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Ainz left the village, now he was walking on the road. He was thinking about where to go.

"I think I should go to the capital."

Ainz was not interested to travel to E-Rantel. It was just a city fortress. He heard from Nigun that the capital was very big, and he was interested about the adventurers guild.

But there was a problem…

Ainz was an undead, and his kind was not welcomed in human society, so he has to get in there in disguise.

Ainz flight for three days until he reached the capital. He wanted to see how a big city on a magical fantasy world looks like.

He was not wearing his magic caster robe now, but a jet-black body armor. He had another armature that was far more powerful. That armature was similar to Touch Me armor, but it looked way crueler, and he didn't want too much attention, so he had to stay with the weak one.

Later Ainz passed the city guards, the citizens saw him with widened eyes. They had never seen armor like that before.

"Dark Warrior." some people murmured.

Ainz was really disappointed by this city. The roads were unpaved and really dirty. He approached a young man that was selling vegetables.

"Excuse me, sir, can you tell me what direction the adventurers guild is?" asked the dark warrior.

"Of-of course sir!"

The young man was surprised, to him, that gear looked really expensive, so this dark warrior must be the son of a noble, but he didn't have the arrogance altitude like many nobles of the Kingdom. The young man respectfully gave him the direction to the adventurers guild.

Ainz walked and walked, ignoring the surprised people that were looking at him till he reached the adventurers guild. He opened the guild's doors and went in.

The first thing he saw as he entered the room where three of the guild's receptionists greeted the adventurers with smiles on their faces. There were warriors in full plate armor, nimble fellows in light armor and bearing bows, people in priest's garb and adorned with all manner of holy symbols, as well as robed arcane magic casters with their staves.

Ainz moved forward to the counter. Everyone was looking at him, and he felt really annoyed right now.

"Hello, I would like to apply as an adventurer."

The receptionist smiled at Ainz and asked…

"What is your name?"

"My name is Momon."

"Mh, and how old are you?"

"22 years old."

"Well, I'm actually older, but whatever."

"Good, now here is your copper plate. There is no available job for a copper plate right now so you can go and kill monsters in the forest, you can cut their ears or bring other body parts and bring them to me, and you will get your reward."

"I see, thank you."

"So if I bring many body parts of monsters, I might raise my rank to iron or silver… But why body parts tho..."

Ainz left the city to go to the forest that was not far away. It didn't take long, he saw a horde of goblins. They had swords, bows, axes and 5 ogres with clubs were following them. To Ainz they looked like they were about to attack villages.

Ainz came out in front of them. Their eyes widened when the saw the dark warrior, to them, looked like a monster but they did not run away. They believed their forces might win because the warrior was alone, and he had no chance against 5 ogres.

The goblins came towards Ainz smiling, other goblins were shooting arrows. The dark warrior did not move, the arrows made an impact with his armor, but they didn't even scratch it.

Ainz did not want to waste time, so he started to cut their heads with his two greatswords, the goblins that were shooting arrows wanted to run, but it was to late. They didn't even understand how they died. He reached the ogres and cut them in half. It didn't pass even a minute, and the battle was over.

Ainz took out from his inventory a bag. This bag was a magic item, it can put many things inside, and it did not look overflowing, just like his inventory.

While Ainz was collecting their body parts, he heard some steps coming close behind him. Their steps were heavy, and Ainz turned his head to see who was approaching behind him.

"My lucky day"

In front of Ainz stood 10 giant creatures. They were ugly as hell, they had long noses and long ears. One of them was different, he was gigantic and muscular. He wore clothes that were made from animal skin and was carrying a magical greatsword.

"That guy is a War Troll, so he must be their commander." thought Ainz.

The War Troll step forward and spoke…

"Who are you that dares to come in my territory and kill my subordinates?"

"I am Momon."

"Hoo, so you don't have a cowardly name as many humans have." said the War Troll.

Ainz was confused for a moment.

"You mean people that have long names are cowards?"

"That's right, I Zugo the King of this forest have a strong name, and those who have long names, are cowards and weak."

"Being a coward does not mean being weak, even that egg brain of yours should understand that." said the dark warrior mockingly.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that. Human, I Zugo will let you go only if you give me your greatswords." said the War Troll.

Ainz wanted to laugh so hard. This troll looked so stupid saying those words.

"I refuse." said the dark warrior.

"Then die human scum! — Guoooohhh!"

Zugu raised his magical sword to hit the dark warrior. The War Troll was faster than a human being, but to Ainz he was slow like a snail. In the moment he was about to get hit, Ainz stopped his attack with his greatsword.

Zugu was surprised by how the dark warrior has blocked his magical sword. At that moment, suddenly his arm fell to the ground.

"GAAAAAAAHH!" screamed Zugu in pain.

"You bark so much, you meat bag." said the dark warrior annoyed.

"How-how did you do it?" asked Zugu with a trembling voice.

"Isn't that obvious, you are weak you fool." replied the dark warrior.


Zugu did not wait for his arm to regenerate, he wanted to tear this human to pieces. He tried to punch him, but Ainz was to fast, and he did not want to waste time. Ainz cut his head and the body of the war troll fell lifelessly to the ground.

The other trolls were frozen in fear, they could not believe that their leader was killed so easily by the dark warrior. They wanted to run away from this monster.

"How boring."

[Despair Aura level 5]

All the trolls fall to the ground like puppets with their strings cut.

"This does not feel like an adventure… Oh well, I think this is enough for today."

Ainz put the head of the war troll in the bag, and the ears of the other trolls and left for the city.

Ainz entered the city, and again he was annoyed by the surprised faces of the citizens. He reached the Adventures Guild and opened the door.

Two girls were inside the guild looking for a job. One was a muscular woman that might be mistaken for a man. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. The other one was a short masked girl that covers herself with a reddish robe.

They were called Gagaran and Evileye of the famous adamantite team Blue Rose. Suddenly the doors opened, all the adventurers turned their heads to see who was. The person was wearing a fully jet-black body armor adorned with purple and golden markings. On his shoulders was holding a bag, and it had a strange smell.

"Hey shorty, that armor looks amazing, and what do you think that guy has in that bag?" asked Gagaran.

"I don't know Gagaran, but I can smell blood from that bag." said Evileye while observing the warrior.

The armored warrior approached the receptionist. He brought the bag in front of the receptionist and open it.

"Here you have body parts of goblins, ogres, trolls and ooh, this is the head of a war troll." said the dark warrior.

The receptionists and the adventurers were all surprised. How could someone kill so many monsters in one day?

'D-Did you you just killed them all by yourself?''

"...Yeah, I'm new here, so I don't have any friends." said the warrior.

The adventurers that were looking at the dark warrior heard that clearly and wanted to ask him if he will join their team. A strong warrior like him would be really helpful in their dangerous adventures.

'I-Is that so…''

''Can I have my payment now?''

''Please wait a moment, I will call the guild master.''

"This world must have a pretty low standard for power. I hope I'm not in trouble." thought Ainz.

"Oi shorty that guy looks pretty strong. Killing a war troll and several other trolls alone is not easy. I don't think I would be able to kill them all alone.

"Indeed, he looks really strong." said Evileye.

''Hello, I am the guild master. Are you sir Momon?''

The guild master was a woman around 40 years old.

''Yes, nice to meet you, ma'am. Is there a problem?''

"I am here to promote you to platinum rank. Since you already show yourself that you are capable of doing such achievement." said the guild master.

"Oh, nice!"

All the others in the room were surprised, even the members of Blue Rose. It was impossible to start from copper and go straight to platinum. This guy became a platinum rank on his first day as an adventurer.

"Here is your platinum plate, the receptionist will give your paym…"

At that moment a city guard entered inside the guild with fury. His face looked like he had been chased by a psycho killer.

"A frost wyvern is attacking the city please help us!" shouted the man.

"Everyone let's go!"

All the adventurers quickly went out of the guild.

"Sir Momon we need your help too."

"Of course." said Ainz.

Momon runs quickly to where the frost wyvern was. The other adventurers saw him with widened eyes. How can this man run so fast with all that armor on his body?

The Frost Wyvern was destroying everything in his way. The monster used icy breath and killed many people that were close to him.

"Damn this bastard!" cursed Gagaran, she was the first that went to attack the monster.

"The heck is she doing?" thought Ainz.

The girl had made a bad decision to attack that monster alone.

At the moment she was about to hit the head of the Frost Wyvern with her war pick, the monster hit her with his tail. Gagaran was sent flying and made an impact with a building.

"GAGARAN!" shouted Lakyus.

She was a girl with long blonde hair, green eyes, but what Ainz saw interesting, was her dark sword and the floating swords. He remembered he had seen such a sword back in YGGDRASIL.

[Dark Blade Mega Impact]

[Crystal Dagger]

These attacks did nothing to this monster, he's defense was to strong. The Frost Wyvern opened his mouth and unleashed his ice breath. Many city guards and adventurers were frozen like statues. Others had parts of their bodies frozen, and they were screaming from the cold and pain.

"Even Blue Rose can not kill that monster, we are doomed." shouted a city guard while trying to run away.

Ainz was observing how the adventurers fight. They looked like children holding sticks. He thought that if players from YGGDRASIL hadn't come to this world a long time ago, the human race might have ceased to exist.

"Well, I think it's time to end this party." said the dark warrior.

"Eh!" the guild master was confused.

"S-Sir Momon, that monster is too strong, you can not fight him alone." said the guildmaster worried.

"Do not worry about me guild master, you must go and protect the citizens." said the dark warrior.

His back looks majestic while walking toward the Frost Wyvern like the heroes from the legends that protect the weak and fight the evil.

"What the hell is he thinking!" muttered Evileye.

The Frost Wyvern saw the dark warrior approaching him slowly, he was ready to unleash his icy breath anytime. The dark warrior stopped and spoke.

"Hey there lizard boy, I am Momon the Black, can you stop this little rampage of yours?"

Everyone who heard him, could not believe it, what he just said. How can he speak like that in front of that monster?

The Frost Wyvern was confused for a moment, but when he heard that the dark warrior called him "lizard boy", he got really angry.

"I do what I want human, and how dare you call me like that, do you have a death wish?"

"I can call you what I want." said the dark warrior.

The Frost Wyvern could not believe how this human was mocking him. He wanted to unleash his ice breath...no, that would be a merciful death.

The Frost Wyvern strike the dark warrior with his leg. The impact created dust, the adventurers thought that nobody could have survived that blow. The monster was smiling sadistically for a moment, but his reaction changed. He felt that something has captured his leg.

The dust fades away…

"IM-IMPOSSIBLE!" shouted the frost wyvern.

All the people around shocked by what they saw. The dark warrior had stopped the attack with one hand, and begin to squeeze his leg.


The Frost Wyvern screamed in pain. How was this human more powerful than him, the mighty Frost Wyvern Lord?

"Let me go you damn bastard, let me go AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"

He screamed in agony, but the dark warrior did not release his leg, and it was squeezing it harder. He did not have other choices so he use his ice breath.

The dark warrior released his leg, he moved away from the warrior and saw his deformed leg, it looked really bad. With an angry face, he looked at the dark warrior if he had died from his ice breath attack, but he could not believe what he saw.

"Hmm, I feel fresh, thank you for that."

"How are you… What- What the hell are you!"

He could not believe it, how this warrior was uninjured from his ice knows that there exist entities in this world that he should not fight with, like the dragon lords. This warrior was just a human, he always saw humans as low life forms, but this dark warrior was different.

"This is your last chance lizard boy, leave."


The Frost Wyvern screamed wildly, he was a proud creature, if he runs away, he will never come out from his lair, and the warrior calling him a "lizard boy" made him angrier and angrier, he was ready to go beast mode on him.

"I see, so this is your decision."

The dark warrior jumped with inhuman speed, he vanished with a blink of an eye. The Frost Wyvern and the people around were looking everywhere but the dark warrior was nowhere.

"Whe-Where did he go?!" Shouted Evileye.

"LOOK!" Tia pointed her finger to the monster.

The dark warrior was on top of the head of the Frost Wyvern. He raised his two swords and then cut off the monster's head. It was so fast that the monster kept walking until he collapsed to the ground.

The adventurers and the city guards saw in silence with their mouth open for a moment.

"UUUOOOOO A HERO!" someone shouted.

In the next moment, everyone in the plaza raised their fists to the sky, shouting in celebration. In everyone's mouths was the name of Momon, the hero who had saved the city from the mighty Frost Wyvern Lord. The people had nothing but respect for this great warrior.



Everyone was praising the dark hero.

"He is far more powerful than the leader of the 13 heroes… He may be even more powerful than the Platinum Dragon Lord." thought Evileye.

Who is Momon the Black?

A godkin?

A group of soldiers were approaching, their leader was a muscular man of around thirty years, he had short black hair, black eyes. He got off the horse and approached the dark warrior.

"Master Momon, I am the Warrior Captain of the Re-Estize Kingdom, Gazef Stronoff. I saw your battle with that monster, you truly are a hero, on behalf of the king I thank you very much." said Gazef.

"I just did my job master Stronoff, saving someone who is in trouble is common sense." said Momon.

"Wise words master Momon, now if you excuse me, I have to give some reports to his majesty."

"So this is the man that the Sunlight Scripture was trying to kill."

Ainz thought that this man was a really powerful warrior. But no, even a Death Knight can easily kill him. Both the warriors shake hands, and Gazef with his troops went to the royal palace.

"Thank you for your service Sir Momon, you have done so much for us, tonight you will be promoted to adamantite rank." said the guildmaster.

"Woah cool."

The adventurers were not surprised like they were early in the guild. This man has reached the pinnacle of human strength, and they believed that he was far stronger than the other adamantite teams, and the Warrior Captain Gazef Stronoff, so he deserved to be an adamantite rank.

"I just did what was right, but now we need to help the wounded people." said the dark hero.

"Didn't y'all hear what the hero said, let's get to work."

"YES MA'AM!" everyone shouted.

Ro Lente Castle

Gazef Stronoff with the Vice Captain we're heading to the throne room. When they entered they saw many nobles, some of them were looking at the warriors with disgust.

King Ramposa III was sitting on his throne, he looked happy because his most trusted aide has returned uninjured from his mission to eliminate the troublesome knights. The two warriors knelt before their king.

"My Warrior Captain, I'm glad that you have returned safely from your mission." said Ramposa III.

"Thank you, my King." said Gazef.

"Now tell me Warrior Captain, how did your mission go?" asked Ramposa III.

Gazef took a deep breath and started to speak.

"During our mission, we encountered many villages that were destroyed from the enemy. I ordered some of my men to help and protect the surviving villagers. I and the remaining troops traveled to Carne Village. We saw 30 knights that had armor from the Baharuth Empire, but they were all dead."

"Hmm, and who killed those knights?" asked the king with curiosity.

"Your Majesty, I don't know if it was someone or something, but the villagers said that a dark deity appeared in the middle of the village, and started to kill all the knights.

When the nobles heard what Gazef said they started to speak with each other, and someone spoke.

"Those stupid peasants will think that everyone who helps them is a god."

The one who spoke was Marquis Boullope, he was around in the fifties and his face was heavily scarred. The nobles around were laughing from the mocking words of the Maquis.

The King hit the floor with his staff, and all the nobles stopped laughing.

"Many innocent people of the kingdom have died, please Marquis Boullope do not speak like that."

"Forgive me your majesty." said Marquis Boullope and bowed his head.

Gasef was glad that his king cared for his citizens.

"Warrior Captain who was this person that the villagers believe that he is a deity?"

"The villager said that he was an undead.

The king and nobles were looking at Gazef with stunned eyes.

"An undead creature saving the living… what kind of joke is this?"

"I'm with Marquis Boullope, those peasants are really stupid."

The nobles did not stop speaking bullshit till the king hit the floor with his staff again.

"Warrior Captain do you believe the words of the villagers?"

"Your Majesty, there was blood and body parts everywhere, the land was completely covered with blood, the knights have been brutally massacred, I don't think a human can do that. 200 meters away from the village there were 99 dead bodies, all of them brutally massacred." reported Gazef.

The nobles seemed frightened and shocked at the words of the Warrior Captain. An undead protecting the living and killing the imperial knights in a brutal way will be a huge topic. The citizens of the Kingdom might think of this as a big joke.

"Your Majesty, the bodies that were away from the village did not seem to be from the Empire, they were from Slane Theocracy."

"And how can you be sure about that?" asked Marquis Blumrush.

"That's because they had the crest of the Sunlight Scripture, half of them were magic caster, and the other half were warriors that wear armor from the Slane Theocracy."

And again the nobles began to speak with each other. There were so many questions.

Why would Slane Theocracy do this?

What was their goal?

Why did they destroy all those villages?

Aren't they the protectors of humanity?

Are they trying to put the Kingdom and the Empire in a deeper conflict?

"All right, that's enough, we will send a message to the cardinals of the Slane Theocracy for this, Warrior Captain, did the villagers tell you more about the one who massacred the knights?"

"As I said before your majesty, the villagers said that the one who killed the knights was a really powerful undead, and later he vanished in the sky."

"Now this is troublesome, special forces of the Slane Theocracy infiltrating in our Kingdom, and now a mysterious powerful undead creature saving the villagers."

Gazef felt that the king was tired of all this story. He ordered to close this meeting because the war against the Baharuth Empire was approaching, the young emperor seems to be a really dangerous enemy. The way he purged the nobles of the Empire angered all the nobles of the Kingdom, they called him a fake emperor, but they all know that his true nickname was the "Bloody Emperor".

Still, Gazef was thinking about the savior of the village. Even if he was an undead, he still wanted to thank him for saving the lives of the villagers.

Ramposa was now alone with Gazef.

"Gazef tell me about the monster attack."

"Yes your majesty, that monster was a powerful frost wyvern, it killed many citizens, city guards, and adventurers."

"This is really tragic." said Ramposa.

"An adventurer was able to slay that monster easily."

"Ooh, what was the name of that adventurer?

"His name is Momon, he was a platinum rank adventurer, but he is an adamantite now, I saw his battle your majesty how he cut the head of that monster, that warrior must have reached the pinnacle of human strength, a true hero."

The king listened to the warrior captain as he told him about the dark hero, Gazef had nothing but respect for the dark warrior.