It started out pretty normal. Peter was heading back to his apartment after spending the weekend at the compound so he could work on the suit per Tony's request, which was "We need to modify the suit, cause we can't have the parachute coming loose again and your Aunt freaking out."

And he was right. He was just lucky he ended up in a river instead of on cement.(Even though the river hurt too)

And now that he could pull the parachute while swinging if needed, he had to finish getting ready to head home.

"You got your toothbrush?"

"Why are you worried if I have my toothbrush?" Peter asked as he put his suitcase on the ground."

"Cause I know Happy doesn't want to find it, and I don't want you freaking out when you lose it. So, do you have your toothbrush?" Tony asked.

"Yes, I do."

"All your clothes? Your underwear?"

"Yes! Geez, Dad!" Peter yelled, not realizing what he said until he said it, and the two just starred at each other in awkward silence. "I think May just got here…bye, Mr. Stark." He rambled, grabbing his bags and bolting out the door, not letting Tony get a word in. Instead, he grabbed his phone and immediately texted Ned.

Peter: I just fucked up. I called Mr. Stark "dad".