused by the horribly cruel kill.

"No..." Weiss gasped quietly and fought back tears, fought back the urge to throw up and somehow pushed herself back up to her feet. Instinct seemed to take over as she made her way back to the doors and outside again, eyes not leaving the ghosts and the bloody mess that was once Nora until she was outside again. At that point she turned and ran for her very life, not even paying attention to where she was going, she just ran with all she had left.

Though she and Ruby had been walking a while the two hadn't noticed anything useful in quite a while. They hadn't seen a single soul, living or otherwise but there were corpses galore. Yang glanced at her little sister every now and then, the girl having been quiet ever since the cafeteria. She knew Ruby was worried about Weiss but any words of comfort she could think of at this point just seemed like empty promises.


"What is it sis?" The younger girl's defeated tone worried her but she couldn't manage much more than a soft comforting one herself.

"Remember... Our food fight with team JNPR?"

"Yeah, that was a lot of fun." Yang nodded, offering a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes, it concerned her the Ruby was talking about fun times in such a depressed tone.

"Remember how we won? How I caught them all up in the wake of my speed and then... flung them into the wall? If their Aura's had been drained like ours are now... do you think they'd have-"

"Stop." Yang said firmly. "Not another word, stop thinking about that."

Silver eyes looked up at her with worry and uncertainty so she pulled her younger sister into a tight hug, trying to just convey a feeling of comfort and warmth in this cold, dark, miserable place. All they could do at this point was keep searching and hope they would find their friends.

"Let's go to the library." Ruby spoke up suddenly, startling Yang ever so slightly. "I bet it's the first place Blake will have gone to try and find some info on this place."

"Good thinking sis." Yang said with a smile, hugging Ruby tighter just a bit before they set off again.

"Ugh, man, it smells rancid in here." Jaune complained as he and Pyrrha stepped out of the rain and into the cafeteria.

"Agreed, but it will be easiest to search all the smaller buildings first."

The blond nodded and the two started searching the nasty smelling room quickly as they could, stepping around rotting corpses, checking under tables and trying to not step on piles of maggots that feasted on either rotted food or pieces of people, neither of them cared to find out which it was.
As they neared the far wall something off to the left got Jaune's attention and he headed over towards the window there. Pyrrha however, had her attention drawn to the big wall, the same one she and her team had been thrown into by Ruby a while back. As she looked at it a big black stain just sort of came into being on the wall, like a big splatter. It unnerved her, though aside from it being a big ugly stain she wasn't sure why.

"Hey, Pyrrha, come here." Jaune said from over by the window and it took the redhead a moment to pull her attention away from the wall and head over to him.

"What is it Jaune?"

"Look what I found." He said, holding up a wallet, it was simple brown but on one side was Velvet's emblem. He opened it up and tucked safely in one of the card slots was a torn piece of white paper.

"Great work Jaune, let's get out of here." Pyrrha smiled, though it didn't last long and she glanced back up at the big stain on their way back out of the building.

Soaked to the bone the Heiress walked back into the main building, cold, afraid and lonely. There was also the tugging of guilt that just seemed to get stronger anywhere she went. She had left Blake alone, seen her dead Professor's body being tormented by a ghost and not even lifted a finger to help and now... She'd caused Nora to get killed. If she had kept her mouth shut or perhaps been less direct than Nora very well could have been walking right beside her right now, but she hadn't.

She screwed up.

On top of that Blake seemed to hate her and she couldn't find anyone else, though considering her current record that was probably for the best. As she wandered aimlessly she couldn't even find a bright side to look on. She hadn't seen any of the people they'd been sent here to find and she had no idea how they'd get back even if she did.
Someone near her coughed.

Startled she looked up and turned around. "Hello?"

But no one answered.

With a sigh she turned back around only to freeze the next instant as she stood face to face with a mostly transparent boy about her age. He had silver gray hair and she was certain she'd seen him before but with a blindfold over his eyes, his face all dirty and a mouth packed full of dirt he was hard to recognize.
She struggled not to scream, he was right in front of her but couldn't seem to see her, taking a quiet step back he didn't seem to notice but the next step her boot found a piece of glass and promptly crunched it.

The boy's attention was back on her and he moved fast, forcing Weiss to also break into a run, she dashed down a hall without even thinking, not knowing where she was going, the only thing running through her mind was getting away from that ghost. Seeing an open door on her right she ducked through it and placed her back against the wall next to the doorway so she could watch, then covered her mouth to muffle herself as best she could.
The ghost ran past the door and down the hall until he disappeared.

With a sigh of relief the Heiress stepped back out of the classroom and headed down the hall in the opposite direction of the ghost. Racking her brain she tried to remember where she'd seen the boy before but before she could come to any conclusions she heard a loud bang, like someone had kicked something.
Heading towards the sound but not entirely sure she wanted to know what made it Weiss found herself standing outside the girls restroom. The bang came again so she went inside, moving cautiously across the dirty tile floor and ignoring the shattered mirrors and smashed sinks.

One of the stall doors kicked open but it wasn't quite as loud this time and as she got closer she could hear the sounds of someone struggling to breath.
She also spotted Blake's boots sitting in the floor just in front of the stall.

"No.." Weiss whispered as she dashed the last few steps and looked into the stall.
There, hung by the neck with a rope was none other than Blake. The Faunus's fingers clawed at the rope and her feet flailed to find something she could grip and elevate herself with but the toilet was smashed to bits and there was nothing else there.

"S... S...or...y.." She gasped when she spotted Weiss, tears in her eyes and face turning blue. There were scratches on her neck she'd caused fighting with the rope.

Weiss's eyes widened in horror at the sight, panic rising faster than rational thoughts could race. She was literally watching as another friend died, this time slow and agonizingly and the dolt was apologizing.

"Wha... why?" Weiss sputtered as she hurried forward, trying to hoist Blake up so she could get the noose off but her efforts only seemed to cause it to tighten and choke the Faunus more.
"Sorry!" She stumbled back, trying to think what to do, looking all around.

Blake choked and wheezed, struggling but losing strength in her arms, legs no longer flailing, just hanging there.

"Just... Just hold on I'll find something for you to stand on!" Weiss cried, there was nothing in the room so she ran back to the hall. Between the girls and boys restrooms there was a maintenance closet, surely it had a step ladder or at least a mop bucket so she tugged the handle.

It was locked.

She snarled, 'I don't have time for this!' Taking a step back she braced her shoulder then rammed the door, bouncing off of it and stumbling back she quickly lined back up and rammed the door again. On her third try the door caved, the frame breaking and the door swinging in.
She snatched up the first thing that looked like it could be stood on which was a bucket and dashed back to where her friend was struggling. She raced in, catching the edge of the stall to turn herself.

The bucket clattered to the floor.
The Heiress fell to her knees.
Blake hung motionless, glassy eyes seeing nothing at all.

"No..." Weiss sobbed, looking up at the tear streaked face of her now dead friend, tears of her own rolling down her pale cheeks. "I'm sorry... Blake..."
'I failed you... I failed everyone... all dead..'
"All dead because of me..." She whispered and then let out a mournful wail.
While there still could have been the slightest chance to revive the Faunus girl Weiss couldn't comprehend that, overtaken by guilt and grief her rational mind shut down and she gave in to sobs and tears of silent grieving.

The never-ending storm continued its tirade and at this point Yang was soaked, her hair flat and clingy, her skin was cold to the touch at the moment but she was less concerned for herself, glancing down at Ruby. She was glad the younger girl had her cloak, with its hood up it was keeping most the rain off of her, though it itself was soaked too.
With her sister the blond couldn't help but let her mind wonder, she was worried about the others but she had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach whenever she thought of Blake, which of course just worried her more but she kept the concern off her face. She didn't want to worry Ruby.

"Hey... Yang.."

"What's up sis?"

"Do you think... we might be the only ones here?"

"Don't be silly, Beacon's a big place we just haven't met up with anyone yet." While the older sister kept an unconcerned tone, trying to stay positive for her little sister and show no fear she had no idea if that was actually true. For all she knew no one else had actually made it to this weird nightmare version of their school.

Finally, the two reached the library and with a smile Yang reached up to open and hold the door for her sister.
It refused to budge.
She tugged on it again, harder.
Still nothing.

"Damn, it's locked."

"There's gotta be a key around somewhere." Ruby said with the tiniest hint of optimism.

"Right let's..." Yang turned around as she spoke but her eyes locked on something that had been standing behind them and the last word got caught for a moment before tumbling out of her mouth in a whisper. "go..."

Confused as to what had distracted her elder sister Ruby turned to look too and for a moment her heart stood still. Silver eyes widened as they locked on another set of silver eyes, the owner of which stood just a dozen steps behind them, wearing a white cloak and glowing slightly.

"Mom..." Ruby gasped, the defeated expression she'd been wearing earlier rapidly being replaced first by shock, then sadness, then joy, tears welling up and running down her face.

"Ruby... Yang." Summer said, a warm smile in place as she looked between the girls.

"Mom!" Ruby rushed forward, arms outstretched to tackle hug her mother.

However, as Ruby reached the white cloak wearing woman her body fazed right through, hitting her with an unpleasant chill and leaving her to stumble and fall on her face.

"Ruby!" Yang cried and rushed over to help her sister up as their mother knelt beside the two. Ruby's face was scraped, tears still falling and a thin dribble of blood ran from a busted lip.

"Why... Why are you here? In this horrible place, why?" The younger girl asked, looking up at her mother in pitiful confusion.

"Rescue mission gone wrong." The older of the Roses answered softly.

"That's why you never came back..." Yang said softly.

Summer nodded and stood, motioning for the girls to follow her. "Come with me I know a place you can dry off and rest a while."



The two girls stood and followed the ghost, not realizing the woman walking ahead of them wore a devious grin.

'This matter Glynda... I don't think I can trust anyone else with it. My students are vanishing right out of their rooms, if this keeps up, not only will we be lacking a great number of future huntsmen but there will be widespread panic. Please, find out what's going on and bring a stop to it.'

'Don't worry, I will.'

'Whatever happens... come back safe.'

Glynda lifted her head slightly off the floor as the dream faded, her vision was blurred and her entire body hurt. Without her glasses the blurriness would only dissipate so much but it did at least return to a normal level. She realized her face had been laying in something sticky and wet, looking back down revealed this to be blood, considering the way she felt she was certain it was her own.
Attempting to get up got her nowhere, there was something heavy lying on top of her, glances over her shoulder told her it was a cabinet or maybe a book case, she wasn't sure. Frustrated she couldn't move she instead laid still and did a check of herself, seeing what responded and what didn't to try and assess the damage she'd taken.
She could still feel her legs and feet just fine, she could move her left arm some but the right seemed to be broken, breathing hurt and she was pretty sure she had a few broken ribs. There felt like cuts on her back, something stabbing into it, glass maybe.
About done with the check she started looking around to see if she could make out her glasses anywhere but she didn't see them, however she heard someone cough.

"Is someone there? I could use some help."

She heard someone draw near with heavy footsteps that echoed strangely. She didn't worry much about that because whoever it was stopped next to her and lifted the piece of furniture enough for her to wiggle free. Once she was clear they dropped it back in place, the thing landing with a sticky splash and a clattery crash.

"Thank you." She stood, turning to face whoever had come to her rescue. He had Grayish silver hair and looked vaguely familiar but with the dirt and blindfold and the blurriness she couldn't quite make out enough features to tell who it was.

He motioned for her to follow him and started out of the room and since she had no other leads she did so. The last thing she remembered was doing the charm with JNPR and RWBY, everything after that was just dark. She felt incredibly weak as she moved so she was sure not only was her Aura drained but she'd lost quite a lot of blood.
The quiet teen was careful in guiding her, as if aware she couldn't see all that well. Normally she'd be fine without her glasses, everything being a bit fuzzy but not impossible, this place was dark though, and there were a few things she didn't see at first that he guided her around that could have been troublesome to run into.

She wasn't sure how long they walked or how far they were from where she woke but the teen finally stopped in a partially lit hallway. He knelt, picking something up that made the tiniest clatter as he retrieved it from the floor and stood, then turned towards her.
The Professor tensed, not sure at first what he was doing but before she could try and back away she felt her glasses slide into place. She also felt the teens hands and they were cold as ice, colder than seemed healthy.

"Oh... Thank you." She said, adjusting them to sit right. The left lens was cracked but at least now she could see. She looked up to see who the helpful person was and froze, only then realizing he was semi transparent. Aside from that she recognized him instantly, it was one of the transfer students from Mistral.

"Mercury... What happened to you?"

He coughed, unable to reply to her question and she watched as ghostly bits of dirt fell from his mouth. With a sigh, she glanced around, trying to get her bearings. They were standing outside the restrooms, it appeared someone had busted down the maintenance door. Before she could look around much more Mercury motioned for her to follow again, so she did.

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